Da Capo II Second Season

February 21, 2009

I must really love the Da Capo series seeing that I have already watched the fourth season of the season called Da Capo II Second Season. That’s right. Despite its name, it is actually the fourth season and not the second. So first timers of this series may get a little confuse about the title but nevertheless it is just a sequel of the third season and doesn’t really bear any direct sequel to the first and second. Confuse? Well, watch the entire series if you want to know what I mean.
This instalment has another additional 13 episodes and among all the Da Capo instalments, I feel that this season is the most dramatic and emotion-filled one. Get ready for a box of tissue papers. The storyline of this season goes back to the original story, which is to either save Hatsunejima or Yoshiyuki. Tough choice, isn’t it?
Having said so, there is one obvious thing in this season. Because in the previous season, Yoshiyuki’s pals were the main focus, but in here, Yume and Otome now take the spotlight. Uh huh. It’s like giving them their due and fair share of appearance after being sidelined in the previous season. Because of that, Yoshiyuki’s pals like Koko, Anzu, Akane, Maya (can I consider her to be their friends?), Wataru and Suginami are now playing side character roles and not making enough appearances to justify their presence. Like playing musical chairs, huh?
Obviously due to the last events in the previous season, that robot girl Minatsu is totally absent from this season and hopefully she didn’t end up in some metal scrap yard. I wonder where she is. But viewers will be pre-occupied with this season’s events to notice that. This leads me to another point. The main motivation to watch this season too did not make much of an appearance. Who am I talking about? Why, it’s Nanaka! I can’t believe that she has even made lesser appearances than Yoshiyuki’s pals as mentioned above (besides Maya of course). I can’t believe the producers would sideline such a cutie pie! Why oh why.
So if you think that the opening in episode 1 whereby Otome and Yume are trying to wake up Yoshiyuki in a sexy and seducing way by giving him a punishment kiss is going to set the tone of this season, then think again because that is all the fanservice you’ll ever get. Besides, that was just Yoshiyuki’s dream as he is being awakened by Sakura. Now that I have mentioned her, I thought that petite girl and her furry little pet dog, Harimao, would stamp their presence more here, but unfortunately, even if they did, it was mostly indirect.
At school, Maya plans for her class to do something for the upcoming school’s Christmas party but her classmates don’t seem interested. Until Anzu comes up with a puppet play. But Suginami suggests a haunted house instead. While the girls are in favour of Anzu’s idea, the guys sided Suginami (something about able to get into some lovey-dovey position while being scarred in the haunted house. You know those kind of things). So they put it to a vote and it all goes down to Yoshiyuki to break the tie. Yeah, it had to be him. He can’t say he doesn’t want to get involved and either way he chooses, it might not go down to well with the other. In the end, he decides on the puppet play. With that, the class gets ready their preparations for it and Yoshiyuki and Koko are being cast as the main players, who are lovers. If you feel that this is an attempt to make them go back together again (they broke up and remained friends in the previous season), then you’d be pretty much disappointed. Like yours truly. Furthermore, Yoshiyuki has to put his effort into this play and be serious since Maya said he voted for it. Yeah, in a pinch, right?
That night when Yoshiyuki tells his sisters about his class’s puppet play, Otome decides to help Yoshiyuki practice his lines. So right after dinner, Otome gets into practice with Yoshiyuki and the former seems impressed with the way Anzu writes the story. Then when Otome accidentally says how she wrote this kind of stuff before but never pursue it due to her lack in talent, Yoshiyuki wants to see what she had written but a blushing Otome tries to hide it from him. It’s obviously all written over her face. He can tell that the so called writing that she mentioned she had disposed off, is actually still in her room. With that, Otome forbids her little brother from entering her room. After the practicing is done, Otome leaves for her home. Then it dawned to me that if they are siblings (though not blood related), how come they are living in different houses? Yeah, a mind boggling thing. But Otome notices something amiss when a sakura petal floats down into her palms. At the same time, Sakura is at the big never-withering sakura tree as she puts her palms on it and that serious expression on her face means business. Something is not right.
I know that I have previously said that Yoshiyuki’s pals didn’t make much of an appearance but episode 2 focuses a little more on Anzu. However, I feel that this is just a slight distraction from what more is going to come. Here, Anzu has a writer’s block on how to end the puppet show so as not to give it a run-of-the-mill ending but Yoshiyuki says how she should just write it how she wants to. Back at Yoshiyuki’s place, he and his sisters are watching TV and are startled to find several mysterious happenings around Hatsunejima. They are like bad or misfortune events but nobody gets killed. This is a baffling mystery.
Next day at school, because Anzu has been staying up late to finish her script, she collapses in class. In the infirmary, Mizukoshi says that Anzu has fever and has Yoshiyuki accompany her home while Mizukoshi drives them to Anzu’s abode. There, Yoshiyuki is surprised to find her huge mansion but is quite empty. He also finds out Anzu lives alone all by herself after her parents abandoned her while she was young. Her late grandma took her in and cared for her until her death 3 years ago. She never told anyone as she deemed it unnecessary to make them worry. Yoshiyuki also remembers his own case whereby Sakura took him in and introduced him to Otome and Yume.
Back home, Yoshiyuki tells of his class’s Christmas party puppet play to Yume and we see that tsundere girl hoping that Yoshiyuki will give her tickets to the play. To her delight, he did but gets disappointed when he gives her an additional ticket so that she could invite whoever she wants to the play. Why can’t she just say it honestly what she wants and why can’t he read the mood? Ah, both are at fault anyway. When Anzu recovers, Yoshiyuki manages to convince her to let them come to her mansion to practice their puppet play. Of course the initial reaction of wow-ness when they see her mansion. Yeah, even though they’ve been pals for a long time, they’ve never been to her place. On another surprising note, they noticed how her place is void of books since they know Anzu is a smart girl. Anzu says she doesn’t need them as she has quite a good memory. So as expected, the gang had more fun time horsing around rather than practicing. But Anzu thanks Yoshiyuki that she is able to move on about her grandma’s death as she feels that he gave her a push forward.
The gang leaves in the evening and on the way home, Yoshiyuki bumps into Yume and still wonders who she will be asking to go with for the play. Of course, she just storms away. As Otome is walking through the park, she notices something bad has happened when she heard sounds of the sirens. She remembers that when she was young, she and Yoshiyuki told each other that they both could use magic. Otome still claims that she is the magician of justice and proceeds to head to where the sirens are sounded.
Yoshiyuki continues to practice hard with his lines in episode 3. That night, Yoshiyuki heads over toe Otome and Yume’s house and something about the way Yoshiyuki says when entering the house (like when he did when they were younger), causing Yume to blush a little. Then we finally get to see the Junichi of the original Da Capo series. Man, he’s a grandpa now! Then it occurred to me that since it is 50 years from the original series, Otome and Yume are his granddaughters. He’s the only other recurring character other than Sakura from the original Da Capo series to make a return. I wonder what happened to the rest. Dead? Hehe, just kidding. During dinner, they hear another bad incident, which causes Otome to worry.
After dinner, Yoshiyuki and Otome continue their practice and when Yoshiyuki says how Otome should also be part of the play, she gets embarrassed and refused. Then as they go through their childhood photo album, yet another sound of the sirens. Otome then asks Yoshiyuki if he remembers the promise he made to her but obviously that guy doesn’t, so Otome is a little disappointed but tries to brush it off. The next day at the school rooftop, Yoshiyuki is taking a break seeing that Koko is out sick. He dreams about the time he first met Otome. Back then, Otome wasn’t too open and was quite an introvert. Yeah, she doesn’t like to mix around or make friends. Not until Yoshiyuki cheers her up and shows her that he could make some sweets with his palm, in which he learned from Junichi (because he wants to make her smile. Aww…). So when Yoshiyuki made the sweet from his palms, Otome gladly accepted it and the 2 became acquainted. At that point, Otome too revealed that she too can create sweets from her palms (well, must be inherited from Junichi) and calls herself a magician of justice. The 2 then decide to keep and share this secret only among themselves. With that, they made a yubikiri and would come to each other’s aid if they are in trouble. Yoshiyuki woke up from his slumber and remembered this promise. Yeah, it took him a dream to recall it. So he later invited Otome to the spot where they made the promise and tells her that he remembers their promise. Her happiness is cut short when sounds of the sirens are heard ringing again, causing Otome to be a little distressed. Though she says it is her duty to solve these mysteries as a magician of justice, Yoshiyuki vows to help her in anyway he can.
