Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!

December 12, 2010

Have you ever felt that so down and depressed in life but the next moment experienced a sudden unknown burst of energy that makes you want to go all out and do the things you want with utmost positivism? You can thank those invisible Juuden-chan (Charger Girls) doing their job of recharging those whose feelings have reached rocked bottom. Well, at least that’s how it’s supposed to be in Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!

Adapted from the manga of the same name, we have a parallel world right next to ours, Life Core, where the Charger Girls reside before discharging (no pun intended) their duties from the well-developed Neodym Corporation. Seems like an easy job, eh? Well, we all know the amount of ‘energy’ needed to recharge a human. So I guess it’s ‘fitting’ that the Charger Girls recharge us using a huge plug called Refreshers. If it doesn’t kill you, it must be good, right? But hey, they stick those big Refreshers into our backs for that electrifying and refreshing feeling, isn’t that a little dangerous? Nah, they know what they’re doing. So these are the antics of the Charger Girl of the 2nd Division, Plug Cryostat and her ‘misadventures’ with her other colleagues as they go around recharging people. And if you intend to watch this series, be warned that there are explicit uncensored ecchi and fanservice elements. Erm… That’s what we are here for, right? Me, I’m watching more of the comedy. Bah, who am I kidding.

As seen in episode 1, Plug tries to recharge a depressed person but screws up and fries herself. At Life Core, Captain Pulse Trans ticks her off for her failure. Let’s see. Destroyed a suit, check. Wasted ludicrous amount of electricity, check. Ruined a Life Checker equipment, check. This is definitely coming out from her pay! Plug goes down to Earth to search for depressed people but doesn’t find any. Ordinary people can’t see her but can still feel her so she goes into stealth mode (like a ghost through walls). At the family restaurant Sunday Mama, part time worker Sentou Oumi sees her suspiciously floating and bats her away thinking she’s a burglar! Her suit isn’t broken because Sentou’s sister, Hakone and childhood friend, Iono Tomonaga can’t see her. So why is it that he and only he can see her? When Hakone mentions about making tonight’s dinner, he dismisses it so Plug senses her depression. That night in Sentou’s room, Plug explains the recharging thingy and levels of depression in which serious cases may lead to suicide. Sentou doesn’t believe her though he did say their mom died and his dad a workaholic. Since Plug is obsessed watching a controversial perverted magical girl anime, Miracle Witch Sweet Milly, she gets hit by his electric guitar! Electric equipment abuse!

Plug follows Hakone to school to determine her depression source. When she follows her home, she realizes the cause is Sentou who won’t allow her to do anything which makes her feel useless. Plug goes to tell Sentou about this. He doesn’t believe but bats her away after learning she peeped on Hakone while she’s bathing. When they return, they see a note from Hakone that she intends to join mom. They find her atop a building under construction. As Plug prepares her charger, Sentou rushes to save Hakone but his appearance startles her and causes her to slip. He manages to grab her hand but is too weak to pull her up. Plug then recharges Hakone and she’s filled with energy that she does acrobatic stuff to safety. Hakone also gives her piece of mind that she wants to help out. The siblings reconcile as Sentou agrees to take turns making dinner. Next day Hakone is much better and goes to school with Iono. Plug has got another reprimanding for handing in her report late but decides to see how Sentou and Hakone are doing. She sees naked Sentou changing. Here comes the pain…

In episode 2, before Plug could recharge another depressed guy, her colleague, Arrester Blanket beats her to it. Seems she was sent by Pulse to adjust the balance in this area due to Plug’s slip ups. They start arguing though Arrester remains cocky. Each time Plug tries to recharge a target, Arrester always beats her to it. Plug can’t take it anymore and punches her face (well, it’s better than getting hit by a baseball bat). Arrester sees a depressed target, Akihiro and notes she recharged him over a year ago and the number of increasing repeat targets. However her shift is over and she decides to head back because she doesn’t do overtime. Depressed Plug goes to see Sentou for advice. He guessed correctly she got scolded by her colleague. He thinks that what they’re doing is like recharging the victim but the bully-cum-source is the same so the problem is repeated. It’s like putting new batteries into toys. Plug isn’t happy with his theory and they end up arguing. Iono obviously has a crush on Sentou and summons her courage to give him tickets. But she sees him crazily beating the air (Plug actually) so she backs out. Plug follows Akihiro home and learns how he is stressed out from his entrance exam. His family encourages him but this is his 4th time taking it. She is in a dilemma to recharge him in fear he may turn abusive and turn on his family. On exam day, she follows him but he makes a detour away from his university. At the park she sees him smoking and deciding to give up. Arrester shows up and is going to recharge him. Plug restrains and pins her down (wire caught between her legs?!) and tells her it’s all about the timing. Akihisa gets up and leaves but notices the charm he dropped. As he picks it up, Plug uses Arrester’s face as a launching pad to recharge him. Akihisa gets his energy back, realizes his mistake and rushes back to the exam hall. While Plug is happy the way things turned out, Arrester tells her the harsh facts. It’s just their jobs to recharge people and collect their salary. She thinks Plug isn’t suited for this job. Arrester flies away thinking that her way isn’t wrong. She passes by Sentou at Sunday Mama and falls in love with him at first sight. But Sentou hits her away with a baseball bat, thinking it’s Plug. Strike! Ouch! Another victim fallen to Sentou’s bat.

