Oshiete! Galko-chan OVA

April 28, 2017

Got more puberty questions that you want to ask or seek to know? Don’t worry. Because there is more. At least one more episode. Oshiete! Galko-chan OVA is back to answer some of those questions that you are too shy to ask an adult, confide in your best friend, consult an expert or just too lazy to just Google or post it on Yahoo Answers. I guess with so many such questions, thus the OVA blows up to quadruple the running time of the TV series. Yup, 28 minutes! Get your pen and paper ready just in case…

Is Summer Vacation Real?
* A young girl is watching a movie (magical girl with glasses?) as she notices Galko enter. She has her own stereotype of this b*tch that she won’t understand this kind of movie. At the end, she thought she had fallen asleep but Galko is actually crying in deep tears! So amazing?! Such deep meaning. Little girl had to offer her tissue…
* A librarian notices Otako often borrowing books. He notes the usual subjects she reads like history. This makes him wonder if she has any friends. Then he sees a book on the topic of sex jokes. Maybe this is to tell some jokes to her friends?
* Galko is taking medication for her constipation. She thinks it is making her stomach stick out so she wears her old school uniform to hide it. The buttons come bursting out. I think it is because of her boobs… Then as she tries to eat spicy ramen, that is when she needs to go to the toilet. At this moment? After letting it all out, she finishes and enjoys the ramen.
* Otako texts Galko the need to work out her abs to help with her constipation. She tries sit-ups and the key is to lift enough till she can see her tummy. She can’t. Damn those boobs blocking!
* Galko is doing pedicure and painting her toenails when the delivery rings at her doorstep. This means she has to crawl all the way to the doorstep and the delivery guy is surprised to see this awkward scene. Like porn scene? Galko is glad to receive swabs that clean her belly button.
* Galko hangs out with Otako eating pizza. The latter explains how pepperoni pizza sometimes is a slang for big tits. But she quips Galko’s would be Morteau sausages. Too bad she doesn’t know what that kind of sausage is. This has Galko wonder why boys do not care about their own nipples.
* Galko wonders if both people wearing glasses will have difficulty kissing each other. They try testing it out but it got awkward so they drop it.
* They note Ojou is away for a family holiday. But they got a postcard from her from the North Pole. Do they have post offices there?
* Charao and his friends hang out together. A girl notices how close they are and starts fantasizing.
* Nikuko plays indoor football. Her opponents look down on her because she is fat. However Nikuko is able to move fast and scores! Sonic Meat?! Galko notes how some people who are big and fat are still fast. Just like hippos in real life. In fact, hippos are fast in real life too.

* Galko and Otako are invited to Ojou’s piano recital. When they show the invitation card, the receptionist suddenly calls the agents who then escort them to their seats. VIP treatment? As they watch Ojou play, she is sparkling with magic!
* The trio then have lunch together and Ojou calls curry udon. The rest wonder if this would ruin her beautiful dress. However she is eating quietly and with elegance. Magic sparkles too!
* Otako’s brother visits the shrine supposedly the area where some mecha movie he liked was filmed. He walks around but trips, exposing all the porn magazines in his bag. The miko priestess who is Galko’s sister, picks them all up for him. She isn’t offended since there are no pictures of penis or vagina.
* Agemi thinks Iinchou is the kind who doesn’t do homework and instead reads other books. Looking at the thick book she is reading she thinks smart people like her are on a different level. Iinchou was actually looking for a photo about World Heritage sites.
* Okako is on a journey trying to find out more about the occult. It leads her to a normal shrine. Nothing happening till she sees some muscle skull doll. She gets inspiration and plays rock music?!
* Charao’s girlfriend is at the lingerie store thinking she needs to take their relationship to the next level after Charao was bold enough to bring a condom. She is shocked at all the skimpy lingerie and the last person whom she want to meet, her sister is there doing her own lingerie research.
* Galko’s group, Iinchou’s group and Okako’s group all happen to bump into each other at the same time outside the karaoke box. They all go karaoke together. The more the merrier. You’d be surprise the types of songs some can sing.
* Kuseta is at a service and told to stop playing his handphone game although what he got was just a message. As he excuses himself, he trips and bruises his knee. Galko is there to help apply disinfection. When he tells her about the lecture he just got, she says adults too didn’t like getting lectured when they were kids. This makes Kuseta feel that he dislikes adults treating him like a kid (isn’t he one?) but if he is going to grow up to become that kind of adult, he doesn’t want to become an adult at all. Galko hugs him and hopes he won’t forget those feelings today. I think it would be extra memorable since the wind blows up Galko’s skirt. Yup. Definitely remembering today.
* Galko and friends go to bed excited about starting a new school term tomorrow. They look forward to talk with each other.

