Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga OVA

January 17, 2020

If you couldn’t get enough and want more of those students f*cking, uhm, I mean end up in very sexually ambiguous positions with their teachers, be glad to know that there is Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga OVA for all those who managed to whip out a few bucks and pay for those uncensored tits of all your favourite sensei! I’m sure sensei still remembers you as a naughty boy…

A trip to adulthood…
It is after graduation where our quartet of pairs have booked a hotel for a pleasure trip. But upon arrival, the clerk says they didn’t have any reservations made and currently there are only 2 twin bed rooms. Can’t they just share? Because Tanaka-Tachibana and Hikari-Takashi pairs decide to go find somewhere else to stay. Tachibana knows a hotel where they can see the stars. However… That’s a love hotel!!! You bet Tanaka is panicking and even prostrates himself as a virgin and has no experience! After he goes to bathe, Tachibana is disappointed that the ‘stars’ is actually just some mini rotating ball device. Then she realizes this is a love hotel. Time for her to panic. Meanwhile Hikari and Takashi hole up at a manga café. Because Takashi is sleepy and only wants to sleep, Hikari overthinks that he wants to have sex with her. Her wild delusions cause her to just go to the bath and wash herself. Glad that this manga café is empty. Bet you that anybody would be shocked to see a sexy girl dressed so skimpy rushing out like that. Elsewhere, Satou and Kojima hear really ambiguous sounds next door. Yes. Really ambiguous talk that makes you think they’re actually getting it on. In actual fact, Suzuki is just giving Matsukaze a back massage. Feeling good? After hearing all that, are you not stimulated to make out too? Yup, Satou and Kojima get it going. Though, we just see them start with a kiss… Tanaka is shocked when Tachibana comes in to bath with him. I suppose she got this twisted misunderstanding of teaching him about sex. Yup, exposing all her parts to him. The school nurse teaching about sex ed. I want to sign up!!! Unfortunately she is so hot that Tanaka cums before anything else happens. Just foreplaying only, huh? Are we disappointed? In the end, they go to bed and Tanaka is beating himself up for being uncool. But Tachibana hugs him likes him for who he is. They accidentally kiss. She gives him motivation that they can try again next time if they fail. Hope they get it right the next time. Next day when all of them meet up, Tanaka’s happiness turns into sadness when Tachibana claims she is now feeling uncomfortable. She claims something inside her is making her feel not so good and the rest got the wrong idea…

Hot For Teacher…
Oh well. I guess that’s that. The ecchi and fanservice level feel mild compared to the TV series because the latter’s antics were just out of this world and outrageous. This OVA feels weak in comparison and makes it feel like this series ended on a weak finishing (I wanted to use the word flaccid but I feel it might be an insult to somebody…). Especially that last scene where everybody just meet up and that’s it. Uhm, that’s it, really? Alas, I feel that this OVA is mainly focused on Tanaka and Tachibana seeing that they get a lot of screen time compared to the rest that is just paltry. But all the teachers got their bare tits exposed equally so maybe that kept us all happy? So now that these guys have graduated high school, it is time to take the next challenge of becoming better lovers and graduating with flying colours. Perhaps the best part is that you don’t need to study those books and most of them are just hands on experience. Hey, like they say, if you fail, just do it again until you succeed!

Remember that silly Cinderella plot hole whereby Cinderella lost her glass slippers and the only way the prince could find her was to call every woman in town to fit them? Like yeah, not only did he assume Cinderella had that only small feet to fit into them, that bastard couldn’t even remember her damn face! And he was dancing with her all night long! WTF, dude???!!! Anyway, Kawaikereba Hentai Demo Suki Ni Natte Kuremasu Ka (or HenSuki if that is a mouthful for you to pronounce and remember) isn’t really that Cinderella spoof or spinoff. Main character dreams of having a girlfriend. Heh, which guy wouldn’t? And then dream come true because his future girlfriend left him not only an anonymous letter but her panties as well! Oh sh*t! This girl also thirsty as f*ck? But the ‘Cinderella’ problem now for this guy is that based on the pool of suspects in his potential harem, he definitely can’t go up and ask each one of them to try the panties out, CAN HE???!!! Good luck trying to solve this mystery without looking much like a pervert. And he isn’t the only pervert he’ll stumble upon during this quest…

Episode 1
Keiki Kiryuu is your typical high school kid. Single and wants a girlfriend. This guy who is part of the shodo (calligraphy) club that consists of females and him as the only guy? Oh my. I can see where this is going. After he cleans up the clubroom, there is a love letter left for him. It is not signed and furthermore, a pair of panties is left with the letter! Has spring finally come for him? Unsure, he confides in his best friend, Shouma Akiyama. It can’t be a prank at their age and the logical answer is that his Cinderella could be one from his shodo club. Could it be the beautiful and busty president, Sayuki Tokihara? Or the cute and honest junior, Yuika Koga? Perhaps the friendly Mao Nanjou? Maybe his own little sister, Mizuha? Who knows? So Keiki tries to indirectly ask Sayuki and Yuika but they leave him hanging with no concrete evidence. He can’t concentrate that he gets knocked out during a basketball game. He wakes up in the infirmary with Mao by his side. She too is giving mixed signals but nothing conclusive. On the way home, Keiki helps Sayuki return a lost dog to its owner and realizes she likes dogs a lot. After having him pet her head, she pecks him on the cheek for always being kind to her. With this hint, Keiki thinks of getting more out of her. So on a ‘date’ after answering her question that he is glad to join this club, maybe he is a bit too direct asking if she has special emotions towards him. Because now she runs away and subsequently she avoids him like a plague. Is she his Cinderella? With Mao’s suggestion to do a wall slam to stop her, he does so (making it almost look like a rape scene). He claims he knows her secret. To put it generally. Doesn’t everyone have secrets? She starts acting sheepishly. Since he knows about it and doesn’t hate her for it, she wants him to come to the clubroom after school. He does so and Sayuki is there waiting for him. She is glad he is someone who accepts her for who she is. She has him close his eyes while she prepares. What does he see? Sayuki stripped her top and wearing a collar?! WTF?! She wants him to be her pet!!! Woof! You mean this b*tch… Oops!

Episode 2
In short, Sayuki is a super masochist pervert! She wants to be scolded by him as a pet! No way, Jose! Later when the teacher tells Keiki that he forgot to lock the clubroom, that is when he realizes his Cinderella could be anybody than his club members. He did leave the room for a while during cleaning. Cinderella must have snuck in to place the letter. He returned and finished up while she hid. After he left and locked the door, she unlocked it from inside and escaped. Talking to Shouma about this, it seems Keiki still can’t pinpoint Sayuki as his Cinderella. But asking about pet fetish, Shouma thinks it’s his new fetish but won’t laugh since Shouma is a lolicon! At the library, Sayuki tries to seduce him, making him uncomfortable. She really wants to be punished, huh? This sets a showdown with Yuika. Eventually Sayuki says they went on a date and I don’t think Yuika is mad because Keiki thinks she too wanted to be treated to a parfait like they had on their date. Damn Keiki, now I see why you no have girlfriend… So to make up for this, Keiki has got to date Yuika now? Whatever. A typical date at the movies and the likes. When Yuika excuses herself to the toilet and is taking too long, Keiki then realizes several men try to hit on her. You mean they kept talking while she just ignored them and stood there? And they’re like giving up after Keiki says she’s with him? Damn those guys are clueless too. Keiki blames himself for not being sensitive enough so Yuika thanks him by pecking his forehead for saving her. Later he finds out she is racially mixed and hence her beauty makes it hard for others to approach her. That’s why she was always alone. Keiki being the dense dude, always kept staring at her while she reads and even admitted she is beautiful despite she didn’t like it. But as he always strike up a conversation, eventually she opens up to him. And now Yuika wants to meet up to tell him a big secret. Is this his Cinderella revealing moment? Well… Turns out Yuika wants Keiki to be her slave! Say what? She thinks guys love being slaves to cute girls and this should be an honour for him. She is willing to give him her freshly worn panties if he does so. Since he disagrees, she punishes him by stuffing her panties in his mouth! It didn’t kill him but he is out cold. Yeah, this dominance just gives Yuika the orgasm and thrill.

Episode 3
Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Because now Keiki finds Yuika’s bra in his shoe locker! It’s the only way to get his attention since he is avoiding her. So meeting up with her, she reads him a story about a shy princess who turns out to be some S&M sadist. So she isn’t giving up on him being her slave, huh? And she’ll train him till being her slave becomes his only joy. Well, Keiki… RUN!!! Out of the fire and into… More fire! Because this time there is a scandalous picture of Keiki sleeping with Sayuki! And a threat to release this online! Better go see what this b*tch is up to. Oh. Maid outfit. I approve! What do you mean you don’t want to be her goshuujin-sama???!!! Anyway the keys to her handcuffs are stuck in her cleavage. Better get it out quick as she needs to go to the toilet… After doing so, Sayuki continues to be flirty with him. She allows him to do anything to her but as Keiki deliberates with his devilish and angelic side, the force of being a virgin is still strong. He rejects her because there needs to be love in all this! Hanging with Shouma, any updates about the Cinderella potential? Well, if Sayuki and Yuika are out, that leaves Mao. Shouma points out that she sometimes steal glances of him. Later, Yuika tricks Keiki that she is naked and he must close his eyes while she leads him to the room where her clothes are. Obviously a trap as he realizes too late she has tied him up. Now she wants him to kiss her foot and pledge his allegiance to her or she’ll steal his first kiss on the lips. Luckily Sayuki enters the room. How did she find him? Stalking Keiki is her specialty. Say what?! Both girls argue and it dawned to Keiki that both of them know each other’s fetish. Yeah, since the first time they met. As they struggle over Keiki as their possession, Mao is the one who comes to rescue him. Conveniently the rope has a mind of its own because it somehow ties up Sayuki and Yuika. So why is Mao admonishing Keiki? Was it his fault? She blames him of being drawn to Sayuki’s boobs and Yuika’s pampering. So what are you trying to say, girl? Mao doesn’t want him to be with other girls because she doesn’t like it.

Episode 4
Yuika somewhat apologizes to Keiki about that shameless fight over him. She hopes he would patch things up with Mao. Why is this slave driver so generous? That’s because it’s all part of using sticks and carrots. Sayuki also has the same feeling. Apologizing for yesterday’s public lewdness, she also wants Keiki and Mao to become friends again. Otherwise she can’t claim to be an obedient dog if she destroys his friendships. And what’s this about attacking him in private instead of in public? I don’t think she’s joking… Keiki goes to talk to Mao. She wants to hang out with Shouma like the 3 of them used to. At the arcade, Keiki slips and Shouma catches him, turning this into a highly suggestive BL scene. We see Mao can’t stop taking pics of them. On the way home, Mao asks him about his thoughts about getting in a relationship. This leads to an argument whereby she accuses him of being a pervert, thinking he likes girls fighting over him. Noticing she is looking at a picture of Shouma, he asks if she likes him. She denies everything and runs away. Keiki is in a dilemma that he talks to Mizuha about this. While she doesn’t want him to force Mao to talk if she doesn’t want to, he still wants to know about her despite feeling bad for prodding too much. So the next day he confronts her to talk again. This time she blames him for everything. She cannot sleep well because he is always on her mind. She can’t stop thinking of him. He apologizes for everything and hopes to do anything to make it up to her so they could become friends again. Anything? This is where the sucker punch comes in. So when she asks about him dating, well… What she meant was him dating Shouma! Say what?! Long story short, Mao is a fujoshi! BL fanatic! You can tell her change of character when she dons a pair of glasses. Hell, she even has a yaoi series of them! Shortcakes series! That’s Shouma x Keiki if you haven’t guessed it. Everything that seems to be bugging Mao, everything and I mean everything leads back to some BL connotation. Keiki doesn’t oppose he fetish but can she stop basing her works on them? No can do. She has fans waiting for the next story! Since Keiki won’t be gay, Mao vows to do anything to thwart every attempt at romance he makes towards females. It would be bad if her inspiration source ends up with a girl, right? Just when Keiki thought all his Cinderella candidates are out, he now finds another unnamed letter in his shoe box. Well, looks more like blackmail because it’s a pic of him in a compromising position with maid Sayuki! The nightmare has not ended…

Episode 5
There is also a letter that says to come to the astronomy club or else. But we now skip and see him in shodo club. Yuika dressed as a bunny girl, hopping around and serving everybody? Not sure if this is part of her training to make Keiki obedient to her but Yuika wants to officially join the club (so she can spend more time with Keiki) so Sayuki made her do this. What a way to humiliate your rival. It’s going to get worse when masochistic boobs monster has a showdown with sadistic boobless monster. But why is also Mao here? Yeah, she too wants to officially join the club. But why no bunny outfit? She promised to give all latest Shortcake series to Sayuki. Yup, she’s a big fan. Sayuki even introduces it to Yuika. Ah, that first time when you’re so embarrassed but hooked on it. Friendship from BL… So beautiful… With that, the shodo club is now a den of perverts. Flashback when Keiki went to the astronomy club. This petite girl, Koharu Ootori claims she is in love and doesn’t know what to do and resorted to blackmailing. Keiki jumped the gun that she is his Cinderella and quickly proposed to her. Of course she rejected. Then the big revelation: She is actually in love with Shouma! See all those pictures of him on the wall? In short, Koharu wants him to be her cupid to Shouma since this is a one-sided crush. So that’s where this blackmail comes in… We know Shouma is a lolicon so why is it so hard? You see, Koharu is actually their senior! So legal loli is not Shouma’s taste? With his dignity in line, hence Keiki agrees to be her cupid. With summer coming up and the school changing to its summer uniform, this gives Keiki an idea. He manages to have Shouma and Koharu meet. He has Koharu wear Mizuha’s uniform to make it look like she is a junior. The hoodie is also to hide other aspects that would blow her cover as a senior. Shouma takes the bait and is ecstatic. They even exchange contacts and take a commemorative photo. In exchange for Keiki’s help, Koharu listens to his Cinderella problem and offers to help. Her theory means everyone in school is a suspect but it won’t be possible to do a Cinderella test. You know, the prince having a glass slipper test. Can’t expect Keiki to have everyone test wear the panties, can he?! As he ponders, the meek student council vice president, Ayano Fujimoto falls down the stairs. He catches her but she is on top of him. Okay, time to get off. But she won’t. She wants to stay like this a little longer! She wants to be with him! Are my ears deceiving me? Can she be the real Cinderella this time?

Episode 6
To repay Keiki for what he did, Ayano made him cookies. Delicious. Then she really sits close to him and of course this freaks out Keiki. Throwing him off is Ayano giving him a goodbye hug. Of course, expert stalker Koharu has done her investigations on her and she seems like a decent and polite girl. She could be his Cinderella as she often makes audit checks to the clubrooms and the teacher confirmed it was her on that day when that mysterious Cinderella left her pantsu. Keiki will continue the investigation himself. Not sure why he returns to the shodo club but Yuika is waiting there. She traps him of course and wants to him to take responsibility for massaging her boobs. Since when?! In her dreams! Women… As usual, he won’t be her slave so she tries to massage his boobs back? Woman logic… In the struggle, he accidentally touches her boobs and now she freaks out and runs away. Women… Ayano seeks Keiki’s help to volunteer to clean up trash at the riverside. Sayuki somewhat tags along and tries to assert Keiki is her belonging. However she stops short of saying they are dating because their relationship is much deeper than that. Hence Ayano holds his arm close and even lets her boobs touch his arms. Not dating, right? Later Sayuki pulls Keiki aside to lick him. This is what dogs do to claim their territory, right? Knowing grabbing her boobs will only ignite her perversion, Keiki remembers what grandpa said. So he fondles her butt! Did it work? She loves it even more! So satisfied that she’ll let him go today. At the end of the clean-up, Keiki picks up a porn mag. Ayano tries to let him but falls into the river. He lends his jersey to cover up. Next day, he is invited to her office. Hmm… Great atmosphere. Right temperature, nice soft music, calming tea and apple pie to boot. This is really great if this is all part of repaying her debt. Then she sits close to him and dozes off. Keiki really feels good about it. Could she be the Cinderella he has been waiting for? Then he dozes off. When he wakes up… WTF Ayano trying to take off his pants???!!! Since it has come to this she admits she has smell fetish. She likes the smell of boys and currently she likes his. It all started because he caught her. The smell of destiny. Yeah, the smell of trouble… Hence this setup was to make him sleep so she could take his undies. Her miscalculation was that she fell asleep too. She thanks him for the nice jersey and wants his underwear. More revelation that her auditing was actually to find sweaty clothes and equipment. So can she have your underwear? No!

Episode 7
In order to cement Koharu’s relationship with Shouma, Keiki suggests a double date. So which girl should he bring? Based on the process of elimination, I guess you could say that Sayuki is the lesser between the devils. At the bowling centre, Sayuki suggests a penalty game. The last person gets doodled on the face while the third placed person will do whatever the winner says. Isn’t that worst? Isn’t Sayuki rigging this? But we see Koharu an absolute bowl master and she even teaches Souma on the finer bowling points. In the end, Koharu wins, Keiki is second followed by Shouma and finally Sayuki dead last. Too bad Sayuki, today’s not your day. Koharu’s command for Shouma is to call him by his first name and you can tell he is damn happy with this. In the aftermath, Koharu and Keiki talk together. She is grateful to Keiki’s help but she knows she cannot rely on him forever. Hence she will tell the truth to Shouma. As for that photo, she already deleted long time ago and believed Keiki to be a trustworthy person. He is after all Shouma’s friend. So Koharu has Shouma walk her home. They pass by a spot where they first met a year ago. She got her straw hat stuck in the tree and he picked it for her. It was love at first sight for her and ever since she wanted to get closer to him. So when she reveals her true identity, the shock on Shouma’s face. He rejects her as he reveals his lolicon nature. Keiki then talks to Shouma about everyone has a right to love anybody but to reject someone who is just older? He is sure a piece of work. Shouma also feels bad for rejecting her. He was also starting to like Koharu when he first helped her but never realized it was her because her hair was shorter then and by that time she already became his stalker. Koharu must have bawled a lot of tears. Now Keiki goes to talk to her and before they go badmouth about lolicons, here comes Shouma trying to make things up. He’d like for them to start off as friends. But Koharu instantly rejects him and snaps about this non-committal relationship and yet he wants to keep her as reserve? GTFO! Shouma is devastated but this is her way of getting back at him for dumping her as a lolicon. Gotcha! Now they’re even and just when things are looking fine, Shouma switches on the lights in this dark room and sees all the creepy photos she has taken of him for the past year. I hope he isn’t going to go back on his words…

Episode 8
Keiki has lots on his mind about Cinderella so much so he accidentally walks in while Mizuha is changing. Is it because they’re family that the cliché moment of the girl screaming and beating up the boy didn’t happen? Later as they talk, she even asks his opinion about her panty colour and he nonchalantly replies it suits her. Knowing something is on his mind she offers to hear him out. So he asks what if he wants a girl to be his pet or become a girl’s slave or interested in underwear. All her answers are the same: Call the police! Even if he wants to fall in love?! Just kidding. She’ll support him if that happens. Soon Sayuki visits. Again, she bugs him to be her master. No way. In that case, blackmail time. Unless he does so, she’ll reveal the Shortcake series to Mizuha! Oh well, I guess petting her head and belly isn’t anything wrong. Until she pushes his face into her boobs. Do pets do that? Then Mizuha comes in. Oh dear. Emergency family meeting! I guess this will be hard to convince her who the real pervert is. As Sayuki leaves, Keiki asks if he anybody else would be suitable to be her master. Her reply is that even masochists have their own pride. Shortly, Yuika visits. Oh no. Please be my slave? No? Shortcake series blackmail. And so he is forced to dress in this Playboy bunny outfit and because she loves his face when he cannot reply if he hates her now, she gives him her panties. She trips and falls over him. Then Mizuha walks in. Oops. Emergency family meeting round 2! This is going to be harder. Shortly, it’s Mao’s turn to call. She wants him to moan sexily as she is having a writer’s block drawing that gay sh*t. Learning that she knows Sayuki and Yuika were there, I guess this was all part of the setup. Mao would love to be there but she has a deadline to beat. Then she hints something about him having a girlfriend in middle school before hanging up. Finally another talk with Mizuha. Despite calling him a pervert, she knows he loves his sister too much. Is there anything perverted in loving a sister? When Keiki returns to his room, Cinderella’s panties are missing! Gasp! Emergency meeting with Shouma and Koharu. This could only mean Cinderella never intended to leave her panties in the first place but at least he has narrowed down the suspects to Sayuki or Yuika. I guess it won’t be appropriate to go flipping skirts or take upskirt photos, eh? Keiki visits the shodo club and only Sayuki is there. He looks serious even as he asks her he will become her master. She doesn’t look surprised or ecstatic too. So he brings her out to an amusement park and claims he will be her master for the rest of the day.

Episode 9
Keiki demands absolute obedience for today. Noticing that she is concerned about her skirt, could it be that she is wearing those Cinderella pantsu? Keiki suggests a few rides so that he has a chance to see underneath her skirt but all failed. Yeah, somehow the laws of physics are strong to not flip up this girl’s skirt! At the end of the day, they have a heart to heart talk and despite Keiki not getting what he wants, at least he sees another side of Sayuki and he somewhat got closer to her. I take it he means that as a human being. She also explains why she chose him to be her master when he first joined the shodo club as she had this feeling he would accept her for who she is. While walking her home, because he still notices her being concerned about her skirt, I guess it is now or never. He should’ve did this from the start but I guess he didn’t want to sound like an absolute pervert. Until now. He orders her to lift her skirt. Very embarrassed at it, she slowly does so. To Keiki’s shock… She’s not wearing anything!!! This however doesn’t dispel the fact that Sayuki isn’t Cinderella. So it gets awkward between them in school. I wonder Keiki is still in shock with that ‘awesome’ sight. So in shodo club, Sayuki is acting very strangely and Yuika notices this. The more she tries to pry, the more suspicious she becomes. Noticing that she is some sort of trying to be patient, Yuika puts this to the test by flirting with Keiki. Sayuki holds it in and does nothing. Yuika grows more intense until Sayuki can’t take it anymore. Yuika falls on Keiki in a compromising position. With Sayuki running away from him, Keiki realizes he needs to do something. He needs to bring back her smile. So he confronts her but she complaints about him being close to Yuika. Plus, she arrives at this twisted conclusion he is playing hard to get. That must be it. Because after going commando, she was expecting him to spank her bare naked ass or something. But nothing happened. This has Keiki get straight to the point and ask if she stole the pantsu from his room. Surprisingly she admits it! Wait. What?! No way?! In fact she is wearing them now! But of course here is the twist. She lifts her skirt to reveal that she is wearing his boxers! Oh my! Is some new sick fetish going to awaken from within? Later Keiki visits Yuika’s house. While she goes to get drinks, he searches her pantsu drawer. No Cinderella pantsu here. Then he gets caught in the act. Know why she isn’t mad? Yup. She took a picture of him red-handed. I guess he’ll gladly be her slave now.

Episode 10
And so Keiki’s enslavement to Yuika begins. This makes Sayuki suspicious and she thinks Yuika is blackmailing him. The argument ends up in forcing Keiki to confess whether he likes big or small boobs. Huh? Eventually Keiki has to be true to himself and admits his love for bigger ones. While Yuika is mad but because Keiki is an obedient dog to Yuika, Sayuki ends up in tears. No rest for the slave as Keiki is called to be Yuika’s butler. However she wants the public to see them and so they go out shopping. As she takes a shower, Keiki plans to look for the Cinderella panties hit a snag when he hears Yuika’s scream. A spider in the toilet! Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Because he saw her naked, she is going to punish him. But to show gratitude for coming to her rescue, she tells him about her beloved grandma. Grandma loved her more than anything in the world. But when she died, Yuika felt betrayed. She thought if she didn’t like anyone, she wouldn’t be hurt so much. However as we know, Keiki persistently talked to her until she opened up. Thinking back, had she really not want to talk to anybody, she wouldn’t have gone to the library or told him off then. A weird situation whereby Yuika trips onto her bed. It seems like Keiki is going to kiss her but what’s this? He finds his boxers underneath her pillow?! Busted! Oh how the tables have turned. She admits she stole it and even sniffed it! Damn… So I guess this is even. The slave thingy ends here. Keiki complains to Shouma about having a girlfriend is so tough. You think he has it tough? Wait till he hears Shouma’s complaints about stumbling into Koharu’s room filled with DVDs of him and a notebook that details his every activity. Every. Activity. Yeah. Love is so hard… And then suddenly Mao shows up and wants Keiki to be her boyfriend. Is that her terminology to become a model for her BL? Anyway, she tells him she was scouted by an editor and given a chance to write a one shot shoujo manga. As she wants to expand her horizons but has no experience in this, thus this request. After confirming he really has no girlfriend, she sits on him seductively and tells him he will become her boyfriend. She prepares to kiss him. But of course she trolls him and all this is just for reference. Now Ayano comes hugging him to recharge herself after a hard day’s work. If sniffing his sweat isn’t enough, how about unlimited supplies of his underwear? No way. To show her gratitude, she gives him tickets to the pool. Up to 5 people can be invited. She isn’t coming as the temptation of naked men might be too much. Keiki goes to invite Shouma and Koharu but looks like they’re busy. As he helps them pick up photos of Shouma that Koharu dropped, he sees a photo with a timestamp and suddenly realizes this one could be vital to prove Cinderella’s identity.

Episode 11
The usual suspects are at the pool. Don’t worry if they didn’t bring a swimsuit, Keiki has already prepared some for them! The guy knows his stuff as they look sexy and stunning in them. Don’t fight over who gets to accompany him. Because everyone is going to have their turn. Fair and square? Not like Keiki has a say either. But Keiki’s worst fears have come true because now Mizuha knows about that BL feature! Now that she is being exposed thanks to certain irresponsible parties who are probably trying to screw up Keiki’s life, Mizuha even thinks she is okay he is into men and might have found a new awakening!!! It’ll be bad if there are overlapping characters for the BL trope! Koharu seems to be hosting a swimsuit beauty contest and is looking for participants. You mean there are no other girls at this pool? And so our usual quartet participate with the ‘reward’ Keiki must obey what the winner says. Does he even have a say in this? We see the girls take turns belting out why they like a certain guy. If only they know about their weird fetish like Keiki do… Eventually the winner goes to Mizuha as she even breaks the score counter! I guess everybody loves the little sister trope.

As they wait for the bus home, Keiki talks to Mizuha privately. He apologizes beforehand and flips up her skirt! There it is! The Cinderella panties! He explains his deduction. Mizuha can be seen in the background of that photo. It is around the time Keiki was still at the clubroom. For Cinderella to be carrying around those panties all the time, it is possible for her to keep it in her bag since it is small. So after leaving the letter and panties, she hid in the locker until Keiki showed up and left. Hence this pool was part of his plan to reveal Cinderella’s identity. As it was a surprise announcement, Mizuha clearly didn’t bring an extra set. So in order to change back after the pool, being the clean freak she is, he knew she had to wear the Cinderella panties. He never suspected her because he eliminated her from the suspect pool from the start. Mizuha admits she is the one. She truly loves him and hoped the love letter would have her feelings reached him. I am assuming she loves him not in the siblings’ kind of term but of the romantic kind. Then she reminds him of their birthdays. Noticed they are only 5 months apart in the same year? Are you seeing where she is going at? And so Mizuha apologizes beforehand. A surprise kiss followed by a surprised announcement that they, wait for it, are not real siblings!!! Jenjenjeng!

Episode 12
You know it’s a dream when Keiki is married to Sayuki. Not only she is his wife but his b*tch! Pet dog b*tch! Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Because once Keiki wakes up, what’s worse than the dream? Your sister kissing you on the lips! Well, technically not blood related, so okay? Because she continues to get flirty with him, if this is how she is going to play it, he’ll run away from home! So he meets up with Shouma and Koharu to reveal the Cinderella mystery. Then it deviates to their relationship. Looks like Shouma pecked Koharu on her cheek. That’s far as they go. For now. Keiki leaves them since they’re having ‘family issues’. As Keiki forgot his wallet, luckily Mao is passing by and feeds him. Taking a break from her manga, she tells him Mizuha was pretty popular with other boys but rejected them all. Mao feels weird because she thought of getting in the way of his romance but now finds herself supporting him. Flashback shows Keiki confirming with dad that Mizuha is not blood related and adopted. So he forgot? It didn’t matter if he reminded again because they are all family. Plus, dad likes Mizuha over his own son! We hear Keiki and Mizuha narrate their own feelings. While Keiki cannot see her more than a sister, Mizuha has always seen him as a boy. Ironically she still calls him nii-san.

Keiki comes back drenched by the rain and ends up sick. Though he is in bed, he is currently being seduced by Sayuki. Can’t catch a break, huh? And then of course Yuika shows up. Instead of fighting each time they see other, they fight over him. Yeah, bad move, Keiki. Can he heal? But luckily the sister has more authority and kicks them out. Keiki manages to get his sleep as he dreams about the first time Mizuha was brought into the family. Yeah, how could he ever forget that? Then he goes talk to Mizuha to ask why and when she started falling for him. It was the first time they met. She can never forget the words he first said to her. As she lost her family in an accident and was alone, Keiki said they are going to be together forever as family. That was the clincher. How could she not fall for him after that? Thanks for always being her brother. With that, Keiki decides to keep being her brother. They also return to their normal lives. Of course some things never changed. Like perverts being perverts… Mizuha hopes he would one day date her as a lover and not a brother. So as he obliges that wish, Keiki finally discovers Mizuha’s true dark fetish secret: She is an exhibitionist! Now you understand why when Keiki enters the bathroom and sees her naked, she did not panic?! In fact, Keiki stumbles upon lots of naked Mizuha selfies! Oh sh*t! Hence the true mystery of the Cinderella panties finally answered: That day she was going commando. But after cleaning the clubroom, she felt sweaty and wanted to put them back on. However that was when Keiki returned and she had to hide. So will Keiki now accept his sister for who she is and make her his girlfriend? Sorry, no… I have a feeling he wants to stay away but he can’t because of his nii-san promise…

Love Is Pervert
I am guessing that as long as Keiki wants to have a girlfriend, the kind of girls that he attracts are perverts. Uh huh. He isn’t going to get a really normal girlfriend in life because fate seems to enjoy this cruel prank by making twisted perverted girls being attracted to him. And with that, all is well and normal in Keiki’s life. Either he dies a bachelor virgin or he succumbs and submits to one of these perverts. Yup. That’s pretty much his life. Life f*cking and screwing up for him.

It is your typical ecchi fanservice harem of the season and it is either you love it or be disappointed because it’s the same ol’ formula. A bevy of cute girls with their cliché stereotypes masked as some sort of weird fetish, check. Some kawaii pantsu shots, check. Main guy ‘dates’ each of them, check. Is that enough to satisfy what you are looking for? Then good. You’re all filled up and good to go. Otherwise, feel free to look elsewhere.

