Jashin-chan Dropkick S2

June 20, 2020

Surprise! I didn’t actually realize that Jashin-chan Dropkick would get a second season. Although it was announced a year ago before the sequel was aired, I guess I never really bothered to check for updates. So definitely it was a surprise when I heard it was coming out just a few weeks prior. And more surprise! Because they released all the episodes at one go! OMG! I can’t believe that I am going to binge watch Jashin-chan Dropkick S2!!! Bring it on! I’m ready to get my dose of blood, gore and mayhem from the one and only smart aleck devil’ stupid troubles and antics! I say it again, bring it on right now! Right now, ATM! All… The… Madness…

Episode 1A
We see in more detail when Yurine first summoned Jashin. After chanting the correct words, Jashin pops up. Awkward at first, Jashin asks why she summoned a demon in the first place. Oh, nothing. Just wanted to see how it works. Now you can go back. This upsets Jashin because she summoned her from her busy devil life. But Yurine scolds her back to just go back (she can’t chant another spell because it is in another volume that she doesn’t have). Jashin starts crying because Yurine needs to use a spell to do so or another way is to wait till the summoner’s life force runs out. And you bet Jashin is going to kill her with her trademark dropkick. But Yurine got ready a sword. Oh sh*t. First blood…

Episode 1B
We see all the different versions of Jashin coming together to brainstorm. From commander to fighter to even a bug and Buddha version? Anyway, it all happened when Jashin made her own Death Note. Death NOT? Of course it is just a prank when she wrote Yurine will die by her dropkick. As Yurine examines how cute this notebook is, this is actually a distraction so that Jashin could dropkick her from behind! Of course Yurine easily dodges. Oh, here is the delivery of spears she ordered. Guess what? Yurine wrote Jashin’s death by spear impalement… Guess that came true… So now we see all the Jashin versions trying to hear each other opinions but it looks like they get distracted by stupid stuffs. Even to a point where the esper version killed the super giant version? So anyway after hearing the opinions, they all agree to go with the original’s version. That decision is to choose what kind of beef stew for tonight! I suppose we all have such ‘meetings’ in our heads for such decisions…

Episode 1C
Yurine and the usual suspects are out to an all-you-can-eat yakiniku restaurant. Yup, this means Pekola is once again invited. Don’t be tempted. But also, battles cannot be won by an empty stomach. So yeah. Eat your fill! Jashin tries to dictate how one should eat meat so Yurine burns and warns her. Then we hear Jashin complain how this is already the second season and should get better offers, only to be teased by the rest they should just change the name of this anime. Not happening! Pekola can’t stop eating and won’t waste every second. When Yurine asks if she wants dessert, Pekola wonders if this is heaven. Well, technically this place is called Yakiniku Heaven. Yeah, even if she couldn’t get back home, there is already a ‘heaven’ right here. Oh Pekola. You’re so blessed.

Episode 1D
Pekola rues another bad luck. As she ponders when her halo will reappear again, Poporon comes to tease her that it might be in a thousand years. Can Pekola live a poverty life for that long? Suddenly here comes another angel, Pino. She was Pekola’s servant alongside Poporon in heaven. Pekola is happy she can go home now but Poporon casts some doubt. This is only the first episode, do you not think there is something amiss? Damn right she is. Because Pino is here to execute them as the Lord has deemed them traitors. Especially Pekola who has been too cosy with the devils. Pekola tries to explain but all fall on deaf ears. Smart girl Poporon knows she can’t defeat her so she uses the oldest trick in the book to escape. Look, a UFO! I guess Pekola will die first. Luckily she runs for her life. Can’t accept the Lord’s punishment, huh? Better switch faith now. Because Pekola thinks that if she is to survive, she must seek the help of the devils! Yeah. She runs to Yurine’s place and bangs her door for help. Help! Somebody is after my life. No answer. Nobody’s home?! Time’s up. Pino has cornered her.

Episode 2A
Before we see Pekola getting killed or not, we go back a few days in time. It seems Jashin got real pissed after people trolled her on the internet. For bad cooking? Hence she is going to show it to them. First, she tricks Medusa into getting her some clairvoyance drops that will allow her to see who posted that sh*tpost. Then she goes to find that person and slams pie into his/her face! Take that! But the person doesn’t mind because the pie tastes delicious! And so Jashin goes on a worldwide ‘tour’ to pie those trolls in the face. Oh, Yurine is at the library and Minos is out working. So nobody’s home at this time for you, Pekola. Pekola despite knowing she is no match for Pino, fights her. Yeah, she loses. About to resign to her fate, her life flashes before her eyes. Hmm… Good deeds from the witch and devils for her, huh? WTF?! Did Jashin sacrificed herself to save the universe in Pekola’s stead?! Did that actually happen???!!! But before Pino can cut off her head, Poporon does a German suplex on her. Please note that it is not her intention to save Pekola but to steal her halo. Buy oh my, how brittle the halo is. It’s broken. Another failed angel. Pino realizes this and starts crying. How pitiful. Deemed a failure and marked for death, the first thing she does is to hail a taxi and run away. Eh? No wonder Poporon can’t stop laughing. Later Jashin returns home and bakes the most delicious pie for Yurine. Wow. Jashin so happy it tastes good. Care to open a bakery? And Jashin even forgot what this was all about in the first place.

Episode 2B
Poporon bumps into Persephone on the streets. The latter accidentally cough blood all over her dress. Pitying her condition, she lets her eat the ramen she is delivering. Persephone introduces herself and says that she will be living in the human world from now on. Though Persephone doesn’t mind befriending an angel, Poporon has a different intention. Realizing she is the daughter of Hades who rules hell, she will pretend to be her friend and once she gets her powers back, she’ll kill her and this will certainly skyrocket her reputation. Meanwhile Pino is camping in the woods. As a premonition of her evilness, she kills a cute wild rabbit and eats it! Then, as she thinks of how to get away with her failure, she realizes she will need to kill God and take over His place! WAHAHAHA!!! That’s so EVIL! But for now, she needs a place to lie low till her powers return. And that place is becoming the landlady of Yurine’s apartment?! Jashin can immediately tell she is an angel and knows no good will come from her. She insists of killing her now but Yurine will not allow it. Since she persists, Yurine crushes her head! OMFG! You see this, Pino?! Yurine is even scarier than God! Holy sh*t. Pino also meets Minos and Persephone and wonders if she is going to be okay with this life…

Episode 3A
Persephone now lives with Minos. Yurine chooses a nice goth dress for her. Everyone notes how good she looks in it. Except for Jashin of course. She claims being naked is the best but when Yurine has made a cape for her, she’s all for clothing now. Then they give Persephone a cute nickname (though it was initially casted as pathetic by the one and only sourpuss Jashin). Persephone notes she was an only child but credits she has now 4 big sisters. Jashin included? Yes. Jashin dismisses it but we all now she’s just happy and loves the sound of it.

Episode 3B
Jashin akin the characters of this series to shogi. Most probably she misread the name of the pieces and assigns them closely to their behaviours. Like Medusa is the gold general because she is the ATM!

Episode 3C
Yusa seeks Yurine and Jashin’s help because Koji is missing. Last seen in Akiba, the only police they can call for help is Mei? Okay. After describing Koji, Mei agrees to look for her. But it seems the big devil is herself as she is the one who kidnapped Koji! Knowing this will be found out soon, Mei wants to quickly add Koji to her collection. Will formalin do? Koji then freezes the place to force Mei to send her back. Eventually Mei returns Koji to the gang and even pretends to be the one who found her. Of course we can tell that she won’t learn from this. As long as she doesn’t get caught, she’ll continue to do as she wants…

Episode 3D
The irony of Yurine bringing her demon friends to a demon exhibit! They look at the drawings of various Japanese ghosts, ghouls, monsters, etc. And then they laugh at one and tease this is Jashin’s ancestor. Yeah. This funnily hideous serpent is Jashin’s predecessor? But this actually gets to Jashin. She’s really feeling depressed! She can’t stop thinking if this is what her ancestor actually looked like. Then her twisted thinking is that they may have undergone some super evolution and that’s pretty cool! But that further thought has her imagine a more hideous and pathetic version. More nightmare fuel…

Episode 3E
Yurine beats up sleeping Jashin! What gives?! Apparently she is sleeping in someone else’s apartment. Recollecting what happened last night, it seemed she was all drunk and returned to the wrong place to sleep. Another beat down and forced to apologize. On the way home, Yurine could smell her reeking of booze. Further flashback shows she entered a drinking challenge with an old guy. Then she talks about some Miura guy (each depicting the wrong famous person named Miura). But this could just be a distraction as she lets him drink a stronger one to make him pass out. Then she used his money to cover for their drinks! She is pretty sure he died but here he is! Right before her and looking as healthy as ever!

Episode 3F
Jashin has a cavity. She fears the dentist as she has never been to one. Cue for Yurine to scare her of how much a torture chamber it is. Then she drags a fright filled Jashin there. It’s bad enough she is in pain and fear, active kids bump into her and aggravate the pain. Jashin then threatens the mom to look after her kid or she’ll kill them! Thankfully the bigger threat is Yurine. Be on your best behaviour or else. Jashin continues to be scared, so much so she is vibrating nonstop! Then her name is called. Hell is now. We skip the operation and Jashin is now a chirpy snake. No more pain. Despite being told not to eat for 30 minutes, the minute she takes out a chocolate, Yurine punches her in the face! Back to the dentist because she broke a tooth! Oh no!

Episode 4A
Persephone tries to do homework but Jashin comes to tease her. Of course Persephone teases her back by calling her a smart aleck devil. Wow. That really got to her? Though Persephone doesn’t know what she wants to be at first, eventually she settles for being a teacher. Yurine? A dictator of Yurine Kingdom! While it seems funny to us, it is not for Jashin. Thinking it is best to take her out now before that comes true, Jashin throws a knife at Yurine. She caught it! Now how do you like your punishment, Jashin? Yurine kicks her but Jashin dodges and this causes Yurine to slip. Jashin laughs her ass off at this blooper but it is Yurine who will have the last laugh. Because she too wanted to be a butcher. One snake meat coming up!

Episode 4B
Jashin rues the mandatory monthly Japanese national health insurance payment. Yeah, like as though she is going to save with any extra savings… Meanwhile Poporon isn’t amused that Pino is the landlady where the demons stay. It’s all part of her plan, huh? Jashin interrupts to ask about them paying that said payment. Of course they paid but they aren’t happy. Because you don’t pay such taxes in heaven! Jashin then eats Poporon’s ramen delivery meant for Persephone. Don’t worry. Jashin will cook her omelette dish for everybody. Wow. Tastes delicious! Pino feels conflicted because the demons are treating her good. But Poporon has been there before so she tells her to get used to this if she plans on living here.

Episode 4C
Another beach episode! Oh yeah. And because so, Jashin has transformed her snake tail into beautiful human legs just for the fanservice! So as our usual suspects have fun in the beach, only Pino and Yurine stay out. Pino asking the question of how angels and demons can have fun together. Because when the angels lived in heaven, they hated the demons so much. Yurine says that being around Jashin changes everything. Angels or demons, it livens every day up so she can’t help enjoy it too. Yeah, I can think of another meaning for that. Taking a break, Jashin spits watermelon seeds. All hit Yurine. Oh no. Before she can hand her punishment, here comes Yusa and Koji selling their crushed ice. New venture? Since Jashin bullies Koji, you bet Yurine is going to let that serpent devil get a taste of her own medicine. Yup, burying Jashin in the sand, Koji will split this ‘watermelon’! Using an ice sword! Oh sh*t! Luckily a coffin washes adrift as distraction. Too bad Koji still lands the blow. OUCH! Popping out from the coffin is a jiangshi, Kyonkyon. She immediately attacks and bites Jashin. Why are some laughing and others just staring in disbelief? This is serious! Minos tries to fight her but is no match. Until she judo throws her, Kyonkyon breaks apart! After gluing her back, Kyonkyon explains she thought Jashin was the enemy. Anyway, her wish is to become human and hence she came here by her superior’s orders. Jashin laughs it off that she has been duped but seeing her pitiful state, the rest agree to help her and allow her to follow back to Tokyo. Oh, since Jashin got bitten, she now turns into a jiangshi. Hop, hop, hop…

Episode 5A
Yurine notices Jashin has been making the same bread breakfast for days. Turns out she is trying to collect stickers (a point each) and enough of them will land her some Tibetan sad fox tote bag. Only 15 more points to go. So we see Yurine passing time and eating snacks in between, trying to finish her bread (yeah, watching TV without the volume and adlibbing a foreign series was pretty funny). Eventually she realizes this will take a while so to hasten the process, she has her demon pals help out. Then she realizes at this pace she could get more of the same bag. Yup. Greed setting in. Hence she has Pekola help out too. Wow. Pekola getting free food! God bless the, uhm, devil? Ultimately when Jashin gets all the bags, she realizes the thrill is gone. Wasted time, money and effort? But Yurine understands the excitement of such process. You’d think Jashin has learnt her lesson because now she wants to get that Tibetan sand fox plate. So eat up those cup ramen, girls!

