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September 11, 2015

It is the norm that women always blame men for being perverts because all they ever do think about sex 24/7 (or at least for the most part of it). They always think that men view women nothing more than just sex objects whose purpose in life is to satiate their horny lust. Aren’t they sure that it could just be a figment of their imagination? Case in point: Ane Log. Our main character seems pretty much like a normal high school teenager and a big sister. However she keeps thinking (and believing in it like religion) that her little brother is the world’s biggest pervert. Every move he makes, any sound he says, anything he does, will send her to ‘think one step ahead’ of what this pervert is trying to do towards her. In reality, her brother is the most normal, plain and ordinary person in the whole wide world. Oh yeah, the mind is the most dangerous place after all…

Episode 1
Moyako Konoe has a little brother named Akira. He is a pervert who is obsessed all over her. So she thinks. Yup, she is certain he is that. All because when they were young, he told her he wanted to marry her. I guess Moyako took it as a sign and start of his perversion. We basically see Moyako’s thoughts and how far she goes in her delusion labelling Akira a pervert. Like when he commented how good her miso soup, she thinks it is his proposal to her! And there she was thinking that she has looked up on the law about blood related siblings cannot get married. Moyako never has a rest day, hour, minute or second about this. Because even in school, her childhood friend, Kasumi Kurose is not spared of this. Whether she wants to or not, she is forced to listen. Like how Moyako is complaining Akira may be purposely using her toothbrush. Because Kasumi brushes it off, Moyako thinks she is on Akira’s side. Worse, she thinks Akira is using some feudal war strategy to make her submit and surrender! Everybody in class is looking at her scream… The trio have lunch together and as usual, Moyako starts thinking this scene has them look like they are part of Akira’s harem. She even goes as far in her delusion about the same bento she made for them. So what’s the big deal? As people are not aware they are siblings, by looking at the same contents they would think they are in love with each other!!! Can you believe this girl?! So she rather starve than eat her food? But when Akira mentions they have the same contents, Moyako is forced to swallow her entire food in one bite! In a blink of an eye.

On the way back, Moyako thinks Akira is watching her from the back and enjoying her body to the fullest. She screams pervert when he taps her shoulder and swings her back, nearly hitting him. This attracts the crowd but Akira clarifies he is her brother. Thinking she is not well, he holds her bag for her. Because he is walking behind her again, it is that thoughts he is enjoying her hipline. She warns him don’t stand behind her if he doesn’t want to die! Back home, Moyako pours a glass of milk for him to drink. Oh God… I saw this coming… Pouring milk to him as though the milk is from her. Moyako’s milk… Holy cow!!! As Akira hasn’t finished his game, he tells Moyako to go bath first. And sure enough, she thinks he wants to peep on her. She thought she had won by locking the door. Only later to realize that this pervert’s intention is to drink the same bath water that she soaks in!!! So she thinks the correct dosage that he needs to drink. Then she rushes out in her towel and a glass in hand. Her body was soaked in this water. Now drink it! No way would he do that!

Episode 2
Akira is out of shampoo so Moyako brings it to him. Then this fearsome thought: He might be waiting to flash her! She leaves it at the door but he wants her to bring to him. Because he is in the tub, she thinks he’ll be waiting for her in a lewd position. She blindfolds herself but slips on a soap and splashes into the tub. Her clothes are all wet and see through. This might be his goal! Later when Akira accidentally pours coffee on his pants, it is that time for her delusion he wants her to clean that part up. He might even want to flash to her as he is going to change his clothes! She thinks of blowing it dry. They’ll be late for school! When Fuuka Saeki is stopped by the teacher for her different attire, Moyako also reminds the teacher that she should also be treated similarly. She chides him of the difference in treatment just because Moyako is a bright student. The duo become friends but the normalcy streak ends when Moyako warns Fuuka about her perverted brother. Right now he might look normally dressed. But he left a button unbuttoned so as to when she buttons it, he will smell her hair! Fuuka finds it hard to believe but seeing how serious Moyako’s expression is, she must be telling the truth. So happen Fuuka and Akira are in the same class and sit next to each other. She becomes wary and puts distance between them.

