Sumomomo Momomo OVA

October 3, 2008

Now I really understood why the anime tv series Sumomomo Momomo has 22 episodes. Actually, there should be 24 episodes in total but the remaining 2 episodes are not aired on tv so that they could be deemed as OVA episodes. Yup, so viewers who want to find out more about this wacky ecchi comedy series, you’ll have to buy the DVD to find out what further adventures are in store for the gang.
But I really didn’t expect this series to have OVA episodes initially because at the end of the 22nd episode seems to indicate to end it all. So just a short recap of what happened then. Tenka’s tiger clan brothers were taking action to destroy Koushi by giving him some poison. So if they want to cure him, Momoko and the rest of Koushi’s self-proclaimed weird friends have to travel to their hideout and beat them if they want to get the antidote. After some fight, all is well in the end.
At first, I was thinking of waiting for subs of both OVAs to come out. That was the reason why I didn’t blog this series as soon as I finished watching the series. And there has been a substantial time gap between the subbing of both OVA episodes. But I guess it’s worth the wait. By the way, I’ll be referring to these 2 OVA episodes as episode 23 and episode 24 as if it’s like a continuation from the tv series.
Anyway, after that main story arc, it’s back to those mindless and hilarious seeking-for-each-other’s-love comedy in episode 23. We see the usual gang of Koushi, Momoko, Iroha, Hanzou and Tenka going on a trip to some hotspring inn in the mountains but since their van broke down halfway, Tenka and Hanzou have to push it. Uphill. They don’t mind doing it because the driver is a short old frail looking man and they think it’s to show off their power to their respective loves. For those who don’t remember, Tenka is in love with Momoko as Hanzou is with her blood clan sister Iroha. Of course their advances have been snubbed as the girls’ heart are set on Koushi, who in turn doesn’t return their love because that lawyer-wanna-be hates having weird martial artists around him. But he can’t ditch them now because, they’re like family after all that they’ve been through previously. But the love-hate relationship is still there. Still there…
A flashback of how Iroha won the tickets to the hotspring was through a lottery draw. Iroha then had a plan to deepen the relationship between Koushi and Momoko into a passionate lovey-dovey one (that blot out censor was done on purpose). However, to her dismay, Koushi declines and asks the 2 girls to go instead. Just then, Hanzou and Tenka busts in to tell them the good news that they too have won tickets to the hotspring inn. Looks like now everyone can go. Back in present time, Momoko uses her super dragon power blast to speed up the vehicle. I think this is scarier than a roller coaster ride. Hold on tight to your seats!
They finally arrived and noted how this inn is so much spacious than their run-down apartment where they live. Note the BIG difference. Momoko thinks of getting lovey-dovey with Koushi but that guy kicks her out and tells her that her room is with Iroha’s. Some things never change. Later as Koushi decides to soak in the men’s hotspring section, to his surprise spot Momoko waiting to wash his back. As expected, he kicks her out. So Momoko is lamenting this fact with Iroha in the women’s section as the latter comforts her that she still has time. They then had an ambiguous talk about each other’s skin. About how silky smooth it is, about how her skin is like a jewel. Of course, Tenka and Hanzou are eavesdropping from the other side and are planning to peek but can’t see anything due to the thick mist. Hanzou has his wild imagination of the girls doing yuri things to each other. Thus the duo decides to sneak there underwater using bamboo sticks as their source of air.
As the arrive, Iroha is having trouble because her soap dropped into some unreachable place. Momoko conveniently takes both the bamboo sticks to leave those perverted guys in a lurch. Just when they can’t hold their breath any longer, they resurface for air but Tenka is knocked out. Furthermore, Iroha is coming back. She spots Tenka lying unconscious near the spring and rushes to pull him out while Hanzou is hiding behind some rocks. Because Tenka was too heavy, when Hanzou took a peek, he saw that tiger boy on top of her. He couldn’t believe it. Upon taking a second look, he finds Iroha now on top of him and the way she’s inhaling and exhaling, it’s like… Wow! Are they doing it for real?! And that ‘rhythmic movement’… It’s so bloody convincing! Hanzou is devastated that Iroha is so bold of doing it at such place but it is revealed that Iroha was punching Tenka’s stomach with her might to push the water out. You can blame the mist for partly covering part of the story. When Tenka comes to, Iroha and Momoko finds out that he’s peeping and slaps him. Hanzou confronts him when Tenka gets back.
Meanwhile Iroha and Momoko are talking over things while having drinks at the vending machine. Momoko feels sad about the way things turned out recently. Koushi who happened to walk by heard them and thinks they’re talking about him. So it’s no surprise that he misinterprets that conversation when he heard them say how he’s disillusioned and unworthy of being called a human being as Koushi remembers the part where he kicked out Momoko from his room. At the same time, Hanzou wants some answers from Tenka when did the relationship between him and Iroha started. But Tenka thinks it’s the slap he got from Momoko which he enjoyed. Tenka blushes which causes more shock for Hanzou as he ran away in tears. Koushi is relaxing on a massage chair and is thinking about Momoko’s words. He felt insulted. Just then he heard Sanae call his name is surprised to see her here. Sanae mentions her grandma won the lottery but in actual fact Sanae laments that she was brought here for further training. Iroha is searching for Koushi when she bumps into Sanae’s grandma. In her horror, she flees. Sanae’s grandma too chased her because Iroha did not apologize for bumping into her. The chase was cut short when grandma’s age caught up with her. Yeah, she’s catching her breath already instead of managing to catching Iroha.
Momoko is standing dejectedly on the bridge when Iroha comes rushing to hug her and says how scary it was that chase she got from grandma. Just then, Koushi was passing by opposite and spots Momoko and Iroha in some yuri hugging position. Double disgusting. It’s like they’re going to kiss. So Koushi later tells Momoko that he’s going to concentrate on studying and tells her to get all friendly with Iroha instead. Haha, shunned again. Poor Momoko. Iroha wonder what’s going on when she gets a call from Hanzou telling her to visit his room. Upon entering, she spots Tenka peeping through a binoculars at Momoko’s room. He deserves another good whack. We find out it was all Hanzou’s ploy to get Iroha and Tenka together since that fella has resigned to the fact Iroha likes him and reluctantly should feel happy if Iroha is happy. Iroha in her rage is walking back to her room but spots Hanzou and Momoko talking together. Hanzou then tries to cover up saying Koushi likes Iroha. This causes Iroha to fluster up. Later as Iroha sat alone outside on a bench, Koushi comes by. Iroha then takes this opportunity to ask what he thinks about her. Koushi, thinking of her yuri romance with Momoko, then says romance is free. Iroha then felt happy. Oh, so many misinterpreted situations. Everyone is talking about different things at the same time.
But that’s not the end of it. More misunderstood situations to come. We see grandma taking out her frustrations on Sanae’s training high up in the mountains. Sanae then spots Koushi and Iroha getting close and their face was so close that it looked like they actually kissed! Sanae falls into despair! Actually, Iroha was just tired from all that running so her balance wasn’t stable.
When everyone gathers at the table at meal time, there is an atmosphere of uneasiness as everyone is worried or in a dilemma about their new found misinterpreted relationship of the other. Grandma decides to go to the hotspring as Koushi goes to the toilet. Then an inn staff came by to tell the rest about the legendary Gentian Of Love in a cave near the inn. When a couple picks up a Gentian flower, they will definitely be together forever. Sounds like one of those too good to be true legends but what the heck, everyone is so desperate. Later, Iroha and Momoko went to tell Koushi about this but lied by saying that this Gentian flower will make him smarter. Since they’ve come all the way here, Koushi doesn’t mind following them. Everyone is happy and having their wild thoughts about who they should pick the flower with.
