Da Capo

March 25, 2006

I’ve got this mixed feelings when I finished watching Da Capo. Yeah, I somehow got addicted to this magical comedy school romance anime type.
This series takes place on a crescent shaped island called Hatsunejima. Here, the sakura trees bloom endlessly all year round regardless of season. Hence the name Da Capo, which is a musical term meaning repeat again from the begining. Plus, on this island, some inhabitants posses mysterious magical powers.
The main protagonists are Junichi Asakura (who has the power to see other people’s dreams), his adpoted sister Nemu Asakura and his cousin Sakura Yoshino. When I say adopted sister, what I mean is that Junichi and Nemu aren’t really related by blood. It’s just that Nemu’s parents died in an accident when she was still very young and has to live with him. Ever since then, Junichi has been treating her like his own little sister. So you can tell that the story revolves around a love triangle between these 3. But the good part is that, unlike in Ranma 1/2, these 2 don’t actually go into fist fights. Yeah, they really tolerate each other if the other show some signs of ‘advancement’. That’s because they consider themselves to be good friends too and wouldn’t want to hurt each other (at least in the beginning).
The story starts off with Junichi and Nemu making their usual trip to school, when they found out that Junichi’s long lost cousin, Sakura, has returned from America to the island to remind him about the 3 promises which they both made six years ago before she left. However, physically she hasn’t changed and looked exactly like the way she was 6 years ago.
The first half of the series is more of the play-play, not serious type, while at the same time introduces other main characters to the series. Like spending the day at the beach, or visiting the natural springs-cum-resort-cum-zoo, or the girls telling some ghost story, or the school organizing some cultural festival thing. Other ‘adventures’ include Junichi ‘dating’ Mako just to help her out and that internet admirer of Nemu’s which seem to be ‘stalking’ her.
Speaking of characters, besides the main protagonist, the other main characters really does provide some spice and variety. Like the hyper-active Miharu, who’s Nemu’s best friend, whom later on is revealed to be a robot! Created by her scientist dad to look and act exactly like her. Well, that’s because the real Miharu went into a coma after trying to rescue a kitten from a tree (we didn’t see how she fell). Then there’s Kotori, the singing lass with a beautiful voice and the mysterious power to read people’s minds.
Don’t forget the tom-boyish Mako who at first seems not to like Junichi because he viewed her having ‘small chests’. I wonder if her feelings changed after that ‘dating’. Yup, there are some signs showing but not conclusive enough. Oh, and there’s Mako’s elder sister Moe. She reminded my alot of Kasumi of Ranma 1/2. Yeah, she’s the dreamy kind and the way she talks too is dreamy. Plus, seems to be very easy going and casual. In order words ‘blur’.
Also, there’s that cat lady, Yoriko. She’s actually a cat and with the mysterious power to become a human. She’s very afraid of meeting other people because they might be intimidated by her cat ears. But she doesn’t feel so when she’s with Junichi and co. Somehow I think that her character was somewhat ‘redundant’. She ended up being Junichi and Nemu’s maid but can’t do anything right at first. Then most of the time she sneaks out of the house just to build up her courage to meet people. Hmmm…. Anyway, to avoid making this a 1 guy all girls anime, I think the producers made Suginami as Junichi’s best friend and the one who’s the most ‘seng mok’ or ‘aware of his surroundings’ kind of guy. Sometimes saying the most unlikely of things but most of the time giving supporting advice.
Then there’s that cute and funny little cat, Utamaru. At first I thought it was a statue or furniture. But later on I found out that it’s actually a real cat! Yeah… Such a small kitten with no mouth and sometimes no legs. But the weirdest part is how it sound. It’s like a human trying real hard to sound like a cat, but fails at it. Nyaaaaaaa…. That’s how it sounds like. Looks fake, sounds fake. So is it fake? Also, it seems to understand what people tells it to and is quite close to Sakura.
I also notice that 2/3 of the series shows that Da Capo Side Story at the end of its main story (except for in episode 21 where it was the last side story and it was shown first). I don’t really get what this side show is really about except that of the beautiful sceneries and sometimes it focus on 1 or a few of the main characters at a time. Then later on, you’ll notice that mysterious cat man dressed in a detective like overcoat, appearing here and there. Who or what is it, actually? I dunno. But the last side story saw him leaving on a ferry and those who met him said that he really did exists. Huh? Besides that, I think the side show is just used as fillers. You know, the main story’s too short and they need to fill the remaining 10 minutes with something. I think.
The second part of the series gets down to more serious stuff and there won’t be anymore happy happy situations. After that episode 16 recap, Nemu finally confesses her love to Junichi and this has caused Sakura to feel jealous. The reason for this sibling treatment thing is that Junichi didn’t want to lose Nemu as a friend as things could’ve been really different. So, you’ll also find that Junichi’s actually a nice guy by now. But you might stop to think for a while, won’t it give rise to a little incest if Junichi and Sakura became a couple. And that’s what Sakura thinks (although she didn’t really say the word incest) between him and Nemu being one. But I wouldn’t have guessed that she’d confessed quite early in the series, as I thought perhaps 1 or 2 episodes before the end.
Not wanting to let go of Junichi, Sakura has that mysterious power to have her wish to become true. Yeah, that big main sakura tree that was planted by Sakura’s grandma many years ago seems to be the source of the mysterious powers on this island. Because of this, Nemu fell ill and she coughed out sakura petals! How horrifying. But seeing how Junichi really loves Nemu, Sakura tried to let go of her feelings for him. Just as things seem to get a little better, disaster strikes again! Well, deep down in Sakura’s heart, she really didn’t want to let go of Junichi, and the Sakura tree was becoming stronger and stronger instead of dying as Sakura wished so desparately.
Before the final 2 episodes, I think the producers wanted to ‘kill-off’ certain characters with episodes 22, 23 and 24, particularly Yoriko, Kotori and Miharu respectively. Like in Yoriko‘s case, since the magic of the sakura tree is dying, she knows that this’ll be her last chance to be with Junichi as a human, she went on a last date. Whereas for Kotori, she confessed her love to him finally but got rejected (we won’t get to hear or see that part). But I think it was the right thing Junichi did. I know that there’re lots of Kotori fans out there crticising Junichi for it. Yeah, I know, she may be prettier and has a better personality than Nemu (that’s because there’s not many episodes focused on her). I mean, Junichi’s already in love with Nemu and you wouldn’t want him to be two-timing on her don’t you. Plus, Kotori didn’t felt sad but happy that she cleared her mind.
As for Miharu, her constant search for her lost memories in order to become the like real Miharu had drained her ‘batteries’. As the real Miharu becomes better in hospital, time is running out for the robot Miharu. But it’s ironic you know. Think about it, All these 3 ladies confessed they loved Junichi but the ones Junichi wanted them to stay were gone, like Yoriko and Miharu. But Kotori, she’s gonna be around… You know what I mean.
Now back to Sakura and Nemu. My heart sank and I felt disgust when Nemu started to lose her memories at the end of episode 25 and only wanting to be with Junichi! That’s so not like her! So pitiful. Even though I felt sad, but I’m proud of what Sakura did to end this. She really let go of her feelings for Junichi this time and you could see all the leaves of the main big sakura tree fall off like it died instantly.
In the end, Sakura decided to go back to America because she doesn’t want to cause trouble again to them. But she promised she’ll be back again in the future and will be a full fledged ‘bong-boing women’ (that’s what she said and you know what I mean) to win Junichi’s heart.
But I’m not really sure whether Nemu became her usual self back again or not. When the end credits of the last episode role, we could first see a headshot of the other main characters, including that Mako’s pesky little girlfriend wanna-be and that charming admirer from the internet of Nemu’s. Then we could see Junichi rushing to school passing his school mates and teachers and finally Nemu waiting at the school gates smiling. End of show. I hope she’s cured.
Overall, like I said earlier on, I had mixed feelings at the end, some happy and wonderful, some sad and bitter. And sometimes I have goosebumps just thinking about it. Still, I find this quite enjoyable and heart warming. But hey, it’s really a bittersweet tale of magic, love, hidden desires and unattainable dreams (quote taken from Anime News Network). *long sigh* Now that this is over, I think I’ll be watching the second season to follow up what happens next.