Episode 5B
Yurine has lots of pouches and tote bags that came free with magazines that she didn’t use. One of them smelled familiar to Jashin. Ah, this brings back memories. Flashback sees a young Medusa bought a pencil box from the store. Of course it smells and the boys in her class teased her that it stinks. Medusa was heartbroken but when Jashin learnt about this, she got mad and went on a beating up spree! Oh man, not even Minos and Medusa could hold her back. Yurine laughs at the irony of this because Jashin always bullies Medusa but when others do so, she goes off on them. Medusa believes Jashin is kind although Jashin herself dismisses it. Yurine offers to give them her stuffs but they don’t want it. Besides, that pencil box smell was already long gone.

Episode 5C
Medusa receives a distress call from Jashin. HELP ME! She rushes all the way down to see Jashin about to be killed by Yurine! What is it this time? Blown all her money at the pachinko, huh? Wow, Medusa the kind soul even giving Jashin some allowance?! The moment Jashin takes it, Yurine chops off her hand! Oh sh*t! Jashin more concerned with the dropped money than her hand?! Then this weird scene where everybody stares at her so Jashin tries to tell them to give her money if they pity her. Huh? Medusa still tries to cover for Jashin but Yurine scoffs at her for being soft. But luckily Jashin is given a reprieve since Yurine has to go out. But when she comes back, she must do something about the money she lost. Jashin earnestly gives the money back to Medusa but she says she can keep it as a loan. As long as she doesn’t tell Yurine. OH MEDUSA! YOU’RE SUCH A SWEET DEAR! Jashin thinks she can pay it back by becoming a YouTube star but upon realizing how all the revenue generated will go into admin costs, looks like that plan failed. Before Medusa leaves, Jashin actually bought a birthday present for her. Why, thank you. Wow. Such good friends. Back home, Medusa opens her present. A ninja outfit. Yeah, it’s a great day.

Episode 6A
Another successful performance by Noel the idol. Backstage, Pekola asks her that she saw Persephone in the crowd. Oh, she was invited. Pekola didn’t expect her to be friends with a devil so Poporon explains her true intention. This shocks Pekola because she shouldn’t be toying with a nice girl. Of course Poporon tells her off that she was the one who taught her to hate demons back in heaven. After all, even if this will cause a big war between heaven and hell, she doesn’t care. She’s been branded as a traitor, right? Persephone comes in to ask for an autograph and we see them both interact very friendly with each other. Pekola asks Persephone if it is okay for her to be friends with an angel. Angel or devil or human, it doesn’t matter. A friend is a friend. Heh. That should cast some doubts. After they leave, Pekola wonders if Poporon is actually pretending. Because with that genuine smile and laughter, she could have been better off being an actress.

Episode 6B
Kyonkyon continues to find a way to become human. And to do that is to do good? Resting at a park, it seems the panda print on her dress is actually her older sister, Ranran. Kyonkyon blames herself that she ended up like this buy Ranran prefers this. Then they see a couple of delinquents bullying kids to hand over their cards. Kyonkyon moves in but they badmouth the stupid looking panda print. That is taboo because Kyonkyon loses it and goes berserk if anyone says bad about her sister. Man, she gives them a beat down that is enough to kill them! After all that yelling, finally Ranran’s voice manage to get through to her to stop. The delinquents run away while the kids thank her.

Episode 6C
Medusa gets cooking lessons from Yurine. Like cutting onion. Because Medusa fails, don’t worry, Yurine has already prepared beforehand those items. So it’s like Medusa’s efforts were for nothing, huh? Then making the meat patty, Medusa makes a heart shaped one. Cute, right? Until Yurine says this is Jashin. She has turned into food as atonement. That is why they must eat every last bite of her so her sacrifice won’t be in vain. Then this weird scene of Jashin padding up herself with desert sand so that she could become some crispy fried serpent. She jumps into the wok with boiling oil and the timing must be precisely 15 seconds. When it’s time to take her out, the handle breaks. Mei comes out of her cover to plead to Yurine to do something. Everyone scared of Mei and runs away? Mei uses the log to pour spill over the wok. But at this point Jashin has been burnt to a crisp. So sad. Turns out to be one big lie from Yurine but this was horrifying enough for Medusa to faint. Jashin just came home and is shocked to see Medusa ‘dying’. She really cares for her best friend dying? Because where will she get money for tomorrow???!!! Ashita wa Takaru zo Medusa ni!!! ATM!!! Safe to say, Jashin for real becomes the fried serpent that the rest can enjoy. Yum. Tastes good.

Episode 7A
Pino bakes a great apple pie. She is after all the winner of some heavenly baking contest. She decides to give it to Yurine as thanks for that beach outing. Upon arrival, Jashin crashes through the door! What gives?! Oh. The usual, huh? It seems while Yurine was asleep, Jashin turned the earphone volume max into her ear. You bet Jashin is dead but because Pino is here, her life is spared. For now. So after trying her apple pie, it seems Yurine wants Pino to try Jashin’s cheesecake. After tasting it, Pino leaves in a huff. What’s gotten into her? She can’t believe such cheesecake was made so delicious by a devil. She will not allow such loss and goes home to bake a better cake!

Episode 7B
Well, what do you know? Somebody selling trash in the online market? Which idiot thinks she can sell such crap? Oh. Jashin. But then the bigger idiot: Somebody actually bought it! WTF???!!! Even Jashin is shocked. Realizing there is money to be made with this, she goes to collect garbage all over the city to smell. Of course Yurine will not allow this as this stinks up her place. Take out the garbage now!!! And so there goes Jashin’s garbage entrepreneurship… As the place still smells, Jashin makes excuse she can’t cook and to go out and eat. Of course. And she’ll be paying for it. But Jashin has run out of money. How? Don’t worry. Yurine has something to sell: Jashin! Hey, isn’t selling living things online illegal? Jashin isn’t technically a living thing. She’s a beast from hell. F*cking technicalities. Oh, somebody just snapped up Jashin. Who? MEI!!! And off Jashin goes t be part of Mei’s collection. Yeah, this place is worse than hell…

Episode 7C
Jashin is excited to put together some plastic model but it turns out it only has 2 parts. So easy, huh? Unlike in the past where she needed lots of glue just to glue the parts together. Yeah, forcing Medusa to get glue during school hours, eh? Of course Jashin hits a devilish idea. She will put glue on the floor so when Yurine comes back and gets stuck, it’s dropkick time. The plan is all set in place. Yurine returns. Haha! She’s stuck! What you gonna do now? She takes off her shoes… Curses! But wait! Jashin foresees this. She steps on the mat in which Jashin also placed glue. Haha! You’re stuck. What you gonna do now? She takes off her socks… CURSES! That’s all there is to her plan. Didn’t think this far, eh? So please take this plastic model as offering. Unfortunately Yurine will only be satisfied after she cuts her up into plastic model pieces. Do we need glue to put Jashin back together again?

Episode 7D
Kyonkyon is working at the bookstore. Jashin is here to return a book she borrowed. Too hard for intelligence. She then teases both of them can be dumb characters but Ranran doesn’t want her associated with them. The struggle has Jashin pull out Ranran? Uhm, can this happen? Ranran goes back to her normal place. Anyway, Jashin has brought some sweet chestnut rice for her, courtesy from Yurine. But Kyonkyon gets scared and doesn’t want since such rice is her weakness. Jashin tries to make a pun of her frightened state. F-rice-tened? But Kyonkyon ignores her and tells to give her regards to Yurine. Man, that really got to Jashin. She’s depressed! It’s so sad when one doesn’t acknowledge your puns, eh? So when she tells Yurine about this, she laughs her ass off. Jashin so relieved. Meanwhile the extra rice, Jashin left outside Pekola’s place. What sorcery is this? But thanks for the food anyway. Itadakimasu!

Episode 8
Flashback shows when Minos was a new transfer student, the guys shunned her thinking that as a minotaur, she is really strong and ferocious. And so she was ostracized from games but Jashin and Medusa came to talk to her and they’re not afraid if they too get excluded. After all, the only way to dispel the rumours is to take part and show them why it’s not. And so Minos became their good friend and joined in with other kids. Though, not sure if Jashin imposed a million yen payment as some sort of lifetime friendship money thingy… You’re wondering why Jashin is having such a flashback. Well, her pals are away at hell for some festival. Festivals in hell lasts a long time, you know. So Jashin’s just lonely, right? Yurine asks about her parents. As she reluctantly gives bits and hints about them, Yurine is excited to hear more. From what we hear, it sounds like Jashin’s parents are big shot conglomerates and this makes her some VIP daughter? Jashin is not amused with that thought and rather self-abuse herself as some stupid weakling. Yurine allows her to call her parents. Wait. Yurine’s handphone can call hell? Anyway, the phone immediately hangs up. Ouch. That really got to Jashin. Yurine thought of giving her some money to cheer her up but Jashin doesn’t want it! OMG! Jashin doesn’t want money?! Is 500 yen too low? But still! Clearly she is depressed as she goes for a walk.

Looks like town is dead because of the summer heat. It’s like everybody got abducted by aliens or turned into zombies or something. I guess doing her dropkick antics won’t help either. Jashin bumps into Poporon. She asks if everybody else went back to heaven and she is the only one left behind, would she be lonely? Of course Poporon says no. Jashin just leaves and this leaves Poporon confused. Wow. Jashin really in gloomy mood, huh? When she returns, she sees Yurine cosplaying in some cheap devil outfit! Almost unrecognizable. Jashin laughs at her and even offers to make a better outfit. And here it is. Wow. Yurine turned into a sexy devil. I’ll sell my soul to you now! Haha! Since it is skimpy, Jashin has extra material to make a cape based on Baron Pigeon. He’s some TV show villain. Jashin really likes it and as both the girls have, moments before Jashin takes a selfie with her, she notes how the costume she made for Yurine isn’t suitable since Yurine is flat and the outfit’s design emphasizes on the chest. I guess that ruins in. One German suplex coming up! Just then, Jashin’s pals return. Lonely no more. Hooray. As Jashin is in a very good mood, she cooks for everyone to herald their return. If only every day was like this… It wouldn’t be Jashin-chan’s show anymore!

Episode 9A
We returns you to our normal Jashin-chan show. That’s right. Jashin realizes she is screwed because of all the money she blew. And her usual ATM (AKA Medusa) is away on holiday. But luckily she left some money so hell yeah! Time to blow it all and make it multiply by that equivalent exchange theory Fullmetal Alchemist fans would understand. Fullmoney Alchemist? Anyway, it didn’t work for her because thousands of bills now become just a few candies? Since Kyonkyon is passing by, she gives some to them. When Ranran eats them, she returns to normal! The curse is lifted! Hooray! Of course Jashin is going to take advantage of this. She helped cure her, right? Now pay up. Kyonkyon is willing to do that until the effects wear off. No pay. Jashin lets Ranran eat the remaining candy but nothing happens. The sisters ignore her as they continue to find a way. Poor frustrated Jashin left without a penny. Transmutation failed! Foolmoney Alchemist, most likely!