The Christmas party gets underway in episode 4. Yoshiyuki bumps into Yume at school and wonders if he should accompany her for the day. Of course, Yume has her own ego and being a tsundere gal means that she gave some excuses that it’ll affect his play although deep down in her heart she wants to. Yoshiyuki misinterprets that she has someone else already but of course Yume says she will because she is his sister. Uh huh. That. And so since Yoshiyuki is free after the preparations are done, he accompanies Yume on their outing. When he goes back to his class so that the puppet play can start, he finds that Koko has fallen ill. They are left in a pinch of who to replace her. Worse come to worst, they’ll have to cancel the play. Yoshiyuki then thinks of getting Otome to replace Koko since she has rehearsed the lines with him and should know her part more than anybody else. Speaking of the devil, Otome and Mayuki comes crashing in while they’re eavesdropping on the class. Though Otome is very reluctant and nervous, leave it to Yoshiyuki to calm her down and restore her confidence, albeit just a little.
The play is about a blind boy named Eto who lives with a family who has a daughter named Sheruru. You know these kind of stories when the girl secretly has a crush on the boy. Though they grew up together, unknown to Eto, Sheruru is actually from the Santa Claus clan and before Christmas, she asked what Eto wanted for his present. Soon, some rich noble guy came to propose to Sheruru but she rejected his proposal saying that she needed to take care of Eto but stopped short of saying she loves her. Unknown to them both, Eto has overheard their conversation and blames himself that he is the reason why Sheruru couldn’t move on in life. On Christmas night when Sheruru disguised as Santa, comes into Eto’s room to give his present, Sheruru is surprised that he is awake but luckily since he is blind, her identity is safe. So Eto tells her that the present he want most is to disappear from the face of this world. The audience are surprised. Eto says that he is a burden to Sheruru and all he wants is her to be happy. Sheruru is saddened and doesn’t want to grant this wish so when she blurts out the true reason why she rejected the proposal and hugs him, some miracle causes Eto to regain his eyesight. With that, he realizes who she is and in the end the 2 confess their love for each other and lived happily ever after.
Surprisingly, the puppet play was a hit! During the play, Yoshiyuki notices how Otome wasn’t really acting and that her emotions were real! Yeah, she was crying during those sad parts and her tears were really streaming! It’s like she’s playing her real life out in this show too. So pitiful. As for Yume, she managed to catch a glimpse of the play but left when the class was receiving a standing ovation. Back home, Yoshiyuki thanks Otome for the play’s success but changes the subject. As Sakura comes home, she feels a little depress seeing how the siblings are getting along fine and wishes how this would last forever.
Episode 5 sees the gang take a snowy ski trip to the mountains. Since Yume has some weird dreams of Yoshiyuki being in an accident, she buys lots of medical first aids and is feeling a little depressed. It’s so obvious even that oblivious guy like Yoshiyuki can notice it. So after purchasing all the stuff they need for the trip and upon reaching their destination, Yume decides not to go ski with the gang on the excuse that she’s feeling tired. So we see the rest of the gang having fun in the snow. Wataru’s making as though he’s speeding fast through the snow but he’s actually going real slow while Koko and Akane, well let’s just say they made more than just their footprints in the snow. So when the gang goes back to the inn, Yoshiyuki is concern about Yume and tries to suggest her to go night skiing but since she remembers that dream, she declines. This prompts Yoshiyuki to remember back while they were younger, Yume used to be quite a bubbly character and smiled a lot. Then she just stopped smiling. Talking about how his sisters switched personalities.
That night when everyone gathers in a room to have their usual fun (nothing sneaky, mind you), Yume sneaks out to go night skiing alone. While skiing, 2 guys tried to hit on her and though she tried to resist, those guys are real annoying. Luckily Yoshiyuki had followed her after knowing she wasn’t with the rest. Good thing those guys are amateur skiers and Yoshiyuki gives them a little push to send them crashing off course. Though Yume is happy that Yoshiyuki is skiing with her, she then remembers the dream and lost a little concentration. Yume skis off the cliff! Yoshiyuki immediately goes down to find her and Yume’s dreams are starting to come true. Yeah, this is what she saw. Her brother calling and coming to her. She tries to get away from him because she doesn’t want him to end up in an accident but since she hurt her leg, she can’t pretty much move. When Yoshiyuki finally arrives and questions her, she tells him about the dream. But he doesn’t care about that and gives her a piggy-back ride back to the inn. After bandaging her feet, Yoshiyuki and Yume goes to soak in the hotspring. He tells her not to let her bandaged feet get wet as she thanks him. So when Yoshiyuki mentions how she’s avoiding him the whole day, Yume denies and cheekily says she’ll come over to his side, you can hear Yoshiyuki starting to panic. But of course, it was just a joke.
Things get a little more serious in episode 6 as Otome tries to research more about the mysterious happenings on Hatsunejima soon after they come back from their ski trip. Yoshiyuki upon seeing Otome, helps her out as they go to the library and their own little investigations downtown. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get anything concrete. Then the duo passes by Mayuki who tells them that a gas leak explosion had occurred nearby but no one was seriously injured. With that, Yoshiyuki decides to ask Suginami for help and in turn that guy gives him several books which contains rumours on several magical mysteries that has happened on Hatsunejima, like that never-withering sakura tree which grants wishes. Since all this happened 50 years ago, the duo then realized that they should ask Junichi since he was around during that time.
Though Junichi confirms of all those magical mysteries that had happened during his time, the young ones aren’t too sure about it either. Junichi then points out that wouldn’t it be strange for a sakura tree to not wither. They realized that because they are so accustomed to it, that thought has never crossed their mind. The duo goes to the never-withering sakura tree and spots a little girl making a wish there. So off they go back to the library to do more research. Yoshiyuki meets Anzu there and when she hears what he is doing, she tells him that there was once a girl who made a wish upon that tree to have a good memory because due to an illness, she was losing her memorizing ability and at the same time her family. Ever since that day, she never forgot anything. Yoshiyuki thinks Anzu is talking about herself (obviously) but Anzu denies. So later he and Otome visit the tree once again and makes a wish that Sakura comes home early. Say, I know Sakura hasn’t been home lately due to her busy work. I mean, what kind of work does she do? I thought she was the principal of their school? But as the duo made their wish, it hit them that they forgot all about Yume, who is probably starving back at her home. Poor girl. Just hang on a little more.
Episode 7 has Sakura joining Otome, Yume and Yoshiyuki for a year end party. It’s pretty hilarious to see Otome getting very drunk after drinking a little sweet sake (yeah, she’s talking to the TV!) and Yume too soon follow suit. It’s a good thing they don’t drink. The next day as they go to the shrine for prayers, Yume is reluctant to draw her fortune because of her dream which says it will be a misfortune. So Yoshiyuki draws for her instead and true enough, it reads misfortune. Later as they stroll by town, Yume is thinking how Yoshiyuki and Otome are getting along well and since Yoshiyuki caught her spacing out and thinks she’s staring at a pair of pyjamas, he thinks she wants it. Of course Yume then remembers another bad dream whereby she’s waiting all alone in a dark room. However when Yume asks if he is free tomorrow, Yoshiyuki says that he has something to do with Otome.
The next day, Yoshiyuki wakes up to find Yume trying to cook in the kitchen. Is he still dreaming or is the world coming to an end? Just joking. Anyway, Yume accidentally cuts her finger so Yoshiyuki’s instant reaction is to suck it to stop to bleeding. This causes Yume to panic and incessantly stammer on what he is doing before Yoshiyuki realized what is happening. Otome comes by and overhears how Yume wants Yoshiyuki to be back by 6pm. As Yoshiyuki and Otome continue their investigation, they seem to get clues from people about seeing some blonde-haired girl involved in it each time a mystery incident happens. Doesn’t that sound like Sakura? As time nears 6pm, Otome tells Yoshiyuki to go home since Yume is waiting for him and that it’s her birthday. Yeah, that guy forgot about it. It’s something special Yume wants to spend time with Yoshiyuki so that’s why Otome didn’t want to tag along. Yoshiyuki rushes back but on the way decides to get that pyjamas that Yume was previously staring at. He manages to buy it before the shop closes but due to some strange events, the mall automatically shut its doors down, trapping all the shoppers including Yoshiyuki inside. Time is running out. Yume is seen waiting and all the food is prepared. She got a little excited when she hears someone at the door but it was just some courier guy. Damn. Though the maintenance crew managed to open the door, it is several hours late already. Yoshiyuki gets back only to find a dark room and leftovers on the table. So looks like her unfortunate dream came true. Meanwhile Otome is on her way back and is thinking what a splendid time the duo had when she hears the siren ringing. She rushes to the scene and in the midst of the crowd, is surprised to see Sakura there. Gasp! Is she the cause of the mysterious accidents?
In episode 8, it seems that Sakura is trying real hard to filter bad wishes at the never-withering sakura tree. Yoshiyuki wakes up from a dream about Yume saying goodbye to him but to his surprise, Yume acts as though nothing has ever happened last night. Yoshiyuki till feels bad about breaking his promise and gives her the pyjamas as her belated birthday present and invites her out. As they are taking a bus, a boulder from a cliff had fallen just right around the corner bend. Luckily Sakura sensed this to be happening and wow! She jumped in front of the bus to stop the driver! Of course he hit the brakes and when he comes down, he is relieved because they might have crashed into it. Sakura then notices that Yoshiyuki and Yume or on the bus. Thank God. Sakura thinks this must have been another bad wish from the sakura tree and goes there once more, only to her surprise finds Otome waiting there.