Arrester wakes up in her own room in episode 3. Seems Plug brought her back after she got stuck by Sentou. However Arrester starts feeling that his baseball hit felt good! Plug is disheartened to learn her salary will be reduced by 10% for the next 3 months since Arrester reported her inefficiency. Arrester is called to Pulse’s room. She makes her the supervisor to Plug because as Arrester said herself, Plug is and idiot and herself talented. But Pulse notes that Plug has something she doesn’t. Because Plug is so obsessed watching Sweet Milly in Sentou’s room, she ignores him and got hit by his bat as a result. Don’t pay attention to the wrong thing. Arrester comes looking for Plug and when she enters Sentou’s room, he instantly strikes her! When she wakes up, she wonders why Sentou can see and touch them even if their stealth mode is on. She decides to report this to Pulse but Plug pleads her not to. Because Arrester continues to be cocky, Sentou isn’t pleased and mocks her, putting her on the same level as an idiot with Plug. He challenges her to a duel so if he wins, she won’t report to her higher-ups. The competition is to find the most depressed targets within 2 hours. Both are given basic devices to find and lock on targets. Sentou is having a tough time scouting for 1 when he realizes he has been relying on the tool. He decides not to use it and uses his instincts and previous experience to find targets faster. In the end Sentou wins 8-6! Arrester couldn’t accept the results and thinks he cheated. He mentions his method of observing the target’s expression and then looking deep within their eyes. Arrester can’t believe he lost so she starts crying like a little girl! Sentou mentions she too has a cute side (causing her to blush) and she lost because she isn’t used to using that tool and suggests doing it fairly again someday. Plug seems to have snapped a shot of Arrester crying and plans to use it as blackmail by showing it to her other colleagues-cum-pals. As the girls argue over it, Sentou can’t stand them anymore and strikes them both with his bat. So it’s confirmed Arrester really felt good getting hit by it. Masochist! Later back home, Arrester tries to hit herself with the baseball bat but it just hurts. Then she strikes Plug just to find out how she felt about that! Right in front of her other colleagues! Murderer!

Iono couldn’t give her present to Sentou in episode 4. On the way to school, Hakone wonders when is she going to confess to him. Iono says she prefers to remain as friends for now and notes Hakone more energetic than before. Arrester isn’t too pleased to know she has a rival so she and Plug discuss this in Sentou’s room. Arrester being tsundere, Plug the idiotic teaser and Sentou the full of angst teenager, yeah Plug gets another hit. He tells them to go to work but it hit Arrester she will be naked during her transformation (though it lasts 0.01 seconds). She does so but Plug is showing slow-mo replay of her transformation! Because they continue to argue, Sentou bats them out. Iono stays late at her student council room and forgot to lock up. Next day there was a break-in and not only the funds were stolen but Iono’s present to Sentou. She becomes depressed as Plug follows her. Sentou goes talk to her and decides to be with her because she doesn’t want her to be depressed. Till he said she can tell him anything because she’s like a little sister to him, did Iono got upset and ran away. Back home, Iono is resolved to give up on Sentou so Plug can’t recharge her now or else she’ll really do it. When Hakone finds out what dense Sentou said to Iono, she gets upset and calls him an idiot. Plug also agrees and does the same but she gets batted instead.

Next day Plug and Sentou try to search for the robber (Plug got the pics from the CCTV). Each time Sentou got the wrong person, he bats her! In the end they couldn’t find the culprit. Arrester isn’t happy the duo are cooperating like this and goes on a recharging rage. One of the targets is the robber so he gives himself up at the police station. Seems he felt guilty and depressed for stealing. With the case closed and Iono getting her present back, however she is going to throw it away when she gets an SMS from Hakone. She says how Sentou has been looking hard for the robber to make her feel better and to forgive him. At that point, Plug recharges Iono. Feeling much better, she rushes to Sentou’s place. She asks what is her to him. Pointing that Hakone is her little sister, Iono is his childhood friend. She quickly pecks his cheek and hugs him, saying that she’ll change that status into something else. She gives him the keychain present in which he hangs it on his guitar case. As Hakone and Iono go to school happily, Arrester is hitting herself with a bat wondering how things turned out like that.

