May 13, 2018

Oh dear. When was the last time I watched a lesbian themed anime? And I’m not talking that so very mild one as in the friendship type. I’m talking about real girls really giving each other the kiss on the lips and leaving loser otaku guys feeling horny, lonely and jealous. Oops. Went too far. But anyway, since my last vivid memories of such lesbian themed series is Sakura Trick and that was ages ago, hence I decided it was no harm to go watch Citrus, an obviously-pointed-out-in-the-synopsis-that-this-is-a-lesbian-cum-incest series. Yeah, hypocrisy rearing its ugly head because somehow gays are not okay but lesbians are totally fine…

Episode 1
Yuzu Aihara will be transferring to a new school since her mom, Ume has found a new man in her life. Yuzu might seem like a fashionable gal but in real life, she has lied her way about knowing all about love and is technically a noob. Upon stepping into her new school, she is pulled over by the rows of robotic student council students who has found fault in literally her entire existence. From her makeup to her accessories to the way she dresses, all banned by school rules! Yeah, is Yuzu going to a mixer? Yuzu butt heads with student council vice, Himeko Momokino. Until the student council president, Mei Aihara shows up. She molests Yuzu that brings her down to her knees! All just to confiscate her handphone. Fate seems to be screwing Yuzu because she ends up in the same class as Mei and when she tries to be friends with other girls, they get afraid of her thinking she is a delinquent. But she did make friends with Harumi Taniguchi who is secretly as gal as her. She lets Yuzu knows how all the students are bound and afraid by the school rules so they obey (hence they’re so robotic). Mei is different. She became the student council president in her first year and is rumoured to be engaged already. She is after all the school chairman’s granddaughter and stands to inherit that position. Yuzu listens to her advice on how to get her handphone back. Learning lessons first hand must be hard because she has to sit through a lecture by the principal, Mineko Fuji. Granny with some giant alien spore as hairstyle. Later Yuzu decides to hit on the hot teacher, Amammiya. She follows him but is shocked to see him passionately making out with Mei in the back alley! Love amateur panics and runs away. She returns home to help mom unpack. Her excitement to see her new dad hits a brick wall since he said he wanted to see the other side of the world and left. Won’t be back for some time. Remember what I said about fate screwing with Yuzu? Mom is happy to introduce her little step sister: Mei! Oh sh*t! Awkward! Ume and Mei are already clicking so well. More awkwardness when they eat dinner together. Mei explains she too hasn’t seen her father in nearly 5 years because of his travelling habits. She lives in his house alone and is lucky her grandparents take care of the finances. Yuzu feels conflicted if Mei is lonely. She tries to be friends with her but is given the cold shoulder. Yuzu then starts bragging like she is a love master when suddenly Mei pushes her down and starts kissing her! On her mouth! OMG! Mei has such a strong grip on Yuzu that she can’t get out?! And that my friends, is how a kiss is like. Yuzu is left in shock and also disappointed because her first kiss didn’t come in her ideal prince charming.

Episode 2
Yuzu can’t sleep thinking all that but Mei is acting like normal. Step sisters take a bath together. More awkwardness for Yuzu and it gets real when Mei starts to caress her. Luckily Yuzu is able to stop her molesting spree and asks why she is doing this. Because she looks like she wants to be touched. On the way to school, it seems the girls are extra obedient since the chairman is at the gates. Yuzu thought of showing off by saying hi to grandpa! However he doesn’t know who the f*ck she is! He seeks Mei for an explanation but all she does is apologize. Yuzu realizes this is her own fault and tries to stand up for Mei. He tells her to get out and this school doesn’t need girls like her. Yuzu runs away but not without exchanging insults. Later she sneaks back in but overhears Amamiya talking on the phone. It seems he is cheating on Mei and is only marrying her for money and status. She goes home to tell Mei about this but it seems she also knows about it. So what? Yuzu tries to be concerned about her but sees her sad face as she leaves. More heartbreak when she sees Mei’s crying face when she sleeps. Hence the next day during assembly, I don’t know how Yuzu manages to hijack the stage just to tell about Amamiya’s affair. Why didn’t anyone stop her or try to take her down?! She also reveals herself as the chairman’s (step) granddaughter. Yuzu was expecting to be suspended but no action was taken against her. Looks like everyone now knows she is related to the chairman and dare not take any action. Wusses. But the nightmare is just beginning. Yuzu goes home to see mom crying because the chairman’s people took Mei away but it was she who agreed to go with them. Yuzu assures her she will ask Mei if this is what she wants. But Mei ignores her at school (also, Amamiya has quit due to personal reasons). When she finally has time to talk to her, Mei cheekily wonders if she will steal her away from grandpa’s place before explaining she went along because he told her not to associate with Yuzu anymore. Yuzu won’t take this lying down so she visits the place she is staying. Grandpa is sure rich with such a big house. Despite Mei asserting this is her choice, Yuzu asks back if so, why always that sad face. To shut her up, Mei starts raping her?! But her grip isn’t strong this time because she is crying. With the girls so close together now, the chairman walks in to see this atrocious lesbian scene. It’s a miracle he didn’t die of a heart attack. Convinced Yuzu is bad influence, he kicks her out of the house and immediately expels her from his school. Power abuse? Yuzu is remains ‘cool’ by hanging out with Harumi and then eventually tells her what happened. She doesn’t know what to do. But thinking about Mei and the things she wanted to convey to her, she realizes she might be in love with her. Is it the sisterly kind?

