8th April 2011. A date to remember. My little brother legally registered his marriage with his lovely wife. 9th April 2011 is also another fine day. The day of the wedding ceremony. The hall was packed with relatives, friends and church members alike and all I could say that the evening was outstanding. The couple was exuding in brilliance, confidence, sharp and looked the part. He is already a man of his own. She was gorgeous, pretty and stunning. A lady befitting to be at my brother’s side. I felt very happy for them from the bottom of my heart. Everybody present and those who could not make it, were in full support and cheering on the new couple as they begin a new direction together. Now that my little bro has moved on in the next stage in life, it makes me reflect on the several things about myself. How long am I going to carry on watching these animes and let such life opportunities slip me by? Well, if the future is so certain, I wouldn’t be sitting here pondering about it. So I believe that I shape my own future and destiny with my own hands and thus I shall move forward. While pondering about it, perhaps I should continue to watch more animes for the time being. :)

PS: To Tek Yan and Julia, all the best in life. Omedetou Gozaimasu & Ganbare!

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