Well, well. Looks like I didn’t learn my lesson the last time. Heh. Was there supposed to be one? After of thinking of giving up on the disappointing seasonal ‘porn’, then that prison porn sh*t was interesting enough to make not abandon and keep me getting ‘addicted’. Hence I am once again here watching this season’s anime ‘porn’, Joshi Ochi! 2-kai Kara Onnanoko Ga Futte Kita. As the name ambiguously suggests, girls keep falling from a hole onto a guy. Heh. Is this a way of saying how a girl falls for a guy and they end up making love? Don’t think so much. It’s porn logic anyway. Dang, even if she didn’t fall from heaven but with enough porn, any guy would think this b*tch is heaven sent! Even if she’s just from the floor above.

Episode 1
Sousuke Aikawa tells straight to us that he is a bum and would rather work part time than go to college. He lives in a rundown apartment and the only motivation that keeps him going is the hot landlady, Yuki Shimizu. As he tries to sleep, he hears noisy thumping from the neighbour upstairs. He goes to confront but yeow, who is the hot babe here? Apparently Sunao Unyuu is an aspiring actress and was practising her lines. I know she’s not good but that bad that she is noisy? Is she trying to be a dancer? Anyway, whatever. Because she’s hot, Aikawa forgives her. The thumping continues so much so the floor gives way and she gets stuck in between! Aikawa tries to catch her but ends up having her crotch in his face. And when she really falls through, she lands on his dick. Even more amazing how his erected penis perfectly penetrated into her vagina!!! WTF???!!! F*CKING AMAZING!!! NO PENIS INJURY AT ALL!!! As expected, Aikawa gives into his horny desires as he fondles her boobs and starts f*cking her. Not surprising either, Sunao feels good and lets him have his way until they climax. When Yuki rushes in to see what the commotion is all about (she really took her time, huh?), she is shocked to see the duo in a very compromising position.

Episode 2
Yuki hears them out and finds it hard to believe. But the hole in the ceiling is real… So how? She’ll fix it and also take responsibility. How? By sleeping next to Aikawa! WTF?! What kind of responsibility is this?! That night he can’t sleep (obviously) because Yuki is so freaking hot while she sleeps. Sexy and temperature wise. Because she rolls too close to him, this triggers his horniness. Screw it because now he starts molesting her boobs. OMG. I can’t believe she is still asleep the way he gropes them this hard! Might as well go all the way. He starts to finger her. You know what? She is still asleep! How heavy a sleeper is she?! And then she finally wakes up. Shocking, right? Yeah, Aikawa’s finger has a mind of its own and continues fingering her until she climaxes. In the aftermath, why the f*ck is she so afraid of him? Didn’t he make her feel good? I don’t think prank as an excuse is going to cut it. But you know, porn logic. Hence Yuki ‘solves’ this by drawing a line between their sleeping area. Shouldn’t she go back to her room?! Better not cross this line?! Wasn’t she the one who crossed this line before Aikawa crossed the ‘other line’?! It’s amazing he didn’t’ get evicted yet…

Episode 3
Just when Aikawa thinks of stop thinking with his dick, Sunao drops down and wants him to f*ck her?! Straight from the mouth! He tries to pretend to be asleep but with Sunao too sexy to ignore and begging for sex, I guess we’re going back to thinking with his dick. So you ask for it. The f*cking begins and don’t worry about Yuki. She’s a heavy sleeper. It’s such a great sex that Sunao would love to come f*ck him again. Damn if only real life girls were like this!!!! Apparently this great sex allows him to sleep well but next morning he finds his face buried right in Yuki’s boobs. And all he got was a slap?! After last night, this is like a slap on the wrist (face, rather). Worth it. Even if it is Yuki’s fault for rolling over. Forgot that rule she made, huh? She asks if he is dating Sunao. He denies. She sounds happy. Woah. Like everything is forgiven. If only real women were like that. She even wants to make him breakfast. Did somebody just reset her mood? Maybe not. As she tidies the bed, she spots Sunao’s panties left behind during sex. Aikawa has got some explaining to do. Yuki is startled when Sunao rings the doorbell. Aikawa falls over her. It’s like her t-shirt has a mind of its own because the buttons just feel like bursting out to reveal her busty boobs.