Episode 3
Yuzu decides not to run away as she heads to the chairman’s office to confront him. However he has collapsed! His heart attack delayed effect? But seriously, was Yuzu the only one who helped him to the hospital? Anyway, Mei later finds out about it and talks to Yuzu. Mei hints that they are family and it brings smiles to Yuzu. Visiting the chairman the next day, he shows us he isn’t a total dick as he thanks Yuzu and has heard from Mei. He apologizes for being prideful and rescinds the expulsion. He also gives Mei the freedom to choose. This means Mei will be coming back to live with them. Boy, mom is so happy. In a bid to be a better sister, I wonder why Yuzu is reading a sisterly lesbian manga for reference?! WTF?! Right, she is a noob in love. Ume has bought a single king size bed for her daughters. This makes Yuzu spacing out all day. Bed + lesbians… You get the equation… When it is time to sleep, nervous thoughts run through her mind. Yuzu thinks of touching her (and making look like some rape scene) but Mei got up (almost getting caught red handed). Mei decides to sleep on the tatami because of restless Yuzu. Yuzu asks the question that is bugging her always. Why does she not call her by her first name? Is it because she is the older sister? Mei’s shocking reply is that they only do so to outsiders. Even though they are family, she doesn’t plan on getting close to her. She has no interest in Yuzu. Then why the kiss? Because she was bothering her. So kisses are used to shut up people in this context? Seems true as Mei tries to do it again and Yuzu is all like paralyzed. Yuzu not impressed. Yuzu depressed. Yuzu showing temper. But one evening after class, Yuzu sees a note by Mei asking her to meet in the office. She thought things are looking up but it is just a warning to dispose of that sisterly manga she found in her bag. Nagging about the rumours if others found out about this, Yuzu suddenly pushes Mei down. Roles reversal, it is Yuzu’s turn to kiss Mei! Her turn to cry too. Blaming Mei for starting it all with a kiss, ever since then she couldn’t get her out of her mind. Her turn for that sad look and running away. With Mei left in disarray, oh look which little rat spied on this tryst… Himeko…

Episode 4
Yuzu regrets all that. So now she is crashing at Harumi’s place, too embarrassed to face Mei? When Himeko tries to confront Yuzu about yesterday, Yuzu sensed danger and starts running! When the out-of-breath girls caught up with each other, Yuzu agrees to talk to her but tomorrow outside school. Uhm, so meeting at a fancy restaurant? Himeko becomes aggressive in trying to find out her relationship with Mei (apparently looks like the whole school doesn’t know their obvious relationship yet). To assert her authority, Himeko explains she is Mei’s childhood friend. From that flashback, looks like a potential lesbian lover. Mei has always been a happy girl until her father left. Noticing Yuzu reacting to this guilt, Himeko plays up how Mei was sad yesterday and this increases Yuzu’s guilt that it could be her fault for forcing her feelings upon her. Himeko’s plan to tell her to stay away backfires as Yuzu gets up and leaves. Fate now screws with Yuzu because Mei just passed her. Himeko is ignored and confused when they both talk and reconcile about home affairs. Then Mei drops the big bombshell: They’re sisters. Good thing she didn’t die of heart attack. With Yuzu returning home, she tries to apologize. Mei thinks she won’t let this go until she has some closure and kisses her! So a kiss now is to make up? Yuzu going bonkers… Himeko is definitely not thrilled that her personal commuting time to school with Mei is now shared with Yuzu. Seeing how close the step sisters are, looks like she’s going to hatch a devilish plan. First, she goes to Mei’s office and starts molesting her! Apparently Mei’s weakness is her ears so molest that part and she is as hopeless. Obviously Mei returns in a less than stellar mood. Next day, Himeko confronts Yuzu and hints about crossing the line with Mei last night. She brags Mei will only look at Yuzu as an older sister as Yuzu tries to deny and hide that sort of fact. In that case, Himeko is glad this is just a misunderstanding so please support their relationship from now, okay? Worried Yuzu asks Mei directly about what happened with Himeko but is told to mind her own business. Oh no. More sadness. More guilt. Damn jealousy.