The gang head to the beach in episode 5 as Sentou drives Tenchou (Sunday Mama’s manager) car. Why is Tenchou obsessed about filming Hakone’s little boobs? Lolicon! Plug and Arrester also follow since it’s their day off. Since the Charger Girls continue to be a nuisance to each other, Sentou beats them up. Never leave home without the trusty bat. You just never know when it might come in handy. It’s kinda freaky when the other girls see him beating up air. Plug notices a lady she recharged before and wants to follow her. Arrester disagrees since this isn’t their jurisdiction. Plug may be an idiot but she’s not dumb because she threatens to upload embarrassing pics of her up the internet. Arrester lets her do as she pleases. Plug follows her and listens to her conversation with her mom on her handphone. Seems she has writer’s block and becomes pissed at the end of the conversation. She drifts alone on a boat to the middle of the sea and her depression level suddenly becomes very critical. Arrester tries to get close to Sentou as she talks to him. She fantasizes spending happy days with him. How? By getting hit by his bat!!! She receives word from Plug about the writer lady’s dire situation. There is no power source in the middle of the ocean to recharge her. When Sentou finds out, he wants to help because he’s grateful to them for recharging Hakone and Iono. Sentou’s idea is to drive the car off the cliff! He pulls off this crazy stunt as he leaps out in time into Arrester’s arms. Plug gets the power source she needs to recharge her. The writer becomes inspired to write a new story which later becomes a hit. One thing that bugged me was, you know electricity and water don’t mix, right? How the? What the? Ah, never mind. As for Tenchou, she’s devastated to find her car ended up in the sea. Sentou apologizes and will pay for it (can he with that kind of part time job salary?). Arrester then recharges Tenchou. She doesn’t mind about it anymore and will get a new one. Arrester studies her data and notices Plug’s. Though she has low number of resolved cases, she has no repeaters of recharging targets except for the recent one. She realizes that this is what Pulse might have meant. Since Plug pesters her to show the data, they get into an argument. Sentou tries to stop them but also gets dragged in so in his upset, you could’ve predicted what’s coming. It’s a solid hit!

A Charger Girl is badly burnt and swiftly brought to the emergency room in episode 6. Reports reveal that she got electrocuted while recharging a target due to a backfeed effect. The target is a young boy named Kenta Kajiwara. They list him as Class Z and no one is allowed to recharge him. Plug tries to find out more from her other colleagues and seems he is depressed due to being traumatized from being bullied and locks himself in his room not wanting to go to school. She wants to help him out no matter what. Then they get news of a new suit which is supposed to be more resistant. However Arrester notes this suit is not to recharge him but to gather data on the Class Z. Because of that Plug becomes gloomy so much so Sentou didn’t feel like batting her away and lets her sit in his living room. When she hears him say how he doesn’t like to let opportunity slip away, she gets an idea. On the night Arrester’s supposed to gather data in the new suit, Plug pleads to let her do the job instead. Arrester knows she wants to recharge Kenta and won’t let her. Plug threatens to reveal crying pics of her so she eventually gives in. Arrester makes a final check on the suit but to her horror the data reveal it to be just like an ordinary suit. Plug doesn’t listen to her to abort mission and flies to Kenta who is sitting on top of his house roof. She notes how he wants to go back to school badly and starts recharging him. But the backfeed effect starts to overwhelm her and though in much pain, Plug doesn’t give up and continues recharging. Arrester tries to tell her to stop but she kept going. Even her arms are on fire! In the end she is successful as her other colleagues pick her up and send her to the emergency room. Pulse reviews the data and notes the failure of the new suits. What saves people’s hearts is not technology but the hearts of others. She hopes Rouden-chan (Leakage Girls) won’t make a big fuss about this. As Plug is rushed to the emergency room, Arrester shows her how Kenta is doing well and returning to his normal school life. She wants her to get better because the only good idiot is an energetic one. An insult or compliment? But Plug closes her eyes…

