B Gata H Kei

December 13, 2010

You might be forgiven if you think B Gata H Kei is a hentai anime series. Take a brief look at the synopsis. The main protagonist, who is a new first year high school student, is sex-crazy and sex-hungry so much so her current must-achieve goal is to have 100 sex partners! You read that right. One hundred freaking guys for casual sex! Normally it would be ‘normal’ if it’s a guy, but a girl to have such thinking? So if you’re not open minded and turned away just by reading that line, then I guess it’s safe for you to do so. Otherwise, this romantic ecchi comedy doesn’t come close to being a hentai series but instead is filled with lots of sexual innuendoes.

So everybody, I’m sure you’re interested to find out who this girl is, eh? Meet Yamada, the freshie of Takizawa High School. She’s got the hot looks, she’s got a great body and she’s got the popularity to make everyone’s head turn. The perfect and ultimate dream beauty that every guy loves to have as his girlfriend. But as we know, she is bent on entering adulthood by losing her virginity in her quest to achieve 100 sex partners! Though sex may be all on her mind, Yamada is quite picky and choosy to whom she decides to do her first time with. Being a virgin herself and with too much thinking that if she did so with an ‘experienced’ guy who might get ‘disappointed’, she decides to lose her prized possession to a well, virgin. Yamada also has a chibi alter ego of herself. Dubbed Erogami-sama (literally Sex God), she serves more like the advisor, narrator and voice of rational to Yamada whom she never listens to as she tries to guide her to her first time. Perhaps just a figment of her imagination? Nah… So in addition to one’s conscious mind of an angel and devil, we’ve got a Sex God too. The mind sure is sure getting to be a crowded and complicated place.

So in episode 1, we learn just about that and how perverted Yamada out with her best friend Miharu Takeshita, just before her first day her high school starts, accidentally bumps into an ordinary normal-looking guy at the bookstore, Takashi Kosuda. She decides that this guy will be her stepping stone to achieve her goal. You know what was the first thing she asked? “Are you a virgin?”. Seriously?! Unless you’re a pervert, a normal guy’s reaction is to run away in embarrassment. She should’ve asked his name. Duh… As Yamada laments her unfortunate luck where that virgin might be, it seems fate has brought them together because they’re classmates! She tries to close the gap with him via various tactics but it backfires. Then a desperate move as she forces him into a dark room. Now her mind goes blank. She doesn’t know what to do. What else? She bares her top! Flasher! She realizes how embarrassing it is and runs away. Eh? Later Yamada and Kosuda are made to be library committees for the class. Yes, another chance for her to close the gap. At the library, she fakes stomach pains and wants him to rub it. Both sides panic so Kosuda backs out to go call a nurse. After getting their physical examinations checked, Yamada tries to hint by showing off her perfect body measurements but he misinterpreted she hates him because she walks by using the paper to cover her face. Takeshita advises Yamada to study together so that they can get close. She thinks the best place to do so is at his house. You know why lah. After hiding his umbrella so she can walk home with him, Yamada meets his sister, Kazuki. She loves teasing her brother. Enough said. So when he brings back a pretty girl… She leaves the house so they can be together. As usual, Yamada is at a lost what to do so after snuggling up real close to him, I guess any guy would take it as an inviting signal. Then Yamada so his ‘little buddy’ bulged. She gets freaked out by the sight of it and decides to go home suddenly, leaving Kosuda stunned. She got so ‘traumatized’ by that, she’s cowering herself in fear in her own bed!

Wait a minute! Wait a minute!!! What the heck was that?! If that girl is so hard-up for sex, then why in the world did she get freaked out by something like that?! So it’s true only that though she’s got sex on her mind and nothing else, that’s about it, nothing else. So does she know what even sex means?! Because of that, you’ll notice this sort of trend. Yamada turns into a typical tsundere who can’t help turning her attention to Kosuda and making him her first sex partner (although you and I know she’s falling in love, but she’s oblivious to that). Every time her heart wants him to do it and make a bold move and when he finally summons his courage to do so, she chides and yells at him for doing something so rash. WTF?! Typical tsundere. At this rate, is she going to even lose her virginity? Of course Kosuda is also starting to fall for her but the mixed signals she is sending is definitely confusing him. More fear than anything else. Oh yeah, that guy too has a Sex God of his own. Another chibi alter ego of himself. More monotonous looking and sounding and usually pops up when he gets an erection. Yamada also has a cute popular little sister, Chika. She knows of her sister’s unhealthy fetish and can’t always help comment to herself about her ways.