Is It True That Every Girl’s Dream Isn’t To Find The Perfect Guy But To Eat Without Getting Fat?
Safe to say that even after watching this OVA, I still won’t understand how girls think! Not in the most precise manner at least. I bet it is the same for every guy. So this OVA doesn’t really give much of an insight to the trouble of puberty and are more like short skits complied into one long episode. It is still entertaining nevertheless but if you are looking for some sort of lesson to learn, start looking elsewhere. I mean, we just learnt that we guys can’t understand girls, right? Please don’t kill me.

If you are familiar with the characters in the TV series, you would feel at home in this OVA since they are mostly relatively the same character as they are. Therefore don’t go judging these girls by their looks because Galko isn’t certainly a tanned blonde busty bimbo or Otako isn’t a nerdy loner or Ojou who isn’t just an airhead rich girl but possessing many talents. The other supporting characters also make their cameo but it feels they are just for slight distraction and little variety rather than anything that has a direct bearing on the overall. After all, this series isn’t just about the main trio and the other supporting characters are like other stereotypes you would find in your life.

The human mind and culture throughout history is a very weird and mysterious subject. There is nothing specific to define or studies that would have one glove size that fits all. Different people have different opinions based on the input they get and the environment they grew up in or influenced. So we might have stuck to the wrong perception of things for the rest of our entire lives. Like how Disney movies keep giving girls unrealistic expectations about dreams. Or how porn gives guys unrealistic ideas on what a girl really wants. Don’t worry, as long as we’re learning. Are we? Or do we need Galko to come teach us some?

Oshiete! Galko-chan

September 10, 2016

I am sure that each one of us when hit with puberty and going through that ‘awful’ phase, our curiosities about our own bodies and especially of the opposite gender would make us ponder over such issues. Many of us would be too shy and embarrassed to ask such questions. Who do we look for to get our answers? Don’t worry, people. Look no further for Oshiete! Galko-chan is here to answer your curious needs about the female body. Ah yes, which guy wouldn’t be interested to know more about the female body and anatomy. Unless you’re gay… But that is besides the point. This series addresses some (but not all) of those pressing and embarrassing issues that you were too afraid to ask before in fear of being ridiculed, shamed and labelled as a pervert. Myth or fact, this show covers it (but don’t expect it to be comprehensive) in an entertaining way that doesn’t make it look like you are watching some sort of serious documentary. Edutainment? Despite the series mainly discusses about the female body, it isn’t only intended for guys as girls can safely watch this too. If only there were such series back in those days to find out more about the birds and bees…

Episode 1
Galko doesn’t think the size of the boobs can affect one’s areolas. So Otako has her draw 2 circles on the tip of the balloon. When she blows it up, see how the circles enlarge? Galko often comes in late for class. Everyone thinks she is out with a date last night but actually she spent watching the entire 26 episodes of an anime all in one night. Galko thinks boys are dumb when they ask her about her big boobs are so because a guy kept massaging them. But when Otako questions how she even knows that is true, she cannot answer back. Galko reads passionately a paragraph from the literature text. While everyone impressed with her voice acting and the way she reads it makes it very interesting, Otako can only note that the topic has students only memorizing kanji and infer answers from a set of questions so reading passionately doesn’t help at all. Galko suddenly stops reading halfway through. It seems she knows there is a kissing scene coming up. After class she reads the entire story and can’t help feel emotional about it. Does the thickness of eyebrows have an association with pubic hair? With Otako discussing the possible link, Galko excuses herself to the toilet to cut her eyebrows. Since she accidentally cut them all, she decides never to come out till they grow back! Noticing the boys doing kanchou, it reminds Galko she was also a victim of one but rather the bully’s fingers broke and was hospitalized! Isn’t that not the way how kanchou supposed to work? Despite knowing how much her butt will hurt, Galko continues to enjoy her spicy food. It’s because she thinks she is having constipation now and will be fine. True enough next morning, her ass hurts like hell. Otako offers her a cushion and then explains how the membranes in your ass and tongue are the same. Only difference, butts don’t have tasting sensory so it can’t taste sweetness even if you put sugar. And Galko actually tried it out? For the question if girls have hair on their butts, we see them talking about multiple ply toilet paper as well as cheap places having cheap quality products. That is why you can’t recycle using a single ply toilet paper because it gets tangled in your butt hair! Galko is late again as usual for morning class. As the day goes by, Otako notices Galko gets more active. Could it be that she is just not a morning person?