Arrester confronts Pulse in episode 7 and isn’t happy about the research department’s mistake on the suit. But Pulse says the same to her because Plug got hurt by the suit she wasn’t authorized to use. She wants her to keep quiet on this since everyone has been properly compensated. Arrester visits Plug in hospital and she’s her usual cheery self. She has to stay in bed for while her arms are being healed. As they chat, Arrester blames her for her blackmail so Plug has 1 last request if she wants those pics totally erased. That is to have her dressed as a maid and comply with her every whims and fancies. This includes going to Earth to buy manga (putting up with perverted otakus taking pics up her skirt), bringing all kinds of food, buying a mecha model on her behalf and washing her body. No matter how pissed and embarrassed she is, she has to go through them all. After Plug sends her to get a drink, she writhes in pain and rings the nurse to bring painkillers. Looks like she’s still hurt. When Arrester returns, she sees Plug’s friends happily chatting away. They are fascinated to see Arrester in a maid outfit. They tease Arrester and Plug like love partners. Arrester realizes how friendly they all are and how similar to Plug. Just when she’s getting friendly with them, when 1 of them mentioned how they saw the video of crying, Arrester’s aura becomes evil! Oh sh*t! Now she’s truly mad! Her eyes red as Terminator! Plug is in deep sh*t! Her friends cowering in fear too! Looks like she has already shown them those videos previously Furthermore her schemes to record Arrester doing errands in her maid outfit has been discovered! I don’t know what horrifying retribution Arrester did but it seems Plug will have to stay longer in hospital. WARGH!!!

Plug is released from hospital in episode 8 but Arrester knows she’s in no shape to return to work. The mere touch of her hands sends her into excruciating pain. Arrester tries to persuade Pulse not to let Plug return to work. But they’re so noisy arguing, she just couldn’t care anymore. Plug tags along though Arrester only allows her to find targets while she does the recharging. Though Plug doesn’t like it a bit, she has no choice. She goes to visit Sentou but isn’t home. While watching Sweet Milly, Sentou returns from shopping and isn’t happy she barged in. Yeah, his bat hasn’t tasted action for so long and is going to give it to her! But he backs down upon seeing her hanging arms. When he finds out, he massages them to make her feel better. Plug starts to have strange feelings in her heart and wonders if he’s being kind due to her injuries. Since she’s daydreaming, Sentou has to punch her to snap her out as he points a possible target. They follow him and once his status confirmed, reluctant Plug is going to contact Arrester but Sentou wonders if it’s okay letting someone else do it. Plug regains her confidence back as she and Sentou team up to recharge that guy in good timing (Sentou swings her to him!). Looks like she can use her arms again. Though successful, Plug realizes the cable attached to her suit ripped. This means Sentou saw her butt! How embarrassing! At the end of the day Arrester meets up with Plug and learns what happened. She is horrified she was with Sentou because she did stop by his house as she wanted to see him badly but was out. To make things worse, Plug rants the ambiguous massage Sentou did on her so Arrester beats her up. Meanwhile Pulse is in an emergency meeting on Kenta’s case whereby large amount of electricity shouldn’t occur. In addition to Plug and Arrester who’re involved, they think they can’t ignore another person: Sentou.

In episode 9, Plug is happily working overtime recharging people much to Arrester’s dismay. It feels good to be back. They are called to Pulse’s office and are introduced to Reika Galvani and Kuran Shunt of Neodym’s Audit Division Special Cases Section, Leakage Girls. They mention during Kenta’s case, large amount of electricity was wasted but there were no trace of electromagnetic disturbance afterwards. This could only mean 1 thing: They smuggled electricity. Plug and Arrester are not happy with their accusation but are shocked when they hear them mention Sentou’s name. Leakage Girls decide to follow and observe the duo on their job routine. But they decide to give them the slip. Though they manage to loose them, it isn’t long before Kuran captures Plug. Arrester’s mindless wandering has her bump into Sentou. Reika appears and Sentou notices Arrester frightened. He stands up for her and doesn’t like Reika treating others like objects. “An enemy of Arrester is my enemy as well!”. Charming. He is preparing to bat her away but other people see him as a maniac swinging his bat and call the police. Arrester takes Sentou and run. Then they receive a message from Leakage Girls that they want to have a calm discussion. They mention they have Plug in their custody but Plug fakes a damsel in distress to work up Sentou. Arrester wonders if Sentou’s speech was a confession but notices the determination in his eyes to go save Plug.