Later, looking at Akira’s face, Kasumi can tell that mark was because he was sleeping in class. But Moyako had different ideas. He was rubbing his face on her photo! Fellow classmate, Brisa Umehira believes he was licking it but Moyako shoots down all her theories why it wasn’t so. When Akira approaches them, they want to know if he was rubbing or licking! Moyako has baked cookies for Akira during home economics. She realizes there are heart shaped cookies in it. Those kind of shapes means love, right? She tries to take it back from him but it slips from their hands. The cookies are now crumbled. Saved but sad. Akira then picks them up and eats it. It is delicious despite without a form. What? No perverted comeback? Because the siblings do not join clubs, Brisa suggests Akira to join one to reduce his libido on Moyako. But that sister starts thinking he might start a club and grow an army of big sister lovers! The friends are at Moyako’s house to watch a football game and support their country playing. Because they are talking using football terms, Moyako fears they might be talking in some secret lingo about her. She tries to decipher a few of them and ends up misinterpreting them as perverted meanings. Even the football formation could mean sexy body parts and pose! What a dreadful secret language! Yeah, she’s shaking like a jelly. She needs to stop and save this (like how the goalkeeper saves Japan from conceding a goal) so she tells them off to stop the obscene talk but is told they’re just talking about plain football.

Episode 3
Moyako and friends go buy swimsuits for the summer. As she is about to try them on, it is that unhealthy thought again. Akira may be planning to peep on her. She texts to Kasumi for help. Since she doesn’t understand what the heck it means, she shows it to Akira who in turn goes to see what the problem is. Moyako panics after hearing his voice. She drops her handphone and somehow he slips on it, crashing into the changing room and onto her boobs. She’s screaming rape and why are the friends so calm about it? Fuuka taking down notes?! Moyako is working at a maid cafe but she is disheartened to see Kasumi and Akira here. Brisa must have told them this secret job of hers. As usual, Moyako starts thinking that by being a maid, she must be submissive to Akira, the reason he is here. Quit fantasizing. Are you ready to take orders yet? As Akira orders omelette rice, part of her job needs to write some words on it in ketchup. Oh dear. How did she get the idea that he wants her to write his love confession on it? Before you know it, she drowns the entire plate with ketchup. They think Moyako being a clumsy maid makes her look cute. At first everybody laughs. Till Moyako thinks it is part of Akira’s plan to do something dirty on her and ticks them off. Late that night, Moyako is having trouble going to the toilet. Because 2 hours earlier, she was watching a scary horror movie with Akira. She freaked out and hugged him. Now she thinks this is his perverted plan to get close to her. I guess she can’t stand it anymore and tiptoes through the dark hallway. As she passes his room, she heard noises. She thinks Akira has been planning this toilet trip too! He has been waiting for this moment to go to the toilet with her! Akira gets up because he needs a glass of water. Because it is dark, he sees a figure (Moyako) in front of his door and he freaks out. She also freaks out thinking there is a pervert around.

Moyako and friends are at the beach. Their swimsuit and nice body are making heads turn. The mere thought of a drowning accident sparks a frenzy deliberation that Akira plans to drown himself so he can get unlimited kisses from her CPR! So before he sinks, she grabs on tight to him to stop him from drowning. But isn’t she drowning him in her boobs? It is time to split the watermelon in half. Moyako is blindfolded and guided by the voice of her friends. Then it hit her. What if Akira has been misleading her instead of to the watermelon but to him? She will not allow this chance for a lucky pervert and start smashing about. Watermelon destroyed… Finally they play fireworks. Of course Moyako had to think further that sharing sparks means sharing their love. This might be something like an indirect kiss. To avoid sharing the light, she quickly puts out his fireworks. While playing sparklers, Akira suggests combining their light to make it big. But wait! Fusing sparklers is like fusing together? It is like brother and sister becoming one? She can’t let this happen and wrestles Akira into submission. Ah, he went out before the sparkler lights did. As they ride a train back on the way home, the friends see the siblings leaning on each other as they sleep. Aww, so cute. I hope Moyako isn’t have any perverted nightmares that will have her suddenly jolt up and screaming nonsense while scaring the daylights out of everyone. Oh, it’s already night time by the way.

You’re Just Over-thinking It!
Ah yes. Watching this series might ignite the argument of why men can never understand women or what is going on in their head. Now you wonder why you never did something but yet your girl still accuses greatly of doing something. Ah yes. Moyako. That’s the reason. You provide a great insight. Now we know. And unfortunately it still does not solve anything because now we are more confused to as what actually girls think! Call them cute and they’ll accuse you of trying to seduce her. Ignore her and she’ll accuse you of being a jerk thinking she is not attractive enough for you. Ah yes…