Episode 9B
Jashin mocks those who wear clothes as fools. Until Medusa comes by and serves some special apples that are cultivated after many centuries. It is then Jashin realizes the embarrassment of being naked and starts wearing a dress. Even so, she still feels all the embarrassment. Yurine can’t help laugh her ass off as she thinks this effect might have its roots from the time of Adam and Eve. With Jashin ‘bullying’ Medusa, Yurine dropkicks her. How to solve this problem? Bury her. Burying helps cure ailments, right? Yeah. It worked! Jashin back to normal. Being naked is the best! But she can’t remember the taste of those apples because she was so embarrassed, she forgot.

Episode 9C
Oh, somebody think of the children! It seems some orphanage’s Christmas party is cancelled just because they don’t have enough funds. Pekola who is to perform there, feels bad but I don’t think her meagre savings can help save the day. And so she starts singing in town in hopes people will donate. None. Poporon happen to pass by and isn’t amused at what she is doing. Do you not know that there are many others who also require saving? So what’s the point in saving a few and ignore the rest? There’s just too many. Might as well don’t save. But for Pekola, it is worth it to see those children smile and if an angel can’t save those in front of her, then there’s no way she could save everyone who is in need. Poporon rubbishes that thought and leaves. So cold. But she’s got a point too. So happen, Poporon walks by that orphanage. I don’t think this is God’s doing but whatever… A girl recognizes Noel and talks about how she wants to make people smile like her. Change of heart? So she returns to Pekola. Hours of singing and still no donation. Who the f*ck is that heartless bastard who donated a fake coin! Poporon then starts singing. Leave it to the pro idol to rake in all the attention and donation till the bucket is full. Poporon acts like she doesn’t care even after handing the money to Pekola. But Pekola hopes that they could both hand over the money to the orphanage. Okay. Just this once. Christmas is saved.

Episode 9D
Our usual Jashin lazes around and thinks of a way to return home. Somewhat impossible to kill Yurine, right? Oh well… As she looks at Yurine’s collection of books. Wait a minute. Isn’t this the second volume of the grimoire Yurine used to summon her? There’s a spell that will send her back! OMG! Time to call her friends over and talk about this. As they congratulate her that she can go home now, Jashin ponders why Yurine hid this from her. Isn’t it obvious? Because Yurine likes her! They also tease Jashin that she also likes Yurine. Seems hard to believe, right? And then Yurine returns and she realizes the cat is out of the bag.

Episode 10A
Yurine ignores and changes the subject. How do you like some pudding? Jashin won’t allow this so she teases Yurine wants her to stay. Her condescending tone has others criticise her. Jashin admits that her life here is also good but the fact that Yurine kept it hidden from her is another matter. She goes out to drink (to drown her sorrows?). Then she bumps into Pekola. As usual, she’s complaining about overworking and low pay. Cue for Jashin to take advantage. Yeah, whose tabs is she going to put on by ordering so many drinks? Anyway, Jashin thought of giving her a parting gift. Something about how magistrate costumes in the feudal era evolved into business suits. And if they can figure out the formal wear of the future, they’ll be rich! Of course Pekola dismisses this stupid plan because the modern clothes came from overseas. Jashin doesn’t like this ‘insult’ and beats her up! Then she returns home, ready to return to hell. Eh? Why is everyone looking so serious? Yurine points out at the last page. It says the spell is so long and complex that it is located in another apocrypha grimoire. Yurine didn’t want to tell her this because she was afraid she couldn’t handle this and be in shock. True enough, Jashin turned into sand…

Episode 10B
Kyonkyon visits Yurine in hopes of asking for advice how to become human. But first, they need to hear the story of how Ranran became a panda. While visiting the hell zoo, they watched the panda exhibit. Ranran thought how easy a panda’s life is. Just eat and sleep. How she’d wish she was a panda. Then she hears a voice mocking her. It’s that panda! He is not happy she thinks a panda’s life is easy. Do you know how long he has been caged here? Besides, he has no privacy! Before she knew it, she turned into a panda. Kyonkyon blamed herself had she not been away at the toilet, this wouldn’t have happened. Somebody please do something to Jashin laughing her ass off! Thank you, Yurine. Anyway, wouldn’t the curse go away if they did something to the panda? Unfortunately the panda died the next day from overeating. So the theory is that if Ranran looked at a strong panda and her wish to become one came true, could the same theory be true if she looked at a strong human? But is there a human who is insanely that strong? Looking at you, Yurine! And so Yurine finds it hard to sleep with Kyonkyon staring at her during bed… Nothing happening…

Episode 10C
Snowball fight! Team Jashin vs Team Yurine. Of course Jashin has Medusa and Beth on her side seeing she knows they won’t need the prize. Jashin of course plays cheat by throwing a hardened ice at Persephone, breaking her leg bone! Minos tries to get revenge on her (with help from Yusa and Koji making hardened ice for her) but since she cannot control her strength, she wrecks almost everything. Luckily Jashin dodges. Medusa opts out and this doesn’t sit well with Jashin because this serpent intended to use her as a shield! Jashin f*cks it all by throwing a grenade! Boom! Only Yurine survives. Final showdown. Before Jashin could finish her taunt, suddenly a hole in her stomach! Yurine threw one that is faster than the speed of sound! So Jashin’s last moments is to sing? Horrible. Cue for other characters like the angels, Mei and Kyonkyon to drop by for one big group gathering? Yeah. End is nigh. Oh yeah. Jashin’s soul rising to heaven so she could dropkick back into life. More snowball fight fun. Nobody’s going anywhere that’s for sure. So now you know why everybody is going to stay here a little longer?

Episode 11
Uhm… So this special episode is a recap episode?! Oh well. But it’s not exactly copy and paste. Okay, in some ways it is. At least for the visuals, all the scenes are recycled scenes and montage from both seasons. Can you guess where it is taken from? As for the dialogue, it is mainly between Yurine and Jashin. So this is the part where it isn’t ‘recycled’. So WTF Jashin blaming Yurine for the death of Azusa 2 because some apocalyptic happened on Earth that only remained the trio as survivors. Anyway, it’s just a lie. In case there are new viewers at this point, hence the ‘recap’. After lies and exaggeration by Jashin and Yurine about the ‘real’ plot of this show, we have Jashin narrating the bare bones of this show as well as its characters. So the first part is done. What about the second part? Well, Jashin sings a 10 minute long video of her life here! 10 MINUTES! Enjoy more recycled scenes and montage too. And one last thing to note. Azusa 2 never made into the anime…

Sometimes dubbed as episode 12, this episode was funded via Chitose’s tax programme. Basically, taxpayers in urban areas contributing to taxes applied to rural areas and will get some tax incentives. Wow. If more animes can be funded this way… Anyway, Yurine has booked a trip to the city of Chitose in Hokkaido. Jashin doesn’t want to go since she is scared of plains. A devil like her who has seen lots of magical sh*t and Yurine’s brutality is afraid to fly in a giant scrap of metal? Okay, whatever. But because she doesn’t want to be home alone, she follows them. And if she doesn’t want to take a step from the airport? Yurine cuts her up with her chainsaw and puts her in the suitcase! But chainsaws aren’t allowed on the plane… Meanwhile, the angels are taken by their senior, Lierre to Hokkaido. The goal is to head to a lake imbued with some holy power so that they can achieve their goal. But Pino is wary and wonders if this is all part of her plan to rid the fallen angels. Arriving at Chitose, we get a glimpse of some of the famous landmarks and food. Blatant promotion? Hey, the people’s tax funded this! When Jashin encounters a deer, she thinks it is a reincarnation of Azusa 2! She gets scared and fumbles, allowing the deer to eat their lodging ticket and run away. Oh sh*t. And Yurine and co are thinking about returning to their hotel. Double sh*t! Better get that ticket back! Pronto! She stumbles into the angels facing off with a bear (poor Pekola turned into bear feed). Losing the deer’s trail and learning the angels are also staying at the same hotel, Jashin tries to force them to give their tickets just to save her own ass. Of course they won’t and since Yurine and co are here, Jashin quickly announces an angel vs demon boat race! Yeah, it’s not very often we get a boat ride, right?

Yurine flags off the race. Jashin-Minos team taking the lead thanks to the latter’s brute power but soon the angels catch up with Lierre using her angel power. Medusa-Persephone being left behind… Because of Minos’ might, she wakes up the great master of the lake and this causes the fish to overturn their boat. Jashin is drowning and pleading to God (?!) just to let her have the angels’ lodging ticket and she’ll never do bad things again (yeah, right) when suddenly she sees a huge fish. It’s like they click and she powers up by merging with it. Huh?! With this new power, Jashin gets cocky and will finish off the angels to take their ticket. Lierre gets ready to face her as Yurine has learnt the truth. So as she throws her spear at Jashin, at the same time Pino pushes Lierre into the water in hopes of killing her. Jashin gets owned while Lierre couldn’t be more thankful to Pino for saving her from Jashin’s attack. Really? In the end, Yurine’s side is still able to lodge in because she booked online so the physical copy wasn’t needed. And you thought of all people, Yurine was dumb enough to leave a copy in Jashin’s care, right? Pino still reeling from the guilt, wants to stay with Yurine?! Fearing Lierre’s wrath? I don’t see her being suspicious. But wow. Angel seeking comfort with a witch. Conveniently, they all got a big room together. They enjoy the hotspring as Jashin and Lierre sing a duet of Chitose before everyone having a great hearty meal. When Jashin returns to the hotspring and thanks us viewers, Yurine isn’t too happy this piece of sh*t has once more misused the funds of taxpayers? Yeah, how many times Jashin died this episode? Apologize! And speaking of Pekola, she isn’t dead. Now she is part of the bear’s family and loving the fish mama bear catches? Oh, she doesn’t know what she’s missing…

Between The Devil And The Deadpan Witch
Ah yes. And so life goes on as usual for our wacky demons and angels and a certain human. That’s all folks. Until they make another season! It was a great binge watching run and I’m so full with Jashin, I think I can really wait a little while until the next season. Heh. Really. Though, I’m not sure why they released the entire season in a single. Is it accidental or pure intentional? Who knows? But my guess is that they originally intended to release it week by week because I noticed some of the dialogues indicate next week or last week. This won’t happen if it was released simultaneously, right? Hence my other guess is that they have finished this season pretty much early on (remember, they announced the second season about a year prior so they may have made this during that period) but ran into technicalities or other unforeseen problems for airing. Maybe they couldn’t get the slot or a channel to air their work. So instead of disappointing everybody, might as well release it all over the internet. Yup, this second season is considered ONA and thank goodness it isn’t Netflix exclusive. Because I noticed shows that were released all at one go from there are CGI. Since this one isn’t, therefore I am pretty confident they got all their work done before the start of the season. Anyhow, all of us got a treat and enjoyed it very much. Those who hate this series better lie and say you enjoy it too!

Oh, also I have a trivial thing to pick on regarding this season. It is the name of this season! They call it Jashin-chan Dropkick Dash! What’s wrong with it? It is actually written as this: Jashin-chan Dropkick’. Uhm… Hello? That is not a dash. That is an apostrophe! WTF?! Are you trying to mislead me?! Heck, they even make jokes of renaming this series to something else other than dropkick since Jashin rarely does them. And although she just dropkicks many times just for the heck of it, I’m still concerned that they call this symbol a dash! It’s not a dash! It’s an apostrophe! You Japanese people better get your English grammar symbols correct!

Anyway, this season feels very much at home like the first season and there is no big change to the slapstick formula. Why fix it if it isn’t broken? Hence the sequel sometimes feel a lot like an extension rather than a whole brand new season itself. I mean, introducing a few new characters might be one thing but overall the basic formula of Jashin being a dick and getting her just desserts still never changed. She never learns. Yurine always punishes her in the most gruesome ways. Jashin does not repent. Rinse and repeat cycle. After all, that is the basic plot and storyline that we have all operated under ever since the first season and there is no need to add some further convoluted twist except maybe to troll us and then go back to square one. That’s so Jashin-chan for you.

So if you love your brand of comedy breaking the fourth wall, Jashin-chan here has broken more of them here this season. So how many other anime trivia can you spot this season? Also, some of the fourth wall breaking feels like as though they are ‘hinting’ for another season. You know, like how Jashin noted that if there were some offers coming in for a live action production of this series, she’ll seriously consider taking it. So can we hope for a third season? After all, the final episode (Chitose-hen not counted since it was shown separately from the TV series) says see you again. That means there is still hope, right?!