Episode 4
With nobody answering the door, Sunao drops in from the hole. Aikawa takes Yuki to hide in the closet. Too close a proximity. Because she wants to go ask Sunao straight about the panties, Aikawa shuts her up. How? By kissing and molesting her?! WTF?! Wouldn’t she make even more noise?! With Sunao curious about the noise, thank goodness saved by the pantsu because she spots her missing panties and takes them and leave. Aikawa’s punishment? Just a slap. Still not evicted… Later when he returns from work, he is shocked that both girls announce they are going to stay with him! WTF???!!! Earlier on, Yuki talked to Sunao about a certain rapist. Knowing both have been violated and how it is risky for them to be living with a rapist, guess what is the solution? Why, have both of them live with him to stop the rape! WTF???!!! WHAT THE FFFFFFUUUUU????!!!! ULTIMATE PORN LOGIC!!!!!!! Yeah, I guess he can’t rape seeing one of them will be around to witness. Yeah, great solution. I wish this was applied in the real world. And they sleep right in his arms. Yeah, it’s like he owns this harem. Later he accidentally stumbles into Sunao bathing. She invites him to wash him. You’re not going to pass this up, right? I bet she’s just trolling him when she tells him not to have dirty thoughts while washing her back. Because now she takes off her towel and faces him. You got to look properly where you’re washing! The word self-control is starting to lose its meaning in Aikawa’s dick-tionary… Haha!!!

Episode 5
Aikawa strikes back as he full blasts the cold shower into Sunao’s vagina. Yuki comes to check since she is making weird noises. Yup, she is convinced this is part of her acting practice. Damn, she must be good, right? With this foreplay over, the duo now have penetrative sex in the tub. Such a dirty cleansing moment. Oh, the irony. Yuki comes back to check because she heard that really weird sound (Sunao’s climaxing). But Yuki spots Aikawa’s clothes in the basket… Later when Aikawa returns to his room, he sees a depressed Yuki sitting at the corner! What gives? She knows he has done something to Sunao. She believes he hates her and that is why he is doing such heinous acts on Sunao. Wait! WTF?! WTF LOGIC IS THAT???!!! Is she trying to subtly hint she wants to be f*cked by him?! Too bad Aikawa feels guilty for breaking his promise of protecting her smile. Instead he screwed over her although technically he hasn’t physically screwed her yet. Soon, Sunao invites them to the hotsprings. Yuki declines since that day the repair on the ceiling will be done. But after hearing there is a crab buffet, looks like she is willing to postpone the repair for this feast. In the hotspring, the girls talk and Sunao knows Yuki like Aikawa. That reaction says it all. Sunao admits that she too likes Aikawa and thinks her love is unrequited. In that case, shouldn’t have Sunao brought Aikawa alone here? Because she likes doing fun things, she wants all of them to have fun. Uhm, so she is into group sex?

Episode 6
Time for a reason to get pervy. Aha! Yuki being drunk. So she’s inviting Aikawa to do crazy stuffs to her. So he is teaching her how to have sex. He lets her ride on his dick in the tub although not really penetrating her. I wonder if climaxing makes her sober because she’s telling this to Sunao of what Aikawa made her do. Sunao not impressed. What’s this about trying to change to subject to the festivals? Anyway, Sunao and Aikawa head there (Yuki somehow conveniently separated). Sunao breaks down. She realizes having a third wheel is no fun. I suppose it’s more fun when you monopolized his dick, huh? She even confesses she loves him but what does this guy know about love? So the reason Sunao fell in love with him is because he took her virginity? And always cum inside her. WTF. Gee, if only real life girls were like that. Looks like she is going to take this to the next level. Ah, now I see why she isn’t wearing anything underneath the robe. Can’t he take a hint? Learning that he has not gone that far with Yuki, she wants him to treat her like Yuki. However she wants to be the only one to satisfy him. Yeah, he can cum insider her as much as he likes. Definite straight up obvious porn logic cliché here. The best sex in the bamboo grove ever. Why does Aikawa feel so bad after f*cking her? Oops I did it again? Not making any Britney reference, is he? Sunao assures him that she will not make him choose between them. So this is just for the sex, right?