Episode 2
Do virgins only use pads while non-virgins use tampons? The question is whether you want to insert it ‘there’. As Galko is still sleepy in class, Otako suggests doing a headstand after she gets up. Of course that is supposed to be a joke but Galko really did it and she started experiencing nose bleeds. After giving her an energy drink, Galko finds it tasty and drinks more. However this means she has to go to the toilet since the stimulant stimulates her bladder. Otako then explains why women have weaker bladders than men because of their different body structure. Most essentially women have smaller bladders because of the uterus. The next time Galko goes to the toilet, Otako and Ojou time how long she takes to return and then bet whether it was a big or small issue. Now it is the guys’ turn to discuss about girls. What about them? Their coloured panties! Because pure girls like Ojou, they can only imagine she always wears white. Girls like Otako would wear some animal prints and naughtier girls like Galko would wear coloured or flashy panties. They believe why girls wear coloured ones is so that it wouldn’t look easily stained when they show it to guys. Then each of them imagine their interaction with Galko and definitely think she likes them. Galko makes some curry bread. The reason is that if she bought them, she would have to use her own allowance but if she makes them, her father would give her money. Because she used the term ‘papa’, everyone had the wrong idea the kind of father she was having. Otako wonders the need to cook these days as food is so easily available everywhere. Ojou claims she loves cooking but her overprotective parents disallow her to hold a ‘blade’. You mean a chopping knife? As Galko talks how tough it is to make bread, Otako asks about the softness of its dough. She compares them to her boobs and the boys get the wrong idea so embarrassed Galko dismissed it that she was just talking about it in general. Otao sees how Galko’s boobs are pressed against the table. Later he goes to the supermarket to buy dough and knead them so that he could have a feel how boobs are.

Episode 3
Galko just had her tan. Wondering if her nipples are tanned too, Otaku yells out that they are tanned so Galko dismisses them and explains about the pasties she got so they are still pink. Anyhow the guys overheard it… When Ojou walks past the guys, they smell this sweet scent and wonder if she used an expensive soap. Otako might smell like a new textbook but the guys don’t find it too bad. As for Galko, they smell something attractive from her. Could it be the scent of love? When Otao talks about this mecha anime he just watched, the other guys think he is lame. But Galko heard about it and suddenly becomes interested. She also likes that anime and spends time talking to Otao about it. The other guys note how they must watch this anime… Otako decides to play a trick on Galko. She talks about girls with big boobs have inverted nipples. Galko didn’t make that surprised reaction as Otako expects. Was the topic too complicated for her to understand? Then Otako continues to exaggerate about the bad points of having inverted nipples since a mother can’t feed her newborn. Suddenly this makes Galko cry as she gets up and runs away. She is upset that Otako is implying she can’t be a mother. For the next few days, Galko is absent from class. Otako feels bad but maintains her pride. Till Ojou talks to her about hiding her feelings. Just go and apologize to her. Otako is outside Galko’s house and she has armed herself with knowledge about inverted nipples. Yeah, she read the entire encyclopaedia about it so she is an expert on the topic! When Galko doesn’t answer the doorbell or her call, Otako fears the worse. She panics and states the truth about mothers with inverted nipples can still be moms. More importantly she discloses how happy she is to be friends with a pretty and popular girl. She is very sorry for that prank. Turns out Galko was just sick and recuperating. Otako wonders if she can still be her friend. Does she have to ask a question when the answer is so obvious? Galko invites her in for tea then.