Yamada gets a dressing down from Takeshita in episode 2 as the former pleads for further help. With that, they invite him to join them at the pool. There, Yamada tries to seduce him but is forbidden by Takeshita to do anything perverted. Better keep a leash on the lecherous being. Kosuda also meets Takeshita’s mature and older boyfriend, Daisuke Matsuo. Since Kosuda and Matsuo instantly click (because they have the same interest in literature), Yamada starts getting horrifying conclusions of something yaoi! Then Yamada brings Kosuda to ride the giant slide. He’s so scared that he’s hanging on to her for dear life. Yamada misinterprets this as something more romantic and feels good. So when she finds out about his fear, she calls him pathetic. That night as they attend the fireworks festival and the girls in their yukata, Matsuo advises troubled Kosuda on what to do at times like these. So when he hugs her, she forgives him. Staying true to be a tsundere, Yamada tells Takeshita that she isn’t really in love with him but just using him to do her first time. Then later Yamada must be really thinking ahead because she bought loads of condom boxes! In school, Yamada to her horror sees Kosuda talking to another girl, Mayu Miyano. Her thinking is that no other girls would be interested in talking to this ordinary Joe. What’s more horrifying is that she is an F-cup compared to her B-cup! A rival! Too bad Yamada has to drag Takeshita into this mess of finding out Kosuda’s relationship with Miyano by waiting outside Kosuda’s house. They learn Miyano is Kosuda’s neighbour and both families frequently come over. Yeah, childhood friend. Beat that, girl! We can see Miyano has a secret crush on Kosuda, but he’s rather oblivious to it. At school, Yamada decides to confront Miyano and tell her off her place. But she got distracted by her own talk that it ended up Miyano asking Yamada to be her love advisor for Kosuda!

Episode 3 begins with a flashback of Miyano. She was saved by a bunch of bullies when she was young by a boy. It turned out to be Kazuki. Ever since, she has been timid when it comes to matters of love. As the school prepares for the cultural festival, Yamada is curious about Kosuda’s camera and thinks he may be taking ecchi pictures of Miyano. She learns he is from the photography club as he invites her to follow him to take photos for the festival. She was thinking of some grand place but to her disappointment it turned out to be the park as he snaps pictures of sceneries in which he prefers. Then when he invites her to see the development of the photos in the dark room, perverted thoughts instantly come to Yamada’s mind. Yeah, what a better place to pound on him. She already unbuttons her top but I guess she was too slow so much so she startled when she heard a photography club member calling Kosuda and tripped on the light switch. Though the member soon leaves, Kosuda tries to switch on the lights but didn’t know he is pressing on Yamada’s boobs! Can’t he tell the difference? When Yamada goes home, Kosuda offers to ride her home. Yamada’s class will be doing a haunted house for the festival. Before that, she sees the developed photos Kosuda took at the park and is astound by its beauty. Yamada plays the ghost in the haunted house in hopes that she will be able to use the darkness to her advantage and make a force kiss on Kosuda. And perhaps more than that. Too bad he didn’t show up because he was in the bathroom. Then she gets to remind Kosuda of her worth by agreeing to the suggestion of her pals, the petite and annoying Mami Misato and Aoi Katase, to enter the 17th Miss Takizawa Contest. Yamada is bloody confident since she is leading. Till a mysterious pretty transfer student, Kyouka Kanejou slowly catches up. Her popularity is in danger! In the end, Yamada wins by a slim margin. At the end of the festival, Kosuda realizes he wants to dance with Miss Takizawa Yamada after all but has to wait in line. Looks like a pretty long queue. It was worth the wait as they finally dance.