Episode 7
Sunao has landed a lead role and invites the duo to her play. Although Yuki is captivated with her good performance, but you know what is even more captivating? Yuki wanting Aikawa to f*ck her right now! I guess I’m all eyes on this one. Might as well masturbate each other since there isn’t much crowd either. There’s some brief back story why Yuki loves Aikawa (something about her failed dreams) but we don’t care. Just f*ck! Yuki tries to distract Aikawa so as to look at her and not the stage. Probably not the best handjob but he still cum. At the end of the play at the backstage, Sunao whispers to Aikawa she saw everything! I wonder if the other actors on stage saw it too. Back home just when Aikawa might get serious to pick one of them, then shows up this busty babe, Yuzu Hanazono. She claims she is Aikawa’s girlfriend although he clarifies she is his childhood friend. So let me get this straight. She is going to stay here too?! Thankfully our jealous ladies believe Aikawa’s room is already at ‘full capacity’ (I wonder if they’re also referring to his dick) and put her in the next room. For some reason, there is a small hole that allows Aikawa to peep. Wow. Dang. Yuzu changing. Sexy. Suddenly the wall crumbles! WTF?! Yuzu doesn’t freak out. She loves him seeing her in the nude. Apparently they bathed together when they’re young. Looks like she didn’t grow out of it. Remembering their kiddie promise to marry, she starts giving him a blowjob. Before he can penetrate her (she invited him to), the jealous ladies barge in to beat him up. So is this the end of Aikawa’s sexcapades? Actually now they want to go to the beach and wear their swimsuits so as to get Aikawa decide once and for all he likes the best. YOU SERIOUS???!!! Man, 3 hot babes fighting over his dick that is going to die from over-f*cking. Seriously.

Episode 8
This episode Aikawa’s dick will explode… Yuzu goes first and in the float, she makes him molest all over her. He claims he has moral standards (WHAT MORAL STANDARDS?!) but Yuzu has the best reply: His heart may have morals but not his dick! OMG! SO TRUE! So screw whatever and just make out! They’re just here to feel good, right? I guess fun time is over when Sunao interrupts. Then in the storeroom, Sunao won’t lose to that newcomer b*tch and wants to f*ck him (what else is new?). Aikawa teases her by spamming how cute she is. Embarrassing but it relaxes her. Now to work his magic fingers and dick. You can’t stop now! Go all the way! He cums inside her like usual but she sounds disappointed? Did she want him to cum all over her face?! As they leave, they have been spotted by Yuki. She’s not pleased. She’s mad that he always chose her. I don’t think resting from tired of swimming is going to cut it. And then Yuki’s mood swing kicks in because she stops being mad and smiles that they should all take a shower and go home now. I wonder if that’s the I’m-still-mad-smile because it genuinely looks like a genuine smile.

Episode 9
I guess it’s Yuki’s turn. She forces Aikawa into the women’s shower with her. So she’s going to let Aikawa teach her all about sex? Well, if only Sunao would stop talking to her. Because you know the way is talking is getting stranger the more Aikawa eats her pussy. I’m not sure if Sunao knows what is going on and lets them be. Yuki’s sex ed reaches its climax when Aikawa now f*cks her from the back! OMG! Is that period blood?! First time penetration?! And then he f*cks her from the front just to see her f*cking cute embarrassed face. I also wonder if Yuzu also knows what is going on because the moaning is definitely strange and I doubt a pervy girl like Yuzu would not think it isn’t. Anyway she just lets Yuki be. Finally Yuki climaxes. I guess the other girls waiting outside knew it. Back home, Aikawa realizes he couldn’t and didn’t decide on the best swimsuit girl. You mean there was a contest?! Oh, I’m such a forgetful guy, I don’t even remember! Hence Aikawa’s true heaven and hell life begins. He has got holes in his apartment. Female holes all around him. Wow. Such a lucky bastard. And why do they all love sleeping naked together? And Aikawa is serious about choosing one of them one day? Yeah, one day. Let’s hope the harem doesn’t expand and if porn logic dictates, as long as he doesn’t choose, he can still f*ck around!!! OH YEAH!!!