Kodomo No Omocha

March 24, 2006

I’ve only actually watched episode 1 and 4 of Kodocha. So this blog may be a little premature and inaccurate. But this is what I’ve concluded so far after watching just 2 episodes of this hillarious anime.
We’re first introduced to this fifth grader girl, Sana Kurata, who leads a charmed life. That’s because she’s the main star of her own tv show called Child’s Toy. Yeah, to have such a popular show at such a tender young age pand because of this she’s quite well known throughout the country.
The first episode starts off as Sana panicking because she got up late for school. And from that scene you’ll probably guess that she’s really the scatterbrained kind of girl. In other words, ‘chicken back-side’. With that high pitch voice and fast pace talking, she does fit that description pretty well. Plus she likes to sing/rap and make up her own lyrics with that weird musical instrument recorder/mixer to relieve some stress before bedtime.
Then there’s her mother, who’s a famous award-wining writer, who also wears some weird hair headset in which a squirrel lives in! Sometimes she’s strict, sometimes she’s just fooling around, but she does love her little girl very much and vice versa.
Also there’s Rei, who Sana acknowledged as his manager, chauffeur, boyfriend and pimp. A pimp?! I wonder if Sana actually knows the meaning of that word. But Rei too accepts this. Hope he doesn’t turn into a paedophile. Always wearing that cool sunglasses, anyone would feel safe when he’s behind the wheel. Yeah, he drives slower than a walking person!
In school, she tries to bring order to her classroom. Her class is really havoc. I mean, it’s typical you know, boys are the naughty ones whereas the girls are the goody-two-shoes but can’t do anything about it. So it’s usually up to Sana to stop the boys’ ruckus, who is being led by the quiet and lone-wolf type Akito Hayama (who reminds me of Dylan of Mirmo De Pon). He’s her biggest concern and views him as his main arch-enemy in keeping the peace.
Why don’t the teachers do anything about it, you asked? Well, that’s because, Akito has got them in a tight spot too (at least their class teacher). He has some embarrasing photo about them and threatens to reveal it if they don’t comply with his wishes. So young already so bad-ass. But you couldn’t completely blame him as he’s got a rough life too as you’ll later find out in the series.
Because of this Sana embarks on a mission to wrest the photos back from Akito. But in some weird twist of events, Sana manage to take a photo of Akito in an embarrasing situation, turning the tables on him. With this, now it’s Sana’s turn to blackmail Akito, making him handing over those photos and apologizing to the girls he bullied, plus making him quit his menace. I can’t believe he gave up so easily. So how does all his gang members feel? Shocked at first. This prompted one of his members to unofficially take over as the new leader after viewing him as becoming a ‘wimp‘. But that didn’t last long as Akito still prooves that he’s still got what it takes to survive by landing that 1 punch deathblow.
If you thought that everything has become normal again, think again. Now this time Sana is worried about Akito’s character as you know he always keep to himself and shows no expression whatsoever. Yeah, Sana likes to help people but being busybody, nosy and meddling into other people’s business is another. But I guess she’s the I-really-really-really care kind of girl and would go to any great lengths to help one out.
I read and casually browse through the episode summaries and got to know that Sana and Akhito actually became a couple later on. Hmm… Very odd. Two people with two very contrasting personalities become an item? Very strange indeed. But I’m sure there’ll be lots to laugh at with Sana’s incessant yapping and her nosiness getting her into all sorts of situations. Sighs… Wish I could’ve watch more of this anime. Could the local TV station please air this anime soon!!! Oh well, that may be fallen on deaf ears.
Oh yeah… what’s with that Babbit character? Looks like a cross between a bat and a rabbit and narrates the storyline as well. Hear that it’s also to provide some comical relief and sometimes serious advice to watchers.

Bloody. Violent. Nonsensical. These are the words that best describe Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of the character, Dokuro-chan, at first. Because behind that cuteness is a very violent and temperamental character. But in a cute way of course.
So what’s this anime all about? Basically, it’s about this guy Sakura whom in the future is destined to create some anti-aging technology invention which stops women from aging once they reached 12 years old (but we never get to see that device). So God (whom we also never got to see) decided that this isn’t to be allowed and thus he sends his angels back in time to kill him. Yes, kill him.
But one of these angels, Dokuro-chan, felt that she could change it without having to kill him. Yeah, easier said than done. So this series actually takes place in the present time when Kusakabe Sakura is still a school going kid.