Sakura reveals to Otome that this tree has magical powers to grant wishes. However, it cannot differentiate between good and bad wishes and just grants them. So that’s why recently there has been so many mysterious unfortunate incidents. Are people on this island really having such grudges? Because of that, Sakura has been using her powers to control and filter the wishes but is at her limits. Another reason why the accidents occur. So what about nipping the problem at the bud by wishing for the tree to wither? You see, that’s the problem. If this sakura tree withers, Yoshiyuki will disappear! Oh no! How can it be?! Yoshiyuki was created due to Sakura’s wish back then when she was feeling lonely. Yeah, I remember she lost out to Nemu over Junichi. Otome can’t believe it either but she has to come to terms with it. However Sakura says that there is 1 more way. All these while, she has been filtering from the outside. So she might be able to control better is she’s doing it from the inside. Oh no. She’s going to be an internal filter and fuse with the tree! That night, as the gang had dinner, Yoshiyuki spots Sakura leaving so that girl gives him a big hug and bids him goodbye. Sakura stops by Junichi’s place to cut her hair short. Seriously, I’m so used to her twintail and prefer it much that way. After they both reminisce about things (it’s been a long time since I’ve heard Junichi called her Sakuranbo), Sakura goes to the never-withering sakura tree and thanks it for making her wish come true before fusing with the tree. NOO!!! Sakura don’t go!!!
Though Yoshiyuki finds a goodbye letter from Sakura in episode 9 and wonders what it means, only Otome knows what is going on and is feeling somewhat depressed. On the way to school, Yoshiyuki spots Koko and is going to cross the road to see her when the light suddenly turns red and a speeding car is heading his way. Luckily the car crashes into the pole instead and the driver is Mizukoshi! Why was she speeding in the first place? Though shaken up, good thing nothing bad has happened. However, Otome realized that the bad wishes haven’t stopped yet so she visits the sakura tree to tell it how it isn’t working. Otome knows she has to stop this but is in a dilemma. So much so, Otome avoids coming into contact with Yoshiyuki, stumping him. Even Mayuki notices how Otome is acting very differently. When Yoshiyuki comes by the student council office to look for her, Otome tells him to leave her alone and that she is busy. Yoshiyuki reiterates that if she is in some sort of trouble, he’ll gladly help her based on his promise. But Otome just tells him off to leave her alone. Okay. Fine. If that what she wants, Yoshiyuki walks away and Otome realized that she had said something she didn’t want to. She tries to chase after Yoshiyuki to come back but he is gone. Now she’s saying how she doesn’t want to be without him. Make up your mind girl.
Otome’s confused heart has clouded her thinking as she wanders through the streets. Junichi and Yume are about to set off to find her but Otome soon comes back walking under the pouring rain. Later she confides her dilemma and troubles to Junichi. Seeing her pitiful state, Junichi tells her to leave this responsibility to an adult and that he will solve this. Oh no. It can’t be what I’m thinking. Darn it. Junichi later that night decides to fuse together with the sakura tree and help Sakura filter the bad wishes. The next morning, Otome wakes up to find bad aura surrounding the sakura tree. Which means, all their efforts have been in vain so far! The bad wishes are not stopping! Poor thing, only Junichi’s glasses are the only thing left at the root of the tree. Otome is horrified and has no choice but to make it wither. But can she do it?
Because of that, in episode 10, Otome bids goodbye to Yoshiyuki while he’s sleeping. Oh no. Don’t tell me she’s going to fuse with the tree too?! Yoshiyuki is still troubled by Otome’s character and even takes leave from school to go look for her. He returns home to find Yume in the kitchen and wonders if Otome has got anything to do with Junichi and Sakura’s disappearance. Yume then notes and rants how he’s always talking about Otome and in her slip of her tongue, she mentions how she likes him. Not in a sisterly way, if you know what I mean. Good thing (or bad, depends on how you look at it), Yoshiyuki has fallen asleep due to his exhaustion. Yoshiyuki dreams of meeting Sakura at that never-withering sakura tree. She tells him how all this was her fault when she was studying in America, she brought back a seed of the magical sakura tree. Based on the events at the end of the second instalment of the Da Capo series, those who have watched it knows the original one has been withered since. And since Sakura was lonely (she can’t age due to her wish made back in the original Da Capo series) and wanted a family, that is how Yoshiyuki was born. Yeah, right in front of her eyes like that. Sakura continues to explain to him about the bad wishes and how her filtering doesn’t help anymore. So the only way is to make it wither but this will in turn cause Yoshiyuki to disappear. He then realized the reason why Otome is acting strange. Sakura is teary and emotional but Yoshiyuki hugs her and thanks her for his existence. Yeah, he calls Sakura his mom for the first time. Well, isn’t it true? Yoshiyuki is happy to have such a great family and accepts his fate. He then tells Sakura that he has to go tell Otome because he knows she can’t do it on his own.
After waking up, he goes to the never-withering sakura tree to find Otome there. Now this is the most tear-jerking part. Upon realizing that Yoshiyuki has known what is going on, Otome breaks down and tells of her true feelings. I find her very pitiful in that crying state. It’s like she’s being swallowed and choking on her own tears! Oh Otome dear. I nearly cried myself :'(. She’s saying how she wants to save both Hatsunejima and Yoshiyuki and doesn’t want an either or situation. Poor girl. Why must innocent good-hearted people like them suffer so much pain :'(. Yoshiyuki explains how he loves everyone on this island but right now only Otome can save things and since he has led a happy life, he doesn’t wish for anything else. He tells her to make the sakura tree wither because he doesn’t want to make everyone sad. Since Otome can’t refuse her little brother’s wish, she has no choice but to do so. As Otome starts to wither the sakura tree, Yume is watching them both in much surprise over what is happening.
So was it for real? Otome using her powers to wither that sakura tree? Well, Yoshiyuki wakes up the next morning to find himself still existing in episode 11. A dream? Don’t think so. So what happened then? The withered sakura tree has been the hot topic lately and everybody in Hatsunejima seems to be talking about it. However, Yoshiyuki finally realizes its effect when Anzu forgot a math test which is supposed to be held today. Yeah, Wataru is real happy that he’s got a studying partner now though Anzu dismisses it and feels odd of this careless mistake of hers. Looks like those who have made their wish from the sakura tree, are starting to show signs of losing their ability. And then another surprising after effect. While Yoshiyuki is walking down the hallway, he passes Otome and Mayuki. However, Mayuki doesn’t seem to recognize who Yoshiyuki is! Oh no. So this is the effect of him disappearing, huh? Yoshiyuki will soon be forgotten from everyone’s memories. For now, only his closest friends still remembers him. Then as he and Yume are having lunch together, Yume indicates that she knows his time is running out.
Running out fast indeed. Why, the next day when Yoshiyuki passes by Nanaka, she doesn’t even know who he is at first! But after a while, she soon does. As Otome is researching on a way to stop Yoshiyuki from disappearing, Yume comes by and invites her to have a nabe meal with their brother but Otome refuses. Yume replies by saying that she will regret it. When the day ends, the effects are starting to take a more serious effect. Even Maya now doesn’t know who he is and rudely asks who that stranger is in her class. And on the way home, Yoshiyuki’s worst fears are confirmed when Anzu and Akane don’t even recognize him and thinks he is some lonely guy trying to hit on them! Luckily, Yume is still by his side as they walk home together. That night, Yume and Yoshiyuki have their own nabe meal but Yoshiyuki says how she’ll come to regret it if she stays by his side. So the next day, all of Yoshiyuki’s friends have totally forgotten about him. Everyone wonders who this new never-seen-before transfer student is. With that, Yoshiyuki says goodbye and leaves school. Where is he going? So looks like the only ones left who remember him are his sisters.
In episode 12, Otome burns the midnight oil in order to find a way to save Yoshiyuki. Meanwhile Yume takes this opportunity to ask Yoshiyuki out on a date. Yoshiyuki dreams of Yume bidding him farewell on the school rooftop. Chances of it coming true? So the duo go on their own date like as though they are spending their last times together. Hey, since it’s come down to this, why not make good memories out of this and they’ve got all the time in the world, right? Just kidding. Though the places they went aren’t much, but Yume is happy to be where ever Yoshiyuki is. It is evening and Yoshiyuki is being brought by Yume up to the school rooftop. Yume then admits how she too have special powers. She can see the future through her dreams. Yeah, how apt her name. Now we know why she is named so. When they were young she dreamt of this inevitable incident and that’s why she stopped smiling for him. I’m thinking this may be the reason why she’s been tsundere all along. In the end, Yume confesses that she loves him. And I’m not talking about the sisterly kind of love. Emotional wreck Yume hugs him and tells him to go talk to Otome while he still can. Yoshiyuki understood and rushes off.
