Ippatsu Kiki Musume

February 22, 2008

Well, I’m sure in life that we all do face situations whether it’s just a little pinch or life-threatening. Because of that, we have to rely on our instincts, reflexes and our knowledge in order to get out of those sticky situations. This is the same case for the anime Ippatsu Kiki Musume, which literally means one-shot crisis girl.
Just as the name of the anime, we have this unfortunate girl, Kunyan, who is always in some sort of unfortunate situation. Yeah, she has to come up with whatever ideas and use whatever items possible in order for her to overcome it all. It’s do or die. Call it back luck or what, but by the end of each episode, she’ll usually makes it, barely or by luck.
This series is quite short. In the sense that it’s exactly 3 minutes only! Wow. Reminds me of Di Gi Charat’s case. So you might think that with only 180 seconds of air time, there’d be nothing much to see, right? Well, the action here is pretty fast paced. So it’s enough to make curious viewers to be glued to the screen. Thus be careful and don’t be too slow, or you’ll miss what’s happening.
As the entire series spans only 16 episodes, I’m sure just about everyone can finish this in just 1 sitting. But there’s good news and bad news about this series. The good news is that in each episode, there’ll be a detailed explanation, whether it’s in a chart form, real live action demonstration or some theoretical analysis, that the narrator will narrate to the viewers about. Yup, lots of interesting scientific explanations about the methods, situations and such. Thus viewers can get valuable information and knowledge when watching this series. However, the bad news is that, each episode has an ecchi element. Yup, you’ll have to put up with topless and bare-chested ladies. With these 2 elements, it makes the series quite funny and interesting to watch. If not for the ecchi part, I would’ve even recommended it for school children to watch! (Who am I kidding).
So episode 1 starts off with Kunyan in some pinch already. She’s screaming inside a locked sauna because she slipped while enjoying it and dislocates both her shoulder and thigh joints. With that, she can’t properly move. The narrator says something about human’s body and water whereby a human body consists of 60%-70% water and if it reaches 20% loss in fluids, this may lead to death. And Kunyan’s water level is now at 11%-12%. She’s screaming for help but the receptionist guy’s sleeping on the job. No choice, she tries to crawl but slipped because her sweat on the floor is like lubricant, therefore no friction. Better hurry, since her water level is at 15% danger level. Kunyan tries a somersault roll to the door but can’t reach it still. So she goes back to her starting position and calculates the distance so that her face will be exactly next to the doorknob. She’s successful, but smashes her face right into it. Uh huh. She’s bleeding now. No time to rest as she tries to turn the knob with her mouth but it’s too slippery. It’s just getting worse and worse, isn’t it? Meanwhile, Kunyan’s buddies, Linda and Naja arrives and is ready to enter the sauna. They turn the doorknob, which causes Kunyan’s jaw to be dislocated! Linda is still trying to forcefully open the door as Kunyan is really bleeding badly. Oh, her water level is now at 19%! Since Kunyan’s blood is leaking outside the door from beneath, it freaks out Linda and Naja. Linda breaks open the door and Kunyan is ‘blasted’ away as she further bleeds. This causes her to have major haemorrhage resulting in SOS condition as she has passed over the 20% level already.
Woah! Poor Kunyan. It’s kinda creative that she comes up with all those ideas but it seems to backfire. So most of the other episodes will follow in this similar manner. Though I feel that some of them ends with a cliffhanger and the next episode doesn’t continue off from there. Uh huh. So like in the end of episode 1, is Kunyan gone for good? Dunno. Thus, I feel each episode serves as a standalone and that you don’t really have to watch them in order.
Episode 2 starts off with Kunyan having a giant crab stuck on her head. Linda is freaking out and thinks Kunyan is trying to monopolize the crab. So how did Kunyan ended up like that? Well, she mentions the crab attacked her when she opened the box. Linda teases her and says the crab may be trying to have sex with her. Kunyan’s reply "Aho ka?!" (Are you stupid?!). Yeah, you’ll hear Kunyan say this line several times when Linda mocks her. Anyway, they need to separate the crab from her face so that they could boil it as Linda tries to pull it off. The narrator relay some info on the crab legs and that it won’t come off easily. Furthermore, the crab is using its legs to attack Kunyan’s face. Linda teases her that she’s being held hostage by a crab. Aho ka?! Soon, Kunyan strips naked with Linda spraying hot water to make it come off but it tighten its legs instead. Kunyan then puts her whole head in the boiling pot (kids don’t try this at home). The narrator says about the best boiling crab meat time is about 35 minutes but Kunyan can only last 10 minutes. They then try to use centrifugal force to separate the crab. Uh huh some complicated formulas that the narrator is saying, which he himself doesn’t understand too. Linda spins Kunyan and lets got. The crab finally comes off and into the cooking pot. In the end, the duo are feasting out on the crab and saying how delicious it is. Revenge is a dish best served… erm hot and fresh?