Although this is a very short series, with only 8 episodes of 15 minutes each (meaning you can finish watching this whole series in a 2 hour sitting), the episode are sort of bloody and gruesome. Uh-huh, because of Dokuro’s temperamental childish character, Sakura tends to get killed in every episode at least once. And since he gets bludgeoned by Dokuro’s spikey club, Excalibolg, you’re gonna see alot of blood spewing and gushing out from his head or body parts scattered all around. But the good part is that she can bring the person she killed back to life by saying the magical words ‘Pipiru Piru Piru Pipiru Pi’. Now this brings a whole new meaning of dying over and over again a thousand times! Most of the times, she swings her club too fast and very rash without thinking (because she gets angry or doesn’t have certain things the way she wanted), and she feels guilty and sorry soon after.
Plus, Dokuro-chan has a tendency to do weird things and say funny kind of stuffs which has no relation whatsoever to what they’re doing. Like at one point Dokuro-chan was reading an ‘adult book’ but she despises her modesty being outraged. Maybe she sees both points differently. And whatabout that wood-glue club (something like that) she forcefully formed with only 2 members in it, she and Sakura (by force too). And that part where she and Sakura played the Ouija Board. Don’t know whether she’s making the movements up or not.
Yeah, you might wonder too how Sakura actually tolerates all this despite Dokuro’s inconsiderate nature. Well, he’s actually having a tough time. You see, his whole class hates him because they’re jealous that he got such a cute angelic-like girl living with him (they really don’t know what she’s like). Plus, Sakura seems to bear the grunt of unfortunate events. Sometimes I felt pity for him getting killed just like that. But I also find it funny lah. Err… I wouln’t want a girlfriend like her (really! Believe me, you wouldn’t too).
But the whole class seems to be blur case or that couldn’t-care-less attitude. I mean when Dokuro uses her magic, nobody seems to be awed or surprised or even shocked to see it. Especially when she changes the class monitor and some other guy into a monkey and a dog respectively.
Other characters add a little spice to this short anime. Like that assassin angel from the future Sabato who’s suppose to kill Sakura, but she failed and ended up living like a hermit in some dirty shack or under a bridge. Or Dokuro’s sister, the serious Zakuro, who came back to the past to bring Dokuro back to the future. And she manage to get Sakura’s classmates to help bring her in (another jealous case). She manage to do so at first. But don’t know how, Dokuro manage to escape and come back to the past. In order not to fail her mission, Zakuro went back again to look for her, but this time to be misled by Sabato saying that they’ve escaped and crossed the peninsular (looks like Korea to me) to make time for Dokuro and Sakura to escape. Yeah, so dumb, she believed her and went looking for them in the wrong direction.
Then there’s that punk genie, Zansu. I’m not really sure what he is to Dokuro-chan except for the fact that he’s some weird friend of Dokuro who tries to warn her of any impending danger. What’s with that hentai video-shooting-self in the forest? By the way, he did died at the end for good, right? I mean, when Zakuro tried to bring in Dokuro, Zansu tried to fight off Zakuro to buy them some time. Of course he eventually failed. Then the wall collapsed on him. You could see his blood splattered over the floor. No ‘Pipiru Piru Piru Pipiru Pi’ or any other form of ressurection, huh. Yeah, dead. But I think his well-being wasn’t so important.
What about Sakura’s love interest, Shizuki. It seems at first he was having problems trying to confess his love to her or be close to her because of Dokuro’s constant interruption. But in the end, did Sakura give up his love for Shizuki? I mean, when Dokuro was brought back to the future, he seemed unfazed and spaced out. Although it seems quiet and no more bloody deaths, Sakura seems to miss her already! What lah! First don’t like all that getting killed, now miss her killing. Hmmm… And I was beginning to think that Shizuki was starting to like Sakura at the end when this happened. Aiyoh… guess that’s not important too. Maybe she just wanted to give him some time to sort things out.
In the end, Dokuro and Sakura are reunited once again (not before Sakura gets another death blow from Dokuro) and he begins to accept all this as part of his life (and death!).
Overall, I kinda find this series amusing and funny. Yeah, even the opening song is funny. There’s a line that goes something like ‘I’ll beat you, I’ll kick you, I’ll hang you, I’ll stab you, I’ll toy with you, I’ll hang you, I’ll punch you, I’ll drip things over you… But that’s how I show my love for you’. This brings a whole new meaning to a love-hate relationship. Hahaha!!!