Episode 4
Otako praises Ojou’s slim hands. This has Ojou unintentionally praise Galko’s big hands. Galko flusters and proves she does not by putting it against the palm of a guy, Supoo. I wonder if he is going to ever wash that hand of his. When Otako spots a pubic hair on Galko’s shirt, this time she is more careful and thinks if she should tell her as she does not want to make her cry like last time. Unfortunately Galko dug her own grave when she herself says aloud she spotted a pubic hair on her shirt. Of course this catches the class’ attention so she corrects herself that it is armpit hair. Ojou gives Galko a shoulder massage. She is told to mind her loud moaning but when she tries to muffle her moaning, it sounded quite erotic. Ojou also gives Otako a shoulder massage and it makes her make a weird sound. She hits the spot? Then they talk about having bigger boobs means more prone to having shoulder problems. Otao then tests it out by dangling a couple of bottles over his shoulders just for feels. Galko gives sweets as cough drops to her classmates. Otako wonders why she has so many of them. Apparently she got them in exchange for helping her friends with minor stuffs. Galko tells Otako if she ever needs anything, she can ask her. So does she have a pad? Or even a condom?! Yeah, she’s just messing with Galko as usual. Ojou overheard them but got the wrong idea of the ‘rubber’ they are talking about. This means Ojou nonchalantly explains the ‘rubber’ (hair bands) she always carries around just in case as she uses them often. They come in different colours too! Imagine her embarrassment when Otako tells her what they were actually talking about. Otako and Ojou later tease Galko about girls with big boobs have big areolas. Because Ojou has a cousin whose boobs are as big as Galko’s and so are her areolas. Otako exaggerates it to be as big as a tyre making Galko to fluster like mad.

Episode 5
The eternal question if boob size is inversely proportionate to intelligence. Iinchou (class rep) seems to think so and believes Galko must never have thought about it or give any thoughts to anything else. She is surprised when she sees her entering an essay competition on how to eliminate war on Earth! When Galko praises Iinchou’s essay to be something deep and thoughtful, Iinchou thinks Galko have written something even deeper. Charao gives Otao and Supoo a shopping mall quiz that turns out to be a psychological test. They are surprised since it evaluates accurately their personality. Charao then decides to use this test on Galko. But he finds it hard to concentrate when he can’t help look at her delicious parts while she gives her answer. Galko then tells this to her test but eventually she doesn’t have an answer because Charao never told her. When Otako is amazed Galko can pack lunch since she is not a morning person, Galko reveals it is her sister who does it. Flashback reveals Galko promised she would wake up in the morning so that she can watch a late night show. Too bad she is a sleepyhead in the morning and her sister as expected takes care of everything. Otako then asks if sisters borrow stuffs from each other. Galko confirms it since they are similar in size and even borrow her school uniform. Otako flusters and wonders if her sister really borrows her school uniform for that. It took a while for Galko to realize what she is implying. Back home, Galko confronts her sister about this so big sis explains how she uses it in foreplay and takes it off before sex! Well, her boyfriend takes it off. Galko regrets hearing all that.

Episode 6
Otako spots Galko with a new lipstick. Time to mess with her head. Do you know the colour and shape of one’s lips represents a person’s genitals? Galko took the bait and is now more conscious than ever. For the rest of the day she tries to hide her lips while she analyzes the lips of others. So conscious that she is making funny faces now and then. When Otako tells this to Ojou, she commends them for being brave to know what they look like because she herself is too scared to check it out. This only makes Otako fluster. Galko wears a vest despite being hot so that her bra won’t show through her shirt. She gets tricked to inform that she is wearing a bright red bra today since Otako tells it to Ojou. Galko was at the lingerie store but couldn’t find lingerie the store sells now that is her size. It has to be custom made. She bought 3 period panties for a special price. Despite not cute, might as well get something cheap since they might get stained anyway. Ojou then talks how she gets her lingerie measurements via personal designer. Galko wants her to come along the next time she shops for lingerie. The trio meet up. Otako dresses casual, Galko like a slut (at least that is the first thing that comes to our dirty minds) and Ojou in her formal kimono. After shopping for clothes, they go watch a foreign movie. The scene turns into an intimate love making scene. Otako is very conscious about this and wonders how her pals are holding up. Surprisingly they have a serious expression. Could it be that Otako is the only perverted thoughts? Later when they talk about that scene, Galko nonchalantly mentions she too would like to one day passionately make love with someone like that. Otako’s face now turns red like a traffic light.