In episode 3, Kunyan is watching an exercise equipment promo video and how to use it it called Muscle Boy Tom. She puts on that Tom on her body and follows the instructions as said by the video like turning and setting it to the max but it made her in a bind like as though her arms and legs are being tied up from the back. The video adds that once Tom detects the user is in danger, its safety system will go into effect. Kunyan asking it to hurry and tell her. But it seems the safety system is just to cheer you on. What the? Since she’s frustrated, she decides to get rid of Tom. Kunyan struggles to unplug the power switch on the wall. The video says whenever you yell, Tom will respond with his power up function, which is to exercise. Kunyan finds it funny and laughs. She’s then caught off guard and stumbles away from the plug. Kunyan thinking that she’s being beaten by this crappy machine. The narrator says about increasing electricity and a breaker will be tripped because Tom’s a machine, so there is a need to exceed 4000 watts. Kunyan decides to switch the air-cond and tv volume to the max. She crawls there and activates the remote with her chin. The power increases but it’s getting too cold and noisy. Finally it tripped. Later Kunyan passes Tom to Linda who’s doing pretty well herself as a frustrated Kunyan shuts the tv video off. I think she got all the exercise she needed during that struggle.
Kunyan is stuck in a yoga meditation position in episode 4. As she moves, she hits the cupboard with a bottle of alcohol on it. The bottle drops, breaks and spills. Kunyan thinks how wasteful it’s going to be and starts licking. The alcohol then reacts to the cigarette nearby and causes a fire. The narrator mentions how a fire can occur if alcohol comes in contact with a lit cigarette and be careful not to let it happen. Oh well, it just did. Kunyan saying how she can’t get water in this position. So she punched herself in the nose and uses her nosebleed to douse the fire! Erm… I don’t think that’ll be enough. She’ll bleed to death before the fire is put out. So Kunyan quickly ‘tip-fingers’ to get a kettle and pour it over the flames. Didn’t work either. Then she uses the chamber pot as she covers her nose and pours. Stinks. The idea and result, that is. She needs to throw something with lots of water if she’s going to douse the growing flames. Kunyan spots a box of condoms Linda forgot to take back. She quickly fills them with water from the kitchen tap and throws several of it. Finally the fire is put out. She falls back and heave a sigh of relieve as she thanks the condoms but wonders how she’s going to get out of her twisted yoga position. Now that’s another story/problem…
In episode 5, Kunyan and Linda are tied and stuck together in a metal drum. It all started when the 2 are washing Linda’s motorbike at the scrapyard. Linda’s standing on top of that drum and spraying water with a hose on her bike when she slipped. Linda’s hands grabbed and pulled Kunyan along with her. Since the hose is still running, in no time, it’ll fill up the drum and the duo will drown. Linda makes a joke and says she’ll stop it with her ‘Sumata’ (mata = crotch in Japanese). Linda then grabs and ‘strangles’ the hose with her thighs as she moans "Ah, F*ck me, f*ck me". Woah! The pressure is enough to cause the hose to be separated from the tap. But it starts to rain suddenly. Not to mention a heavy downpour. So the water is continuing to fill up the drum. Kunyan’s face is underwater, Linda asks her to rest her face on her chin, which Kunyan did. Kunyan thought up an idea and wants Linda to raise her chin by opening her mouth. By doing so, Kunyan is pushed higher and will be able to grab the drum’s edge. While doing so, horny Linda then says how ‘big’ it was her experience with some Italian, Puerto Rican and Japanese. But the biggest one was some American called Mike (must be some spoof of some celebrity) as she opens her mouth real wide and Kunyan manages to grab the edge and pull herself out. Linda wants to continue her American joke but Kunyan tells her to cut it out.