  Arifureta yasashisa wa kimi wo toozakeru dake,
  Tsumetaku kirisuteta kokoro wa toozakeru dake
For those Gundam fans out there, you would’ve guessed that those lines were taken from the ending theme of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.
  Sonna Kakkowarusa ga ikiru toiu koto nara,
  Samuzora no shita me wo tojite iyou
Performed by See-saw (weird name for a group), this song doesn’t really have that high pitch, however, there are certain parts where one have to ‘drag’ your voice over a period of time. Well, maybe not so long, though. But it was enough to make me out of breath and my voice ‘waver’. Yeah, another singing flaw of mine.
  Anna ni issho datta no ni,
  Kotoba hitotsu tooranai,
  kasoku shiteiku senaka ni ima wa
But it isn’t really that bad compared to those high pitched songs that I sing. Not perfect but close. One of the many songs in my karaoke list that I still enjoy singing over time. Can’t believe I used to wake up at the end of the show just to here this song. Sheesh…
  Anna ni issho datta no ni,
  Yuugure wa mou chigau iro,
  Semete kono tsukiakari no shita de,
  Shizuka na nemuri wo

Mai-HiME Characters

March 11, 2006

Yeah… I still haven gotten over that Mai-HiME anime yet. That ‘oh-it’s-such-a-great-anime’ feeling is still residing in my heart. Still crazy about it. Wasurenai yo! So here’s a brief description on the characters of the series.
The HiMEs
Mai Tokiha