The 6 of them are at the cave mouth and Sanae contemplates of going back because it’s dangerous. Previously grandma told her that this is the cave where many of her horse clan trained and died. As Sanae tells the gang to go back, Iroha tells her to go back alone then as the rest moves forward. Not wanting to be left behind, Sanae reluctantly follows. Tenka then slips but it’s no big deal. Since the path back up is steep, going back may pose a problem. As Tenka gets up, his hand accidentally pushed a lever hidden as a stalagmite. A boulder is coming their way as Tenka uses his brute strength to hold it till everyone gets up safely to higher ground. Koushi lends Sanae a helping hand and the latter is rejoicing the fact that she get to feel his warm chest but feels a scary cold sharp glare from Iroha. As they continue to move forward, Tenka again slips as the ground collapses but is able to get back up quickly. Since Sanae knows of this place, she reluctantly tells them about the traps like this one whereby different coloured grounds are safe to step on. The gang are amazed by the insights of this normal person. Yeah, Sanae’s emphasizing that she’s a normal person…
Koushi then suggests to split into 3 groups of 2 through rock-scissors-paper. As fate would have it, Koushi gets paired with Momoko but that guy tells her not to get close to him within 1 metre radius. Momoko wonders what is wrong as Koushi tells her he doesn’t want to be with a person who insults him behind his back and that he knows everything. While Koushi thinks it’s that yuri moment, Momoko thinks Koushi may have found out that they lied to him about the Gentian flower making him smarter. As Iroha is paired with Tenka, which means Hanzou gets Sanae. Hanzou’s talking about Iroha’s love with Tenka but Sanae thinks it’s with Koushi. All 3 pairs suddenly feel water gushing from behind and ran for their lives but who can outrun water, right? They are being drained to the same spot when they spot the exit. Iroha then ties up Koushi and Momoko and threatens to kill anyone who gets in their way. Iroha is doing this so Koushi will hate her but of course with everyone’s different perception of the scenario, everyone is confused too.
Tenka isn’t happy that Iroha has Momoko in chains but Hanzou decides to obey Iroha no matter what. Before those 2 guys can clash, Sanae slaps Iroha and says that the one Koushi should be with isn’t Iroha. Everyone is surprised to learn this and soon everyone’s misunderstanding of each other’s love starts to clear up. The cave starts crumbling as everyone rushes out. However Momoko’s feet has been tied down by a vine. Koushi goes back to get Momoko as the others are already outside. Momoko tells Koushi to leave her but he tells her to use her dragon skill. Can they make it in time? Because the ceiling has finally caved in. Luckily in the nick of time, Momoko manages to unleash her dragon skill as the duo walk out safely unscathed. Momoko thanks him for the warning as Koushi says it would’ve been troublesome if she had died, making Momoko happy. As Tenka rushes to hug Momoko (but she avoided it), she chides Tenka and is disillusioned with him for peeking at her earlier on. Koushi realized that Momoko wasn’t talking bad about him back then and seeks Iroha for an explanation. But that girl just tell him it was just some sort of drill. Sanae then spots the Gentian flower on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the inn. But Momoko chose not to pick it as it would be a shame to pick something blooming so beautifully. Likewise, Koushi thinks not to rely on such legends either. However, Tenka and Hanzou aren’t bent on giving up yet as they both rushed over to pick the flower. Both their hands met as they touched the flower.
Back at the inn, it seems the hotspring is now a mixed bath area as the gang soaks in one. Momoko wonders if she could come closer to Koushi but the latter says it’s okay as long as there is a 15cm radius. Momoko is happy that the gap is now reduced. Well, keep trying. As Sanae and Iroha watches from a distance, she mentions that even without the flower, they’re just doing fine. But the next scene is very disturbing. We see Tenka and Hanzou in the hotspring, being lovey-dovey with each other! OMG! Yaoi! Gay! They’re touching each other’s chest and saying how silky smooth it is and that it’s like a jewel! *Laughing out loud and puking at the same time!*. Holy sh*t! They’re hugging each other! Silky silky, smooth smooth… Disgusting! Eww! But so funny lah. So the flower did have some legendary effect.
Episode 24 has the gang back to their lovely run-down apartment. Koushi is trying to study his law but since the other guys are too noisy playing their video game, Koushi has just about it and decides to go to the library to read. What do you expect as the walls between the rooms are so thin. I kinda noticed that even though that Gentian flower effects have worn off but Hanzou and Tenka are still playing video games together. Still inseparable? However as Koushi steps out from the place, he has been kidnapped by several maids into a long limousine car.
We see Koushi being whisked away to a luxurious high-tech mansion on an isolated island whereby he is being introduced to a little girl named Chizuru Yuuki (she sounds like Tamama from Keroro Gunsou). She apologizes for treating him this way and tells him that she is the head from the chicken clan (remember that part of the series’ storyline was that the 12 zodiac groups were fighting each other and in order to stop that fighting, Koushi of the dog clan and Momoko of the dragon clan had to be wedded). A little girl as the leader of the chicken clan? Anyway she says that the chicken clan is on his side and that this kidnapping is part of their plan to protect him as the other faction is planning to betray and assassinate him. So why this island? Chizuru mentions that with the latest high-tech weaponry and arsenal, it is very impregnable. Yeah, maids in big bulky guns and armour fortresses.
Chizuru and Koushi tours the garden and we see that when Chizuru throws up a rose flower, in an instant, a sniper shot it to bits! Scary. Now how can Koushi’s heart be at ease? Besides, there are cameras everywhere so much so Koushi thinks that it’s like an anime. Since when did this law studious kid ever watched anime? Soon Chizuru shows Koushi a room where he can study. Koushi is amazed with the spaciousness of this room filled with books and decides to continue his studies.
Back at Momoko and co’s place, they received a large tv from a delivery. They are then surprised to see Koushi on the screen being sexually and sadistically tortured! OMG! Chizuru proceeds to tell them that since Koushi has betrayed the clan, he will be tortured like this till he repents. But we see that image of Koushi is just a super-imposed picture of somebody else. Looks like Chizuru is trying to fool these people into coming to save him. Funny part was Iroha destroying the tv because of her anger, hence cutting all communications with Chizuru. Even she herself is surprised. So how will they know where Koushi is? Do not fear as Chizuru left them a card of their address. Of course even if it’s a trap, Momoko can’t leave Koushi and soon embarks on a journey with the rest to rescue him. Meanwhile, we see Koushi really enjoying himself studying. Why, he has maid servants who would gently rub away any wrong answers he made! Now, this is the life! I’m sure Koushi would really like to stay here forever and not go back to those rowdy weirdos.
Momoko and the rest are quickly approaching the island but are being taken out by a torpedo. Chizuru is really expecting them. But don’t you think it would be too easy for them to die at this stage? Yup, they all somehow landed safely on the beach. Well, maybe for Hanzou, he’s just a little injured, but that’s nothing for a tough guy. At the same time, Koushi is really enjoying the moment. Being scrumptiously fed by beautiful maids flanking by his side. A meal has never tasted so good before. Now he really does want to live here forever. Chizuru is at the dinning table with him when one of the maids report that Momoko and the rest managed to survive. Chizuru excuses herself and heads to the battle control room.
As Momoko and gang tread through the thick grass, they are being ambushed by several remote controlled tanks and helicopters. As expected, Momoko pulls off another of her amazing dragon skills but the tanks and helicopters just keep coming. Tenka then decides to handle this one (because he thinks it will look cool in front of Momoko) and tells the rest to go ahead first. Momoko, Iroha and Hanzou manages to infiltrate the mansion and changed their outfits in order to blend in with the crowd and avoid detection. Hanzou and Iroha ended up in a crowded area and it seems like a motor show party for celebrities is being held. Hanzou must be enjoying the good food rather than searching for Koushi. Just then, a group of sword wielding maids enters the room and is going to lure out the invaders. How? She drops a 500 Yen on the floor and it worked. Remember, Iroha is a poverty stricken girl and hearing any money on the ground is part of her specialty. Okay, maybe not. But it was enough to send her scurrying to pick up that coin. Iroha is annoyed that she has fallen for such cheap trick (but I guess that’s natural) and that the head of the maid unit knew about this because she had researched on her bio before. With that, she orders her other maids to take the duo out. If you’re thinking of watching some cool sword fights then you may be disappointed. But unless you’re an ecchi and fanservice fan, then yeah, you’ll love it. Uh huh. The camera angles in a way to show what is under those skirts of those maids. Like I said, fanservice darou ne? Can’t believe Hanzou taking photos like crazy.
Meanwhile Momoko is wandering through the maze-like corridors and thought up of an easier way to reach her goal. She unleashes another super powerful dragon blast move to make a straight path which eventually leads her to the control room where Chizuru is. The other maids attacks Momoko to protect Chizuru but were easily dispensed off (not even worth the sweat). Chizuru then quickly escapes. Koushi notices smoke arising from the other side of the hill and smells something is wrong when Chizuru rushes by his side and asking him to escape by telling him that the assassins are already here. She then whisks Koushi to another control room and Koushi finds out that the assassin is Momoko. Chizuru wants Koushi to watch which one of them is capable of protecting him.