Kunyan gets a rude awakening shock in episode 6 when she finds herself being half swallowed by a giant python, Mike (no relation to that guy in the previous episode). The narrator says Mike is Kunyan’s pet and this python is from South East Asia with a length of 7m 5cm and it’s an aggressive animal known to swallow people. Kunyan is afraid of its stomach acid and imagines a skeletal self if she ever gets contact with it. She’s thinking of its weakness and decides to chop its head with her hands because she did it once and it released her. She tries with her feet but it didn’t work. Kunyan then uses a broom to make it appear that her upper body is her lower body. She draws a face on the broom with her feet and thinking of putting it in her ‘hole’ but thinks she’ll lose her virginity to a broom. She then thinks that she’ll just have to go deeper into Mike’s stomach and get out the other end but disgusts at the idea that a woman can’t come out of a snake’s anus. Frantically searching for things to substitute as the head, she eventually finds a Santa Claus balloon head but it’s deflated. Because Kunyan has constipation, she’s going to use her methane gas to inflate it and hopes no solid waste comes out. She must have a lot of gas because her fart was enough to inflate the balloon. With that, Mike releases her. We then see Kunyan being cautious when she sleeps. Can’t take anymore chances.
Episode 7 sees Kunyan all excited to go on a trip to Australia as she puts back her vacuum cleaner in the closet and heads to the toilet. But the closet door opened causing the vacuum to fall out and the closet door ‘locks’ the toilet door. While checking her stuff, Kunyan realizes she forgot her wallet and decides to go fetch it. As she turns the knob, the door won’t open. Since her plane’s leaving in 4 hours, Kunyan starts cracking on how to get out. Well, it’s the 8th floor, nobody can hear her scream so she decides to break down the door but it’s too tough. She then breaks the window with the basin and uses toilet paper and rolls it into a rope. The narrator says by twisting like that, it can become durable even though toilet papers are easily broken. One roll can make approximately 25m, so 3 rolls is enough to make a single strong rope. After 2 1/2 hours, Kunyan climbs down slowly but it starts to rain. The toilet paper snaps but Kunyan did some somersault flips and has a perfect landing (a perfect 10 points for it). But she realizes how to get back in and decides to climb back through the window. No choice even though she’s afraid of heights. When she finally reaches, the door can’t open. We see a layout plan of the room how the closet door is also blocking this door. Kunyan decides to go from the veranda. Unfortunately she slips. She does that somersault down again but lands on her back (0 points for landing this time). Kunyan is sad that she’s going to miss her trip. But since she thinks it’s summer there now, she heads to the airport in just her swimsuit and the basin as her only luggage. Why bring the basin along?
At the countryside in episode 8. Kunyan, Linda and Naja are taking a bath in a barrel but the place they’re in is fire because of dry air and leaves. They need to put out the fire fast. Linda splashes some water but the fire is too big. Naja tries moving the barrel but it’s too heavy. As they’re thinking, the water suddenly becomes hot and boiling as they leap out and are standing on top of the barrel’s edge. The place is also engulfed in smoke. Kunyan gets an idea not to inhale smoke by keeping their heads as low to the ground as possible. A piece of leaf touches Kunyan’s butt as she screams and unknowingly grabs a wooden lid. She gets an idea to cover the barrel with the lid so they can be on the water and lower their heads even more. While doing so, they’ll hope and wait for the fire to burn out. Then steam is seen coming out from Linda’s barrel as it launches her into the air. The narrator saying the power of steam whereby steam trapped in sealed barrel launched Linda high into the air. Naja too experiences one but Linda says it won’t guarantee an exact landing like hers the next time. Kunyan has an idea with all of them being launched at the same time by matching the timings and then kick each other in the air, which’ll create enough force to land them safely outside the flames. Since they’re in a chasm, he height difference in terrain will reduce their damage and break their fall. They soon launch but Kunyan receives direct kicks from Linda and Naja. Since Kunyan is in the middle, she doesn’t get to propel away like her other friends. Linda’s wondering where Kunyan is as they looked around. The narrator mentions that this place is later known as ‘Human Rocket Super Rotenburo’ and became the hottest trend… or not. We see Kunyan knocked out and on the lid saying "How nice" as she faints. Erm… Did you notice that the ladies are totally naked throughout the episode?