Hole-y Sh*t! A (W)Hole Lot Of Top Hole Crap!
WOW! OMG!!!! You know what? It really embarrasses me to say this but I actually sort of enjoyed this one!!! In fact, this is the best hentai among all those I have seen, even topping that prison crap by a mile! Also, it must be the only series where it made me feel really horny but thankfully my self-control is still ‘superb’. Haha! Yes. Seriously. So I suppose that there are a few factors and reasons why this short porn series is way better than the rest and makes it really stand out from the rest. No, not referring to that hard erected dick.

First you might have noticed that there are only 9 episodes. That’s like only 3/4 from the usual dozen we have in the usual porn series. However each episode is slightly longer and can averagely almost go up to 6 minutes. No opening or ending themes even. Can’t waste a single moment, eh? So more banging in lesser screen time? As in, better to have one slightly longer sex scene than to have more but short sex scenes? Quality over quantity? But whatever. Also, since there is relatively no plot (I mean, who cares about the story in hentai series, right?!) and plot holes (can’t resist this pun), I suppose it would be more or less the same thing if they expand it to 12 episodes and by that time the boredom would have set in. Therefore having only 9 episodes and suddenly ‘ending’ it like that, surprisingly I wasn’t disappointed at all (unlike that prison show). Maybe it’s because of all the horniness that was welling up inside me that served as a cushion from disappointment when the series ended.

Unlike other porn series before this, this is the first time that they feature more than one girl. Yes, a harem basically. Come to think of it, the predecessors felt boring because they’re always f*cking and molesting the same girl. You’re going to see that climaxing face a dozen times and perhaps that is why it is so ‘boring’. Here, at least we have 2 girls at the start and hence the ‘variety’ of watching ‘different’ climaxing faces. Then they add another one towards the end although it really feels wasted that she came in so late and didn’t have really much screen time to show off her ‘skills’ but enough to set our tongues (dick, rather) wagging (tingling, rather).

Another reason why this is the most superior seasonal porn is the high quality of the art and animation. Yes and seriously, people. Looking back at all its predecessors, the animation quality was just moderate and downright mediocre. If I thought that prison series was good, this one is way better. Much better. The girls do look cute (much cuter than the predecessors and I’m not even drunk) and you can really see there is some quality put in the animation. Not to say it’s the best but it’s like as though this could have been a typical cliché young adult romcom anime series but they inserted sex into it. So yeah. No wonder Aikawa can’t stop f*cking them. If he passes up on any of them, it’s like setting up himself to be gay! No way, man! No way!

I know such series is all about the sex but I want to just touch a bit on the characters. As usual, nothing really deep (except Aikawa’s f*cking. Haha! Pun intended) and anything that you would want to support or cheer on. Therefore if they lack whatever background story there is, we don’t mind and care because as long as we get to see them f*ck, everything is a-okay. For Sunao as a budding actress, I can’t keep sniggering each time to think that she would have been perfect and if not more successful had she gone into porn! I know. It hit me the first time when she said that was her aspiration. I was like, “Uhm, you mean you wanna be a porn star?”. Haha. Yeah. Felt like it. Otherwise who cares about her real acting chops on stage? But it does make me wonder if Sunao is really that good of an actress, could she be faking it with Aikawa? Nah! I’m sure his f*cking will bring out all the honesty and embarrassment as seen on her face. Period.