As you all know, she’s the main heroine of the series (and the one who stole my heart!). A new transfer student to the Fuka Gakuen, she’ll soon learn about the responsibilities about being a HiME and balancing it out with her school life as well. For more detailed info on this pretty kawaii bishoujo, read my blog on 4th March 2006 (you’d better!)
Equipment: A pair of bracelets and anklets
Child: Kagutsuchi – a hybrid between a dragon, phoenix and whale
Dearest one: Takumi Tokiha and Tate Yuichi
Natsuki Kuga
The serious and mostly in times of tense situations, the one with the rational and calm voice of reasoning. A rugged kind of lady, if I should say. Usually dressed in that black leather outfit and rides a motorcycle. Skips many classes to investigate the First District, whom she believed to be the one responsible behind her mother’s death. Because of this, she’s quite knowledgeable about the HiMEs and its consequences and tries to prevent them from gathering at the Fuka Gakuen at first. Normally doesn’t express her emotions to others and may seem ‘snobbish’ by keeping to herself at first too. But sometimes gets herself into embarrassing situations beyond her control. Oh yeah, she likes collecting lingerie too. How ironic.
Equipment: A pair of pistols that shoots ice
Child: Duran – a wolf embedded with cannons
Dearest one: At first was her late mother, later on it was Fujino Shizuru
Mikoto Minagi
A petite girl with great fighting skills who is looking for her lost brother Ani-ue. She became very attached to Mai because she saved her life from drowning. Gets hungry often too and likes to eat. Plus, she also like Mai’s ramen. At first, seems like she doesn’t know things girls her age should know like bras and love, and is quite confused about the latter. Later on, she had a misunderstanding and fall-out with Mai when Mai thought she ‘killed’ Takumi. But they became good friends again in the end and found out that Reito is actually her long lost brother.
Equipment: A black sword named Miroku whom she always carry around with her. Also it looks like it’s too heavy for her to use effectively.
Child: Miroku (not to be confused with her Equipment) – a weird looking one eye round bug
Dearest one: Mai Tokiha and Ani-ue
Shizuru Fujino
The president of the Student Council who enjoys sipping tea. Seems very laid back and easy going kind of lady. But in fact harbours a very deep affection for Natsuki. Yeah, she’s a lesbian as you’ll find out later in the series. Although she doesn’t show it, she protects Natsuki indirectly and would prevent any harm done to her. Because of this, she became a little ‘crazy’ as she went around disposing off her enemies. But later on realises her mistake and still manage to ask everyone’s forgiveness with a smile. Also, the last HiME to be revealed, if you discount the fact that you already know that mysterious lady in white robe is Shiho.
Equipment: A weird looking halberd/spear.
Child: Kiyohime – a six headed hydra
Dearest one: Natsuki Kuga
Midori Sugiura
The energetic and very ‘hyped’ lady. Has that ‘patriotic sense-of-responsibility-and-duty’ kind of attitude about being a HiME. She claims that she’s seventeen but nobody seems to believe her. At first she works as a waitress alongside Mai and Akane in the cafe. But she’s always clumsy and breaking plates and glasses during her shift. Later on she became one of Mai’s substitute teacher. She loves archaelogy and likes to drink (and getting drunk too!). P/S- Her voice reminded me of Ranpha of Galaxy Angel. Could it be her, the same person?
Equipment: Long battle axe
Child: Gakuteno – a pointy headed lion or is it a dog?
Dearest one: An archaelogist professor whom she deals with (but we never get to see him until the last episode).
Nao Yuki
The bad-ass girl among the HiMEs. Don’t be fooled by her cute innocent looks. She uses that and her HiME powers to rob guys. So young already so like that. But you can’t blame her. She went through a lot of bad and bitter experience and injustice during her younger days. Her mom got hospitalized by her attackers and they got away while Nao herself was sent away to Fuka Gakuen. That’s why she loathes Natsuki the most who has it ‘easier’. In the end, she became a nun, but not that goody kind. She’s still slightly her naughty self though. How ironic too.
Equipment: Claws (reminds you of Freddy Krueger, don’t they)
Child: Julia – a spider and scorpion hybrid
Dearest one: Her mother who’s in hospital
Yukino Kikukawa
Shy, quiet and most of the time an introvert. She is Haruka’s assistant in the Student Council and looks up to her. This is because Haruka has always stood up for her through the times when she herself is unable to do so. A contrasting pair in terms of characteristics, I’d say. As she’s quite knowledgeable in many areas (one of those studios type), most of the times she has to quietly correct what Haruka says. After Haruka graduates, she succeeded her.
Equipment: A hexagon mirror
Child: Diana – a seed like plant with tentacles
Dearest one: Haruka Suzushiro
Akira Okuzaki
Disguised as a boy and sent by her clan to the Fuka Gakuen to learn more about the HiMEs. Roomates with Mai’s younger brother, Takumi. Though, she seemed cold to him in the beginning, but in time, her feelings for Takumi became stronger. I don’t know about everyone else, but I knew Akira was a girl right from the start, until that part where she said that she’s suppose to make everyone into thinking that she’s a guy (huh?). Also, she likes to paint and draw. Followed Takumi to the USA for his treatment in the end to keep watch over him (and to be close to him, of course).
Equipment: Double bladed daggers
Child: Gennai – a giant bullfrog
Dearest one: Takumi Tokiha
Yukariko Sanada
As a nun, she provides that you know comforting and encouraging words of God to students in despair and delinquents. However, I see her as quite a ‘weak’ character among the HiMEs. After she found out that she herself was a HiME, she became confused about God and strayed a little from her belief. Plus, that art teacher Ishigami, seems to be making her even more confused about her beliefs and love, as he wants her to win the ‘carnival’ as well. She’s also the culprit which made the HiMEs started to fight among each other. In the end, she gave up being a nun and married Ishigami, but still keep a close tabs on the church since Nao and Miyu became nuns.
Equipment: a bow
Child: St. Vrus – a unicorn head (something like a knight chess piece)
Dearest one: Watari Ishigami
Shiho Munakata
A little girl who’s very much in love with Tate. Although they’re not related by blood, she seems to call him Oni-san (brother). At first she and Mai got along quite well until she found out that Mai and Tate had developed feelings for each other. She became jealous and disillusioned and wanted to ‘erase’ Mai so that she would not take Tate away from him. Also, she may seem very childish at times and has that child-like behaviour. In time, you’ll also get to identify her ‘evil suspicious stare’ trademark. In the end, I’m not sure whether she really approves of Tate and Mai’s relationship eventhough she regained her sanity and since she still wants to cling on to him.
Equipment: a flute
Child: Yatagarasu – a one legged crow/raven
Dearest one: Tate Yuichi
Akane Higurashi