But let us just confine our comments and thoughts for this series, shall we? Moyako is both hilarious and amusing due to her insecure nature of overthinking if her brother is trying to take out his perversion on her. No, wait. She is convinced he’ll do it! Therefore despite the series is very heavy on the monologue of Moyako (heck, that is what the second title of the anime says – Tomaranai Monologue (Never Ending Monologue)), this is where all the funny parts come from. You will never cease to be amazed at all the ‘creative’ thoughts that she could come up with. The slightest thing can be turned into something exaggerated and dramatic. This is a good example of how to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Therefore it can be concluded that Moyako herself could be a very perverted person. Just that she is in denial about it and puts all the blame on her poor brother who doesn’t have a clue in what is going on. If people have the ability to read minds, they’ll be shocked in reading this one. Oddly after all these years, assuming Akira has never made a single perverted move on her, she should have known better whether her brother is a real pervert or not. By continuing this delusion shows further evidence that Moyako herself is a pervert. So much so it has become her nature. Besides, if she can imagine such perverted thoughts, how does she know all those perverted stuffs in the first place? Aha. She may have done her research prior to this or have seen enough hentai and porn to imagine all that, am I right? So do you not think that Moyako is a true blue pervert? You can see how she shifts the blame by labelling Akira as a pervert at the start of each mini arc. She’ll narrate she is the daughter of the Konoe family who has a brother who is a perverted and likes (insert whatever word you want here).

Other characters play just a supporting role and don’t really make that much impact since it is Moyako that is the one stealing the limelight, the main focus and reason for watching this anime. Like Akira whom as I have said is the most normal boy ever but becomes the scapegoat of big sister’s perverted delusions. Thought to ponder: If Akira is no longer around (say, he goes off to college or overseas), would Moyako’s fantasies stop? Because as you can see Akira is the cause of why Moyako starts having dirty thoughts. Oh wait. She’ll start overthinking about some abandonment play thingy and perhaps blame Akira for making her feel lonely and then run back to her arms! And do perverted stuffs! See! I’m starting to think like Moyako!

The rest of Moyako’s friends aren’t that significant either. Feels like they are there so that it won’t entirely be a monologue series. It goes to show that despite Moyako having all that heavy thinking, she still has friends around her. Brisa can speak on the same wavelength and craziness with Moyako but I’m not sure if this is because this is her nature or she loves to see the reaction that she displays. Then there is Kasumi who is just there to sometimes play the rebuking role and Fuuka just watching and observing over everything. She is in a big dilemma to whether Akira is a pervert as claimed by Moyako. There is a character named Fubuki who is just mostly reduced to narrating a handful of lines but I don’t see what the point is introducing her character if she doesn’t even make a decent appearance (she only does but for a short while in the third episode) or impact in relation to the stories. Just introductory level at this point, maybe. That’s the thing when you have not enough episodes to flesh other characters out. And not enough characters to see all of Moyako’s delusions ;p.

Ami Koshimizu is absolutely perfect as Moyako. She did a pretty good job in portraying the varying ‘worrying’ levels of her character especially when she starts screaming thanks to her indecent delusions. It is just funny and hilarious. Hats off to her. I didn’t recognize it was Aoi Yuuki’s voice behind Brisa. Maybe she’s all grown up? Nah. Even so, her voice shouldn’t change that much. Must be my ears failing me. The rest of the other casts include Takahiro Mizushima as Akira (Nagasumi in Seto No Hanayome), Satomi Akesaka as Kasumi (Esdeath in Akame Ga Kill), Mariko Honda as Fuuka (Inu in Etotama) and Sayaka Ohara as the narrator/Fubuki (Erza in Fairy Tail). The ending theme, Aneson ~Moyako Nee-san No Tomaranai Mekake Song~ by Ami Koshimizu is a fun piece to hear. After watching the hilarity and all, this lively anime pop rock tune is just the right tonic and dessert.

Overall, this show is funny because of a certain girl tending to think perverted thoughts and accusing her bother for it. I thought they should expand this into a proper TV series but the thought of hearing Moyako screaming her head off over something that does not exist in reality may be a little too tiring. Turning this into a running joke may be stretching it too. I mean, can you stand a girl yapping nonstop the entire time? Seeing this show is mainly on the monologue of Moyako, can you handle it when you hear her going full ranting for 1 cour? It’s no more funny. That is why I don’t blame Akira for turning into a serial rapist-cum-killer if he snaps at a later point in life. I hope it will never come to that.

Lastly, I believe normal and ordinary people would enjoy this series seeing the deluded perversions are just for laughs and not meant to amount to insult a certain gender. Extreme so called feminists might want to call or argue whatever they want. Making women look bad and like as though they are not enough as sex objects (Moyako has big boobs after all) and painting them as the ones with dirty thoughts. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and delusions… After all, the discrimination between the genders still exists even today. Especially with the line that says a man who sleeps with hundreds of woman in 2 weeks is legendary. But a woman who sleeps with 2 men in the span of 100 days is a slut. Don’t fret and pull your hair out arguing about this. Go watch some porn and let off some steam. We’ll be much happier that way :).

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