Episode 5
Yuzu and Himeko challenging each other to see who can eat with Mei? It backfired in the worst possible way. Mei tells them both to eat together and leave her alone! Do they really have to eat together? With Harumi joining in, she has extra tickets to give them to the amusement park. Think what Mei’s lovers are thinking? But before Yuzu could ask Mei to hang out with her there, she asks if she would like to come visit her father first, in which Mei agrees. You bet Himeko is mad when she calls Mei’s home only to be told the step sisters are out. Yuzu really got a step ahead of her. In the crowded train, the step sisters are sandwiched so close that when Yuzu whispers in her ear, it causes her to go into ecstasy. I believe Yuzu hasn’t found her weakness but seeing her in this state she wants to cross the line with her now? Too bad all those men around are super dead or super gay not to notice this although Mei put her foot down and no public display of affection. Mei later assures Yuzu’s worries about Himeko’s words. She tried something stupid and she scolded her and told twisted her words to suit her story (like how Mei is doing right now?). Don’t be fooled by her next time. Such a big relief for Yuzu. While making their way on foot, somehow Himeko finds them! Before accusations can fly, Mei tells Himeko to not get in their way or put strange things in Yuzu’s head. Bye. Heart breaking… They are now at the graves. Yuzu’s real dad passed away when she was 3. After introducing Mei, Mei tells Yuzu about the letters she received from dad that she fears to open because of the thought he might never come back. Yuzu assures her and this has Mei smiling albeit there’s a hint of sadness to it. Yuzu cries alone, blaming her selfish desire to kiss Mei. She realizes what she needs now is not love but a family. In school, Mei is sick and almost collapses. She does not trust Himeko to take her place at the student council meeting. Then she collapses. Yuzu takes control and tells Himeko to attend the meeting in her place since that is what Mei wants. Yuzu takes Mei to the infirmary where she wakes up. They talk and reconcile. Yuzu tries to be the supportive big sister and wants her to apologize to Himeko for being too harsh. Once they reconcile, they can go to the amusement park together. Mei does that later and the biggest hug and cry from Himeko like as though she got reunited with her lost mother. It makes Yuzu wonder if this is what love is about. Sacrificing your love for the one you love. That night at home, a strange man comes in and starts hugging Yuzu like he knows her. She doesn’t. Of course, he is Shou and he is back.

Episode 6
Apparently Shou and Mei’s relationship is still strained. Yuzu tries to help things out but only makes it worse as Mei locks herself in her room (does this mean Yuzu is locked out?) especially when Shou confirms he will not return to that school. So Shou and Yuzu have a little talk. Yuzu tells him Mei has been working hard to make the school a place he can return but Shou has left that past behind and is seeing this wide world. Mei is a smart girl and will realize it before you know it (you mean by the end of this episode?). Shou has been going around opening schools and teaching but ironically he can manage his daughter at home? Yuzu returns to talk to Mei to hear her side. Mei views her father as very strict and talented who put the school above everything else. She accepted that and yearned to be like him. That is the kind of father she wants to return to the school. That is why she turned down his invitation 5 years ago and stayed behind in this family. Yuzu doesn’t want her to shoulder everything but what else was she supposed to do to protect the school? I guess when you’re sad, the only option is to make out. Lesbian logic, maybe. But Yuzu slaps her and when she gets bolder and wants her to think about the feelings of others. You mean she wasn’t ready for that? The next day, Yuzu has been thinking hard how to help out. Then she gets a call from mom about Shou leaving this evening (an hour’s time!) but when she tried to call Mei, there is no answer. She thought she was with her. With Harumi’s bicycle ride help, they rush down to school to look for Mei. Not in sight. Because she is still sulking in the office. So Yuzu hijacks the PA to announce again not to blame herself and to see papa off. Well, that worked. She got out of her hiding as they ride as fast to the train station. For the convenience of the plot, they manage to catch him standing there. I thought he waited for her seeing he is the only person on the platform. But judging from his reaction, he didn’t expect this? Mei sums up her courage to talk whatever is needed and make peace with him. Yuzu can tell she has finally moved forward when Mei now vows to inherit the school. Back home, Mei tells Yuzu how Shou wanted to look for something so badly he left the family. So sad that it causes Yuzu to cry? How do you soothe a broken heart? S hot steamy kiss! Lesbian logic, apparently! However they are both shocked at this kiss. They never felt something like this before. Meanwhile Matsuri Mizusawa looks like some sort of boyfriend killer as she soothes her friend after her boyfriend broke up with her. Beneath it all, Matsuri was the culprit behind that breakup. Then she remembers her old friend Yuzu. Time to pay her a visit.