When guys are having such fetishes, they are branded as perverts and everything becomes uncomfortable and disgusting. When girls are the ones having such fetishes, it is all funny and sexy and we still get a hard on. Wow double standards. But we don’t care. Only new wave feminists might start complaining how we sexualize these girls as sex objects. But whatever, I don’t give a f*ck. Anyway, the girls having these weird perverted fetishes are the so called formula in making this series funny as well as giving it its much needed fanservice. You have a busty senior who wants to be a submitted slave. You have a flat washboard junior who wants to dominate others. You must always have that classmate who is into BL and a fujoshi. And last but not least, you can’t leave out your loving little sister trope. Oh wait. Plot twist! We’re not related! Yeah, saw that coming by a mile too. You mean we won’t have incest now???!!! Where’s the twisted fun in not f*cking your own imouto???!!! Haha. Just kidding. Obviously. I bet Mizuha could make a killing being an Instagram model or do soft porn… But I am sure nii-san won’t allow it…

Despite all their reasonable (although some may be considered as twisted) reasons, Keiki still entertains them and because of him accommodating others easily, this is a main reason why these girls don’t give up on him. You won’t find any other guys in school as obliging as him. Though, he still has his own line that he won’t cross. Because he certainly won’t become somebody’s master, he certainly won’t become somebody’s slave and he certainly won’t become the model of a gay subject. Other guys would have run away but this guy, yeah we’re still friends despite being weirdoes. He won’t abandon them because who else will they have? That very same kindness came to bite him back in the ass because he has to put up with these shenanigans. So it’s a race to his heart! Or his libido. May the best pervert win! And that’s why Keiki falls into that trap of being the typical clichéd main character. He’s got a harem but they are all twisted and have ulterior motives that result in him having to suffer a lot more rather than enjoy. Ah, the drawbacks of being such a generic main character. But the only thing ‘unique’ about him is his given name as Keiki. Feels like it is for that short convenience BL joke.

When Mizuha was revealed to be the Cinderella, it didn’t come to me as a surprise because I always suspected her from the start. I mean, after a few episodes in, there are subtle tell-tale signs that she could be the culprit. Because you know, Keiki has been focusing so much on the terrible trio of either Sayuki, Yuika or Mao that he failed to suspect the fourth which is his own sister. I guess you can say this was just right under his nose. As a normal guy, you can’t blame him for never suspecting his own sister. She is the only one who has free access to his room any time in the first place. Also, he is an idiot for conveniently forgetting his sister was adopted in the first place. HOW COULD HE EVEN FORGET???!!! Maybe Mizuha is being so sisterly sister that it feels like though as she was there the whole time. Yeah, convenient plot twist reveal. In any case, the biggest hint is watching the opening credits animation in which the quartet are shown to be the main running contenders to be Keiki’s harem (though Sayuki and Yuika are the front runners). And of course based on this too, I can tell that Koharu and Ayano are just ‘trolls’ and distractions and not part of the main harem. Uh huh. Having 6 girls in your harem is already too much and breaking the normal harem quota of 2-4 girls.

Art and animation feel pretty average although it hovers around mediocrity. Because of the somewhat light shading, is it me or do I find the characters to look mostly one kind. Not only that, I think I have seen them somewhere from other animes. Like Koharu who has this striking resemblance to Sagiri of Eromanga-sensei fame while Yuika while Mizuha could have been ripped off from Hinako Note’s Chiaki and Yuika looks like a petite version of Go-toubun No Hanayome’s Yotsuba (must be the hair ribbon). Long black haired Japanese girls seem like a dime a dozen but I can only think of Senran Kagura’s Ikaruga whom Sayuki looks similar to. In fact, doesn’t Keiki and his harem’s design copy off the one from Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata?! Wow. Look at the striking resemblance… A black long haired beauty, the blonde with an attitude and the short haired ‘normal’ girl. Wow… And finally Ayano… Is this how Rem and Ram of Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu looks like without their maid outfit?! This anime is collaborated by Geek Toys (RErideD: Tokigoe No Derrida) and Seven (Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteriru Ka Wakaranai Ken, Joshikausei, Nobunaga-sensei No Osanazuma, Okusama Ga Seitokaichou and Ousama Game).

The voice acting is pretty decent (oh the irony) and the only seiyuus I recognized are Hiro Shimono as Keiki (I guess he isn’t as smooth as his character Keima in The World God Only Knows) and Ayana Taketatsu as Sayuki. The rest of the other casts are Rina Hidaka as Yuika (Last Order in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Iori Nomizu as Mao (Yoshino in Date A Live), Kaede Hondo as Mizuha (titular character in Tejina-senpai), Ayaka Ohashi as Koharu (Saaya in BanG Dream), Keisuke Koumoto as Shouma (Raul in Yuushibu) and Anzu Haruno as Ayano (Mafuyu in Blend S).

I was so damn cocksure that the opening theme, Daisuki was sung by Ayana Taketatsu. Unfortunately, I was way off the mark. It was Ayaka Ohashi. I couldn’t really believe and had to listen to the song a few times over again. What do you mean this isn’t Ayana Taketatsu’s voice?! Doesn’t she sound like that?! Behold my unbeliever boy, it’s right there in the credits too. Damn, I guess I can’t argue with that. Oh, and the song itself? Nah, just your generic lively anime pop music. Not bad and a fitting piece for this series but not something I would be addicted to. The ending theme is Mubyuu No Hana by Mia Regina. A rather okay slow ballad if I must say.

Overall, this is just a pretty average and mediocre series. You only watch this if you are interested in the fanservice and some of the twisted fetish jokes. After all, this is what this series is all about, right? Certainly not the worst ecchi fanservice series out there because nobody tops Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai ever since! Yeah, that series has become the benchmark of being just awfully bad. At the end of the day, each and every one of us has some sort of fetish or obsession. That’s how we get by life. The question of how tolerable and acceptable society perceives it to be. Then again, when you are truly in love, you accept the person for who they are. The flaws and imperfections are the actual reasons why you love that person. You accept the whole package as it is. But still, nobody loves a pervy middle aged otaku guy who likes hot sexy 2D anime girls :’(.

Is your crotch itching right now? Studies show that men often think a lot more of sex per day on average. Even it shows so, that doesn’t mean that women do not think of the same. Thinking less about sex doesn’t mean that they don’t think at all. After all, we’re just humans and it is just plain human nature to think about sex, right? Yeah, we’re all just walking horny beasts. Anyway, when you’re that age hitting puberty, thoughts of sex especially about the opposite gender would most probably skyrocket. Hence Araburu Kisetsu No Otome-domo Yo is a story about a group of young high school girls curious on the topic of love and sex. Not to say they are horny and wet as f*ck, but there are some things that you just can’t (ironically) decently learn in school and textbooks. Navigating and fumbling their way through love and lust would probably lead to a lot of weird and bizarre situations and moments but nothing beats hands on experience learning, right? Sort of.

Episode 1
The literature club girls are reading passages from an erotic novel. Sure this is not a sex club disguised as a pseudo literature club? The only popular girl in club among the boys is Niina Sugawara. President Rika Sonezaki seems like a stuck up b*tch, Hitoha Kongou gives off this mysterious aura while Kazusa Onodera and Momoko Sudou are just plain. Really plain. Kazusa has a neighbour and childhood friend, Izumi Norimoto whom is very popular among girls. Because of this relatively closeness, other jealous girls badmouth behind Kazusa’s back that she hogs Izumi. Kazusa continues to have trouble as she discovers new erotic meanings and terms used in sex. I guess now she knows what deflowering means… As the literature club girls discuss another new released book of an author, suddenly Niina announces she wants to have sex. I mean, she really wants sex. The D. True penetration! What’s the rush? You still have a long life ahead, no? What do you mean you don’t have much time left???!!! Kazusa seeks some explanation but she’s even pretty enigmatic about that. This greatly affects Rika a lot so when she overhears some girls talking about doing it with some boys, she blows her top. Naturally the bad girls dare fight her but the boys put an end to this. No use fighting over someone who isn’t pretty. This leaves Rika red faced. Until Shun Amagi says otherwise. He thinks she is pretty but everyone else thinks he is joking. This makes Rika wondering if he is making fun of her. Back to Kazusa, now she hears girls wanting to steal Izumi’s virginity. That evening, mom send her over to deliver some food to him. Nobody’s home? But the door is unlock. Ojama shimasu. Some light and weird noises coming out from Izumi’s room. The moment she opens the door… OMFG!!! Izumi watching porn!!! WITH HIS PANTS DOWN!!! Don’t panic. Coolly put your pants back on. Coolly turn off the video. Coolly say please keep this a secret… Unfortunately Kazusa goes berserk as she darts out of his home. I guess there is only so much she could take. She runs through town and sees every damn signboard as some sort of sexual innuendo! So what is it that she is so afraid? She thinks it won’t fit?! But she starts crying over this. She cannot bear the thought of sex taking over her life. Welcome to a man’s mind…

Episode 2
Kazusa spots a guy trying to hit on Niina. Niina then sends a message to her seeking her help. So this creep of course is trying to get in her pants when Niina introduces Kazusa as the biggest slut in the group. She acts according to script and yells out loud about her itching crotch! Sure scared the hell out of that guy. Later Niina explains that because she is naturally pretty, guys often look at her in a sexual way. Hence a friend in an acting troupe taught her ways on how to go about this. She still sounds enigmatic about why she would die young. Is she referring to her youthful looks? Back home, Kazusa wants to talk to dad about boys. Too bad dad is more interested in trying to order pizza! WTF?! Oh yeah. He’s a real man for sure… But Izumi is here and he wants to talk. No progress. He hopes she would forget what she saw. Meanwhile Hitoha is being told by her editor to write something erotica. Not porn. Something erotic. Otherwise he would look for other girls who would be dying to get in her shoes. This leaves Hitoha in a bitter taste. Rika has a mishap during gym as she knocks her crotch on the horse. Vault. This has everyone laughing at her she broke her hymen. She runs away embarrassed and while washing up herself, Amagi comes to talk to her. But she still finds it embarrassing when he finds her beautiful and all. Later Rika comes up with banned words that has sexual connotations. It looks more like some bad sex puns…And then the title of Suffering of Erotica Experience somehow shortened to… SEX! Damn, they’re naturally good? Kazusa sees a girl trying to confess to Izumi. Eavesdropping, it’s a good thing he turned her down but unfortunately he didn’t finish it off since he says he doesn’t have someone he likes so that girl uses this opportunity to have him think and change his mind whenever. So when Kazusa confronts him about this, a big argument ensues. She can’t say that sex word so he is unsure of what she’s accusing him of. More woes for the literature club as the principal and his vice march in to threaten to shut down the club. They received complaints about them reading vulgar material out loud. Hey, literature is art! But the worst offence is that they have no advisor. You mean not a decent teacher wants to be the advisor of the literature club? Kazusa is most affected as this club means everything to her. But Niina also knows another reason she is crying. She asks her if she wants to do it with Izumi. Not sure? She rephrases it if there was a person whom she must have sex with to save the world, who would it be? Without hesitation, she answers Izumi. That only means she is in love with him. Problem solved. Can I assume those are tears of joy?

Episode 3
When Hitoha sees a book released at the store, she storms out furious. She calls her editor about not telling her on going with another author. He claims her works are like total fantasy and unrealistic. Because of that, Hitoha is frustrated and feeling the need for experience, the person whom she has always been chatting online with, she wants to have sex with him. In real life! Izumi talks to Niina as she was the one who recorded his confession to that girl and wants her to delete that video. However she deflects the question and ask him about the person whom he would love to have sex with. He doesn’t give a definite answer so she tells him that girls also think about sex. Even Kazusa. Meanwhile the rest are going around asking teachers to be their advisor. You mean it is that bad that nobody really wants to be it? One day, Kazusa is tasked to bring something to Izumi’s house again. In his room, she notices an old kiddie video they used to watch together. Only… This time this is where he hides is porn Blu-ray disc!!! Hitoha goes to meet the supposed person. Hmm… Looks a bit familiar. Isn’t he that nerdy pathetic teacher in their school, Tomoaki Yamagishi? He runs away the moment he spots her and manages to give her the slip. Izumi realizes his favourite porn disc is missing. Oh no. Couldn’t it be… As the literature club is moments away from being disbandment, Hitoha then brings Yamagishi who agrees to be their advisor. Saved. Who’d knew blackmail would be such a great tactic. Yamagishi reluctantly attends the literature club’s activities but he also gives off decent analysis about the texts they read. He is after all a teacher of language arts. That night, Kazusa tries to sneak back the disc when nobody is home. Then she realizes the porn scene is on the bus than on a train. She remembers Izumi loves trains so much that he cares not to taint it. I’m not sure about this logic but yeah, whatever. Just when Kazusa is glad that he hasn’t changed, here comes Izumi. He tries to make it clear and admits despite he thinks about those stuffs, he never once thought of doing it with anybody. Anybody. Oh dear. Wrong word too. Because now Kazusa is sad thinking he never really wanted to have sex with her. Those aren’t tears of joy definitely. She runs away. He tries to catch her. They fall. Ambiguous position. Then it’s like she lost all vibe and just walks out like a zombie. Enough damage for today?

Episode 4
With Rika having a change in style and losing those glasses, damn the whole class takes note of how pretty she is! She’s like a twin of that famous model, Erika! Because Amagi was the one who proposed this, they think he likes her. This has Rika embarrassed enough to tell off everyone she won’t be falling for that fool. Later Amagi approaches her and confirms that he might be starting to fall for her. However she tells him to write a 50 page report why he likes her! With Kazusa still in a dilemma over Izumi, Momoko talks to Niina about love. Niina is fine with people borrowing feelings because this would lead to discovery of your own true feelings. Hitoha approaches Yamagishi being a young man with sexual fantasies and that’s a problem since he is a teacher. He assures he has no interest in high school girls and explains how crude and unrefined they are. As for the online thingy, he had the impression Hitoha was a middle aged man. This makes Hitoha mad. So she tries to get back at him by going on top of him? I’m sure it awakened some strange lust inside her. Momoko is invited by her classmates to go karaoke. She is not used to this and even more so when the guys start singing songs about f*cking!!! Hence Satoshi Sugimoto talks to her outside. It seems he is her childhood friend and moved away but never forgot about her. They exchange contacts for a start. Momoko relays this good news to Kazusa and the former is ecstatic like as though this is straight out from a shoujo manga. This has Momoko thinking that she want to try falling for him and maybe have sex with him too. Ganguro girl, Sonoe Juujou tries to befriend Rika but the latter is not amused. Later Amagi hands over his 50 page report to Rika! Yeah, he did it. Being a critic is easy… I wonder how she can go on further if she is already startled by a few lines of him describing her cuteness. How does he fill in the rest of the pages? Spam “Cute!”. The last page should be the clincher. It asks her to date him. That lust thingy may have screwed Hitoha’s brain because now she wants Yamagishi to teach her about real sex! Izumi needs to talk to Niina about something. Hence when Kazusa sees them together on the train, you bet her mind is going to explode. Remember what Niina said about sex before dying, right?

Episode 5
Izumi accidentally talks about trains so Niina to notes she is somewhat interested in them because it is like a box carrying lives. When she spots an old man walking out, she takes Izumi by the hand to come with her. Then she calls out to Hisahi Saegusa and says Izumi is her boyfriend. Saegusa looks like he doesn’t give a damn and walks off. Hitoha is being chauffeured by Yamagishi. She hides the moments she sees Kazusa and Momoko on the streets. Yamagishi notes her aspiration to become an erotic novelist but he doesn’t want to be shunned by society by engaging in this. But he has an idea. Niina tells Izumi about Saegusa. He is a famous playwright director of Soyokaze Troupe. She was one of the many young children taking lessons under him. Niina wasn’t particularly interested and even more shocking he made her his lead actress. When she tried ditching practice, he rubbed his face on her feet! If she doesn’t want a part in this then kick him! Is this guy some sort of lolicon masochist? Saegusa treated Niina well and this went on for many years until puberty hit her. She hinted about sex but Saegusa the moment he did that with her, she will cease to be a girl. He admits she has all the womanly charms that others would find attractive of. One day when she decides to fly the nest, he will venture out and find a new vestige of her. That will be their happy ending. Izumi is shocked when Niina says Kazusa has a crush on him because that never really occurred to him. When Kazusa and Izumi’s family go bowling together, the duo feel awkward but eventually childhood memories made it easier to break the ice. Izumi then mentions about Niina. She is more weird than cute. Momoko feels weird after her date with Sugimoto. It’s like he insist in paying his part for her meal. Later she realizes from his text that he was trying to be her father since she doesn’t have one. He assures her because he also has friends in the same situation. Weird. In school, Hitoha hides in a corner trying to flash her panties to Yamagishi. However she chickened out. Apparently this was his idea as an experiment and despite she is embarrassed, she also felt excited. Rika hands back Amagi’s report. Yeah, lots of grammatical mistakes. But don’t read it now? Stubborn Amagi does so and when she tries to stop him, the papers scatter everywhere. In their bid to recollect them, Amagi spots the last page. Rika somewhat answered his question that she would also like to date him. I guess he passed. Nothing makes a guy happier when a girl says yes. Rika despite being embarrassed, I take it that she is also quite happy.

Episode 6
A group of students hope the literature club can come up with some amazing love legend for the cultural festival. Apparently they are ‘amazed’ at last year’s Hitoha’s literature reading. Actually it was so boring that they found peace and fell asleep! Grrr!!! Surprisingly Rika agrees to do it in hopes of taking the club to a higher level. Later Hitoha tries to show Yamagishi her thong. She fails again since he doesn’t look like he is looking forward to it. Kazusa and Niina’s friendship is starting to get tense. The former worried about Niina and Izumi being ‘close’ and Kazusa is comparing her plain looks to Niina’s beautiful complexion. Kazusa is upset Niina and Izumi think each other as weird. She too wants to be thought of as weird? Meanwhile Rika doesn’t approve of Amagi telling everyone they are dating because others will start misunderstanding she might be obsessed in love than academics. So Amagi asks her a simple question if she wants to date him. Because she sounds sheepishly agreeing to that, he doesn’t seemed convinced. The literature club discuss ideas for that legendary legend. However no matter how many ideas they come up, Yamagishi shoots it down because there have already been complaints and cases and hence the committee already took steps to ban it. This leads to them going on a field trip to brainstorm. Where will they be staying? You can thank Yamagishi for that. Courtesy of Hitoha’s blackmailing again of course. During the train trip, the Kazusa-Niina tension rises further with Kazusa now disheartened Niina knows Izumi’s love for trains. And they had tea together?! Flashback when Momoko tried to warn Niina about this, Niina explained how girls often hated her for accusing her of stealing guys whom she was never interested to begin with. Kazusa sounded like she is no different. In order to help her, Niina intends to make things even worse! Reverse psychology? At the villa as they continue to brainstorm, no good ideas still. Kazusa who hasn’t said anything, snaps and gives the wildest idea before calming herself down. The rest are worried over her. During bath, her inferior complex of Niina rises some more when she notices her beautiful body. And boobs. Too much for her to take that she passes out. I think it’s from the heat rather.

Episode 7
Hitoha once more approaches Yamagishi. Claiming she is wearing the thinnest sumo loincloth, she wants him to sumo toss her onto bed? Yamagishi trolls her by trying to give her a kiss but pulls back. If she is already this scared for a kiss, what more that sumo toss. Rika is probably enjoying the texts Amagi sent her but as soon as Momoko walks back in, she quickly pretends to get to work! Momoko weirdly talks about the different of simplicity between boys and girls so Rika hands her a lotion? After Niina pulled Kazusa out of the bath, Kazusa starts thinking about how pretty Kazusa’s boobs are and thinks her own boobs are stupid. WTF. She starts crying and got more than she bargained for because she asks Niina a hypothetical question what if she likes Izumi. She regrets asking that because Niina really wants her to answer. This is put a stop by Rika because as part of the literature club, words will hurt. Too bad, Niina. She really intended to start a fight with Kazusa! How to resolve this? Have a pillow fight! Don’t worry. They wrote a letter for permission and even compensate for any broken pillows. And this moment where you can’t unsee or unhear Kazusa’s words about 10 boobs jiggling during the pillow fight… Yeah… This blows away the blues. This inspires Rika to come up with the love legend. During the bonfire, stand in your crush’s shadow and whisper “I love you” and they’ll be yours. Izumi and Kazusa ponder their own feelings for each other. Kazusa manages to get back on normal talking terms with him so she realizes she wants to confess to him. Hence for this love legend, she volunteers to play out her part with Niina. While things are now going fine with Kazusa, it is Niina who has doubts now. Hence she seeks Saegusa for advice. As she doesn’t understand her own heart, she wants him to kiss her. Hmm… Felt nothing. She continues to elaborate about a potential love triangle and this gets Saegusa interested. He wants to see that romance of hers. He tries to convince her about free love and no one human should be bound to another. He wants her not to become a boring woman!

Episode 8
Kazusa wonders when Izumi will come for her recital since she needs time to prepare (her heart). Momoko has been avoiding Sugimoto and she’s surprised he turned up with his friends. She gives an excuse that she is busy so you boys go have fun yourself. Izumi talks to Niina when she doesn’t refute after a few girls badmouth about her. She doesn’t mind as long as she doesn’t make it hard for herself. Ironically she puts her hand on his face. Isn’t she making it hard for them? Rika gets depressed because she saw Amagi talk to another girl. Oddly, she seeks Sonoe’s advice since she does have a boyfriend although from a different school. So they’ve done it? Before the recital begins, Momoko is dismayed Sugimoto and his friends are here to watch. She starts pouting and Sugimoto seems to take the hint and leaves. Kazusa sees Izumi sitting in front. Calm your heart. Niina sees Saegusa sitting next to Izumi. Calm your heart. The play goes on smoothly until Niina goes off track. She then goes up to Saegusa but surprisingly puts her hand on Izumi’s chest. With everyone in shock, Izumi takes Niina out to talk. Everyone else thinks the legend is true. Izumi thinks Niina wanted to make Saegusa jealous. Even though he still thinks that guy is a pedo, if she likes him that much, he can help set them up together. This surprises Niina because she thought he would be mad at her. Momoko hears out Kazusa’s lament. She is mad at herself because after all the encouragement that Niina has done for her, she kept acting like this was some sort of tragedy of her own. Though she was shock Izumi took her hand, come to think of it, if Izumi had to go out with another girl, she would have preferred Niina. Even so, she still wants to take this chance to confess to Izumi. During the bonfire dance, surprisingly it is Rika who gets the ball rolling as she confronts Amagi. After apologizing for everything, she confesses she likes him. What this guy do? He hugs her! Now everyone thinks the legend is really true and tries it out. At the same time, Izumi confronts Kazusa. Childhood memories talk. Then came the confession. Oh yeah. Finally. Kazusa in tears of joy. Niina is seen talking to Saegusa that she now realizes the feelings she had for him isn’t love. She thought he never understood others but realized she is the same. She just had he first love and first heartbreak. That’s why she is going to have another first and hopes she can hold on to it.

Episode 9
When you’re in love, everything looks so lovely! Good for you, Kazusa. But now the other girls are calling Rika a ‘traitor’ since she now has a boyfriend. Wasn’t she the one who was being the feminist kind? Rika explains how boys are like them, humans. Now they must rethink of their perceptions on boys! It looks like only Kazusa is on her side. Hitoha talks to Yamagishi and knows he likes a fellow teacher, Emi Tomita. But he views himself out of her league. I’m wondering if this guy likes fat women since I’m starting to think he often complains about high school girls being skinny and all bones. The way Yamagishi blushes makes Hitoha think he looks like a high school boy after a confession. Momoko talks to Niina and it seems the latter is planning to steal Izumi from Kazusa. Momoko doesn’t like that idea and warns if she is willing to lose friends over a guy. She is trying to convince Niina to stay at friends but Niina replies, you can’t have sex with friends! I guess she’s not into yuri then. Izumi invites Kazusa over. Now that they are dating, sitting close together makes them really conscious. They try holding hands but their minds start overthinking about making the next move. Will this lead to sex? Thankfully (or not) Izumi’s mom returns. Nothing to see here. Hitoha schemes by cancelling club activities. This is so she can be alone with Yamagishi and has wrote a book of confession. Because she views he has not touched her as the problem, she wants him to sleep with her once and she’ll give him up forever. Yamagishi tells her to meet him after school. Niina and Izumi ride the train together. She talks about the book Saegusa recommended her. About some prince and his rose. A fox came along and helped patched their relationship up. Izumi thinks Niina is like the fox. This shocks her because that was what Saegusa also told her. The fox secretly wanted to be with the prince forever but its advice eventually made the prince realize he loves the rose more. What happens to the fox is anybody’s guess because nothing was written more on it after that. That is how the story goes for those who aren’t chosen. When the train suddenly gets crowded, Niina claims somebody is molesting her butt. But it could be a ploy as she forces Izumi’s hand to grope hers under the guise of protecting her.

Episode 10
Kazusa looking at sexy underwear to buy… Hmm… Rika and Amagi spot Hitoha getting into Yamagishi’s car. Rika gets shocked seeing what Hitoha dumped in the garbage: Her panties. Izumi rejects Niina. This devastates her. Is she not attractive enough for him? It’s like she sounds desperate because she thinks he and Kazusa are inexperienced so she offers to practice with him. The resistance is strong so he rejects her again. Poor Niina leaves dejected. Hitoha can see what is going to happen. Yamagishi will not fall in love anyhow. So when he stops at the next traffic light, she will force his hand on her pussy and end it there. At least she will leave something unforgettable for him. However there are no traffic lights to stop! Straight into the love hotel! The cheapest one! Desperate situation calls for desperate measures. I don’t think the internet can tell what to do in this situation. Going all for broke now. She pushes him down and starts to unzip his pants. Then she gets disappointed? Because he didn’t get hard on her? This signals to Hitoha that he was never ever interested in her in the first place and starts comparing herself to Emi. I know they’re both women but there’s a whole lot of difference, right? Yamagishi reasons he is a coward, ending Hitoha bawling like a baby. Momoko is texted by Sugimoto to meet. He wants to talk about her strange attitude during the cultural festival. He somewhat threatens this act embarrassed him in front of his friends but if she apologizes now, he can pacify those angry friends of his. Momoko screws all this and doesn’t even want to see him again. When he grabs her hand, she screams. With everyone’s attention, Sugimoto backs off but calls her weird. Depressed Niina then gets a call by Momoko to meet. She claims the person she hates has touched a part of hers and needs her to cleanse it. In short, Momoko confesses she loves Niina. From depression to shock, Niina doesn’t know what to say. In lieu of that, Momoko now feels guilty she has ruined their friendship. Kazusa might be inclined to buy that sexy panties when suddenly Izumi calls! I just called to say I love you… Whatever. It makes Kazusa the happiest woman on the planet. Only, she can’t undo the online purchase she just made! Next day when they go to school together, Izumi doesn’t want to be too close to her in fear others might think badly of them. Uhm, okay? This only confuses Kazusa. Why the sudden change? Rika is puzzled to get a present from Sonoe. Then the teacher comes in with a serious announcement. Sonoe will be dropping out of school because she is pregnant!

Episode 11
With the entire school knowing about this, Rika seems to be very against people’s prejudice about Sonoe being knocked up because it was her choice. However this leads to a friction with Hitoha as she believes Sonoe was also a problematic child. Furthermore, Rika hints she saw Hitoha and Yamagishi entering a love hotel together. Momoko talks to Kazusa about that question, sex with who before the world ends. Because Kazusa says she’d rather do it with a man than a female, this disappoints Momoko. Then she warns her about Niina. Hitoha reflects on everything so far. She concludes she doesn’t want to give up yet because despite how pathetic she felt, she also felt good. Niina sees Saegusa and wants him to end her girlhood. He starts feeling her up and probably his ugly scary face freaked her out. Yeah, she slaps him and runs away. No you understand why girls close their eyes in porn?! Then Niina talks to Kazusa and confesses she likes Izumi. Kazusa’s worst fears come true but after a few deep breaths, she thanks Niina because without her, she wouldn’t have confessed to Izumi. In turn, Niina realizes her own immaturity and both girls give each other a big hug. Best friends forever! But ultimately Kazusa rues this because this wasn’t what she wanted to do. So she runs all the way to Izumi’s place just to ask for sex? Can’t let Niina beat her to it? He won’t and she suspects something happened with him and Niina. Though he reasons he treasures her and wants to take things slowly, I guess that isn’t the answer she is looking for. Sad girl leaves still a virgin. While Rika is talking to Amagi on the phone, suddenly her mom barges in very angry. In school, an emergency assembly is called. Everyone is shocked when it is now forbidden for both sexes to interact with each other. Worse, rumours of Rika and Amagi were seen outside the love hotel so they might be expelled. Hitoha realizes this is her fault and when she is going to confront the principal to tell the truth, Yamagishi is already there. He explains what happened but didn’t reveal Hitoha’s identity but as some woman whom he sees a potential to share a future. Even so, they aren’t going to rescind this and use this as an example. Drastic situations need drastic measures so Hitoha and the other literature girls hatch a plan… First, they kidnap Yamagishi!!! Holy cow! This guy must be really a wuss to get tackled by 4 girls. Izumi gets a call from Kazusa. Something feels wrong when he hears her talking about crossing to the other side. Late that night, the school staffs rush to school. Hitoha leads the other literature girls to demand 1) Overturn the interaction ban; 2) Rescind Rika’s expulsion; 3) Apologize to them. They’ll not leave till their demands are met because they have Yamagishi as hostage!

Episode 12
The girls threaten to drop him! But guess what? The staffs think that since tomorrow is Saturday and have no classes, yeah they’ll come back tomorrow and discuss this! WTF?! And with that, they leave. WTF?! Rika wants to talk to the girls but they refuse to let her in. As Izumi is heard coming over, this causes friction between Momoko and Niina since the latter wants to confess to him. After all, she got Kazusa’s ‘permission’. Ultimately their argument is overheard by Izumi. Momoko forces him to make his feelings clear. He admits he is in love with Kazusa but is sexually attracted to Niina. Ouch. Truth hurts. And now that everyone else has heard this, Izumi is chastised. Even more so Amagi since he has ‘experience’ with girls. Things are heating up on how to solve this. Are they going to (pillow) fight or talk things out. This is when Yamagishi suggests playing a colour tag game. The person who is it will mention a colour and the rest have to find that colour. For example, red and crimson are the same but not. The logic behind this is that they are trying to find new words for new feelings. So by adding descriptive modifiers to the colours, this will also reveal the colours of their heart. The game begins and it seems like everybody is just target a specific person. During the game, Izumi confronts Kazusa and explains what he meant. He might be sexually attractive to Niina but it’s not like he wants to have sex with her. Izumi really loves Kazusa and wants to be her but because he fears of the sudden changes, he wants to take things slowly. Kazusa also understands this feeling. They’re both so happy that they forgot they got too close to each other. And with Niina overhearing this, I guess she knows the answer… Rika still can’t believe about Amagi’s ‘experience’ so he shuts her up by kissing on her forehead. This already makes him excited so imagine one on the lips. Oh, one is coming up until the other girls smoke them out. Since boys aren’t helping, they kick them out. The girls then sit down, reconcile and think on their next action. Come morning, the staffs arrive. Yamagishi is released but to their surprise, the entire school is covered with huge canvases written in various colours on Rika’s innocence. Savage. In the aftermath, we see Rika going to college with Amagi. She receives a picture of Sonoe doing well with her baby. Hitoha is holding a secret folder of a secret performance for her wedding with Yamagishi?! Momoko and Niina together. And of course, Izumi and Kazusa a couple.