As they arrive inside a building, Arrester lets Kuran chase her. But it’s a trap to lead her to Sentou so that he can bat her unconscious. Then Reika goes to where they are so Plug manages to break free of her chains with her strong determination. Reika confronts Sentou and wonders why he’s standing by a failure like Plug. He mentions the number of lives she saved and has seen it with his own eyes. He and his closed ones get to continue living because of her dedication that made her go so far that she was even willing to burn her arms. Something that no salary could match. He tells her off not to call her a failure if she doesn’t know a thing about her. Eavesdropping Plug is brought to tears so Reika decides to use a Collector Ring on him. Think of it as a stun gun and its shock is identical to the one how Plug almost lost both her arms. That’s when Plug dives in to kick the ring away. Arrester and Plug hold Reika down so Sentou could bat her. As they celebrate their victory, when he learns they did this just to piss them off, it’s their turn to get batted. Sentou profusely apologizes to the Leakage Girls so they continue with their investigation: To lick some paper. It turns out negative so it clears their name since they don’t have electromagnetic signatures found at the scene. With the tension over and Plug returning to her airhead self, she gets another bat from Sentou who was worried sick about her then. He is going to give Arrester another one so she happily receives it! Reika and Kuran are watching how they interact and are interested in watching him further. Why are they blushing when they see him bat?!

Christmas is near in episode 10 on Earth but no such festivities at Life Core and it’s work, work, work. Leakage Girls approach Sentou and tell him about Houden-chan (Discharger Girls) that may be connected to the recent events. They have the ability to steal energy out of targets and convert it to their own (thus like smuggling). Therefore this causes the requirement of large amounts of recharging and increase in targets, which is life threatening. They want Sentou to contact them if he has any leads or notice strange occurrences like people getting suddenly depressed for no reason. Plug happily recharges people when she thinks of giving Sentou a present but horrifying thoughts of being batted comes to mind! Seems Arrester also has a present to give him: A bat! But is undecided to do so. Meanwhile the loli we’ve been seeing wandering around here and there since the beach episode, Rona Elmo, is seen at a field. She watches a boy picking a flower to give to his girlfriend. Rona gets upset and zaps their energy by snapping her fingers, leaving them lethargic. Plug asks Arrester about giving presents and hinting to a certain someone. She replies the act of giving presents to that special someone is what counts. Plug becomes excited and goes off so much so she doesn’t listen to Arrester. Leakage Girls chase a Charger Girl, Grape Hugmoon as suspect for electricity theft. They manage to arrest her and make her spill info. This leads them to confront Rona in town that night. They want her to come with them quietly but she laughs it off and refuses. Leakage Girls decides to take her by force. This causes a blackout in the area. Sentou is nearby and senses something so he decides to check it out. When he arrives, he sees a large crater in the ground and the Leakage Girls badly beaten. He also sees Rona and the next thing we know, he is unconscious.

Though Sentou is back home in episode 11, Iono and Hakone know something is wrong with him because he’s acting gloomy. Plug and Arrester visit Reika and Kuran in hospital and are told about what happened. Then a meeting with Pulse that the number of targets in the area has increased and the suspect is confirmed to be Rona. They are warned not to approach her and leave her arrest to the Audit Division. Meanwhile Rona is upset that nobody else except Sentou could see her so she starts draining people’s energy. Plug, Arrester and their other colleagues arrive to recharge people but they panic as there are too many depressed targets. Furthermore when they recharge, that person doesn’t become energetic instantly. Though it’ll take 10 more times, the effect is that they’re just barely at pass level. Plug uses her timing method and watches people’s mood before recharging them. Flipping an unsuspecting girl’s skirt? Though it takes longer but it’s better than recharging 10 times so her colleagues try her method out and it worked. This goes to show how everyone is a pervert. Arrester finally understood that Plug’s success and non-repeat rates were due to her treating targets as people and not objects.

Plug decides to visit Sentou since she’s nearby but to her horror sees him gloomy. Worse, he can’t see or touch her anymore. He gets a call from Hakone is checking up on him so he lightens up a little. Plug sees an opportunity to recharge him but Rona stands in her way and malfunctions her Refresher. Plug blames Rona that she was the cause of all this but she never meant for it turn out this way. Flashback reveals when Sentou first saw Rona, he tried to catch her when he found out what happened. Rona thought it was fun since he could see her and played tag with him. But when he caught her, his energy got drained and became gloomy. When Rona says how people are like toys to her and drained their energy because it’s amusing, Plug chides her. Rona gets teary eyed saying how she’s lonely and no one could see or play with her. The Audit Division surrounds the house but Rona escapes as they are hot on her heels. When Arrester arrives at Sentou’s place, she becomes hysterical upon finding out what happened to him. Then they receive word from their colleagues that they need help as the number of targets is rising. Plug tells Arrester to take care of Sentou while she leaves to return to Life Core to retrieve a new suit. She remembers her task of recharging people and thinks that’s what Sentou would probably say to her about her job.