Speaking through a loud speaker, Chizuru tells Momoko to come to the top of the clock tower if she wants to retrieve Koushi. At this time, Koushi thinks he wants to go home. Yeah, I think it’s better and safer to live with a scary bunch of weirdos than a dangerous bunch of seemingly fake and peaceful facade. Chizuru then makes her innocent puppy dog eyes face to persuade Koushi to stay by saying that she thought he wanted to stay here forever. Well, initial he did but since Momoko came to pick him up, I guess he knew it’s time to go before everything goes out of hand. Chizuru then decides to make Momoko disappear forever by activating some satellite in space. Of course Momoko dodges the beams and counters attack this with her Dragon Heaven Piercing Strike, easily taking out the satellite. Seriously, the names she gives to her moves are really grand. But it does pack a punch. Chizuru is in disbelief of Momoko’s superior skills so Koushi takes the opportunity to tell her that Momoko’s skills are absurd and that there is no way she could win with science or common sense. Damn right he is.
But Chizuru isn’t about to give up yet and unleashes her final trump card as they go out to the balcony to watch the upcoming one-on-one fight. When Momoko reaches the top, she is surprised to find Uma Kamen (it’s Sanae for those who can’t remember) waiting for her. Why is she on Chizuru’s side. Chizuru mentions that when she told her about the assassination attempts on Koushi’s life, Sanae agreed to do so, even if Momoko is her opponent. Momoko too is equally surprised to see that an ally of hers is standing in her way. But to both of them, protecting Koushi’s life comes first. They both trade powerful blows but Sanae realizes that she is still no match for Momoko’s power. So there is only one way for her to power up. Uh huh. Fanservice time! For those who don’t remember, Sanae powers up when she takes off more pieces of her already scantily clad uniform. It’s because from this extreme embarrassment of hers, that Sanae will get to concentrate all her power into her legs and give her opponents a hell of a good and powerful kick. So now she’s totally naked! I guess the others who are watching are equally embarrassed too. As the duo are going to give each other the final punch, the impact was so great that it causes a huge hole down into the building. Wow. Unfortunately, it knocked both of them out.
Chizuru is rejoicing the fact that Momoko is defeated and her true intentions are revealed. Since that Uma Kamen fell for her fake story and with Momoko out of the way, the peace pact between the zodiac factions are now destroyed so that they can continue to fight each other. Since the chicken clan are weapon dealers, it would be bad business for them if nobody goes to war. Yup, so the plot of kidnapping Koushi was just a ploy to bait Momoko. Chizuru takes out a gun and points it at Koushi. Before she could pull the trigger, a horse shoe came flying knocking off the gun. Well, a little closer and it could’ve hit Koushi’s head. Sanae is mad to hear that she has been fooled into this as she gathers her last ounce of strength but soon collapses. But Chizuru’s rejoice is just a short one when she says now nobody will protect Koushi. But Koushi points towards Momoko, who is walking towards them. Fear comes shivering down Chizuru’s spine as she rushes back into the control room to request for more help to stop Momoko. Too bad, looks like all her tanks and helicopters are totally obliterated by that crazy football tiger while her maid units are totally being knocked out cold by the snake clan duo. Hanzou is really enjoying the food here. Yeah, fanservice from those knocked out maids… Chizuru must be thinking how all this is possible as she claimed that her fortress is impregnable. Well, you’re not dealing with ordinary people, remember?
Chizuru makes another last ditch attempt by activating some giant rocket as the clock tower splits open. Momoko then unleashes another one of her super dragon moves to send that little kid screaming and flying into the air. Bye bye. Momoko then says how she has come to rescue him and Koushi tells her to let’s go home. Urm… Notice Momoko in a naked apron outfit? Yeah, another fanservice shot. Must be from that blast with Uma Kamen. Speaking of which, Uma Kamen, quietly goes away after knowing all is well. But back at the apartment, Koushi is trying to study but once again, the noisy neighbours once again disrupt his flow. Keep quiet! Ah, regretting it all now? But I guess he should be fine back in this familiar comfort zone.
So I finally managed to watch this wacky series till the end. I must say that the OVA episodes still proves to be enjoyable even after the main story arc has ended. Some viewers may call them as fillers but I think this couple of final episodes are quite fitting to end the series. Well of course, there isn’t anything conclusive to say that there will be a 2nd season nor was there any developments of the plot for the future. But if ever the need arises, I’m sure many fans will definitely look forward to it.
The OVA episodes contain the usual ecchi fanservice and was enough to make me laugh at times. Though, I somehow find that Momoko’s quest to be Koushi’s bride has toned down. I mean, if my memory serves me well, at the start of the series, she was like making moves which seems horny for a little kid like her. Perhaps she has learned to take things easier and a little step at a time.
The thing which still amuses me at the end was the name Momoko and those other so called martial artists name their special moves and techniques. For example, Black Dragon Morning Destroyer, Burst Dragon Space Blasting Fist, and Holy Staff Heaven Piercing Kick 120%. Wow. Don’t they just make you raise your eyebrows? Plus, I don’t really see any difference from each other either. But it’s really power packed as mentioned and with them saying it with all their might and passion, you know, it’s so crazy that it may as well work. Okay, maybe not in real life.
Perhaps because of the long gap times between the time I watched the tv series and the OVA, my interest in the series as in overall, has waned. Nevertheless, watching the OVA series did brought back a little of those memories at that time. Ah heck, it wasn’t that long either. And yes, that end-screen note of the final episode did say something like "Mata dokokade, SUMOMO FUAMIRII ichido yori" (See you again somewhere, from all of the Sumomo family). That is, if my own translation is correct. Do I really want to see this weirdo family again? Maybe for some laughs. But now I can say "Sumomomo Momomo" faster without twisting my own tongue. Okay, maybe not that perfect still.
Sumomomo Momomo

Sumomomo Momomo

December 22, 2007

The title of this anime sounds like some tongue twister or stammer and it’s definitely not a typo error. One may say a ‘Mo’ too short or long if one is not careful. Yup, the anime is Sumomomo Momomo (try saying that fast. Sounds funny, right?) and it means ‘Plums and Peaches too’. Well, that’s what I translated it to be.
Oddly, this anime which has been adapted from the manga of the same name has only 22 episodes. I was wondering why it has such an odd numbers of episodes (even actually). Maybe the producers just wanted it to be different and surprise viewers in the sense that they want to catch viewers of guard when it ends at 22 rather than your usual 24 or 26 episode series. Or maybe they just ran out of material for the storyline. Just kidding.
Comedy is one of the main factor in the series, which is the main reason why I decide to check it out in this romance-martial arts genre. The show has a little Chinese element in it in the sense that it uses the 12 Chinese zodiac animals as part of its show. Apart from that, there is a little ecchi element in it but don’t worry, no full frontal nudity here. Almost.
The main plot of this series is about this little girl Momoka Kuzuryuu who is the daughter of some legendary powerful martial arts fighter. This martial arts crazy girl has been training with her dad for a long time in the forests and mountains but 1 day after all those hard training, her dad still isn’t satisfied with her. In his eyes, Momoko hasn’t become a powerful fighter and at this rate will never be (because she’s a girl. What is with this people that boys make better martial art successors than girls?). So he tells Momoko to marry the world’s strongest fighter so that she could bear the child and produce the world’s strongest offspring. Of course Momoko is thrilled with that idea and accepts it. One thing I’d like to mention about Momoko is that when I first looked at her, her eyes are so big that I thought that she’s some kind of bug. Really. But I’ve gotten used to it since then and her eyes don’t really look bug-eyed anymore.
So who’s this powerful guy Momoko has to marry? You see, Momoko’s dad has another powerful martial arts fighter who is also his close buddy. He too has a son named Koushi Inuzuka. While Koushi’s dad may look fiercesome and intimidating, his son seems opposite. Yeah, he is a total opposite. Why, besides his good looks, Koushi actually dislikes violence, hates fighting and martial arts, and has his ambition to become a public prosecutor (a lawyer, that is) when he grows up. Not something good for a martial arts family, isn’t it? Koushi doesn’t listen to his dad on becoming a martial artist and continues with his studies on law, much to his dad’s disappointment.