Sex And The High School Girls
Even if it looked like the girls have pretty much found the colour that they are looking for, well, don’t stop looking as there will be other colours they will come into as they go on in life. Imagine, the curiosity on the topic of sex had them go through all this. And it was a good experience for them. They are a bit wiser now in this department, having sorted out their love and friendship. And the best part is how they didn’t have to lose their virginity to learn it. But wait! Final episode scene, Kazusa mentioning an obscure metaphor of a train entering the tunnel… It fits! So they’ve done it?!

If you look at the overall story, it isn’t anything much and might even be considered as cliché and typical. Therefore what makes it interesting is how they execute the pacing and tell the stories of each of the girls. Although at first they might seem separate by they are all intertwined in the bigger picture. So unlike in some animes whereby they give an episode to focus on a particular character before moving on to the next, this one shows the progress and development of all the girls at one go and simultaneously. Those not used to this format might get a bit distracted and confused as the scene shifts to one literature girl to another and with all their stories happening at the same time, it might get a little confusing and some getting used to.

Because sex sells, I guess personally the story plays out interestingly as we see the girls trying to experience whatever love and sex are. The different approaches and types of love all at the same time seem to bond the girls but at the same time threaten their very friendship. Is this kind of love worth it? Only the girls can answer that. Hence we see Kazusa x Izumi as the typical childhood friend turned lovers kind of trope. Rika changing the most due to the effects of being in love as we see her from some strict plain b*tch to a smoking hot troubled girl in love. Unfortunately it isn’t going too well for the rest because Niina looks like she is into netorare and this gives the series the much needed love triangle and drama. The girl who is so hard to get for other guys now ironically finds herself hard to get the heart of the one boy she likes. Hitoha initially wanted to write a good erotic story finds herself attracted to an older man, especially one who is her teacher. And poor Momoko looks like she didn’t get off the ground. The guy whom she thinks had potential turned to be a control freak and with that romance quickly turning sour, she started resorting to lesbianism. Too bad for her, the rest of her friends are all straight. Sorry yuri fans. No yuri romance here. But that last scene makes me wonder if Momoko and Niina are now one because it looks like the losers in love without the guys only get each other. Damn. I hope this doesn’t send the wrong message.

Of all the guy characters, Amagi looks like he is the coolest. Not to say he is perfect as he too has his imperfections but compared to the rest, he doesn’t look like he is trouble. What I mean is that, as seen in Sugimoto’s case, he sounds like he wants to dominate over Momoko. Izumi is a typical guy and probably confused about his feelings because it is also hinted that he likes Niina for she scores a lot better in almost every department compared to Kazusa. Probably the childhood friend relationship is the only thing that is holding him back from jumping ship to Niina. Saegusa looks like a pedo but only because from the way we are shown his character. He looks like some avant-garde screenwriter and we let it pass because it’s all in the name of arts? He sounds like he is giving Niina a choice but what if he is seemingly doing so just to confuse her? During Niina’s time of need and confusion, it seemed like it is the moment he has been waiting for to finally take her virginity. Good thing that didn’t happen. And lastly, Yamagishi. Looks like one who can be pushed around and doing things just to accommodate Hitoha. Then again, he might be the coolest because he is willing to take responsibility for everything and protect the literature club girls. But then he became their hostage and his cool factor just like drastically drop to zero! Instantly! But that colour tag game helped redeemed some of his pride.

Japan still being a largely conservative country, sex isn’t really openly discussed (though ironically they have one the most creative porn out there!). Hence when the school banned interactions between the sexes, it doesn’t even feel like a short term solution. It is just one or two steps backwards. Might as well turn the school into single gender if they’re so concerned about the immorality. Therefore the literature girls going against this ban isn’t because they are horny or hard up in seeking romance. After all, they started that weird bonfire legend so I guess this is their way of taking responsibility and seeing this till the end. Just because one girl got pregnant and one girl was spotted outside a love hotel doesn’t mean a blanket ban is justified on everyone. The intentions of the ban might be good but it’s not practical. You’re not going to live the rest of your life just interacting with one gender only, right? Society doesn’t work like that. At least not in Japan. What the literature girls did by taking their teacher hostage isn’t particularly right either but how else do you get stubborn old authoritative men to listen to you? Hey, at least no lives and virginities were lost during this tense hostage situation!!!

At and animation feel pretty bland and light. In the sense somehow it reminds me of Asobi Asobase. I thought their school uniforms were similar but double checking it, I guess I’m having a case of Mandela effect on myself. Close and almost similar but not exactly the same. Despite the character designs look simple, some of them look weird especially Hitoha who looks like as though she is some alien bug race disguised as a human. Seriously. That’s the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw her character. Must be those very weird eyes… Same case for Niina. I thought she was some snow woman tribe disguised as a human being. Must be those very fair complexion and those mysterious eyes… Kazusa is supposed to be a plain girl but I can’t help stare at those thick eyebrows. Not many female anime characters have such thick eyebrows, you know. Oh, doesn’t Kazusa has this striking resemblance to Kimari of Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho? This anime is produced by Lay-duce who animated Magi: Sinbad No Bouken, Release The Spyce and Classroom Crisis.

In the voice acting department, I only recognized Jun Fukuyama as Yamagishi, Haruka Tomatsu as Sonoe and Natsuki Hanae as Sugimoto. The rest feel pretty okay, sometimes trying to flex their voice acting talents with certain conversations that has them talk in dramatic and loud fashion. Sometimes it’s funny to hear them in a loud voice when they usually aren’t. They are after all in the literature club and reading in the boring monotonous voice all the time could be, well, boring. The other casts are Hiyori Kono as Kazusa (Asuka in Sounan Desu Ka), Chika Anzai as Niina (Reina in Hibike! Euphonium), Sumire Uesaka as Rika (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Tomoyo Kurosawa as Hitoha (Kumiko in Hibike! Euphonium), Momo Asakura as Momoko (Rona in Endro), Shinba Tsuchiya as Izumi (Tatara Fujita in Ballroom E Youkoso), Yuuya Hirose as Amagi (Yuuta in SSSS.Gridman) and Shunsuke Sakuya as Saegusa (Nambuuko in Seisen Cerberus – Initially I thought Saegusa was voiced by Miki Shinichiro but I guess I was wrong). Something about the opening theme, Otome Domo Yo by Chico with Honeyworks invoking some sort of nostalgia in me. Not really sure if I heard the some somewhere but I guess it’s not bad. Yume Cinderella by Momo Asakura as the ending theme sounds okay as a generic anime pop.

Overall, this is quite an interesting series largely because the taboo topic of sex is shown in the way on the characters’ psychology rather than resorting to cheap sleazy visual ecchi fanservice. Surprise but not surprise, no sexualisation of the young girls here. The characters especially the literature girls have some emotional depth whom you would like to put your support behind with instead of writing them off as horny teens trying to lose their virginity. But don’t worry if you get screwed early or later on in life, because from the moment you were born, life has got us all f*cked up!!! Haha… Uhm… Oh… I mean, as Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. I don’t think applies well to virginity but whatever. It’s the savage season for yo’ maidens!

Oh my. Looks like it is the fireman’s turn. A fireman’s turn to f*ck his woman in this mini hentai! This isn’t the first uniformed personnel to get its porn treatment since we had that prison guard one a few seasons ago. But nevertheless, Yubisaki Kara Honki No Netsujou Osananajimi Wa Shouboushi feels like a trap than mere coincidence because in that same season we had another fireman themed series, Enen No Shouboutai. Is fireman the in-thing this season? Those who were currently watching that supernatural sci-fi may be confused stumbling into this one and then, gotcha! WTF is this f*cking sex porn???!!! Then you start jerking off so fast that your dick is on fire and you have to call the fire force to put out this blazing passion! HAHAHA!!! Sighs… Oh boy…

Episode 1
Ryou Fujihashi isn’t enjoying her gathering with her old friends. Especially Souma Mizuno who is teasing her and that he is some sort of a womanizer. That night she wakes up as she hears sirens. Her place is on fire! Trapped, she calls for help but soon laments succumbing to her fate. That is when Souma as a fireman breaks him to rescue her. Even protecting her from a falling cupboard! When it’s over, he scolds him for not continuing to make noise because he thought she was dead. With no place to stay, he invites her to stay at his place. And in no time she makes it like her own home and even marks her territory? When she sees his back injury, she feels bad but crosses the line. Literally. Because now that she enters his ‘territory’, he rapes her! WTF?! So this is how it starts? Literally fingering her and she feels so good. Since she cannot be the only one to have fun, I guess he starts unzipping his pants. Don’t worry. He won’t penetrate her. Just using her thighs. Even so, Ryou feels so good?! Damn porn logic. Oh sh*t. Now you cum all over your bed. You sleeping there tonight?

Episode 2
Since Souma is having his day off, he accompanies Ryou to get her paper work done among other things. On their way home, it suddenly rains. Time to prepare for bath. Oh dear. I can see where this is going. Because while Ryou is taking a shower, suddenly Souma comes in! I know it’s his home but has he got no respect for women in the bath?! Damn, porn logic… Obviously his switch is turned on so he starts fondling her. Especially using the shower head to gush the water into her sensitive areas. Oh yeah. B*tches like her always feel good no matter what, no? Even if she says no, her body seems to indicate otherwise. That is all Souma needs to continue making out with her. Sex interrupted when the power goes out. Saved by the outage. Uh huh. Ryou starting to think had this not happened, she would have gone all the way. And I’m not so surprised even if it did. Ryou returns to work as her colleagues are glad she is back. Oh, what’s this? They’re having a fire evacuation drill today? Oh man…

Episode 3
Yup, that fireman over there… That’s Souma. During the drill, a colleague, Megumi Sasahara clumsily sprays the fire extinguisher over Ryou. Don’t worry. Souma has got spare clothes. Damn, I can see where this is going. As she changes, Souma has noticed Ryou has been avoiding him ever since so he forces himself on her to spill the beans. Or else? She gets raped! So of course, porn logic dictates that it is better to get your modesty outraged than telling the truth. The truth of either his dick feels good inside her or that she loves him. Or both. The extreme molestation even continues when Megumi comes in to check on her. Uh huh. Souma continues to rape her and unfortunately Megumi can’t even tell with that shaky voice there is something wrong. Just a mild assurance is enough to send her away. Oddly, after Ryou cums, she has enough strength to just kick him out? The firemen discuss about the upcoming fireworks and want to invite some girls over. Yuuki Izumi and Jun Hase know Souma is having a fight with Ryou and tease him about it. Since Souma continues to deny, Hase then hints some yaoi gay moments with him if he keeps acting like an idiot. Souma sees Ryou and you know how women like her don’t learn her lesson because it sounds like all is forgiven if he sounds a bit apologetic and then invites her to the fireworks festival. Next rape set in motion…

Episode 4
I guess everything is okay when he agrees to do whatever she wants so as to make it up to her. Don’t believe those lies!!! At the festival, they spot Hase. Seems he is troubled that a restaurant he is looking for is now closed. Ryou remembers they just shifted to a new place nearby and offers to take him there. After guiding him there, Hase asks if she is dating Souma. Nope. Just a childhood friend. In that case, can he date her? Nice joke, buddy. Ryou returns to Souma in one piece and this guy bought a beautiful hairpin for her. Yeah, is this part of the ticket to her heart pussy? They find a secret spot to watch the fireworks alone. Souma pretty much praising everything he admires about Ryou. Is this to get her defence down? Because when the fireworks start, pretty much the cue for him to start molesting her. Ryou is shocked. This isn’t what she had in mind when he said he’ll make it up to her. Blame yourself for not foreseeing this. Ryou getting her orgasm by a handsome macho guy underneath the beautiful fireworks display… Wow. Everything so perfect. No wonder she can’t complain…

Episode 5
Now we have penetrative sex. This is one of those rare times where the sound effects (the fireworks in this case) does a bad job in covering up the important words the characters want to say (Ryou’s moaning in this case). And then they cum together. What does Souma have to say after all that? That’s a nice yukata on her. A little late… And with Ryou thinking she might be falling for him, hence inviting him to the beach? Uh huh. Nothing says that more than to further test whether you’re in love with this guy. Or maybe she just really wants his dick. Of course it won’t be just them as it will be with their friends. They play beach volleyball and prior to that, Hase makes a bet with the other guys that the winner will get the right to approach the girls. Though it is ‘publically announced’ that the loser will clean the BBQ pit. Souma is sad since he isn’t paired with Ryou. Yeah, she’s paired with Hase and she is going all out to win! Oh, and she mentions she did play volleyball during her high school. Can’t have her winning, right? Does femdom sound right for this series? Will Souma finally get his just desserts?

Episode 6
Hase is getting along with Ryou pretty well. Yeah, it’s like the end of the world for Souma. Even during BBQ and preparing the fireworks, it’s like they’ve been friends for a long time. But you know this has to stop. Because Hase asks Ryou to date him. Souma is just her childhood friend, right? I guess this has her thinking. Later as Ryou and Souma are putting away the stuffs, Ryou thinks nobody will be using the pool and jumps in. Just like that? Is she trying to get wet in all sense?! Then Souma jumps in and starts f*cking her! I guess he is pretty wet too! Fireworks starting. Déjà vu cue to make out. Yeah, sex in the swimming pool. Nothing says reigniting your pseudo love with a hot pool sex. Then she notes how big Souma’s hands when he fingers her. Because it makes me think which is bigger: Souma’s finger or his dick???!!! Haha!

Episode 7
Ryou thinks something is wrong with herself to let Souma f*ck her like that. Yeah, it’s called you’re a horny thirsty wet b*tch! Haha! Oops… Anyway, with Ryou giving him ‘permission’ to go all in, I hope Souma’s cum don’t flow back out and contaminate the pool. Ryou asks how he feels for her. If he is just her childhood friend. Before he can answer, they have to split since people are coming back. But Ryou can look forward to an answer when he invites her out on her day off. As Ryou walks by the community centre, she notices an arsonist. Right away she calls Souma (shouldn’t she call the police?!) but the arsonist spots her and chases her. She looks like she has hid well from him but the script says she must screw up and be caught. Dumb arsonist tries to strangle her but luckily Souma is able to tackle him. Wow. Is the fire station close by for Souma to arrive this fast? Even if there is a fire reported at a nearby factory, can Souma actually know where the f*ck Ryou was? I mean, she was being strangled in the alley! Of course duty over love as Souma goes to put out the fire and search for survivors. As his team caries them out, suddenly the fire spreads and locks them in. Oh no!

Episode 8
Last episode’s cliff-hanger… Nothing happens! Everybody gets out fine. Somehow. Hey, this is not a fire rescue drama. When Souma returns home, Ryou is so happy he is fine. He spots a bruise on her feet and starts to lick it. Are you sure about starting on this feet fetish? Then he tries to get it on with her but of course everything that has happened so far has confused the hell out of her. To put it shortly, she thinks he wants an easy girl to have sex with and ironically despite her claims she is otherwise, why does she let him do her in? Doesn’t that make her easy? And of course, cue for Souma to reassure her that he only wants to have sex with her. Still not convince? Spam I love you until she gives in. Oh yeah. I guess that’s enough confusion for today. Now is the cue to have sex! Feel it, baby! Let it go deep inside you! Oh yeah. Is this love she is feeling?! In the aftermath, they continue dating. Happy ever after. The end.

You Can Never Ever Extinguish The Flames Of Horniness!
Heh. That was it. Everything felt so rush and cheap. And once again porn logic telling us that once you’ve f*cked a woman enough times, she will eventually fall for you. Oh Ryou, now you can be part of that statistic. I’m sure their sex is going to get more intense after this and that now they are dating. Because going by that same logic, sex = love, right? Oh well, as long as they’re happy f*cking each other and we enjoy seeing them having intercourse, all’s well ends well.

I suppose there is nothing to tell and no storyline whatsoever. Heh. A plot in hentai flicks? But what I’m trying to say is that, last season’s washer hentai had only 8 episodes. This season seems to follow that pattern of having again only 8 episodes. Because when you have been watching this kind of series ever since this weird trend started about 2 years ago, you somewhat expect more or less the same thing. The girl gets f*cked in every episode and even had this series had the basic 12 episodes, we are going to expect the girl getting f*cked in those episodes too. After all, what else were you expecting when you watch this series? It would be more shocking had an episode not feature that kind of sex at all. And so it is not the number of episodes, but the f*cking quality! Oh yeah. Was the f*cking scenes exciting? Well, if you ask me, pretty meh. I’m so immune at this point that I’m starting to worry that such normal vanilla sex may no longer be appealing to me! Gasp! A sign I should stop watching such genres? Well you know me…

And so as you can expect, this season’s porn series didn’t make any impact on me at all. I’m now feeling like an old broken tape recorder saying the same things over and over again. It’s that timely reminder like you would expect me to say at this point. Uh huh. You know, how the woman lets the man f*ck her and do as his wish with her body and pussy just because he makes her feel good. Added bonus that they are childhood friends so you bet that relationship brings in some confusion to her. Yeah, I know this dude and he isn’t exactly a total stranger. Should I let him f*ck or not? Oops. Too late. His dick is already in my pussy. And it feels so damn good!!!! Hahaha!!! Yeah. That’s how I felt watching each time Ryou lets Souma f*ck her. You can never beat porn logic. I wonder if they were making a pun when they decided to use this fireman theme this time. Because putting out fire leads to rekindling of the old flame… Then sex ensues… Damn porn logic!

They try to put in a little bit of drama because Ryou’s colleague-cum-buddy has been hinting he is interested in Ryou. But this as expected amounts to nothing. So I have 2 theories for why this is so. Firstly, with somebody interested in the girl you have been f*cking with, it speeds up the need that you need to ‘claim’ this ‘sex object’. Instead of the status quo of Souma and Ryou having a loveless sexual relationship, at least when they become official, it is like the stamp that allows others to take notice not to touch your girl (unless you’re into cheating but that’s a whole different matter). The faster the better. My other theory is that Hase isn’t really interested in Ryou but noticing that Souma is dragging his feet on this, he makes his move so that Souma is forced to move. Either way, you bet Souma and Ryou get closer one f*ck at a time. Hahaha!

Even if this is basic straight hetero porn, some scenes here suggest there may be yaoi BL. Especially that one scene of Hase cornering Souma suggestively. Thankfully no yaoi gay sex here because it would have been really weird and sick if Hase is revealed to actually have a crush on Souma!!! WTF???!!! DON’T WANT TO EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!! Phew. Sorry for you BL fans if you got your hopes up. Because of the firemen are very muscular and buffed, it does give off that vibe that there may be BL. After all, you see the promotional poster having our 3 fireman guys posing sexily and shirtless, showing off their godly abs. I would have thought so and gave this series a pass did I not read the synopsis carefully. And a few times. Also, looking at how big and buff Souma and his fire fighting buddies, I thought they were those muscular guys from Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru, another anime that aired in the same season. Heh. So… Enen No Shouboutai x Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru + hentai = Yubisaki Kara Honki No Netsujou Osananajimi Wa Shouboushi! Unfortunately I didn’t get to measure with Souma’s buffed size, his dick would equally be in correlation and super huge! Haha! Yeah, those censors ‘ruined’ my perspective. But nah. It would have hurt Ryou so much, know what I’m saying?

The art and animation looks pretty standard. That itself is pretty good for a hentai genre. Yeah, perhaps I wasn’t really paying close attention since my eyes were more often rolling at the porn logic and when the main characters start making out. Really! I guess Studio Houkiboshi who is producing their first ever anime, they might want to get things off at the right footing. But I want to note that if there was an eyebrow raising factor other than the porn logic, it would be the ending theme, Blazing Luv. It sounds weird. So weird that it is close to being bad. Because it sounds like a mess with the dubstep in the background and then our fireman trio who sing this piece sound as flat as ever. Yeah, some weird synthesizer effects in some parts too. Had this piece being sung by better professional (AKA better sounding) voices and to a different beat and pace, it might have sounded a lot better. Though, the tune itself is generic but passable by my standards.

Overall, this is another usual mediocre anime hentai for the season. Despite me b*tching about how bad this sort of genre is, I guess it only shows my hypocrisy because I’m still watching these shows. Hey, if I don’t watch it, I’ll never come to this conclusion of how bad this pseudo hentai animes would be like. And now I can truly say they are because I’ve watched most of them. Heh. That doesn’t make me happy at all nor do should I feel proud about it. And now that we have the firemen being tainted, time will only tell when other professions like police officers, doctors, soldiers and even lawyers will get their turn in this. I am sure this anime won’t give people the wrong impressions about fireman. Maybe a small number will but for the big normal majority, we won’t be calling the emergency hotline for them to come rushing and put out our blazing flame of luv…!!! Remember, people. Please be responsible when calling for emergencies and also when having sex.

Allison To Lillia

September 8, 2019

Due to that amazing flight themed Kouya No Kotobuki Hikoutai, I started looking around for another anime of the similar genre. I know I’m not going to expect something this awesome but what the heck, probably to satisfy my whimsy flight craze for the moment. And that was when I remembered an old retro show, Allison To Lillia. Yeah, that anime came out like 10 years ago back in 2009! I suppose it was one of that shows where I wanted to watch but never came around to it because there wasn’t anything ‘of importance’ to watch it. And it is thanks to Kouya No Kotobuki Hikoutai that I could finally come around to this one. Like I said, not likely to be as awesome as that airplane series but catching a few aerial stunts should be more than suffice.

Episode 1
Wilhelm “Wil” Schultz is such a bright student that he briefs the young ones about the history of the land. Roxcheanuk Confederation AKA Roxche and United Kingdom of Bezel Iltoa AKA Sou Beil have been at war for 130 years due to their differing opinions on the originations of men. Lesson interrupted when Allison Whittington flies down. Isn’t this dangerous? Yeah, Wil’s old friend has just gotten enlisted into the air force although her tasks are mainly transportation. As they head to town, they stumble into an old man. Wil knows him from the rumours as a guy who likes to lie because he tells everyone grand stories like being a butler from the royal family. He hitches a ride with them home. He treats them to tea and admits all his stories are lies. Except for this one. There is a treasure that no amount of money could buy that can stop the war between the nations. However it is on the side of Sou Beil. It was discovered during some poison gas war. History said that thanks to a lieutenant colonel’s thinking, it saved Roxche. However gramps points out that everybody who died from the gas are actually alive as he is part of that special unit. This is to protect them from retribution. Also the lieutenant colonel did not exist. So did history lie? History is written to suit one’s purpose. Allison is willing to fly there whenever she has missions. Of course she cannot be found out or she’ll be expelled. But she thinks they will let it slide as the treasure will justify her actions. You think so? Just then, a man from the town hall wants to bring gramps away to discuss about tax matters. He agrees to go with them. Wil is suspicious because he mistook them for being family members when their sidecar would have told him they are students. Yup, time to go after him. True enough, they are heading away towards town. Wil spots the guy taking out a gun. Jump! Man, they survived that crash. So they’re going to chase by foot all the way? I hope the destination is nearby. When they reach the private estate, they see a plane just departing. They think gramps is on it. They trespass into the hangar and the place is so big that there are no guards?! Oh look. A plane. Convenient. I guess leaving an apology letter to borrow doesn’t constitute as stealing.

Episode 2
Crossing the Lutoni River means entering into Sou Beil’s territory. An enemy fighter attacks so Allison pretends to be shot down. Even got some smoke material. Crash landing could have been perfected had not the wheels got caught by the electric wires. In the middle of the forest?! Luckily they jump out in time before the plane explodes. Next day, they talk about Sou Beil that is supposed to be Moot’s homeland. She is the caretaker of their orphanage. As Allison plays with this Bambi, the mother attacks her but Wil protects her and gets injured. Oh Allison, you want to shoot and kill the mother and fawn?! I guess not. So Allison has to carry him for the nearest aid. Who knows where this house in the middle of nowhere is but at least this lone woman, Radia takes them in and treats Wil. She asks Allison why she came here so she tells the truth about gramps and the treasure. Radia finds it bogus because Sou Beil’s side of the story is about the lost gold of a general who was about to attack Roxche. People have been trying to look for it but nothing was found. Later Allison apologizes to Wil for dragging him into this mess but Wil thanks her as he is able to see what Soul Beil looks like. Yeah, just a day in enemy territory… Next morning, Radia learns about Moot from Wil. She explains Moot was labelled as a traitor when she emigrated to Roxche and opened an orphanage there. Wil continues how Moot continued to take in orphaned kids whose parents died in the war. Allison was no different but instead of crying from loneliness and fear, she first made Wil her henchman! They’ve been together since. Unfortunately Moot passed away 6 months ago. Radia’s answer to why she lives remotely here. If a war ever breaks out, she is ready to take up arms and fight the enemy. When Allison wakes up, a cuckoo badge that secretly signifies her army rank drops out, Wil remembers what gramps said and realizes his story is true. Radia wants them to stop this foolishness or they’ll lose their lives but after seeing they are determined to get the treasure to stop the war, she gives them army uniforms from her sons. They are from Sou Beil Royal Guards, the elite of the elite so they are able to walk around in most army bases without showing ID or suspicions. She also gives Wil her husband’s gun. As they leave, Radia realizes that despite she hated Roxche for taking her sons’ life, Roxche also had people who had lost their lives. That is why Moot took them in.

Episode 3
Benedict Carr is the pilot for the plane that kidnapped gramps. He doesn’t understand about the treasure his higher ups are talking about as they interrogate the old fart but nothing came out from his mouth. Allison and Wil manage to infiltrate the base and get a nervous private to show them around. Of course this leads to where gramps is. After telling the stupid guards to bring blankets, gramps is amazed they are here and only requests for a hairpin and will meet up later. As the duo leave, they bump into Benedict. Allison recognizes him as he was the one who wrote the love letter but she rejected him. They tell him about the treasure. Meanwhile gramps brazenly unlocks before the guards and pushes open the door to knock them out?! Shameful! They’re so stupid and weak! With the alarm sounded, gramps rendezvous with the duo and try to get to the hangar via secret passageway. This guy is still as sharp as ever. But you know a death flag is coming up when he tells them the route to the treasure. Just in case. Gramps stalls the guards to let the duo take off via seaplane. I know the entire base is on alert to hunt down this old fart but only a handful of soldiers chasing them and none guarding the hangar???!!! Gramps is so heroic that he makes that soldiers look like morons because he rolls barrels of oil conveniently lying around and then shoots it for some great explosive distraction. Even though he gets shot subsequently but it is all worth it since the duo have already taken to the skies. Benedict is ordered to capture the duo and if he fails, shoot them down before they cross the border. As insurance, they also order another unit to follow him and if he does something suspicious, kill him. Allison and Wil are sad that gramps is dead. So to honour his wish, they are going to head for the treasure at all cost.

Episode 4
When Benedict catches up to them, he lets them hear the radio that the enemies want them shot down. So Allison challenges him to a dogfight? Allison gets to strut her stuff and even gets the better of Benedict. She fires! He still survives because it is only paint bullets?! How the heck did she know it’s not real bullets? Did she have time to examine?! With that, Benedict wants to join them in their treasure hunt since gramps’ last words to him was to take care of them. But he has to shake down those Sou Beil bogeys first. Don’t worry. His skills are even more exceptional considering those are just low level goons. As they make their way towards a cave in the mountains, little do they know those greedy Sou Beil higher ups are secret tailing. Inside after following gramps’ instructions, they arrive in a section where there are primitive paintings. But the ‘treasure’ turns out to be a big mural. One man is holding a spear (Roxche’s military insignia) and the other holding a dagger (Sou Beil’s military insignia). They realize both sides originated together. They also realize that gramps fictional lieutenant colonel and was forced to kill his men to keep this treasure a secret because they didn’t want to get along with the enemy. He waited for 30 years since people will not believe so soon during the height of the war. Wil wants Benedict to announce this mural since it is too heavy a responsibility for them. Those greedy higher ups are here. Hand over the treasure. I don’t know if Wil is super fast as they didn’t see him whip out his gun and fire. Just a shoulder wound. It causes them to fire at the ceiling and the rocks fall and crush them! WTF?! What a stupid way to die! But good riddance. Soon news breaks out that the war is over thanks to the discovery of the mural. Wil and Allison visit gramps’ housemaid. She is sad he is gone but is finally relieved of his agony.

Episode 5
Wil is on his way on a fieldtrip to the kingdom of Ikstova. During a stop, he gets kidnapped! Turns out to be Allison. Looks like she is also here for a mission so what a better way to spend some time with him. Yeah, and also she has something important to tell him that she can’t write it in a letter… She drives him to a joint military base by Roxche and Sou Beil where they will be conducting a joint ice rescuing expedition. They meet Benedict who is part of this expedition. He is promoted to major after becoming a hero and that nation’s most eligible bachelor! Benedict invites them to a party later where the top brasses will be attending. I guess he doesn’t want to be alone. Later a blizzard hits the place so Allison and Wil change their plans to take shelter at the nearest village. Benedict notices the blizzard and that his friends may have been caught in it and goes to look for them. But for the villages he went, his friends were not spotted and he had to entertain the people wanting his autograph. After an old lady points Allison and Wil to the assembly hall, she makes the call to her comrades about a couple of suspicious Roxche personnel. In the assembly hall, another old lady serves them tea as Wil displays his knowledge about Iktsova’s royalty insignia. Each of them has different plants or animals representing them. The old lady leaves and confides in her comrades that they might be spies since they know the insignia well. Allison sums up her courage to ask what Wil will be doing after graduation. She even suggests a university to go to and because she will be flying all over the world, it will get a little lonely. So won’t he come stay with her in the capital? Dumb Wil fell asleep… Not his fault as Allison soon realizes the tea is laced. Benedict sees fresh tracks and believes this is where Allison and Wil went but there is no village on this map. So he is going to walk there by foot? He stumbles into this girl, Fiona who recognizes his notes that was written on a poster of the portrait of Owen Nihito. She wants him to take her to the capital of Ikstova now but change of plans as her comrades call for her return.