Although they added a few new characters, personally I don’t see them making a lot of impact. Perhaps they don’t want to take away the spotlight from Jashin. What is the name of this anime again? After the initial first appearance but ever since, they become relegated to rest of the supporting characters. For instance, Persephone who actually made her cameo in the first season, suddenly she became part of the gang. In the first season, she was always seen in every episode looking for Jashin. It is never explained why she was looking for her. Somehow she found Jashin and they’re now living in the same neighbourhood. That’s about all. Persephone might be physically weak, but she isn’t as soft as Medusa seeing that she sometimes teases Jashin and even calls her a scum. Then there is the pair of jiangshi sisters. I guess we need more cute anime girls for this series and while their story is also equally interesting, there is nothing more to it. They just want to become human. That’s it. I guess if there is ever a plot convenience and we need some numbers, we know which characters to call.

And of course, how can we forget about Pino? Yet another fallen angel. Is this going to become a trend that angels who failed their mission on Earth will be doomed as traitors forever? It might look easy to blame Pino when we see her true colours but thinking further about it, it is more of the system of heaven to blame. Yes, God Himself is actually a big dick if I should say. My guess is that He doesn’t care about his subjects and leaves them to rot on Earth. Otherwise, do you not think the Almighty who is omniscient and omnipotent would have the power to just bring them back to heaven instead of waiting for their halo to regenerate by who-knows-when? Instead, they are immediately branded a traitor and the next angel will be sent to kill them. So that’s why when Pino came in search for Pekola, it is to no surprise that she wants her head. And it is also to no surprise that Poporon wants to steal her halo. Ultimately, they all fail and you can’t help blame Pino for wanting to kill God and take over his place! Yeah, she sounds more fitting to be the Demon Lord! But whatever the case, heaven sucks. Angels are just useless jerks. Period. Although they suddenly added a new character Lierre to the mix in the special episode but since she hasn’t shown her dick side yet, for now she’s looking pretty decent for an angel. After all with her sudden introduction, her intentions are still a mystery at this point. And oh yeah, what has it all got to do with Jashin anyway? Nothing more to talk about. Move along.

As for the recurring characters, it’s the same ol’ between Jashin and Yurine. Mentioning their relationship would be like a broken tape recorder. I suppose that is where all the fun is. As if we already don’t know, they both like each other and that is why they continue to stay together instead of parting ways. Excuses, excuses. Because of their awkward relationship and the more Jashin gets owned by her, it becomes harder and harder for them to just get honest with their feelings that they love each other’s company. It is so evident when we see them in both seasons. When they both have that opportunity, they don’t really take it. Like when Jashin has a chance to kill Yurine but when she is sick or not her usual, she gets worried. It’s so typical. So can we all just agree that Jashin and Yurine really like each other?! Or maybe they Yurine just love beating the crap out of Jashin when she steps out of line. Nothing more to it. But it is interesting to note about Jashin’s parents. It is scarcely hinted upon but it could be that she could be the daughter of some famous underworld personality. They just have no time for her and that’s why they don’t even bother looking for her. Noticed the sad face on Jashin when they instantly hung up on her? That’s some hint there that we would all like to know and explore further. And Yurine might not be 100% invincible as there are some slip-ups but that usually turns into her favour in the end, so Jashin is still pretty much screwed anyhow.

The rest of the other characters remain the same like the very kind hearted Medusa who continues to be Jashin’s best friend-cum-ATM-cum-bully-victim. Ah, where would Medusa be without her best pal Jashin? Oops. Or is it the other way? Just keep the cash rolling in and they can be friends for eternity! And we have Minos who is still working hard and the irony that she loves eating beef, considering she is from the bovine kind of family and tribe. Then there is Pekola who is still the most pitiful character but that has become so much of a running joke that you won’t even sympathize with her anymore. Truly a fallen and forsaken angel, now she knows what it is like to be on the receiving end. You could say she absolutely fell off her mighty horse. But it is those harsh lessons of survival that has opened Pekola’s eyes. This has turned her into a good natured angel although she is still in conflict and remains loyal to God. What did I say about God being a total dick! The irony that demons and a certain witch girl support her more than God shows you a lot. And yet she prays to Him and seeks forgiveness for confiding with the demons. So how has God repaid her? NOTHING! Instead, He sent angels to get her head! Are you sure God is not the Demon Lord?! Also, to showcase that Poporon and Pino aren’t totally heartless b*tches, they also help do some good although they still maintain their angel pride. Oh Pekola, you better switch faith if you want to continue surviving in this world! Screw God! Yurine is your God!!!

I feel that Mei has been severely side-lined this season. Although last season she doesn’t make too much of an appearance, I have this gut feeling she is way lesser in cameo here. I am guessing that she is already a very annoying character, perhaps one of the most hated characters in this series (even more despicable than Jashin – because she is a cop!), so it wouldn’t be right if they keep spamming the same running joke of her trying to kidnap and horde her unusual collection of stuffs. So if I remember well, there are only 2 times in which she was ‘seriously featured’. The rest, she is relegated to some cop trying to break up the crowd, especially targeting a trio of otakus. But I wonder how she got Koji? Speaking of the snow woman sisters, they too feel a lot less appearance than before. Blame new characters taking up some airtime? Not like Jashin cares anyway! Last but not least, Beth. Is it me or does this demon pet dog have its own mini story that is just scarcely peppered throughout the series? I mean, sometimes we see this dog and his b*tch wife or something and then there’s one time he cheated on another and he had to make up or something. Not too sure. We’re more concerned about Jashin, right? Will she get chainsaw or split into half today! Show us some blood, dude!

This season’s opener… Feels a lot like a downer! Compared to last season’s epic opening theme song, this season’s Toki Toshite Violence by Halca feels very much toned down. Although the typical anime rock piece isn’t bad, but it lacks the oomph that made the first one so epic. So I guess they try to add some shonen fight scenes in the opening credits animation, Yurine and Jashin in some epic ground shaking power devastating showdown. Of course it goes without saying who will ultimately win this fight. If you really want to hear some devilish Satan worshipping punk rock music, it’s in the ending theme now. It should have been the opener but I guess Love Satisfaction by ZAMB as the ending also works. So if you’re high on drugs, start banging your head to this awesome ultimate Jashin rock outfit! OH YEAH! WAAAAAARGH!!!!! Making it equally epic is the ending credits animation whereby we see a dystopian and destroyed world as a dramatic Jashin goes on a journey to battle the forces of darkness! And then another epic showdown with Yurine! Man, this could have been a whole lot of different (and perhaps interesting) story had this series took on another direction. As for the voice acting, the old ones are retained and the new ones joining the line-up are Marina Yamada as Pino (Marina in Rainy Cocoa Side G), Nanami Yamashita as Kyonkyon (Nanami in Wake Up Girls), Minami Tanaka as Ranran (Mary in Kakegurui) and Miharu Hanai as Lierre (Sassa in Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism).

Overall, it was really a satisfying and fun ride. One of the best slapstick comedies in most recent times. As long as nobody really dies, keep the slaying of a certain serpent girl coming, okay? And make it twice as bloody! Haha! Hey, technically you could say that no lamia were killed during the production of this anime, right?! Never change, Jashin. Never change. We like it best when you’re tortured, haha! At this point I really hope there would be another season and I can’t dismiss the fact like last time of not expecting one. Maybe it’ll take a few more years but heck, it’s going to be way faster than the angels have their halo regenerated, right?! Don’t want Jashin to take me by surprise again. Because I’ll be waiting. Waiting and keeping my eyes opened and ears peeled. Waiting for that instant they announce yet another season. Uh huh. Heh. Yeah. Come on… Come on… Jashin-chan now, ATM? Any… Time… Maybe…?!

I know this is long overdue. But what to do? That is what happens when you procrastinate. You decide that tomorrow is the day that you will get things done but when tomorrow comes, once again delay rears its ugly head. Besides, tomorrow never comes. Because it becomes today! So technically we’ll never get things done! HAHAHA!!! Oh… Oops… Anyway, I somehow managed to pull away from the laziness and finally do a versus blog between Gabriel Dropout and Jashin-chan Dropkick. I only remembered doing this because the latter is getting a second season. Yeah, some sort of ‘wakeup’ call for me to get it on now instead of waiting and watching till the second season is over. Who knows I might lose motivation again and being lazy. And yup, speaking of lazy, both animes have loser characters in their lead. But since they’re so cute and adorable, we forgive them for making us laugh, no?

The leading failure:
You could’ve guessed from the title…
Gabriel Dropout: Gabriel – Lazy and unmotivated angel. Becomes a slacker addicted to video games.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Jashin – Manipulative and self-centred serpent. Becomes Yurine’s slave and always gets what’s coming after several failed attempts to kill Yurine.

Her childhood friend:
Gabriel Dropout: Raphiel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Medusa and Minos.

Dumb troublemaker:
They never learn from their failed mischiefs…
Gabriel Dropout: Satania. Always trying to get back at Gabriel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Jashin. Always trying to kill Yurine.

Gentle devil:
Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Gabriel Dropout: Vigne.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Medusa.

Fallen angel:
How the might have fallen…
Gabriel Dropout: Gabriel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Pekola.

Stalker girl:
Gabriel Dropout: Raphiel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Mei.

Gabriel Dropout: Martiel is obsessed about Raphiel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Mei is obsessed about Jashin.

Gabriel Dropout: Gabriel’s sisters are Haniel and Zelel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: The snow sisters, Yusa and Koji FKA Yusa.

Don’t mess with this girl:
Think twice…
Gabriel Dropout
: Yurine.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Zelel.

The underclassman:
Gabriel Dropout: Tapris – Admires Gabriel and wants to get rid of Satania whom she views as the one responsible for turning Gabriel into a slob.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Poporon – Hates Pekola and wants to get rid of her so that she could take her place as a fully-fledged angel.

Always doing her best:
Gabriel Dropout: Tapris.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Minos.

Delusional girl:
Gabriel Dropout: Machiko – Delusions of trying to be more responsible.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Jashin – Delusions of trying to kill Yurine.

The dog:
Gabriel Dropout: That damn dog that keeps stealing Satania’s melon bread!
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Beth, Yurine’s demon pet dog.

The umbrella:
Gabriel Dropout: Raphiel shares her umbrella with Satania when the latter forgets hers.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Yurine uses the umbrella as a weapon to stab Jashin!

The eye:
Gabriel Dropout: There is a blind girl undergoing a risky surgery to restore her sight. With the miracle of a certain angel, she gets her sight and a second chance at life!
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Yurine wears an eye-patch as part of her emo gothic fashion, I guess. But does it really have some miracle power behind it because she once used it to unleash Beth’s power or something.

Part time job:
Gabriel Dropout: Gabriel works part time at a coffee shop.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Poporon works part time at a ramen shop apart from being an idol.

An angel’s halo…
Gabriel Dropout: Can be corrupted.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Can be eaten!

Falling sick:
Gabriel Dropout: In episode 7 when Vigne caught a human cold. Heartless Gabriel even has her do both their homework and even forcing her to make tea! Better kick out the leach!
Jashin-chan Dropkick: In episode 11 when Yurine becomes sick and doesn’t even retaliate to Jashin’s attacks! Is she gonna die?!

Solving hot days…
Gabriel Dropout: In episode 3 when the air-cond died, Gabriel beats up and forced annoying Satania to fix while she makes herself at home at Vigne’s.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: In episode 2 when Jashin is b*tching about having no air-cond in Yurine’s home, Yurine kills her and let her blood drip! You feelin’ cold now, girl?

Money woes…
Gabriel Dropout: Gabriel spent too much money on microtransactions to even buy food.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Rotten Jashin is always borrowing money from her personal ATM AKA Medusa on the slots.

Online shopping:
Gabriel Dropout: Wow. Hell even has its own online shopping network. What’s this gun that won’t make you stop laughing for 10 minutes?
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Oh Yurine, is this where you shop and order for new weapons to be tested out on Jashin?