Episode 7
FINALLY! HOT LESBIAN SEX BETWEEN YUZU AND MEI!!! Only if it wasn’t a stupid dream… I guess Yuzu wants to make out rather than concentrate on her studies so Mei had to put her foot down to stop doing lesbian things because sisters don’t do this kind of stuffs. Game over. So sad. So while Yuzu takes out her depression at the video arcade with Harumi, she stumbles upon Matsuri. She is Yuzu’s childhood friend is often looked as her little sister. Yuzu is shocked to hear Matsuri earns her money in a very dirty way. Uploading dirty pictures even though they are fake. So now Yuzu says it’s wrong and she can’t do it? What is she? Her mother? Looked in the mirror recently? Matsuri then discovers Yuzu goes to an all-girls’ school and from the picture can tell Mei is the person she likes as it is labelled there her sister. So Matsuri has Yuzu hang out with her further at the karaoke joint. Matsuri goes into aggressive mode cornering Yuzu and then ‘paralyzing’ her with questions that there is someone she loves. Oh, Matsuri too admits there is someone she loves. It is you, Yuzu. Could have been a steamy lesbian kiss had not Yuzu’s handphone ring. Saved by the bell? It’s Mei and she’s asking what’s for dinner. On the way back, at the intersection it seems Matsuri has a sharp eye to spot Mei in the crowd. She then purposely flirts with Yuzu and kisses her! Everyone doesn’t give a damn about girls kissing each other except Mei. She saw and it and just walked away. And Yuzu didn’t even notice! WTF?! Back home, Mei is obviously upset at what she saw and indirectly questions her about coming home late. Yuzu did tell the truth about meeting her old friend but stop short of that seduction. You know Mei is jealous when she breaks her own rules and becomes a hypocrite as she goes to molest Yuzu! Yuzu doesn’t like it?! I thought she wanted that? Oh right. Mei said sisters shouldn’t do this kind of stuffs. But now she says it is normal?! Make up your mind! Next day at school, Matsuri makes her way in to find Yuzu and causes everyone to stare. Did security get so lax that she managed to just walk in like that? Yuzu is forced to agree to whatever date terms she has to quell the suspicions. I think everyone is already whispering. And then here comes Mei to get the trespasser out. A tense staring showdown like as though a catfight could break out any time but Matsuri leaves. Matsuri thinks a boring and strict Mei will ruin her Yuzu.

Episode 8
Matsuri is happy Yuzu is going out with her. Too bad that turned to disappointment when Mei tags along although she maintains her distance to give them privacy. Matsuri tries to make it sound like Yuzu can’t be into that sexual relationship since Mei is her sister. Hence it isn’t probably love then. Matsuri then hugs and is glad to give her sex too. Yeah, she’s purposely saying it out loud to stun the crowd. Matsuri becomes annoyed noticing Yuzu trying not to look at Mei’s way. She storms off as Yuzu goes to find her. While taking her frustrations out at the arcade, she catches a couple of young boys trying to look up her panties. She blackmails them into doing some stuffs for her. Matsuri leads Yuzu on a wild goose chase so she could confront Mei as they talk privately at the car park area. She calls Mei a b*tch and warns her to stay away from Yuzu. Guess what? Mei kisses her! After she leaves, it is all part of the calculated ploy of Matsuri. She had those boys take a picture of them kissing. Matsuri’s plan was having Mei hit her but this is better. I guess Yuzu panics as she heads to the receptionist to make an announcement for a lost high school girl. That’s you, Mei. As they walk home, Yuzu talks about her past with Matsuri. They were neighbours and loved the thought of becoming her big sister. Yuzu was always bossy with her so maybe it got on her nerves. With the train service out due to the snow, they wait for the bus. Time for some awkward moments of Yuzu trying to make up with Mei but thinking too much and being too conscious. I guess the touch of the hand is as far they can get. Good enough. They should have known the snow would also stop the bus service. Time to walk home then. Yuzu is excited they’ll spend their first Christmas together and hopes she will keep her schedule open. Harumi feels jealous she is left out of their family party and Yuzu isn’t interested being her comedy partner today. Yuzu is shopping for all the items needed for their party so Harumi notes she would make a good wife. Mei works late in her student council. Perfect time for Matsuri to come and harass her again.