Yoshiyuki arrives at the withered sakura tree to see Otome there. The way she said things may have indicated that Otome is on the verge of forgetting Yoshiyuki. She’s referring to him from a 3rd person perspective. She’s saying how as a magician of justice, she can’t use her magic to save the ones she loved. Otome too confess her love for that person she holds dearly in her heart. Again, it isn’t that big sisterly type of love. When Yoshiyuki goes over to comfort her, his body starts to glow in a mysterious light. OMG! He’s starting to disappear! Otome can’t believe that this is happening and tries to rush over to him but he has completely vanished by then. Otome turns into another emotional wreck and screams at the sakura tree what kind of magic is this and the sort that she doesn’t need because all she wants is Yoshiyuki to come back. Well, the tree isn’t listening.
It has been 2 months since that event in episode 13. Spring arrives with the other sakura trees blooming according to its season and everyone has moved on in life. We see Otome waking up Yume because the latter is already a senior in her grade and needs to set a good example for freshies. Suginami, Wataru, Koko, Anzu and Akane are in their new school uniforms while Otome as the student council president has to give a speech during the opening ceremony (her notebook has words written ‘Yoshiyuki’ repeatedly several times?). Back at home, Otome sheds a tear when she sees the puppet doll of Eto and Sheruru as it reminded her of Yoshiyuki because she still loves and misses him dearly. It seems only Otome and Yume still remembers who Yoshiyuki is even though he is gone. We then see the spirit of Sakura watching over everyone and noting how this is what the world would’ve been without Yoshiyuki. But she notices how everybody is sad and it’s like though they feel like as though something is missing from their lives but can’t quite put their finger on what it is. Sakura also observes how Otome visits the sakura tree every day ever since Yoshiyuki’s disappearance as she tells the tree how she won’t forget him.
Because Sakura can’t bear anymore to see everyone in such depressed state, she makes a last effort plea to the sakura tree by saying how feelings can’t be destroyed by magic and when people think about each other, it creates power allowing desires to be granted, wishes will come true, if those feelings are strong enough. With that, Sakura’s words and feelings managed to reach the tree and made it bloom again. At this instant, everyone starts to remember who Yoshiyuki is. Yoshiyuki then appears before Yume but wait… That’s just her dream. Wait a minute again, if she can see her future through her dreams, which means… That’s right! Otome is crying by herself at the park when some guy shows up to comfort her. Why, it’s Yoshiyuki! Otome is relieved and soon Yume comes rushing by to be reunited with them. In the end, the lives for the trio return to normal and soon that sakura tree withers back.
Although I am happy that this season ended on a happy note after all that climatic drama, but nevertheless I felt that it could have been better. I mean, the part whereby Yoshiyuki just comes back to life and everyone suddenly remembering him was a little too sudden and felt like it was done in a hurry. Then the part which bugged me was after all this time that Sakura and Otome pleaded to the never-withering sakura tree, how come only in that final episode did it listen to their pleas? I mean, weren’t their previous pleas equally true too? Maybe you won’t wish for something that hard until it is missing. So at least fans like me could feel at ease knowing that both Yoshiyuki and the inhabitants of Hatsunejima get to exist together.
As mentioned that in this instalment, Yume and Otome are more prominently featured as compared to Yoshiyuki’s friends. Here we get to see the 2 sisters with contrasting stand on Yoshiyuki’s vanishing. While Yume accepts all this as her fate, Otome cannot as she mentioned how she can’t live without her little brother. It was really heartbreaking during the moment Otome cried and bawled those tears. It was so damn convincing and I guess it is enough to even move the manliest man on Earth. And yeah, Harimao did make a short appearance in the final episode, sitting right next to that sakura tree but that’s about it. It has less appearance than its predecessor, Utamaru, and it made me think what its role is for. To accompany Sakura?
Once again, Yozuca does the opening theme for this instalment entitled Sakura Amaneku Sekai and just like the previous seasons of the Da Capo series, it also sounds as lively as its prequels. CooRie is also maintained for the ending theme of the series called Bokutachi No Yukue. This one is another slow ballad and it sounds like it has a hint of sadness in it, which I think fits the theme of the series. And I again noticed that the lyrics to both the themes have the words ‘sakura’ in them. Furthermore, if you listen closely to the other insert songs, there is the word ‘sakura’ somewhere in the lyrics. Yeah, confirmed that this is truly a sakura-themed show.
Unlike in the previous Da Capo series, most of the episode’s opening narration is narrated by Sakura and what she narrates sounds rather gloomy and sad. Even the next episode preview too has a sombre narration. The picture of mid-intermission of the first few episodes show the puppet dolls of Eto and Sheruru. Once that puppet play is over, it is reverted back to that silhouette drawing of the sakura tree which was also used during the 3rd instalment. Recycled scene perhaps?
With the heavy drama in this season, the comedy factor has been literally thrown out the window. I’m not saying that there isn’t any funny moments, but they are so minimal that it’s hard for me to remember them. And yeah. WHERE’S THE LOVE AND HAREM?! WHERE IS THE CHEMISTRY AND ROMANCE?! This season is completely devoid of that in which its prequels had. So Yoshiyuki and Koko do remain best of friends, huh? Even Nanaka! Oh I still can’t believe she has been sidelined so badly. I know I know. I’ve probably have reminded myself dozens of time that this season is more on Yoshiyuki and his half-sisters. Yeah, we’re so into that until we forgot what the real Da Capo was actually about till it hit me when the series ended. Okay, so the magic of the sakura tree is still there. So do magic and love go together? You decide.
Will there be another instalment of Da Capo? Well, my thoughts is that you can’t have a Da Capo series without sakura. Both that blonde petite girl and the tree. Uh huh, since this season seems to have ‘gotten rid’ of that, the chances are pretty slim. But you never know. It may be set on a different island with a whole new bunch of characters but the same kind of storyline. Yeah, since I’m quite a fan of this series, I’d probably be a sucker and go watch it. Oh let me make a wish upon that sakura tree that if there is going to be another sequel of Da Capo, let it have pretty bishoujos, romantic harems and interesting storylines. Yeah, just keep dreaming.
Da Capo II

Da Capo II

July 12, 2008

I wouldn’t have really guessed that there would be a sequel to the Da Capo series. It never actually crossed my mind. So when Da Capo II came out, it was a surprise to me. I must be thinking that the series must have been quite popular for the producers to produce a sequel. However despite it’s name, this anime is actually the 3rd instalment of the series. Yes, not the 2nd instalment, but the 3rd.
One reason why they decided to name it number 2 instead of 3 is because that this series takes place 50 years after the original Da Capo series. Meaning that, you’ll see a bunch of new characters. For those who have watched the original 2 seasons, you would have known that everything has already ended there and then. Right on a happy note.
According to my research on sites like Anime News Network and Wikipedia, I find that the storyline is somewhat totally different from its synopsis mentioned. I mean, after watching finished the series, I was left wondering where this particular storyline comes in. You see, the plot is about a boy named Yoshiyuki Sakurai, who was born when Sakura Yoshino was feeling lonely. This Yoshiyuki guy is supposed to be the son if Junichi and Sakura were to get married. But that didn’t happen in the last season. Furthermore, the returning characters are Sakura and Junichi only. So the plot is about the characters who have to make a decision to either save the island that they live on, Hatsunejima, or Yoshiyuki, by undoing that magic from that great big sakura tree. In the anime, it didn’t even come close to this. Perhaps this is the setting for the pc game or adult visual novel, which the anime is adapted from.
But rather than fretting on little minor stuffs like that, let me just move on to the other things. In the anime, the sakura trees on the island of Hatsunejima still blooms all year long. And well, another reason why I decided to watch this series besides being a fan of the original Da Capo series was because of the beautiful people. Uh huh. The people behind the series still have the touch and what it takes to make the characters and the sakura petals gorgeous and stunning.
Since this is a sequel of the original series, there are a bunch of new characters as mentioned. However I kinda find that some of these characters have somewhat a similar look to the original predecessors. Like Yoshiyuki is supposed to be to new main male protagonist for this instalment as with Junichi in the previous. Koko Tsukishima looks like a cross between Nemu and Miharu, Nanaka Shirakawa reminds me of Kotori, Yume Asakura has that uncanny resemblance of Nemu, Otome Asakura a little like Moe but less dreamy and blur, and Minatsu Amakase share similar traits from Miharu like she’s a robot and must eat bananas (though she hates them, she has to). Sometimes I feel like they’re rip-offs from the original but sometimes I feel that if they make a totally new character, then I would miss the old one. Speaking of which, I wonder if the Suginami here is the same as the Suginami back in the original series. That’s because he looks and sounds the same. Not to mention his character too. Urm… Probably he’s some magical deity who lives forever? Nah! Or maybe the characters are descendants of the original characters and you can guess it by their surnames.
