Wait a minute! Hold on a second! You mean they really had Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai OVA?! You mean they actually heard my ‘complaint’?! After watching this sh*tty series and then some other inferior substandard anime series after that, I vowed never to complain again so long as they give us such sleazy crappy anime. Because it is what most simpletons like yours truly would understand and ‘appreciate’ better. And hence I have to live up to my word and watch these double crappy OVAs since it was ‘my wish’ to begin with. Sighs. I didn’t think they would come up this fast but I suppose that is why the original TV only had 10 episodes so they can bump the last one as some sort of extra episodes. Time to rake up those BD sales.

The usual gang is summoned by Ahegao so as to test her newly developed 3D visor, Nerd Gear. I take it is a rip-off from NerveGear and supposed to do VR erotic stuffs with it. With everyone diving into this knockoff of this Life board game, Ahegao explains the theme and rules. Basically it is reversed NTR. The girls need to steal Yuu and make him their lover. Apparently only Suzuka doesn’t understand what it means and needs some ‘explanation’ from Ahegao. Is it just to see her embarrassed reaction? So what is Yuu’s goal? Nothing. His job is just to hang out and have fun. Oh, if he tries to do something that prevents an event from happening, the system will forcibly take over and continue for him. So basically he has no choice. It starts with Ahegao being chosen as his wife. She is suggesting where to put his dick and when Yuu tries to resist, the system takes over and turns him into some erotic lover. Yeah, he is going to take Ahegao from behind when Mai barges her way in. Ahegao leaves as she has had it with his affair. But all this was just a ruse by Mai so she can f*ck him. Could have done it had not Sakura crashed in. Now a school setting, Sakura and the Kanzaka sisters are unsure of this sine, cosine and tangent problem. Yeah, sensei is going to teach them the meaning of this theta signs that look like boobs when suddenly Suzuka intervenes! I guess we went off tangent. Suzuka washes Yuu’s back with her boobs. They were going to have a better way of making each other feel even better but the system overloaded and overheated. This brings everyone back to reality. Good news or bad news, they can’t seem to remember the game they played. Yeah, I guess it saved them a scene of rebuking and blaming Yuu for being a pervert, eh? But what a waste for Yuu. So it’s back to the drawing board for Ahegao to fix the bug and she’ll invite them over again next time when it is improved. I see. With their forgotten memories, at least they can’t say no, right? But back home, Yuu gets into another fanservice hijinks as he accidentally enters the bathroom while naked Suzuka is about to take a bath. Strange. Life mirrors the video game…

You mean Ahegao really fixed that VR?! But this time she only sees Yuu because she finds him suitable to play this VR game that needs him to rescue his sister. He can’t leave until he rescues her. In this Saw spoof, Yuu and Suzuka are trapped in a dark dilapidated bathroom. Mai’s corpse in the middle. Ahegao is the villain who wants to play a game. After killing Mai who tried to break them apart, Yuu must dress up Suzuka by his own hands within a time limit. Suzuka is willing to strip but he just can’t. Even more so the dress is a sexy oni bikini. Yuu falters as he can’t pull down her panties and time is up. On to the next game. A Die Hard rip-off, Yuu McClane is going to have to save his sister taken hostage by Mai Gruber. Yippee-ki-yay. In the iconic scene where the villain is shot off the ledge (Mai dying again of course), the twist is that Yuu is told there is a bomb on Suzuka. He must erotically satisfy her in order for the bomb to diffuse. Suzuka is willing to let him molest he but why isn’t the meter reaching its max? Suzuka strips to her undies for the steamy groping to continue and when it reaches its max, Yuu must press her tits in order to completely diffuse it. Success! Little sister rescued. Yuu returns to reality realizing he has his hands on Ahegao’s boobs. And as expected, Suzuka walks in to see this, accusing him of loving big boobs. He dismisses it and explains he was actually touching her boobs. Of course this makes her fluster as Yuu realizes he has dug himself deeper into the grave. And Ahegao thanks him for his input. Glad to see him enjoy himself so let’s play again next time. I guess she didn’t want to ruin the game of him being blamed by Suzuka.

Virtual Oppai-san Wa Miteiru
You know what? This is so crappy that it is good! No, I’m not saying that the OVAs were better than the TV series and in fact as crappy as ever. Because I find myself laughing at all the nonsense especially the Die Hard spoof. That was really so freaking hilarious even if it was not intended to be as one. The animation is still pretty god awful so even if these OVAs were for fanservice purposes, they aren’t that stimulating despite you get to see all the (virtual) tits of all the girls in glorious first person view. I am betting that these are what the OVAs are trying to sell on. After all, there are no annoying ‘secret’ censors that were permeating throughout the TV series so it is free and easy with those (virtual) boobs. I think they really want to give lots of boobs fanservice that so much so the boobs physics are just nonsense. Especially Ahegao being the main offender as you will obviously notice how just slight movements from her will cause her boobs to jiggle. And they make that weird boob whizzing noise. Yeah. So weird. But the funniest fanservice still goes to that Die Hard spoof. Yuu trying to be and sound so badass while making out with Suzuka that it was just WTF LOL material. So in the end, whether it is reality or the virtual world, Yuu’s life is basically screwed and there is no escape or reset button to save him from his twisted harem. Not surprisingly, he Die Harder. Yippee-ki-yay!