I suppose it’s normal for a little girl who first laid eyes on a handsome guy to instantly fall in love with him. Okay, there’s some flashback that Momoko did meet Koushi before as the latter got bullied (I wonder how this is seen as being strong? But she cheered him on to do his best then) As seen in the first episode, Momoko abruptly enters Koushi’s life, trying all sort of weird stuffs to catch his attention, freaking him out in the process. I mean, anybody would if some little girl you don’t know suddenly pops out in front of you from nowhere and proposes to you to become your bride. Not only that, this episode is hilarious with Momoko’s failed attempts to get Koushi to share a bed with him. It gets a little ecchi here like she tries to let Koushi see her non-existent little boobs. You get the idea. Why, at one time she even set up a bed in the middle of the outdoors and is on top of him! And at times I guess Koushi just wants to play mean by giving some teasing signals that he’s willing to bed her but in the end gives her a cold shoulder and rejection. It’s funny to see Momoko getting depressed after all that yet so close yet so far reaction. Well, this doesn’t deter her from trying again. I read that the subber’s note that the Japanese audio actually said to have sex but the subbers decide to translate it into something less ‘offensive’.
If you notice that even though Momoko considers herself as weak, you’ll see her protecting Koushi most of the time. So who is the weaker sex now? Can’t blame that guy. He has no martial arts training background (okay, maybe you can partially blame him for not taking up some defensive martial arts, but hey, that guy hates the use of violence) and whenever Koushi gets bullied, he’ll try to advice those bullies and quote sections and paragraphs of the law! Will that work? Nope. Those gangsters are too dumb to understand some section of the penal code and do their talking with the fist. Luckily Momoko is there to teach those losers a lesson and you can see some super fiercesome dragon aura of hers in the background. Don’t mess with this gal. In the end, I guess Momoko is still bent on making Koushi get into bed with her as she lays 1 right smack in the middle of the street road. Hehe. I think a room would’ve been better. Over the series, she (as well as other martial art characters) will unleash some super moves or techniques of theirs and the screen will go black and display the name of that ultimate technique in kanji. Seems pretty okay at first. Of course exaggerated lah.
Since Momoko ain’t giving up yet, she has begun staying at Koushi’s house, much to Koushi’s dismay. Call it a training to become his bride. Not only that, Momoko enrols herself at the same school and even in the same class with Koushi in episode 2. I don’t remember how because Momoko’s younger than Koushi and the stuff they learn at school are pretty heavy for a girl like her. But I suppose nothing would stand in the way of their love. Also we’re introduced to a new character, Sanae Nakajima, who is the bright class rep and if you notice, Koushi seems to like her and vice versa. At least Sanae’s a person where Koushi can talk normally. Normally. Since lots of freaks and weirdos will soon be appearing to interrupt his peaceful life. We also see that the bullies of Koushi have a muscular and mean looking boss named Saigo. This Saigo guy doesn’t have any proper speech throughout the series except his occasional grunt and groans and whenever his underlings decide to call him to teach Koushi a lesson, Saigo will usually go off somewhere else. Though he may look tough with his sunglasses and moustache, Saigo actually loves kitten and reads romantic novels! How sissy is that? Good thing he doesn’t pick fights but even if he does, he ends up on the losing side. Bummer.
Mainly this episode sees how Koushi’s gym teacher (another loser) decide to teach him a lesson because he’s jealous that he’s got too many girls flanking him. Is it? So he’s holding various contests to discredit Koushi but everytime his plans get foiled but an unsuspecting Momoko (laugh out loud with all those slapstick comedy moments) who seems to pass all of his contests with flying colours and beyond anyone’s normal expectation. I guess the word ‘normal’ is going to be referred many times here. This episode ends with 2 mysterious figures in masks who’s planning to move in and assassinate Koushi.
Though the hilariousness continues in episode 3, we learn that there’s some kind of plot to assassinate Koushi. As far as I can remember, there are 12 clans each representing the Chinese zodiac animals and right now there is some dispute which is causing the clans to be divided into East and West faction to fight among themselves. So to bring order and prevent an all-out war, Koushi and Momoko must be wedded together. If you’ve guessed it from their surnames, Koushi’s from the dog clan whereas Momoko’s from the dragon clan and these 2 clans are opposing to each other. Thus the 2 mysterious figures are revealed to be siblings (not blood related in that sense) of the snake clan, Iroha and Hanzou Minamoto.
While Koushi reluctantly goes on a date with Momoka at the zoo, Iroha and Hanzou uses some spell of theirs to let the wild animals out of their cages and causing a rampage. Koushi gets to witness first hand Momoko’s superb strength when she tackles a polar bear. Eventually the chaos managed to be quelled and looks like Iroha and Hanzou has to be real serious if they want to assassinate Koushi. Don’t worry, you’ll notice that these 2 are like idiots especially Hanzou. They may seem intimidating but actually more comical.
Iroha personally attempts to assassinate Koushi at his home in episode 4. Yeah, after observing the relationship between Koushi and Momoko, they summarize it to be something like a master-dog relationship. Hahaha. I like this funny part whereby Koushi decides to go to bed and listen to some law cassette tapes. Momoko notices how he’s repeating those lines while he’s sleeping. She decides to experiment by whispering some lines into his ears. And to her happiness, it does work. Finally when she whispers "I will rock you senseless…", she finds that Koushi is awake and disgusted by what she’s doing as Koushi kicks her out of his room. Classic line. Hahaha. If she was quieter and faster perhaps it could’ve turned out better.
While trying to assassinate Koushi, Iroha’s mask fell off thus exposing her face. But it seems Koushi isn’t shock and pats her on her head. It is then that Iroha develop some crush on Koushi. Yup, mission in jeopardy. Can she do it or not? At night while Koushi’s asleep, Iroha sneaks in to stab him but seems hesitant. See, when you need to do something, do it fast that’s because Koushi’s turning and rolling in bed seems to have caught Iroha in some ‘compromising position’. Haha, it’s so funny! Since Koushi’s on top of her and too heavy, there’s nothing Iroha could do. Ahem ahem. Does she look like she’s enjoying it? Plus, Koushi’s sleep talking and saying some things which made Iroha blush. I will rock you senseless… Anyway, Iroha fails to do so and leaves after having such ‘close intimacy’. Time for Plan B. In the end, it’s revealed that Momoko is trying her luck again by putting and talking through some earphones on Koushi while he’s sleeping. Luckily Koushi gets to expose her trick before he really rocks her senseless…
Iroha continues to assassinate Koushi in episode 5 by trying to dress all girly and date Koushi, much to Hanzou’s dismay. Yeah, that guy’s got a crush on Iroha and gets pissed off if somebody else is in love with her. Hanzou would do anything for Iroha and doesn’t this scene reminds you like Koushi-Momoko’s master-dog relationship too? Anyway, I like this funny part whereby Momoko and Iroha are dating Koushi at the park (Hanzou impersonating as Koushi’s dad to tell them to go on a date). Iroha wants some ice cream and Koushi went to buy some for her. When Momoko too asks Koushi for one, he just gave her a coin and tells her to go buy 1 herself. Hahaha! Later the ice cream fell off on to Iroha’s little chest. I don’t know what Koushi’s thinking but he took his hanky and wiped Iroha’s chest! The scene is like… is like… groping! Oh be patient Hanzou, he’s having a nosebleed out of jealousy as he watches and observes from afar. Then Momoko is thinking of the same thing as she smudges the ice cream on her head. Koushi told her to go clean it up herself. Hahaha! Poor girl. Clearly, there’s some double standards here. But I suppose Koushi favours a more cute innocent looking girl rather than 1 who’s always pestering to come into his room to sleep with him.
Because Hanzou can’t stand watching Iroha being so ‘weak’, he kidnaps Koushi and ties him up at some port with ferocious creatures waiting to devour him if the rope ever breaks. So you could say it’s a showdown between Iroha and Hanzou with Momoko as they battle it out. So some clash of ultimate techniques as we find out that the duo are doing this to revive some honour in their clan bla bla bla. If Momoko has her dragon aura, you can see Iroha’s snake aura too. Though Momoko eventually wins and gives them some good advice, it seems that they’ve forgotten all about Koushi. While they’re fighting, we could see Koushi in a frantic as those creatures were trying to reach him. Keep your eyes on Koushi in the background that’s because soon in a flash he’ll be ‘gone’ when the match ends. I know, Momoko and Iroha are good pals now but don’t you think she really really forgot something?