Christmas Eve is near in episode 4 so Yamada is surprised that Chika brings back a guy back to their home! Even her sister has made progress. Kosuda wants to ask Yamada out for a date on Christmas Eve but the other guys beat her to it. Though we know there is one person in her heart that she would go with. Then alone with her at the library, after several hints, he manages to do so. While Yamada thinks of where Kosuda will take her, Kazuki volunteers to help out Kosuda draft his date plan. Not sure whether she’s been on 1 herself but it sure looks she’s having fun with the suggestions. On that night as they meet, Yamada almost screws up by tagging the wrong person and shooting her seductive eye power at the incorrect target. Kosuda feels Yamada might be mad and in no mood to kiss, so to minimize that he gives her a present, an earring. She just turns and walks away. Analyzing what that gift means, she thinks he wants to penetrate her! She swiftly takes him to the love hotel area and scans for rooms which offer the best deal! Didn’t she find a suitable because she’s already ran out of them. That’s when Kosuda decides to do it now. Finally the kissed! But Yamada runs away in embarrassment. She calls Takeshita for advice and thinking that she’s going to do it with Matsuo, Yamada is back to her ero self. She takes Kosuda to a park famous for couples making out. As usual, she tries to lead him by unbuttoning her top and sitting on his lap. She gets irked by his indecisiveness and forces his hand on her boobs! Just before they could manage another kiss, they spot a nearby couple making out and think it’s some kind of art! But that’s not the worse part. In the bushes, they notice lots of peeping toms snapping their cameras at the unsuspecting love birds. They’re in a dilemma to continue or not. In the end, they give in to their embarrassment and let this golden opportunity slip by and head home disappointed. So after a year, Yamada’s still a virgin, eh? Doesn’t look like she’ll be reaching her goal any time soon. Pray for a miracle, baby.

Yamada is acting bloody confident like as though she’s already experienced in episode 5 after that deep kiss that Takeshita finds it annoying (like all of us). Takeshita meets Miyano at the grocer and decides to learn from her to cook some dishes. Takeshita notices Miyano’s unrequited love and a very nice girl. So nice that she really thinks she should be Kosuda’s girlfriend instead of that perverted someone she knows. Miyano shows the chocolate cake she already made for Kosuda but is too shy to give him. Since Yamada is still her friend, I guess she showed this to her in hopes that she will put in more effort. Yamada tries to make her own Valentine chocolate but as we all know, she’s better off making poison. Kosuda hopes to receive chocolates from Yamada but he never got any though he waited throughout the day. Miyano has baked many Valentine cakes and chocolates (creepy!) for Kosuda so much so she is pondering which one to give him. When she has decided and summoned her courage to do so, she sees Kazuki at the doorstep. She panics and gives it to her. It’s over. Well, there’s always next year. That night Yamada decides to give her chocolates to Kosuda at his place but she panics and stuff it in his mailbox. He retrieves the anonymous chocolates and since it’s soggy, Kazuki feeds the fishes and the aquarium starts foaming! She thinks some girl must really hate him! Next day in school, Kosuda wonders if those chocolates were from Yamada. Though she didn’t admit it, Kosuda mentions that it tastes good because a lot of effort went into making it. One night, Yamada got a visit from Erogami-sama that her sexual power is declining since she can’t seduce Kosuda! Oh the horror! Then she got this weird idea after hearing Misato about wearing no panties so without thinking further, she goes to school without wearing them and starts feeling embarrassed and acting weird. No turning back now. She even gets reprimanded by Takeshita for not using her common sense (has she got any when it comes to sex?). Yamada asks directly if he likes girls who don’t wear panties. Of course he doesn’t know how to answer that causing her to be depressed. When she’s about to leave, the wind blew up her skirt and Kosuda saw that ‘heavenly place’. Now she’s upset that he saw it?!