Episode 6
Allison and Wil find themselves locked in a cellar. But nothing like a bit of improvisation to let themselves out. This isn’t maximum security, you know. Hiding in a cabin, they thought somebody is coming so Allison ambushes him. Luckily she misses because it would’ve been bad news had she really hit Benedict. Thanks to their noisiness, the villagers are coming. Lucky for them again, Fiona hides them in her house. Because of the icy night, they have to wait at least till tomorrow morning to have a chance. So Fiona tells why she is bent on heading to the capital. Nihito is a politician and is holding a speech. She wants to use this chance to declare that she is alive. You see, Fiona is the sole survivor of the royal family’s massacre and her real names is Francesca. She wants Benedict to teach him how to use a gun left behind by her late grandpa but he can’t let a princess swing around something so dangerous and leaves it to Wil. So shooting is not okay but punching is? Next morning (even had enough time for breakfast), they sneak out via hiding under a white sheet. Seriously. They think the snow can camouflage them? When they reach a lone guard, Fiona pretends to take Benedict hostage. When he is close enough, he knocks him out. But not after he sounds the alert. Suddenly the villagers surround them! Woah! How did they get here so fast?! Where were they hiding?! Fiona protects them and if they want to shoot, shoot her first. She tells them of her intention to head to the capital. The villagers look shock that she knows she is the last surviving princess. You mean they really didn’t know she knows? Anyway the chieftain gives his blessing for her to go since she is already an adult. But if she fails to achieve her goals, feel free to come back here anytime. And so a few last goodbyes before Fiona leaves for the capital with her friends.

Episode 7
At the base, Benedict and Fiona take off in an observer plane. But shortly they ran into some trouble. This is just a distraction so that Allison could ‘steal’ a fighter jet. Yeah, it’s the second time she ‘borrowed’ a craft. With the military blocking their path, there is not enough runway to take off. I understand she intends to use the cliffs and drop to fly but if she has to go through the town and even causing a major accident, shouldn’t she have took off in town? I mean, the roads are wide enough to accommodate the plane’s wingspan and there are not obstructing towers. Yeah, they really took the military for a ride. Once in the air, Fiona tells Benedict the truth. She is not the real princess but an imposter. The real Francesca died during massacre. So yeah, she wants to deceive the people of Ikstova. She just wanted to tell somebody this. Cue for Benedict to say he too isn’t a real hero. The credits go to Allison and Wil. WTF do we have time for Benedict-Fiona’s sky romance?! I know this isn’t like roads where you have to constantly keep your eyes forward. This makes Allison really jealous and poor Wil has to bear the brunt of it as she makes him sick with her wild aerial stunts. Once they reach the capital, Benedict lands directly in the square where the speech is taking place. Thank goodness everyone knows how to get out of the way. Using his hero status, everyone loves him and this gives him a free pass to speak on the podium. Nihito allows him to do so if he supports his idea to reject independence. Benedict then introduces Fiona as Ikstova’s princess and shocks everyone. But Fiona’s plan to re-establish the royalty comes to a grinding halt because Nihito does an igi ari. Objection!

Episode 8
Nihito calls this a farce but Fiona can show proof. This royal pendant. But is this real? Fortunately, the head of security, Rean Warren was the security for the royal palace and he can vouch for that. Yup. It’s the real deal. Nihito tries to escape but Fiona stops him. Here is his cuff links she is returning. 10 years ago when he tried to kidnap Francesca, she ripped his cuff links in her bid to escape but he shot her parents who came chasing after him. Fiona arrests him for treason. Guess what? Nihito takes Fiona hostage! How the f*ck did that happen???!!! All the guards surrounded him and yet this happened?! Warren tries to be a hero to save her but gets stabbed in the thigh. WTF. Worse, Nihito takes Fiona up the tower. Dead end. Checkmate. Benedict confronts Nihito. Alone. Where the f*ck are all the useless guards???!!! Nihito tries to stab him but thank goodness for his expensive watch blocking the stab. Then one punch in the face! Do Benedict and Fiona have time to lovely reunite because Nihito isn’t done yet. This guy loves taking hostages and when he tries to do so again, that angry Francesca’s face resonates in Fiona’s face. WTF he got scared and fell off the tower himself! WTF???!!! Later when Wil and Allison join them for tea, Wil asks Fiona if she is not the real Francesca but her twin. Fiona tells the whole truth that 10 years ago after the fire broke out, Francesca was injured and somewhat brought to the village. It was the only time both sisters met. Before Francesca passed on, she gave her this pendant. When Fiona’s grandpa passed away, among his belongings was Nihito’s cuff links. So when she saw that poster (still wearing the same cuff links, huh?), she realizes that bringing that man to justice is what she existed for. As for how Wil could tell, at the assembly hall, the royal insignia tilted in the opposite position. Hence this symbol was originally made for Fiona. Ikstova’s weird custom is that the royalty can only have 1 child?! Thus this village was created by the royalty to protect Fiona. This answers the question why there are only old people and they have military training. With the issue resolved, I guess the only thing sore for Allison is that Wil could notice all these details but not her feelings…

Episode 9
The transcontinental express linking Roxche and Sou Beil is ready. Although its fare is expensive, Wil and Allison manage to board it thanks to Benedict’s invitation. Fiona is also riding along as she is incognito as a photographer. She isn’t officially the queen of Ikstova yet (must be all those red tape to bring back the monarchy) so she is still in the process of learning a lot of things. After passing the Roxche military supplies and artillery field, they stop at Green Island. This was the place where Allison’s father died during the war. As Allison pays her tribute, Wil tells Fiona about this. It is probably her dad, Oscar was killed by his own subordinate because of the bullet from the gun that only their division used then in the battlefield. Since Allison had no pictures of her father, it could only mean he worked in the intelligence agency. So to prevent any risk of him being captured and interrogated, the only conclusion was that his subordinate killed him than risk betrayal. Benedict is supposed to board the train on the next stop and while waiting, he meets Major Fran Stork who tells him this ‘embarrassing’ secret of his mission here. There is a customer in the royal car who will play an important role in the future of both the nations’ trading. Because there will be lots of companies trying to court him upon arrival and one of them being a company that delivers artillery to the army, they are trying to gain the upper hand in competition by making a request to the army to dispatch a valet under the pretence of a security guard. Benedict boards the train and the gang could hardly recognize his disguise. Long hair and beard. The friends spend their time together on the train. Allison trying to be considerate and give Benedict and Fiona some time together. When it’s time for bed, Allison hints to Wil not to peep at her changing. Why the constant reminders? He assures her he won’t. She’s not satisfied. Wil no baka…

Episode 10
I guess Allison is taking too long in her preparation to confess something of importance that Wil fell asleep! Please don’t take it out on the pillow… Frustrated, she sits by herself at the observation coach. There she meets Stork and he learns she is from the air force and daughter of Oscar. Next morning, Wil and Allison are up early. However they witness a murder at the back of the train. The chief conductor had been thrown off! Allison tries to go after the perpetrator but thanks to the train entering a tunnel, the culprit ‘vanished’. They go warn the other conductors and then Benedict. He in turn goes to tell Stork but is met with Thomas Eyen. When he learns the chief conductor is dead, Eyen kicks out Stork. Eyen will not let anyone into the room to harm his master and that includes Stork. The plan now is to gather everyone in the main car and hold them there for a day until they reach out of the mountains where they can alert the authorities at the next stop. Benedict doesn’t want to accuse everyone of being a suspect and if they start searching, they’ll reach the next stop by that time. Stork then suggests taking a detour because there is Sou Beil’s military base where they can use their phone to contact authorities. Unfortunately the phone service is out. Just then, Gautier Terol walks in and claims he is the target. As a head of Terol Steel Foundation and a war magnate, he shows them a threat letter addressed to him. It states he will not return to Roxche alive and will start killing everyone around him and he will be the last. Terol thinks everyone might be accomplice and hence it is better they do not mix since it is understandable they don’t want to be suspected and certainly they don’t want to be near a target. As the train continues its journey, it seems this was an act by Terol. His goal is to make Benedict pay for making that heroic announcement. Wil is suspicious that the culprit hasn’t moved to kill them yet as they were eyewitnesses to the murder. Suddenly a military train is chasing from behind and shoots a flare that signals them to stop. WTF Stork thinks he can shoot them with his pea shooter pistol? Of course they fire back! It’s a wonder they missed our heroes with all that firepower.

Episode 11
Stork wastes the fine liquor and sets them on fire. The military train is forced to put some distance. Stork then bombs and detaches the last coach, causing the military train to crash. Then opposite but on parallel tracks is a special armoured tank designed to run on railroad tracks. Stork contacts them and learns they are an escort to protect them. However he wants all of them to do him a favour: Destroy that armoured tank. He can’t tell them the reason now and wants them to believe in him. Since it is to avert a crisis, they sheepishly do as he says. They are going to shoot it down via a special tank gun belonging to Terol. He wants Benedict to fire but since this isn’t his forte, the only one to do it is Wil. So as they wait for the right time, Wil and Stork have time to chat. Stork reveals his true mission. He is here to arrest Terol on grounds of firearms smuggling and crimes against humanity. Terol is planning to defect to Sou Beil with his weapons and the one who invited him are no other than Sou Beil military personnel who were against the ending of the war. To prevent his arrest, the opposing side is planning to kill everybody else on this train. Because you don’t search for a dead man, right? However Stork was the one who killed the chief conductor because he needed to disconnect the train to increase its speed from the attackers so he had to get everyone believe to go along with his plan that an imaginary killer is out to get Terol. When Wil is in position, Stork instructs him to fire. Miss. The armoured vehicle then speeds up. Benedict tries to distract it by taking pot shots at it. After a few more tries, Wil finally derails it. When Stork goes to tell Terol about this, Wil tells his friends about Stork. Just then, Eyen comes in and wants to kill them all. WTF Benedict runs faster to bump the gun out of his hands but gets knocked out by his bigger size?! Allison tries to shoot him but is a bad shot. Yeah, how the heck can she miss?! Last bullet left. Don’t worry. Wil is guiding her. Uhm, this isn’t the right time for such close proximity. Is your heart beating fast, Allison? All that build up and just a shot in the shoulder? Oh, Stork did it. When they go and see Terol, looks like he committed suicide. But Wil still has his suspicions on Stork because if he was behind all this plan, wouldn’t he have got rid of them too as they too pose a great threat to his plan.

Episode 12
The train stops at the food of the mountains. The gang stays in a hotel and the next day what’s this urgent business that Benedict brings them to a chapel? Long story short, he confesses to Fiona and they proceed with this ‘ritual’ called kissing. So Benedict is going to be the king of Ikstova, eh? You jealous, Allison? Stork seems to be running late for this ‘ceremony’ but manages to come by. Since they won’t meet again, he makes it clear he was never on board the train. As he leaves, Wil takes out his gun and shoots him! Don’t worry. Just a rubber bullet. But his bodyguard rushes him and addresses him as colonel. Wil deduces Stork’s real mission: To silence Terol. As he holds important military secrets, should he testify, this would bring about the greatest military scandal. Wil also believes Stork’s initial plan was to let Terol die in an accident. Even if that meant sacrificing all the passengers. However something made him changed his plans: Allison. But Allison has no recollections of meeting him before the train trip. Wil remembers the talk with him during the firing at the armoured vehicle. He knew about Roxche’s festival as well as Moot. He thanks him for had he not come to the orphanage, he wouldn’t have met Allison. Since Allison isn’t the brightest tool in the shed, Wil reveals that Stork is actually her father! He definitely can’t kill his daughter on this mission, right?

10 years ago he came to the orphanage. Oh my, he looked so different as he was plump! He feared he would die in the battle and didn’t want to leave Allison alone and hence left her there. Oscar was actually from Sou Beil and doing a covert mission inside Roxche’s military and had to relay back some important mission. When Wil first saw him, he had those sad eyes. The same eyes that Stork has. As for Oscar being killed by his own subordinate, actually he killed his subordinate and assumed the identity of a dead soldier. This is all to relay the information back. This is why Sou Beil had the same military artillery as Roxche and hence their similar strength ended in a truce. Now Stork goes by the name of Icacia Cross. Because he abandoned his role as her father, he cannot return with Allison. She is still having troubles accepting him since he looks so different but he explains an important birthday event so like it or not, he’s your dad. As for why Wil went to great lengths for this, he hoped both father and daughter could meet. After everyone has left, why is Allison and Wil still staying behind? Allison quickly ushers him back into the chapel. Is this going where I think it is going? Since she is still too scared to say it, more runabout beating around the bush talk. You know, Allison is graduating, needs somebody to stay with her. Sure, Wil is mostly glad to stay with her and even help pay the rent and everything but I think he is missing the point to what Allison wants to hear. Eventually frustrated Allison pushes him down and tells him what he thinks of her. A person who always gives her courage? Duh! Screw it all. She just asks him to kiss her.

Episode 13
After graduation, Wil moves into an apartment with Allison in the capital. Wil meets Icacia and the latter praises his knowledge in history. Wil admits it is only after the discovery of the mural that his interests peaked since he wanted to see how the world would change. As Icacia laments how even in peaceful times there are those plotting behind the scenes. Hence Wil is an important person for him for his job. In short, he wants Wil to join the intelligence agency and assume a new identity in Sou Beil. The catch is that he can no longer live as Wil and with Allison anymore. Wil thinks hard about it and remembers the time when Oscar left Allison at the orphanage. Wil asked Moot about that man and was told he was a knight who promised to bring peace to everyone in the world. In order to do that, he must follow his destiny. Thus Wil must find something he can do when he grows up and someone who approves of it. It is hinted that Allison is married to Wil since she took on his surname. She is returning from the fertility centre and going to relay the good news but what’s with the long face, Wil? He tells her about this new mission of his. Allison is sad but tries to remain positive. Even though they technically can still see each other, he will no longer be Wil. It won’t be like old times before. Since he has found his calling, Allison supports his path. On the day Allison sees Wil off via train, he finally confesses to her that he loves her. Well, better late than never. But not too sure if she heard it because the damn train whistle. F*cking train whistle always finds the right time to ‘interrupt’…Or did Wil perfectly timed this? We fast forward 15 years later. Lillianne Acacia Corazon Whittington Schultz is their daughter. If that is a mouthful to pronounce, Lillia is fine. She is told that her dad died in a train accident and his body was never found. Lillia might be a fine and responsible girl, but has Allison regressed into a slob?! Lillia forces her mom to wake up! She only does so because Major Travas is coming. She is Allison’s boyfriend and a Sou Beil soldier working for the embassy who lives nearby.

Episode 14
In school, Lillia is not pleased her childhood friend, Treize is here to pick her home as requested by Allison. You mean this guy rode all the way from his home in Ikstova and took 20 days to reach here?! That’s some major dedication. As narrated, Treize is her childhood friend who lives next door to Allison and Lillia whenever they visit Ikstova annually. She doesn’t particularly like him because he knows about the affairs of others but hardly talks about his. Lillia introduces Treize to Travas for the first time. After Lillia leaves them alone, it seems both guys know each other. Treize is the son of Ikstova’s royalty. Yes, the son of Benedict and Fiona. Seems he can walk around freely like this is because his twin sister, Merielle was chosen as the heir. Remember their one child policy? Yeah… Also, here is another big revelation: Travas is actually Wil! Both promise to keep each other’s secret. Lillia is looking forward to her summer break at Lartika with mom but last minute she can’t make it and sent Treize in her place instead. Of course Lillia doesn’t like it and ‘fears’ that he would ‘jump’ on her. But Allison jumps on Lillia first. Who knows she might be the one who ‘jump’ on him. Who knows? Like mother, like daughter. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. During the train ride, an old couple sits with them. They are actually Treize’s royal guards in disguise. When Lillia goes to do things herself, they try to advise Treize to be a gentleman for a lady. Unfortunately when Lillia returns, she thinks Treize harassed the old couple and smacks him. After lodging in their hotel, they go sightseeing. They get lost in the maze-like town but a young lad helps them to be their tour guide for a small fee. After returning them to the hotel, a guard arrests the lad because it is against the law for unofficial tour guides. The lad will be returned to some priest. Next day, the duo see this guy, Mateo who gives aerial tours of Lartika. Being an ex-Roxche military man, he happily takes them around. Meanwhile Travas calls Allison (it is hinted that Allison knows he is Wil) about an emergency regarding a prince and a princess. Some evil plan will be executed in Lartika and both cannot be allowed to board a plane. Uhm, too late?

Episode 15
Lillia and Treize are treated to a breath taking view of the town and lake. When they are to return, Mateo spots a stranded plane on the sea. He goes to check it out and from its insignia, it seems to belong to the Torcacia Air Defence Force. Mateo gets off to talk to the pilot but is taken hostage. Suddenly Treize pulls out a gun and then jumps into the cockpit to fly away! WTF?! I’m sure everyone was so dumbfounded by this that’s why there was enough time for their getaway. Treize’s plan is to return to Lartika to inform the police but looks like they have boogies on their tail. Even armed with machines gun they can’t take down this seaplane?! Is Treize that good or they’re just lousy? Treize crash lands near the shore as they run into the forest before the plane is shot and exploded. So the enemy is going to presume they’re dead? Time to hike as far as they can. Flashback shows when Treize and Merielle celebrated their 15th birthday, Treize was called by his parents. Something about the proposal to marry Princess Matilda from Sou Beil. Fiona doesn’t think it is a bad idea but gives him a chance that by his 20th birthday should he not find anyone he loves, he will marry that princess. Hence this summer break is for him to find a chick? I can already tell who that love is. Night fall and they stumble into a cabin in the woods. Nobody in. No harm resting, right? Dead in the night, the owner returns and lets them sleep. I guess Treize failed in his night watch. Next morning, they apologize to the owner, Eyne Morceau but he is fine with it. They learn he is the priest who runs an orphanage and that kid got arrested, Carlo is safe and sound. Morceau is kind enough to lend them his vehicle to his orphanage (because Lartika is 80km away!). There, rich people conduct scenic flights for underprivileged children in the name of charity. They can join in with no charge after Morceau writes a letter of recommendation. You mean Morceau is not coming with Treize and Lillia? This is the middle of nowhere. Is there somebody else to pick him up? Along the way, they pass by a group of soldiers hiding in the woods who think they must be that person’s accomplice. They reach the facility and are awed to see the very huge seaplane.

Episode 16
Carlo is also part of the orphanage on tour. When the soldiers report back to Travas about Lillia and Treize boarding the seaplane, he has Allison take off immediately. It’s going to take a while since the lake is huge and they have no direct coordinates of the seaplane. After a while, Treize realizes something amiss. They should have landed at Lartika by now but everywhere is still a body of water. Then he realizes the plane is heading in the opposite direction instead because of the sun’s direction. Rudely waking up Lillia from her nap, they go check the pilot cockpit and see the pilots trying to parachute out. Woah, Treize. You gonna shoot them if they remain? The turbulence is the perfect chance for the pilots to jump off. Bye, kids. With nobody manning the cockpit, Treize takes control despite this is his first time flying a plane this big. The pilots destroyed the radio so they can’t call for help. But luckily they dropped the transreceiver but that is just short range. Treize calls Carlo to look after the kids and not make them worry. Don’t worry. They’re having fun alright. Oblivious to what is happening. Lillia pays him as motivation. When Treize tries to turn the seaplane around, warning shots are fired by the Torcacia fighters, the same ones who shot them down yesterday. Communicating them via transreceiver, it seems they want them to get out of the seaplane before they shoot it down. Changing direction also means getting shot down. Huh? Why wait to shoot it down if this is their original plan? With Treize running out of ideas and the Torcacia side bugging for them to get off, Lillia scolds back to shut up or she’ll ram them off the skies. This gives Treize an idea. He’ll do just that and with the wing damaged, a transmitter signal will be set off. With such dumb pilots, I think it’s totally feasible.

Episode 17
Treize hopes Lillia can forgive him if he fails. WTF is this pessimism? You won’t know if you don’t try, right? Nothing serves as a better motivation when Lillia will give him a kiss reward if he succeeds. Of course this was Carlo’s idea. Treize speeds up the seaplane to make the rest chase. This allows Treize to knock one of them off. Why don’t the Torcacians just shoot them down now? Because the commander says not now? To add more drama, Treize has Lillia speak to them and they’re shocked there is a woman on board? She manages to make them reveal why they are doing this. Because of the bad and poor conditions in Torcacia, they are going to sacrifice these orphans. This news will be highlighted throughout Roxche and only then the capital will notice and take action. Of course it is a dumb and stupid plan if you ask me and nobody is as mad as Lillia as she chastises them for just being terrorists. So now they are going to shoot the seaplane down? Oh yeah, Lillia can buy more time with her scathing complaining. Enough time for mom to come to the rescue. Allison tells the Torcacia side to surrender and when they return to their airbase, they will be arrested by the military. Of course they won’t listen and call her bluff so Allison shows her skills by shooting a couple of them down. With the commander left, Allison toys around with him. He gets mad and tries to shoot her down but obviously Allison’s plane is faster and more flexible. This is part of her plan to make him run out of ammo. When that happens, the commander still won’t give up. He is going to do a kamikaze crash into the seaplane. Allison is forced to shoot him down. With the drama over, it is now up to Treize to land the seaplane on sea. Allison’s advice isn’t helpful at all. All planes are the same. I guess he has got to rely on the kiss reward as motivation. Go for it! Don’t worry about the kids, they have been sleeping before the dogfight action began as they tire themselves out from all the excitement. Treize makes a rough landing but unfortunately the seaplane hits the bedrock. It is now taking in water and sinking.

Episode 18
Don’t worry. The kids can swim! They’re really having fun from start to finish. But there’s a problem: Treize can’t swim! I guess it’s all ice in Ikstova. Not sure Lillia throwing him into the water and shouting instructions would make things better. So far so good. Until he sinks. Not sure how Lillia pulled him to shore but I guess it’s time to resurrect him with a kiss. CPR is too hard to pronounce. So Lillia starts off with that and then presses his chest. I wonder if Allison could see all this from the sky. Treize revives and soon the Roxche army arrives. They really setup a picnic for those kids. Damn these orphans are lucky. Carlo then talks to Treize personally. Carlo hints Treize knows his secret. Carlo is actually a girl, Carla! But Treize already knows because of the way she admires Lillia’s hair. In exchange, Treize also tells his secret of being a prince and needs to do something before he reaches 20. I don’t think Carlo believes it and thinks it is his way of trying to get to Lillia’s heart. But whatever. Both promise not to tell each other’s secret. I’m confused they say it’s a man’s promise. So if Treize isn’t married by 20, is Carlo booking him to be his bride? When they reach back, Treize asks for the reward. So he really wants it? Unfortunately Lillia shifts the goalpost. Not today. Treize sees Travas alone. Travas reports that the real mastermind behind this is Morceau. 30 years ago, he was given a mission to gather orphans in Torcacia. Though he earned the people’s trust, he actually sells them to the rich in Roxche in exchange for info. But after the war ended, he was abandoned. Roxche and Sou Beil discovered this human trafficking plan at the same time. Treize is upset because Travas knew about this but still let the orphans boarded the plane. Had Treize and Lillia weren’t on board, it could have been a tragedy. Still, Treize thanks him for helping to save them and the kids are alright. Probably Morceau let them ride the seaplane as he believed one of them could fly a plane. Treize tells Lillia he wants to head back to Ikstova on his sidecar. No problem. She can take the train home by herself. Treize is sad and had to put up a fake expression since Lillia is praising Morceau as a good guy. On his way back, he stops by a store, hoping to pick up a book on swimming.

Episode 19
Lillia is excited to be invited by Treize to Ikstova for the New Year. Because this time he is going to reveal everything about himself. Lillia takes this as a chance to find his weakness (I guess Treize already mastered swimming) and win against him. Is that a longwinded way of saying she loves him? I guess not. Grats “Ax” Axenteanu, Travas’ assistant reports in some irregularity about an anonymous account making large purchases of film rolls to film at Ikstova. Could it be they are spies? Further investigation reveals Lowry Productions headed by Elicia Lowry are going to film a documentary there. Nothing suspicious until they discover a note with vague words that sounds more like a revenge plot. Better safe than sorry. With no direct flights to Ikstova, Allison and Lillia are forced to take the bus. During the journey, a mini avalanche blocked the path so instead of waiting for reinforcements, everyone gets up to shovel. Until the snowplough ploughs through. Well, at least the road is clear now. Too bad it wasted everyone’s efforts. So when mother and daughter reach Ikstova, they’re dead tired. Time to get some beauty sleep. Benedict and Fiona host their own New Year countdown party and Lowry Productions are also there to help film this historic moment. With that kind of face, we can tell that Elicia is harbouring some sort of grudge. She talks to Fiona about her hobby in making movies all thanks to her late father who left enough fortune for her to live easy. As the countdown begins, Treize and Lillia are alone. Hard to say the right words, I suppose. I guess we just enjoy the moment with great fireworks rather than spoiling it with some nervous confession. Meanwhile at the palace, Elicia fires a warning shot as her crew takes everyone hostage. Where the heck are the guards?! I mean those young soldiers on duty rather than those old farts. Wow. Security is really lax here.

Episode 20
Meanwhile Treize is still finding it hard to say it to Lillia… I don’t think Lillia wants to hear about the weather in Ikstova… Elicia moves Fiona and Benedict to another room to interrogate. It seems she wants to know the whereabouts of the royal treasure. Fiona plays dumb to stall for time. Ikstova’s treasure, huh? The people? The nature’s beauty? Please be more specific. Meanwhile in the other room where the guests are being held, one of the old guards does a distraction so that Emma could flee. Yeah, nobody saw the OPENED window! Emma manages to wade through the thick snow to the cabin and tell Treize what is happening. Time to go do some rescuing. Lillia wants to come along too. I guess being with him beats taking care of Emma. Meanwhile Allison is in town drinking alone when she stumbles into Warren. Ah, relive those good times, eh? Warren mentions that after Nihito’s death, his bereaved family moved out from Ikstova to Roxche. He hopes they are living in peace there. Since Elicia knows about Fiona’s past, she then takes out an old but detailed map of Ikstova. From what I understand, there is a valley that supposedly hides the royal treasure. The royal family has prohibited access to it (hence untouched for 400 years) but they have been searching for it there but to no avail. That’s when they thought of ‘asking’ the royal family. Time for Fiona to spill all the beans or her husband dies. Lillia wonders how Treize knows a secret underground mine cart that leads to some cabin. He has a bodyguard friend who tells him this? That bodyguard should be fired! Riding the mine cart, it it’s bad enough the brakes broke, they crash and they f*cking survive the fall!!!!!!! Then they stumble into a room filled with dynamites. Really. How convenient. Time to use this.

Episode 21
Treize wants Lillia to put the dynamite into the stove and hopes this explosion will serve as a distraction. After that she must return to the cabin. Lillia did just that but she slips. To avoid being find out, she returns to Treize. Are the guards dumb not to see a human shaped cavity in the snow? Luckily they’re not dumb enough not to notice the loud explosion. Returning to the guest room, now they take a head count and realize a hostage is missing?! Checking outside, they see other dynamites in the snow and realize this is a distraction. Meanwhile Treize and Lillia manage to enter the former’s room. He has to pretend he gets lucky and know where the things are. Like this communications receiver. He really hooked up the whole thing in time? He manages to call the airport but his message is not clear since they have to hide after hearing footsteps. Thankfully the closet has a secret compartment to the attic so after the baddies destroy the receiver and clean out the closet, the duo are still safe. The subordinates report back to Elicia about their suspicions and advise her to hasten their plan. As Fiona realizes who she is, it is no surprise that she is the daughter of Nihito. Her real name is Claire. During the height of the war, Nihito was a historian who thought Ikstova royal treasure would help bring peace and he asked the queen. Unfortunately she did not say and because he was deemed a dangerous person, was banished from Ikstova. A year later he returned to exact revenge on the palace. Claire claims Ikstova killed her father and is seeking revenge. The plan is to take Fiona and Benedict away, burn down this lodge and kill the rest. Fiona then tells the inconvenient truth about herself as a fake. Claire is surprised and disappointed. She gets angry but her subordinates calm her down and tell her to carry out the plan. Travas and Ax are at the airport and are suspicious about the reported transmission. It says the royal lodge before being cut off. Treize prepares himself and gives his pendant to Lillia. If anything happens to him, please give it to the queen. But she wants to keep it for herself so I guess he can’t let anything happen to himself. Treize makes his way out and sees his parents being taken by the perpetrators to trudge through the snow. Lillia continues to hide in the attic but sees a sniper coming in and taking aim at Treize. I can’t believe he can’t hear her coming out and then scream a warning to Treize. But too late. Treize gets shot!

Episode 22
The subordinate then knocks Lillia out. Noticing her pendant, he mistakes her to be Merielle. He calls Claire so she returns to the lodge. They set up timed explosives before carrying Lillia out. Benedict notices something in the snow. He talks to the terrorists to distract them. This allows the military agents to knock them out. Of course this unit is led by Travas. Meanwhile Treize still lives. Because we all should expect the sniper bullet hit his rifle. He treks back to the lodge but loses consciousness. Thankfully his dad picks him up. Back in the lodge, Travas has disarmed all the explosives. Damn, they really set it to a long time, huh? Oddly, Claire’s side reaches the point where their earlier team was ambushed. You mean they didn’t stumble upon each other on the way back?! Claire calls Fiona to confirm her back at the lodge. She tells her to come alone or else they will kill the hostage. Benedict and Fiona are confused at first because Merielle is now away at Sou Beil with Matilda. Could she be bluffing? Just in time for Treize to wake up and say Lillia got caught in this mess. With Lillia awake, because she is her usual dense self, she tells everything. Yeah, literally tell anything the hostage taker wants! With a smile! Does Lillia even know the situation she is in? This gives Claire a headache with this mix up. Travas thinks there is a risk that if Fiona goes alone, she will also end up as a hostage. Treize has an idea. So Claire really waited for her, huh? And of course this isn’t Fiona but Treize. Can’t see clearly from that distance, right? But this WTF moment as Claire’s side start shooting, they miss!!! OMFG!!! How could they miss???!!! It’s not like he is a slalom champion. IS HE?! Even more WTF when Claire realizes Treize is not Fiona, so shocked that she let him ‘land’ on her?! WTF?! Claire’s subordinates suggest giving up because as long as they live, they will still have chances. Oddly, Lillia kicks Treize and warns him not to bully Claire. WTF?!