Episode 9
Matsuri sexually harasses her and tells her that she has arranged someone to satisfy her loneliness. Don’t worry. There are lots of guys who would love to touch her. She is blackmailed into accepting her handphone that has contacts of those guys or else she will spread that kissing picture. Meanwhile Yuzu sucks at baking. How many sponge cakes has she burnt?! Let’s hope practice makes perfect. But it looks like it is all going to be wasted when Mei tells her she is unable to make it for their Christmas party claiming her heavy student council workload. Yuzu doesn’t want to be forceful and conveniently at the same time Matsuri texts her to go out on a date tomorrow. Mei tells her to go with her as she needs her badly. Next day after school, Yuzu is shocked to see Matsuri here. She didn’t reply so she took the liberty to come all the way. With nothing else going, Yuzu agrees to go with her. They talk a bit of their old times when Yuzu invites Matsuri to join them for Christmas. However what Yuzu meant was the inclusion of Mei too. This has Matsuri tell her that Mei is now fooling around with another guy and if she wants proof, she can call the handphone she lent her. She hopes Yuzu would realize Mei is a b*tch and give up on her and only look at her. But Yuzu gets disappointed. She wants them to go apologize to Mei as it was her who encouraged Yuzu to come meet Matsuri. When Matsuri talks about winning and losing in a relationship, Yuzu shuts her down that relationships aren’t supposed to be a game. Yuzu looks for Mei and stumbles upon her. Alone. Not that dumb to hang out with a guy and get caught with her pants (or skirt) down. So we have this weird ‘reconciliation’ between Matsuri and Mei. The former thinking she has totally lost because in the end nobody loves her. Mei once felt the same way too as she always sought for love but before she knew it, she was empty. Before Matsuri parts, she gives Yuzu a ‘present’ by whispering into her ear that Mei really likes her despite her aloof looks. Well, at least as a little sister. It makes Yuzu red in the face. The sisters return home to have their late little Christmas party. More emotional crying from Yuzu and promise not to hurt her again. So her reward for this is Mei allowing her to get sexual with her? This is going to be the best Christmas present ever!

Episode 10
FINALLY! HOT LESBIAN SEX COMING OUR WAY! Mei figures this is what Yuzu wants and will give it to her! YES! This is what we want too! This is not a dream and there is nothing that would interrupt them so what could go wrong?! Yuzu rejects because she doesn’t feel it is right. WTF, YUZU???!!! Why you go spoil everything???!!! Because of that, the sisters are not on talking terms. We see a pair of twin sisters, Sara and Nina Tachibana waiting to get on board a train for their school trip to Kyoto. Sara is ecstatic she met a very kind person today (I can guess who that person is). When Sara learns Nina forgot to buy some Yuzubocchi item as she was supposed to, Sara insists she needs to go now. Meanwhile Yuzu is running late for her own school field trip to Kyoto. Mei didn’t wake her up? I guess this is revenge for not having sex. She didn’t make it of course and she bumps into Sara being thrilled at the Yuzubocchi mascot. Then she learns she too is late for her own school trip. Since both have missed the train, they take the shinkansen. Yuzu learns about her twin sister, they are on the same field trip (although from different schools) and that exceptionally kind girl she met today (oh, I really know who this person is). This only makes Yuzu worry about her predicament with Mei. I guess the duo also miss their school’s sightseeing programme so they go on their own, which seems to be coincidentally the same. During the sightseeing, Yuzu gets even more worried so much so she needs to talk to Sara for advice. She starts breaking down that Mei might hate her. Sara notes her kindness and believes that girl will understand too. She will root for her. This is starting to be more than just a coincidence when the inn they are staying are the same. Nina rushes to hug Sara. Yuzu is introduced to her. Man, she’s like a giant… After Yuzu leaves, Mei is seen searching the grounds. And yeah, the sisters see her and recognizes her as that kind person. Yuzu gets lectured by Himeko but looks like she isn’t listening as her heart is somewhere else. She ditches her earful just to go find Mei and talk to her. Nina realizes she lost that Yuzubocchi item and goes to find it. Then she stumbles upon Mei and Yuzu talking. You can see Yuzu sounding nervous and scared. She’s trying to fix things but Mei has that cold eyes and I-don’t-give-a-sh*t looks. Finally Yuzu confesses she loves her and cherishes her like her own sister. Mei’s reply? Sorry. Please forget about what happened that day. End of conversation. Yuzu so shocked like as though it’s the end of the world. Hers, perhaps.