Oh no. Here we go again with another little sister series. So, is this Imouto Sae Ireba Ii v2? Or rather, Eromanga-sensei v3? Or is it OreImo v4? Anyway, Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai is this season’s little sister fetish. Yeah. What else is new? Little sister has some sort of secret fetish to bang her brother and the only way she could express all that without ruining her perfect honour student reputation is via an erotic novel under a penname. Yeah… It’s Japan, people. We love our lolis and sisters so much that we can come up with this sh*t. And we who watch it are even sh*ttier. God, that says a lot about this series already…

Episode 1
Yuu Nagami narrates his sister, Suzuka is a talented and responsible sister and he himself is just the opposite. His only pride is writing novels in which he submits online. Too bad none of them were successful and are rejected. It is no different this time. Yeah, the judges complain he needs to incorporate more little sister characters into his stories. That’s the trend right now?! Esaka, his bookstore colleague (and ‘legal loli’) suggests he visualizes Suzuka in a lewd way. Looks good but there is no way that could happen in real life. Yuu believes Suzuka hates him. We also learn Yuu is a fan of Homura Enryuu’s works, especially Sky Magic Guardian. Back home, he checks the novel competition and finds there is already a winner selected and the author is weirdly named Chikai Towano. Even weirder the story is about a little sister who is madly in love with her brother! Suzuka then wants to talk with him in his room and she is acting a bit strange for a sister he knows. It seems she wants some advice. She submitted a novel and it won first place! You mean this is her work?! Actually, it was Yuu’s draft and he left it in the living room a while back. So her first submission landed her first prize? She shows him proof of her work with some tweaking of his draft but gets embarrassed when he reads it aloud. She gives an excuse she got possessed, that’s how she was able to write this piece of crap work. Back to the point, because the school has rules forbidding part time jobs and that their parents especially dad won’t approve it, she wants him to be he substitute to receive the award. After all, it’s his dream to be a novelist too, right? And with Suzuka making that teary puppy dog eye face, can’t say no. His only condition is that he will do it until he wins an award on his own. Yuu attends the ceremony and meets with his editor, Reika Shinozaki. You know she is one weird woman as she first asks him if he is a virgin. This is to understand how his desires able him to write such great piece of crap work. She even lets him touch her boobs and allows him to do anything he wants just to advance his work! Best editor ever or a foreshadowing of more trouble to come? Then he meets the beautiful and busty Ahegao W Peace who will illustrate his work. Another crazy weirdo who allows him to grope her boobs. Yuu returns home tired. Suzuka is thankful as she rolls in ecstasy that the world will come to notice her love for her brother. A perfect chance to even be his girlfriend! Oh yeah. The biggest weirdo is right under his nose…

Episode 2
In school, Yuu is called out by Mai Himuro. This is the girl who never speaks to guys and they all love her for this pride. And for her to even speak to this lowlife, jealousy rage is over 9000! Anyway, Mai knows Yuu is Towano because she too was at the award ceremony. You see, Mai is actually Enryuu! Instantly Yuu wants her autograph but she finds it an insult. She wants his instead. Can’t they both exchange autographs? We soon see how scary creepy a fan girl Mai is because she was so enthralled with his work, she wanted to kill him out of jealousy and then kill herself! But then she bought 50 copies of his work (which she claims is normal standards) and wants to study all about him! He cannot say know or she’ll reveal to everyone she is Towano. So the whole school only doesn’t know? Because of that, he is forced to take her to his home and Suzuka is worried that big brother has brought a beautiful babe home. It is a case of between a rock and a hard place for Yuu because Suzuka claims he is an animal and Mai at first shocked, allows herself to be raped to further his works! WTF Suzuka asking him for permission to call the police?! With Mai fabricating rape scenes in her notes, I guess no permission is needed to call the cops. Damn these girls have zero faith in him. I guess it’s time to go home. After that, Yuu has to explain it all to Suzuka. Worried about all this, Suzuka suggests they go out tomorrow to find inspiration for her next volume. We call that a date. Oddly, Shinozaki calls Yuu to give him inspiration by moaning sexy sounds in the bath. WTF… In Akihabara, the siblings see their works being promoted and popular everywhere. When they pass by a store that features Ahegao’s works, curious Suzuka enters and like any other first timers, becomes shock with all the lewd material. Now she blames Yuu for not stopping her? Since Ahegao is here, she knows they are looking for inspiration and shows them some of her works. Yeah, lewd illustrations! So lewd that Suzuka got shockingly ‘addicted’?! Can’t stop scrolling the nudes!!! So shocking that she eventually passed out. Back home, Suzuka is still embarrassed remembering Ahegao’s works. But she can’t lose out now since beautiful and busty women are surrounding her onii-chan, she vows to be his number one!