Though Koushi is depressed that Momoko forgot about him in episode 6 (I wonder how he got out of that situation), his troubled days aren’t over yet. There’s another assassin who’s coming to assassinate Koushi. It’s Tenka Koganei of the tiger clan. This football guy has a ball named Becky and similar traits to a cat. Oh that tiger aura in the background. Not only that Tenka seems to know Momoko and has a crush on her since young. So Tenka throws down a challenge to Koushi which is a duel to the death over Momoko (after witnessing some accidental ‘compromising position’ between Koushi and Momoka of course). The game is like some penalty shoot-out in those football games and the winner is the 1 who gets to score 3 goals. Also, it seems Iroha is getting more and more to be cheering on for Koushi and is even getting on his side now. How is that gonna be helpful in restoration of her clan? Even if Koushi seems to be losing at the start, but Koushi proves that brain over brawns is better and that the power of observation. He notices how Tenka is afraid of water (like every other cats) even when Momoko the girl he loves is up close to him giving him a bottle of water to drink. With that, Koushi turns the game around and wins. Tenka tries to kill himself but was stopped in time by Koushi.
In episode 7 we learn a little about Momoko and Tenka’s past on how they came about. Okay, it seems Tenka likes Momoko but Momoko doesn’t. So they wrote some promise on Tenka’s football which the sentence was left uncompleted with the word ‘ke~’. Tenka interpreted that it would mean 1 day he would marry (kekkon) Momoko but he latter interprets it more of 1 day they will fight (kettou) and finish this duel since Momoko lost to him back then. Other than that, Koushi and Momoko learns from Koushi’s dad about their marriage significance. Yeah, for once that guy is acting a little nice to her. Later while Koushi and Sanae are walking back together, those bullies are seen doing some extortion. Of course, Koushi decides to stand up and fight after 1 of them punched Sanae as she tries to shield Koushi. Hey, Koushi, aren’t you letting girls doing the protecting when it’s supposed to be the other way round? Koushi tells Sanae to get away while he takes them 1 on 3. Sanae agrees and does. Is it for real? I mean Koushi has no martial arts background. Yup, Koushi gets beaten up badly. Predictable. At least Koushi thinks that it’s better than getting bullied. At home we see Momoko attending to Koushi’s wounds. Koushi realizes his mistakes of hurting Momoko (yeah, all those abuses and ignoring times) and tries to make a little amends. See, it’s not so bad after all. For now.
Well, Iroha and Hanzou even enrolled and joined Koushi in his school and class in episode 8. Things looking bleak right now. Iroha seems to have a new objective and that is to make Momoko and Koushi be together even if it means sacrificing her own love for Koushi. I wonder if Hanzou is okay with that. Not only that, Iroha and Hanzou seems to be renting a room nearby and that landlady seems to look like a character from Beavis And Butthead. Yeah, she’s really particular about rental on time and those sagging boobs… Anyway Iroha notices how Koushi is more friendly with Sanae instead of Momoko so much so she tries to help Momoko convey her feelings more strongly to Koushi. It seems that Sanae is also 1 of the Chinese zodiac clans, the horse. Her clan’s job is to protect Koushi and Momoko and see to it that they are married and such. So it’s like a tragic love story for Sanae, no matter how much she loves Koushi, she can only watch from the shadows and do her duty.
Plus, if you notice that scantily clad Uma Kamen (Masked Horse) going around is actually her. Yeah, everybody’s laughing at such a weirdo going around saving people in such a weird attire. Even when Sanae transforms herself wearing that outfit to help Koushi and co from time to time, she’ll deny that she’s anybody they know. I’m wondering if Koushi and the rest could identify her since she doesn’t wear that much clothes. Unless the mask hides it all. Furthermore, Sanae has to keep this Uma Kamen identity of hers a secret. Then there’s this part whereby Koushi is gonna confess something to Sanae. How she wished it was his feelings. Actually, Koushi’s saying that he could talk freely with her because she’s a normal person and not like those martial art weirdos which he hates. Oh Sanae, that’s really got to hurt. She’s like 1 of them too. But I guess that’s why some truths aren’t meant to be known. Iroha and Hanzou went to spy to see if Sanae is 1 of the zodiac clans but didn’t find anything (something to do with her name being written differently which spells ‘horse’ in kanji). Also, that landlady, Kimie, is Sanae’s grandma. It’s a small world after all.
You’ll hear all of that in episode 9. How Sanae has to protect Koushi from all sorts of danger without revealing her identity. I know Batman has it easy because he’s rich and got a large cave hideout. Sanae’s just an ordinary school girl in love. Uh-huh, this episode is a Sanae’s episode as Koushi-Momoko slapstick love comedy takes a rest. Also, we see how Kimie trains Sanae in a sadistic way to become some super Uma Kamen of justice. Sanae looks like she’s reluctant, struggling and going through things she doesn’t want. Ah, at an age where girls are busy dating their boyfriends and putting on make-up, this is the fate of Sanae. But it’s all in the name of love. Unreturned. Though saving Koushi and without him knowing her pains her much, there’s something that will be even more shocking and painful for Sanae. At the end of this episode, it seems Kimie has arranged a future husband for Sanae, a muscular macho guy named Hikaru also of the horse clan. WARGH!!!! Oh the horror. How she wished she’d just die now.
Even so, Sanae thought that a guy with such a name would look like those cute handsome bishoujo you’d normally see in mangas and animes. Thus in episode 10, Hikaru comes to propose to Sanae through the horse clan’s weird tradition, that is, through the display of power and strength. I’ve never seen Sanae been so freaked out before. Wouldn’t any girl if she has to marry a guy whom she doesn’t love? Sanae tries to ignore Hikaru but the latter doesn’t give up easily. This guy is another one of those brawn over brains. Yeah, not the brightest one is he? Plus, when Hikaru finds out that Sanae has her heart set on Koushi, he tries to challenge him. But the thing is, Hikaru thinks that Hanzou is Koushi and challenges him to a 1 on 1 duel. I mean, if you compare Hanzou to Koushi, who do you think is the ‘tougher’ one? Though both of them sucks, really. At the same time because of that, Sanae has a hard time trying to hide her identity from Koushi. Of course he didn’t really find out that Sanae is behind that Uma Kamen thing.
Eventually Hikaru discovers who the real Koushi is in episode 11 and challenges him to a duel in his school so that he could win Sanae’s heart. We all know Sanae’s feelings, right? Saigo gets a little screen time but he got trashed by Hikaru. Haha. Anyway the battle soon takes place and Koushi has to reluctantly fight because Momoko will be cheering on him. Bummer. However this episode feels like an excuse to provide lots of fanservice. Uh-huh. Sanae’s scantily clad Uma Kamen gets more screen time than usual. Sanae decides to butt in (pun intended) in order to stop Hikaru’s madness. It somehow reminded me of Ultimate Girls because there’s a short flashback on how Sanae could power up and turn the tables when she’s being overpowered by Hikaru. Kimie said something about some super powers unleashed when more pieces of her Uma Kamen clothes is taken off. Alright, I know what you’re thinking. The outfit is sexily perverted enough already. Though she’s next to naked, the necessary parts are still covered (barely enough. Haha another intended pun). With that, Sanae in her embarrassment gets to defeat Hikaru with some super kick. I think that it’s because Hikaru and the other guys are more being a pervert. Yeah, the semi-nakedness distracted them and make them ‘lose their power’. Hikaru admits defeat and in a way Sanae saves Koushi and her. Probably they were looking elsewhere and not really concentrating on her face. But before Hikaru can call out Sanae’s name, she quickly carries him away. The next day, Sanae’s troubles aren’t over yet because Hanzou took lots of pics of Uma Kamen and is selling like hot cakes. Those perverts. At least they’re so into her sexiness that they still didn’t bother who that masked woman is.
Both Koushi and Hanzou are sick in episode 12 but they get really different treatment from the girls. You’ve guessed it that Koushi gets the VIP treatment whereas Hanzou gets the cold shoulder one. And to make things worse, Iroha seems to be getting closer to Koushi though she did say that she’s gonna root for Momoko to be the one but in her heart Iroha still wants to be the girl Koushi looks at. You could say Hanzou gets jealous and tries to sabotage Koushi by impersonating him. After all these years Hanzou has only eyes for Iroha and I suppose it’s okay if it’s not returned. But when some other guy cuts in (purposely or not), this has got to be Hanzou’s limit. It’s funny to see Hanzou himself bear the brunt of his own doing as he disguises himself as a doctor and Koushi’s dad. What goes around comes around. What’s this? Koushi fainted and lands on Sanae’s breasts? That guy is out cold to feel anything. And there’s this part whereby Iroha is thinking of seducing Koushi and is gonna give Koushi (Hanzou in disguise after tying up Koushi in some sleeping bag) some body warmth while Momoko isn’t around. Didn’t happen. It could’ve been something Hanzou has been waiting for all his life. Unfortunately because of Iroha’s touching words, Hanzou’s tears ruined his disguise. Busted. Looks like even if Hanzou recovers from his illness, it’s gonna be a long one from his bruises.