Episode 11
Nina saw something incredible and is now bent to help out her sister. When the school visits the shine, Nina assures Sara she’ll create a chance for her to meet Mei. Meanwhile Yuzu and Himeko are praying furiously to strengthen their relationship with you-know-who. And they’re taking forever… Then Yuzu bumps into Sara who then tells her she intends to confess to the one she loves right here or else she will have no more chances. Nina finds Mei first and tells her that Sara likes her. Although Mei rejects, she gives it a second thought when Sara hints she knows what she wants. Next Sara comes to meet her. She confesses her love. Mei asks if she will always need her. Of course. Today must be a busy visiting day for Mei because now it’s Yuzu’s turn. Because she is nervous and can’t get her words out properly, Mei tells her somebody confessed to her and has agreed to go out with her. Poor Yuzu gets drunk and depressed over a bottle of orange juice. That’s a huge bottle… Then here comes Nina. Noticing she is down, she tells her the ‘good news’ about Sara’s confession. She asks if Yuzu would support her always. Definitely. That’s a promise. Yuzu awkwardly bumps into Mei as she is coming out of the bath. Nothing much to talk. Somehow Sara has overslept inside so Yuzu talks to her. Both give each other the encouragement to go for the one they love. Yuzu feels better and after she leaves, Sara notices she dropped her ID card. Taking a peek and noticing the same surname, the dots start connecting. Yuzu sneaks into Mei’s room to talk to her but the latter is still being a dick. When Himeko is heard coming in, Mei quickly covers for Yuzu as she throws themselves underneath the bed covers. Himeko thinks Mei is dead tired and goes to bed. Of course with this close proximity, Yuzu can’t restrain herself and hugs Mei! Is that the paralyzing move? Because Mei is like breathing so hard as though any moment she could orgasm. This turns Yuzu on and they could have got it going had not Mei controlled herself and kicked her out. Next day, Yuzu is disheartened to learn Mei has gone out with someone else. She tries to look for her but bumps into Nina. Cue for devilish woman to tell her that Mei is the one Sara is in love with. Cue Yuzu’s shock face. At the observation tower, Sara asks Mei if they can kiss.

Episode 12
It might look like Yuzu is in a dilemma to choose but eventually she knows what she needs to do. She is going to see Mei. Nina is not pleased with her actions and tries to bug and stop her. Eventually she tackles her and nobody in this public area is interested in watching 2 hot girls in an ambiguous position? Must be common in Japan. Even Nina’s tears aren’t going to stop Yuzu. And Nina is left to let her go when she says whether her confession to Mei fails and Sara stops being her friend, she must do it or else she will forever regret. When they get there, only Sara is around. Looks like Mei has left. They talk things out and from the looks of it, Sara has conceded and tells Yuzu where Mei is at now. Nina is sad at Sara for doing this but Sara assures supporting Yuzu and breaking up with Mei are things she wanted to do. Himeko sees a determined Yuzu rushing through the streets. Looks like she too is ready to concede? Don’t worry, Harumi will accompany her. Oh sh*t. Is this what she wants? Yuzu finally meets Mei at the shrine. The latter is still mad and not wanting to listen what she has to say. Conveniently a crowd separates them so Yuzu could run and chase after her. Where the f*ck did the crowd come from?! When she does, she lets all her feelings out. That night when she rejected her was because she wasn’t listening to her feelings and hence she didn’t thought she could accept them. She regretted it and clearly confesses she loves. If her feelings are the same, she wants her to kiss her. Well, only her teddy bear. Not enough, Yuzu goes for the real one. Yeah, girls kissing in this sacred shrine place? Isn’t there anybody watching? Oh, screw it. This is Japan. The sisters return to the twins. Nina forces Yuzu away to treat her so the duo could talk things out. Mei feels sorry for what she has done but Sara doesn’t want her acting like that anymore. Yuzu gets a surprise when Mei offers to hold her hand and walk their way back. Apparently it is a scheme put up by Sara if she wants her to forgive her. So more talking things out from the stepsisters and another kissing moment. Wow. They have to do it on the middle of the bridge where cars pass? Oh, there are no cars. Welcome to Japan. And yeah, life returns normally to our duo and their friends.