A shy and timid girl who works as a waitress along Mai in the cafe. Though she and her boyfriend Kazuya are very much in love, she hides the fact that she’s a HiME from him, as she’s afraid that he won’t love her. But even after he discovered it, his love for her didn’t waver a single bit. And that made her loved him even more, thus their love bloomed more than ever, even right to the end. As she is the first HiME to be killed (so sad), she became a ‘vegetable’ after losing her dearest one (very sad indeed).
Equipment: a pair of large tonfas
Child: Harry – a tiger
Dearest one: Kazuya Kurauchi
Fumi Himeno
She’s the maid and assistant for Fuka Gakuen’s director, Mashiro. She seems to be always by her side, thus she rarely goes out and be seen in public or at any other places. Quite soft-spoken, she devotes herself to Mashiro. The weird part is that Fumi’s Child is also the director herself. After the HiME incident had ended, she took over Mashiro’s post and became the new director of Fuka Gakuen.
Equipment: a scythe
Child: Mashiro (at one point I saw that the Child Mashiro transformed into a sagittarius?)
Dearest one: Mashiro Kanzaha
Alyssa Searrs
The 13th and fake HiME. She’s been infused with HiME powers when she was born in order to bring the Golden Era to the Searrs Foundation. At first she’s the Golden Angel of the choir group of the Fuka Gakuen and is very afraid in meeting other people other than her caretaker Miyu. But later on, she turned into a cold and ‘mad’ in order to complete her mission. Because she’s the fake HiME, her defeat opened up an extra pillar and make room for 2 HiMEs instead of 1 in the end. Also, she can create and summon Orphans.
Equipment: None (but sometimes I feel that it’s her hair)
Child: Eclipse 1 Artemis – a laser satellite in space
Dearest one: Her father (though I feel that Miyu should be her dearest one)
Other notable characters
Mashiro Kanzaha
The wheel chair ridden director of the Fuka Gakuen. Though at times she can actually stand up and walk. Sometimes you wonder who’s side is she on as she doesn’t reveal much information and just enough to know. Then at times too, seemingly conspiring with Nagi, doesn’t that make you suspicious? As she’s the winner of the last ‘carnival’ and her real body is encased in a crystal in the Land Of Fuka. Because of the destruction of the pillars, she was finally released from her imprisonment and decided to put an end to this ‘carnival’ once and for all.
Nagi Homura
Another mysterious characther that posses clandestine knowledge about the HiMEs. Also, you may sometimes think that Nagi may be that ‘bad guy’ as he seem to summon Orphans to test the HiMEs. But he’s just a follower of this whole ‘carnival’ thing. Besides, appearing here and there, so who is he really?
Reito Kanzaki
The vice-president of the Student Council and Lord Kokuyou’s earthly vessel. Later on, it’s also revealed that he’s the long lost brother of Mikoto. He’s also the most eligible bachelor guy in the whole campus and the kind where you know girls would really want to be with. But seems to have set his eyes on Mai. Though he’s quite cool, understanding and isn’t rash in deciding things. Still trying to ask Mai for a date in the end, huh?
Haruka Suzushiro
The board of discipline director for the Student Council. Loud-mouth at times and usually tend to mis-spell and mispronounce words in her speeches. May seem bossy to get things done but that’s her character. Plus, she may not show that warmth gentle display of friendship to Yukino but deep down in her heart, she’s still her best friend. Also, despises the Student Council president, Fujino very much, and calls her ‘buzuzuke women’.
Tate Yuichi
A member of the student council. Not really in love with Shiho as he treats her like his little sister (they’re childhood friends) and not the kind of relationship Shiho wants. Yeah, you already knew that he and Mai didn’t get along well at first. But later on, that love feeling just blossomed. That first kiss with Mai is still elusive, isn’t it?
Miyu Glear
The adopted daughter of Joseph Glear (a priest alongside Sister Sanada). Actually her name is an acronym for Multiple Intelligence Yggdrasil Unit, and is a robot in-built with many weapons and features. Also, her task is to take care of Alyssa. That’s the only time when she seemed to smile a little and not being cold and serious. Though defeated midway through the series, her revival at the end helped led into ending the ‘carnival’.
Takumi Tokiha
Mai’s sickly younger brother. Borned with a weak body, always felt that he’s a weakling and a burden to her sister. Though at times he try his best to be strong and independent. In the end, he managed to undergo treatment for his condition in a hospital in USA.
Chie Harada
Mai’s classmate and gossip queen. She and Aoi are like inseparable best of friends.
Aoi Senou
One of Mai’s helpful classmate. She and Chie are like inseparable best of friends.
Youko Sagisawa
The doctor of Fuka Gakuen and Midori’s best pal.
Masashi Takeda
The Kendo club captain and in love with Natsuki. Though at times his expression to Natsuki may be a little misunderstood and ends up at the receiving end.
Kazuya Kurauchi
Akane’s boyfriend and one of Mai’s classmates too. Also works as a waiter in the cafe along with Akane and Mai.
Well, I guess that’s about wraps it up. Oh, before I go, I just want to say… MAI-CHAN ITSUMO MOTTO MOTTO DAISUKI!!!!! Hehehe… I guess I’m really obssessed with her!