In the aftermath, looks like Allison is late to the party. Still having hangover? Lillia apologizing profusely to the king and queen of Ikstova and even has her mother do the same. Now they all are going to find Ikstova’s treasure. In this secret valley. The inhabitants claim they don’t know any treasure. But they point out Sou Beil is just right over this valley. You mean it is this close?! YOU MEAN THE MAPS NO MATTER HOW VAGUE THEY ARE DID NOT CLEARLY EVEN STATE THEIR BORDERS?! You see, this valley is the treasure. It links both Roxche and Sou Beil together and had this path was known during the war, it would have changed the tide and would have become a battleground. That’s why Ikstova kept this valley a secret. But still, nobody had even a decent map, huh? Claire is frustrated this was the treasure her father chased after. But Lillia gives her motivation not to give up. After all, both of them lost their fathers. Remember, Lillia never knew her real dad. With this case solved, the only puzzle left is that Lillia is still unaware of Treize’s real identity. Time not on their side…

Episode 23
Merielle confronts Treize about that marriage thingy. She wants him to marry Matilda now instead of waiting till 20. WTF?! Is she his mom?! Since he is hesitant, she guesses that he might have a thing for Lillia. Hence she prays their relationship won’t go well. Some princess… Meanwhile Travas and his team will be providing security to Matilda as she will be visiting Roxche and Ikstova. Elsewhere, some prisoner is given a task to assassinate somebody. Don’t care how he does it, just get it done. Matilda has a great time in Ikstova. When it’s time to leave, Merielle starts getting emotional. Wow. It’s like they’re already sisters? Matilda and Treize are to ride with each other on this train and this activity is of course a secret to the public. Merielle plays Treize’s mom again and warns him not to screw up. Or else she will have Travas kick his ass on her behalf! Oh damn, she’s demonstrating a few kicks!!! The train stops at a station where Allison and Wil last met. It brings back lots of memories. Treize heard from his father about Allison’s dad and his actions somewhat prompted Wil to follow in his footsteps. Sacrificing his own happiness for peace of others. Treize hints he also wants to do that but Travas tells him not to rush it although ultimately he is the one who will decide. Allison and Lillia who departed on an earlier train to go on their own trip, the train experiences some malfunction. Stranded at the station, the passengers want to board the next train but is irked when it is told it is fully booked. Because it looks empty. Allison and Lillia spot Travas trying to explain to the conductor that he booked all the seats on this train and cannot reveal any further information. Lillia being suspicious wants mom to explain everything. I guess mom needs to play dumb. For some reason, Travas allows everyone to get on board after getting permission for Matilda? It’s not like he spotted his family, right? Why risk danger? Of course there are sections the passengers are forbidden to step in and his agents will be on full alert. It might seem cruel but they should have left the passengers stranded than take them on. Yeah, for the plot… Meanwhile it has been awkward between Treize and Matilda. You mean they said nothing to each other the entire trip? Treize thinks of getting tea to break the ice. Also, Lillia goes to stretch her legs. They both meet. The biggest freak out moment they have in their entire lives. Once again, Lillia beats him up and wants him to explain. This girl always in the dark and wants explanation, huh?

Episode 24
Worst case scenario when Matilda enters the scene. Treize, who the heck is this beautiful chick! I know Matilda is smart but damn she suddenly could grasp that Lillia is Travas’ daughter?! Just because of their same eye colour?! You mean she never met anybody else in her life who has those eye colours? Matilda is so smart that she knows the pinch Treize’s in and gracefully cooks up a story that she is here on her father’s behalf to buy gold in Ikstova. Hence Treize is her tour guide. Phew. Great cover there. Even smarter when she hears Lillia’s story and how she believes her dad died before she was born. Because now she feels grateful for Travas for sacrificing his life for her country. But soon a commotion when a student is poisoned and a guy brings everybody over and starts accusing the agents that they poisoned their food. Of course Travas denies this. When a culprit is spotted on top of the train and captured, turns out to be the accuser’s wife! He is in shock but this only aggravates his suspicion. When Travas wants to interrogate him, he takes Lillia as hostage! What a way to prove your innocence by being even more suspicious. Damn, Treize so useless and got punched away. Allison wants to take Lillia’s place as hostage and accuses him of poisoning because why bother to gather everybody when he could just scream for help? This is indeed for distraction. When he refuses, she fires a warning shot. Scared guy releases her and tells the truth that this woman isn’t his wife but an accomplice. They were told there were gold on this train and accepted their employer (whom they only talked over the phone) to pull off this heist. However he swears he didn’t do the poisoning. Just before more can be revealed, the guy and his wife experience chest pains. Supposedly the medicine they took turned out to be poison. Karma’s really a b*tch. Travas discusses with his agents that the perpetrator may have planned it all along. In order to safeguard Matilda, they will detach the train when they stop at the next depot and travel separately. This means dumping Treize with the rest of the other passengers in the other coach. As Matilda’s train moves along, somewhere in the woods, somebody switches the rail lines. The train driver spots a car blocking the path and wants to stop but Travas orders him to ram it. Unfortunately the train driver is also an accomplice and stops the train. Now bandits surround it.

Episode 25
The bandits want the gold on the train. Travas tells his agents they are going to fight back. Oddly, the train driver abandoned the train. So an agent is able to take control and start the train again! That was f*cking easy! I guess the bandit boss has a jeep to chase after but an agents snipes the tyre. F*cking amazing that the dumb bandits abandon ship, the jeep can still move straight on its own?! Oh, I see. Cue for Travas to jump off and take control of it! So those dumb baddies gave up chase? Travas’ next plan is to take Matilda via jeep. Meanwhile Matilda talks to Ax about Travas prioritizing his duty over his daughter, Lillia. This makes Ax shock. Matilda thought she knew. You mean agents are supposed to know each other’s life? Anyway, Ax then confronts Travas about this and wonders if he knew it all along. Yes, he did. You see, Ax is the daughter of one of that Sou Beil’s higher ups that was killed during the mural’s discovery. Although Wil did not kill him directly (remember the cave in?), Travas still faults himself as the one who did so. Therefore he doesn’t blame her if she chose to kill him as revenge. That’s why he put her closest to him. Nothing like a few more baddies for them to take out and take their mind of this. Travas has realized the mastermind’s true intention. Everything was a setup. Their target is not Matilda but Treize. Travas’ will continue to escort Matilda to her next point since it is his duty. However in that case, Matilda will go rescue the other train. He has to follow her, right? Meanwhile on the other train, Treize must be wondering why Lillia suddenly is asking him about marriage proposal. Gulp. Then confusion because she wants him to propose to Travas?! WTF?! She wants him to talk to Travas to propose to mom!!! Did admiring Lillia’s beauty made him a little dumber? She is okay as long they are both happy. Then Lillia starts hinting about her dance. Yes, really hinting. Can’t blame Treize for not thinking straight since she is being scary. Then she practises dancing with him. Is that a hint too? If that isn’t clear enough, more hints because if only Treize went to her school… Even if he sucks at dancing maybe he can be there… Do you get it Treize???!!! Conversation interrupted when another passenger seeks Lillia’s help. But when brought to another coach, this evil looking guy knocks her out. Allison and Treize notice something wrong when the train changes tracks. It stops then they realize too late their coach has been detached as the front part (where Lillia is) starts moving again. I don’t think they can run after a train, right?

Episode 26
A message is left for Treize that he is to come after Lillia alone. With Travas’ side rendezvousing with them, a train passenger tells what really happened (since he is a big fan of Matilda so he opens up). The culprit behind this who was also masquerading as one of the passengers is actually a very dangerous criminal known as Prisoner #42. The only reason why this guy is released is because somebody of higher authority allowed it. And that person is Duke Bessar who is also the Minister of Justice. It seems he has a son who is also a candidate to marry Matilda. Gee, this is really extreme and f*cked up way to eliminate your son’s marriage candidate! While Allison and Travas go borrow a plane, Treize drives the jeep. I don’t know if the jeep is boosted with some weird juice that makes it able to catch up with the train. Even more mind boggling fact is how Treize jumps on board the train!!! Damn this kid can be a stunt man! He tries to stop the train but finds all brakes and acceleration are destroyed. Meeting Prisoner #42 and Lillia in the room, Treize is forced to confess he is the prince of Ikstova since Prisoner #42 is going to reveal on his behalf to explain Lillia’s kidnapping. Gee, Lillia isn’t going to ask if that was a joke? Yeah, Treize looks so sad. Can’t be joking. Even more so, Prisoner #42 pressures Treize to confess to Lillia! It’s his last chance to ask everything! Oh damn. Trying to wait for the right moment, this doesn’t feel like it but yeah, see what happens when you procrastinate? With Allison and Travas flying by, how the f*ck can they hear each other talk???!!! Because Travas says there is a ravine ahead and the tracks end there. No prizes what will happen when the train reaches there. It seems Prisoner #42 intends to kill all on board including himself (though the trio are the only ones on the train). I guess it’s better than rotting in prison.

When Travas tries to shoot the chain to separate the coach (gee, did he bring this special gun and foresaw this?!), he is told to throw it away because now Prisoner #42 takes Lillia hostage on top of the train with Treize! How the f*ck can they maintain their balance on a speeding train?! For some odd reason, Allison masterfully weaves between the trees instead of following the train? Is she trying to show off her skills at this moment?! Then it’s like Travas and Treize got this telepathic mind and know what to do next. Travas drops him a ladder for Treize to climb up. Is he abandoning Lillia???!!! Actually he is using the ladder as momentum to give Prisoner #42 a flying kick! Phew. You sure scared Lillia for a while there. And damn, I thought Travas was going to jump on the train or something. He is that capable, you know. Oh come on, please can we do this romantic staring scene later and climb up the ladder? Because of this slight delay, Prisoner #42 grabs onto Treize’s leg (amazingly Prisoner #42 didn’t drop off?). F*ck! Can’t the plane carry all of them off at once?! Is Prisoner #42 that heavy???!!! Lillia threatens she’ll punch him if he doesn’t grab her hand. Uhm, I think you’re doing it wrong girl. And so Treize goes back to his usual procrastination. He’ll tell her the truth some other time. He lets go the ladder and the train plunges into the ravine. OMFG?! For real?! In the aftermath, Bessar is confirmed to have had a hand in this and will be prosecuted. However no news of Treize or Prisoner #42’s whereabouts. WTF?! You telling me people can survive that fall???!!! Some tears and hugs… But when the next school term starts, surprise for Lillia! Treize is the new transfer student in her class! How?! What?! When?! Why?! He looks fine… First thing she does is punch his guy! A little lover’s quarrel right in front of class. Can they do this spat somewhere more private? The class must be enjoying this. Oh, so Treize transferred just in time to be Lillia’s dance partner.

Peace Only Exists Because Of The Presence Of Love
WTF???!!! WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT ‘HILARIOUS’ MIND BOGGLING FINAL EPISODE???!!! It felt unsatisfying. It felt like a joke. It didn’t feel like a proper ending because it was so rushed just to give us a so called good happy ending. So how the f*ck did Treize survive that crash? Oh, he must have jumped off the train because if he can jump in, he certainly can jump out without taking injuries too, no? Oh, better still. I think Treize is an angel so he spread his angelic wings last moment to fly away!!! He probably got stuck in some pine tree and that’s why he was missing for a while!!! HAHAHA!!! Prisoner #42? Nobody cares about him so don’t bother. With Treize’s sudden return without any proper explanation, it somewhat ruined the experience of watching this series. Not to say that it is bad (not that it is good either) but it was so rushed like as though the producers ran out of budget and decided to throw in everything they could think of so that poor Lillia won’t be the only one sitting out alone during her dance party. F*ck yeah, just dance with your mama then! Oh well, what’s done is done.

Having said all that, there are lots of many dumb and mind boggling things that defy logic here (yeah, the last episode takes the cake on everything). Sometimes you want to let it slide and pass because you know, it’s anime! It’s supposed to be fantasy so okay. One or two maybe. But having it so frequent just had me thinking that this is really plot convenience here. For instance, when Sou Beil and Roxche were at war and at an uneasy truce, how come there are no soldiers stationed on either side of the border Lutoni River? That was why Allison and Wil could easily fly over and chase after that old man. You’d think that there would be at least soldiers patrolling along the river that serves as both countries’ natural border but nope. It’s like a virgin jungle that no men has ever set foot. I don’t know how long this river flows and from what I know, perhaps Ikstova somehow borders in between somewhere. Because that hidden valley was the real kicker. I mean, this shows that none of the nations have a clear idea about their borders. Sure, even if the place was kept hidden by the royalty, do you not think those warring nations would have at least tried to scout for ways? So close, yet so far. Right under your noses. Goes to show they don’t really hate each other and perhaps going to war then was just their pastime. Haha. Just kidding. I can go on a few more paragraphs about the dumb logic here but I don’t want to ruin my sentiments for this retro anime as the last anime already took a lot of HP points. Yet. Because if people can go to war over the dumbest reason like arguing over the origins of mankind only to later find out they’re the same and then suddenly let’s be friends… Yeah…

The stories aren’t the best or mind blowing in the world or even if you try to rank the best stories among all animes in history. But they’re pretty satisfying thanks to the mini arcs they are being divided to. At least, this small bite size is enough for us viewers to munch and digest before moving on to the next arc. While I find it unique that the series is divided into 2 big arcs (hence the name of the series), somehow I find that Lillia’s arc is nearly and almost (but not perfectly) similar to Allison’s arc. Like as though Allison’s spirit continues to live on and is now embodied in Lillia. Well, that is somewhat true since the latter is her daughter. But what I mean is that, while it isn’t exactly history repeating itself, the stories do you not see are somewhat familiar? Just in a different form. Or in this case, the next generation. During Allison’s time, there was an incident that would change Ikstova, right? Yup. Then in Lillia’s arc, we revisit Ikstova again for another incident. Thankfully, nothing that would change the nation’s history. And then there’s the train arc. You got that right. 2 train related stories here.

And sometimes certain plots don’t get resolved like remember that Morceau guy? What happened to him after that seaplane hijack incident? Last we heard was that he flew the coop by the time the authorities stormed his cabin. So he went missing and was never caught? So nobody is going to bring justice to what those orphans just experienced? Oh wait. They had a swell time. So I guess we’ll overlook that. And did that Terol guy committed suicide? That rich chicken guy killed himself? My guts tell me somebody else did him in… But who cares about bad guys, right? Not even Prisoner #42, the best character ever because he got Treize to confess to Lillia… And it would have been a successful one if not for that meddling Allison-Travas combo flying n! Just like the dumb logics of this series, I can go on a few more paragraphs but I think it’s time to move on.

The main characters are pretty okay. Allison and Lillia are really spunky and feisty as young girls and the guys seem a bit like wuss. Very evident in Wil because this guy looks more like the indoors type of bookworm despite being a sharpshooting ace. While Treize fares a bit better in his manliness than Wil, unfortunately he still feels as weak as f*ck compared to his crush. So, uhm, having him ride a sidecar is as closest as he could get being seen as a badass? Heck, even his sister Merielle is more badass than him despite being naggy and pushy. But that is expected when you have a brother who is this indecisive and soft. Because if he can’t even have the balls to confess his feelings to the girl he loves (I know, lots of guys are nervous when it comes to confession but still, we expect this prince to add least be brave in this sense!) and somewhat using that marriage thingy as an excuse to just delay, I think you can pretty much see where this is going.

As I’ve said about Lillia being a reincarnation of Allison, I guess Lillia takes after her mom in character but her hair and eye colour from dad. I think Lillia also got part of that clueless and density from Wil since I feel that she is the only one who doesn’t know about Treize’s true identity. And this guy taking his time to tell her… Dude, if you wait till the time is right, there will never be such a time! And now that God has given him a second chance, will he confess everything for real or will he wait for another life threatening incident that puts Lillia in danger for him to spill the beans? I’m sure Lillia will love you for who you are since you know, you’ve both been so long together. But better for Lillia, because he is the prince of Ikstova, right? Oh girl, you won the lottery big time. Nobody gets to punch the prince of Ikstova in the gut or give a flying kick and gets away with it! Many times! She’ll get even more pass for that if she marries him.

Hence the dynamic relationship between Allison-Wil as well as Lillia-Treize is amusing but yet annoying to watch. They have great chemistry together and they have managed to overcome a lot of obstacles with each other but only thanks to plot conveniences that includes making enemies dumber are the reason why they’re still breathing today. It is that same chemistry that might bug a few (like yours truly) since obviously they like each other but some sort of silly pride and nervousness prevents them from going all out and be an official couple. You want them to be together but if that happened, it will all seem too easy. Allison’s failed attempts to get Wil to be naughty to her only backfires and I believe Wil might be just be a good poker player in being a dense character. No wonder he is so good as Travas.

Meanwhile Treize continues to fumble with Lillia about himself. Better hurry. Deadline for this 20th birthday is nearing… Is it because of Ikstova’s weird royalty child policy that gives Treize and excuse to run around without close bodyguards and do as he wish? I see Fiona hasn’t rescinded this stupid law when she became queen… Also lots of funny quips between these pairs in the next episode preview. Mostly one is talking about something and the other would refute. They’re both on different pages and the revelation is the punch line. For example, the penultimate episode has Lillia being shocked about the truth as Treize tries to calm her down and be frank about it. Guess what? She’s shocked because the next episode is the last! Hmm… Since Lillia is handling Treize’s initial confession as a prince pretty well, I wonder if the real shocker will come if she learns who her real father is. I am afraid this might lead her to have trust issues since everyone close to her harbours secrets and what did I say about Lillia always being in the dark? Treize is a prince? Travas is my dad? Mom and dad are good friends with the Ikstova royalty? Damn, there is only so much a girl can take…

When one throws away his normal life to become a secret agent who will protect the peace of the world in secret, this means also changing one’s looks? I guess this is only correct because you don’t want to be recognized by people whom you know in the past. With Oscar/Stork/Icacia truly changed his appearance into a really unrecognizable one, the same fate befell on Wil/Travas (see what I mean when I said stories of both big arcs are familiar? This is another example). Wil really changed into a different man. He was no longer the wuss we all knew. He really manned up. I guess before I could start thinking down the episodes about the conspiracy that Allison was being thirsty for a guy to fill in her lonely heart and that it could be Wil masquerading as Travas, they make the revelation faster in the next episode to indicate Travas is indeed Wil. Heh.

At least I can’t blame Allison for cheating on Wil. Because Allison being Allison did ‘warn’ Travas about cheating on her with Ax as his right hand woman. Because she’ll fly and ram her plane into him!!! OMG! That’s the funniest and most epic revenge story I want to see! But Allison now as a mom (I wonder how she still keeps a freaking awesome slender body) is more toned down and like as though she passed all that feistiness to her daughter. Yes, people. Lillia is Allison v2. Thus this anime is also called Allison To Allison… Just joking… Benedict and Fiona as the other main characters don’t really do much. They just play supporting roles and perhaps the only shocking thing you’ll remember them is how they have no qualms in showing their love for each other. Hey, they’re the king and queen of Ikstova! They do what they want!

Unfortunately as I have said in my opening paragraph, I wanted to see some cool aerial flights. Sure, this series has a bit of planes being featured but well, yeah I blame myself for expecting despite warning myself not to put high expectations. I noticed during Allison’s arc, there were at least more plane flying scenes compared to Lillia’s arc. Even so, they’re just mediocre. Better stop talking about this to avoid being further ‘depressed’. As for the action bits, sometimes they are laughable. As I have previously said, it feels like as though it is for plot convenience. So much so this kind of logic or physics could only be acceptable in cartoons like Looney Tunes. I mean, it is not that cartoonish but you’d expect some sort of logic but they betray that and just go for it. Like that Travas jumping from a moving train to take control of a driverless jeep. That has its tyre blown out!!! Wow. This guy is definitely the top agent. It’s sad but somewhat a good thing this guy chose his duty and happiness of everyone rather than his own.

Art and animation feel pretty dated. This is after all an anime that came out in 2009. Characters look one kind although some like Allison and Lillia look cute. Round eyes. Round face… I don’t think I got used to Benedict changing his appearance from a clean shaven handsome young major to some shaggy bearded dude who looks like as though he is some rugged cowboy or something. On second thought, maybe this looks make him more mature. This series was animated by Madhouse who animated lots of other favourites like No Game No Life, One Punch Man, Overlord, Btooom, Highschool Of The Dead, Death Note, Black Lagoon, Trigun and Claymore.

Here is another reason why I keep saying Lillia is the reincarnation of Allison. Both are voiced by Nana Mizuki in her trademark cutie voice. I think it has been a long time since I have heard her voicing a main character for this duration. I don’t want to go so far as say she gets more loads of work compared to others for voicing 2 different main characters across the series but she’s doing a fine job in voicing them. And of course, because of that, it always feels like Lillia is a, wait for it, a reincarnation of Allison. Just change the hair and eye colour and voila! New character! When Allison became a mom, she is voiced by Houko Kuwashima (Sango in Inu Yasha). I guess this is for differentiation purpose. It would be really weird if Nana Mizuki voiced mommy Allison. 3 Nana Mizuki characters! I won’t be surprise since she can also do another lower voice but I guess that would be too much for her to handle. Maybe?

And oh yes, my favourite Mamiko Noto voicing Fiona might not have a lot of screen time compared to the other main characters, but at least she isn’t being killed off!!! Phew. That is still a trauma for me after all these years… The only other character I recognized is Sho Hayami as Nihito. There are many seiyuus lending their voice here due to the sheer amount of minor and extra characters. Some even voicing multiple characters because after all, can you really identify characters who only speak a few lines and then never seen again. Here’s the list of the selected casts: Motoko Kumai as Wil (Ginta in MAR), Hiroyuki Yoshino as Treize (Meow in Space Dandy), Kouichi Yamadera as Benedict (Ryoga in Ranma 1/2), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Travas (Julius in Black Clover), Chika Fujimura as Matilda (Haruka in Guilty Crown), Chiwa Saito as Merielle (Senjougahara in the Monogatari series), Rie Tanaka as Claire (Suigin Tou in Rozen Maiden), Tokuyoshi Kawashima as Prisoner #42 (William in Emma: A Victorian Romance), Megumi Toyoguchi as Ax (Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist), Misato Fukuen as Carlo (Hime in Yozakura Quartet) and Hideyuki Tanaka as Oscar/Stork/Icacia (Doflamingo in One Piece).

The opening theme, Tameiki No Hashi by Kuricorder Quartet and Shione Yukawa although sounds like a calming ballad from a medieval time, sometimes I can’t help that some parts of the tune feel creepy (the beginning) since it sounds like some ominous hymn. Sometimes I also feel that because of the slow nature of the song, it is as though the singer is holding back on her soprano voice. She sounds like she has potential to reach higher and longer notes but the song doesn’t permit her. For the ending theme, Sayonara No Omajinai by Kuricorder Quartet and Sou Matsumoto, despite being a slightly livelier piece (still a slow ballad, though), the singer’s voice makes the song sound a bit gay…

Overall, this might not be the best show in any field or genre. Despite a lot of dumb logic moments (even though some of those mind boggling moments are later tried to be explained to cover the mind boggling-ness but still fail), it is still entertaining and enjoyable. No spectacular aerial flights, mediocre fight scenes, cheesy character romance that sometimes feel like it wants to annoy you just because, average storyline and plot, that really bad and rushed final episode… Wow. I make it sound like it is a bad anime. But don’t worry, at least it is not an isekai anime (gasp!) and with Smartphone (double gasp!!!). Those dumb moments at least make me smirk and go WTF (the good one, instead of the irritable one). Thanks to people like Wil/Travas giving up their own comfort in life to protect the peace from the shadows, it’s the reason why people like you and me are able to watch such animes with peace and even talk crap about it. And ironically we won’t sacrifice our anime and manga to make the world a better place…

Hmmm… Last season we had a poor boy who has good and decent grades tutor quintuplet sisters and avoid any of them get any failing grade. Love happens in between. Sort of. Now, this season we have a poor boy who has good and decent grades tutor a few girls in his school in subjects which are poor at but they are very passionate about. Love happens in between. Sort of. Ah yes. What more can be more motivating than picking up your books and study hard with the possible love polygon sure to happen somewhere. At least in this sort of anime and genre. So folks, don’t be surprise if we don’t learn anything or two in Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai because it is going to get as cliché it can get when a nice boy of the same age starts tutoring hot beautiful chicks and then something else other than their improving grades blossom. I think we can see where this is going…

Episode 1
Rizu Ogata is a genius in maths and physics. Fumino Furuhashi has no rivals in literature. Nariyuki Yuiga isn’t a genius but he puts in enough effort that shows in his grades and his dream is to get a special VIP recommendation to an affiliated university in which all tuition fees are covered. He gets that chance when the principal summons him. He must tutor Ogata and Furuhashi and have them get into their choice universities. As he talks to them, it seems they want to go into universities that are a total opposite of what they are good at. Shocking, right? He lets them take a test and they score really bad. I mean, really bad. Even if they make a single increment point every day, it gets worse after a week. So why they don’t just teach each other? Because they don’t know what they don’t know. Eh? I thought that should be enough to teach the other? Anyway, when all else fails, Yuiga asks if they should just use their natural talents. They don’t like what he said. Because it’s like trying to live their life as dictated by others think. Before they could claim he is the same like other tutors who will eventually abandon them, Yuiga isn’t about to throw in the towel yet. Noticing they left their textbooks, he goes through them and realizes they left a lot of notes and are serious in it.

Yuiga remembers when he failed during his younger years, he was very upset despite trying. But his late dad encouraged him that one who fails can only understand of not being able to do something. Next day, Yuiga hands back their textbooks and added his own notes to help them improve. It sounds like a confession that he hopes they can get along together. Yuiga needs to do his own homework but does he need to sit sandwiched in between them instead of opposite them? Because of that, Furuhashi almost falls asleep and her head lean on his shoulder while Ogata is too close that her boobs are rubbing on his arms. This makes him too conscious to study since their faces are too close. Later he learns Furuhashi’s dream is to study astrology as loves the stars. She hopes to find her late mom’s star. Subsequently, he finds Ogata playing a card game that is meant for several players, alone. She challenges him and loses 20 consecutive times! She admits she is weak when it comes to anything with human emotions. That’s why she wants to study liberal arts and get into psychology. Yuiga returns home. His bother complex sister, Mizuki is worried since she could smell women all over him! Next day in class, Yuiga’s friends are shocked when those genius beauties are looking for him. They whisper in his ear to keep a secret what happened last night. Uhm, shouldn’t they be a little discreet about this?

Episode 2
Uruka Takemoto is Yuiga’s childhood and wants to borrow and copy his homework. Please do yourself… After Yuiga reports his update to the principal, it seems he has another favour to ask: Tutor Takemoto too. She might be a prodigy in swimming but the university wants an all-rounder this year. Yup. You know what that means. And Yuiga can’t say no when his special VIP recommendation is on the line. So he tries to get her to study but she runs away. And when he catches her, Ogata and Furuhashi just drop by and misinterpret this rape scene!!! Takemoto quickly gets acquainted with the genius beauties. Flashback shows because Yuiga is always lenient in lending her copy his homework, she starts liking him. And also his friends teased him that they like each other. Takemoto is karaoke-ing by herself and wants to invite Ogata. But when she refuses since she is at Yuiga’s home studying, instantly she rushes over! Was the karaoke joint nearby? I don’t think she has intentions to study either as she takes out all her snacks. Just then, a blackout. Obviously Ogata is scared and clings on to him despite her mouth saying otherwise. Takemoto thinks she can also jump into his arms with pretence of being scared but finds it too embarrassing. Yeah, really awkward moment in the dark. Yuiga then makes a makeshift candle. Impressive. Until it goes out. All hell breaks loose. Somebody touching somebody and when the lights get back on, they accuse him of being a pervert. No mood to study anymore. Going home. The ultimatum for Takemoto: She must do well in a test in which failing would result in supplementary classes and no club activities. Time to scream at Yuiga for help. So as they try to help Takemoto and motivate her, we can see that her attention span is so short that she can’t focus. Excuses, excuses. Then they just continue studying. I know she can’t take it anymore but does she have to spam that like every 5 minutes?! Yuiga then gets an idea. To help improve her English vocabulary, he incorporates swimming into it. She has to dive in and pick the correct answer. She gets it all correct! It goes to show that she can only give her full when swimming is involved. Later Takemoto thanks him for helping studying by giving him a gift. WTF, a female swimsuit?! Turns she mixed up her present and it was supposed to be a pencil case.

Episode 3
The principal tells Yuiga that the girls must score at least average in the upcoming midterms. Otherwise they must change their field of study. After he leaves, the duo pass by the office and conveniently overheard the vice principal, Mafuyu Kirisu saying that in addition if they failed, Yuiga will be relieved of his tutor duties. While it should be no big deal to them because they have experienced tutor changes every term and it is only logic since they are out if they can’t produce results, why are they so concerned about Yuiga? I think I know… Yuiga coaches Ogata in her family ramen shop. Dad trying to warn him about doing something funny to his daughter but gets shot down by Ogata for being creepy. Ogata still feels unconfident of not doing well so he cheers her up to review and put that effort in the next test. During the test, she starts to have cold feet. She remembers all her previous tutors (including Kirisu) telling her to just drop her weak subject. Yuiga never said that, right? So she isn’t going to betray him and starts doing her best. Amazingly, she scores above average. Yuiga is so happy she could cry but Ogata couldn’t tell him most of the parts she got lucky. Next is Furuhashi but she has a cold… Hence Yuiga visits her at home. Man, she’s got a big house. Sure, Furuhashi said nobody else will be in but can he just walk in without knocking? Because of that he sees Takemoto cleaning her naked back. Out! Though Takemoto thinks this is normal for him as a boy but gets embarrassed thinking about it herself. Cue to call him a pervert whatever. Amazingly, Yuiga’s motivational words make her really better. Yeah, it really blew her cold away. And with that, she too scores above average.

Takemoto’s friends, Ayuko Kawase and Chinami Umihara are shocked she hasn’t confessed to Yuiga yet. They are not okay with her being okay with status quo. So after school, they force her to go shopping. They make her wear a very frilly princess dress and just abandon her. Embarrassed Takemoto tries to get back and hopes this is one of those days she won’t bump into Yuiga. Nope. It’s one of those days fate wants to screw with you. When spotted, she lies she wanted to go to this bookstore. Okay. He wants to come along! Because of his close proximity, she feels very embarrassed and awkward. Cue for cliché bratty kid to point out how they look like a couple before mom takes son away. Then there is this competition only open for couples and there is a prize that Yuiga notes Mizuki would love. Hence Takemoto braves up to pretend for them to be couple and do this couple carrying contest. Who can hold their love the longest wins! I guess those who falter, that’s as far as their love goes, eh? Haha! I hope this won’t break them up… Yuiga seeing Takemoto close to tears realizes she is trying to hold so he summons his manly power to continue holding her. Yup, they win. In the end, Takemoto was able to naturally flaunt to him that she looked like a princess today. Before he could give his answer, she doesn’t want to hear it. At least not today. I guess she’s had enough for today. Back home, Mizuki is mad. If he won this prize via the couple contest, which girl did he paired up with to win? And it sure wasn’t her… Oh no… Can his explanation save the day?