Koushi gets a new teacher, Inaho Kameda, for his class in episode 13. Wow, this teacher is sexy in addition to being knowledgeable in law. I’m sure this interests Koushi very much. I suppose Momoko, Iroha and Sanae have every right to be worried. Who wouldn’t, Koushi did faint a little in class and I think it’s not because the law material is too heavy ;). Yeah, she brings him to the infirmary and later even invites Koushi to her house. Sanae is suspicious (partly jealous too) and spies on her. Next day, Koushi is gonna have is bento but finds a bra inside it. Just like a real lawyer, Inaho decides to hold a trial and it seems the culprit is that gym teacher. Sanae is still suspicious of her. To cut things short, later Sanae and Inaho have some sort of a showdown and it is revealed that she’s from the tortoise clan and is supposed to get close to Koushi and marry him so that her clan can be part of the 12 Chinese zodiac. Something like that. At first I was thinking is there a turtle in the Chinese zodiac? Inaho even told Momoko that she’s an obstacle to Koushi’s dream. Because of that, Momoko feels dejected. I don’t know why she took her words so seriously. Where has that ‘I want to bed with Koushi’ attitude gone to? So much so Sanae herself has to comfort Momoko.
Though Inaho is going to set her plan in action, Koushi refuses, which made Inaho knock him out unconscious. This means Inaho is gonna force marry Koushi. Luckily Sanae was there to save Koushi before he becomes the turtle’s bride and a battle soon ensued between the horse and the tortoise. Funny combination. Yeah, it’s funny enough that her name’s Kame Kamen (Masked Turtle), she’s also scantily clad just like Sanae. Due to the intensity of the battle, they kick up a storm, literally, which is heading towards Koushi. They both decide to combine their powers and save Koushi. Though Inaho’s love for Koushi is genuine, it seems Sanae’s love for Koushi is more powerful and she even said out loud how she likes Koushi. Should’ve said that when he’s conscious. In the end, Inaho admits defeat and realize that a teacher-student relationship isn’t ethical. So as things are going back to normal for Koushi and co, we see several scantily clad masked ladies from the shadows saying to themselves how they’re gonna marry Koushi. However, this is as far as it gets as we won’t see them making any moves over the remaining episodes. Maybe it’s just a point to ponder?
Episode 14 is like a filler episode. Koushi’s class is supposed to do a haunted house for their school festival but there is a legend saying that if anyone does a haunted house, the spirit of a deceased girl Yazawa will haunt the class. Coincidentally there’s a classmate in Koushi’s class which looks exactly like her, Rumi Miyazawa. Thing is, nobody ever notices she ever existed! Yeah, not even if it’s right smack in the middle of the classroom. Plus, Rumi has a crush on Koushi but hasn’t got the guts to confess. So while preparing for the school festival, some coincidental turn of events made everyone think that the spirit of Yazawa has appeared. Since Rumi is too shy to say anything, she has no choice but to play along. Upon further research, the gang finds out that Yazawa passed away without confessing to the boy she loves which looked so much like Koushi. It’s Koushi’s dad actually. With that, everyone forces Koushi to date her so that she could go peacefully to the next life. Rumi’s also a genius so much so she has weird inventions to make it all look like she’s a ghost like levitating and such. Rather, everyone else is too dumb. Thus Koushi and Rumi goes on a date filled with weirdness from those bullying boys to Iroha’s jealousness. In the end, they’re supposed to confess at the school rooftop but Koushi instantly rejects her! Wow. Not only that, it seems everybody else is a busybody and has been hiding and eavesdropping on them! These people have no life. Because everyone expects her to fly to heaven, Rumi has no choice but to use some super propulsion jet to fly sky high. Everyone is touched that she finally found peace. Dumb people. Next day, everything is back to normal. Rumi is back in class but nobody seems to notice her. She’s better than any invisible man. You won’t see her again though. Probably the producers too ‘ignored’ her existence after that. Haha.
Episode 15 is Saigo’s episode and I felt that it’s a way to make sure he doesn’t stay an unimportant side character. We see Saigo saving a girl Alice Uzuki from thugs. Because of that it’s love at first sight for Alice. Also Saigo is pretty shy so much so he runs away leaving his jacket behind. Alice decides to return his jacket by tracking him down and finally manages to find the school he attends. This is the funny part. Because Saigo can’t really say a word (tongue tied?) Momoko acts as an interpreter for him. Does she know what he’s saying? Maybe it’s that love language thingy. Saigo even enlists Momoko’s help on what to do on a date. Honestly, communication plays an important role in a relationship. So if this guy can’t speak, I’m wondering how it’ll all go. However there’s more than meets the eye about this travelling musician. That night, Alice is approached by a guy who is offering her a last job to kill Koushi or else he’ll dispose of Saigo. You see, Alice is an assassin from the rabbit clan and is currently on the run because she doesn’t want to kill anymore. Alice is in a bind but decides to kill Koushi in order to save Saigo. So during the date at the amusement park, Alice tries various ways to stealthily assassinate Koushi but fails. Finally, Alice decides to knock out and drag Koushi to a haunted house and Iroha saw this. Iroha suspects that Alice is an assassin and they soon engage in combat. Momoko arrives in time to join in. Alice reveals her predicament and since she knows she’s no match for Momoko, she’s going straight for Koushi, only her attack to be blocked by Saigo. Saigo said (through Momoko the interpreter) some touching words like how her hands are supposed to create music and not shed blood, made Alice realized. Meanwhile Iroha and Hanzou managed to tie up that guy who forced Alice into it outside. Looks like he’s weak and only talks intimidating. In the final scenes, we see Alice leaving to study music in France. For the first time (and the last time) we hear Saigo’s farewell words to Alice, "Good luck". So this guy can speak. Not bad, as he gives her a thumbs up, making Alice more confident about herself.
Momoko is back to her ways of trying to gain Koushi’s attention in episode 16. She’s taking hints from a tv programme on how to bring some spark into one’s marriage like changing of hairstyle. Yeah, her fantasies running wild. As expected, she flops partly because Koushi doesn’t give a damn about Momoko’s attempts. This goes way beyond dense. Why, Momoko even tried to make Koushi jealous by chatting with some loser nerd but he’s busy talking with Sanae. Probably he doesn’t mind if Momoko hooks up with him. As part of the advice to attract Koushi, Momoko enters a tv quiz show as a way to gain his attention through doing something special. You know, I didn’t know Momoko is that smart. While she’s on tv, Iroha and Hanzou are supposed to make Koushi watch the show but as usual they flop and he misses the entire show. Momoko later returns and decides to bring home some abandoned kittens she found but since Koushi doesn’t like animals (okay, maybe he’s from the dog clan) he doesn’t allow her to. Momoko gets an idea to spice things up by keeping them secretly. Next, Momoko makes a t-shirt with the words "I love Koushi" and another for Koushi but the latter refuses to wear them. Remember that cat? Yeah, it made a mess out of Koushi’s room. As a result, Koushi is mad at her. But the situation got a little better when Momoko made some instant noodles and Koushi compliments how good it was. Anybody can cook instant noodles. But Momoko eventually remembers the final advice, that is, to be yourself, when Koushi gives her a pair of shoes that he and Sanae had chosen earlier on. Momoko must be real happy. I guess even if she’s a weirdo, she’s Koushi’s weirdo! Hahaha. But the end of the episode sees Koushi and Momoko stumbling into something familiar. They find a very thin and ‘weakened’ Tenka right smack in the middle of the trash. Not eating well? I suppose he’s back and the dysfunctional gang won’t be complete without him.