The Audit Division are badly defeated by Rona in episode 12. Rona spots Kenta among the crowd. Meanwhile a WTF moment when Sweet Milly and arch nemesis Bloody Silica ended their battle. No need to fight anymore because they’re in love! WTF?! Yuri kissing?! Arrester got so desperate that she even tried to bare her boobs and kiss Sentou. Hakone and Iono barge in. They know he’s down. Iono slaps him to sense while they relate their own depressed periods and how they felt someone pushed them forward. Sentou gets his energy back, apologizes, thanks and hugs them. Arrester feels she knows what her job really is now. The lights start to flicker and they think it’s Plug. Since Sentou still can’t see Arrester, she uses electricity current to lead the way. When Plug returned from Life Core in her new suit, she saw depressed Kenta at the river bank and tried to recharge him. Though her suit can withstand the backfeed effect, he still remained depressed. It gets worse when Kenta starts walking into the river and Plug can’t do anything to stop him as Rona happily watches the events unfold. Then Sentou suddenly gets hold of Kenta. He wonders how Sentou knows about him. He says through someone who is always watching him and is beside him even now. Sentou continues to offer positive words of encouragement. Arrester thinks it’s the perfect time to recharge him but Plug notes the higher power needed to do so. That’s when their colleagues arrive to help out. They do their Refresher Series Mode by stacking and linking all their Refreshers to recharge Kenta. They need to do it fast since Sentou and Kenta are losing their positivism. Rona isn’t happy her fun is ruined and is going to interrupt but is held back by Reika and Kuran.

After recharging to 700%, they start recharging Kenta. The backfeed effect takes place but it seems Sentou is absorbing them. In the end both guys return to their normal self. Kenta reunites with his friends and it seems Sentou can see the Charger Girls now, much to their delight. But Rona still isn’t happy and is going to destroy everything so Sentou knocks her head and scolds her if she’s lonely, she can come over to play with him anytime (nothing hentai lah). Rona starts crying and hugging him like a little girl. In the aftermath, reports indicate the electric theft mastermind has been captured and arrested so the case is closed. Rona was just an innocent kid as the culprit used her to steal electricity by telling her how fun the parallel world is. Plug and Arrester fantasize giving Sentou their presents. Arrester’s sick fantasy of letting Sentou show his love by hitting them with her baseball bat present! Just sick. But in reality Sentou has got a bigger problem because Rona is happily sticking to him like a leech. She’s a good girl now and all lovey-dovey with him. Arrester’s got a new rival. Then everyone goes into Sunday Mama for the Christmas party. Since Plug ate Sentou’s cake share, he bats her. After all this time, it has to end with a strike.

Don’t worry if you need more recharge. That’s because if you buy the DVDs, you’ll get special bonus features each lasting approximately 6 minutes each. Yeah, more fanservice and ecchi stuff to ‘recharge’ you perverted viewers. All the specials take place at the secret hotspring: Juuden Open Air Hotsprings. Iono, Hakone and Sentou are working there part time to help out the hotspring hostess run by Tenchou’s look-a-like sister. In Special 1, we see the 2nd Division Charger Girls soaking in the hotspring. We are briefly introduced to them all including Plug and Arrester. Plug isn’t happy with her description as a failure and small boobs. Because of that, she goes on an extreme rampage molesting Arrester and her other pals’ boobs like a perverted monster. When she senses the arrival of a bigger breast, she instantly takes her molestation to her. Turns out to be Pulse. She’s scared sh*t that she peed! Needless to say her salary got reduced… In Special 2, Arrester cosplays as Sweet Milly in front of perverted guys in the hotspring. It was lame till Plug unleashes a horny monster octopus to do ecchi tentacle rape on poor Arrester (to relive some hentai episode in Sweet Milly), turning on those guys. The controller then broke so the octopus gives Plug the same treatment. Her other pals in different cosplaying outfit come to their rescue but ended up getting tentacles violation. The perverts are so turned on that the hotspring turned into bloodbath colour.