Episode 3
Suzuka as Yuu, what the heck is panchira?! I guess using Google is too troublesome. It seems Shinozaki suggested she added a non-sister character into her next volume and to incorporate this. Don’t say Yuu didn’t warn you because she is in shock after he explains it. She then tries to demonstrate in front of him to better understand. It’s all for the next volume, right? Yeah, Yuu must be in a tight spot to see or not. Don’t want to be accused to be a siscon lecher, do you? Even if she gets an idea of this panchira, she still has no idea to come up with a new character. Hence Yuu calls Mai and Ahegao over to brainstorm. Damn, as if he needs more trouble already. Eventually the girls end up wearing different cosplay outfits to see what kind of fetish he likes. Do we have a winner with Suzuka in gym clothes, bloomers and knee high socks? Later Shinozaki calls Yuu and she sounds upset the deadline has passed and he has not hand in the manuscript. Oh dear. Yuu rushes into Suzuka’s room to find her sleeping at her desk. He peeks into the volume she is writing. Pretty generic and not entertaining. It seems Suzuka is having a hard time and doesn’t want to write something she doesn’t want to. He tells her to rest and praises her first volume but she ends up admonishing him he doesn’t think her first volume was good because he said it was only okay. When asked what was it that was good, he couldn’t answer. Yuu tries to find an answer to this and rereads her first volume and realizes why it is so entertaining. It is because it’s a flirty sibling romantic comedy. She doesn’t need to write what she doesn’t want to and continue the next volume in the same manner. Yuu confesses he loves that sister (the character) but this makes her really happy inside like as though her onii-chan really loves her. With that great motivation, now she can write the next volume all night long. It is daybreak when she is done. She sees Yuu’s cute sleeping face and sneakily steals a kiss on his cheek.

Episode 4
A special autograph session for Towano for his fans. Once it is done and just as Yuu is about to leave, a girl rushes in and is in despair thinking the session is over. However she is in shock to learn Yuu is Towano and gladly would love to have his sign. Yuu then learns she is Sakura Minazuki, the famous seiyuu who landed a main role in her debut and is now a rising star. It seems Sakura is a big fan of his work. So big that she sometimes get confused as a character in his work in real life and if his work gets adapted into anime, she will let nobody play the part of the little sister. It’s her fate to play that role! Oh, she wants to become his little sister too and starts calling him onii-chan. In school, Mai confronts Yuu and wants to know his secret to writing a good story. I guess all that stalking didn’t work so she’s asking him directly. But later Yuu panics when he discovers Mai is reading his own manuscript. She finds it boring. Everything. Hence she is confused and suspicious if he is really Towano. Even if lies it is a friend’s script, Mai went through his trash in his room that day and memorized those thrown away scripts. They are somewhat written in similar fashion… When Yuu tells this to Suzuka, she comes up with a plan to date her just to show the author is truly in love with his little sister to death. On that day, Mai doesn’t even look like she’s putting any effort to hide. So what’s this taking Yuu to the underwear section to let him choose the best pantsu? They do more stuffs that lover do and when they’re about to leave, here comes Ahegao trying to get them to shop together. She also spotted Mai and called her out. Now they can do shopping together. And the first order is to buy swimsuits. This should be useful reference as well as providing much needed fanservice. Sakura then enters the picture and the girls really want an explanation of this new babe. I guess the only way to settle it is for the girls to try out their swimsuit and see which one Yuu loves best. Do we have a winner? No question asked. He picks Suzuka. I guess that’s the best choice. Now they need a place to go for the summer vacation. Mai suggests her villa (though this is her ulterior motive to discover his secret by spending all day together).

Episode 5
Yuu deduces that after the signing event, something must have triggered Mai to act this way as she is still hell bent on finding out his secret. But first, your obligatory beach scene! Also, the much obligatory put-sun-lotion-on-a-girl’s-back. Don’t worry. All of you will have your turn! And Yuu doesn’t have a say in it. When Yuu puts it on Suzuka, Ahegao makes lewd narrations that has them end up in weirder and lewd-like circumstances. Also time for another cliché scene as Yuu walks into the bathroom while Suzuka is bathing. Yeah, whatever reasons, why didn’t Yuu just bolt out immediately and instead trying to find excuses why this isn’t so? And now for the obligatory fireworks festival. Mai tricks Yuu to come with her alone so that she could seduce him to get his secret out. That desperate that she is willing to let him do anything to her. Mai then has an idea. She’ll watch him write before her. Luckily the siblings saw this coming so Yuu memorized Suzuka’s upcoming works. Although he writes it perfectly, Mai still feels suspicious because the way he writes is as though he is acting. Now for some bedtime problem. We are 1 bed short. Yeah, let’s so who gets to sleep with Yuu! Eventually it is Suzuka putting her foot down because little sister has more authority to sleep with her brother, right? Yeah, that sentence sounded so wrong on so many levels… Suzuka is like a boa constrictor almost choking Yuu to death but thankfully he manages to escape and let her constrict the pillow. He sees Mai and talks to her. She reveals her bugging problem. Her series is getting an anime adaptation but interest is waning because her editor pointed out of her weak characters. At this rate it will get cancelled. She believes his secret is the answer. When Yuu is silent if he is really Towano, this is when Mai gets disappointed and hides in her room. Yuu now knows her problem but needs to solve it. So he goes ask Suzuka who is obviously mad for him slipping out. He dodges the question to ask how she writes her characters. Something like being possessed by the character she is writing. Yuu gets it (Suzuka exploding after hearing him say those I-love-you magic words) and barges into Mai’s room to tell her this. Be the character that you are writing. That’s why he carries his failed manuscripts as a reminder to himself. So that’s the secret? Well, she’ll give it a try. The siblings get motivated to write their novels right now. Of course Suzuka’s excuse to sit next to him is to be in that character. Nevertheless, Yuu is still thankful for her help.