It’s the new school term in episode 6. Chika is a student at Takizawa attracting the attention of the guys. A big chunk of Yamada’s classmates are in the same class as her. Miyano is also in their class and so is Kanejou. Now Yamada has a rival because Kanejou is stealing away her spotlight. She’s so pissed that she intends to buy a shotgun from the internet?! Well mannered Kanejou continues to excel in studies, music, sport and home economics. Sure puts that perverted girl to shame but her jealousy isn’t going to make her give up yet. She’s going to try and stand out more than her but it backfires. It doesn’t help since she notices Kosuda having his eyes on her. Then it’s revealed that Kosuda thought he had seen Kanejou somewhere as he shows them a magazine she was in on the front cover. He entered the competition in which the winner would have his shot on the front page but he lost out to the one who took Kanejou’s picture, her brother. When Kanejou returns to her oversized mansion (creepily filled with pictures of herself), we see her darker side. Seems she is putting up a nice front and is plotting her revenge against Yamada for her humiliating defeat during the Miss Takizawa Contest. She is successful in making Yamada writhe in jealousy. She plans to steal Yamada’s boyfriend and then dump him. In order to get closer to Yamada, Kanejou invites her to her mansion. Yamada remains suspicious of Kanejou’s intentions and she finally sees Kanejou’s true colours after she tells her that Takizawa only needs 1 queen. Kanejou throws her a challenge and asks Yamada directly her boyfriend. Since she really doesn’t have one and can’t name Kosuda, she deceives her asking her to find it out herself. That night Kanejou enters a room filled with heavy security and we learn the person she is anxiously waiting the return is her brother Keiichi who is in England. She has a room filled with his pictures and stuff! She’s so bloody obsessed that you may classify her an extreme case of onii-chan complex. So bloody obsessed that she intends to lose his virginity to him! Even her maid Ichihara tries to talk her out of this forbidden love thingy but she is adamant that her feelings will reach him.

The class have pool lessons in episode 7 so I guess the other guys must really feel blessed to see several beauty queens in their swimsuits. As usual, Yamada and Kanejou are at each other’s neck so they suggest a swimming competition. Yamada plays dirty by making a distraction for a head start. But eventually Kanejou catches up and though it is a close one, Kanejou wins. Perhaps Yamada is getting desperate and drags Chika to use her feminine charms to counter Kanejou. So when both girls meet, they see nothing wrong with each other and become friends! Later Kosuda manages to ask Yamada to go out somewhere together for the summer vacation. However to their dismay, their schedules don’t match. During summer, Yamada decides to go stalk, I mean visit Kosuda but learns from Kazuki that the family has gone on a family trip. With Miyano’s family. Her mind starts running wild of what he may do to that bespectacled girl (who is the one to say?) so she decides to hitchhike there. Unfortunately, she got picked up by a bunch of tough military men! It’s a miracle she didn’t get raped. She got involved in some war game and I don’t know how she was the only survivor as the captain allows her to keep the rifle and his parting advice before his ‘death’ to try her best and get it if she wants something. Yamada reaches Kosuda’s family trip spot that night and sees him together with Miyano (preparing to take pictures of the stars). After Miyano leaves, Yamada unleashes her fury on confused Kosuda. The usual argument before learning what he is really doing. Then he takes photo of her as Yamada realize he was taking pictures of the stars to show it to her but that isn’t necessary now as they admire the breathtaking starry sky.

A class trip to Kyoto is in store for the class in episode 8. Kazuki knows Kosuda has kissed Yamada even if he never said anything about it as she gives her opinions on what a girl wants. As the class ride the train, Yamada is upset Kosuda is taking pictures of the other classmates (he needs to keep record of this trip) instead of her. So Takeshita suggests taking a photo of them both but stupid Misato comes between them and spoils the shot. Expect the usual things done on field trips. The public bath to midnight confession tales to more sightseeing. A funny thing happened at the shrine whereby the class are supposed to meditate and achieve enlightenment. The monks are supposed to hit their head if they have any impure thoughts. For instance, one of the monks fell for Miyano’s clumsiness and Yamada is so focused on her will to have sex with Kosuda that the monks view this as some sort of new enlightenment of new heights! The last event before their return is a boat trip. Yamada and Kosuda are so deep in their thoughts that they got left behind but managed to sit on one all to themselves. As usual, they are hesitant so Yamada can’t stand it anymore and rocks the boat, literally. On the way back, Yamada is totally pissed that nothing happened (has it ever since last year?) while Kosuda thinks she’s mad. As Yamada alights the train, Kosuda manages to call her but gets stuck between the doors (is that possible?). He couldn’t finish his sentence that he likes her because the train starts pulling away. He thinks he has managed to confess to her and would accept whatever reply but Yamada didn’t understand what he meant with that incomplete sentence. At school Kosuda wants to talk to her at his club room but she didn’t turn up. Then he sees her at the shoe locker area but she didn’t answer and runs away instead. Kosuda gets depressed that he has been rejected by her.