So episode 1 starts off with Koko confessing her feelings to Yoshiyuki under a sakura tree. But that was just a dream. We see Yoshiyuki living in his home along with sisters Yume and Otome. Just like its predecessors, though they’re siblings, they’re not related by blood. An excuse for incest? But in this season, you won’t have that lover’s relationship between siblings which happened between Junichi and Nemu. Phew. Yume here is more serious in reprimanding her bro while Otome plays a more big sisterly role here. Well well, how ironic. Yume doesn’t know how to cook and wants Yoshiyuki to fix something since Otome has left for school early. At school, we’re introduced to the new motley crew of this series. We have Koko’s best friends, the busty Akane Hanasaki and the monotonous looking Anzu Yukimura, the popular school singing idol, Nanaka, and of course Yoshiyuki’s pals, Wataru Itabashi and Suginami. Also a mean and always-have-that-suspicious-look class rep, Maya Sawai. Since Otome is the student council president, we’ll always see her vice president, Mayuki Kousaka, always next to her in school. Since Mayuki is more serious and has that ‘intimidating’ look, many students won’t want to mess with her and would get out of her way when she comes by. Note that she’s not a bad person. It seems Sakura Yoshino has become the headmistress for Kazami Academy and though she still looks young and petite, but I guess her dressing now makes her look a little more mature. And she has a little furry pet dog called Harimao (probably named after a tiger in Malay). Looks cute but hey, what happened to that cat Utamaru? Maybe cats don’t live that long. Haha, just kidding.
Anyway Koko is trying to ask Yoshiyuki to spend time with her at the school festival but since that guy is too busy, he and that press club member Suginami remembered that he has some chores to do for Sakura and quickly whisks away to her office. Since the duo didn’t find her there, Yoshiyuki spots an underground staircase hidden inside the closet. Before curiosity can kill the cat, Sakura returns to hand him some papers. Thus the rest of the day sees Yoshiyuki busy for the festival. Akane and Anzu are trying to play matchmaking for Koko and Yoshiyuki and sets up various events to get Koko to confess to him. It’s evening and the day is coming to an end. We see the gang leaving Koko and Yoshiyuki alone together at the sakura tree. Deja vu? Yeah well, Koko finally manages to confess to him. It’s like a dream come true, literally. Not wanting to break this cute girl’s heart, Yoshiyuki agrees to be her boyfriend and go out with her, making a very emotionally happy Koko to tears as they hug.
Yoshiyuki and Koko starts dating in episode 2 but it’s not like they’re being lovey-dovey with each other, rather shy shy blush blush. So leave it to Anzu and Akane to spice things up and make the right setting for them. Yume and Otome finds out why Yoshiyuki managed to get up so early this morning. Yeah, it’s because of a girl. Can’t hide that embarrassment from their faces. Other than that, it seems Suginami decides to drag Yoshiyuki into 1 of his investigations on the school’s mysteries when the latter mentions about that hidden staircase in Sakura’s closet. Should’ve kept his mouth shut. The dark passageway leads the duo to find a girl their age sleeping in a transparent capsule. Yoshiyuki accidentally presses a red button. The alarm is set off and the sleeping girl soon awakens from her slumber. This girl, Minatsu, just like any other person who wakes up from the wrong side of the bed, gets grumpy and angry. She wants to know why she has been awakened from her beauty sleep. Yoshiyuki tries to explain that it’s all an accident when Minatsu tells him that there are 2 things she hate the most in this world. Banana and humans. Banana? Anyway, she proceeds to give Yoshiyuki a good punch in the face. Ouch. A group of scientist then enters the room to calm Minatsu down. The head of the pack, Mizukoshi explains to the boys that Minatsu is a robot (yeah, how life-like. Is this how the future technology of robots will be like?) and wants them to forget what they have seen. Hey, isn’t this Mizukoshi that Mako girl back in the original Da Capo series? She looks more grown up, wiser and mature, unlike her tomboyish behaviour back then. Wait a minute. It can’t be her. It’s 50 years already. So must be her descendant.
But it’s going to get worse because the next day, Minatsu is seen as a new transfer student in their school. Upon spotting the person who woke her up, you can tell that she doesn’t really like him. At Mizukoshi’s office, she tells Yoshiyuki that due to circumstances since it turned out like that, he has to keep it a secret and gives him a thick operations manual. I guess something advanced has lots of technical stuffs to operate. It’s no child’s play. Because Yoshiyuki is so engrossed in reading and understanding how Minatsu works, he misses lunch with Koko. Uh oh, not good. Anzu and Akane spot him and think he’s reading something perverted. So as punishment, they suggest he treats Koko to some crepe. Being the good boy he is, he does but not with lots of those blushing encounters. Later on their way home, they spot Minatsu with Yume. Minatsu figures out that they’re both siblings from the way they talk but she soon starts to panic when she can’t find any bananas. Minatsu then starts to malfunction and smoke can be seen coming out from her ears. Yoshiyuki too panics and quickly brings her away, leaving Koko and Yume to wonder what’s going on. Hiding behind some bushes, Yoshiyuki realizes that bananas are Minatsu’s power source (weird. Why banana? Perhaps her predecessor Miharu loves it so much so the creators decide to take after her) and frantically tries to find some. Akane and Anzu are eating some choco banana (yeah, perverted guys may get the wrong idea if they see they way they ‘eat’ them) when Yoshiyuki comes by and snatches it away from them. Minatsu recovers after eating the choco banana (another scene which can be misinterpreted as something perverted) and we find out that even though she hates bananas, a chocolate covered one makes it less sickening. How ironic for one who needs to depend on banana power and to hate it at the same time. Perhaps she ate too much of it. Minatsu reluctant thanks Yoshiyuki for his help. Just then, Yume, Koko, Akane and Anzu come by to see them both in a compromising position. Grilling time.
Yoshiyuki tries to tell his sisters than Mizukoshi had requested him to keep an eye out for Minatsu without blowing her cover in episode 3. But of course, Yume remains suspicious and there are holes in his words. Koko on the other hand is pondering about Yoshiyuki’s relationship with Minatsu but seeing his troubled face, Koko decides to just trust him. Meanwhile, Nanaka is seen rejecting some confession of some poor guy. During recess, Yoshiyuki goes out early to buy bread when he heard a familiar breakdown sound. Yeah, it’s Minatsu alright. It’s either the robot or the bread. And so it’s the robot. He helps give Minatsu some of her bananas, in which she failed to eat in time, causing her breakdown. Yoshiyuki resumes his bread quest but finds that the place is being overcrowded with an unruly hungry mob. But then Nanaka arrives and offers to help him. We see her part the crowd like what Moses did to the Red Sea, but with her popularity charm. She gets the bread for Yoshiyuki before leaving. While Yoshiyuki wonders how she knows his name, we see a group of jealous boys with an equally deadly aura of jealousy. It’s hard being a silent fan of Nanaka, then comes a stranger and she gets so friendly with him. How not to burn with envy? Later Yoshiyuki meets up with Koko at the music room and finds out that she and Nanaka are best friends. It seems Koko is part of the band and plays the bass. While Wataru is on the drums, Nanaka is the vocalist. After hearing them perform, Yoshiyuki notices that a guitarist is missing. They tell him the band had initially 1 but that guy wasn’t putting his heart and should into it and was thus ‘fired’. Yoshiyuki picks up the guitar and starts playing. Sounds good. In no time, they invite Yoshiyuki to join their band and he agrees as they continue their jamming session.
On the way home after their practice session, Yoshiyuki somehow invites Koko over to his place. I guess most viewers are anticipating something ‘steamy’ would happen between this 2 since both his sisters aren’t in. What a great setting for 2 lovers to be home alone. Okay, they’re still quite shy of each other. Until Yoshiyuki stood up and accidentally trips because his legs are too numb after sitting in that position. Thus, falling on top of Koko. If Yume and Koko were to walk in right now and see this, they’ll blow their top. Speaking of which, Otome just opened the door. Too bad people, it seems the duo have managed to regain their composure in time. Otome asks Koko to stay over for dinner. Meanwhile, Minatsu is roaming in the streets, learning more about the human culture when Yume spots her. She too invites Minatsu for dinner. Thankfully, the dinner went well and nothing big really happened, though Yoshiyuki and Minatsu are surprised to see each other here (well, Yoshiyuki does live here). Minatsu is enjoying the curry meal and want seconds when Otome says how it’s made of banana… Are you loving it, girl? Once it’s time to go home, Yume suggests that Yoshiyuki accompany them. But Minatsu doesn’t need his help and rushes off on her own. So it’s back to Yoshiyuki and Koko alone. While walking her home, Yoshiyuki tries to apologize but can’t seem to find the right words. But Koko is understanding and feels happy now that he has joined the band. Yeah, she can see him more often and be closer to him.