The great pretender:
Gabriel Dropout: In episode 12, Gabriel returns changed after her re-education and her entire slacker character is nowhere to be seen. Turns out she was just putting up an act to deceive Zelel and will continue to do so until her big sister goes away.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: In episode 4, Jashin pranks Medusa with her dead skin to scare her that she is dead. But Medusa didn’t find it funny and instead ended their friendship. Panicked Jashin pleads for forgiveness and apologizes as she couldn’t stop crying. Turns out Medusa was just putting up an act to see her reaction. Gotcha!

Keep looking:
Gabriel Dropout: Raphiel loves watching all sorts of movies to find contrasts in dubbing and subtitles.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Persephone II is always looking for Jashin but always misses her.

Party gathering:
Gabriel Dropout: In episode 11, the gang gather for a takoyaki party.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: In episode 1, the gang gather for a sukiyaki party.

Getting drunk:
Gabriel Dropout: In episode 9, Gabriel becomes drunk after drinking sweet sake and starts flying in the sky.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: In episode 5, drunk Jashin comes by Pekola’s cardboard home to mock her food. Also, in episode 11, Mei is drunk while on duty.

Beach episode:
Gabriel Dropout: Episode 4.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Episode 12.

Christmas episode:
Gabriel Dropout: Episode 9.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Episode 3.

Number of episodes:
Gabriel Dropout: 12 episodes + 2 OVAs.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: 12 episodes. There will be a second season in 2020.

Year TV series was released:
Gabriel Dropout: Early 2017.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Mid-2018. There will be a second season in 2020.

Studio production:
Gabriel Dropout: Dogo Kobo.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Nomad.

It is definitely hard for me to say which one is clearly better as both are cute and funny. But if I had to really, really, really, really, really pick one, I think the slight edge will go to Jashin-chan Dropkick because of all the crazy, silly, nonsensical slapstick comedy that it is. No holds barred. Gabriel Dropout is okay too but it isn’t as funnily violent as the former. Yeah, I’m such a sadist. So it goes to show that Earth is such a fun place to be that angels and demons prefer to live here. Be it a NEET or somebody’s slave. I hope this doesn’t send the wrong idea that being a failure is so much fun than being successful. Maybe with the exception of watching others fail so badly that it’s good. Others failing for the sake of our entertainment, is that a success or failure?

Jashin-chan Dropkick

November 11, 2018

Imagine if you have summoned a demon. There are only 2 ways to go about this. Either you live together in harmony or yet send the demon back to hell. Well, it is somewhat in between in Jashin-chan Dropkick. As stated in the synopsis, our delusional gothic girl somehow summoned our titular demon character. They are forced to live with each other until she finds a way to send her back or be killed in the process. Don’t worry too much if that sounds very horror-like. This is more of a violent slapstick comedy that will have you laughing at all the dumb silly antics. Yeah, brings back those nostalgic memories of violent brainless slapstick comedies from the ol’ western Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes. Just fill it with cute anime characters.

Episode 1A
Pekola wonders what the heck she is doing at a demon sukiyaki party that includes Jashin, Medusa and Minos. She thinks God won’t forgive her but believes He might since she was hungry and was kidnapped by goth girl, Yurine Hanazono. When they’re going to eat, Jashin points out Pekola is an angel and shouldn’t be here. With warning from Yurine not to ruin the meal, Jashin plays ‘nice’. She only gives Pekola vegetables and tells her to finish it if she wants meat. She does so. Can she have some meat now? Now way. Here are more vegetables. The rest disapprove of this bullying and give Pekola some meat. This irks Jashin so she steals all their meat and eats them. You happy now? Not Yurine. With the lack of meat, Yurine then cuts Jashin’s snake tail for meat! Snake meat pretty good…

Episode 1B
Next time when Medusa comes over, it seems she has brought a crowbar as Jashin requested. Not sure about how she watched the news and all, she believes this is a perfect murder weapon for humans. Yup, she is going to use this to smash Yurine’s head and splatter her brains. When Yurine comes home, Jashin distracts her by letting her watch a chainsaw horror movie. While doing so, Jashin relishes of beating her brains out but Yurine is able to grab the crowbar. Apparently Jashin said everything out loud so she heard them. Jashin tries to blame Medusa for threatening her to do this. Yurine not buying it. Jashin dropkick time. Unfortunately Yurine smashes the crowbar into her backbone. Spine broken. That’s not all. She finishes her off with a chainsaw to turn her room into crimson colour! I guess she doesn’t need to paint it for a while.

Episode 1C
As the girls prepare for Yurine’s birthday party, it seems Jashin is of course up to no good again. She has Medusa buy a taser. You see, the horoscope she saw today says she will have good luck with certain things so Jashin is pretty confident she’ll get Yurine this time. Too bad Yurine came back early and heard this nefarious plan. Trying to blame Medusa again, huh? As Jashin tries to strike first with the taser, she realizes too late it is actually an electric shaver! Yeah, they look the same. Oh, Yurine has a real taser… It seems Jashin failed to notice their birthdays are in the same week and hence the same horoscope as her. The party goes well and Jashin is electrocuted like hell. They take some pity on her but you can’t give her too much pity. Don’t worry, as you’ve seen she’ll be alright as she has regeneration abilities. As they all take a group photo, Jashin realizes too late they did not celebrate her birthday and throws a tantrum.

Episode 2A
It’s so hot that Jashin is literally dying! I guess Yurine is poor to not afford an air-cond. Jashin is still b*tching about it so she decides to cool down in town but the moment she steps out, it is hot like hell! You mean hell is not as hot as this?! Hence Yurine cools her down by killing her! Feeling cold, now? Yeah… Jashin then has an idea. She summons a snow woman, Kori to make it cooler. Not only that, she has her make shaved ice for them to eat. However Jashin orders Kori to do something she doesn’t want to. Eventually she forces her to make some snow. Jashin then badmouths how lower demons only exist to entertain higher ones. Kori is hurt and does a blizzard on Jashin. She will not listen to stop so Jashin gets mad and tries to get violent. Kori turns her into ice and smashes her up. Hope that cooled her down.

Episode 2B
Pekola is once again lost and hungry in the streets until Yurine saves her and treats her to some potato food. It seems Pekola lost her halo that could have done miracles but now she is no different than a feeble human. In the end, Pekola is in a dilemma to thank Yurine as she views her as a witch and it is her job to eliminate such beings. Even more confusing when Yurine wishes her luck to find her halo. Oh Pekola, could you ask the Lord if she is thy neighbour?

Episode 2C
Medusa and Minos are invited by Medusa but it seems she is not in. Actually she is hiding underneath the floor. They can guess that it is her plan to test a hiding place so that she could kill Yurine unexpectedly. Yup, that plan will fail. Jashin shoos them away as she called them here for this experiment. Jashin hides and waits for Yurine to return. She does and almost sticks the new trident she bought into the floor! Unsure if she knows about this, Jashin tests by throwing a few things at her. Looks like she doesn’t know. Time to kill her. Suddenly her handphone rings! It’s Yurine calling! Oh no! Busted. After seeing the mace in Jashin’s hands, I guess it’s perfect time to test her trident. Time to repaint the walls again… Next time, Yurine returns with an axe…

Episode 2D
An otaku sees Medusa (wearing a paper bag on her head) and thinks she is someone famous. When he takes it off, he turns into stone. Medusa is once again invited by Jashin but is not in. As Yurine is only there, she hears about their childhood stories. From what Medusa says, we can tell she is often bullied and blamed by Jashin. All the time. Yeah, what a true demon. However Medusa seems to love those times?! Is she a masochist? But the one thing that Medusa really loves about Jashin is that she looks cute whenever she is in dire need of help. Yup, it shows she relies totally on her in her time of need. I believe she is only being taken advantage off… When Jashin returns, it seems it is to ask Medusa for money in which she gives with no questions asked. But all is not bad as Jashin won a panda-human doll that Medusa wanted. Happy Medusa hugs Jashin trying to act tough and all. But Yurine is trying not to vomit at the sight of this ‘friendship’.

Episode 3A
Minos grills and enjoys the lobsters Jashin gave her but Yurine knows they are just crayfish. It’s Christmas and guess what? Again Pekola is hungry. That stomach rumbling is sure loud and clear. ‘Luckily’ she has breadcrumbs for food, though she wishes she had tastier food. Is she praying to God or Santa now? Of course here comes Jashin. Not sure she is really insulting her as she finishes 2 bowls of curry next to Pekola. Not satisfied, she wants her breadcrumbs! They struggle and Pekola lost. So sad. She devours the breadcrumbs arrogantly but you know she’ll always get her divine punishment. Yup, Yurine isn’t pleased that she ate the curry she was supposed to bring home and rips off her cheek! As apology, Yurine gives Pekola the chicken drumstick that was supposed to go with the curry. Oh Pekola, is Jashin your God and Santa now?

Episode 3B
Jashin trains her abs and thinks it’s tough. Yurine punches it and she is sent squirming in pain. Train harder. Yusa the snow woman visits Yurine to thank her for taking care of her sister. She also explains about how their kind matures and takes on a human later so Yurine suggests naming Kori as Koji. Only anime fans can get this joke… Of course Yusa is also here to pick a bone with Jashin for bullying her sister. Even with Koji telling all the stuffs Jashin had done, Jashin is still unashamed. She crosses the line by insulting the family so Yusa will not stand for it and starts a blizzard. Jashin thought she could aim her dropkick on Koji, believing her steel abs have paid off. Too bad history repeats itself as Yusa turns her into ice and shatters her.

Episode 3C
Again Jashin asks Medusa for money in which she gives. Yurine advises her not to spoil her too much but Jashin badmouths Medusa about choosing Yurine over her. However this crosses the line as Medusa felt hurt. She has had it with Jashin and won’t care for her anymore. Jashin might act arrogant but slowly it soon hits her. She has lost… Her ATM!!! Yeah, to think she would repent… Hence Jashin drowns out her sorrows via drinking (strawberry juice). It hit her that she has no more a best friend and tries to hit on a random guy to love her!!!! I think she’s scaring him. When she hears Medusa’s voice, it’s no hallucination. Looks like Medusa can’t leave her after all and was worried that she came back. Jashin is so glad her ATM has returned!!! Oh yeah. AishiTeru Medusa. ATM! In the end, Medusa agrees to pay off the 100 glasses of strawberry juice she drank and Jashin admits she is useless without her. Ah, such great friendship. Yurine on the verge of vomiting…

Episode 4A
Jashin is frustrated she didn’t get the tsuchinoko figurine from the gachapon again. She wants to try again but remembers Yurine’s words about wasting money. Yup, the woodchipper for her. When a boy plays and gets the tsuchinoko, you bet Jashin is pissed and wants to steal it. But she has an idea. Praising how he got it, she wants to take a look. While doing so, she then eats it! The boy gets mad and uppercuts her. He curses her and doesn’t want it. Just as planned… Too bad each time Jashin sees the figurine, she’ll remember his uppercut. Yurine back home then receives a call from the police that Jashin has been arrested! The moment she gets there, Jashin gets another uppercut. Policewoman, Mei Tachibana (self-proclaimed super cop of Banzaibashi) explains that she is arrested for stealing. Jashin fears it is that figurine but it is revealed Mei is in love with Jashin on first sight and ‘stole’ her heart! Oh God, she can’t stop cuddling snake woman. Yurine has no qualms giving Jashin up to this crazy woman. But Yurine has second thoughts. Who would cook and clean for her? She wants Jashin back. Because of that, Mei deduces if she can’t have Jashin, nobody can. Hence trying to kill Jashin???!!! She hurts Jashin enough and enjoys seeing her in pain. Yeah, a few selfies, please. Jashin is somewhat ‘saved by the bell’ because the clock hits 5 and Mei refuses to work overtime and goes home. See you tomorrow. For Jashin, it’s like between the devil and deep blue sea for these ladies.

Episode 4B
Jashin begs and pleads for Yurine… To die!!! Yeah, she can’t kill her so might as well ask her nicely. Not going to happen. Desu yo ne… Taking inspiration from a TV series, Jashin believes pushing her off the mountains will be the best way to kill her. So she ‘creatively’ imagines other several ways to kill her there like letting her fall from a bridge and a collaborating with a bear to eat her. Now all that is left is to ask Yurine if she is free to go the mountains tomorrow. Not going. Plan failed.