Tenka’s return marks the start of the final story arc of the series. Koushi and Momoko takes Tenka into their home in episode 17. However, Tenka is now on their side and he warns them that his 4 other siblings are out to assassinate Koushi since Tenka failed to do so. So a little jealousy here and there as Tenka live in their house to see Momoko still having eyes for Koushi. Yeah, especially that part whereby Tenka hears some ambiguous statements from Momoko and Koushi coming from the latter’s room. Back to serious stuff, the gang are heading to school to when they spot a kid exceptionally juggling a football with his feet. Tenka recognizes him as his little brother, Tenchi, but the latter pretends not to know him at first. Later after school, Koushi is attacked by Tenchi but Tenka manages to intercept. We hear some back story how Tenka was once looked up by Tenchi but ever since he failed to assassinate Koushi, Tenka was bullied and Tenchi no longer respected him. Thus Tenchi came to challenge Tenka to some gladiator football, whereby one is supposed to aim the ball at the opponent’s body instead of the goal. Tenka seems to be beaten real badly until Tenchi realizes that he’s doing it on purpose so as not to hurt him. More back story before Tenka does his usual talk with Becky and unleashes his ultimate move. Umm… Isn’t that some cat toy? But heck, it worked. It seems all is well and both siblings are back on good terms. Everyone is happy except for Koushi who seems to think the group of weirdos is just getting more and more. But it’s not over yet as Koushi and Momoko return home only to find their home set ablaze. Oh no. Looks like the tiger clan is dead serious on Koushi’s assassination.
Thus in episode 18, Momoko and Koushi needs to find a place to live and to Iroha’s delight that they’ll be moving and staying at the same 2 storey apartment those 2 snake clans are staying. Even though Koushi and Momoko has a room by themselves (and Koushi putting up his usual barrier to keep Momoko at bay), expect some ambiguous moments. Yeah, even Tenka is staying there with some stray cat. However, he has to keep it a secret as Kimie doesn’t allow pets. Other tenants include an old lady who lives in the attic who is actually from the rat clan and has plans to assassinate Koushi (let’s call her Rat Woman), and some mad looking law prosecutor wannabe. Yeah, this guy looks like a zombie and he’s taking his studies in law far more worse than Koushi. So let’s call him Zombie Lawyer.
But the main thing about is episode is Kimie’s weird tradition of welcoming new tenants through some nabe party. I wonder what kind of broth is that and I’m sure everybody has second thoughts about putting disgusting looking stew in their mouths. However they have to since Kimie throws down a challenge whereby the 1 who gets the pink ball-thingy gets 1 year rent free! It’s a big deal for those poor tenants. Each of them has their own ingredients to add to the pot as part of the rule and of course their own hidden agenda, from making the other party fall in love to secretly protect or assassinate Koushi. So we see hilarious battles and aftermaths as slowly 1 by 1 each one is taken out. Tenka is out after eating Zombie Lawyer’s chilli dumplings while Iroha ate some hair Tenka put supposedly to make Momoko fall in love with him but it was Iroha instead, same with Zombie Lawyer who fall in love with Hanzou and they’re out after biting the chilli dumpling. Momoko and Sanae were disqualified in a 69 position. Even Rat Woman runs away in fear after she saw dunno their deadly animal auras. That’s the last you’ll see of her. Finally it’s 1 on 1 between Koushi and Kimie as they spot that pink ball. During the chopstick tussle, the pink ball rolled over to Tenka’s cat as it soon eats it. Yup, the winner is Tenka’s cat and because of that, the cat gets permission to stay with Tenka.
Momoko decides to bring in a busty maid, Kinu Ayatsuji, who collapsed in front of the apartment in episode 19. She seems like a kind person, doing all the chores (and other mind blowing acts) as gratitude for their kindness. However, 1 day while walking with Momoko back from shopping, Kinu punches Momoko in the stomach and leaves her behind. Momoko slowly trudges home to find everybody having a decent meal with Kinu but Momoko chooses not to say anything. I wonder why everybody doesn’t care where Momoko went. Maybe it’s because Kinu’s around and hogging the limelight. Just kidding. That night, Momoko tells Koushi about the incident but that guy doesn’t believe her and is mad that Momoko is trying to bad mouth her. Why not? Kinu seems gentle and kind and it wouldn’t be in anybody’s right mind to think that she’s a bad person. Then later at the kitchen, Kinu tells Momoko that she’s an assassin out to kill Koushi. Whatever Momoko did seems to reflect that she herself is the ‘bad guy’ because everyone still finds it hard to believe that Kinu’s an assassin. I find Momoko’s depression abit disheartening because it’s as though she’s given up. What happened to that cheery girl who keeps on trying in the earlier episodes?
One night, Kinu invites Momoko to an open space to do battle. Kinu says she’s Tenten’s servant, a tiger clan member who is also Tenka’s sibling. She has some cosplay power which allows her to change uniforms in a flash. Unknown to Momoko, Kinu has left a letter asking Koushi to come to this place. When Koushi arrives, Kinu in a flash changes back to her maid uniform and make it seem that Momoko is the 1 who lands the killer blow on her poor self. With that, Koushi ticks off Momoko and chases her away. Momoko is wandering dejectedly through the streets when she spots another tiger clan member, Tenga, the eldest of the siblings. She attacks him but he easily absorbs them. Meanwhile Koushi realizes that he may have been too harsh on Momoko and starts searching for her, only to meet a cheongsam clad Tenten and her other brother Tenrei. Kinu is there and is happy as she wants Tenten to praise her and such but Tenten disposes off her. What a way to die. Oh well, you won’t see her again. Tenten then makes Koushi swallow some poison balls in which he has only 1 week left to live. Momoko arrives and is devastated to find out about this.
However in episode 20, Momoko also decides to follow Koushi’s fate as she swallows the poison ball. She’ll go wherever Koushi goes. However, there’s an antidote and Tenten tells them to come face them at their place if they want it. At home, we see that the poison made some ugly marks on their body and there’s lots of emotional and dramatic talk from the gang. Koushi for once, realized that he’s been a mean ol’ jerk to Momoko after all that she’s done. You know, that whatever training Momoko got from her dad and Koushi’s dad seemed a little rushed. But at least she spots a cool outfit now. The gang decides to head to the tiger clan’s base and settle this once and for all. Wow, it looks like a huge mansion over the mountains. Upon entering, they find that Tenten is some sort of commentator (with pandas flanking her?) and that they need to beat them all if they want to get the antidote, since the antidote is separated into 3 parts. So first up is that bespectacled braces billards master Tenrei against Tenka. Since they’ve got Tenchi in their grasp, Tenrei decides to make things more interesting by asking Tenka and Tenchi to team up and beat him. We get to see Tenka and Tenchi unleashing their double football moves but Tenrei is still a class above them. Their match is interrupted when Uma Kamen arrives. Yeah, Sanae’s riding a horse this time. So it’s Tenrei vs Sanae. You know, I felt that this was just another excuse for fanservice because Tenrei is beating the crap out of Sanae with his billard balls hitting off Sanae’s clothing pieces, making her embarrassed. That guy’s a pervert too. Remember she gets her ultimate power from nakedness. So much so, Sanae unleashes some giant Pegasus as it stomps on Tenrei. With that, Momoko’s group wins this round and they move on to the next after getting the 1st antidote.
It’s Iroha and Hanzou up against Tenten in episode 21. We see Tenten controlling a zombie of Chinese martial art fighters against their will to do her fighting. When Tenten’s army is no match for the duo, she launches a verbal abuse on Iroha like how Iroha likes Hanzou, in which Iroha denies, sending Hanzou into depression. Then Tenten says Iroha likes Koushi, causing more shock waves and paralyzing Iroha. Yeah, she’s crying like a little girl. Hanzou tells Tenten to stop which made the latter launching some super attack. Iroha manages to block Hanzou or else he’ll lose his head. A few more tiger-snake battle aura before Momoko interrupts and says that Iroha and Hanzou lost this battle. Tenten continues her mockery when Momoko goes up to her and gives her a good slap on her face! This should shut her up. Momoko lectures Tenten about love and a woman’s feelings which also in a way made Koushi feel bad. This episode also tells of Tenten’s flashback on why she hated Iroha so much. Back then when Hanzou came into the clan, he was quite close to Iroha. Yeah, Tenten likes the guy because she gets to be herself, not like the fake one she puts up with everyone else. You could say Tenten had a crush on Hanzou and that loser does actually have a secret admirer. So that’s where all her hate and revenge originated from. Kinda petty if you think about it. Tenten decides to give up her portion of the antidote before walking away. I’m sure Tenten realized that Hanzou will never be hers, the same as Hanzou for Iroha. So the final battle between Tenga awaits Momoko and Koushi who are walking up the stairs to meet that scary muscle scar-faced guy.