Ragnarok The Animation

March 10, 2006

Woah… After missing too many episodes of Ragnarok The Animation, I’ve decided to tape the anime (why didn’t I think of this in the first place). Boy was I lucky to catch the last 2 episodes of the series. And there’s been a few changes since I’ve watched it.
The kawaii Yuufa has now turned to the dark side, Roan spots a new outfit, Takius has her blindfold off, and Maya into potions?. Okay, maybe some things really still haven’t changed. Like Iruga is still that cool assassin dude, Maya and her Poi Poi still as cute as ever, and Judia is still madly in love over Iruga.
Anyway, here’s what the last 2 episodes were like. It looks like the Dark Lord has 5 out of the 7 crystals (crystals that represent the core human characteristics), and needs only 2 more in order to be revived and bring eternal darkness to the world. Just as our heroes are setting out their journey to end this, they got caught in Yuufa’s spell and are teleported to Glast Heim, the place where it all started (and thus where it all shall end!).
So Takius got separated from the group but got to get a rematch with her master Zapper. You know, fight fight fight plus a little talk talk talk about truth and all that, in the end, Zapper realized he had been used by the Dark Lord and was ‘sacrificed’ as the 6th crystal. The sad thing too is that Takius also died along with her master. *sniff sniff*
As fate has it, Iruga will battle against his ex-friend Keough. And you know what. They both died too (Judia must be really sad). So sad too that such a cool guy had to die. With Keough’s death, that completed all 7 crystals the Dark Lord needs to return. But just enough for Keough to realize his mistake and break Yuufa out of the evil spell. I guess you really do see the ‘light’ when you’re gonna die.
With that, Roan and Yuufa tried their best to defeat the Dark Lord. Couldn’t believe they were gonna give up after a few Holy Cross and Holy Light attacks. But the weird part is, Maya traded all her gold to summon some terror heavenly being to shatter the 7 crystals, which then rendered the Dark Lord vulnerable. I guess that’s what her role is anyway, since she fell down into that ravine only to find the location of the crystals.
As you have predicted, the Dark Lord’s freedom is short lived as he is sent packing with the combined powers of Roan, Yuufa, Judia, Maya and… Takius’ staff? How come her staff just dropped out of the sky? Convenience, maybe. But the Dark Lord is silenced for good when that minotaur Baphomet smashed that portal he was imprisoned after that defeat. Sounds like a disgruntled ex-henchmen from the way he said things.
So, everything when back to normal as you can see the dark clouds slowly fade away and rays of sunlight filling every air particle it could reach. Maya looked happy as she got to avenged the deaths of her friends Zeltish and Alice (didn’t know they died).
The end part also saw Roan and Yuufa being married. I mean, we didn’t see any wedding ceremony. It was the ring on their fingers that gave me that impression as they’re visiting Iruga and Keough’s grave. Plus, they both have a baby that Judia is babysitting. I guess she decided to become the nanny since now that her beloved Iruga is gone. But the strange part was that they looked too young to be married and have a child. It seemed like only yesterday that they were trying to save the world. Also, Maya and Judia didn’t really aged that much too. Then, there’re 2 new comers who wants to join the group. They suspiciously look very closely like Roan and Yuufa, don’t you think. Ah well, end of story. Overall, this anime isn’t too bad actually, the fact that it’s over and I’ve missed many of the episodes in between.
Oh yeah, I wonder what happened to that 3 goons as they’re running away from the zombies and monsters. They just dropped a coin as a prelude to Maya for that gold-trading-summoning move. I guess that’s not important isn’t it.