Episode 4C
Medusa visits Jashin but sees her acting in a strange way. Before she knows it, her head falls off! OMG! Is she dead?! Medusa cries like hell that her friend is dead but the real Jashin pops out from hiding, laughing her ass off at her reaction. It seems she just shed her skin and used it as a prank. But the real sh*t is about to happen when Medusa isn’t laughing. She goes into this passive aggressive mode telling her off that wasn’t funny. Did she not realize how worried she was if she really died? Oh sh*t. No joke. Medusa is serious. Jashin is panicking and pleads for her not to leave. She even admits she went too far and sincerely apologizes. Wow. Jashin really apologizing? Finding a four leaf clover is more possible than this! But Medusa isn’t buying. Goodbye. I guess it’s too late to realize that your friend’s gone. Jashin can’t stop crying when Medusa suddenly returns. Gotcha! Just a prank to see your reaction! Haha! Of course Medusa would never leave her. And so the best friends bond and reconcile. Yeah, appreciate your friends always.

Episode 5A
Jashin sees a poster of Yurine at the store. They break the fourth wall as she realizes this is an anime! Yurine visits the park for homeless people to give Pekola her food. Of course she refuses so Yurine leaves it at her doorstep. Pekola is tempted as she starts thinking how rude it is not to eat a chef’s cooking. When she’s done with that and about to eat it, looks like Jashin has eaten it all! So satisfied with the delicious meat! Yeah, you don’t know what you’re missing. Oh well. At least Pekola has got to keep her angel pride. But a Jashin is going to receive her just desserts as Yurine suspects she went back to eat Pekola’s food. She threatens to throw her hand into the mixer if she refuses to say. And when Jashin tells the truth, she throws it in anyway! Yeah, we’ll have Jashin meat for dinner. Yurine goes to buy food for Pekola and this time she doesn’t hesitate to eat. Bless the witch!

Episode 5B
Minos visits to give Yurine a mandrake doll. She likes its scream… Talking about friendship, Jashin denies Minos is her friend. This leads to an argument in which Jashin does her trademark dropkick. However Minos counters that by letting it bounce off her boobs. Jashin lands on the mandrake and effectively kills it. Damn, that must be its death scream. Of course Yurine is mad that her doll is dead and is going to make Jashin do her death scream. Louder!

Episode 5C
We see Mei hoarding loads of strange statues in her room. Including a bus schedule from hell?! Yeah, all she needs is Jashin to complete her collection. As she patrols for the day, we see her let shady happenings slide. Yeah, she thinks it’s normal. Then she sees a weird statue of a fast food outlet (semi bald Colonel Sanders?) and wants to take it home! Power abuse! The worker is confused to call the cops. He struggles with her as she accuses him of touching her ass (he did not) and screams for the cops! The irony? Jashin is passing by and knows nothing good will come out of this and tries to sneak away. Too bad Medusa calls her. Instantly Mei doesn’t want the statue anymore and tries to get Jashin. Run!!! Mei throws a statue at Jashin and then hugs and takes selfies. Everyone else too. They’re going to be so popular on Instagram…

Episode 5D
You know it’s too good to be true when Pekola dreams of cute angels feeding her a feast. Back to reality now. She is working as a labourer earning only 400 Yen per hour. And the minimum wage in Tokyo supposed to be 928 Yen? She busts her ass carrying heavy stuffs up the stairs and then take the elevator down to repeat the process. Something clearly wrong here… It doesn’t help that her co-workers are somewhat lunatics. Especially that praying mantis phobia guy… Meanwhile drunk Jashin comes by Pekola’s cardboard home to mock her with food. However she ends up destroying her home, vomiting on it and sleeping there. Pekola has managed to work 8 hours straight and earned her hard earned cash. Just as she is about to return home to have a good rest, she sees this destruction. She starts laughing like a maniac. Such fate. Oh, so pitiful. Sorry, no punch line here.

Episode 6A
Jashin cooks curry dinner for a few nights straight. Of course Yurine gets bored of it and puts some mayonnaise. Tasty! This only makes Jashin cook more curry. But while doing so, the way she stirs the pot accidentally resembles a magic circle and whoosh! She is whisked to another world. More accurately, to the past. She sees her younger self as well as Medusa and Minos. Learning she is from the future, they ask what they will be like then. Jashin tells the truth but young Jashin is so disappointed to learn she will become this loser! I guess when we’re young, we dream of becoming ferocious beasts. Or something like that. The young ones think they have a way to bring her back. Looks like an old children’s game that definitely would not work. But it worked! When Jashin returns to the current timeline, she accidentally lands on the curry, spilling it all over Yurine’s clothes. Oh sh*t. The new weapons she ordered online just came. Good. Time to test them out…

Episode 6B
The snow sisters are selling shaved ice. Jashin thinks she can get rich doing this and opens a stall next to theirs. You think she has bad business sense by selling more expensive than them but there is queue forming! Did the heat get to the humans’ brain? But soon the novelty wears off and it’s back to the snow sisters. Jashin believes to compete on par with them, she needs some legendary ice. So she goes all the way to Mt Fuji to grab some ice that will earn her the big bucks. However before she could start selling, a couple of yakuzas tell her she can’t sell here without a permit. Yeah, the snow sisters got them. They take her away and want to use her upper body as ‘repayment’. Yeah, that part could make her rich…

Episode 6C
Pekola is shocked when her fellow angel, Poporon has found her. Once her apprentice, she is now a full-fledged angel. Pekola is glad she can now return to heaven and dreams of all the nice things she can do. Suddenly Poporon whips out a bazooka and fires at her! What gives?! As Poporon is Pekola’s substitute, bringing her back means she will return being her apprentice and cannot boss around other angels. Oh sh*t. Is this really heaven? From the way she brags about her destiny as an angel, I think she suits better being a devil, don’t you think? Then Jashin interrupts. She is here to bring some curry as per instructed by Yurine. Poporon hates being interrupted and spills the curry. Jashin is so mad that she beats the crap out of her and flings Poporon to the far ends of the country! Woah. First time seeing Jashin owning and winning. Jashin then takes her out to eat because if she tells Yurine some angel spilled her curry, she won’t believe it. It is better to just go out and eat together as Jashin doesn’t want to be sent back out again. Pekola hates to admit it but she is saved by a devil today. Now you know why they say it’s better to know the devil than the angel.

Episode 7A
Poporon’s revenge! She clubs Jashin around the corner with her club (light sword, she calls it). Damn she spills Yurine’s jelly this time. Oh God. A certain goth girl is scarier than a mad angel. Of course Jashin doesn’t remember her. As Poporon is going for another strike, Jashin eats her halo! Then she goes Super Saiyan! Just for a while before nothing much happens. Oh no, with no halo, is Poporon useless? Suddenly Poporon negotiates for peace and hopes angels and demons could be friends before running away. Jashin is left worried about the spilled jelly… Can you see hell now?

Episode 7B
When Jashin heard from Minos that Medusa has a new friend, instantly she goes into a jealous rage mode! Who the f*ck is that b*tch with?! I guess ATM girl isn’t allowed to have any other friends. Says which rule? Hence Jashin calls her here and forces her to spill the beans. However Medusa felt hurt by the cruel words she called her. In fact it was Jashin who told her not to tell. This was what happened. Previously Jashin spent all her money to get some prize but failed. Medusa agreed to work more for her. Of course Jashin loved the idea and hoped she would keep this a secret as this would look bad on her. Hence Medusa lied to Minos about making new friends just to hide her new job. Poor Medusa. Yurine is so disappointed with her being the worst of the worst that she didn’t do anything but just walk Medusa home. Damn reverse psychology because Jashin is worried that this is so bad that Yurine doesn’t even beat her up! Yeah, she’s really feeling so bad about this that she vomits in bed. Yeah, clean up after yourself. Too bad. That’s it. No punch line for this one too.

Episode 7C
Because Jashin ate Poporon’s halo, it is considered an advancement and hence she is entitled to a few luxuries. As she cannot return to hell, Satan himself sends her a potion and from what it sounds, it’s an energy drink. Be sure to hold your breath or the stench will kill you. After she drinks it, something happens to her. Jashin goes to meet Medusa who is shocked that Jashin is wearing clothes (borrowed from Yurine) and has legs! Such a cool drink. Medusa also has a surprise for Jashin as she is able to walk around without a paper bag thanks to the special contact lens she bought. They hit town and have fun. But by the end of the day, Medusa’s legs slowly start to turn into stone. It is believe the side effect from the contact lens and they realize she’s been ripped off with an inferior product. Medusa apologizes for giving her trouble but Jashin tries to stay positive like taking down up the company. For some reason the shady salesperson who sold the contact lens pop up. Jashin beats the crap out of him and then carries Medusa all the way back home. Yurine is impressed for once and that is when Jashin has this idea to dropkick on her. Too bad her legs turn back into her snake tail. Yurine isn’t going to brush off the fact she was trying to kill her. And since her tail is back, looks like we’re going to have snake meat for dinner! Let the (snake) killing begin!

Episode 8A
Jashin knows she is screwed. Because she lost all the money for food on the slots. Yeah… With Medusa passing by, she thinks of getting a fresh new start by borrowing more money from her! As expected, she lost it all. No mercy from Yurine. Not even Medusa’s pleading. But to show she is slightly compassionate, she gives her a last chance and gives her some allowance to redeem herself and buy the food. Too bad the temptation is great and she lost it all again. With her taking too long, Yurine suspects the worst while Medusa continues to keep believing in her…

Episode 8B
Once more, Jashin steals Pekola’s meagre breadcrumbs. With Poporon witnessing the hold thing, she is suspicious if they are friends she saw her receiving food from Jashin before. Pekola denies. Then she realizes Poporon’s missing halo. Upon learning it was eaten, poor hungry angel starts fantasizing all kinds of sauce she could have put on it for taste. Poporon explains their halo can regenerate but nobody knows how long it will take. Yeah, Jashin’s regeneration is more frequent than this sh*t. Pekola hopes for a ceasefire and wants to work together to survive in this human world but Poporon declines knowing she would only be a burden and would rather survive by herself. Later Pekola hears lots of shady jobs ensuring high pay offered to Poporon. She intends to go warn her and also take this chance to convince teaming up. However Poporon is actually doing well working in a ramen store.

Episode 8C
Apparently the demon world also has a very similar bean throwing setsubun like Japan. When the ogre comes in, Jashin mercilessly throws her beans at him only to be stopped by Yurine. Because this mini ogre is just too damn cute! As replacement, Yurine takes her special bean machine gun and makes Jashin the target! Will Yurine’s fortunes take a turn for the better? Oh heck, it’s Jashin’s bad luck that will be taking a turn for the worst. Later as Jashin laments her setsubun was a failure, she still wants to go pick on someone weaker. Who else but Pekola? Is it legal to do it to an angel? However Pekola finds the beans are edible and Jashin gives her a whole bunch of it. Also she gives a long ehomaki from Yurine said to bring good fortune if eaten facing the lucky direction. She does so but almost chokes to death. I don’t think I can see good luck coming to her…

Episode 8D
Yurine is again mad at Jashin for blowing the money. Furthermore, she borrowed from Medusa. Again. Jashin even tries to blame Medusa for ratting her out and playing the victim although Medusa did it for being worried she would become an addict. Yeah, who is the real victim here? Unfortunately Jashin tends to her mobile game update and this pisses off Yurine as she cuts off her finger! Showing no remorse, even in death Jashin wants Medusa to send her credit card numbers. Chainsaw time. However Yurine drops her into a trapdoor. Jashin finds herself at the start before she started gambling. Thinking God answered her prayers (to a devil?), at first she thinks of not repeating her mistakes. But she starts thinking what if she got sent back in time so that she could win? Oh yeah! She’ll rewrite history and bring in the fortunes! And as narrated, she is stuck in an infinite loop and can only escape once she realizes her mistakes. So that will be like next week when we see this series again? Oh well. Tough luck, Jashin-chan…

Episode 9A
We resume from last week’s fiasco. Yup, Jashin blew it again on her 17,711th attempt. Still better than that Haruhi sh*t… Returning to Medusa, she wants her to come to the bank. No, not to rob it but to withdraw her money. Too bad they got caught up in a bank robbery. It seems Jashin is afraid of dying with a bullet shot to her head so she better not do anything risky (but it’s okay with Yurine?). Turning a blind eye, eh? With all the hostages having their own (petty) problem, looks like it is up to Medusa to save the day. She has to robbers look into her eyes and they turn into stone. Hooray! The day is saved. Everyone praises Medusa. But Jashin of course tries to take some of the credit when Mei interviews them. However Mei now wants to make Jashin hers. Medusa turns a blind eye. I don’t know why the other police officers were trying to arrest Jashin but she hopes this puts an end to the curse and changes history.