I feel that Yuki is primarily helming a role with lots of porn logic cliché. I gives a lousy excuse and justification as to why she likes Aikawa. Yes, she’s supposed to like him but the very silly stuffs like drawing a border on their sleeping place and inviting other girls to sleep with him to stop his raping feels more like porn logic than anything. I mean, it definitely didn’t prevent our guy from f*cking around, right? Besides, don’t you think that the girls are the one who actually started and motivated him to molest them in the first place? Yeah, thankfully he makes them feel good or else they would have cried rape. So Yuki being a terrible actress is the ‘honest face’ girl whom every guy would love to see when they f*ck their girl. Finally she receives the D from Aikawa. Achievement unlocked! Welcome to the club! I feel Yuzu is wasted as she appeared so late and even the final competition didn’t do any justice. But at least it was a ‘shock factor’ that we didn’t see any character popping up to service Aikawa. So who’s next to pop up in Aikawa’s sex life? HIS SISTER! INCEST! Haha!

And Aikawa has got a very strong dick too because it seems as seen in the final episode after he ejaculates, he can actually go and f*ck the next girl and also ejaculate like as though his recover period is super fast or close to none. So don’t worry about his dick exploding or becoming limp from overusing because I am sure with the horny girls always teasing and initiating him to f*ck them, I bet he’ll never leave the dorm for the rest of his life now that he has got his own harem. Damn this dorm is going to be a place where you check in and never check out. If that is so, could it be a private red light district? If only real life was like porn where every girl you make love to wants your dick and cums so easily…

Oh, here’s another porn logic if they ever want to fix the holes. “Hello ma’am, I’m here to fix the holes. What’s that? You don’t have money to pay? How about with your body? Alright!”. Haha! But I doubt Aikawa is going to let any other men touch his women. After all, this flimsy romance being disguised as porn but I’m putting my money on Aikawa x Yuki since he is her first love and now that she allowed him inside her, looks like Sunao has got a rival catching up. Guys are like who lets them f*ck. Girls are like who gets to call them by their first name? No wonder love is so confusing. Sex is easier. So if Aikawa can’t choose who to be serious with, why not just share his dick which is now somewhat public property? Sharing is caring!

The other ‘enjoyable’ part of this series is how some of the dialogues are ‘witty’ although they may be just cheesy and downright cringe worthy. Maybe not so much the original Japanese lines as it sounds as ordinary as ever. Perhaps the English subtitled one that somehow managed to make such puns on holes and screwing, which actually make me laugh. I was like WTF but can’t help snigger at how ‘true’ the irony of the situation is. Also ‘enjoyable’ is some of the episode titles that are ‘creative’ with holes in them. For example, “The Hole That Connects Me To That Girl”, “Two Sides Of The Same Hole”, “You Can’t Pull The Wool Over My Eyeholes”, “Two In The Same Hole”, “Don’t Fill The Hole” and the best of the lot, “If There Is A Hole, I Want To Enter It”. Damn! I think there are lots of hole puns I want to make too but I think I better stop before the hole of decaying morals start to widen… But I’m still thinking when this series might introduce the glory hole… Oops!

Speaking of the title of this anime, despite its name about girls falling from the top floor, we only see it like twice before it is somewhat forgotten. I guess it would be boring each time Sunao had to drop in just to ask for sex. So with a different hole falling onto Aikawa’s dick, can we give some sort of excuse that their vaginas slip and fell onto Aikawa’s penis? Better than slipping and having your cock accidentally slip into a hole, right?

Overall, I am once again ashamed (but with no regrets) to say that this is the best of all the seasonal porn so far it has to offer because of it being superior in so many departments. Sad to say that because of this, I am now looking forward to next season’s smut. But the ‘good news’ is that since the standards have been raised so high, the next one will have a high hurdle to live up to its standards. Otherwise I might again consider abandoning it. Heh. I better be good to put my money where my mouth is. Nope, can’t say be good to put my dick where my mouth is because that will be like giving myself a blowjob and I’m not into this gay sh*t thingy! But I don’t have to keep my word because as I have learnt from this series, even if your heart has morals and brains to think, our dick has the better head and no moral compass to decide. Yeah, I don’t know what I’m saying. It feels like full of holes.

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