Episode 6
Suzuka is so happy as she reveals it is because Yuu confessed he likes her as a little sister. But… He reveals that confession was only an act as he was into this Towano character! Oh dear. It all turns sour. Suzuka snaps at him. What’s the excuse this time? Being Towano for a certain time period isn’t enough. He must be in character 24/7! He must love his little sister 24/7! That’s right. They’re going on a date right now! Yuu and the rest of the gang are at a doujin convention. They are confronted by sisters, Haruna and Akino Kanzaka of the popular doujin circle, Ambivalence. It seems they are Ahegao’s rival and Haruna starts badmouthing Ahegao’s low ambition and goes so far as to talk trash about Towano. Because of that, Suzuka will not forgive her. It leads to a challenge whereby they have to create a doujin based on Towano’s novel and the one with more readers in the next convention wins. Haruna’s condition if she wins, she will get Ahegao. Otherwise she will apologize. However that is not enough for Suzuka. Other than an apology, they must acknowledge Towano as the best author ever. With this ante up, this means if they lose they will give up writing forever!

Later the siblings visit Ahegao’s place to help her get some inspiration for this challenge. They learn about their past. The Kanzaka sisters were fans of hers and became inspired to start a doujin circle. But the more famous Ambivalence became, the rockier their relationship got. Ahegao still considers them as friends no matter what but will not overlook them badmouthing Towano. So for this inspiration, Ahegao has the siblings dress up in S&M fashion? Man, perfect excuse for Suzuka to take out her sisterly frustrations on him. I wonder if she has awakened to a new side. Later, Suzuka seeks Yuu’s help as she tries to find some inspiration to write about siblings as actual lovers. You sure accompanying her to her school cultural festival isn’t just an excuse to date? They look so hot together and rumours start flying that they are actually dating. Hence this crappy plot convenience that the theatre club having their main leads suddenly falling ill and they need them to replace them in the last confession scene. Oh yeah. Suzuka approves. If you’re wondering why Suzuka can nail this confession scene so perfectly, that’s because she adlibs! Is this her true confession? I guess Yuu is made to go with the flow. What does he say? He rejects her confession! Damn you, Yuu! But then he covers himself that he is happy to hear those words and needs time. Yeah, to be forever together to add to the final touch. What a lovely ending. After the play, Suzuka wanted to tell him the truth behind her confession but they are being confronted by Akino.

Episode 7
Akino wants to apologize for Haruna’s behaviour. Too bad Haruna interrupts them to b*tch about how they’ll win. It’s mind boggling that Haruna loves Ahegao but reprimands Yuu for not knowing what’s going on. Suzuka stops the quarrel and when Yuu tries to hold her back, he accidentally grope her boobs. You mean he didn’t realize it until Akino pointed it out?! Gee, I thought Suzuka wasn’t that ‘flat’. Next morning when Yuu realizes he woke up late (doesn’t this guy set his own alarm and relies on his sister to wake him up?), it is because Suzuka is sick. Good thing she isn’t love sick. Oh, deadline to write the manuscript is near. I guess turning Suzuka sick means giving a sleazy excuse for some cheesy fanservice because of her fever, her mind’s gone haywire, asking him to choose his favourite pantsu for her and wiping her naked back. When Ahegao is here, she realizes the manuscript isn’t done yet. She shows him her super brutal erotic rape illustrations but he shoots it down thinking they need something more mainstream. But as Yuu finishes his own manuscript, he realizes it is not interesting. Even Ahegao’s toned down illustrations don’t feel as exciting as before. Well, duh. After hearing how Ahegao worked so hard to draw the things she loves as well as Suzuka’s advice to write what he wants that would make he feel all the love when she reads it, I guess they’re going the full erotic way. That’s what they’re good at, right?

At the convention, both sides exchange their volumes. Although victory is not determined by sales but readers’ reaction, we can tell that if there is a long queue at Ambivalence’s booth and truck loads of volumes, it means it is interesting enough to captivate the people. This is further supported that Ambivalence is diving into the erotic side and this is hyping people up. So is Towano’s team going to lose? Not until Sakura arrives just in time to do some social media advertising to help increase their readership. Akino lets stubborn Haruna read Towano’s volume. That smile on her face… Say, if both sides are apart selling their work, how and who the heck is going to gauge the readers’ reaction?! I don’t know but both sides seem to admit defeat with Akino again apologizing on behalf for Haruna as all this stems from her love for Ahegao. She loved Ahegao’s work but felt her drawing was too niche and wanted more people to see it, hence the reason why she thinks her talent are wasted. Haruna also realizes she didn’t like to draw erotic works as much as Ahegao does. So to each her own? You do you? With everything settled and Haruna promising to do better, Akino hints as she acknowledges Yuu’s writing on equal terms with Towano. On the train back, happy Suzuka starts reading the erotic work and blames Yuu for being a perverted demon. WTF?!