Kunyan is in a precarious position high up between 2 buildings in episode 9. How did she ended up like this? Thinking back, there was a club gathering at her place and Kunyan’s all drunk. Someone said she’s got acrophobia as Kunyan rebuffs and says she’s known as the Apex Of Shanghai and takes up whatever challenges. I see that’s what happened. Now Kunyan’s at her limit and is expecting a worst case scenario like how fast she’ll ram into the ground if she falls from this position. She does some calculations and formulas and comes up with 50km/h. Freaking out that she’ll die at this rate, she decides to push and climb herself upwards. While doing so, she notices her fingers don’t reach and thinks that the building is slightly tilted. She decides to go back down but slips. The narrator explains that it’s something similar to running a downhill marathon, whereby it’s harder than uphill because there’s a need to control the speed. Kunyan spots a window and decides to grab it but as she uses her feet to spring there, she couldn’t reach it because Kunyan forgot the fact that both buildings are tilted, the energy kick was greater going upwards and not sideways. But luck is on her side because she landed on 3 teenagers, who’re there 3 minutes ago to see her underwear. Yeah, saved by perverts.
Episode 10 has Kunyan doing a part time job offered by Linda as a round girl. But the super big takoyaki she ate yesterday got to her and she badly needs to go to the toilet. However it’s in the middle of the ring and stadium is packed. Kunyan thinks that each round is 3 minutes and that she has to go and return within that time frame. Though it’s short, it’s better than leaking out here and be on tomorrow’s front page. Kunyan decides to take her mind off by playing a shiratori game. By the end of the 7th round, she can’t take it and rushes out of the ring but finds an out of service sign on the toilet’s door and the nearest toilet is on the 3rd floor. She rushes there, looks at her watch and notices she has 1 1/2 minutes left. With no time left, she decides to use the worker’s elevator when the next round ends and heads back. So the next time she does this, she notices she has 2 minutes left but since she’s wearing a leotard and other clothes, she has to take everything off. That undressing has taken up some time and Kunyan has no choice but to rush back to the ring. So the next time, she’ll just wear the leotard and makes it in time. However, it won’t come out now. The narrator says about the ‘Dump Bio-rhythm’ and the next time she needs to take a dump is between the 10th and 11th round, that is, in the ring. Kunyan can’t hold it much longer and decides to end it as she strips and asks the boxers to look at her. The boxer sees Kunyan and faints. While everyone’s attention is on the boxer, Kunyan peacefully taking her dump. Ah, so relieved…
In episode 11, Kunyan got her hair stuck in the bathtub hole and the bathtub’s filled with water. Kunyan recalls that she and her buddies were drinking at a bar. Since they were too noisy, they got kicked out. So they decided to go back and drink at her place. Kunyan then decides to take a bath, but when pulling the plug, she slipped, resulting her hair to be stuck in the drain. Kunyan is thinking of ways to breath or she’ll drown. Kunyan thinks oxygen is carried in from the mouth and goes out through the butt, therefore it’s possible to breath in the opposite route. She tries to inhale and exhale through her butt but it didn’t work. Like real it could. Maybe the lack of oxygen in her head is impeding her thinking. Linda comes in to see why Kunyan is taking so long. Kunyan is relieved that Linda’s here but Linda too has that breathing through the butt theory and decides to give anus CPR! Of course Kunyan kicks her away and notices she’s wasted some energy and her suffocation process is getting faster. Kunyan decides to extract water from the tub as she takes a nearby towel and soaks it and squeezes it. It’s going to take some time. Naja comes in and also has that breathing through butt theory (why do they have such thinking?) but thinks that she won’t be able to send oxygen if there’s poop stuck in the middle as she rushes out. Kunyan is already hallucinating some weird creatures and notices the force pulling her hair is weakening because the water pressure has decreased since some of the water has been squeezed out of the tub. With that, Kunyan uses all her strength to push herself out and is successful. Naja comes back with some sort of sucking device…?! Probably to suck the poop out. Yeah, Kunyan mentions she’s too late for that. Good thing too.
The window shatters and Kunyan wakes up to find her thigh bleeding profusely in episode 12. She’s freaking out and her legs feel numb. Need to stop the bleeding. The narrator says a human body have 4 litres of blood and if 2 litres are lost, it’ll be fatal, that is, about 10 milk bottles. Kunyan has lost 1 litre already. She decides to get some dressing for the wound but notices the room is covered with broken glasses and it’s too dangerous to move around. I’m not sure how, but Kunyan gets her idea to stop her bleeding through some word game. Bleeding is to anaemia is to cartilege is to chicken meat is to Kashiwa is to Chiba prefecture is to peanuts is to persimmon seeds is to black beer is to hair. Must be some Japanese pun. Kunyan then ties her hair to dress the wound but is in an awkward position. Soon she gets to the phone to call an ambulance but because of her position, se can’t see forward. So she takes a broken mirror to so while keeping her balance. Better hurry because she mentions that she don’t wanna die looking this stupid. Since the mirror is cracked, it’s hard to tell the numbers. Though she manages to dial, she’s got the receiver on the wrong end and thinks she has dialled the wrong number as the other guy on the other end of the line kept saying "Moshi moshi, is anybody there?". Kunyan’s going to give up and fall, when the receiver lined up with her mouth and ear as she soon screams to hurry up and save her. But when the rescue team arrives, rescue was delayed a little longer because they saw her in an awkward position and mistakes her for a pervert.