Episode 7
If you wonder if big boobs float on water, you can thank Galko for confirming that. The friends are at the pool in which Ojou won as a prize from a raffle. Galko wonders if tampons will absorb water and expand inside. Otako assures they are waterproof. Galko tries to tease her as the tampon master but it has no effect. Galko shows her off her shaved armpit. Silky smooth. She realizes she forgot to shave down there since her pants are hard to come off. Ojou notices Galko’s bikini is showing too much skin so Otako reminds her that because of her big boobs, she can only adjust the size with the straps. A young boy named Kuseta gets lost and bumps into Galko. Since he misplaced his wallet, she treats him. Kuseta was actually here with his mom. Because his fellow female classmates tease him as mama’s boy, he got embarrassed and ran off. Speaking of them, here they are to tease him again. Galko wraps herself around Kuseta, making him like a million dollar winner. The bullies got ‘scared’ and back off. Galko hopes Kuseta will reconcile with his mom. He still thinks she is an embarrassment so Galko scolds him he should never feel so about his own mother. In class, Otako is baffled that Ojou is as tanned as Galko since the latter did apply sunscreen. Galko realized too late she took the wrong spray and it was some kind of pheromone spray. This somewhat explains why younger boys tried to hit on Otaku at the pool. I mean, a kid young enough to be her brother is asking her to be his wife?! The tan is also a pain for Galko because now she has sun burn and getting into the bath is a painful affair. Kuseta is dreamy and thinking only about Galko. His bullies feel jealous and order extra milk to make their boobs bigger.

Episode 8
You’re not a guy if you don’t rank the girls in your class who has the biggest boobs. Doesn’t Galko win hands down? Not quite. Because there is Nikuko who is a very fat girl and has monstrous boobs too. Thus the cup size is determined by the difference between over-bust and under-bust instead of overall size. Surprisingly Galko suggests Okako to them too. She is a tall girl and because she is always slouching, the boobs of this occult fanatic don’t really show. With the guys staring at her, she feels she is being watched… By a ghost?! Ojou and Otako notice Galko looking at her nails. She does keep them well maintained but it seems she has also written her shopping list on her wrist?! Galko can cook thanks to some transparent glove. However her sister ‘ruined’ it by telling her something extra about it. You know, some girls prefer to masturbate this way instead of using devices… When Iinchou notices she has a cracked fingernail, Galko will not let this slip by and quickly gives her a manicure treatment. With the guys playing a dumb game of pinpointing the nipple, Otako teases Galko one can find her exact nipple spot if you just hold your earlobes and go straight down… You tried that, didn’t you?! Galko makes a fuss when she realizes her bangs are messy. Bomuo doesn’t understand why she would be so concern with something petty, criticizing if the economy would plunge just because of her hair. But he still notes her big boobs. Next day, he comes to school with his hair quite messy. His mom didn’t say a thing and just smiled. Bomuo feels so embarrassed but that is when Galko comes to the rescue. She fixes up his hair nicely with her accessories and even makes Charao lend his expensive hair gel (or else she’ll reveal an embarrassing secret!). Despite Bomuo noting he doesn’t care about the hairstyle, after school he goes to the shop to buy that hair gel. It’s really expensive. When he comes home expecting his mom to say something, all she ever does is just smile and stare the entire way…

Episode 9
Because Galko is communicating via sign language and this annoys Otako, she purposely misinterprets and says aloud how she dislocated her jaw by training to put a man’s thing in her mouth! There, she finally spoke. Turns out she watched an American show last night and a character had crooked teeth. She was horrified when she see her fixed it via braces. Now Galko is quite concerned and tries to hide them. But next day, she can’t help show them off as she has seen a vampire show last night. When Galko talks to Otako about African Americans in movies, Ojou wants to join in and make some sort of joke. Uh huh. She started talking about colours of tits and vagina. Huh?! Then when they talk about hymen breaking due to horse riding, Ojou flusters and couldn’t come up with anything. I’m not sure about Galko scaring and then apologizing to people. Why is she mad? She found out she gained 200g! Otako is in disbelief because that is considered nothing. In fact you lose that much by peeing. And if she wants to lose weight, start off with those boobs first. But Nikuko interjects that it doesn’t work. She lost weight before but nothing changed and her boobs remained the same ever since. The guys start wondering if her boobs were that big before. Skinny girl with big boobs? There is a manga with a character having a pierced tongue. Galko wants to read it but is scared each time she has to see this character. This has Otako asking if she was scared when she decided to pierce her ears. Galko remembers her sister freaking her out with lies about drills when she first said she wanted to pierce them. When Otako tries to tease Galko of another old wives’ tale about earlobes, it seems Galko already knows it and turns the tables on Otako that she believes in such rumours. Otako then proceeds to tell a horror story how a woman wearing big earring hoops had it caught by a passing van and tore off her… You get the idea… Because of that, Galko becomes scared and tries to protect her ears. Her friends revise their plan and show a picture of Buddha who once pierced them as a prince. Those holes bring wisdom and happiness. The simple minded girl is back to her happy self again.