Episode 8
Not surprising that Towano’s work is going to get an anime adaptation. Heh. In real life, a lot of such works get sh*tty anime adaptation! Hence Shinozaki sets a time and place for Yuu to meet. Did Yuu just dig his own grave asking about Shinozaki in the shower? He should know better about her style about calling him while in the bath. But Yuu’s problems are only beginning. Sakura has run away from home as she had a fight with her family and wants to stay here. I mean, Yuu is such a kind guy he can’t say no, right? That’s why Sakura takes advantage of him, pushing him around and making his room like her place. Yeah… He is so predictable that he tries to keep it a secret from Suzuka despite she thought she heard a woman’s voice. It should have set her little sister sense ringing but I guess she’s dumb too. Yup, his stupid excuse was that he is trying to play the character he is writing. Wow. So convincing he sounds like a girl. Then Mai calls. She hears a woman’s voice (because Sakura is fooling around just to get him into trouble). Could have at least pass it off as Suzuka but he said he is playing eroge instead. Mai not pleased. Quickly hang up. Who is it calling now? Ahegao! Did she interrupt your jerking off? Even Akino calls him for his opinion for her work and yeah, heard a woman’s voice that isn’t Suzuka’s. Why is he giving Haruna chances to say things about him? Whatever. Just hang up. I think all the calls must have made Yuu dumber because suddenly Sakura is quiet. Hiding obviously. How unfortunate she pulls him into the bed and the all-night hugging begins. Hope he won’t lose sleep over this. Oh, who am I kidding? He’s screwed basically…

Thankfully Yuu still has enough energy to go meet up with Shinozaki as she introduces him to producer Daigen Mitarai and director Itsuki Sakurada. Everything is going fine until Sakurada learns Suzuka is his real sister. Sakurada then proceeds to bombard Yuu with a lot of deep questions about little sisters. Wow. I don’t I understand all that immorality debate. Towano should know and answer easily since he wrote such things. Because the siblings deny they ever crossed the line, Sakurada feels disappointing and doesn’t think this is what Towano would have said. He has decided to revise the anime to include his own interpretations of little sisters. Of course the siblings don’t want this as this would mean ruining everything. You know how adapted works that aren’t faithful to the source material are viewed by fans, right? With Shinozaki trying to negotiate another meeting, looks like Suzuka has this idea to start his special little sister training for him. But his training hell begins because did he forget Sakura is still staying here and really wants to be his little sister? Only now Suzuka finds out. Before the fight to claim the right to be his onii-chan begins, we learn Sakura’s family fight is mostly with her brother whom she views as despicable. Suzuka somewhat agrees and both girls are on the same wavelength about unreliable big brothers. Yes, Yuu. She’s talking about you. So sad… As Sakura learns their predicament, she too wants to help with this special training. She views she has a better chance because since Suzuka is his real sister, it makes him harder to understand what little sister moe is and hence a ‘fake’ sister like he is suitable for the job. WTF?! You know what? Screw logic. F*ck all this. I’m just going to accept everything they say. But not Suzuka. She throws down a challenge to see who can be his little sister.

Episode 9
For today’s little sister training, Sakura suggests doing an interview over her radio talk show. Yuu thinks it is a good idea because if they pretend to flirt on the air, the audience will really think he is into little sisters. Despite reading from a script, Yuu and Suzuka do play their part in flirting so convincingly that it makes Sakura weird out. I mean, for example, what’s his favourite food? His sister. His sister’s cooking! Haha! Cringe! But I think Suzuka is the one who enjoys it the most. After the airing, Yuu spots Sakurada spying although he claims he was here for something else. Back home, Ahegao and Mai are waiting at his doorstep. Can’t say its coincidence. When they learn about Sakura’s predicament, they too want to run away and stay here as well as help him out with his little sister moe. Can’t say no, can he? Hence Ahegao suggests all of them take turns to date him at the amusement park and they will draw lots to see what kind of little sister trope they will play. Somehow the Kanzaka sisters are also called in. Not sure why Suzuka gets a free pass to accompany Yuu and a girl on their ‘date’ since she will get her turn anyway. To prevent them from flirting even more with him? Sounds so flimsy. So now it is Suzuka’s turn. The irony of Suzuka as his real little sister pretending to be his little sister. WTF. Since she is playing the deredere type, she is all clingy and loving him. Yeah, just what she really loves to. You enjoying this, Yuu?

At the end of the day as they prepare to go home, Suzuka heads to the toilet first. Yuu then sees a crazy fan of Sakura trying to get to her. Yuu steps in as her big brother, claiming he has the wrong person so the fan is forced to back off. Happy Sakura hugs him. She also knows something is off because as a master novelist who wrote a hit piece about little sisters, why does he need such training? So he reveals his argument with Sakurada. However Sakura believes he already has little sister moe. She knows because that is how she used to be. Sakura confesses her true story that her real brother is a real siscon. The kind of irritating and overprotecting love. That time she couldn’t understand what little sister moe is and one day she got tired of it all and entered his room. Must be her first time because she got shocked to see posters of her plastered all over the wall and ceiling! No wonder she fought with him and ran away from home. But what made her understand little sister moe is Towano’s works. Thanks to his novel, she now finds it endearing. Yeah, so why Yuu and not her real brother then? Indebted to him? Sounds so flimsy. Anyway the way he fawns how others called him onii-chan is already prove he has little sister moe. That is when Sakura confesses she really loves him. Guess what? Suzuka heard all that and is in shock. Yeah, it was her plan to confess to him but somebody got to him first. She runs away in tears. Yuu wants to go after her but Sakura holds him back. Didn’t get his answer yet. Sorry, Sakura, not you. With that, Sakura realizes she has lost the bet. Oh, the confession was just an act because this was all a competition, remember? Looks like it has gotten out of hand. Now Yuu can go after Suzuka. After all, you just can’t beat the real deal, can you?

