Strange Dawn

January 7, 2006

One of those animes where I didn’t get the whole picture at the end. Strange Dawn (as the title is strange as well) starts off by showing 2 best-of-girl-friends Eri and Yuko, sucked into a strange world. Reminds me of that part in Gulliver’s Travel. Yep, that part where the inhabitants of this world are small people like the size of er… hamsters, I should say. Plus, they looked like dolls/beanies with short limbs. As expected, in this world there’re many tribes and factions but they’re not living harmoniously as they should and it looks like a war is going to break out any time soon (just like in the real world). Therefore the ‘advent’ of this 2 ladies in the eyes of these small people are some sort of a terror god-saviour-protector like creatures. But you know, these small people too have their ulterior motives and want to persuade these 2 girls to be on their side for whatsoever political or other reasons. In the mean time, the 2 ladies are still blur on what’s going on and are in the midst of trying to comprehend and adjust to the different environment. Sure, at times they may have a little tension among themselves and engage in a little teenage petty squabble. Then, they’re sorry and made up. Of course, they wouldn’t want to stay here for the rest of their lives, so they need to find a way to get back to their own world. So the village’s so called branded traitor, Shal and his friends/followers decided to help them out and off they go on some journey. While the in-show’s several storyline and plots were confusing (cause I didn’t understand what’s going on) they ending was like ‘huh… what happened… just like that only ah?’. Yeah, they got transported back to their own world with some magic stone at some shrine-looking place. In the midst of that, Shal and co are fighting off the ‘baddies’ who wanted to prevent the ‘sending-off ceremony’. Some weird-happy ending, I guess. So would the tiny people finally live in peace? Maybe. Perhaps Eri and Yuko may just wake up the next dawn of sunrise and find that this is all just a strange bad dream. Just kidding. Just added that last bit myself.

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