While Yamada ponders the meaning of love in episode 9, the boys of her class have a popularity poll of the polls. Seems Kanejou and Yamada are tied and way ahead of the rest so the tie breaker rests on Kosuda. He starts to panic because either one he choose will have an unfavourable outcome. In the end, he shouts out loud that he loves Yamada! This causes Yamada to get really embarrass as she approaches him and ticks him off. But the guys think it’s manly because he confessed by accident and got rejected instantly! WTF?! Miyano also heard that and her worst fear comes true. Kanejou is also not happy because it means she has lost a second time to Yamada. Takeshita tries to persuade Yamada to reply or at least apologize for avoiding him. Kosuda-Yamada confession has become the talk of the school so much so their homeroom teacher, Akai, makes them both the committee members for the sports festival (she was more like jealous than anything). Then at the reference room, Yamada manages to apologize to Kosuda though she remains the tsundere she is. He says his confession is real and would love her reply. Since she starts acting aggressive, he starts crying! Can’t blame that poor guy. She replies that she never said she hated him. Ah well, I guess that’s good enough. So when Takeshita learns about this, she spells it out directly to Yamada that she’s in love with him but did not realize it. The shock was too much so I think she tried to kill herself!

Meanwhile Keiichi has returned. He is so charming that all the girls just swoon at his presence. Either he’s too good or they’re just really weak. As the sports festival begins, the girls in Yamada’s class are being made cheerleaders. Matsuo is also there so Kosuda gets much needed advice from him. Yamada and Kanejou are still at war and are fighting each other although they’re on the same team in the kibasen event. Then for the borrowing race, Misato got the task she really wanted: A cool handsome man. So happens, Keiichi is visiting at the festival when Misato takes him away and wins! She’s clinging to him like a leech! Till Kanejou blasts her away. Kanejou is happy to see Keiichi but he spots Yamada and greets her. He is going to kiss her hand as greeting but she shoves it away and tells him not to act like he’s so close to her. To Kanejou’s horror, it is not the shame she did to Keiichi, it is the interest she notices Keiichi has developed on Yamada! That’s because he’s tired of getting things the easy way and hard to get Yamada is surely someone that pumps his adrenaline. Later Kosuda approaches Kosuda and manages to ask her out on a date. Yamada gets her high spirits back and returns to her cheerleading mates.

Yamada is an hour early for their date in episode 10 and blames Kosuda for being late (he is held back by circumstances by helping those in need). Though he manages to meet her, it seems Keiichi is also there. He invites them for tea as apology for that incident. While Yamada excuses herself, Keiichi tells Kosuda straight that he likes Yamada and plans to ask her out since he thinks Kosuda’s case is unrequited love. So when Yamada returns, she turns down Keiichi’s offer. Why? She tells him straight that he’s not a virgin! Well, hot guys like have done in lots of girl, right? Wrong. Keiichi says that he’s still a virgin. There were many women who approached him but never lasted long (thanks to Kanejou who exterminated them all! Woah! Dangerous woman!). Yamada thinks this is a trick but it seems too good to be true. Because of that, she is having a dilemma while Kosuda is obviously depressed when he found out his worth to her is his virginity. Kanejou wakes up from a nightmare that Keiichi confessed to Yamada. It turns into reality when he did mention that to her. Oh the horror! Back to dreamland for her. Takeshita gives Yamada another dressing down that she needs to give more thought on Kosuda’s feelings but Yamada isn’t the kind to think a lot so she ‘breaks down’ and ‘resets’ herself that she still wants a virgin!