Episode 4 begins with yet another 1 of Yoshiyuki’s dream with Koko. No, it’s not some wild fantasy but it might suggest so because Koko is blushingly asking him to make some memories with him! Woah! All dreams must come to an end as Yoshiyuki wakes up to find he’s running late for school again. He’s got to stop having such dreams. This episode is the school sports festival and we see everybody taking part. At the field, Nanaka is addressing her team mates when she spots Yoshiyuki and calls him. Hmm… I think Nanaka seems to like him and probably there’s going to be more than a girl which Yoshiyuki has to tend to. Now, that’s what I look forward to in a harem anime. Anyway, we see those loser boys staring at Yoshiyuki with their piercing eyes. The event starts with a well… double three-legged race. Yoshiyuki is being paired with Koko and Anzu but they tripped when the race starts. Since Yoshiyuki got his face in Koko’s boobs, Anzu cheekily pushes his head deep into it. Then it’s some borrowing race in which every paper poor Minatsu picks seem to say ‘banana’. Haha, it really does piss her off. Yume has to find a pair of gym shorts for her borrowing race and hastily tells Yoshiyuki to strip! After forcing his pants off him, Yoshiyuki is left half-naked in embarrassment in the middle of the track. Harassment! This prompts Otome to say "Sexual scenes are forbidden!". I don’t know how he got his shorts back but it seems Yoshiyuki’s private time with Koko is once again interrupted when the others join them for lunch. Anzu and Akane even suggest Koko to feed him lovers style. If she was so embarrassed, why did she obliged? Anyway everyone is really enjoying watching them do it.
The race resumes after lunch and Suginami hands Yoshiyuki a remote. Upon pressing it, some large net appears and flings the girls up in the air. When they land, they seem to be in some very suggestive positions. Next up is a 100m race but Suginami too has rigged Yoshiyuki’s shoes with some rocket blaster. So instead of reaching the finish line, he reached for the sky. Later, Koko is seen taking a slightly wounded Yoshiyuki to the infirmary. But their lonely time together is interrupted again when the P.A. speaker calls for Yoshiyuki to meet Yume. At the infirmary, Yume is interrogating Yoshiyuki on his relationship with Koko but that guy doesn’t want to say much and that it’s none of her business, causing jealous Yume to spray some painful disinfectant on him. Once the sports festival is over, Koko wants Yoshiyuki to follow her to the store shed. She then wants him to make some memories with her. Could this be another dream come true? Well, it’s natural for guys his age to conjure up something perverted. Not wanting to miss this chance, I guess he’s ready to accept it when Koko pulls out a camera. Yup, her intentions were to take a photo of them both. Well, memories last longer that way. Before they could take one, they are yet interrupted again by Akane, Anzu and Wataru who excitedly wants to take a group photo. See the trend? Looks like these 2 will never have a peaceful time alone. But it ends with Akane instructing Wataru to take a pic of the lovebirds together.
In episode 5, Koko is worried about where her relationship with Yoshiyuki is heading. Even though they’re spending more time together at band practice, but that’s just it. It’s not like they’re going out like lovers do. As expected, Koko’s concerned buddies (more like busybodies) Anzu and Akane decides to give Koko a little push. And since Nanaka overheard their conversation, she can’t help but to join in as well. The next day with Nanaka faking that she’s too busy for band practice, this gives Koko and Yoshiyuki the opportunity to go out together. Poor Yoshiyuki he has to endure another round of interrogation from Yume but he still manages to leave her in stitches. During their outing, Koko notices what couples do like holding hands but she herself is too shy to try it out. Then at the movies, Koko is surprised when Yoshiyuki grabs her hand. Could this be it? Nope, he was just reaching for the popcorn. Darn. Meanwhile Anzu, Akane and Nanaka are shopping together when they spot Wataru spying from outside a cafe. It seems that guy is spying on Yoshiyuki and Koko who are patroning that cafe. I guess they want to join in the ‘fun’. Probably with many people hiding behind something flimsy isn’t a good idea as their cover is quickly exposed. Yoshiyuki then puts on a serious and disappointing face which sends guilty conscious to those stalkers. But he was just kidding and in a jiff, he grabs Koko’s hand and runs out of the cafe. Yeah, pretty slick move. Now their real date can start with no more interruptions.
While the duo are sharing an ice cream on the bench, Koko wonders if this could be an indirect kiss when a lost kid is seen crying for his mama. Koko calms him down till his mom is found and Yoshiyuki notes that Koko will be a good mother, making her blush. When they’re walking home, Koko is trying desperately to hold his hand but can’t find the courage to do so. Yoshiyuki notices this and takes her hand. But then a dog starts barking at them. As Yoshiyuki pulls Koko away, she holds his arm out of fear. After the owner calms its dog down, Koko realizes that she’s holding his arm and wants to stay like this a little longer. The next day at school, Anzu and Akane are apologizing for intruding on her privacy but still had the cheek to ask how the date went. Koko mentions how her dream came true. Her pals think she and Yoshiyuki finally did a passionate kiss but to their disappointment, her dream was just to hold his hand. *Sigh*. I think viewers too feel their disappointment.
After Minatsu was ‘absent’ from the previous episode, I guess episode 6 has the spotlight on her before everyone starts thinking that this series is going to be Yoshiyuki-Koko show. Yoshiyuki is still wondering how he should go about taking care of Minatsu since Mizukoshi entrusted her to him. Another irony is that, human hater Minatsu seems to be making friends with Anzu and Akane already. Later at the park, Yoshiyuki spots Minatsu playing friendly with a dog. He approaches her and says how he’s happy with seeing her like this and invites her over for dinner but Minatsu isn’t pleased seeing that her number 1 enemy has seen her soft side. They leave each other after a short quarrel. Back home, Yume isn’t pleased to hear that since she had bought lots of stuffs for dinner and commands Yoshiyuki to patch things up with Minatsu. The next day as he’s walking to school, he spots Minatsu walking in the opposite direction reading a book on world domination! Woah! This girl is serious! They bump into each other and Yoshiyuki picks up that book before Minatsu snatches it back. It seems Minatsu is pleading for him not to tell anybody this. Yoshiyuki gets an idea… he blackmails her. Well, can’t be the good guy forever. At first looks, Yoshiyuki seems to be dating a reluctant Minatsu! Why, he even ditches Koko and the band practice just to be with that robot. Very worrying trend here. So the rest of the day sees the odd pair on their outing through town and it’s ironic for a robot to be fascinated with ‘advanced human technology’. I guess that’s what happen when you’re sleeping for too long. Rip Van Winkle? They even tried playing a video game at an arcade in which Minatsu overheats due to the intensity.
Minatsu comes to and finds herself resting on Yoshiyuki’s lap. She wonders why he’s doing all this. He replies that he just wants to get to know her better, and is his friend regardless of whether she’s a human or robot. We then learn something about robots and why Minatsu hates humans. I don’t remember all that blabbing but what I understand is that humans tend to abuse and mistreat robots (heck, even if there’s no life creatures, humans can still take it out on machines! Those savages!). Another irony is that humans are the ones who created robots and in time when robots became smarter due to artificial intelligence, humans perceive their existence to be a threat! Thus robots like Minatsu have been put to sleep. WTF? So what happened to all those modern conveniences and technology? Are they against it? Yoshiyuki feels pity and apologizes on behalf of all humans (if only everyone is like him) and says that Minatsu’s waking up isn’t a bother as she’s able to learn things. With that, Minatsu feels better and gladly accepts his invitation over to dinner. Back home, we find that Yume and Otome have cooked up a banana feast! Even Sakura’s there to join in. At the end of the day, Minatsu acknowledges that Yoshiyuki and co aren’t so bad after all and that it’s okay to be their friends.
It’s Nanaka’s turn in episode 7 after being left out in the previous. Here, we see ever popular Nanaka rejecting a popular football member guy’s confession. Because of that, lots of jealous fangirls of that guy are badmouthing her behind her back. Though Yoshiyuki wants to tell them off, Nanaka says that it isn’t necessary. But the girls continue their verbal abuses and Yoshiyuki can’t stand it any longer and lashes at them. Before this could turn ugly, Otome and Mayuki arrive to see what all the commotion is about. Remember, don’t mess with Mayuki. Later Nanaka thanks Yoshiyuki for standing up for her but unknown to them, an unknown assailant takes a pic of them with the handphone. Looking at it, you can say they’re quite ‘close and friendly’ with each other. Oh oh. That photo lands in Koko’s shoebox locker but Koko’s trust on Yoshiyuki isn’t wavering. She still believes him. Well partly she knows Nanaka’s her best friend and wouldn’t do something like this behind her back. Akane and Anzu approaches Yoshiyuki to find some answers but Nanaka takes him away quickly. Though she apologizes for the troubles she has caused him, Yoshiyuki says that it’s nothing. Nanaka then hugs him. Now, does she really have feelings for him? I know being the main guy in a harem anime is a must. Even later at band practice when Yoshiyuki compliments on Nanaka’s singing, they stared at each other’s eyes as though as some spark of chemistry has ignited and Nanaka making him confess that he likes her! Well, her singing actually.