Episode 10
The boys are complaining when the teacher makes them do laps. But when they see the girls running and how much Galko’s boobs bounce, they start praising running is the best. Is that so? The teacher tells them to run another 10 laps! They continue to observe Galko’s violent jiggling boobs but they are surprised to see Nikuko. In fact, she is faster and because of her good running posture, they stay stable and don’t bounce about. Galko sees Otako and Charao talking and wants in but is shooed away. They discuss about this habit of Galko always wanting to butt into something but can’t handle it subsequently. Otako and Charao continue their talk on hair loss for men that are mostly genetics. Otako mentions about girls liking guys with close cropped hair. Something like Supoo’s. Charao thinks it is grade 3 hairstyle but Supoo dismisses it to be grade 4. Supoo remembers a baseball game he was in. The opposing team’s school was cheering very loudly. But he remembers Galko cheering his name at the top of the voice. It made him happy. Charao notices Galko staring at him. When she takes him away, it is actually to clean his curry stains on his jersey. So that was bugging her so much? Oh, also his zipper is open! Charao notices Galko is wearing a men’s shirt. He starts fantasizing that she must have woken up after having a steamy affair with a man last night. Say, her shirt was spilled with wine? Thus she borrowed his shirt. Thus he keeps wondering who her boyfriend is. Despite going out with his junior girlfriend, his entire thoughts throughout the karaoke session are filled with the mysterious guy Galko was with. At the end of the day, Charao wonders if she still has time because he got some rubber. She flusters and slaps him. When Ojou notices the men’s shirt Galko is wearing, Otako explains about her broader shoulders and big boobs which make them fit better. Charao’s girlfriend couldn’t believe he is such a pervert but Charao sends an apology text and mentions how important she is to him and so she is back to loving him once more.

Episode 11
Otao leaves the infirmary once he feels well. On his way back to class, because the hallway looks so deserted, he finds it unusual. The he spots the girls coming back from swimming class and goes into hiding. Maybe he needs to go back to the infirmary as his anaemia is coming back… A girl watches Galko order her coffee like a pro unlike herself who is flustering. Then she watches her burn her tongue. She continues to observe Galko reading a manga that is written by her favourite author. She watches Galko flusters because it becomes hardcore BL in the middle! Otako didn’t understand when Galko texted her something about the fancy toilet paper in some cafe. Next day, the teacher is talking about different types of toilet papers used by different civilizations throughout the ages so Otako teases Galko how cultured her text was yesterday. The class votes on which movie to watch. Galko suggests a lesser known direct-to-video movie. But because she cannot explain it well (thinking it would be spoilers), her movie garnered the least votes. Ojou cheers her up that they can watch it at her place. Galko is grateful and also suggests having a slumber party. Otako packs her stuffs and some animes to bring over. There is one that is ecchi as she keeps thinking if only she herself would fluster. She brought it anyway. Another dilemma is if she should bring pads. She has this weird thought that Ojou might have a chamber full of different pad collections. She’ll bring hers just in case. The girls had a very fun slumber party. Only shocking part is that while watching the ecchi anime, only Galko started flustering. During the screening of the movie in class, the trio fall asleep. Too much slumber partying?

Episode 12
We go back in time a little when our new students are just a week into their first year. Otako observes how students quickly form into their respective groups. She considers herself an outsider and doesn’t belong into any one of those cliché groups. She prefers being alone. Till Galko tries to talk to her because she is always reading alone. Galko sounded a little bit rude pointing out she is like an otaku. Otako just got up and leave and left a stinging rebuke for her. When the class is at the library, Otako observes Galko mixing in with the rest and believes this is supposed to be the way. Suddenly she feels her biggest period ever is coming. So big that she can’t move as she sits on the floor. Galko happen to walk by and she immediately understood what is going on and takes her to the toilet. She even gives her medicine for her cramps. Otako is grateful but wonders why she didn’t call for the teacher’s help. The teacher is a guy. He is the kind to panic when confronted with such womanly things. They started talking about things and surprisingly enjoy each other’s company. Most important of all, they realize that they shouldn’t behave or live in a way based on how they look or do. So can a gyaru be friends with an otaku? Why not? Otako then teases her as a virgin and this makes Galko fluster. Ojou overheard their conversation and finds it interesting. She wants to join in. Sure. Why not? And that is how the trio become friends. Throughout the term, Galko continues to barely arrive in class before it starts. Otako notes this habit of hers and her reply is that if she comes to class early, it means she can talk more often to her friends, right? A touching moment, something that would fluster Otako but it is ruined because Galko falls back to sleep on her desk. Well, I guess it is the thought that counts.