Kanejou approaches Miyano to obtain more information about Kosuda. Disheartened Miyano thinks that she too is after Kosuda (Miyano also has a Sex God – more like a magical girl fairy!). Kosuda goes to Miyano for advice and though it breaks her heart she says the time will come when he’ll know Yamada’s feelings. In class, Kanejou tries to talk to Kosuda in hopes that he’ll fall for her but isn’t working and thinks Yamada has seduced him properly. She invites him to her mansion as she tries to seduce him but just like Yamada, she panics and screws up (though she manages just to lift her skirt). Hey, even Kanejou has her own Sex God! Looks more like a noblewoman. Ichihara saw her unholy act so Kanejou goes to dismiss the misunderstanding and to keep it a secret from Keiichi. Yamada who saw Kosuda entering Kanejou’s place, climbs into the window to get him! Kosuda knows he is f*cked by that carnivorous aura she projected! By the time Kanejou returns with advice from Ichihara on how to break him, Kosuda is already gone. When Yamada learns what Kosuda and Kanejou chat about, she gets upset and pulls out her rifle and shoots him (she still keeps that?). She wants him not to be indecisive because she’s still ‘on the way’. To liking him, that is.

Kanejou’s family is planning a Christmas party in episode 11 as Keiichi plans to invite Yamada. Not that Kanejou is pretty fond of the idea but she decides to do so and show Keiichi how close Yamada and Kosuda are in hopes he will abandon his pursue for her. The entire class and their teachers arrive and are awed by the vast mansion. There are other important and influential people at the party so it’s no wonder that some of the classmates feel out of place. They’re out of the league. Yamada of course thinks of using this party to find a secret room to have sex with Kosuda. Keiichi makes his grand entrance but his approach to Yamada is interrupted when irritating Misato comes clinging on to him! She wants to instantly marry him?! This allows Yamada and Kosuda to sneak away. Kanejou is in her secret surveillance room trying to find their whereabouts when she spots them preparing to do it on her bed! We’ve seen so many times how Yamada screws up but she was close to doing so and sends ambiguous signals when she accidentally unzipped his pants! Horrified Kanejou is in a dilemma to record and show this to Keiichi but decides to ditch the idea as she doesn’t want him to find out about her secret obsession and surveillance. Kosuda takes this as a sign to undress her and fondle her boobs! Luckily Kosuda found the painting to be disturbing and shuts the bed curtains. Kanejou decides to find Keiichi and show this proof but since she couldn’t, she has Takeshita follow her instead. Yamada-Kosuda’s romp is really steaming up and getting hot. They would probably have gone further if Kanejou didn’t make her noisy entrance. Hiding in the closet, Yamada fakes a cat meow. Though Takeshita knows it’s her, Kanejou pretends that it’s her family tradition to keep pets there and orders Takeshita to return to the party. Kanejou is going to slowly torture the duo but suddenly she finds Miyano coming out from her secret room. How did she? Well, she got lost. But how? Who cares, her secret is busted so much so she fainted. This allows the duo to escape. When Kanejou comes to, it seems Miyano understands her obsession because of her own case with Kosuda. Though she may not own lots of those posters of him. Kosuda wants to continue where they left off but Yamada feels they shouldn’t rush and be desperate (she’s the one to talk) and to go on a date tomorrow. Lastly, Misato got a court summon for trying to register her fake marriage with Keiichi!!!