Episode 9B
We see a day in life of Minos. She is quite the hard working gal unlike a certain lazy someone. Wow. So much energy to expend. Work hard, eat smart. She even helps out at the same construction site that Pekola is working and even helps her. Pekola feels so bad and useless that she couldn’t even thank her in time. On the way home, a bunch of kids want Minos to play a card game with them. Unfortunately she doesn’t have cards. But Jashin does. The kids know better than to deal with her. And Minos has bigger boobs. After a hard day’s work, Minos soaks in her much deserved bath and has some beer. All charged up for tomorrow.

Episode 9C
Yurine and Jashin go eat some noodles. Gosh, this is where Poporon is working. Jashin wants to kill her but some fans defend their idol. Uhm, who the f*ck is this Noel? Of course this confuses Jashin so she backs down. But since she cannot contain her suspicions, she calls Poporon’s name in which she responds. Oops. Now Jashin really wants to kill her. Since she is too noisy, Yurine breaks her finger! Oh sh*t! I guess everybody is on their good behaviour now. As Yurine leaves, she notes to Poporon that she knows she is not an angel as she can sense the same aura like another girl she knows. Poporon better be on the watch from now on.

Episode 9D
Jashin is addicted to pudding and cannot resist eating one in the fridge right now. Then she realizes it has Yurine’s name on it. Damn. She can really envision it is the end of the world for her. Of course Yurine finds out about it and guess what Jashin does? She tries to fight off an invisible man who supposedly ate her pudding and he escaped. But Yurine spots some flaws. How did he escape when the window is closed? If he is invisible, how can Jashin see him? Oh, there are pudding trails on her mouth. Oh, look. The iron maiden torture device she ordered has just arrived. Yurine says had Jashin offered to buy another pudding for her, she would have forgiven her. But instead she pulled off this nonsense. Well, let us know how you’re bleeding from inside the chamber.

Episode 9E
Suddenly… Zombies!!! Jashin and Medusa run for their lives. Heck, even demons are scared of zombies? They hide in a locker and almost got attacked by one that suspiciously resembles like Mei. Even as a zombie she can detect where Jashin is. Luckily they are saved by Minos as they continue to seek refuge. However more zombies pop up and when cornered, Jashin gets swallowed by them. It turns out to be a nightmare but little does Jashin knows, it is Yurine instigating that nightmare by putting something damp on her feet (believed to make one prone to nightmares).

Episode 10A
Pekola just got paid tons of cash. So happy and dancing around that it seemed like God was trying to teach her a lesson so she tripped and that entire stack fell exactly into the donation box. That will teach her to be too happy… As she confronts the girls about her cash, the girls instead are so happy her donation will help the poor children. She must be an angel! Back home, Pekola rues her lost income but eventually comes to terms the children will be helped. She decides to use her remaining emergency funds for some cheap food. Oh, looks like Jashin is here too. As she orders her food, she hears people saying how a couple of girls have been arrested for running a charity scam. People who donated must be idiots. Oh Pekola, she’s not angry. Just in super shock. So shocked that she left the place. Jashin stole her money and ate her food. Apparently that wasn’t enough to cover the food she ate. And sorry folks, there’s no punch line. That’s about it.

Episode 10B
The ice sisters visit. Thinking that Jashin has got rid of Yurine, Jashin takes advantage by bullying Koji, only to be dealt with by Yusa. Not surprising, Yurine comes out from the bath. Yusa is here to request a favour from Yurine to test taste her ice cream product that isn’t selling well in the demon world. Well, did she not consider selling it in a cold climate? Yurine tastes it to be perfect but when Jashin tries so, she almost died! It had basilisk poison?! Even worse, Yusa spent a fortune just to create this and each cup must be sold a million yen each. Somebody isn’t fit for business…

Episode 10C
Pekola sees a job ad that pays 30 grand a day. Wow. What a deal. Plus, she is accepted without even knowing what the job is required. Soon she finds out it is a bodyguard job for Noel! Ex-angels shocked to see each other. I guess as a famous idol, she fears somebody might assassinate her. Pekola is passionate about her job (because it also pays) but Poporon mocks all that angelic duty crap. The concert goes well until a crazy fan shows up on stage. This guy is mad she didn’t answer his X-rated questions online. I’m sure his toy hammer won’t do much damage but Pekola still does her job and tells her to run. It’s not about the money. Noel might be a human idol but Poporon isn’t. Besides, she used to serve her before and hence will always protect her. Pekola takes a ‘devastating’ blow. She wakes up in hospital with Yurine by her side. She heard it from the internet news. The culprit has been arrested. As Pekola worries about paying her hospital bill, Yurine tells her it is already paid. She is trying to figure out who but we all know it’s Poporon.

Episode 10D
Medusa seeks Jashin’s help to make Valentine’s Day chocolates so she could give it to someone she treasures most. We all know who but dumb Jashin gets so jealous that she wants to kill this person. Jashin is forced to make it as Medusa will only reveal that person at the end. Jashin is quite decent in teaching Medusa how to make chocolates. Once done, Medusa hands the chocolates to her. Her best friend forever, right? Oh Jashin, never saw that coming, eh? I guess now you have to kill yourself technically. Heh. Yeah, more like best ATM forever.

Episode 11A
Jashin does her dropkick in Yurine. She strikes! Wait. What?! Yurine retaliates but misses. Wait. What?! She missed at that distance?! And then she forgives her. WAIT. WHAT?! Something is clearly wrong… Turns out Yurine is sick as Jashin starts to panic and nurse her. After a while, she realizes why not just let this b*tch die! Yeah. After all, she summoned her without having a way to send her back. Yurine leaves her to die and notes she didn’t even have to lift a finger. As she thinks of all the fun things to do with her newfound freedom, suddenly her conscious kicks in. Wait. WHAT?! She runs back to call Medusa and Minos for help to treat Yurine. With her doing well, they note Jashin’s kind nature. However Jashin replies she fears if something happens to Yurine due to her neglect, they would have shunned her. She does want to go back but doesn’t want to lose them as friends either. Aww… How sweet. But wait. WHAT?! Is this really Jashin saying that? Are you sick?! After they leave, Jashin sings a cheesy rendition of some song of their times. Crappy lyrics… Yurine has recovered so Jashin is back to being afraid of her and better get back to work or risk being retaliated. Yurine assures she won’t do anything. She’s got such a suspicious mind. Better safe than sorry.

Episode 11B
Minos talks about several Japanese historical sites that have been shut down due to being destroyed. This has Yurine envy them as they have lived for centuries and wished she was born then to see all the historical happenings. So also wished to live for thousands of years to see how the world has changed. The rest notes human lives are short but meaningful. They may be destructive but also creative in that short period of time. They love the human world. Of course for Jashin, it’s their food!

Episode 11C
Pekola brushes off their invitation to go hanami. She won’t associate with the devils. Until Yurine says they brought food. Delicious food! Change of heart, eh? The hanami spot is booked by Jashin who has waited here for 66 hours as punishment for eating Yurine’s sandwich. As the party gets started, it is ruined when Mei comes by. At least for Jashin. Let the molesting begin. Is she on duty? So why is she joining them? Since she gets drunk and starts complaining about her job, Jashin forces Medusa to abandon her somewhere. Next they see Poporon selling buns. They invite her to join them but she arrogantly dismisses them. Jashin wants to beat her up but Yurine apologizes for pressuring her. Maybe next time. Pekola feels sad that Poporon has turned out so because she was a bit different while serving under her. Jashin doesn’t give a care and starts her karaoke.

Episode 11D
At the bread shop, Jashin’s mischief kicks up. Yeah, she has withdrawal symptoms if she doesn’t be mischievous. That explains why she’s such an idiot always getting beaten up by Yurine. First, she hogs the samples and then replaces them with other bread. That earned her Yurine’s wrath. Next, she tries to swap bread labels and got her face beaten to a pulp. She gives excuse it’s her devilish personality but Yurine points out Medusa and Minos aren’t like that. That’s their distinct personality? When a girl’s balloon is stuck on a tree, Jashin didn’t want to help but after being coaxed by Yurine how easy it is for her, she does so. But now she floats away! WTF?! She lighter than air?! And why float all the way into space instead of letting go?!

Episode 12A
Jashin returns! After where we left off the last time when she floated into outer space, she is back with a vengeance! Trying to do her dropkick on Earth, eh? Well, here it comes! Only, nothing happens as the world continues to go on with their daily lives and Jashin just created a mess with her blood and body parts scattered all across. Better clean this up.

Episode 12B
As Jashin feeds Yurine’s demon pet dog, Beth, she realizes it has grown big. Fearing it might eat her when it is big enough, she tries to get rid of it but couldn’t bring herself to do it. So all that hugging suddenly has Beth biting off her right hand! Now you want to kill it? No effect. At least, no power in her left hand. With ‘uncaring’ Yurine returning, she is going to punish her for ‘hitting’ Beth. Choose. Get punched or kicked. No time to decide as Yurine punches her in the gut!

Episode 12C
The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Beach episode! Girls in swimsuit! Hooray! Thanks to Yurine’s luck of the devil winning top prize that also accommodates our usual gang. Once again, Jashin tries to pick on Pekola. Try not to when Yurine is here. Because she borrowed this swimsuit from her colleague, the rest start calling her Tajiri as they think it is her name. Is this a form of bullying too? More Jashin bullying as she makes Pekola act like a dog (in which she faithfully obliges) if she wants to eat shaved ice. Hope she is prepared for Yurine’s punishment. A stab in the gut with an umbrella! With everyone siding Pekola, Jashin storms off. Sulking in the sea, suddenly she is taken by the tentacles of Kraken! Possible tentacle rape? Too bad Jashin sounds so despicable that she wants Medusa to switch places with her (because she is more important) and as a result Kraken just eats her. But with Pekola’s plea to save her despite she is despicable, I guess it’s time to go squid hunting. Yusa demonstrating her ice powers to block those heavy tentacle attacks. In the end, Jashin is spit out. She blames Yurine for all this. So she summons some Amazon warrior just to strip her armour to attack Yurine. But wait. Yurine has a trump card too. Unleashing her magic from her eye-patch, she summons Beth in her demonic form! Wait. Really?! And they both enter an epic fight that we’ll never see how it ends but have a pretty good idea how it’ll end up. We now see everyone having a nice BBQ of Kraken meat. Everyone enjoying themselves. Except Jashin. I see Beth bite off her right hand again. Considerate Yurine tries to feed her. Jashin acts tough and everyone teases how close they are to each other.

Jashin Dropout, Bokusatsu Majo Yurine-chan
Oh wait. That’s it?! You mean it already ended?! Why so odd number of episodes?! Oh come on. I thought there was going to be a dozen. I expected it to be a dozen! Not a dozen minus one! Come on. Oh please, please, please… Please, just one more episode, okay? I swear I’ll be a good boy and continue laughing at all of Jashin’s misfortunes. Oh… Phew… They trolled us with only 11 episodes and the ‘final’ twelfth one came out a fortnight later. Wow. They really trolled me good on this. I was actually shocked that the series had ended thinking the penultimate episode was the final one. I didn’t mind the WTF ‘ending’ (what ending?!) and felt like it could go on a bit longer. Damn this show has got me addicted and now that it is over, it is leaving me in a lurch without my weekly fix! But now can we just one more Jashin-chan episode, please? Pretty please? One more, I tell you! Just one more episode of Jashin, okay?! I need my Jashin-chan so badly! What the hell am I going to do without my weekly Jashin-chan! Somebody needs to take responsibility! I want more Jashin-chan! JASHIN-CHAN COME BACK!!!!!!! You can’t go away yet until you’re dead or close to being dead! Sighs… Oh well. Time to move on. Trolling’s over.