Episode 10
Suzuka gets lost in a pretty familiar place. Ah, it was where she was once lost too but Yuu found her and promised he will always be with her. Now pathetic little sister reflects all the trouble she brought to her onii-chan. Meanwhile pathetic big brother reflects all the trouble that happened just because he lied. Once he finds her, he tells her the truth but she refuses to believe him. I guess he needs to really explain why he loves the little sister archetype. Yeah, he was into it all the time and only just realized it. So he doesn’t care if she hates him, he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Well, if you put it like that, that will make it hard for her to hate him, right? So now she’s happy he has come clean with his feelings and everything is back to normal for the siblings. And just to play it safe, Yuu confirms that she won the little sister contest. I mean, you can’t beat the real deal after all. Back home, Yuu talks to Sakura who admits she was acting like one of his characters. Didn’t realize that, did he? And then when he mentions about meeting with Sakurada tomorrow, it’s like Sakura felt something off. The next day, Sakura leaves a letter. She has gone home and has things to do. Yeah, finally she left.

In the meeting, Sakurada doesn’t think this meeting will change anything but Yuu tells him off that there is no person in this world with a greater love for little sisters than himself. So he has Sakurada explain why he likes little sisters. The kind of sleazy explanation that would want to make you call the police. Yuu cuts him off halfway and now understands. Because that isn’t real little sister love. It’s just his delusions for them. But I don’t see Yuu’s reasoning any better. Because real little sister moe is when you are allowed to take out those delusions only if your little sister allows you. WTF?! To prove a point, he hugs Suzuka and won’t let go. This throws Sakurada off and makes him upset. Before he is going to claim of reworking everything to his desires, the other girls barge in to protest. Uhm, do they have the right? But I guess it is needed because guess what? Sakura is Sakurada’s little sister! Man, this fears his little sister? Because Sakura dominates over him and forces him to spill the beans. In short, Sakurada is actually a fan of Towano but he did all this because he got jealous when he learnt Sakura ran away from home. He wants to immortalize little sisters from Towano’s works. With this settled, looks like everything is back on track and Yuu can claim the title as the king of little sisters! WTF Akino and Haruna dropped in too late to help. The action’s over. I guess this is so that the harem can hang out with Yuu. And then Sakura throws down the gauntlet that she still hasn’t given up becoming his favourite little sister and lover. Greedy, isn’t she? I think that would open up a whole lot of can of worms but since Yuu confirms he likes little sisters, this makes Suzuka happy and that is all that matters. Thank goodness, right?

Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Emo Imo To Sister Princess Wake Ga Nai!
Everybody is going to love little sisters! You get a little sister moe. You over there get a little sister moe. Everybody gets their little sister moe! Wohoo! Oh well. I still think that Yuu hasn’t reach the pinnacle of little sister moe yet because at the end he clears the air that he isn’t going to have dirty thoughts about his little sister or do incest or stuffs like that. Legally and morally okay but if he was going to be the king of little sisters, he wouldn’t have had any fear crossing the line. Didn’t he also said to Sakurada that he had no fear if his little sister hates him? Maybe he needs to wait for Suzuka to give him the green light to do incest, then it’ll be considered ultimate little sister moe. Damn this little sister moe is so confusing.

Let me point out the most disappointing aspect of the series first. Yes, the story and the characters themselves are most disappointing but more on that later. One of the biggest contributing factor why this series is such sh*tty sh*t is because of the INCONSISTENT and HORRENDOUS ART AND ANIMATION!!!! OMFG. I think that felt like an understatement. From the start, you can tell how sh*tty the art and animation are. Like as though the producers do not want to be doing this and are forced to do this against their will. It is so freaking obvious and glaring that you wonder how the f*ck it got passed QC in the first place. Unless there is none. In one scene the horribleness of the animation can go from that just to another form of horribleness. You can tell the difference because of the inconsistent and weird styles between the scenes. Like as though they allocate certain parts to other animators to draw and then they put the whole damn thing together again. Yes, it is that bad. More example: Sakura jumping over the table to confront her brother. Instead of making the scene look badass, it just makes it so freaking preposterous!