Tell Me More About Sex, Please?
So now can we move on to proper sex education? I am sure most of us would be very much to learn more on this topic. Hehehe… But this series isn’t exactly porn or close to it but it still makes you wonder if this and other early sex education and awareness would be effective in countering porn is yet to be seen. Anyhow, this is actually a smart and intelligent series in its own right. You’d be surprised to learn a thing a thing or two.

It is tempting trying to label the topics in this series as some sort of cheap fanservice. After all, in today’s world where everyone can be offended by everything, talking about tit colours and pubic hairs sound like another one of those subjects that would raise the ire of politically incorrect people. It is as though such aural fanservice (in place of visual fanservice) is to attract viewers to watch the series. In many ways, this series has tried its best in providing something educational but yet in an entertaining way. Instead of getting really technical and spouting terms that young teens would not understand, the depiction of the normal lives of high school students in their daily affairs seem to be much more realistic and something that all of us can relate to. After all, we adults have gone through that phase before. Unless of course you have been brought up strictly, cut off from the outside world and society, but that is a different story altogether.

Therefore seeing Galko’s busty chest might automatically have many saying that her huge racks are only for fanservice purpose. This is partly true since what other better way to talk about the myths and facts of boobs if they do not stand out in particular (no pun intended). Not to say that flat chests are excluded but there is a higher chance that something visually more obvious and appealing would be ‘easier’ to talk about. At least for guys. Unless you are a petanko fanatic, you don’t often hear guys talk, discuss and compare girls with smaller boobs, right? It is the same argument for the few panty shot and lingerie scenes scattered throughout the series. Because again, what kind of guys aren’t interested in what colour of a girl’s panties, am I right? Unless you’re gay…

I feel tempted to make a handful tit and nipple jokes but I don’t see the POINT of it! Haha! I thought of RACKING up a few boob jokes but I guess such jokes wouldn’t get any SUPPORT! Haha! How do you guys keep ABREAST of things if you don’t talk about these things? Haha! Okay, okay. Enough of it already. Sorry, I just wanted to get it OFF MY CHEST. Hahaha! Alright, better stop. Don’t want you people to make dick jokes in retaliation, TIT for tat. Hahaha! Okay, seriously. No more boob jokes. I promise.

Even if there are many other issues that aren’t addressed (I suppose teen pregnancy falls in a totally different category) or the ones that do so aren’t exactly comprehensive or accurate, at least it creates some sort of awareness that one might have or not knew in the first place. And whether or not you will apply such knowledge somewhere in your life is again another different story. At least you know, right? So mainly it is either people might fluster or feel awkward when they hear such topics (either because they are too pure/innocent or they didn’t see it coming) or you can be like me, no reaction and putting on such a serious monotonous face throughout the series. Yeah, this means I am mature, right? :-).

Besides some of those embarrassing body questions posed here, another great lesson that we can learn is that despite many of the characters here look like some sort of stereotype, they are still human beings. Despite everyone has a different body size and build, some basic bodily functions still work the same. And of course, to never judge a book by its cover. Considering the characters here to look and act like your stereotypes, it is for illustration purpose and supposedly the setting of this series. It is true that we tend to immediately pigeonhole at first sight but once you get to know each other, race, skin colour, religion and even your political beliefs take a back seat. Strength in diversity, no? But I still can never get close into the circle of those hot beautiful chicks in my class… :’(.

Although the characters themselves aren’t much, they are likeable even though all of them can be considered as stereotypes because typically at least you have known one of them to be so in your life, right? It makes them relatable. Despite the fact the characters are also aptly named after their stereotype traits or personalities, it gives you a rough idea and you can pretty much tell what kind of character that individual is. I mean, which high school doesn’t have the character who is the jock? What about the most popular guy in school? There is always that very fat person too, right? And yes, the nerd. Every class has to have one. The only stereotype missing here is the gangster-cum-delinquent type. Hmm… I don’t this was necessary in this kind of anime in the first place. Despite each character having their apt names, it is hinted that they do actually have a real one (as seen in the final episode). But I guess when you’re friends, you tend to call each other by your nicknames.