Episode 4
Furuhashi realizes she has gained weight. Is it because her study pals invite her to snack a lot in between? Hence she tries to resist by not eating and concentrate on her studying. Damn, Yuiga bringing treats made by Mizuki, is God trying to test her or something?! The resistance is strong for a few days until Yuiga notices she doesn’t look too well. Furuhashi admits she is on a diet and despite Yuiga says she looks fine to him, she goes on ranting how she easily gains weight and fears what others say about her. To prove it, she wants him to touch her stomach. It dawned too late to Yuiga this looks like a perverted scene. Worse, Furuhashi misinterprets his words about this being dangerous. She thinks she is going to be overweight when he was commenting on this perverted scene. On their way home, suddenly she buys lots of snacks. She claims this helps her in her midnight studying and is confident she doesn’t put on weight easily. WTF… So when Yuiga allows her to only eat thin noodles, she returns to her desired weight. The president of the chemistry club, Sawako Sekijo doesn’t approve Ogata switching to humanities and blames she is in love with Yuiga. However she brushes it off because love does not equate to her in this sense.

Thus Sekijo goes to spy at them studying at Rin’s place. She thinks of riling Ogata up by getting close to Yuiga and asking questions like what kind of girl he likes. In turn, Yuiga panics thinking she likes him and because they’re so noisy, Ogata kicks them out! As they talk outside, Yuiga realizes Sekijo just wants to be her friend. Sekijo realizes Ogata really wants to do humanities as she sees her putting in a lot of effort but maybe to a certain degree Yuiga has got something to do with it. Yuiga invites them to come watch them study on certain days. Although she dismisses it, she is seen eagerly waiting there. Don’t mind her. It’s just coincidence. Takemoto realizes she forgot to wear her bra in her haste and fears Yuiga will find out. One of those days because she will be facing off against him in a basketball match. She can’t concentrate and her ball easily gets stolen. She tries to focus on the game instead of her boobs but it’s just too hard when Yuiga comes in too close for defence. During halftime with Yuiga giving some words of encouragement, Takemoto takes it as some twisted form of confession. Now she goes all out but the final blocking defence has Takemoto’s boobs fall all over his face. Did he find out? He comments Mizuki feels like that. Takemoto feels both embarrassed and insulted. His guy lacks further tact because back home he sees Mizuki wearing one and points out to her. Surely she beats him up for his straying eyes, right?

Episode 5
Boy, the school sure has a couple of days of mountainous retreat for their study. For some reason, Ogata can’t take her eyes off Yuiga. During a study session, she was too shy and slow to lend her eraser when he dropped it. Hence the other girls were ‘faster’. You only have yourself to blame for sulking like that. Then at the vending machine when he asks how’s her studying coming along, she gets flustered and tells him off to mind his own business. She walks out and decides to take her mind off by collecting mountain udo she thinks Yuiga loves. As expected, she gets lost. Yeah, it’s raining too. When Sekijo realizes Ogata is not around and bugs Yuiga about it, he realizes he last saw her heading out and she might still be out there. Poor Ogata doesn’t understand why she is thinking about Yuiga. She might be hallucinating to even hear his voice. Oh wait. It’s him! As he tries to help her up, thanks to the slippery slope, she slips and from this angle it looked like they kissed! Ogata just got up and left. Ever since she hasn’t looked at him in the eye then but you know fate, screwing around when it can. They are both tasked to clean the baths when the girls start streaming in. Apparently absentminded Ogata forgot to put the cleaning in progress sign out. He hides in the sauna while she tries to convince the girls to go away. Panicked and failed. Yeah, some of them enter the sauna. Yuiga is now hiding underneath the chair. It’s really getting hot from all sides now. When Furuhashi’s feet touched something, she is about to look under when Sekijo claims a meteor shower passing. After everyone runs out, Sekijo calls him out from his hiding. She knew something was amiss when Ogata was acting strangely and found Yuiga’s jersey. So as Yuiga sneaks out, he bumps into Takemoto. Her tower dropped. Is the view nice? Did Takemoto ignore him? While Yuiga is now in safe zone, Takemoto is disillusioned. Was that a hallucination of Yuiga?! Thank goodness? Later Ogata makes up with Yuiga. However she still accuses him of seeing her body. Despite he gave foggy glasses as an excuse, did he still see them foggily? It’s not like Ogata looks mad, right? Back at school, Yuiga explains the girls’ progress to Kirisu. He remembers the girls telling him she was their first tutor and a very cold one. Though she notes he is working hard and doing his best, she wonders if that mountain kiss with Ogata is part of doing his best. Oh sh*t!

Episode 6
Furuhashi is eavesdropping but she can’t hear properly. So she barges in in hopes of trying to clear Yuiga’s name. Too bad she spilled about that stomach touching incident and naked viewing while she was sick. Then it’s Ogata’s turn. Uh huh. The sauna incident… He’s dead. Oh f*ck, now what Takemoto?! Pinning her down at the pool?! Thanks girls. For making it clear those misunderstandings. However Kirisu decides to overlook this as she notes they are fond of him. Suddenly Yuiga takes her hand?! He notices the bruises all over it and realizes she too cares about her students. She was looking for Ogata in the rain and stumbled upon that fake kissing scene. With the principal praising Yuiga for improving their grades, however his male friends get the wrong idea he really kissed a girl and because Yuiga didn’t exactly deny it and said it was an accident, this only serves to worsen the rumours he did kiss a girl. So when Takemoto hears this, she can’t concentrate on her studies and even indirectly tries to ask Yuiga about this via a lesson. Did he kiss someone? Wow. Perfect English. Takemoto tries to stay positive and cheer for him but later feels sad about it. Later she talks to Furuhashi about it and it is clear to her that Takemoto likes her childhood friend. Furuhashi makes her day when she decides to support her. But all that happiness is blown away when the rumours get out of hand. Yuiga staying with his girlfriend? They have a kid?! Thanks to that, Takemoto’s score takes a plunge. Somehow Ogata too. Furuhashi is feeling so conflicted. Even more so when Yuiga talks to her for advice about this. How can she tell him that both of them likes him? Best excuse to go figure it out himself because it is a matter of a woman’s heart! Since Takemoto is still nervous about her chance with Yuiga, her friends decide to set them up. This means wearing a much shorter skirt and showing some cleavage. Sex sells, right? It just makes them embarrassed and awkward. So awkward that they walk together to the shrine and pray. No prizes to guess what they’re praying for. Unfortunately God is a cheeky one so he makes it rain for them to take shelter there. She pretends to sleep as advised by her friends in hopes of making Yuiga stimulated. When she feels her head being petted and her body being licked, you know it’s too good to be true because they’re just cats. Later she stands close to him to hear his heart beat. Can you blame him when she dresses like that? It was enough to make her day and thanks to that, her scores drastically increased. Maybe she should do this more often. The mini skirt and cleavage! XD.

Episode 7
Is Yuiga confiding with Furuhashi about women going to be a daily affair? With Furuhashi accidentally slipping into his arms, to her dismay Ogata sees this. Oh no. That pout. She clings hard to him. WTF suggesting he hold her hand while walking to ease her anger? Didn’t work. Later Furuhashi gets desperate. Thinking the only way left to appease her anger is to push Yuiga into Ogata. Too bad his face fell into her boobs. Later it is revealed Ogata’s dad accidentally broke her glasses and she was wearing an older lens, hence her squinting and mad looks. Later Kirisu sees Yuiga trying to help get a cat down a tree. As she tries to help, she sprains her ankle. Yuiga helps her home but as he leaves, he hears a loud crash. He barges in only to see her buried under her pig sty. To thank him for helping her clean, she helps tutor him. This has Yuiga think she does really care about her students. But more cleaning? This has Yuiga stumble into a cabinet filled with trophies when Kirisu was a figure skater in her heydays. However Kirisu laments such career is very short-lived and this is supposed to be a reminder the foolish path she took. That’s why as an educator, it is their job to guide students on the right path. Yuiga views it differently. Instead of telling them to give up, he tells them to hold their head up high if they fail. If Kirisu is an ally of the talented, he is an ally of those not talented. After Yuiga leaves, Kirisu heaves a big sigh of relief. She was holding in her nervousness all this time. It is the first time a man entered her room.

Later Furuhashi learns of Yuiga visiting Kirisu’s place. He doesn’t think much of it but of course it is for Furuhashi. She doesn’t want him to let word of this spread especially to Ogata and Takemoto. But it soon gets worse because her friend, Kashima spotted Furuhashi with Yuiga and thought she was trying to flirt with him. Hence rumours have started flying that they are dating. Despite Furuhashi trying to deny it all, dumb Yuiga didn’t look deep enough and gives an ambiguous answer that only serves to dig deeper their grave. Furuhashi tries to keep her distance with Yuiga at the library. But suddenly it gets crowded and they are forced to sit closer. It seems all the girls are with Kashima in some secret club that admires Furuhashi. They are here to determine if Yuiga is a guy worthy of Furuhashi. In the end, they only did some studying. Nothing happening. Might as well they do some studying too. In the aftermath when Furuhashi meets Kashima, the former is relieved when the latter wishes her luck in studying. And so the rumours died. Later Furuhashi tells Yuiga about the rumours and he is shocked that he didn’t even know a thing! She jokes about them dating for real and this puts them in an awkward situation. What are the chances when a girl tries to reassure herself she won’t fall in love with someone that her friends are in love with?

Episode 8
Yuiga finally gets a handphone and is an amateur in using it. With Takemoto suggesting studying in the bath because an article says it stimulates the nerve blah, blah, blah, everyone starts to get weird ideas… Yuiga is studying in his own bath and at the same time trying to learn how to use his phone. Accidentally her texts Furuhashi who at the same time is also in the bath. Weird ideas what if they’re both in the bath now. You don’t say… Yuiga continues to mess with his phone and accidentally calls Ogata! How to cancel?! Too bad for him, her dad picks up! Oh sh*t. No matter what answer he gives, dad isn’t amused of this punk. Until Ogata retrieves back her handphone and puts a restraining order on dad. Protecting her from evil isn’t going to cut it as an excuse. And yeah, she too is studying in the bath. The longer their conversation, the more embarrassing they realize their situation. Even though they aren’t together. Yuiga makes the same mistake and accidentally calls Takemoto this time. As you have guessed, she too is in the bath. Strangely, her twisted reasoning thinks he is as good as washing her naked body?! She accidentally turns on the video call mode. Oh Yuiga, is this the best live streaming porn ever?! Took her a while to realize this folly and when she starts accusing him of showing his junk, the panic causes Yuiga to drop his handphone into the water. Now he is without a handphone as it is undergoing repairs. Should have gotten a waterproof one…

As Takemoto is improving in her studies, she keeps pushing herself until one day she almost collapses at the hallway. Luckily Yuiga was passing by and helps put her in the infirmary. Strangely, she starts hugging him in her sleep. No sleeping beauty kiss yet as Takemoto’s friends come in to check on her. Yuiga is hiding under the bed when he hears the girls talk about Takemoto in love with Yuiga. Because of that, it is Yuiga’s turn to not have enough sleep as he becomes conscious about this. He can’t concentrate in his studies and flusters when Takemoto is close to him. He even overthinks when he thinks she is bringing him to a love hotel. Nope. Just a ramen store next door. But damn, seeing her eat ramen is sexy?! WTF?! Sexy meat?! Since when ramen is seductive?! Oh yeah. Slurp more of that ramen goodness! At the end of the day, somehow Yuiga asks her if the guy she likes is him. Of course she embarrassingly denies which of course we all know is false. Not sure if it’s a good thing if Yuiga is a dense guy because although he is super embarrassed in asking that, he now wonders who that guy Takemoto really like is. Oh well. At least now he can concentrate on his studies with this issue off his chest. Somewhat.

Episode 9
Yuiga sees Kirisu sitting outside her apartment. Better walk away. But why does he have to pass her? Now she reels him in. I bet something is more than just cleaning her pig sty. Yup. There’s a cockroach!!! Kirisu is paralysed in fear so much so she is clinging onto Yuiga. Cliché boobs in face moment. The bug escapes. After cleaning, Yuiga is about to leave but Kirisu won’t let him. She is afraid ‘that’ my return. She’ll do anything. Just don’t leave her alone! Anything? Get your mind out of the gutter because Yuiga has her tutor him. Kirisu has ordered some take-outs since their session lasted longer. Unfortunately it is Ogata doing the delivery. You can see that extremely sour face when she realizes what is happening. So why is Ogata staying now? Both women are giving him that piercing stare. Is he supposed to know what they’re saying?! I believe so. He thinks of playing a card game to break the ice but he forgot Ogata is bad at games and she ended up on a 30 consecutive losing streak! Is Kirisu enjoying this? It just got worse. Yuiga talks to Ogata about being a warm and caring person. Until she realizes he was actually talking about Kirisu. Back to that sour face. Suddenly Kirisu screams. The roach is back! With her clinging onto Yuiga, I’m sure he can’t do anything and Ogata is getting the wrong idea of Kirisu being ‘warm and friendly’. Before the cockroach gets cheeky, Ogata smacks it with a newspaper. Game over. Although a disaster was averted, the relationship between Kirisu and Ogata still didn’t get better. Later Ogata asks if there is a cockroach in her place, would he come to rescue her? He finds it odd because she just killed the cockroach with no problem so why need his help? Damn Yuiga, you just made her angry again…

Yuiga’s mom is sick so he is such a filial son that he decides to go fill in her job. Yeah, he doesn’t even know what she does! He realizes too late that she works in a lingerie shop!!! Good news is that mom’s colleague puts him in a mascot outfit. Still embarrassing, though. And don’t worry. Only old ladies shop here if he’s asking that it’s strange to let a guy work here. Suddenly she gets a call that her daughter is sick so she rushes off and leaves him behind. Oh dear. I can see where this is going. Because Takemoto and Ogata come in. Takemoto requesting Ogata’s boobs be measured since they have grown. Yuiga would prefer to get out from his mascot suit, explain everything and risk it. Just that he can’t reach the zipper. Takemoto guides him to measure her boobs. New experience, huh? Takemoto then chooses a few sexy lingerie and asks his opinion that a certain high school boy might like. Somehow Yuiga chose. After they leave, now Yuiga finds Kirisu seeking help! She can’t unhook the bra she is trying as it is too tight for her. He is taking too long because he doesn’t know how it works and this makes Kirisu suspicious. But thankfully, she thought the hook was broken. Yuiga manages to unhook it. You think nothing would surprise him at this stage but here comes Furuhashi. She turned down Takemoto and Ogata’s invitation because she doesn’t want to shop with those monster tits. As she tries several lingerie, the colleague returns. Furuhashi just finished trying when she sees Yuiga coming out from the mascot suit. Her face… So dead… So dead that it’s scary! Later Yuiga tries to soothe her by treating her to a crepe. Eat your heart out. She still isn’t amused, though. She lectures that it was a good thing it was her rather than the rest. Why? Not telling. Consider this another lesson to learn a woman’s heart! Can Yuiga figure it all out at this rate?!

Episode 10
Summer break is for fun, right? Not for Yuiga. He is taking cram school. So that’s his fun? Whatever. Also in the same class is a petite girl whom he thought is his junior. Too bad Asumi Kominami is a year older than him and failed her first entrance exam! Don’t say fail. It’s her taboo word. After class, Yuiga got lost in an unknown part of town. A few sleazy guys bring him to… A maid café! I approve! I suppose he needs to leave since he has no money but on his way out he stumbles into Kominami in a maid outfit doing her cutie maid charm. I approve! But this gets awkward for them. He hears her working in this place since it pays good. However Yuiga sees her horrible grades in science. Yeah. Really bad. Kominami reluctantly explains she is trying to get into medical school and prepares for the worst of him laughing at her. Good for her, he tutors her and makes it easy for her to understand. I guess the other maids want to set them up so they call Yuiga to come back for the next few days. When Yuiga leaves, he bumps into an old doctor. Kominami is seen chasing after Yuiga to return his commuter pass. Cliché moment because that doctor is her father and he is not impressed with her in that getup. Bringing Yuiga back to her place, her father runs a clinic outside their home. He is under the impression his daughter is doing some sleazy job to pay for her tuition. She denies and lies this maid outfit is her boyfriend’s fetish. That’s you, Yuiga! Father getting mad! I guess he has to play along. As Yuiga explains she is trying hard to get into medical school, father isn’t pleased either. He told her becoming a doctor isn’t easy and that she should do whatever else she wants. Kominami is adamant to get into medical school and take over his business. A shouting match begins and Yuiga gets stuck in the middle… Eventually Yuiga puts in some nice assuring words so father (or father in law now?) decides to be patient and put his trust in his, uhm, son in law? Man, this escalated quickly.

Later when the duo are in the streets, here comes Yuiga’s harem. They fawn all over Kominami thinking she is Yuiga’s relative or something. Time to rebuke them. Apparently the trio are also in this cram school as they don’t want to rely on Yuiga always. Of course they’ll be in different classes. Think this would be easy? The moment their break begins, they come rushing to Yuiga’s class for help! Save us! The teacher erased the notes too fast! Since Kominami is a cram school veteran, she dispenses excellent advice on the materials needed. The girls are so impressed that it makes her blush. When they’re done and about to part, suddenly it rains! Cliché. They take shelter in Kominami’s clinic. Yuiga feeling real awkward because the girls’ clothes are wet and can see through. Even more awkward the bra he chose for Takemoto, she’s wearing them! As Furuhashi talks to Kominami’s dad, she learns Yuiga is her boyfriend. Oh no. She then confronts him and with a punch in the gut, makes him spill the beans! Luckily Kominami explains the lie comes from her and Yuiga is putting up to it due to circumstances. She trolls them by saying she might have feelings for Yuiga. Just kidding. Then she whispers to Furuhashi that she might be the one having feelings for her since she brought up the topic. Probably Furuhashi’s best poker face to deny it. Okay. If she says so. Later as Yuiga studies at the maid café, he is thinking how cute Kominami actually looks?! I think it’s the maid outfit… Anyway, she poses a question that has him thinking: What will he do when the entrance exam is over? Gee, he has never thought about that since he was obsessed in getting his harem good grades. Then she trolls him about her true feelings before calling him a womanizer… This guy is so cute when he flusters. See why she can’t stop teasing him?

Episode 11
Kirisu was passing by and saw Yuiga entering a maid café. Of course she tells him off but look who is here? Apparently Kominami knows Kirisu as she was her ex-teacher. So as they’re arguing they are no longer student-teacher relationship, somehow Yuiga got involved in this equation. Uh huh. They are tugging him and in this struggle, Kirisu accidentally bumps into another maid. She sprains her ankle. Lack of man, I mean, maid power. Yup. Kirisu will have to be a maid and help out. I approve! Kominami has her practice her lines with Yuiga. Embarrassing? But since she lacks experience, Kominami lets her do the basics like cleaning instead of interacting with customers. Oh no. She might sound confident she can but she fails at first go. Damn, is she giving customers free fanservice with her clumsiness? I approve! Eventually Yuiga comes to help her and cue for his important lesson that we need to help everybody because nobody is good at everything. At the end of the day, Yuiga learns that Kominami was good in all her subjects except science, hence the same problem of Kirisu bugging her to drop her ambition to be her doctor. But thanks to that, she had a rebellious spirit to do her best. Let’s hope she will improve. Kirisu gets drunk just by a sip of alcohol so Yuiga has to carry her back. In this drunken state, he hears her praise him for always giving 100%. She also praises literally everything else… Good thing or not, next morning she wakes up with hangover not remembering anything.

During summer break, Kirisu didn’t manage to do her laundry and today she must go to school to pick up some documents. Well, there is only one clothes she could wear… Yeah, her old school uniform. You know it’s cliché when she doesn’t want others to spot her but right off the bat she gets spotted. By a policeman. Please show your ID. It’s about to get worse because Yuiga sees this. So dead. However he is a smart boy and can see what’s happening so he technically lies she is his drama club advisor. She thanks him by giving him a lift to school. Just hold on to your seats. She’s a hell driver! I wonder how she got her licence. It’s not easy getting into school without being seen. Because all the clubs are having their activities. It’s like a normal school day?! Miraculously, somehow they did. Time to go home. But now what? Car out of gas? Seriously?! So they walk home instead of trying to get gas? Whatever. Along the way, they stop for ice cream. But have to hide because Furuhashi and Ogata are there too. Damn they had to choose the bush behind. And as expected the duo sit there too. Sure, you want to tell them to slowly back away but remember, bad luck is Kirisu’s middle name. Damn she had to step on a twig! This causes them to huddle even closer and in an almost awkward position. Furuhashi and Ogata fear something is behind them. With Yuiga’s ice cream dripping on her neck, you bet a squeal is heard. Is that a ghost? Worse. Furuhashi looks harder only to see a couple making out! Luckily from her angle it is too dark to see although she can tell it is their school uniform. Okay. Show’s over. Time to get out and give them some peace. Of course Yuiga and Kirisu’s lips never met. While Yuiga heaves a sigh of relief from this panic, Kirisu maintains her coolness. Wanna bet she is panicking all over inside? It’s been a lousy day as Kirisu reaches home. What else could go wrong? Oh, Kominami is here. She teases her ex-teacher she is into high school uniform cosplay fetish.

Episode 12
Remember when Yuiga asked Takemoto if the boy she liked was him and she denied? Yup. Now being together alone is awkward Hence Yuiga sees Furuhashi’s advice. She can tell what’s going on despite he is referring to himself in third person. Subsequently Takemoto also tells the same problem to her. Also in third person. Furuhashi must be a real busy woman. So as not to demotivate Takemoto and make her lag in her studies, she gives her some encouragement. The next time the duo meet, the awkwardness is still there. Thankfully, Furuhashi in disguise sit nearby just in case. The silence is so awkward that both of them start whipping out their handphone to text Furuhashi for help! Don’t worry. Master Furuhashi will save the day. She gives ideas and topics to talk about. But each of them coincidentally has an embarrassing moment together they would love to forget. During the heat of the advice, Sekijo starts texting Furuhashi for hairstyle advice (friendship problems with Ogata, I guess). This of course has Furuhashi has her messages mixed up to the intended participant. Strangely, Yuiga compliments Takemoto’s hair and she likes it. The awkwardness is gone. Weird. But thank goodness. Next day, Yuiga goes to thank Furuhashi for her help. Obviously Furuhashi is spotting a new hairstyle and is fidgeting around for him to notice. He did notice. Notice he needs to pay her back but doesn’t have enough money! This guy still has a long way to go… Now does Furuhashi understand why it’s so frustrating being around him? Or not.

Takemoto’s swimming team is in a competition. However they are disqualified after a team member makes a false start. She is sad and blames herself but Takemoto gives her lots of encouragement. Later Yuiga feels bad about Takemoto’s loss (why is he tearing up too?) but Takemoto stays strong and believes as long as she learns something, all is not lost. Besides, there might be others who deserve to cry more than her. She teases him that he would probably lend his shoulders for her to cry on. And if he really wants to make her feel better, accompany her to their old middle school. It brought back lots of memories and of course from Takemoto’s memories, many moments where she was watching him like a stalker. Apparently when Takemoto lost big in a swimming tournament, she was so dejected and got scolded for being this frustrated. However Yuiga looked at it differently because he viewed that frustration as a previous gift. For her to feel this frustrated, it must have been really special. He was envious of her as he did not have anything of that sort. So that was the clincher to her heart and the reason why she swims well now. Oddly, Yuiga brings up that boyfriend topic again. Has she confessed to him? On no. Awkward time. She denies since there were so many chances but failed. Hence Yuiga wants her to confess to him as practice. This is worst! She thought she can stall him by making him say her first name but he says it with ease. Caught in the embarrassment, she naturally confesses to him. Definitely a good one. If only Yuiga didn’t tell her to do it again and cut out saying his name! Girl so mad that she pushes him into the swimming pool. She is still embarrassed when he easily calls her by her first name, though.

Episode 13
You’re not dreaming, Sekijo. Ogata invites her to a sleepover. So happy until she realizes Furuhashi and Takemoto are also here. So this is a study sleepover? Then they spam her with all the hard questions. Now you know what it feels like that Yuiga had to go through? The rest are all smiles when Sekijo praises how lucky they are when they have a tutor like him. But then she continues to point out that she’ll pity whoever becomes his girlfriend because of this burden he has to carry. We take a break from all that studying as Yuiga and his family go to the fireworks festival. Funny, why didn’t Mizuki tag along? Is it too early for some b*tch showdown? He sees Furuhashi and Takemoto there. As advised, he compliments their beautiful yukata that sends them blushing. Mom and little siblings can see what is going on and suggests he hang out with them. Furuhashi can see where this is going and excuses herself. Hence he is left with Takemoto. The date lasts for a while until they stumble into a crowded stall. Looks like Ogata’s family is running a business here. Hence the duo help out. With Takemoto manning the kitchen, Yuiga helps Ogata with the deliveries. Once done, they get some candy apple as reward. Ogata wants to eat it so much that when Yuiga feeds her, she looks like some cute little animal feeding? Meanwhile a masked beauty seems to be ruining a shooting stall, landing every target. It is no surprise that Yuiga recognizes Kirisu. She denies and tries to run away but trips and bruises her knee. Hence Yuiga has to carry her all the way to the nearby clinic which is being operated by Kominami’s dad. And since it is a little crowded, cheeky Kominami has Yuiga do treatment on Kirisu. He tries not to stray his thoughts but putting the iodine, Kirisu squeals in a cute voice. Is this pleasure or pain?

Meanwhile Furuhashi realizes she has bum out too long that the festival is almost over. But she stumbles into a lost kid. The same for Yuiga. A lost kid right after he leaves the clinic. Once done reuniting them with their family, the festival is way over and the duo bump into each other. No more rides home. Oh lucky, there is an inn. Too bad it only has one room. To avoid their identity as high school students, they pretend to be siblings with Furuhashi taking on Yuiga’s name. Yeah, this is how it will sound like if you get married to him. After lots of hesitation in sharing the futon, I guess they have to since it is getting cold. And they can’t sleep and being too conscious of sharing the bed together. But they can relax when they notice the starry sky outside as Furuhashi relays her awesome knowledge on the constellations. This has her remember her late mom’s last moments. She was told she wasn’t going to die but teleport to the stars and will be watching her from there. Thus whenever there’s a beautiful starry night, be sure to find her. Furuhashi didn’t realize she fell asleep dreaming about this sad dream. She realizes Yuiga has been holding her hand while she is sleeping! She just relents and draws close to him. Next morning as they resume their journey home, they are both very embarrassed because from what they say, it looks like they realize they were embracing each other while sleeping! Better make sure word of this doesn’t get out. Imagine the headlines screaming, “Yuiga and Furuhashi slept together…”. Yeah…

The Equation Of A Harem, When X*Y = SeXY
If all that doesn’t feel it has ended in a satisfying way, be glad to know that there is a sequel coming up! I suppose they need more lessons to learn about even more things that will not be literally tested in school test but the ultimate test in life! So fasten your seat belts, the ride is not over yet as you are in for yet another session of cram school! Think you are a master in such cliché harem rom-coms? Think again! You need more lessons!

Under the guise of the girls tutoring under a guy who has a slightly different outlook and approach in life, it gives us that typical cliché reason so as to why the girls continue to be tutored under him. Of course they have their academic goals to achieve but as you know, that would become secondary of nature in terms of the plot and the main excuse is to of course be with him, completing the harem trope. So yeah, the storyline isn’t the most original (remember, last season we just had something similar in Go-toubun No Hanayome) or as excitingly new and lots of cliché stuffs to expect from a harem and romantic comedy genre. But I guess this kind of slow snail pace love development beats the other kind of sleazy ‘love story’ and fanservice laden harem genre series in that same season, Nobunaga-sensei No Osanazuma. Yeah, that was really crappy.

Forgive me if I make quite a few comparisons with Go-toubun No Hanayome here, but that is only natural for me seeing I have seen that show and it looks almost awfully similar. For instance our main character is a boy who is from a poor family and because of that poverty status of his, he makes sure he needs to ace his grades in order to improve the quality of life of his family. Notice both guys also have a little sister? And then on to the harem girls whom he is tutoring. Calling them dumb is inaccurate and misleading. They might only seem so because of the weak subjects they are taking. Otherwise, they themselves ace in other subjects that they are specialized in. And of course over time while spending time with him, they realize he isn’t such a bad guy after all and soon the feelings of the heart will slowly creep in. They know the other also has a crush and try to be ‘considerate’ in supporting the other. Wow. It’s just like copy and paste but ditch that quintuplets’ idea. But to be fair, the manga that this series is adapted from actually came out 6 months earlier than Go-toubun No Hanayome. So who copied who?

The outline of students needing to excel in their good subjects and drop their weaker ones brings forth the debate of whether their talents are actually wasted or not. With so much diversity in our lives, it is only logical that as adults we start specializing in the things we are supposed to be good at. Not necessary things that we love. Because of this, there are lots of mismatches and hence I would go as far as to say unhappy people with their jobs and never fitting in. Therefore our girls here who are trying to take on a different route, subjects that they want to excel in so as to improve a certain goal in life but are hardly anywhere good at them. If you look at it, it could also go both ways. If the girls manage to pull off the incredible, good for them. All is well. But the girls can also actually end up failing hard and this puts a damper and only reinforces society to stick what you are good at. Of course we can say no pain, no gain or never try, won’t know. That’s why in the real world what if all of us were given a chance to actually take what we want instead that is expected of others. Would we have succeed and made the world a better place or would everything be worse off and let those disbelievers taunt in your face I-told-you-so? Unfortunately real life is not so kind so as to give us multiple save points where we can start over again from there.

Setting Yuiga as the main character, the only guy in his study group (because I am assuming all the other guys in school don’t like studying and hence aren’t as ‘smart’ as him) this sets him up for a lot of harem rom-com style clichés. I mean, that is the main method of how we are going to get our comedy, right? Typically too, being book smart doesn’t necessarily translate being romantically smart. I guess the latter is more of experience rather than easily learning it from some well-known love master author or some shady website online. How to make a girl fall in love with you in 3 easy steps! Yeah. Ultimate clickbait. But even if he is a dense guy when it comes to love, uhm, I mean friendship with his lady friends, I believe it is better for him to stay this way. Because this way he has a wonderful harem since when you’re married, you can only have 1 girl in your life!!! Being in a harem means girls will forever fight over you (at least in anime logic) unlike the married life where your wife is the only person who always picks a fight with you for no reason. Yeah… Take the harem route, always!!! So theoretically, the study group will never end?

What else can I say about the other girls in this study group? Basically from the looks of it after earning Yuiga’s trust, the slightest issue they face in their study, they will flock to him for guidance. Understandably their weak subjects are tough and they want to make this work because they have been given a strict chance to make it or else. But as you can see, slowly they are trying to take this study thingy to the next level. Though, very much subtly. Can’t say outright she likes him. That will ruin the fun. That’s why you have Ogata sulking with her cute puffy cheeks whenever Yuiga doesn’t respond the way she wants and Takemoto is very outgoing so as to conveniently hide her true feelings. And because you know, they’re childhood friends so she’s like that loud. So each of the girls having at least one episode in focus with Yuiga tries to build up their ‘worth and value’ and justify them to be part of the harem. Kominami sounds more like a cock teaser since she loves teasing and giving Yuiga high hopes that she wants to date him but quickly shoots it down after that. She gets her kicks seeing him fluster like that. It makes that boy oh so cute. She may be the greatest pretender among the harem and it is too early to brush her aside from the main pack.