So much so it makes the characters lacking characters. For example take the final story of the series whereby the girls had to pretend to be Yuu’s sister as part of his training. The animation is so horrible that the facial expressions of the characters are way off! From derp face to crossed eyes to unusual face shapes, they have it all. When the scene is supposed to be sad and heart wrenching, is that a smile I see on their face?! You can’t tell if the character is happy or sad because of the already inconsistent animation and coupled in with the monotonous facial expressions like as though they are NPCs. This is just sad. So sad indeed. And there are many other parts of the series that also suffer from this. Really sad case. Shaking my head isn’t just enough to show how grave this part is. This means so called fanservice parts like Ahegao trying to suck on hard long foods to stimulate our dirty minds fall flat because they don’t look exciting at all but horrendous instead. They can’t even at least get this horny part right what more can I say about the rest? I think I can draw better porn stuff than this. Seriously. Speaking of the fanservice, there is a censored and uncensored version. I watched the former and at times the screen with round censors bearing the words ‘secret’. However with that kind of mediocre animation quality, I don’t think I’ll be even satisfied even with the censors off. Besides, it’s not big ‘secret’ because I know how tits look like! The power of imagination is strong!

You know that the animation is so bad that even as I read from the internet that one of the later episodes had a plea hidden inside from the producers to help out with it! Because of that, they took a week’s worth of break to try and fix this problem. Guess what? NOTHING CHANGED!!! QUALITY STILL AS BAD AS EVER!!! Hence I was starting to get worried that this conspiracy theory of mine would come true. You see, a few seasons ago, we also had this atrocious animation problem in a series called Marchen Madchen. The animation was so bad that they took 2 weeks off just to improve on it. But unfortunately, nothing changed and the subsequent episodes were as sh*t as before. Even more unfortunate, the final 2 episodes of the series was cancelled and its fate unknown until today. Therefore I was thinking that this anime was going to fall into the same pitfall as that one. I suppose the producers had ‘foresight’ since this series only has 10 episodes (Marchen Madchen originally had 12 episodes but the final 2 were forever cancelled). Yeah… Can’t cut and cancel any more episodes when you’re already at the end. As this series is made by Magia Doraglier whose alien-like name would probably make us excuse them for making this sh*t show because we think they are foreigners trying their first time in making a Japanese anime series. However it is joint with NAZ who brought us a few reasonable titles like Hamatora, Hajimete No Gal and Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki so I guess it is inexcusable and unforgivable after all.

With that animation row out of the way, I don’t think I need to elaborate more on the sh*tty plot. I don’t think there is even one. Even if there is one, it was probably for the sh*ttiest reasons for a little sister harbouring fantasies to f*ck her onii-chan, right? Might as well write hentai because I am sure there are lots of hentai series out there about little sisters doing depraving stuffs with their big brother because, hentai. So this series tries not to go down that route but also wants to be sexy but comes off as a big fail. Heh. Because having a cute imouto who wants to sex up her brother is supposed to be funny, right? I don’t think I’m wrong to say that even sh*tty hentai series of little sisters f*cking their onii-chan would look better because there is actually f*cking and sex. Heh. Goes to show that sex sells. Those with no budget get to do sh*tty shows like this. Oh, I almost forgot about the plot of a brother who needs to pretend to be the novelist of an erotic novel that his little sister actually writes. Do you still remember this one? Don’t worry. I’m not going to penalize you if you didn’t.

Oh God, the characters are also just sh*t themselves. Sorry, get used to that word right now because that is how bad this show is. Lead guy Yuu is just conveniently written the way he is so that he could accommodate all the girls and be a bigger pussy. Sure, this guy is made to pretend to be some famous erotic writer and hence him being blur might be the reason why he is so. That’s why he is such a wuss. Need I say more? What else can I say about Suzuka? The only thing mind boggling is that if we see her constantly in the state of wanting to be loved by her onii-chan, why has not Yuu noticed this a single bit at all? Sure, what we see are Suzuka’s inner thoughts as well as the way she squeals and flusters. For Yuu to be living with her for so long and not know this, even when pretending to be Towano, this guy is a big failure as a big brother. Can’t he even take a hint why she’s so jealous and annoyed recently? And you wonder why Suzuka and the other girls like a loser like him. Told you he was a pussy and a wuss. Need I say more? It is even more freaking creepy that in the final episode, Suzuka was mostly like in seventh heaven (as though she is on some onii-chan drugs) because Yuu has been indicating his little sister love for her. Looking at her makes me want to puke because it’s like she regressed into a happy little girl uttering how much onii-chan loves his imouto. Sheesh. Creepy.

And the rest of the other girls feel like some sorry state just to give us some sort of sh*tty harem. I know, more girls fighting over a loser guy is comedy, right? It feels like these girls are made up along the way as they write the episodes. Like Mai who is annoying persistent trying to be better than Towano and his rival, hence all her mind blowing acts and seductions feel more like plot convenience so that we could have that kind of annoying pestering girl. I know. All this is just a way to mask her feelings for him. Surprised? And in most harems, there would always be that one very dirty minded and perverted girl. Ahegao takes that role and despite it is her job as an erotic illustrator, with a name like that, she is the closest character we’ll get if we want to get something close to hentai.