The final battle begins in episode 22 and it seems Tenga has a little martial arts warrior pride by saying how low his sis could go by employing such a technique. But this doesn’t mean Tenga will forfeit the match as Momoko delivers some super blow to protect Koushi from Tenga’s attack. But Tenga isn’t scathed by it. While the rests are recuperating (looks like their buddies now), Tenrei mentions about Tenga obtaining some Power Of The Ancients whereby the more he gets hurt and needs to heal, the more powerful his body becomes. Tenga unleashes another powerful attack but Momoko blocks it before Koushi gets any harm. While Momoko is unconscious, Tenga turns to Koushi, who’s now showing signs of fear. Koushi is desperate and tries to do some move… Tenjou Tenge? Just finger movements? Yeah, what the blue hell is that. Didn’t work. Momoko is conscious again but since she used up her energy a lot, the poison is spreading faster through her body, making her weak. Tenga notices this and gives them the antidote because he feels that it isn’t right to fight them with such a handicap. However, the antidote is only enough for 1 person. Wait a minute? I thought they needed all 3 antidote? Maybe this is the stronger one. Koushi wants Momoko to drink it and admits he’s a useless guy but Momoko says otherwise. Any how they have to decide fast because it’s nearly sunset. Koushi is also in a dilemma because if he takes the antidote as Momoko wished, he’ll be able to achieve his dreams of becoming a legal prosecutor. But can he live with the guilt?
The others arrived where the battle took place but to their horror saw Koushi and Momoko lying unconscious with the poison spread throughout their body. Iroha snaps and attacks Tenga as Hanzou tries to stop her but Tenga is too powerful for them. Then Tenka too is mad but meets the same fate as his comrades. Tenga is furious that there isn’t anybody who can challenge him when Momoko got up to her feet. Looks like Koushi decides to save Momoko after all. Momoko is sad and mad that Koushi sacrificed his life to save hers and wallops Tenga with her super aura. However this ultimate blow causes Tenga to undergo some ultimate transformation. Dubbed The Power Of The Dragon (though he’s from the tiger clan), Tenga looks more like a red devil alien. No, I don’t mean he’s a Manchester United football club supporter. While Momoko takes on an intense battle with Tenga, she reminisces about the past with Koushi. Momoko sheds a tear which drops onto Koushi’s face. With that, Koushi gains a little consciousness and we see a flashback whereby Koushi’s late mom asking him what he wants to be when he grows up. A young Koushi replies a martial artist. However his mom doesn’t want him to go through what she and his dad went through and tells Koushi that he’s a gentle kid that doesn’t want to harm others and uses some power of hers to let that power inside Koushi sleep. So probably why Koushi became infatuated with law in the first place since his martial artist side has been cast aside.
In Momoko’s rage, she unleashes some super ultimate technique which seems to cut the sky in half. In short, Momoko won. Tenga loses his battle aura and reverts to his normal self and is lying in some large crater. Even though Momoko won, she doesn’t feel like she’d won since Koushi’s gone. Wait a minute, how come Koushi’s body seems normal? Where has the poison marks gone to? Later I read that it was his inner latent martial arts power which healed the poison. Everyone rejoices. For once, Tenga puts on a smile on his face and thinks Koushi is an interesting fellow. Really? With that, Iroha announces for the gang to return to their broken apartment. Yeah, it’s run down and messy, but it’s important that they’re all together and happy.
In the final scenes we see the gang doing things together like having their bento at school, dinner at home, cleaning the apartment up, and Koushi being approached by an assassin of the cow clan (haha what a joker) when Momoko returns from her home (she’s been away at home to rest) to send that masked cow flying away. Koushi admits that his daily life can’t be without her. Yeah, he’s come to realize the fact that weirdos will be part of his life. Also, Koushi’s dad is relieved that he’s fine. Oh those bullies are still around but they get a shock when Saigo waves back to Koushi. Friends? Finally just when Momoko tells how she was touched when Koushi gave her the antidote mouth to mouth like it was a kiss though her vision was blurred then, we see Koushi actually dumping and pouring the whole antidote into her mouth. Aw, too bad Momoko, sorry it wasn’t what you wished for. Another yet so close yet so far case. Shocked. I suppose her plans for Koushi that night by wearing some sexy lingerie is spoiled by the truth. Well, Koushi did say it was her misunderstanding and not to get mad. Koushi sounds more lenient now. What’s this? A picture showing Koushi and Momoko with a baby in her arms? Must be another one of Momoko’s fantasies. Can’t really say it won’t happen.
Overall, this anime is just pretty okay. I mean it was really interesting and funny to see Momoko trying her various futile attempts to get Koushi in bed with her. Not because I’m a pervert but rather because it’s really funny. Then that fizzled out somewhere along the way and I kinda notice the plot going nowhere. After that it all ends with a potential of a sequel. At least it’s a happy ending.
Momoko is still my favourite character in terms of being funny and she looks cute and amusing in her chibi form. Yui Kano who voices Momoko did a fine job in making her sound ‘unique’. Uh-huh, she does sound funny when she goes "Ugh… Ugh…" and all those ‘being rejected’ sounds. I checked around and notice that Yui Kano doesn’t voice many characters and even so they’re just minor side characters in Da Capo Second Season, Lucky Star and Kamisama Kazoku. Rising star Aya Hirano is the voice of Sanae and is more famously known in her role as Suzumiya of Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu and Mei of Manabi Straight. I don’t know why many viewers hate the character Sanae. Is it because of her personality? But those who like her must’ve love her for her sexiness in her Uma Kamen outfit. Ui Miyazaki is Iroha and though she doesn’t have a long voice acting resume, she did voice Aisia of Da Capo Second Season and Suzaku of Izumo: Takeki Tsurugi No Senki. Hiroki Takahashi is Koushi and you may recognize him as the voice of Eiji in Prince Of Tennis, Harima in School Rumble and Hisoka in Hunter X Hunter. Chihiro Suzuki is the voice behind Hanzou and also did roles like Arima of Kare Kano, Keisuke of Keitai Shoujo, Ikko of Amaenaideyo and Ryunosuke of Rizelmine. Tenka’s voice actor Takashi Kusao is known as his role for Hanamichi of Slam Dunk among other famous animes like Dragonball Z, Saiyuki and Inu Yasha. Even Yuji Ueda who is the voice behind Morita of Honey And Clover and Hajime of Jigoku Shoujo fame made his 1 episode appearance as that Zombie Lawyer.
The drawing, art and animation seems pretty standard but they use computer graphics when they show that fiercesome animal aura in the background. Though the action and fighting sequence isn’t anything to shout about but it provides enough entertainment to keep viewers satisfied. There are several background music in the series but they weren’t that appealing to me. Some sounded really comical and funny and others downright serious. The several opening and ending themes too doesn’t seem appealing to me though both the openings sounds a bit ‘Chinese’ and quite upbeat to get viewers into the action mood. The endings too sounded a bit ‘Chinese’ but on a moderate pace. Even the short mid-intermissions too.
I was hoping to see the other assassins from the other zodiac clans but it didn’t materialize. Probably it would be downright funny to see how the monkey, chicken and pig assassins look like in their masked costumes. Hahaha. I can only imagine. So if you’re down in love, remember never to give up and try try again. Of course you can’t force somebody to fall in love with you and it’s better that he/she does it whole heartedly. Speaking of ecchiness, if you can’t stand them, I would advice to skip this anime then. Even the episode title has the girls in sexy positions, though the episode title is literally bigger.
I wonder if Koushi is still pursuing his dreams of becoming a legal prosecutor? Looks like since we saw him doing some studying with Sanae at the library in the end. What about being a martial artist? Maybe he’s got Momoko around os he doesn’t have to lift a finger. He just needs to be cautious about Momoko’s advances. Come to think of it, Momoko’s a little pervert but in a good way. Hey, there isn’t a section in the law or legislation where you can’t show your love excessively. Erm… Okay, maybe that would amount to stalking and public nuisance. I suppose Iroha too can’t seem to hide her love for Koushi and would much prefer to go on a friendly love battle with Momoko. Now can you say Sumomomo Momomo smoothly and perfectly without getting your tongue tied? Yeah, it’s funny to see Momoko saying that during the next episode preview. I will rock you senseless…
Sumomomo Momomo
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