After the practice, Nanaka stays behind to help out. Due to an impending storm, everyone else leaves early. With the music room lock, Nanaka has no choice to head to the rooftop to do her practice when the storm arrives and shuts the only exit lock. Now she’s trapped. So cliche. Yoshiyuki is back home and remembers he left his book at school and decides to retrieve it even if there’s a storm. At school, he hears Nanaka’s handphone ringing in a classroom (which she left behind) but to his surprise finds Koko on the other line. Koko is worried that Nanaka hasn’t come home yet when the handphone batteries died (so cliche!) and Yoshiyuki thinks she may still be in school and goes searching for her. Nanaka is soaking wet and cold on top but luckily Yoshiyuki manages to find her and breaks down the door. While he gives her his coat to keep warm, she apologizes again for causing more trouble. Of course, he says never mind all that bla bla bla. Then it occurred to Nanaka that she now understands why Koko is in love with him. But his kindness and gentleness can be a double edged sword as it could also hurt others. Nanaka suddenly hugs Yoshiyuki but realizes that this feeling/confession of hers is just of friendship, nothing more. As they head downstairs and out of the school grounds, she tells him to always cherish Koko when speak of the devil, Koko comes rushing in worried about them. Nanaka cheekily pushes Yoshiyuki towards her as the trio walk home. Well, if you’re hoping to see any love chemistry from Nanaka for Yoshiyuki, don’t get your hopes high up. This is the most it’ll turn out to be. Nothing more. *Sighs*. Reminds me of Junichi and Kotori’s case…
With the upcoming school field trip, everyone is getting excited in episode 8. Minatsu seems to be part of Yoshiyuki’s circle of friends and wonders what a field trip is like, though she won’t be coming along with them since she’s in a different year and class. So the coming Sunday, the gang head to the supermart to buy necessary stuffs for their trip. After finishing their shopping, the gang part ways and this part feels like some cursed horror movie because the screws of a billboard on a building starts to come loose and soon is going to fall on Yume and Minatsu. It really did crashed on Minatsu, as she pushed Yume out of harms way. Yoshiyuki and Wataru rushes over to the commotion and fears that the billboard may have collapsed on Minatsu. With the help of the crowd, they lifted the billboard only to find Minatsu unscratched and in perfect health. Everybody is surprised. Well, she soon starts to malfunction. An ambulance arrives at the scene and whisks Minatsu away. At the hospital, Mizukoshi arrives to take Minatsu back but tells Yoshiyuki that the situation may have start to worsen. So he leaves Yoshiyuki to explain it to his pals. Back at home, Yoshiyuki is finding it hard to tell everyone that Minatsu’s a robot but eventually manage to spill the beans. Sakura and Minatsu then arrive to further explain that robots with emotions and feelings were subjected to controversial debate (like those gene cloning research) and its research was put on indefinite suspension. So as not to stir the hornet’s nest, Mizukoshi had instructed Yoshiyuki and Suginami to keep this a secret since they were the ones who stumbled upon it. Minatsu and Yoshiyuki apologize and the latter pleads for his friends to keep this a secret. However, Wataru goes up to him and grabs his shirt. He tells him off not to look down on them as they would’ve done so even if he hadn’t said so. With everyone agreeing, Yoshiyuki is relieved that this is settled. The next day at school, everyone is having their usual lunch together when Maya looks upon them with growing suspicion. Another problem creeping up.
The school field trip begins in episode 9 and before Yoshiyuki leaves, Sakura gives him a pendant which looks like a USB port. On the train, Yoshiyuki is too tired because he spent last night listen to Otome’s ‘advice’. While Koko’s pals once again try to give the lovebirds some time together, Wataru and Suginami quips how for those 2 it seems more of a honeymoon rather than a field trip. So the gang did the usual sightseeing various places and fun on the trip like feeding deer and taking pictures. A funny part includes Akane getting stuck while trying to go through some small pillar hole as good luck. Sometimes being busty has its down points. Later as the girls are dipping in a hot bath, Koko laments that she hasn’t got to spend much time with Yoshiyuki. Though Koko brushes off those passionate romantic ideas from her pals, they decide to help her get closer with Yoshiyuki. The boys have also finished their bath and the usual and obligatory must-sneak-into-the-girls-room ideal. Yoshiyuki is against the idea but before he knows it, Wataru and Suginami wrap him up in a mattress and bring him there. The girls too had a similar idea on Koko but were stopped by holier-than-thou Maya. Soon the guys come barging in and drops Yoshiyuki right in front of Koko. Koko’s bag of panties accidentally opened and fell on his head. This causes her to be embarrassed and slaps him. Even if he’s not at fault. While the gang wants to leave the lovebirds alone, a robot staff comes in which prompts Maya to say how she despise robots and life would be better without them. So now we have a robot hater. This statement upsets Yoshiyuki very much and they both had a little argument. Though Maya leaves, it doesn’t look like she’ll change her mind on her grudge. Because so, Yoshiyuki is spacing out and thinking about it and not focusing on poor Koko. Even when they go buy souvenirs, Koko has been ignored by him. When they go back to the inn, Koko meets up with Yoshiyuki and asks him if he wants to go to the shrine together alone. A legend states that couples who write their name there will forever be together. Yoshiyuki agrees and promises with a yubikiri. We see Anzu, Akane, Wataru and Suginami spying on them. But the funny part was Suginami and Wataru disgustingly trying to imitate and replay that promise Yoshiyuki and Koko made. As everyone goes in for a bath, Yoshiyuki receives a call from Yume. From the looks of his face, it looks like trouble.
Due to that billboard incident, Minatsu has gained somewhat an unwanted popularity throughout Kazami Academy in episode 10. It’s like the students couldn’t believe that a robot is studying among them and subjects her to their teasing. I know it makes me wonder why a robot needs to attend school but those heartless students are too much. They’re treating her like an alien. Another irony, a robot with emotion and feelings but humans without one. Also rumours of her are spreading across the island like wildfire. Luckily Yume is there to stand up for her, though Minatsu doesn’t mind being ridiculed and such. Back at the field trip, obviously Yoshiyuki is being bugged by Yume’s call about the spreading of the rumour. It must be tough being a robot because students even come up to Minatsu to touch her just to have a feel how close she is to a human. Even if Otome and Mayuki steps in, but it’s just a temporary reprieve. Otome and Mayuki are discussing about this issue at the student council room when Otome feels a little dizzy before collapsing. Yoshiyuki gets another call from Yume about Otome’s collapse. Without thinking further, he decides to rush home but didn’t say anything much to Wataru about his sudden departure. Koko can only look on with disappointment.
Otome is recuperating in the infirmary and a flashback during her younger days when Yoshiyuki promised her how he’ll come to her rescue if there’s any trouble. True enough, he’s there when she open her eyes. But of course he doesn’t remember the promise and this was just probably out of instinct and concern. Yoshiyuki asks Mizukoshi if there’s anything that could be done to quell this problem but she mentions that not everyone will accept robots. Sakura comes by and takes the pendant from him and welcome him back. Back home, Yoshiyuki remembers his promise he made with Koko. Oh oh. So he rushes to school to find everyone has returned and dispersed. He finds Koko and on the way back tries to apologize profusely but Koko angrily told him back that even though he had to leave in a hurry, that was fine with her. As long as he told her beforehand. With that, she runs away in tears. Pitiful. The next day in school, looks like it’s Koko’s turn to give Yoshiyuki the cold shoulder. Not forgiving him yet? During recess, Maya bumps into Yoshiyuki on the rooftop and she tells him that if the rumour about Minatsu being a robot is true, she’ll not hesitate to take action to get her expelled from school. Because of Yoshiyuki’s body language, she thinks that the rumour is true and proceeds to the student council room to have Minatsu expelled. Yoshiyuki relays Maya’s plan to Mizukoshi but the latter understands Maya’s feelings and explains that Maya’s dad was the creator this robot technology. Since it wasn’t well received by many, he got the blame for everything. Soon he committed suicide due to the immense pressure. I can’t believe all those heartless monsters and their unruly protests. Because of that, Maya has been living a life filled with pain. So can we blame her now?