I see a few resemblance of this series with Gabriel Dropout. Angels and demons living in the human world and both of them being failures to live up to their races. They try to live their life on Earth the best way they can while traversing through the quirky laws and rules of the Japanese society. Yeah, Earth is such a fun place to stay than heaven or hell.

Seeing this is a slapstick comedy, there is no real plot whatsoever. Hence the random skits in each episode serving us the smiles and laughter in the silliest and violent way as possible but without going overboard too much. At times this series also breaks the fourth wall especially with Jashin at times commenting how her dropkick will finally end this series and the remaining episodes will just be summaries or reminiscent episodes. They also parody a few anime series too like how Jashin trolled us this series is going to become Detective Conan, Shingeki No Kyojin and even Shokugeki No Souma only to be kicked out. If you know your trivia well, you can spot a lot more and tons of them peppered throughout the series. More trolling as the next episode preview is narrated in an ‘epic’ and ominous fashion like as though there is going to be some sort of inevitable epic disaster, event or happening. And look what every episode has to offer? Yeah, they really trolled us good. It is hard to place if this series would be one of my all-time favourite slapstick anime comedies since in the same season there are a couple of enjoyable nonsensical animes like Asobi Asobase and Chio-chan No Tsuugakuro. Trying to rank which is the better one between them is very hard as each has their own charm. So no big convoluted continuous story is okay. Just make me laugh as much and you’re okay.

Hence with the absence of any storyline, the characters themselves have to step up and make the series looking great. With the wacky bunch, they are not disappointing. Like our titular character Jashin, it is hard to hate her despite being such a rotten devil to the core. Well, almost. Heck, among all the devil characters who have appeared here, Jashin is the closest one who lives up to being the devil but often shown her place because of how ‘weak’ she is. Many of the funny moments rely on Jashin being this dumb and not learning from her mistakes because of her high and mighty attitude that makes her think she can get away with it. I want to believe that if she is really serious, she can actually kill Yurine. Not that I would say she would be 100% successful but at least not live her pathetic and shameless life as her slave. This shows that Jashin has her good side and cares about her friends. I know this is unbelievable but Jashin is still Jashin and not Satan. Jashin, never change. And if you ask why doesn’t she just walk away from it all? Yeah, where would she go? Also, Yurine will always find her! Time to be really afraid.

Jashin’s master, Yurine isn’t a cold blooded sadist. Only when Jashin is being an idiot. It is unknown why she summoned Jashin and it could be a summoning error and by accident. Because if it was so, why hasn’t Yurine gotten rid of Jashin? That’s because Yurine is a kind hearted gothic girl and as you can see she treats the other non-human characters with dignity. Only when it comes to Jashin it is a totally different story. I have this conspiracy theory that Yurine is more than she seems to be. She might be that super being that God and Satan themselves are looking for and the key to the whatever ultimate plot twist! That’s why she is keeping a low profile with her very mundane and lazy-like behaviour so as not to give off suspicions. It might be a crazy theory but hey, this series could be this crazy to pull it off.

I believe that even if Yurine is such a nice girl, she keeps Jashin so as to let steam off sometimes. Notice how she will not hesitate to bludgeon her or cut her up? Well yes, because Jashin is an idiot who deserves all that (and to make us sadists laugh). I’m sure giving Jashin another chance is not an option because she knows that devil will not hesitate to backstab whenever she has the chance or the slightest opening. That is why Yurine is always at the top of her game. That is why Yurine will always be her master. That is why show no mercy in slicing her up. Yeah, it’s good to know that she can regenerate so no love lost. Now that it has come to this point, I wonder if one day there is a chance that Jashin would really go back, would they really part? I am guessing that it is highly possible they will stay together because Yurine loves to beat the sh*t out of her and Jashin loves to be beaten the sh*t out of her. Status quo is the best. It’s a complicated love-hate relationship. Like that Coyote and Road Runner, only more violent. Oh by the way, sometimes Yurine reminds me of that bludgeoning angel from an old anime series, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. Only this time her weapon of choice is the chainsaw…

The other characters are also fun and lovable despite just being supporting characters. Like the gullible Medusa who puts her friendship with Jashin at the top and that is why she is seen as the gullible and bottomless ATM whom Jashin will not hesitate to exploit. I wonder where she gets her wealth because if it is the currency of the netherworld, how can you convert it to yen? Are such currencies worth more? Nevertheless, what is a few scraps of money compared to the priceless value of friendship, no? Keep those cash rolling… Definitely ATM. AishiTeru Medusa! Minos plays a much minor role, just a Minotaur girl who loves working and earning her keep. Mei is delusional and probably the other character who could really own Jashin. But unlike Yurine, Mei is also selfish and only ‘loves’ Jashin for her own twisted end. It looks like she is only working to abuse her position whenever she can. Jashin better thank her lucky stars she still lives with Yurine. Or is it the case of between the devil and the deep blue sea? Funny dilemma for Jashin…

Now, the most pitiful character goes to Pekola. An abandoned angel who is just trying to find her next meal. Yes, this has become somewhat of her running joke. Work hard enough just to earn enough to eat. I guess now she has learnt what it means to say grace for every meal as even bread crumbs taste good. Food is her weakest point and even if she is sceptical of devils and devil worshippers, as long as you have food for her, she’ll change her mind. Oh Pekola, I guess your faith is not that strong then. The God you worship now is your stomach or those who can feed you. But Pekola still has her little pride as an angel as seen how Poporon has become arrogant despite losing her way. But if I have to compare between the angels, Poporon is definitely handling the situation much better than Pekola since she isn’t panicking and is doing whatever she can for the time being. Pekola is truly a fallen angel as her poverty has defined her character and the running joke of the series. So pathetic that some of the skits that involve her don’t even have a punch line in the end. Yup, that’s just it for her.

Pekola and Poporon’s case brings me to this question if God even exists or cares in this world. At least in the context of this anime. Even if angels lose their halo and thus losing their ability to return to heaven, do you think God would have sent his other angels to look for them? Instead, they are left to wallow and die slowly, not knowing when their halo will be regenerated. Heck, even devils regenerate way faster! Why is God doing this to his angels? Don’t tell me Earth is such a HUGE place that He can’t find them at all! Don’t tell me He needs to have GPS on his angels to track them down and without the halo it’s like, “Ah, f*ck it. They’ll return someday”. Therefore the irony of Yurine taking even better care and caring for Pekola’s wellbeing better than God! WTF are you doing Almighty One???!!! Why are demons and humans taking better care of your angel?! Don’t come blaming her when she defects or loses faith with you because I can see it coming from a mile when that happens, the rest will jump to he defence and beat the sh*t out of you!!! Yeah, Yurine beating up God???!!! Oh right. Yurine IS GOD!

This also brings me to wonder if the ordinary people and human beings in this anime do actually know the existence of angels and demons. Because nobody seems to be really bothered as Jashin is able to walk about in town as she pleases. I mean, a naked half snake girl in the middle of a crowded city. Nobody bats an eyelid! Because of that, I am wondering if this random goat demon with boobs that serves no purpose to the overall direction of the plot, wandering and bumming around in every episode is just the norm. Sometimes he makes some comment sand comeback lines, sometimes he does some silly stuffs. He is like the mini eye-catch of the series.

One of the most mind boggling and unsatisfying things in this series is the fact that there is this character who appears randomly in every episode from time to time looking for Jashin. Persephone II is the epitome of yet so close yet so far since she is always close by to Jashin but being the unlucky demon, she always misses her and stumbles into some other characters instead. She did finally find Jashin in the penultimate episode but that is just spotting her being carried away by the balloon. Finally, we can say she has found her. But that’s the perplexing thing. I thought that there would be some sort of punch line for this character but it is never explained how she is related to Jashin nor why she wants to find her, which makes it very frustrating. Even if that is the punch line of having no punch line, it still doesn’t feel satisfying as it all just feels like a troll.

But I started thinking even if there is some sort of revelation, would I be satisfied? What if she was just to return a book she borrowed? That simple reason might be the joke on us all. What if she has found a way to bring Jashin back but with a price? Oh, that would be interesting indeed. And at this point as the series has ended, she is perhaps the only character that I find that doesn’t have some sort of satisfying ‘closure’. Suddenly in the final episode she is part of the gang enjoying themselves at the beach. It’s like her proper cameo finally. Not that she does anything memorable too except trying to be friends with Pekola. Making it even more frustrating as it blows away our hopes in finding an answer who is this little demon to Jashin. But I guess we’re so engrossed in Jashin’s antics that we don’t care who this one is.

Art and animation feel good as all the characters are designed in a really cute way. Yup, they look so cute than scary. Maybe that is why nobody is afraid of them? That is why Mei wants to have Jashin? Even when times get really bloody but don’t worry, the graphic parts will be mosaic out. We will be too busy laughing than being grossed out. Speaking of the character designs, since I have seen so many animes, some of the characters start to look like they came from another anime. For instance, Yurine’s gothic style quickly reminds me of that lead singer of the band, In No Hurry from Fukumenkei Noise. Close enough. Just make Yurine a little more chibi. I somehow find Medusa looking like a scrawnier version of To Love-Ru’s Haruna, Mei a nastier version of Shinobu from Kiniro Mosaic while Jashin has this uncanny resemblance to Kokoro from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. Yeah, even their brattiness is so similar. With Pekola always having her incredulous wide opened eyeballs, sometimes I feel she was a rejected member of the Powerpuff Girls. Yeah, she’s so incredulous and can’t believe everything that has happened to her. Better keep those suspicious eyes open… Lastly, I can’t put my finger on where I have seen Poporon’s character design somewhere before. It’s so familiar but at this point I can’t pinpoint. I think it’s Jill from GJ-Bu but I’m not really sure too. Damn, watching too many animes has got my brain jammed. This series is animated by Nomad who did the original Rozen Maiden series, Kampfer, Sola, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki.

Voice acting is good especially Aina Suzuki as Jashin (Mari in Love Live! Sunshine), it feels like she is really having fun into her character’s role. It really brings out the best and the worst in Jashin. Kudos and hats off to her. Nichika Omori as Yurine is also fine but seeing she voiced the super genki Asahi in Shichisei No Subaru which aired in the same season, it is hard to believe that she is the same seiyuu behind this sleepy and dreamy gothic girl. The only other seiyuu I recognized is Chiaki Omigawa as Minos. The rest of the other casts are Miyu Kubota as Medusa (Sophie in PriPara), Yurie Kozakai as Pekola, Natsuko Hara as Mei (Tokine in Nazotokine), Rico Sasaki as Poporon (Kyouko in Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Girls), Kazusa Aranami as Yusa (Fujiko in Dorei-ku The Animation) and Miko Terada as Koji. For those who don’t get that Koji Yusa joke, he is a seiyuu as he lends his voice as that demon goat with boobs.

The opening theme, Anoko Ni Drop Kick by Jashin Girls (basically by all the female characters in this series) is such an epic song. It seamlessly goes back and forth between this very devilish hard rock punk beat, an innocent children song and also an ordinary anime pop piece. You should hear the epic lyrics too. Definitely very befitting for this series as well as Jashin herself. The ending theme, Home Sweet Home by Yutarou Miura x Hyadain might not be so epic but it is also bizarre and catchy in its own right with its strange lyrics that fit the series so perfectly as well as its rock beat that sometimes remind me if this should be a Christmas song too. Seriously.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series as it is fun despite all the violent slapstick stupidity that has the internet divided into love and hate camps over this show. It isn’t definitely the most intelligent show out there seeing you have one of the dumbest demons who keep messing up and being violently owned by her human master. It isn’t a comedy gold masterpiece like say, Gintama because the latter is so long running filled with so many characters and other nice and silly stories that it is already so established. This series manages to do the necessary for the season and that is at least being funny and memorable. Unless you’re those kind of people who don’t know how to laugh then God help you. I love this series and hope it will get another season because nothing beats looking at how dumb devils can fail when they are supposed to torment humans. They better have another season or else I would have to summon Jashin to do a dropkick on you producers into forcing a sequel. And then we’ll have 100 more seasons right after that! But for now, looks like no Dropkick ATM. At. The. Moment. :’(.

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