Kunyan is riding pillion on Linda’s bike in episode 13 at the beach side. Kunyan tells Linda about the warning sign of rocks falling. But Linda says "Let’s watch out heads". She accelerates and breaks through the road barrier. What is this woman thinking? So Linda’s currently using the accelerator to offset the gravity as they’re on a steep cliff. Kunyan says they’ve got 2cm left before falling into the ocean below, which means they’ve only got 30 minutes. Linda says she isn’t worried because the gas will run out in 20 minutes and laughs. Yeah, she’s really nuts. Linda then says not to be a pessimist as they don’t know what’s below the cliffs. While Kunyan thinks there may be jagged rocks, Linda says there may be other possibilities like vacuum of space. Kunyan mockingly says to herself that Linda’s head is filled with vacuum of space. The bike is slipping and Linda says the bike is fully prepared for unexpected situations like this. Kunyan thinks it’s some in-built James Bond 007 gadget but Linda laughs it off and says she’ll be okay even if it falls and gets smashed because it’s covered with accident insurance. Kunyan gets an idea to make a rope using her clothes and asks Linda to lend hers. She ties the rope of clothes to her helmet and decides to throw it in hopes that it’ll snag on the guardrail. But Linda wants to do the honours because of her American cowboy thingy. As Linda swings, the helmet hits Kunyan’s head causing her to fall off. Kunyan looks down and sees lots of tetrapods below. Luckily her legs are grabbing a rock and is hanging upside down the cliff edge. Linda says thanks to her falling off, she’s able to make it up to the top as it’s lighter. Kunyan thinks it’s her plan from the start all along. Linda laughing as she rides off to go call for help. The narrator says at that point, Kunyan’s opinion on Linda changed from a mere ditz to a woman she could no longer estimate.
In episode 14, Kunyan and an old guy, Daigoro, is seen holding up a heavy closet. The narrator saying she’s working as a secretary for Daigoro, a high ranking official and that dresser closet weights 300kg. The supporting mass is 150kg, Daigoro is bearing 30% (45kg), Kunyan 70% (105kg) and Sayuri the inflated doll 0% (0kg lah). Kunyan recalls how they got into this mess. She opened the closet and thought a corpse had fallen out. Daigoro introduces her (Sayuri) as his dutch wife and then as Kunyan’s searching for things on top of the closet and standing on Daigoro, he pokes her butt. She kicks him of course and says what is he doing as she’s hanging on the closet top. Soon the closet came toppling. Back in present time, Kunyan says to use the phone but Daigoro mentions the phone is under his armpit and he can’t reach it and tells her to pull it out with her feet so he can dial with his feet. The phone sits on Kunyan’s panties (ahem ahem) and Daigoro says how he can see her panties and she’s got it steady and 1 can tell the value of a woman the moment you meet her and his intuition isn’t mistaken (old dirty pervert!). The phone rings and Kunyan finds the vibration stimulating as she’s asking him to hurry. Some girl, Aiko, picks it up and Daigoro tells her to call 119 quickly but she tells him to go die before hanging up. The closet is toppling even more and the narrator says the inclination is 30 degrees and the load is now 260kg. They’ll be crushed at this rate if they lose strength. But if they get inside the closet, they’ll be saved. Daigoro reminiscing moments he spent with Sayuri, the time he bought her through mail order, shared hidden rendezvous when his wife isn’t looking, portable and compact in a suitcase. Kunyan yells that it’s not a time to worry about his dutch wife and quickly takes him in. The narrator says Sayuri is able to support 150kg at most but the net load is now 280kg and since she’s bearing 100%, the closet crushes her. In the closet, Kunyan is thinking of using the phone to call for help but Daigoro could only think about Sayuri. Pissed off, Kunyan knocks his head.