But the bullying and torment for Minatsu continues in episode 11. Yoshiyuki and co are having a hard time trying to fend of those bastards. It’s amazing to see how Minatsu who was once a human hater has gradually learned to be more tolerant of it all. Yoshiyuki feels that since all this was his fault when he first brought Minatsu back to life, he thinks of going it alone. Even if Koko offers to help, but he doesn’t want to get her involved anymore. Jerk. Did she already forgave him the last time? Sakura also comes up with the idea that Minatsu should live with Yoshiyuki for the time being. By the way, where did she live previously? Sakura or Mizukoshi’s place? If so, what’s wrong of staying put there. You can obviously tell that their relationship is on the rocks when Koko too skips band practice, avoids seeing Yoshiyuki at school and even lied to him so as not to trouble him. Koko must be feeling more and more distant. Meanwhile Otome is resisting a protest made by the PTA. As Yoshiyuki and Minatsu went out shopping, they bump into Maya. Will we see sparks flying? No. Yoshiyuki tells Maya that he understands her situation but Maya is still adamant, saying that he doesn’t know what it’s like to lose a family member. Minatsu also realized that she herself was once like Maya. Bitter, cold and hatred towards the other race. Well I don’t think Maya needs a sympathy from a robot. The stand-off could’ve go on if not for Maya’s little brother, Yuuto, appearing. Maya then left with Yuuto. At the same time, Koko is skipping school and Nanaka decides to check on her at her home. The duo had a heart to heart talk when Yoshiyuki rings her doorbell. Koko doesn’t want to answer it. After Yoshiyuki has left, Koko continues to emotionally blurt out her confused feelings. She also mentions how it’s painful being beside Yoshiyuki each time and worries what will happen to them if this continues. Nanaka lends her a shoulder to cry on. Well, Koko cried in her arms actually. Good thing she’s also there to provide an ear to listen. That’s what best friends are for.
Koko continues to skip class in episode 12 while robot haters up their cruel pranks by hiding Minatsu’s shoes. Good ol’ Yoshiyuki decides to help finding her shoes and eventually finds them in the incinerator. Can they just buy new shoes? But that’s not the point. The pranks have gone way out of control. You can’t help feel sorry for Minatsu and I’m sure Yoshiyuki’s blood is boiling and would’ve bring those responsible to justice if not for Minatsu’s I-don’t-really-mind-about-it attitude. Later Yoshiyuki bumps into Maya again and another I-hate-robots argument ensue. Maya says how not only robots killed her dad but it ruined her family, thus she can’t accept them. Now this is the turning point. Maya spots Yuuto across the road outside school as he rushes to greet her. Yuuto should’ve remembered his road crossing rules because whenever you’re not looking left or right, some speeding car who doesn’t know how to slow down at pedestrian crossings will quickly zoom by. That’s what will happen if Minatsu didn’t quickly dive in front of the van and shield Yuuto out of harm’s way. It could’ve been fatal but life is full of surprises and ironies. Now how will Maya feel that the 1 thing she hates most saved the 1 thing she loves most. Confused? Definitely. Though Minatsu once again comes out unscathed, Mizukoshi notes how they can no longer hide this.
The next day, everyone welcomes and gives Minatsu a standing ovation! What a turn of events. Now she’s a hero. So let me get this straight. Billboard falls on robot girl, nothing happened, everybody hates her. Speeding van coming, robot girl saves kid, everybody loves her. Doesn’t make sense, right? And both are dangerous life threatening situations. So do people need a human factor there? Maya has a change of heart and tries to apologize and thank Minatsu. She’s in an awkward position so I can understand how she feels. Minatsu of course accepts it whole heartedly. After this, Maya doesn’t hate robots anymore and even have lunch with the gang. Maya and Minatsu have a heart to heart talk and the latter wishes for both humans and robots to live in harmony. But this isn’t the end of their problems yet. Yoshiyuki, Minatsu and Yume are being called to the principal’s office and Mizukoshi explains that the school board directors have decided to expel Minatsu. Horror! Just when things are going right. Yoshiyuki tries to find Sakura but she’s nowhere to be found. On the way, Yoshiyuki bumps into Koko. To cut short that emotional speech, Koko wants to break up with Yoshiyuki! Double horror! Her reason is that she wants to go back to they way it was when they were just friends. I guess it feels that they were much closer then.
Episode 13 sees the whole school skipping classes as a protest on Minatsu’s expulsion. Oh now she’s a hero. Even Maya girl tries to get the higher ups to change their mind. Be careful what you wish for. Now that Maya has got more than she bargained for, looks like she can’t make a u-turn. Yeah, Maya is even leading the opposition group. This anime is so full of ironies. Just as in real life. If only kids can lead a protest against adults, that will be the day. Though Yoshiyuki manages to find Sakura, she too can’t do anything about it. Hey, what happened to that encounter with Koko? From the looks of it, Yoshiyuki may have accepted Koko’s decision. Probably there’s something more at stake. Losing their relationship or a friend. Well, Yoshiyuki chose. Anyway, with the help of Suginami and Nanaka, Minatsu enters the speaker room and announces throughout the entire school via P.A. system that she’s touched by everyone’s feelings. But she doesn’t want to trouble anyone anymore and thus wants everybody to allow her to live her final 3 days as a normal student. The students then bow their heads to plead for Minatsu’s final wish and I suppose they reached a deal.
The 3 days flew by like 10 seconds (which is true if you’re watching this series. Haha. Get it?). Minatsu has her last talk with Yoshiyuki on the school rooftop. She mentions how she’s lucky to have met him and thanks him. Because of that, she got to make friends and experienced the softer side of humans. Minatsu then took out her world domination book and tore it to pieces and it let be gone with the wind. Don’t need that anymore, does she? Yoshiyuki receives an SMS from Koko asking him to bring Minatsu to the hall. Upon arriving, the duo are surprised to find every student gathered in the hall for Minatsu’s mock graduation ceremony. Yoshiyuki finds out that it was Koko who had planned it all out and is later told to go backstage. After Sakura gives Minatsu her graduation scroll, we see the band of Yoshiyuki, Koko, Wataru and Nanaka playing a lively farewell concert to a teary and appreciative Minatsu. See, robots can and do cry after all.
Oh dear, the ending doesn’t really seem satisfying at all. Because of that, I still feel that the original seasons of Da Capo are better and I still prefer them over this one. But it’s not really over yet. Just before this series ended, I found out that there will be a second season called Da Capo II Second Season. So that will be the 4th instalment of this spin-off sequel. I hope things will get better from there and will be looking forward to it with much anticipation. No doubt that this season is a little disappointing, it won’t make me less a Da Capo fan. It feels that everything from the storyline to the characters were just sufficient for this season only.
Before I forget, let me say 1 thing. SO WHERE IS THE HAREM???!!! I mean, that Yoshiyuki guy got together with Koko at the very beginning but they both broke up in the end, which leaves the main male protagonist very much a single once again. We don’t get to see any fights over his attention as that particular Nanaka-focused episode was probably just a teaser. Mainly I feel this series is about Minatsu and the dealings about having robots within our midst.
The drawing, art and animation as mentioned are still as beautiful as ever, especially the sakura petals floating through the air. The voice acting is kinda okay and some of the seiyuus were retained for the same character they played in the original series such as Yukari Tamura as Sakura and Daisuke Kishio as Suginami. Yui Horie who was the voice of Kotori in the original Da Capo series, now voices Yume. Other seiyuus include Sayaka Aoki as Minatsu (Lisanthius in Shuffle, Kinu in Raimuiro Senkitan), Kaori Mizuhashi as Maya (Ai in Aria The Animation, Taeko in Ai Yori Aoshi), Kappei Yamaguchi as Wataru (Inuyasha in Inu Yasha), Minori Chihara as Nanaka (Chiaki of Minami-Ke, Aya of Tenjou Tenge) and Shizuka Itou as Mayuki (Wilhelmina of Shakugan No Shana, Hinagiku of Hayate No Gotoku). The others are relatively new voice talents or ‘not famous ones’ (because their resume isn’t that long. Sorry) such as Shintaro Asanuma as Yoshiyuki, Ayahi Takagaki as Otome, Yoshino Nanjou as Koko, Natsumi Yanase as Akane, and Tae Okajima as Anzu (Kotonoha in School Days).
Even the opening and ending theme songs have that Da Capo feel like its previous 2 seasons and once again Yozuca does the opening (Sakura Kimi Ni Emu) and CooRie does the ending (Yasashisa Wa Ame No You Ni). And if you listen closely somewhere in the lyrics, both themes have the word ‘sakura’ in them, just like the other openings and endings of Da Capo. I’ll say it again, it’s truly a sakura-themed series. The next episode preview at the end shows a still pic of a clock radio while the characters rant about something which has nothing to do with the next episode. At least that’s what I heard because they’re talking quite fast.
Having said that there’s a 2nd season for this 2nd instalment already, I’m wondering if they will make a 3rd sequel or a 3rd spin-off. Well anything is possible if you live on Hatsunejima. Just wish upon the sakura tree and they will come true. So I’m wishing that the next season I watch will be more interesting and hopefully more pretty kawaii bishoujos! And yes, the harem too!
Da Capo II

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