As for our main trio, ironically you get to more about them during the opening animation credits because in each episode there will be a different narration of what their likes, ambition and their characteristics in addition to the generic narration of their main personality. It will be grinded into your head that Galko is a sharp tongued but good natured popular girl, Otako who often sits at the corner of the class but is ironically somehow friends with Galko and likes to tease her a lot, and finally Ojou an airhead who somehow hangs out with the duo and tries to get closer to them. So don’t miss out on the opening or you will miss such ‘great details’. Come to think of it, it does seem odd that very different people are good friends. Not that there is anything bad about it but how often do you have a trendy popular girl, a frumpy nerd and a rich, strict noble upbringing girl together as best friends?

The art and drawing of the series feel okay. The character designs look generic but this is mainly to cater to their character stereotype. But I somehow feel that the colours are quite vivid and rich. Hmm… How should I explain it? Somehow I feel that they put lots of quality into the colouring and hues of the animation that is why the characters mainly look bright (visually) and lush. Perhaps this is the most richly coloured series I have watched in recent years and the most under the Feel studio’s portfolio of other animes like Locodol, the Da Capo series, Jinsei, Fortune Arterial, Outbreak Company, KissxSis and Dagashi Kashi.

It is one of those times when I squealed in delight because the first voice that opened the series in the first episode (and also for many other episodes) is no other than Mamiko Noto!!! She might not play a physical character in this series but rather the narrator. I guess it would be a waste if she were to just be the voice of the narrator and thus any onomatopoeia sound effects are also made by her. For a long time I almost forgot that she can still sound this cute and lovely rather than being casted as the older and motherly female characters or characters that need that kind of husky voice these days. Worst of all, characters that could be killed off! Oh yeah. How do you kill off a narrator anyway? All hail Mamiko Noto forever!!!! <3.

Surprisingly for a short anime, there is quite a reasonably long cast list considering the many characters there are in the series despite many of them just making a handful of cameos. While there are identifiable ones like Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Otao, Takahiro Sakurai as Charao , Daisuke Ono as Supoo and Youko Hikasa as Galko’s older sister, some that aren’t so recognizable (at least in my books) are Azumi Waki as Galko (Sanae in The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls), Miyu Tomita as Otako (Yume in Aikatsu Stars), Miyu Takahashi as Ojou (Megumi in Shokugeki No Souma), Ayaka Suwa as Iinchou (Tokaku in Akuma No Riddle), Juri Kimura as Nikuko (Aoi in Shirobako), Yuko Iida as Okako (Mei in Witch Craft Works) and Makoto Furukawa as Bomuo (Saitama in One Punch Man). The opening theme is YPMA Girls by the voices behind Galko, Otako and Ojou. It is one of those generic lively girl group anime pop but it isn’t entirely that bad. At least for this genre.

Overall, this is quite a reasonably good anime and addresses some of those bugging questions that have been burning for your entirely teen life that were never answered. Were you red faced and feeling some sort of inner discomfort after watching the series or did it activated your horny drive instead? This is one of those few animes that take the ecchi and fanservice genre to a different level and don’t make the entire series looking like a generic sleazy, cheap, cheesy fanservice title. It goes to show that you can still make a proper anime under such category and still be as entertaining and perhaps even more so than sitting through an entire boring lecture about the human reproduction system. No, it isn’t dirty. Only your shallow mind is. Knowing such things doesn’t make you a pervert in general.

Otherwise would there be any other way we can get proper education about the birds and the bees? Oh yeah. We can always get our sex education from porn all over the internet, right? Let’s face it. Porn is everywhere! If there is one thing lacking realistically in this series, it is about Galko and her friends finding out about porn on the internet. It would be amusing to see their reactions when they are exposed to free internet porn. Oh yes, porn. The biggest misguided sex education in the world. Then we need more of Galko-chan to tell us and debunk our flawed insights on sex. I hope I didn’t rub this the wrong way :-). Whoops, sorry. Hey, at least it isn’t a boob joke. Almost fell into a booby trap there. Oh, damn it!

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