Sweet, Sour And Bitter…
I expected this sort of ending. Too bad we didn’t get to see Mei and Yuzu taking off their clothes and getting physical with each other. That’s a sin for not going through with that for a lesbian themed anime! But I can’t help wonder if they would eventually end up doing this because you know, the closer the sisters get, the more love (substitute word for sexually aroused) they would feel for each other and then start making out. I wonder what mom would say. I wonder what dad would say. Heck, knowing the kind of parents they are, they would probably give their blessings. Yeah, this world is so screwed up. I mean, look at what Shou is doing? Does a father’s absence means his daughters would get lesbian on each other? Oh f*ck it. It’s just anime being anime.

The lesbian bits aren’t too raunchy. The most you get to see are girls kissing. They may get undressed but if you’re hoping to see more than that, you would be better off watching real lesbian hentai on the dark corners of the web instead. Really. This is considered between mild and average already and nothing really controversial unless you’re the very traditional type that there must be no kissing on the lips of the same gender, then you shouldn’t be watching this in the first place. Some of the promotional posters with the main girls in seemingly compromising position should give you some hints and warning.

The story and plot are pretty generic. After all, most who are into the series are probably interested in how far the relationship between the 2 citrus named stepsisters would go. Hence in order for any sort of development in their relationship and the plot, that is why you have the obligatory ‘rivals’ from outside their family relationship trying to ascertain their claim that this girl is hers. Otherwise their ‘sisterly’ relationship wouldn’t be solidified if we haven’t have outside love rivals in the form of Himeko, Matsuri and Sara. Of course ultimately it would be Mei’s stubbornness in the end that proves to be a stumbling block in their relationship and to provide more lesbian drama as the season draws to an end.

I am not sure if it would have been more interesting if the love rival or love interest in either one of them was male. If it was, it would have ruined the entire lesbian theme that this series was set out to make. Because like that guy Amamiya felt like a plot convenience to get her out into a relationship she was stuck with and to move ahead with Yuzu. Well, nobody cares about that jerk anymore. Making it even convenient is that the girls go to an all-girls’ school so that takes away the complication of the opposite sex being attracted to them. At least in the context of this anime and season. But imagine if a guy did and he got rejected just because the girl was more romantically interested with another girl. That would sure hurt his pride. Heck, he might even turn gay after this!

Yuzu and Mei being polar opposites try to bring spice to the series. Yuzu being the lively kind but gets cold feet and nervous when it comes to the matter of the heart. Mei on the other hand is cold to the point she can be seen as a snob but has the calmest composure. Although she’ll act ‘invitingly horny’ if you ‘exploit’ her weakness. With Yuzu being a bit pushy, Mei trying to maintain her cool beauty and pride, add in that confusion about their feelings for each other and you have a season set for some sisterly lesbian relationship. Besides, is it considered incest too because now they are technically stepsisters? From a biological standpoint, it doesn’t seem so but legally they are. So perhaps this is one reason why the confusion if they should get it on. I mean, they are technically not blood related but right after they become stepsisters, they started to become attracted to each other. Because generally girls their age are supposed to be falling for guys or attracting them. Funny lesbian logic, I guess.

Other characters add more spice to the relationship and as said, spicing up the drama so that this would overall improve the stepsisters’ relationship. Childhood friend rivals like Himeko and Matsuri have this mentality that they are there first and their respective crushes were the first to be kind to them and hence their logic that they should forever monopolize their relationship. I know, it sometimes feel like a kick in the shin because they have been together for a while and when this new union took shape, the stepsisters got into each other fast. No wonder they want to break them up and return to status quo because having a world without them seems unthinkable. And of course like the plot demands it, they have to accept and give their somewhat blessings. Better not to have their love returned than being hated forever.