And then suddenly we have Sakura coming into the picture. Hey, we’ve got a talented novelist and a talented illustrator as part of the harem, why not add a talented seiyuu into the mix as well. At first, Sakura’s role didn’t really do much. Even the little sister pretend event, it was just a minor ploy so we can have Yuu conquer the final big boss, the final mission to make peace with Suzuka. Otherwise Sakura feels pretty much redundant. That’s why they have to ramp her character up by trying to be an annoying pretend little sister. It’s mind boggling that she hates her own brother but now finds that concept acceptable after reading Towano’s works. So, why not go back to her own brother? Why pick Yuu? I’m guessing he isn’t as annoying as her own brother. Because like I said and we have seen all the while, he is so accommodating that you would want him for your manservant. I mean, take a look at how she barges into his home just because she ran away. See why any girl would want this kind of guy?! Another mind boggling thing about Sakura’s case is that if she was fighting with her own brother and then only read Towano’s works about little sister moe, why is it only recently she ran away? Shouldn’t she have run away when they first met at the autograph session? Something not right with her timeline…

On a trivial note, I wonder if Sakura and Sakurada are really siblings because of their different surnames. It is not clearly explained and I suppose this is for some shock twist factor. Not sure if Minazuki is Sakura’s alias or one of them is using their mother’s maiden’s name. In the end, Sakura still wants to be Yuu’s brother and not be Sakurada’s little sister. Did she not learn that you can’t beat the real thing? So we see Sakurada being meek and humble after the ‘reconciliation’ so shouldn’t Sakura give him a chance? Weird sibling relationship here. I guess Yuu is the much better loser, oops, I mean big brother potential.

Like as though these girls weren’t enough, they had to add the Kanzaka sisters into the fray. Akino somewhat becomes Yuu’s disciple and despite Haruna is a fan of Ahegao and following her sister around is just an excuse because who else fit into the tsundere trope better than Haruna? Oh, that misunderstood fighting with Ahegao made it even more mind boggling about her admiration for her and I am figuring they need it for the drama that was totally unneeded in the first place. Need some sort of excuse to enter Yuu’s harem and what better way than this roundabout drama. Whatever. I’m surprised Shinozaki isn’t part of the harem. She is one of those quirky editors and from the very start already giving Yuu the permission to do dirty stuffs to her so that they could condition us viewers to think there would be more sexual hijinks with this woman. Surprisingly she lacks a lot of screen time and even as his editor, isn’t that quite an important character role? Esaka feels like a wasted potential because this legal loli could have been the closest to what a little sister is for Yuu. But I guess because of being left out, she is the ‘best’ character among all the sh*tty characters. Hence Esaka is made to narrate about the next episode. It’s the least they could do.

I feel that the voice acting is really wasted. It is not that bad but because of the horrendous aforementioned animation, the voice acting does not match up to the animation of the characters. Anyway, the only one of two seiyuus I recognized is Eri Kitamura as Shinozaki. The other one Noriaki Sugiyama whom when I heard his voice for the first time, I wanted to scream “SHIROU EMIYA!!!!!!!!!”. And then somehow he will make some joke about this series that people die when they are killed. Just kidding. But seriously. I guess you can’t kill off little sisters series no matter how much you beat it into the ground. The most surprising seiyuu is Yui Ogura as Mai. For a long time I have been accustomed to her squeaky cute high pitched trademark voice and when she voices a character like Mai, I never really think it was her behind the character. I thought Aki Toyosaki was behind Ahegao’s voice but I keep getting trolled as Chinatsu Akasaki (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby) sounds very close to her all the time. The other casts are Tasuku Hatanaka as Yuu (Nomura in Busou Shoujo Machiavellism), Reina Kondou as Suzuka (Hana in Slow Start), Kazusa Aranami as Sakura Yusa in Jashin-chan Dropkick), Yui Nakajima as Akino, Yua Nagae as Haruna and Ayumi Mano as Esaka (Ayane in Tsurezure Children).

The opening theme is Secret Story by Purely Monster. I assure with that kind of group name, you would think they are some sort of Satan worshipping cultists who sing some sort of screaming death metal music. Too bad for us they are one of those generic cute J-pop all-girls group. What kind of monster would name such a cute group of girls like that???!!! Too bad only Yui Nakajima is the only one in this 8 member band to have a voicing role in this anime. Anyway this is quite a generic and lively anime pop and although I’m not really into this kind of music now unless it is so awesomely catchy, it sounds a lot better considering the, wait for it, sh*tty animation that ruined my ‘enjoyment’ of watching this series. Yeah, at least this song isn’t that bad. The same can be said for the ending theme, Ki Shou Ten Ketsu Jo ha Kyu by Junjou No Afilia even if it sounds a lot like manufactured anime pop.

Overall, this series is pure garbage and easily listed as contenders for the top 10 worst anime series of the year. It makes Imouto Sae Ireba Ii, Eromanga-sensei and OreImo so much better than this crap. The story and characters are already bad but it was made even worse with the animation quality that really sucked sh*t. That was the ultimate killjoy. Not to say that if it had better animation quality the series would have been a lot better but there wouldn’t have been so much disgust as I am feeling right now. At least shows that are bad and cheesy but made me laugh are still okay but this one just made me go WTF in almost every scene. I only laughed because, uhm, I think I was supposed to laugh at the scene. Whatever. It is not the case of it is so bad that is so good. Rather, it is so bad that it just even sh*t. Even the series’ title is confusing if you think about it. Literally it means “The One I Love Is A Little Sister But She Is Not My Little Sister”. WTF?! You mean you love somebody else’s little sister and wished that little sister is your real little sister instead of your own?! Oh God. Hey, don’t ask me. I don’t have a little sister so I don’t know sh*t about little sister moe.

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