Akuma No Memumemu-chan

June 8, 2018

Holy sh*t. What the f*ck is this?! Akuma No Memumemu-chan sounds like a name worthy to become a meme itself or a godly meme parody. Reading the synopsis made me even interested to check it out. A little demon who lives with a high school student but has no intention of carrying out her demonic duties? Because of her loli exterior, our main character is often misunderstood as a lolicon? Oh, this I gotta see.

Don’t let a demon do a man’s job…
Hyouta Kohinata is smitten with the landlord’s daughter, Anzu Itsuki. Why not? She’s cute and busty. Yeah, if you think Anzu is too busty for a high school girl, wait till you see her mom… Hentai boobs make you think she is an ero star. So while Hyouta is fawning over cutie Anzu, this is of course ‘interrupted’ with Memumemu who meekly wants him to give his soul. He chastises her he won’t and for bumming around in his room. Yeah, weak demon girl starts weeping… So he goes back to fawning over his crush and once again Memumemu’s annoyance has got him annoyed. Telling her to pipe it again, now he fears he might do something devilish to him. While it looked like she might suggests something, she then gives up, making Hyouta a disappointed kid. Now he lectures her about giving up so easily. Thinking she would give him some sort of devilish tool, yet to his disappointment she mentions she will just ask Anzu’s permission to have sex with him! Yeah, that sounds so lame! Hyouta now is in berserk mode as he suggests the devilish things that she SHOULD be doing! Yeah, he sounds more devilish than her that Memumemu is giving him that look! Seeing that he is ‘desperate’, Memumemu gives him use her trump card, a blowgun. When you shoot her with this, it will… Just get her attention to look your way. Yeah, a normal blowgun. I guess no harm trying. Hyouta sums up his courage as he imagines Anzu will start looking his way. Too bad he didn’t put much effort in his blowing as the dart hits the dog below. Uh huh. He got the dog’s attention. So pissed, he crushes the blowgun, causing Memumemu to be super sad. While he takes his frustrations out on her, Anzu then looks his way. She misconstrues he is a lolicon and runs away with tears. Is she going to call the child protection agency? Hyouta believes his life is over and crying like hell. But Memumemu understands how he feels. She’ll forgive him about the blowgun. Uhm, I don’t think that is why he is crying.

All Your Memumemu Are Belong To Me!
Oh my. That’s it?! Barely things are warming up and it ends?! WTF?! I’m so disappointed that I’m crying a river! Well, even if this short web special was totally short and just testing waters, it was really quite interesting and funny to say the least. I really hope this would get its own proper series because it really looks like it has a potential to become a reasonably good anime. At least for the laughs and the cuteness. Especially with Hyouta being such a pervert and Memumemu being a weak devil girl who can’t even get the job right, it calls for a lot of hijinks and misunderstood situations. What are the chances that Hyouta is more of a devil than Memumemu? What are the chances that he is the one who will be guiding her to what being a true demon is and in turn his downfall? What are the chances that Memumemu’s name is such an epic name for a meme’s meme? That demon is so cute and chibi, for all you know she could actually be a lost angel or something. But I digress that.

At first I thought the thing that makes Memumemu so great and even cuter is how she is voiced by Aoi Yuuki. Unfortunately she is the one voicing Hyouta. Damn I thought Memumemu was really her voice. No matter how many times I go back and hear those lines, I cannot believe it is Aoi Yuuki behind Hyouta. It just doesn’t really sound like her. I mean, I still feel that Memumemu is more suited to be her voice. Unless the credits are trolling me… Having voiced Hyouta, I feel like this series is slowly rejuvenating her usual trademark genki voice. After that incredible and hilarious Aho Girl feat, the following season she started voicing a couple of animes that is devoid of emotions. Especially that travelling remake anime and that horny b*tch series. So this short feels like that little step that would slowly recover her to her usual glorious cutie voice. Karin Takahashi (Nono Morikubo in Cinderella Girls) is listed as Memumemu’s voice while Hiromi Igarashi plays Anzu (Hina in Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai – interestingly, she also voiced a character called Anzu in Cinderella Girls). Mai Nakahara makes a cameo as the unbelievably busty landlady.

Another surprising thing is that SHAFT adapted this short. Yes, that legendary studio who is famous for its unique and creative visuals, namely Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the Monogatari series, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Nisekoi and Arakawa Under The Bridge. You will never know it is them because none of their SHAFT trademarks like the eye zoom and the head tilt are present. Even the art and animation looks pretty typical. Sure, the series is too short to have their trademarks but I thought they would slip in one or two that is so noticeably noticeable. Guess not. Heck, even 3-gatsu No Lion got all their creative visual trademarks. Perhaps only full-fledge anime series might get their usual SHAFT treatment?

Overall, despite I have said and really want this to become a full adapted series of its own, I have this fear that it might not come true. Because I remember that short anime having a single episode too, Yuri Seijin Naoko-san. It was funny, it was interesting, it was intriguing, it was mystifying, it had potential. That was like back in 2010 and when it had another surprise episode popped up 2 years later, it was just another short one. Yeah, it never happened. But it’s too early to tell for this one and I hope my guts that it will end up like that crazy lesbian alien series which is now forgotten, would be dead wrong. Come to think of it, both series has some similarities. Non-human being comes to live with a human kid. Non-human being has some sort of agenda but often fails due to circumstances whatever. Lots of havoc and chaos that will tickle our bones. Oh well, let’s just hope that the internet will drum up enough noise to have the producers think this series is worthy to be turned into a full one. Otherwise we let the memes die by never bringing it up ever again. It will be a sorry state for Memumemu-chan to be and die a meme’s death. Worse still, “Earth-chan isn’t flat” gets its own series!

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