Oddly I was expecting Harumi to be part of the conundrum but it looks like she is more than just Yuzu’s best friend. Sometimes a comic relief character because of her lively ways. She is like Yuzu’s recharger because when Yuzu is down, it is Harumi’s turn and role to be the cheerful one and make her all lively again. I have conflicting views Mei’s grandfather. He is one of the strictest grandpas that no grandkid would like to have but after a near death experience, it is good he turned over a new leaf. However it looked more like because of Yuzu more than anything that changed him. If you think about it, an upright person for most of his life is ‘brought down’ after Yuzu comes into the picture. Sure, he is grateful for that one person he hates who saved his life. Not only it proves he is still a kind grandpa, but the plot convenience tells us to get this old man out of the way so Yuzu x Mei could happen more freely.

Shou’s mind boggling travel bug to open schools all over the world and make happy children everywhere is indeed ironic when he can’t even resolve his own household. I guess Japan’s education system is credible enough that he doesn’t feel the need to revamp it but provide third world countries. That is one big leap of faith putting his trust in his children that they will turn out well. Otherwise Mei who was having daddy issues would continue to walk the wrong path had he been in Japan all the while. Absence makes the heart grows fonder? I’m sure Yuzu’s love will overwrite all that.

Art and animation fare well and lean more towards the bishoujo side compared to Sakura Trick which tends to be more moe and kawaii. As usual, some of the character designs remind me of characters from other anime. Like Yuzu who seems to remind me of the titular character in Oshiete! Galko-chan as well as Yukana in Hajimete No Gal. It seems being a gal has this typical looks of being blonde and busty. Is it me but does Matsuri look like an evil version of To Love-Ru’s Momo? Same case for Himeko because she looks like a b*tch version of Mitsuki from Full Moon Wo Sagashite. Must be those awfully uncanny hair twirls. And doesn’t Sara have this uncanny look to the titular character of To Aru Majutsu No Index? Well, almost. By a long shot, Harumi brings back memories of Shizuku from Tonari No Kaibutsu but a much livelier version. The most outrageous hairstyle is Mineko because it is as though her giant mushroom top is going to come crushing down her neck. But I believe I have seen this hairstyle before but just can’t put my finger on it… This series is animated by Passione who did Rokka No Yuusha and Hinako Note.

Voice acting is rather okay. It must be a busy season for Ayana Taketatsu playing as Yuzu because in the same season she has like about 3 more other roles in other anime. The only other one I recognized is Kana Ueda as Ume. I kept thinking that Harumi’s character would be more appropriate if she was voiced by Haruka Tomatsu. Is it because of the aforementioned that Harumi looks like Shizuku, a character she voiced? Unfortunately for me, it is Yukiyo Fujii taking on as Harumi (Kiriha in Strike The Blood II). The other casts are Minami Tsuda as Mei (Yui in YuruYuri), Yurika Kubo as Himeko (Hanayo in Love Live), Shiori Izawa as Matsuri (Tanpopo in Witch Craft Works), Hisako Kanemoto as Sara (titular character in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Rei Matsuzaki as Nina (Niina in Haitai Nanafa) and Tomoaki Maeno as Shou (Junichi in Amagami SS).

By now I am so familiar and used to the brand of music sung by Nano Ripe. The rock based Azalea as the opening theme doesn’t bring any more surprises or raising of the eyebrow in that sense. But it seems the ending theme by Mia Regina, Dear Teardrop is somewhat ‘addicting’ to me. I find it quite catchy because of the cha-cha beat. Oh no. This is going to be one of the songs of the season that I am not going to get out of my head any time soon.

Overall, just another one of your average lesbian anime series. It’s like having a slightly stronger coffee but overall it is still the same coffee. The lesbian acts are nothing controversial unless you’re a newbie. In this age and era where the younger generation are getting more open, sexual acts among the same gender and even species is nothing to be surprised of. If one day soon in the future if Japan legalizes same sex marriage, watching Yuzu and Mei walk down the aisle would be the first step in breaking many hearts of other guys. Because watching beautiful girls getting married each other only fuels lonely guys to marry their anime waifus. Oh wait. Did something like that happen a few years ago? Indeed a citric situation: Sweet, sour and bitter… And acidic because it really burns through your heart. And we’ll all be salty about it.

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