On a hot summer day in episode 15, Kunyan is walking on a street when she forgot her handphone but spots a phone booth. As she enters it, she realizes she forgot to bring some change too. Just then, a lorry parks by and blocks the door. Trapped, Kunyan decides to wait till the lorry moves. However, it’s getting hot and stuffy inside. The narrator says a human body maintains body temperature separately from its surroundings but if it’s exposed to heat for long periods, it may result in abnormalities in the body which is called heatstroke. Kunyan strips down to her undies and decides to break the booth glass when she spots another lorry passing by and yells for it to stop. Well, it did as it reverses a little and blocks the phone booth. The ignorant driver gets out to get something to eat. Looks like he won’t be back for a while. Kunyan has no choice but to wait as she can’t do anything. The heat is taking is toll as the lorry which’s blocking the door finally moves. Naja comes in and asks why is Kunyan sitting around naked. Kunyan asks for water and Naja replies she doesn’t have any. Soon a car blocks the door and the duo are trapped once more. Naja is wondering what’s going to happen stuck inside a booth. Kunyan is all naked and saying weirdly this’ll happen. Naja says it’s so unlady-like but Kunyan wonders if it’s such a good idea to say those things and explains the thing which strip travellers in desert is the sun and you can’t win against the sun. Soon Naja too strips all naked and just sitting around. The narrator says how those 2 spend a happy summer day together when the truck and car finally moves off as we see the duo sleeping in the booth.
Even the narrator says something how something must happen to Kunyan (maybe living up to her title tagname?) as in episode 16 Kunyan is soaked outside her apartment on a rainy day as she spots a cat and brings it in. She takes a hot bath with the cat when the cat suddenly runs out of the bathroom. The cat switches on the hair dryer and goes back into the toilet and hangs it with its mouth, just above the tub’s water. I wonder if the cat is doing this on purpose. Kunyan thinks that if it falls into the water, she’ll be fried. The narrator says if the hair dryer falls into the tub, the current will flow through the water and since it uses a great deal of electricity, nothing in the water would be able to escape. Kunyan tries to approach the cat slowly but the cat got its paws on Kunyan’s hands. Hair dryer us dangling dangerously. Kunyan is asking to get its paws off her hands but the cat pushes it downwards. We see still snapshots of Kunyan trying to keep the cat’s paw at a safe level. Yeah, she’s thinking is she being screwed. All the while, baby. Right from the start. Kunyan then thinks that since it’s a cat, there has to be something it’ll play with and needs something to draw its attention. Kunyan shake her hips and asking it to come but the cat just keep staring. Kunyan decides to unplug to drain out the tub water. The cat looks down and this causes the hair dryer to slightly touch to water surface. No choice, Kunyan quickly throws the cat up and catches it but it lands in the water. The cat lets go of the hair dryer and Kunyan thinks she’s going to get fried. However, the hair dryer hits the side of the tub and splits into 2 with the main hair dryer falling outside and the cover inside the bath tub. Kunyan is relieved. She lives another day. The narrator says how a cat will often show up with its eyes on Kunyan’s cat toy since then (?). What the? Is the cat trying to play with her… lower… ahem ahem. Nevermind.
Overall, if I don’t mind the ecchi part, I guess this is fairly a decent show. Yeah, right. I mean, the good thing here is that it gives you an idea of what to do (usually what NOT TO) when faced with such a situation. I’m not sure if I could remember them but I’m sure my instincts too will come into play when the time comes. Besides, with all that informative explanations, I did learn a thing or two. Hmm… Then why not I go read a more proper source like magazines or journals, you ask? Yeah, probably I’d be interested if it is in the form of anime. Hahaha.
One thing I’d like to mention about Kunyan is that not only that she’s an luck-cum-unlucky girl who gets in and out of lots of trouble (good thing she is alive and breathing at the end of each episode), she’s like a monkey because she’s able to use her feet and mouth to do things as well! Uh huh. Didn’t you notice that she’s quite good in using them effectively. Maybe this shows that she’s been in lots of dangerous situations and has learned well to adapt. You could say Kunyan’s a survivor. Another thing is, I kinda notice that Kunyan’s pal, Naja, don’t really make much of an appearance. Just appearing in 4 episodes only. Perhaps the focus here is on Kunyan rather than anything else.
So I’m sure that people who’re experiencing a streak of bad luck, those who’ve hit rock bottom, don’t despair, take a look around you and access the situation. There’s something that can be useful and turn the situation to one’s favour. See, knowledge is indeed power. Of course the right application of it matter too. But if you’re talking about inviting trouble, then that’s a different story.
Ippatsu Kiki Musume
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