Oddly, Kirisu feels like being borderline harem girl for Yuiga since she is a teacher. Poker face girls like her isn’t all that rare in the anime but with her putting up that snobbish b*tch attitude, one may hope to see her fall from her high horse and become smitten with Yuiga. It’s like the ultimate revenge to see her break character. Kirisu acts the way she does partly because she is weak in PR (she should take up this subject and I wonder if Yuiga could offer this) and there is this reputation she needs to protect. Imagine if everyone views her as a loose and casual teacher. It is either disrespect or be cold and strict and have students dislike you. Therefore many of her moments with Yuiga are like some sort of test from God to see if she would lose her character. Not perfect as she has shown her weak side (that cockroach incident) but can be considered as so far so good. Her b*tch-like character also stems from a trauma during her figure skating days. She is one of those ‘victims’ to the system whereby she was given no choice to pursue her dreams. Although she means good for Furuhashi and Ogata, she truly cares about them in the sense that she doesn’t want them to make the same mistakes as she did and carry that regret for the rest of their lives. Maybe that’s why the long poker face.

Some of the minor characters are amusing. Like Mizuki who seems to have this big brother complex. It looks like she is trying to train and become his future wife but ever since he got assigned to this study group, her womanly instincts ring like Spider-sense hell that he has been mixing with other women. There’s here anxiety. After all, he has been a virgin single for his (so far) entire life and does nothing but studying. What are women and love got to do about it? Then there is Sekijo who seems to just really want to be friends with Ogata. Yeah, this girl should also take some lessons in PR. Sorry, this anime not going down the yuri route. Also not forgetting the very overprotective father of Ogata who thinks he is doing all this to protect his little girl. Understandably, Yuiga as the outsider won’t have much say but thankfully Ogata holds higher authority than daddy so he better back down or she’ll hate him like forever!

Animation and art look simple and clean. Sometimes I think the characters look close to being cartoony than anime. Hence the characters have this one kind cute looks to it. Maybe except for Kominami. She looks kinda evil…Must but those eyes… And is it me or does Kirisu looks like she has a typical resting b*tch face? This anime is jointly animated by Silver and Arvo Animations. Not to be mistaken for Silver Link. No relations whatsoever. Oddly despite Silver being established a long time ago, this is actually their second animation overall! Their first being Akane Maniax way back in 2004! In between they have been mostly involved in 2nd key animations like Digimon Adventure Tri, Seiren and Tsuredzure Children. Even if they were key animators in others like Sakura Quest, Sword Art Online: Alicization and Zombie Land Saga, it was just for one or two episodes. So yeah, studios whom nobody has ever heard of.

Voice acting I only recognized Ayako Kawasumi as Yuiga’s mom, Yui Horie as Furuhashi’s mom and Kana Asumi as Umihara. Too bad veterans whose voice I am very familiar with are now relegated to such minor and cameo roles. For the rest of the cast, they are Ryota Ohsaka as Yuiga (Climb in Overlord), Haruka Shiraishi as Furuhashi (Asirpa in Golden Kamuy),Miyu Tomita as Ogata (titular character of Gabriel Dropout), Sayumi Suzushiro as Takemoto (Akira in High Score Girl), Madoka Asahina as Kominami (Nene in New Game), Lynn as Kirisu (Matsumoto in Watashi Ni Tenshi Ga Maiorita), Saori Oonishi as Sekijo (Aiz in DanMachi), Marika Kouno as Mizuki (Suzuka in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby) and You Taichi as Kawase (Dorothy in Princess Principal).

Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Study. You guessed it, the main study group of Furuhashi, Ogata and Takemoto. Nothing says and hints more than you to go study by naming your temporary group as one. Is this pure dedication? Not. Anyway, Seishun Seminar and Never Give It Up as the opening and ending theme respectively sounds like your average anime pop piece. Honestly, they sound bland. Could even be manufactured pop for all I know. Yeah, it is a good thing that none of them decided to pursue a career in music because this one is a subject where they should definitely stay away from!

Overall, despite the pretty standard, generic and overused clichés of the harem rom-com genre, this one is still passable and enjoyable in its own way. At least for a person who likes to watch this genre a lot. That’s why I am predicting it is going to be a lot more or less the same thing come the next season. Maybe ramp up the tension a little but don’t expect it to really end with Yuiga picking somebody or going so far as Go-toubun No Hanayome to marry a girl. Hence for this season, it is just okay storyline, okay characters, okay harem, okay fanservice… Hmm… They should have put in a beach episode here since that is what I learn after watching harem rom-coms. But I guess they substitute it with that lingerie shopping so it’s a-okay. It has been said a lot of times that there are things that one can’t learn from textbooks in schools. Because if love and relationship were this easy, I don’t think there would be this sort of animes to begin with. The showbiz industry would be very much lacking and this particular genre would be non-existent. That is why with love being such a subjective topic that no glove fits all, it provides us with this sort of ‘entertainment’. Yeah, better to watch and criticize the actions of others than your own. So much fun and safer that way. I guess that’s why we never learn.

Oh no. Not another Nobunaga reincarnation and adaptation. Over the years, we have had that great unifier of Japan being twisted into many different forms in the anime, manga and game media. Some are okay but mostly I’ve seen a lot are those gender bender thingy. Yeah, some of them were just awful. Blame me for being a straight guy and had to go watch them just because they turn him into a cute girl or pretty woman. Thankfully (or not), Nobunaga-sensei No Osanazuma might be yet another unholy adaptation of that great man (can fiction let him rest in peace already?), however it is not a gender bender theme. Instead, his young wives and concubines are somewhat sent to the future where they try to make out with his descendant who coincidentally shares his exact name. Different era, different culture. But the same clichés are always there. Over hundreds of years, I guess some things never change.

Episode 1
Nobunaga Oda is a teacher and he laments he is still single. Though his student, Mayu Biwajima offers to date him if he has none by the time they graduate. Back home, his parents are pestering him to get married and produce an heir. It seems Nobunaga is really a descendent of the actual Nobunaga! When he and his sister, Ichika clean the storeroom, he accidentally broke something and a girl pops out in mid-air. Taking her back to her room, when she wakes up, she asks which country she has been kidnapped to. Father thinks he kidnapped her! When she learns his name, she introduces herself as Kichou Saitou. She is supposed to be Nobunaga’s wife. He is happy with that and thought she is of legal age. Nope. 15 years old. F*ck! As she explains more of herself, Nobunaga can tell she is the real deal from the past based on the historical accuracies and knowledge. Somehow the ancestors sent her to the future. When he tries to tell her the truth, she doesn’t believe him. After all, this is her first time seeing Nobunaga and she doesn’t actually know how he looks like. She then tells him she will give her body but not her heart and warns she will not believe everything he says just because she is his wife. Then she gets down to business, stripping herself and getting ready to make babies. That’s what a wife supposed to do, right? Love or not, it has nothing to do with it. Nobunaga tries to be reasonable but Kichou is being pushy and the other women are threatening to call the cops if he touches this minor! Worst, he can’t shake off this responsibility and must take care of her.

Episode 2
Nobunaga brings Kichou back to his condo. She is confused with this ‘castle’. She wants to call to call it a night since she is tired. Is that the old way of saying let’s f*ck? Of course Nobunaga dismisses her and this makes her think she doesn’t have the body to stimulate him. In fact, unemotional lolis are his type of girls! Too bad it is the ethical issue that gets in the way. He talks about the legal age of marriage and sex. Although Kichou doesn’t really understand, she’s simple enough to say that they just have to make sure nobody knows. She is confident her serving lady has taught her enticing sex techniques. How times have changed because lying there naked is supposed to be super sexy? Nobunaga even has to teach her what turns him on! Yeah, spread those legs baby!!! Surprisingly, Kichou feels embarrassed. As she has learnt something, Nobunaga then realizes he is going to educate her on how to survive in this modern world. She is no different than his students. And he is starting off by making her play an eroge!!! Hentai games allow you to make many choices for a possible future, right?! It also teaches you about love, right???!!!

Episode 3
Nobunaga brings Kichou to school as a transfer student. This is the best way she could learn and socialize. They meet Yuri Hoshigaoka (hentai boobs!) who is also a fellow teacher at school. She offers to help Nobunaga if he faces any problems. As Nobunaga introduces Kichou to his class, Kichou gets worried seeing so many girls. Feeling threatened, she declares she is Nobunaga’s wife whom he promised to marry once she turns 16. Though, she allows them to be his concubines. Of course Nobunaga has to tell her to shut it to avoid any more misunderstandings. Later, Mayu’s friend, Anna Atsuta confronts Kichou about what she said. She wants to really ascertain that because she points out Mayu is also in love with Nobunaga. Although marriage isn’t certain at this point in time, Kichou allows Mayu to be his concubine. Nobody else but herself can take the position as his wife. Ironically this makes Anna mad so she wants this settled right now. The one who convinces Nobunaga to have sex with her gets to marry him! Does Mayu get a say in this? When Nobunaga is called over, he is shocked to see the competing girls stripped naked. Kichou is cool but Mayu is super embarrassed. She sums up her courage to show him her boobs and as he tries to cover her up, his hands accidentally grope them. So embarrassed that this turned on her sexy switch? Please grope more! Just then, Yuri walks in and sees this unholy act. Is his teacher life over?

Episode 4
WTF Nobunaga’s answer is to strip Yuri and molest her till she climaxes???!!! Of course this is just his wild imagination but WTF he thought up about it?! Kichou wants to slit her throat but thankfully Nobunaga won’t allow any violence. So Yuri interrogates them. Nobunaga explains the truth and of course nobody believes about this time travelling thing. Not even Kichou. Kichou suggests heading to Inabayama Castle where her family lives to disprove of this. The town are seems a bit larger than she thought and then Nobunaga points out that small castle on the hilltop. It has been renamed Gifu Castle. There is a notice that details the brief history that includes her brother killing her father. She is in shock and even more so to see her castle turned into some museum. That is when she has come to terms that this is the future. She apologizes to Nobunaga for troubling him as he really isn’t the one she is supposed to marry. She is sad she has no more family, nobody to marry. Nobunaga cheers her up that until they find a way to get her back, he will take care of her. As they look at the several items on display, Kichou could recognize some of them she used to use. When Nobunaga touches one of them, oh no, another girl appears in mid-air!

Episode 5
Kitsuno Ikoma drops into Nobunaga’s arms and slaps him thinking he is trying to get his way with her. But upon realizing who he is, she apologizes and allows him to have his way with her. With Mayu interrupting them, she then introduces herself and is Nobunaga’s concubine. She was married to another man but he died in battle. She then met Nobunaga (the original one) and fell for him. However she died of an illness and she thinks this world is where she has been reincarnated along with Nobunaga. Learning that he is single, she wants him to marry her. This is when Kichou draws the line. Hold on, b*tch. However Kitsuno tells her to f*ck off. Because although she was destined to marry Nobunaga, it is not the Nobunaga of this era. She’s got a point. Even more so, Kitsuno is Nobunaga’s type because despite she is 29, somehow her reincarnation has her body in a form of a young girl. Hence legal loli!!! Must have her!!! Kichou still doesn’t approve of this and draws her sword. Before you think Anna’s interruption is to stop the loli b*tches from killing themselves, it is actually to throw Mayu into the battlefield. Yeah, a 3 way fight for Nobunaga!

Episode 6
Nobunaga brings Kitsuno back to his place and introduces her to some modern conveniences like instant ramen! Nobunaga is having dirty thoughts of f*cking his legal loli but something in his guts tell him it’s a bad idea. Because Kitsuno is already asking for sex and good for him turning her down. He tries to avoid the subject by taking a bath. Yeah, I saw this coming. Because Kichou and Kitsuno now want to wash his back. Hence it becomes a showdown to see who could do better. Kichou is just pretty plain and normal while Kitsuno uses her entire body to do the washing. Ichika comes by to check and sees this unholy act. She’s calling the cops. Matte! Matte! After being introduced to Kitsuno and learning how she came to this era, she deduces that it is not stuffs that Nobunaga break that will occur this phenomenon. Rather when he touches them. This could mean that the original Nobunaga’s soul is residing inside him and anything related closely to Nobunaga will appear if he touches them. Meanwhile Mayu rues she is a disadvantage for Nobunaga’s love since Kichou and Kitsuno are living with him. Though, she felt really happy when Nobunaga touched her boobs. She wants him to touch them again. Anna supports her that she is ready to go again.

Episode 7
Kitsuno is introduced as a new transfer student. Did Nobunaga put a gag order on her because she claims she is his wife and came from the past. But it’s not like everyone cares, right? Even with witness accounts from the rest, it is still hard to believe. Though, they tease Kitsuno to beware of him because he might rape her. Believe it or not, Kitsuno is disappointed because that’s what she’s hoping for! This puts Anna on high alert because Mayu will lose at this rate. So at the teacher’s lounge, Mayu goes to talk to Nobunaga. But he thinks she might be sick and touches her forehead. Suddenly something activated and now Mayu turns into some flirty vixen. She wants him to touch her boobs! Yeah, she may be sick. At the infirmary, she strips herself and wants him to touch them. Kitsuno barges in, not happy he is going to touch the boobs of another woman. To see how mad she is, she punches a hole in the wall! But this only allows Mayu to taunt her that Nobunaga will not love a violent savage like her. This farce is put to a stop when Kichou tells them to behave like a proper wife material. Kitsuno takes a closer look at Mayu and realizes that she is Onabe, one of original Nobunaga’s concubines. Then they discuss about Nobunaga’s touch. It seems not only objects but humans who are related can have this effect as well. Mayu relates that when she was touched by him, she heard a voice and then everything goes fuzzy like a dream. This has Yuri worried because she also had almost the same experience when Nobunaga grabbed her hand earlier.

Episode 8
So, Nobunaga thinks he can avoid all those weird phenomena by wearing gloves, huh? Then Yuri invites him to go drinking. Just the 2 of them. Alright! Kichou and Kitsuno are suspicious so they tail them but damn those age restrictions as they aren’t allowed into the bar premise. Yuri seems to be fretting over something she needs to tell him but she can’t. This is going to take a while. Outside, Kichou asks if Kitsuno has ever fallen in love. Of course. With Nobunaga. That’s why he married him. Kichou envies her and wished she had that experience too. But Kitsuno points out she already loves him because whenever she is close to him, she gets mad. With so many beers, Yuri still can’t say and now blames him and wants him to take responsibility. Naturally he takes this as she wants to f*ck him. Okay! Let’s go somewhere else! At the park, she starts stripping and wants him to suck on her tits?! Woah, man! This has escalated too fast! Really, suck on them? Okay. So why Nobunaga is complaining about a certain order to go about when dealing with boobs?! Just suck them!!! With Kichou and Kitsuno now popping up, Yuri explains why it is his fault. She has felt strange ever since he touched her hand. He realizes and wonders if she could also be one of the original Nobunaga’s concubines. I’m sure he is having such fun sucking on those cow tits but on the other hand, angry Kichou complains to get his mouth off some other woman’s tits. That’s enough sucking! But Yuri wants more sucking! Oh, what to do? Yeah, this sucks. Kitsuno then thinks Yuri could be related to Jitokuin, the wet nurse of her child.

Episode 9
Yuri feels violated but when Nobunaga says he will take responsibility by marrying her, she refuses! She hates him for messing up her body like that! Wow. A girl who despises Nobunaga the main character? With Nobunaga feeling down, he thinks of quitting teaching. Probably he’ll go to some tropical island and frolic with naked girls. WTF?! Did Mayu actually believe that? Because she’s getting scared he will really quit. Hence in her desperation she strips naked and tries to convince him she doesn’t hate what he has done. Weird logic. Yuri doesn’t want him to quit either as long as he doesn’t touch her again. Now the attention turns to why Mayu likes Nobunaga. You mean she has to explain? I suppose it is to valid her stance as a ‘competitor’. However she feels Anna might hate her but after whispering it to Nobunaga, he believes she won’t. Mayu reveals her hobby to draw erotic BL. She thought her life was over when Nobunaga accidentally saw it. However he was impressed by her good art and wanted her to even draw futanari for him???!!! WTF?! Anna might not hate her but she looks like she hates him… Anyway, because Nobunaga doesn’t tease her hobby, she started liking him ever since and technically they both have each other’s dirty secrets. I hope this doesn’t cause the other girls to have some weird awakening because they want to see more. Kichou can’t understand Nobunaga. She believes he is a respectable person as there were times he lifted her out of depression.

Episode 10
Kichou asks what the f*ck does futanari means! Mayu explains! Did you get all that, huh? Kichou is left confused. Does this mean Nobunaga is gay?! Speak of the devil, Nobunaga brings Ranma in as he is Anna’s brother and he wants to see her. Anna warns him about being touched by Nobunaga but as Nobunaga demonstrates, nothing was summoned when he touched him. Later Nobunaga catches a girl falling from the stairs. In the infirmary as she recovers, she helps sew his shirt that was torn during the catch. Nobunaga loves how feminine she is despite feeling something familiar about her. Suddenly she pins him down and wants to f*ck! Oh yeah! WTF she is stronger than him? Nobunaga’s first kiss goes to her. Things are heating up as she lets him touch her privates. Hmm… Feels like something is there… Just in time when Kichou and Kitsuno enter to stop this unholy act but she is able to dodge and turn the tables on her. With Anna here, it is revealed this girl is actually Ranma! He has a habit of cross-dressing and makes his own clothes. So about the part they were fondling each other? Nobunaga claims he was being raped! However Ranma sounds strange when he talks about receiving his love. Can guys marry? In Japan? Ranma reveals his true identity: Ranmaru Mori. Even back then, there were gays…

Episode 11
Yuri’s boobs are tingling?! Yeah, they’re acting up again and she blames Nobunaga. Fix this! Calling the usual gang to brainstorm, they think Jitokuin wants her tits to be sucked. Nobunaga believes she must have some regrets. Like Kichou who married Nobunaga but failed to have kids and Kitsuno remaining as his concubine. If they can figure that out, they’ll solve this tits sucking problem. WTF?! But Yuri still doesn’t want him to fondle her boobs like last time. So how? This time he is blindfolded but the fondling is still the same. So good that Jitokuin is channelled through Yuri again. He asks her regrets. Actually she loves having her tits sucked! After Nobunaga died and his son grew up, she felt empty because nobody sucked her tits. WTF?! Nobunaga’s depraved answer is to marry her, have a child and suck her tits all day long! You know the rest won’t let this fly, right? With Onabe possessing Mayu, she too has some sort of regrets but refuse to say it. When she goes into hiding, Nobunaga fondles Mayu’s boobs to get her back out. This time she reveals it. She never said so in fear that he will hate her. In short, she wants to see gay sex between Nobunaga and Ranmaru. No, not Nobunaga f*cking Ranmaru but the other way round, Ranmaru sticking his dick into Nobunaga! And she wants to draw that!!!! Of course Nobunaga is not going to do gay sex but Onabe threatens she won’t leave until she gets what she wants!

Episode 12
Yuri enjoying Nobunaga sucking her tits?! Until she realizes it too late and slaps him! While it solves her problem, what is he going to do about Mayu/Onabe? This is when Yuri tells him to do gay sex! How does it feel to be doing something against your will? Now suffer! Back at the comfort of his home, Ranmaru gets ready to have gay sex with him. Oh dear. Lots of gay sexual subtext that is cringey as hell and probably Nobunaga is feeling the same way. But before Nobunaga can lose his virginity this way, Onabe stops it. What gives? She is satisfied she could draw enough and has found her peace. With that, she leaves Mayu and ascends to heaven. What a relief for Nobunaga. But please hide that junk. Though Nobunaga is confident he can fix Yuri’s body, however she continues to chastise him. Suddenly Kichou takes out her knife and threatens Yuri. Nobunaga is trying to help solve her problem and all she does is insult him? This is unforgivable. Yuri apologizes for being unreasonable and Nobunaga helps calm Kichou down. After he thanks her for standing up for him, she hugs him and realizes she wants to stay her and not go back. So let’s make babies and watch them grow up! I guess this beats having gay sex, right? Though, from time to time Ranmaru still tries to get him while Kichou and Kitsuno try to sneak up on him in bed at night. Naked. Damn, this guy’s dick is so coveted!!! Lastly, we see Kichou’s knife suddenly summoning another girl. Oh no. Say it isn’t so!!!

Blast From The Past: Sengoku Sluts
Oh dear. Everything feels so bad and going downhill that they introduced a new mysterious girl in the end. And not one by Nobunaga’s touch. So it could be that she isn’t one of his concubines and might be related to Kichou. But I’m not going to go there. So if Nobunaga has to satisfy all this wife and concubines’ spirit to ascend to heaven, I am figuring out that Ranmaru will be the last and probably never to be satisfied! Unless he turns gay then maybe. But for now, they’re trying to say that as long as you sexually satisfy them, they’ll go back. WTF logic is this?! So for the girls who want to be penetrated by him, does it mean until he is ready to do it with them, they’ll be stuck here forever? So it’s like a catch-22 situation for Kichou and Kitsuno because they want to have sex with him but once that is fulfilled, they can no longer be with him. Damn, this is a tough situation…

I wasn’t already expecting much already from this series but as the series progresses, it feels it has gone further and further into a downward spiral. It feels like they are making things up and write whatever that comes to mind as they go along. Basically the entire series feels like one shallow attempt to give us some sort of ecchi fanservice by turning this Nobunaga descendent into some sleazy perverted scumbag. And because this is supposed to be some sort of harem, hence females from his timeline are somewhat transported to this era to be sexualized by him. That just feels so shallow. Like as though they really badly wanted to do a sengoku harem centring around Nobunaga. I mean, does it really explain or attempt to explore why these girls from the past are brought to the future? At this particular point in time? Do they even attempt to solve this problem? Nah. Screw it.

Nobunaga feeling up his harem is what this series is aiming about. Sadly, it started with some potential when Kichou was summoned. You know, Kichou trying to make sense of her current surroundings and adjusting to life in the modern era. Everything looks okay until they brought in more sengoku girls just for the harem sake and didn’t care anymore. It turned from girls who didn’t mind stripping naked and suggesting he f*ck them to Nobunaga the man himself touching up the boobs of his harem. All in the name of helping them. This guy is one step in opening his own sex cult. Because any girl is okay with him. Though his fetish is lolis, he is still okay with mature women like Yuri. But no gay stuff. Don’t want dicks stuck into his ass, huh? I’ll say, the last episode was the most ‘exciting’ because they really made it in a way that Nobunaga might succumb to gay sex. I don’t watch gay porn animes so I’m not used to this ‘climaxing’ scene. But it sure feels refreshed compared to all the other straight sex porn molesting stuff in terms of that. Phew. Lucky Nobunaga. Couldn’t shag a female but did in a male? This is so screwed up if it ever happened.

The characters themselves are poorly written. Like Nobunaga himself is set up to become a sleazy pervert because that is what this anime is all about. He gets to touch his girls with ease because he starts thinking since he is the descendent of the original Nobunaga, that kind of status gives him a free pass to do as he wishes. After all, these sengoku babes are also somewhat thirsty themselves, right? They want to be his wife, get f*cked by him or get their tits sucked. Heh. I guess back in the past when there were no internet connection, other than going to war, there was literally nothing else to do. Yeah, there were no sex experts or sex therapists too so you can guess that people back then are as horny as people nowadays. Yeah. Some things never changed.

The girls fare no better. For some odd reasons, they tolerate his perverted behaviour because you know, he is the mighty Nobunaga. Heck, as the ultimate daimyou, he gets to do what he wants! Well, that would have passed if it was in the 16th century. That’s not going to fly now. That’s why this series looks so cheesy and mediocre. Kichou had the most potential at the start. But after she has come to terms with reality, it’s like as though she lost her bite. I know she started off as a character who doesn’t really love Nobunaga and only does so because it is her role as a woman. But subsequently I don’t see her growing to naturally love Nobunaga. With the focus mainly on Nobunaga molesting his girls, Kichou seems to be reduced to some sort of side viewer. She’s not really amused he is doing all that but she’s not really giving a f*cks to stop him like before. Remember there was a point where Kichou and Kitsuno were going to take out their knives and get ugly with each other? Yeah, logic dictates that they should enter a b*tch fight over dick instead of killing each other because this is an ecchi harem genre. Remember? Maybe the girls don’t really stop each other because they realize Nobunaga is a loser with no personality and will never get laid! Hah!

Yuri is one of those few characters who doesn’t like the main character. She’s not even tsundere. But it is still mind boggling that she allows herself to be molested by Nobunaga because of the twisted reason that his touch makes her inhabiting sengoku b*tch settle down. So there is no other way? Whatever. It’s your boobs anyway. Making her detest Nobunaga feels more fun because there is this thrill when you assault a resisting woman as oppose to one who is willing to do it any time (like Kitsuno). So yeah, with the only one having such humongous tits, it would have been a waste has she started using her brains to find out of a solution instead of letting Nobunaga HAND-le it. Pun intended. Then there is Mayu who is the typical cliché fujoshi girl, also a shy girl who harbours interest in her sensei. No wonder she feels threatened with the ever growing sengoku harem because before all this sh*t happened, she was the only one who was genuinely in love with him. Remember that promise to date each other if they haven’t found anybody by the time she graduates? No? So do I. Because it doesn’t matter now. She might be the first in line for his love but with the advent of those sengoku girls, she’s sliding down the rank and file. Then it gets even worse when they bring in Ranma/Ranmaru into the mix so late into the series. If having legal lolis is already bad enough, let’s throw in a cross-dresser and get some gay sh*t with! Yeah, this really sucks.

Not every girl here is part of his unofficial harem. Take Anna for instance. Because Mayu is such a shy girl, probably for her to have any chance in this unholy competition, you need to have this bold friend who would push you into the ring whether you are ready or not. That is primary her role. Yeah, she’s like the love manager and coach for Mayu. It’s more fun to see her friend be in this mess than herself. Nobunaga’s sister, Ichika feels as irrelevant. Sometimes I feel her character serves as a running joke to catch Nobunaga red handed in some sort ambiguous seemingly illegal loli activity and threaten to call the cops. I don’t see her trying to help solve this problem. Oh yeah. This is his problem. Not mine. So when he seemingly looks like as though he is going to rape his legal loli, she doesn’t hesitate to call the police. Some sister. No wonder Nobunaga gets depraved as the day passes. After all, this sengoku heaven won’t last forever. Either they somehow go back one day or Nobunaga dies first and leaves his wife and concubines behind like before in the past. Damn, I see a tragedy in history repeating itself.

Art and animation feel pretty average. Sometimes it is a bit bland but it could be my hardware. I don’t know if Yuri ever gets harassed by her students or outside school because of her unrealistic huge boobs but I guess those tits are drawn in a way to really attract your attention and keep your perverted eyes focused on them. Can’t… Take… My… Eyes… Off… Them… Kichou and Kitsuno wearing their traditional kimono around but nothing underneath feels like they are ready to give sex whenever Nobunaga wants it. Is it this easy to unrobe a kimono? Don’t worry. Proper censors in place when these girls decide to be an exhibitionist. Ironically bare tits don’t get censored at all unlike that heavily ecchi short series, Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga. Heh. Sengoku lolis no tits at all… This series is animated by Seven who are masters in animating various short hentai flicks but they also did decent ones like Okusama Ga Seitokaichou, Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken, Inugami-san To Nekoyama-san, Strange+ and this season’s Joshikausei too.

Nothing special with the voice acting. The casts include Koudai Sakai as Nobunaga (Yuuto in Hyakuren No Haou To Seiyaku No Valkyria), Akari Uehara as Kichou (Riona in Ousama Game), Ari Ozawa as Kitsuno (Kirin in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Konomi Yuuzaki as Mayu, Marika Tanaka as Yuri, Moe Toyota as Anna (Midori in Hibike! Euphonium) and Suzuna Kinoshita as Ichika (Nona in Chou Kadou Girl 1/6: Amazing Stranger) and Kouki Miyata as Ranma (Susumu in Wandaba Style). The opening sounds weird. Koise Yo Minna Hai by Pyxis is a mix of traditional theme but added with some fast rapping hip hop music. And lots of spinning too! Spin round and round and round!!! Thank goodness this song only lasts for 30 seconds. The ending theme sounds a lot better and not that bad. Returner Butterfly by Rika Tachibana feels wasted to be put in this sleazy anime because its dramatic rock beat would have fit in other better anime series. Too bad it also lasts for only 30 seconds.

Overall, this anime is really bad. Cheesy, sleazy and fails to be funny at all. It’s only funny because it’s weird and cliché. You thought turning Nobunaga into a female in other series was bad and insulting enough. This one goes a step further by turning him into some depraved school teacher. A descendent who has somewhat tainted the name of the great unifier of Japan. At least those female reincarnations of Nobunaga can fight and have tits themselves. Such badass. This one feels like a perverted wimp. I hope that the real ending of this series would be Nobunaga was just having one of the weirdest dreams as he wakes up from his bed and realizes this fantasy was all in his head. Then somehow he gets summoned to the past and replaces the original Nobunaga and once more he gets to f*ck his harem and concubines in this sick and twisted isekai genre. See? I can also write this crappy story myself. No wonder the original Nobunaga is turning in his grave if he ever sees what Japan has become and done to his legacy.

Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga

August 17, 2019

It sounded and looked so much like porn material. I mean, when you have school teachers and their students getting into very sexy and ambiguous positions many times, can this not be more than just coincidence and definitely porn logic? But alas, do not fret. Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga isn’t actually hentai although it is very heavy on the ecchi fanservice side. Not hentai because no sex. Phew, right? Don’t have to worry that they might have increased the number of hentai series masquerading as normal anime this season. The cupid of love must be a stupid mean guy as our poor students here are caught in embarrassing sexy situations with their teachers. It is already awkward enough to see your teacher outside school (although most of us will have this thought that they have no authority here!), what more in such mortifying circumstances. Thankfully it’s just both of them alone so no public humiliation. A secret they can both share and keep… So are these students lucky or unlucky? Maybe a bit of both.

Episode 1
Ichirou Satou is f*cked. Just when he entered the toilet, he sees Kana Kojima using it. Yeah, the ladies is being cleaned so she’s using this one. Satou fears this is it as Kojima has a reputation for being a demon teacher. Plus, the lock is jammed! WTF?! He thought of calling the other guys coming in for help but she pulls him closely so as not to make a sound. This has his face in her boobs and she makes the weirdest but cutest sound. Then she can’t hold herself any longer. Satou too can’t hold himself any longer and hugs her. So did they both ‘leak’? A week later and they both act like it’s nothing but Satou can’t get it out of his mind. He tries to play truant at the infirmary by faking a sprain foot but Kojima is there too! Yes, she is really sick. But sleeping in her revealing clothes? Since Kojima is really in pain, she wants him to put suppository into her ass! WTF?! Hurry! Stick it into her! So he does it blindfolded. Hope he gets the right hole. Eventually he does so and this ambiguous scene… Is she climaxing or what? But what a relief, no? Fellow teacher, Mayu Matsukaze comes to check so Satou instinctively hides underneath the sheets. He thought he is screwed by Kojima pats him for helping her. Next day, he caught her cold. Since she is acting all shy while visiting him, he is starting to think better of her until she gets mad about lying about his sprain foot. So she sticks the suppository into him so as he could heal faster and get scolded! Here comes the pain train!