In Special 3, while Sentou is sleeping, Iono comes in to seduce him with her semi-naked body. Too bad he’s tied down. After that tantalising kiss and licking, Hakone comes in and sees this. Sentou had better wished she’d taken this for a misunderstanding because it seems Hakone is joining in too! After stripping down to her lingerie, both girls flank and seduce him. Plug and Arrester are spying from above. Flashback reveals how Plug used a new Pink Refresher to recharge weary and overworked Iono and Hakone. But it resulted in them using their greatest desire to recharge their energy. But Rona removes the effect and saps their energy, putting them to sleep. When Sentou learns that they and the new Refresher are the cause, he bats the trio into the sky. Why is Arrester feeling afraid? In Special 4, Reika and Kuran are making out via heavy hot yuri sex at the hotspring! Yeow! Deep tongue kissing and fondling! Plug, Arrester and Rona are watching in excitement that they fantasize what dishes and food look good on them and ultimately themselves. Reika and Kuran continue their steamy stuff (so much so it needed bubble sensors!) and the trio watching their every move in baited breath. Then the climax at the waterfall when they realize the pair is just a full 3D movie projection test. The real ladies are standing behind them and since peeping isn’t a good thing, they take out their Collector Ring to arrest them. The trio got so scared that they, let’s say the hotspring water turned gold colour.

In Special 5, Plug and Arrester are in a naked battle due to something trivial we don’t want to know. Milly and Silica act as chibi referees and censor for their bottom part (hey, this is ecchi but not hentai). As the fight begins, Arrester has the upper hand (not sure if her larger boobs gave her advantage). Plug fondles Arrester’s boobs when the latter suddenly grabs the former’s head antenna (I think that’s what it is). This renders Plug paralyzed. Then the sadistic nature in Arrester awakens as she proceeds to torment Plug by licking and toying with her antenna. Plug is knocked out and in the end Arrester revels in this newfound feeling she’s never felt before. Sentou isn’t happy they messed up the place he just cleaned and hits them away with his broom. Looks like Arrester prefers this and is back to being a masochist. In Special 6, the Charger Girls continue their party at the hotspring. Sentou continues to work part time but is blindfolded as precaution. Leakage Girls invite to buy him drinks after his shift. This doesn’t sit well with Arrester and Rona (who wants to play with him. Again, nothing hentai). Plug’s colleagues are fascinated to see this guy who can see and touch them. Remember, Hakone and Iono can’t see them and all they see are strange silhouettes thus wondering why Sentou needs to be blindfolded. Suddenly someone pours a special potion into the hotspring and the Charger Girls become visible. The guys below are having a nice view time of the floating naked girls, Since then the place became a legend and people start coming here to worship them. WTF?! Eventually Sentou’s blindfold slipped so he too has a nice view of the girls. Total fanservice!

It has been a fun ride from start to finish. Though I won’t say that I am totally recharged after watching this anime. Not that I really want to go out and look for more mindless ecchi animes like these. With a nice happy ending, I guess it still bugs me why Sentou can see and touch those girls. Something to do with his body structure or wait, don’t tell me, he is somewhat related to the parallel world. The most hilarious part of the series is of course Sentou’s batting. It’s like a trademark in this series so when an episode is totally void of it, it felt like something is missing. Call me a sadist but wouldn’t a normal guy grab the nearest stick and whack something he thinks is threatening? At this rate, he could turn into a professional baseball player. Each time he hits the Charger Girls, it’s like he’s hitting them not only to take out his frustration but to correct them. So now you know why some people hit and bang their electrical appliances to make them work, eh? I’m not sure about Sentou’s inner pervertness because there are times when he starts fantasizing how cute the Charger Girls and Leakage Girls are in their tight suits. But he usually snaps out of it. Other than that, Sentou is a nice guy once you get to know him. Is it me or do I find him to resemble closely to Bleach’s Ichigo Kurosaki? Another weird thing about him is the drawing of his nose. They’re like a grey shaded oblong…

The other interesting thing is the interaction between Plug and Arrester. These 2 with totally contrasting characters are sure a weird combination. It’s fun to see them argue sometimes. Plug may be a failure if you consider achievements as your source of data. An airhead and naughty at times, her unconventional method and take her job more than a just a job makes her a success that everyone else should emulate. People aren’t toys. They have feelings too. While Arrester may begin as a cocky supervisor, eventually she began to see the good side of Plug. Can’t say the same for her tsundere and masochist ways. Have you ever seen a woman who gets so happy when she’s beaten up? I felt Hakone and Iono’s role were redundant after being recharged. Though they serve as an important point for Sentou to regain his positivism back, but for the rest of the episodes, it’s like it could do without them. Too bad we don’t get to see more of Tenchou’s lolicon on Hakone. If she really did violate her, I guess Sentou will be adding another one to his batting list. As for Rona, what can I say? She provides loli moe-ness (partly she’s voiced by Aya Hirano). With Rona joining Sentou’s pack, I guess he has a full house now. With girls he can and cannot see. Big possibility it could turn into a harem. Like he cares about that. Another mystery in the series is a shady guy always seen watching the events in his room filled with monitors. He has no dialogue whatsoever but just grins at the end. A possible villain if a sequel is ever produced?