While Kanejou ponders how for the ecchi duo went on her bed in episode 12, she gets more disheartened to hear Keiichi can’t wait to propose to Yamada! Sob, sob! And I guess Kosuda and Yamada are so desperate that they ask straight to Kazuki and Chika respectively on how to have sex without failure! Yamada texts Kosuda to meet her at dawn. After lots of nervousness and fumbling that we’re used to by now, finally Yamada blurts out she wants to have sex. No Kosuda, you didn’t hear wrong. They manage to summon their courage to rent a room in a love hotel. Still nervous of making the first move, they start by watching a sex video. Kosuda remembers Kazuki’s words (probably it was her unfulfilled desire of how she wants to get treated by a guy) and takes the lead. Yamada is in continuous embarrass mode while Kosuda may just explode into his wild side anytime. After a little kiss, he strips her and puts his face in her boobs! Now the long moment they (and we) have been waiting for as they’re both naked and let’s just say start banging pelvis. Yamada’s hand accidentally hits and breaks a controller. This causes the bed to spin uncontrollably as Kosuda falls off. As a result, he fractures his leg and has to be hospitalized for 3 days! Aw man. Are they cursed never to have sex?! Even Kazuki thinks he’s such a sad case to have this misfortune befall. Yamada pays him a visit and as usual hearing some random patients’ talk, gets an idea to dress as a nurse and get naughty with him. But it isn’t smooth sailing as Miyano is there visiting him. After she leaves, Yamada becomes her tsundere self but the real nurse comes in. I can’t believe the nurse didn’t notice the big bump under the blanket. Yamada once again is embarrassed because her face is so close to his crotch. Because of his erection, she hits it! OUCH! When the nurse leaves, Yamada proceeds to play doctor. Putting her stethoscope on his crotch! Instant revival! Then it’s Kosuda’s turn on Yamada but the mood killed when the nurse returns.

Since Kosuda’s family will be away visiting their other relatives on New Year’s Eve, Kosuda will be home alone due to his fractured leg although he has been discharged. You know what Yamada is thinking, right? Last chance for the year. On that day, Kosuda’s classmates pay him a visit before heading to the shrine. But Yamada didn’t leave with them. Yeah, she’s lurking in Kosuda’s house. When Kosuda takes a bath, Yamada barges in clad only in a towel! They take turns to scrub each other’s back and because the situation is causing Kosuda to be very turned on, he can’t hold it in anymore and is really going to pound on her. Unfortunately too much blood when to his head so he collapses. Oh God, not again! Lastly we see all their friends praying at the shrine. It’s such a sad case when they all wish to have boyfriends/girlfriends. Except for Takeshita and Matsuo who are praying Yamada won’t ask weird questions. As for Kanejou and Keiichi, they’re wishing to give their first time to you-know-who. And Ichihara hopes their wish won’t come true. Yamada and Kosuda visit a nearby small shrine and it won’t take a genius to figure out what they wish even if they don’t show us the slightest hint. Don’t worry, the road ahead is long.

So another dry run for the sex-crazy Yamada. No such progress in the end. But the good thing is that though her thoughts may be clouded with sex but along the way she gets to learn and develop her true feelings for Kosuda even if she’s short of admitting it. She may still be thinking about reaching her goal of 100 sex partners and using him as a stepping stone but I think she’s really drawn to him. She didn’t care about her looks or popularity anymore. It’s funny to still note that Yamada is so hard-up to do her first time but panics when she really has a chance to do it. Not to mention harbouring bold thoughts and schemes of making Kosuda losing his virginity to her. So who is the wolf and who is the sheep? It’s normal for Kosuda as he is around that age to be thinking about stuff like that. It could’ve been easier if Yamada wasn’t so tsundere. Poor guy gets confused on what she really wants. That’s why it’s no wonder why men usually say they can’t understand woman. Kosuda isn’t the aggressive type and probably his fear of making the wrong move to piss Yamada off (hey, that’s like just about almost everything, eh?) made the development of their relationship more of a bumpy ride. It was never dull to see the duo trying to pull it off and the sexual innuendos. Even though I knew how it will all turn out in the end (screwed up, that is) but I can’t help to really root for them to make it happen. It’s not that I’m a sex-crazed person either but you know the annoying feeling when it doesn’t work out when they’re so close but yet so far. Come on! Do it already!

I thought Kanejou and Miyano would at least play some prominent role in the end. Something like a love triangle or the ecchi duo’s secret tryst discovered. Seems Kanejou has lost her eagerness to outshine and avenge her humiliation when Keiichi returned. Though Keiichi notes he isn’t giving up on Yamada but his presence throughout the story never felt that he was a threat that could break apart Yamada and Kosuda. It’s a strange thing that both rich siblings have sparkling stars around their face. Except when Kanejou unleashes her dark aura. The same case goes for Miyano because I was hoping that she would blurt out her feelings for Kosuda to give a little tension but in the end, her shyness makes her an absolute no-threat too. Takeshita and Matsuo must be the most level-headed supporting characters in the series. I wonder how Takeshita ended up being Yamada’s friend because each time she has to tell her off her perverted ideas. More importantly, it’s a wonder she can stay a friend to this sex fiend. So she’s really a true friend. Misato is equally as annoying as Yamada and she too really wants to have a boyfriend. The difference is that she isn’t tsundere and more in-your-face honest. She’s somebody that you should ignore. Just like Takeshita’s case, her best friend Katase must be real tired in retorting her every line. And you wonder why they still stick together.