Mai Tokiha

March 4, 2006

Okay, I have a confession to make. I’m really really really obssessed and infatuated with this particular girl. I mean, I’m crazy over her and still can’t stop thinking of her nor get her out of my mind. Who’s that lucky girl you asked? Well well… *smiling* It’s no other than Mai Tokiha! Yes, that very pretty kawaii bishoujo from Mai-HiME.
So this little blog space is dedicated to her and from time to time I’ll look back to this blog space and read it again and again with all my hearts content. *Swooning* Note: Information source below from www.sunrise-inc.co.jp
Name: Mai Tokiha
Age: 15 years old
Date of birth: 22nd July
Star sign: Cancer
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Blood type: Type O
Hair colour: Brownish-orange
Eye colour: Violet
Vital statistics: 87-56-83
Favourite colour: Yellow orange
Favourite pastime: Cooking and Karaoke
Favourite food: Amai Tamago Yaki (literally ‘sweet omelette’)
Siblings: A younger brother, Takumi Tokiha
Mai Tokiha striking a stunning pose
A high school freshmen, Mai received a scholarship to study at the Fuka Gakuen along with her sickly brother, Takumi. She’s an orphan at a very young age since her mother died trying to save Takumi. Since then, she has always been carrying the responsibilities and burden of taking care of her little brother (as her mother’s last wish before passing away).
Therefore, at times she may act more than a big sister and like a mom to him.
Overall, she’s quite a cheerful, friendly and happy person. Also smiles alot too and tries her best to help out anybody in need. But all this took a drastic change when she found out about the HiME stuff and had to reluctantly get involved. She became confused and angry as now she not only has to deal with her school life but to take care of Orphans as well.
She loves cooking. Because of that she has some extraordinary culinary skills. Like Mikoto, she really dig Mai’s ramen. Later on too, Natsuki too commended on her noodles. Yum… Wish I could taste her cooking too. *Sighs*. Besides that, she also took a little CPR lessons which became handy when she saved Mikoto’s live.
Also, she loves to go karaoke-ing (yay… just like me. Looks like we both have something in common there *winks*). Not only that, she likes to do so with her friends. I must say, she’s got quite a nice voice there.
To ease her financial difficulties, she took up a part time job as a waitress in a cafe. And to earn more money, she took up a job as a life guard at the beach during her summer vacation. Because of this, she has no time for her friends and they soon leave her out. This made Mai quite depressed and brought back some memories of her painful past.
At first she seems to dislike her classmate Tate Yuichi, due to several ‘perverted incidents’ (like his face on her breats, you know what I mean). But after that comforting words from Tate, their relationship improved alot and then soon developed feelings for each other. On the other hand, the student council vice-president, Reito Kanzaki, does seem to have a liking for her and have on 2 occassions asked Mai to go on a date with him. He seems to let Mai take her time on deciding and doesn’t pressure her for an answer right away. Cool guy. But still, Mai’s still pretty confused then. But eventually, it’s Tate that she loves. As for Mikoto, I don’t think she’s really into that lesbian relationship when she finally told her ‘I love you’. It’s just that they’re so attached to each other so I’m sure they developed that kind of bond, you know what I mean.
Of course, there’re a few people who disliked her. But that’s for a short while only. Like Shiho at first liked Mai. But when she found out she liked Tate, she became jealous and see her as a threat and competition to her ‘boyfriend’. What about Nao, then. She sure said some pretty harsh remarks about Mai ‘trying to be a good girl by being nice to everyone’. Plus, there’re times when she and Mikoto had a fallout. That’s because after a little misunderstanding when Mai thought that Mikoto had ‘killed’ her brother.
In conclusion, Mai at the end accepted her growing popularity among her peers and no longer feels left out. And just like Mikoto said, ‘I like it when Mai smiles. I’m happy when Mai is happy’. How true, so do I. And it makes me sad to see her with a frown. Oh, Mai… let my express my love for you once more. Mai-chan hontou ni daisuki!!!!!
Yeah… And I’ve amassed a few pics of Mai herself. Isn’t she the loveliest anime gal ever. Anybody who objects shall be dealt with with extreme prejudice! No lah, just kidding only. I don’t care what everybody else says about her. All I know is that to me, Mai will always be here in my heart. Maybe I’ll get to marry her one day. *A very very long sigh + swoon*
Looks like I’m off to further daydream about her!
(Click on the pictures below to have a larger view to admire this charming lady! )


March 3, 2006

  Yukikau hito wa minna,
  Omoi nimotsu seotte,
  Tooku ni yureru kagerou no naka ni,
  Ashita wo mitsukeru
Everytime when I start my karaoke session, I will usually start off with this song first, that is, Alone, the second ending theme for the anime Gensoumaden Saiyuki.
  Kono te wo koboreochiru,
  Suna no you na kanjou,
  Ano toki mune ni sasatta,
  Kotoba ga fui ni uzuku kedo
Yeah, this song somehow serves as a good warm up before I proceed on to the rest of the other songs on my karaoke list. Another reason being, alphabetically, this is the second song on my karaoke CD (the first being Akai Hana from Eden’s Bowy). Plus, there’s no random feature on my audio player. So just sing the first song I want to sing lah.
  Hatenai yoru wo kazoe nagara,
  Jibun wo kakera sagashite ita,
  Ushinau hodo ni kono omoi ga,
  Tashika ni natteku
Sung by Shimokawa Miyuki, the song starts off at a softer pace at first. Then gradually you’ll start to notice the other instruments coming in, which make this song a great one to both listen and sing. Ehem… ehem… Now that I’m done with this one, I can confidently move on to the next song. Hehehe…
  Ima nara kitto aruite yukeru doko made mo

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