So if this recharging thing is like a job and they get paid to do it if they meet their quotas, who is paying them and what for? Because they did mention how energy needed to recharge people on Earth is taken from their parallel world. And was the electricity smuggling to sell it back at a higher price and the cycle goes on and on? There are so many depressed people in this world so it almost feels like their job is never done, considering the repeat targets. Well, we humans do go through our own phases of ups and downs. Don’t passers-by feel odd that the next person who is gloomy suddenly becomes happy? Yeah, it’s a mad world out there. Don’t blame you if you see a guy seemingly swinging a bat mindlessly. I guess the subtle theme here is about energy. No matter what kind of energy it is, we must not waste them. Whether it’s the energy of our behaviour or the energy in the electricity that powers our appliances, use them wisely. Wasted energy can never be regained.

I need to mention about Sweet Milly too. In each episode, we are shown short clips of Milly’s ecchi misadventures. It makes you wonder what kind of magical girl show is this. Not only shown at hours convenient to be shown, in each episode she gets beaten up and her clothes ripped close to naked by a monster or Silica. It makes you wonder how she turned into a magical girl if she’s that weak. And each time she gets bound by tentacles or the likes, she makes ambiguous sounds like as though she’s enjoying it. Milly also isn’t the brightest in town because we’ve seen snippets of her finally waking up early for school but it was the winter break or the time she tries to rip-off people by selling Christmas cakes by jacking up prizes if customers pay more in return for her smile. Milly has a pet assistant called Vich (at first I thought I heard Bitch!) who has an acid tongue and does not hesitate to chide Milly with vulgarities and profanity for being a slutty and useless whore! Silica as the villain may be no better herself since she uses magic to enhance her H-cup boobs when she’s as flat as a washboard. So they became lovers instead of rivals in the end? Just totally sick. What they hell is television teaching children these days!

In addition to the explicit fanservice, I also learned a new word and a disturbing type fetish: Omorashi. Literally someone who gets sexually aroused by holding their pee or getting their panty wet! There are even followings in real life (heck, even a game show)! Regret reading up and finding more about it because it made me feel disgusted. Yup, this series has lots of them. Usually when Sentou bats the unfortunate girls, we see those yellow liquid gushing and flowing down their legs or the colour of the lower region of their tight suits darkening. It was funny each time it happened but if I think about it real closely, it is disgusting. This isn’t only limited to the fear of Sentou’s batting but for Arrester case when she is sexually stimulated. Like a dragonfly landing on her tits, she starts wetting her tight suits instantly. Gross. It gives a whole new meaning and perception to ‘take a leak’.

On a trivial note, keeping in line with the fanservice theme, the mid-intermission shows the characters in random antics while the slot machine is being played in the background. I guess we viewers are lucky because each time it hits jackpot (usually triple Sevens) the next scene will be changed to an ecchi fanservice pose of the girls in the series. Be sure to catch them fast or it’ll be the case of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. The next episode preview is also amusing. Before narrating what comes next, we here the characters (usually Plug and Arrester) ranting nonsensical stuff. For instance, Arrester’s fake mourning of Plug’s death which allows her to take her place and be the new heroine in focus. Just another mind boggling thing to ponder about. Remember that electricity and water don’t make good friends? There are few scenes where we see recharging takes place close to water. Logically, such electric shock could kill us outright! Sure we may think it’s energy from the parallel world but electricity is still electricity and where there is flow of current, it’s bound to be dangerous near water. So people, remember to keep your electrical stuff away from water. And don’t try sticking any plug points into any part of your body. You won’t feel recharged but painfully shocked instead. Those suits the Charger Girls wear, at first I thought the cable connecting to the rear of their suits are electrical recharge points sticking out from their butts! What was I thinking?

In reality, though we don’t have those Charger Girls to recharge our energy, we have lots of different forms of motivations to help us get back on our feet. For otakus, probably playing H-games and eroges. Hahaha! But even if they really do exist, the sight of their busty and sexy figures in tight suits would probably energize lots of men. Just like in this series how a simple skirt-flipping-panty-revealing trick could spark a slight interest in men. Boys will always be boys. For me, I don’t need any Charger Girls at the moment as long as I have my favourite animes with me. That’s my Refresher and recharge. Now, back to watching more anime. Ecchi ones got ah?

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!

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