A sign that makes its frequent appearance in each episode is obviously the Demon Seal brand with a mug of a demon on it. I’m not sure if the Demon Seal Condoms actually exist in real life but they serve as necessary censors. In one episode, they even have a song on it! Maybe if you buy the DVDs, some of those seals will actually be ‘missing’. Of course you won’t see the seals at every scene. That will be tad irritating and would serve as a de-motivation for the fanservice purpose. It’s sometimes best to tease a little and do away with the seal for mild scenes and those that are not provocative. I guess the seal is a subtle reminder to us all that if you’re really going to do it, remember to practice safe sex. If you want to talk about teen pregnancy issues then I suppose that’s a different case. That’s why carry a box loads of condom as utmost precaution :). The use of steam coming out from the characters head has 2 meaning. It’s either the characters panic and are screwing up doing the ecchi thing or a couple of really ‘satisfied’ lovebirds. Yeah, feel the heat of the romance. And ironically for a perverted person like Yamada, she doesn’t experience any nose bleeds. An indication she has sex on her mind but isn’t turned on enough? Even Kosuda at least has this experience.

Yukari Tamura portrays Yamada to the utmost perfection. I couldn’t imagine anyone else voicing a child-like squeaky voice for this girl. Like how she voices characters such as Rino in Gokujou Seitokai or Sakura in Da Capo series. I thought she would double up as Erogami-sama’s voice but they used a different person instead. Rumi Shishido is the voice behind Erogami-sama (Menou in White Album) so I guess she sounds close enough. Initially I didn’t recognize Yuu Kobayashi as Kanejou. Her unique ‘crazy’ voice is definitely identifiable if she goes out loud screaming like how she did for Ayame in Gintama, Lala in School Rumble and Kaede in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. But upon hearing closely, I managed to recognize her because you know Kanejou’s fake politeness. Other casts include Atsushi Abe as Kosuda (Touma in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Yui Horie as Takeshita (Kotori in Da Capo), Kana Hanazawa as Miyano (Anri in Durarara), Tomoaki Maeno as Keiichi (Fujimoto in Kobato) and my favourite Mamiko Noto as Kazuki. Both opening and ending themes, Oshiete A To Z and Hadashi No Princess respectively, are sung by Yukari Tamura. Because of her voice, it makes this anime pop suitable and cute.

Though today’s society has become more open about sex, but there is still discrimination if a girl is sexually active as compared to guys. Many would have their reservations and stereotypic views that she must be a bad girl if she turns out to be so. For example, if a guy sleeps with a hundred girls within a week, he is deemed a legend but if a girl sleeps with 2 different guys in a span of a year, she is called a slut. Using an online forum comment to illustrate this example further, if a key can open many different locks, then the key is considered useful and resourceful. But if the lock can be opened by many different keys, then the lock is regarded as useless, right? Oh so true! So for those who feel this is another one of those crappy sexual innuendos-filled comedies or that in a way insults woman, go be a monk or priest and lock yourself up in the mountains away from civilization for the rest of your life. Nobody here got raped, right?

But if you ask me if I really want a girl like Yamada, I’m not really sure. Kinda yes and no. No, I don’t want her tsundere and hot-cold behaviour and yes, I would be lying if I said I don’t harbour any typical fantasies of every other normal guy. So for a girlfriend-less otaku like me who still keeps gluing his eyes to the idiot box happily watching 2D anime girls, what are the chances of me picking up one in real life? If I use those corny pick up lines, I’d just get a slap across my face. Maybe I’ll just stick to 2D. However if there is really one who would love to ‘wash liver’ with no strings attached, who am I to refuse? What would my Sex God say about this?

B Gata H Kei

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