Episode 2
Satou takes shelter in a coin operated laundry store. Yeah, Kojima is there too. All soaked from the rain. With no other clothes, Satou lends his while she gets hers dried. Kojima is afraid of lightning and clings on to him. Then the lights go out. Why the f*ck is the circuit breaker so high?! He lets her sit on his shoulders to reach but he sees underboobs! The consciousness has them losing their footing. Some laundry detergent poured over her so when Satou tries to lift her up, the slipperiness means his hands grope her boobs. He panics and pulls down the shirt, causing a few buttons to come undone. When Kojima now tries to let him sit on her shoulders, she could feel his dick poking her head. This is going to be a long day. When Satou returns home in the mountains, why the f*ck is Kojima here too?! Apparently she is good friends with his mom, Saki and is helping to look after his baby sister, Shio. As you would guess, Shio cries whenever demon teacher holds her. She laments her parents are nagging her to get married, etc. With Satou being good with kids, could he be the one? No way! They’re teacher and student, right? As they dip in the inflatable pool, her old swimsuit just makes her look more erotic. Shio gets naughty and pulls the string to make her top undone. During the commotion, Shio falls off and although both manage to catch her, they accidentally kiss! Shio then starts liking Kojima and sucks her boobs. Maternal instincts going to kick in? In the aftermath, Saki teases that her son is good enough to be her partner. Oh, she’s serious about it too? Kojima dismisses it although she is embarrassed thinking about that kissing incident and brushes it off as an accident. She gets the wrong idea seeing Satou laying the futon and seemingly inviting her to bed (it’s for Shio) and scolds him he should at least wait till he graduates.

Episode 3
What the f*ck is Kojima doing in Satou’s room?! Saki called her over to celebrate Kojima moving into her new place. But at their home? Saki seems to have an ulterior motive when she lets Kojima drink a bit of alcohol. Now she’s totally drunk! She shows this photo album in which she was a plain and shy girl. Then she points out to this kid (Satou obviously) who was her motivation to become a teacher. Something about he jumped down a bridge to prove he has climbed into adulthood and she too jumped down to save him. Of course they were okay and despite that adulthood thingy didn’t work, but somehow Satou pointed out it made her brave enough to talk to him. As she is still unaware of who this kid is, mom blurts out the truth. Is Kojima mad? In fact she hugs him and has always wanted to meet him. Yeah, still under the influence. With that, Saki sneakily hopes she can ‘take care’ of her son. Wink, wink. Mom will let them be together alone. Kojima is all over him and when she finds his porn mag, she thinks he is into girls with big boobs and starts stripping so as to let him have her way with her. Then mom is coming back in and Satou really needs to stop this ambiguous blowjob scene. When she wants him to transfer water via their mouths, it hits Satou that if the school finds out about this, her life will be over. Before he could put some sense into her, she kisses him. Mom must be smiling to see them ‘advance’ this much. Oh please do continue. Sorry for interrupting. Next day in school, Satou gets scolded and reprimanded by her when he tried to call her onee-san as she told him to. He thinks she completely forgot what happened last night. Actually she still remembers and is just embarrassed he called her that.

Episode 4
Satou is supposed to be on a family vacation. But why the hell is Kojima here too?! Apparently dad got work to do so instead of letting this extra ticket go to waste, Saki thought of inviting Kojima. After all, she is going to be family soon, right? With Satou being dense, mom tells him she is hinting that she likes him and do as he pleases with her. Yeah, mom wants to go shopping… So first order of a beach outing is for a guy to put sun lotion on a girl’s back, right? As he applies them, Satou gets worried if she likes him and Kojima accidentally blurted out she likes him. This panic causes him to accidentally grab her boobs. Embarrassed, she runs into the water but gets her leg cramped. Then she thought she got bitten by a sea snake. Did it bite near her crotch?! Don’t worry. Satou will save her by sucking and spitting it out. Damn, that face. Did she climax? Did she have a good time?! In the aftermath as they attend some party reception, Kojima thanks him and it is one of the most angelic faces he has ever seen. Not that he has seen this side of hers either. They see a wedding in progress and Satou hopes they can come here alone after he graduates. But she scolds him that there should be proper order for things. Kojima goes out drinking with Matsukaze. She is happy to see Kojima getting along well with Satou. Unfortunately Matsukaze laments her own happiness. She likes Rin Suzuki and nothing has happened since the 3 years that passed. They’re not getting any closer.

Episode 5
Now that Satou is dating Kojima, he can’t hang around with his lunch buddy, Suzuki. Poor guy. But don’t fear, Matsukaze is here to accompany him! As they share their food, Matsukaze gets flustered and falls into the pond. In his bid to catch her, he rips her skirt. Oh dear. A bit stuck, he tries to pull her out but she’s in a freaking weird position with her legs open. It’s like God wants to see more of this perversion hence we got Suzuki accidentally switching on the water fountain for water to spray into her ass, her shirt button becoming undone and when he pulls her out, her panties got stuck so… I think that’s enough ecchi for today. On the train home, it is crowded as usual. But Suzuki is shocked that Matsukaze is here too. Oh yeah. Her shirt caught in the door. She tries to remove it but as the train turns, she loses her footing and clings on to him. Boobs pressed against his body. Oh, did I mention her buttons come undone too? Yes, boobs in the flesh against his body!!! In order to protect her, he turns her around but now she’s got her boobs pressed against the window. Does this look like some hentai rape scene? Before they reach the next stop, he hopes to button her shirt. But why is this button not fastening? That’s not her button! OMG are you playing with her tits???!!! Not sure if she climax but down the next station, a staff thinks Suzuki molested Matsukaze due to her clothes in disarray. Matsukaze tries to pass themselves as a couple but Suzuki will not allow this. However she misinterprets this as she doesn’t turn him on and ‘dies’.

Episode 6
Suzuki is ordering a fast food set when Matsukaze is also here. Suddenly it rains and neither brought their umbrella. Lucky for them, Suzuki’s younger siblings, Rei and Suzu brought one. Suzuki offers to share. Because Suzu didn’t like the toy that comes with the lucky set, she throws it away and it ends up in Matsukaze’s cleavage. Damn, she gets turned on by its vibration? When a truck is seen coming, Suzuki has all of them hide behind the umbrella but the handle got stuck in Matsukaze’s ass! In the end, Matsukaze runs the rest of the way home. Back home, her sister, Saya chides her for buying another toy with the lucky set and she should act her age. But Matsukaze says this isn’t a child’s toy. It’s an adult toy! Oh man, she’s right in some ways. When Matsukaze and Kojima are drinking. They got drunk so Satou brings the latter back. This has Matsukaze falling asleep and dreaming of the first time she met Suzuki. She was already late on her way to taking an exam to become a teacher and her high heels broke. Suzuki who was working nearby as a construction worker, offered to help carry her although she was first terrified at his face. Carrying her on his back, he ran all the way. Of course with Matsukaze’s bra unhooking in the process, it was one wild and weird ride. They reached in time and he even was kind enough to fix her shoes. That was when she started falling for him but he left without giving her a chance to thank him. Matsukaze wakes up, shocked to realize Suzuki is carrying her back. Satou called him about this. Although Matsukaze has never got the chance to let him know her feelings, at least she manages to thank him.

Episode 7
Matsukaze, Saya and Suzuki meet Takashi Takahashi of another school to plan for their joint festival. Unfortunately, Hikari Hazakura barges in feels up all over Takashi and teases him which of the sisters she likes. Weird. Takashi goes home and is shocked to see Hikari sleeping at his place. I suppose the heater in her place is broken. Then she pulls him in and hugs him while she sleeps. Takashi narrates they have been childhood friends but Hikari has always been ‘bullying’ him and treating him like a toy. Now that he is grown up, looks like things haven’t changed. He tries to break free but somehow unhooked her bra. He tries to put it back but now he has full view of her boobs. Worse, she pulls him in. Full face boobs. He can’t break free since she is strong and somehow ends up sucking on her tits. When she wakes up, he thinks he is done for but she pats his head and thinks he is longing for mama. Good news is that she didn’t get mad but bad news is she doesn’t see him as a man. When she leaves, Hikari is actually embarrassed of it and thinks his male instincts have awoken. It will be bad if he continues to dominate her like this. Hence she brings him adult shopping. Lingerie shopping. Yeah. She forces him to pick a set and because he is so embarrassed and conscious of this awkward situation, he hands he a see though set. She’s getting embarrassed as she puts them on. Suddenly Takashi takes her hand to run away from this place. Don’t worry. He already paid for it. Oh my. Hikari running through the mall in her undies! So when Takashi realizes too late, he tries to help cover her but flops. The embarrassment look on her face is priceless. WTF escalator handle rubbing against her pussy until she can take it no more… In the aftermath, Hikari forgives everything since they’re adults. Just when Takashi thought she has changed, then again, she might still be the same Hikari who never grew up as she childishly mixes her soda drink.

Episode 8
On a field trip, because Takashi is still conscious of that day, he accidentally falls into the river. Although Hikari tries to pull him back up, she also falls in. They take shelter in a cave as a storm is building up. However with Takashi freezing from hypothermia, Hikari has no choice but to strip herself and warm him up with her bare skin. Yeah, thank TV for that. Suddenly Takashi feels thirsty (not of the sexual kind!) and starts sucking her tits! She tries to pour some barley tea for him but spills it over her lower half. Oh my, Takashi going to drink that filthy pool now???!!! When everything is settled, Takashi barely conscious thinks about his ‘tortured’ past with her but there were also many times she took care of him when he was sick. Because of that, he says he loves her before falling asleep, leaving Hikari panicking all by herself. Suzuki is at the cultural festival. With Matsukaze. Naughty Hikari teases her that she likes Suzuki and quickly handcuffs her so she could participate in this game of hers. Hikari shoves the duo into a room to do whatever they want since the key is inside here. In the room, Matsukaze wonders if Suzuki heard what they said. To her relief, he didn’t. But he just lied because he actually did and is in shock if Matsukaze really likes him. Because of that, he fumbles and the key drops out of his hand. The key falls and unhooks her bra?! HOW THE F*CK CAN THIS HAPPEN???!!! Better still, the key gets stuck in her butt!!! WTF???!!! HOW???!! HOW????!!! Matsukaze has him close his eyes so she can guide him to take off her panties (her hands are cuffed, remember?). Can’t blame this tall guy since he gropes her boobs first. After he manages to take them off and the key falls off, man, he should’ve seen her orgasmic face… In the aftermath, he apologizes despite she doesn’t mind all that trouble. Then she accidentally mentions she loves him and upon realizing this, she runs away in embarrassment. Suzuki has confirmed she does have feelings for him but worries about their teacher-student relationship. But after seeing Satou-Kojima and Takashi-Hikari, I guess no worries. Everybody is doing it too.

Episode 9
Saya and Takashi are supposed to patrol the school grounds. Because Saya views Takashi as manly, this makes Hikari jealous. She is going to make him embarrass himself but she accidentally falls through the floor and gets stuck. As they go to get help, Hikari won’t let him leave. He too falls through. With the hole in the ground getting bigger, Hikari is now left hanging. Takashi tries to support her but she needs to pee. Conveniently there’s a bucket. And please pull down my pantsu too so I can do my business. After this embarrassing situation, Hikari thinks she can solve this by also making Takashi wet himself?! However he leaves with the rest and this makes Hikari think he has abandoned her. In actual case, he is too shy to face her. Later, Hikari is in a bear mascot outfit and taking out her frustration by interrupting couples. However this backfired because they got closer instead. Now she becomes a target of other boys and girls who want to be bumped by her. She runs and hides but Takashi knows where to find her. A little commotion and I don’t even know how they ended up in a 69 position inside her suit???!!! It’s for some sleazy fanservice for Takashi to be rubbing against her naked body. I don’t know how they got out but Takashi made an uncool confession he loves her and in return, she makes a selfish declaration he belongs to her. Meanwhile Matsukaze is still trying to find the bear. She thinks she hugs it and declares her love for Suzuki. Only, she is hugging the real Suzuki. He somewhat accepts her proposal and even suggests they get married in the future. Too much for her to handle as she passes out. Is that from shock or happiness?

Episode 10
Kou Tanaka is jealous that his friends are dating their teachers. He vows to get his own girlfriend and then they can all go on a group date. Can’t blame him. The parfait café he works in… All macho men behind the kitchen!!! So freaking gay!!! On his way out of the kitchen, he accidentally spills some oil over his teacher, Chizuru Tachibana. He fears this school nurse as she has no expression and has a reputation of not caring for students who seek treatment. It gets worse as she nonchalantly takes off her top. Panic, he trips and somehow has his hands slip onto her boobs. Because he sprained his ankle, he can’t get up. More boobs fondling until she has to cover his face. After getting off, though she wants to treat his ankle, he tolerates the pain to go get help elsewhere. It seems Tachibana notes she has failed again. As she talks to Hikari, her goal is to get closer to her students. Hikari advises to change her facial expression because no one can tell what she’s thinking with a face like that. On Christmas Eve, Tachibana is in Tanaka’s home! Sexy Santa? In her bid to get to know him, she shows him a video she records of herself every Christmas. What a lonely Christmas… Thankfully this year she doesn’t have to be lonely. She has a penchant to write her name on everything she owns too. Then accidentally a sexy clip of her. Tanaka panics. Cake drops. She saves it but her ass now ends up on top of his head. Don’t even know how the champagne popped and sprayed into her ass! When he sees her name written on her pantsu, I guess that’s enough for tonight knowing about her. In the end, they exchange presents. He gives her a teddy bear and quickly writes her name on it. What does she give him? Her pantsu!!! Merry Christmas, lover boy! Of course later we find out she mixed up with the actual present.

Episode 11
How did Tanaka end up with Tachibana on Iwagaki Island? Apparently she won some grand prize raffle and shared it with him. At the beach, she starts stripping. Don’t worry. She’s got swimsuits under. Too bad no swimming sign. Don’t they know not to play too closely on the cliffs? Because of that, Tachibana slides down and what do you know? Her bottom came off. Tanaka dives in to help her out and realizes too late her nude bottom. As he tries to push her back up, naughty hermit crab got stuck in her boobs. Tanaka tries to take it out but ends up pinching her nipples! Did that feel good? After getting out, they did a lot of things together. This has Tanaka start thinking if he has fallen for his teacher. That night when they’re supposed to go stargazing, it rained. Taking shelter in a cave, obviously something needs to happen. They both fall deeper into the hole and your guess is as good as mine who they’d end up in that ambiguous position. They can’t move freely due to stalactites. Careful. Don’t want to destroy them. As Tachibana moves slowly, it’s your perverted excuse to somehow lose her clothing from all that tight crawling. Best fanservice view for Tanaka? I don’t know how, it ended up with him sucking her tits. Thanks stalactites! Although the rain clears up, it is still cloud. But don’t fear, the cave now looks as starry as the sky. Tanaka accidentally says out loud he is in love with her. However he feels disappointed seeing Tachibana views him more of a student than a man. So he thinks. Because she feels embarrassed enough and won’t let him look at her.

Episode 12
Tanaka really wants Valentine’s chocolates, eh? Yeah, he really waits after school to at least receive one. None! So sad. Only if the blizzard didn’t hit town. But what’s this? Tachibana freezing from the cold outside?! So as they warm up inside, Tanaka spots a chocolate from her but thinks it is from Hikari since it is the same packaging that Takashi got. She decides to share with him but damn it melted all over her tits! Cue for Tanaka to slip and land himself sucking up the ‘chocolate fondue’! When Tanaka confesses he likes her and wants to go out with her, she rejects. Shock! It gets awkward between them but it seems Tachibana can’t say something and she hopes he will wait until after graduation. During graduation, Tanaka gives his speech. He’s crying not because he is graduating, but rather he got rejected! So sad. Tanaka’s friends are at his place. Somehow the rest of the teachers too as they make cake. Somehow Tachibana gets flour all over her boobs. As she changes in Tanaka’s room, cue for mishap to happen. I don’t even know how the fishing reel ended up tying her up and everything!!! Tanaka goes to get scissors to cut it but Tachibana fears Hikari will come in and see this awkward position. Thank goodness Tanaka cuts the line in time. Tachibana then hugs him but she is shivering. Now she can finally say it. She too loves him and wants to date him. She is waiting for graduation day because now he is officially no longer her student. Finally happy ending for Tanaka! As spring arrives, the quartet of pairs are shocked to discover each other dating. Damn, is this sakura spot the best place to make out?

Nande Ero Ni Sensei Ga?!
Wow. Teachers really ending up with their students? I guess no adult men could give them a greater love than their students. These are really cougar ladies. Let’s just hope that others will not discover about this affair. Because it would really become scandalous for a teacher-student relationship to be busted. Only Tanaka-Tachibana looks valid since Tanaka has already graduated. So you’re a real man now. Go do whatever you want with your girl! The rest still have to thread carefully until they at least graduate. Let’s hope their relationship will not also be busted because of the preferential treatment they get in class. You know, I pass instead of fail you because you’re my lover boy.

Sometimes how the pace flows or the absurd things that happened dangerously borders hentai logic. Though still very much soft porn. Basically the plot is how students end up in very ambiguous and embarrassing situations with their teachers. So how do you do that? Here. As seen, the weirdest and most illogical of moments that defy science and physics happened right here. It’s never going to happen in real life (although the chances aren’t remotely zero) and the way all those accidents keep piling up, damn they are either the most blessed students or the most bad luck teachers. Like as though fate is pulling a cruel prank on them to be together. You know, that stupid cupid instead of firing his normal arrow of love instead missed and that’s why the teachers get sexed up here. Yeah. It feels a lot like that. Especially how every skit starts with the student being surprised their freaking sensei is here. How the heck they always end up in the same place?! I smell a conspiracy going on…

The only reason why this isn’t hentai is because no penetration was done. Uh huh. Fanservice galore of tits, boobs and crotch shots in our faces! But oh yeah, no f*cking of dicks entering pussies, that’s no hentai. This series is so sexy and ecchi enough that there is a censored version. The one that I watched of course. And you’ve guessed it, you want to see those delicious tits without the censors, pay some money and support the BDs. Poor guys like me only get to use my own imagination ;p. The things is, those censors are already annoying but sometimes when the scene is too risqué, that censor can actually take up the entire screen! Good luck trying to guess what the heck is happening. Depending on how zoomed in the sexually charged scene is, the censor size can vary. But don’t worry. The censor designs are tailored to that particular teacher so here’s your consolation. Heh. Maybe it’s time to break the piggy bank for the BDs…

I have this theory why the plot is so. You know for all of us that went to high school, there is always that strict and snobbish b*tch teacher that we seem to hate. Or perhaps there is that young beautiful teacher whom we had a crush on but find it hard to approach. This anime feels like taking out that sort of fantasy with them. You know, the strictest of the strictest teacher is still a woman and what a way to bring her down than getting into this sort of weird perverted situations. Yeah. That should show her! Admit it. You at least thought of that once! And then there’s this nearly twisted porn logic that if you pleasure your teacher good enough, she’ll fall in love with you. That’s short of that porn logic of f*cking a girl until she loves you. Basically you feel it’s like that. After getting into enough embarrassing perverted situations, I suppose these poor teachers can’t marry someone else because this student of theirs have seen their everything and since they aren’t that bad, hey why not date them?! Students and teachers dating aren’t something new if you go all the way back to Onegai Teacher and Okusama Wa Joshi Kousei. But this want waits for things to become too sexy before they become a couple.

The characters aren’t really anything deep and in fact are typical clichés of many other characters you might find almost everywhere. Heck, you can even tell how normal they are because their names are among the most common of commoners in Japan. We have the typically normal boy Satou. Then there is the delinquent looking Suzuki who is actually a gentle giant more than anything else. Then we have the meek ‘little brother’ type in Takashi. Finally the bespectacled senpai in Tanaka. There you have it. Just 4 ordinary guys who used to be single but they struck love lottery in the form of their sensei. Strange, huh? It’s not the popular girl in class nor their childhood friend nor the new transfer girl whatsoever. But their sensei. Yeah. Love is so weird alright. But if you really want to know more about them, the mid-intermission has all their bio and details. Not that you could actually use it for anything important. Except maybe for our sensei’s vital 3 sizes statistics ;p.

The teachers also feel like common personality types cliché. Of course there is the strict demon teacher who has this reputation that sends shivering fear down everyone’s spine just the mention of her name. That’s you Kojima. And look how she got ‘tamed’. Funny, right? Love really does change a woman. But in her case, lots of pervy situations before that. Then you have Matsukaze as the nicest teacher whom every student would like to get. Because she just want to give thanks to a certain student she is indebted, she ended up in many situations that outrages her modesty. Any students would have given his thanks for that! Also, despite her meek nature, it is hinted that Matsukaze could be the most perverted of them all because you can see some hints that she really wants to get it on with Suzuki but gets disappointed when this guy is such a gentleman. Then the brute, crude and sporting teacher in Hikari who hides all that true emotion behind this outburst. All those embarrassing situations must be a sign to tell her to be true to her feelings, huh? And finally the taciturn and emotionless teacher Tachibana who wants to get close to a student but gets more than she bargained. I guess she opened up a lot more than required, eh? Damn, and I thought these teachers ending up with their students instead of their peers of the same age shows how sad their love life is, huh? Oh well. Better to have found love than none at all.

Art and animation look okay and pretty standard. I suppose it is a good thing that the creators are into mature woman because all of them have really big tits. Even if the creators don’t have that kind of fetish, just imagine a really flat teacher in all those perverted situations. I don’t think it would be that stimulating. So yeah. Those humongous boobs really do have a role in here. A role to be molested, squeezed, rubbed on and the likes. Thanks for the oppai! This anime is animated by Tear Studio, a relatively new studio whose other works for now include Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine Movie and Lord Of Vermillion: Guren No Ou (joint with Asread).

For the voice acting part, looks like Yuuko Gotou has reached her quota of voicing a character in an anime per year. Got to take it easy on that voice now after recovering from that lupus illness. As Matsukaze, this is her most prolific character she voiced in recent years as those like in Overlord and Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon are just very short cameos. Voicing Matsukaze as the main character feels like she is ready to make a comeback as she still hasn’t lose her touch on that trademark voice of hers. Probably we will get to hear more of her this year than wait for next year. The rest of the other casts are Sumire Uesaka as Kojima (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Ryouta Suzuki as Satou (Yuuga in Dorei-ku The Animation), Toshiki Masuda as Suzuki (Kirishima in Boku No Hero Academia), Shizuka Ishigami as Hikari (Renge in Kyoukai No Rinne), Kazutomi Yamamoto as Takashi (Yumoto in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love), Nozomi Yamamoto as Tachibana (Chihiro in Imouto Sae Ireba Ii), Yuusuke Kobayashi as Tanaka (Subaru in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu) and Yuka Ootsubo as Saya (Kyouko in YuruYuri).

While the opening theme, Bon Kyu Bon Wa Kare No Mono by Sumire Uesaka sounds generic, it is the lyrics that are quite naughty if you pay attention to it. When you have words that tempt you to touch boobs, thighs and ass, it’s like some sort of ‘warning’ on what to expect when you watch this series. And it also sounds like some sort of desperate attempt for the guy to do anything to her if he becomes her boyfriend. Boy, sex really sells. The ending theme is Ringo-iro Memories and there is a different version sung by the teacher in focus of that episode. The song isn’t too bad but it is filled with lots of sound effects that sometimes to me sound a bit trippy. Maybe all that ecchi spammed in my face had some sort of psychological effect on me? Oh heck. I’ve been a pervert for a long time! You can’t control me like that now! Can you?

Overall, if you harbour that sort of naughty fetish with your teacher, this series finally answered your wishes. Or if you feeling horny and want something naughty without resorting to legit porn or smut, this is your short term solution (though, there is another ecchi series in the same season about a student too horny to study: Midara Na Ao-chan Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai – but with much lesser ecchi fanservice). Ecchi lovers will find this enjoyable because the lack of any confusing story plot and no brainer ecchi situations just for the sake of mind blowing fanservice will have you break into a smile as well as go WTF in your mind at the same time. Now I know why when we stumble into our teachers outside school, we get that same panicky feeling. Who’d knew that this kind of situation might arise? I guess we all learn something from watching this. Sex education is best learnt via hands on approach!

SEX! Sex education!!! Aha! Got your attention there, did I? I guess there is this myth that guys think about sex many times a day. Probably even more so when you’re a healthy young guy. Even though you will be labelled a pervert and other less than desirable nicknames, I suppose guys don’t really give a damn and continue to ‘stay true’ to that depravity. But what happens if it is a girl? Can girls actually think about sex too? Societal norms say otherwise. Therefore in Midara Na Ao-chan Benkyou Ga Dekinai, our titular character is trying to get into a good university and she might have actually no problem in doing that had not those dirty thoughts on sex keep propping up in her mind! Too much sex on your mind! Too horny to study! Oh dear. What would others think about her? What would society think about her? Oh, did I mention her dad is an erotic novelist? Oh dear. Prospects don’t look too good…

Episode 1
When Ao Horie was young, she read aloud in class how her father named her. Let’s say it was due to a porn scene! Now in high school, she is trying to get into a good university and live a modest life. She doesn’t mind sacrificing her youth for that. Unfortunately, Takumi Kijima always keeps bugging her. Ao further narrates how she hates men as she thinks all they think about is sex and that women are sex objects. Hence she believes Kijima has a hidden agenda to get in her pants. When she returns home, you mean this puny little Happosai clone is Ao’s father and not her grandpa?! He bugs her for his tits shaped pudding. Or else he threatens to introduce himself in her school. You see, Hanasaki is a very prominent erotic novelist. And his home is called House of Lewd. Yeah, I can see why she hates her father and all men. But her father thinks she is in heat. In school, Ao is tasked to bring Kijima his uniform at the infirmary since he injured himself. As usual, she heard them talking dirty stuffs. When she goes talk to him, she thought she saw him blush. She thinks of slowly letting know how much she despises him when Hanasaki tries to interrupt by showing place cards that he supports her to get f*cked! Ao tries to prevent Kijima from seeing this and accidentally has her boobs all over his face. As she tries to explain herself, damn daddy uses a fishing rod to lift her shirt and expose her bra! Ao thought she is done for but surprisingly Kijima covers her up and tells her to value herself more. He promises never to do something like that to her because he loves her. Ao is left in shock. Did she understand what he said? Despite assuring herself she doesn’t need all this crap, she can’t help feel worried about this.

Episode 2
Ao heard the guys talking about how you can tell a guy’s dick size by the size of his hand! You curious? What’s this about being big also means pain? Hence she asks father what it means! Hanasaki admits his works are pure fantasy and pleasure because if it is written like reality, no women would enjoy his works. Anyway he continues to describe and Ao concludes that the dick must be really a lethal weapon! She tries to dress up in her studying gear to concentrate but comes off as sexy since the dress is too tight and skirt too short. Later when Kijima is napping, Ao gets curious to touch his junk. So you want to touch it or not? Kijima grabs her hand and allows her to touch. Well, she’s just feeling his hand. She tries to reject him that there is no space inside her but he argues if you don’t try, you won’t know. Oddly, Ao wants time to think about this. It gets worse when Hanasaki gives her stacks of books to read on fetishes. Yeah, she brought the wrong book to school. So when Kijima wants to study with her, she throws the book at him. Obviously because of the same cover, their books get mixed up. Only later she realizes this fouled and goes to look for him. Yeah, she sounds ‘desperate’. At the park, Kijima talks about the English vocab book but Ao misinterprets he has read this bondage book. Hence wanting to study outside she thought wanting to f*ck in public! He wants her to teach her too?! He teases her a little by not giving back he book. Because she looks cute. When he does so, only then Ao realizes he didn’t actually read the book and she got the wrong idea from the start. Strangely, back home she continues to read dad’s works and despite not feeling anything about it, her heart still feels restless whenever she thinks about Kijima.

Episode 3
Ao doesn’t want to go on her school’s field trip but Hanasaki forces her and hopes she gets into one of those orgies! As Ao avoids Kijima, the rest thinks he got rejected and that he should go for an easier girl. But when he mentions Ao has her cute side, this makes the other girls curious if something happened between them. So they bug and force Ao to join in their party later. Yeah, Ao thinks it must be that free show orgy! So as she goes to Kijima’s room to turn down the invitation, he is not in. But she heard him coming back and hides in the closet. He thought the closet door is stuck and puts his hand in to feel. Ao is devastated he is feeling her thighs, though he can’t make it out. Surprise! Not a cat! WTF does he know how furry a cat feels?! Anyway he is curious on the part he touched so as they struggle, she lands on top of him. Of course everybody sees this. Maybe postpone the party? Ao wants to come with them to whatever. Yeah, out of the frying pan and into the fire. Now she’s got to do kimodameshi in pairs! And you know the setup… After Ao finishes doing her business in the toilet, Kijima realizes her skirt is stuck up her panties. He can’t tell her straight in fear it might hurt her. But giving indirect hints, she’s too dumb to notice either. Hence she misinterprets he really wants her lower half. I guess the thighs weren’t enough. So when she accuses him of targeting her body, he won’t let her go back to crowded place and of course this ‘frightening’ scene looks like as though he is going to rape her. He’s taking off his shirt already?! Ao trips as she panics. She laments and succumbs to her fate. Please do it gently. Then he helps her up and covers his shirt over her waist. Your panties were showing. She ‘died’. Not too sure if she was relieved she wasn’t getting raped or she really felt like an idiot. I think it’s the latter.

Episode 4
Flashback shows after Ao made that ‘name revelation’, she was bullied by kids. Hence she hated her name ever since. When a photo of Kijima sleeping with a beautiful girl surfaces, mad Ao goes to confront him. See how cool he is playing football? It gets worse when a senior confirms he went to a mixer and brought a girl home. I think he is being gay with Kijima but that’s it for Ao. Don’t talk to me ever again. Later she bumps into that girl in the picture. Actually she is Miyabi Takaoka and one of those kids who bullied her. Though Miyabi confirms that Kijima confessed he only liked Ao, because they aren’t dating, Miyabi takes this chance that Kijima is hers for the taking. She scorns Ao for being confessed by good guys and then get cocky about it. Later Kijima calls to explain but Ao was harsh to him even if she didn’t intend to. Ao then sees Miyabi talking to Kijima. It’s none of her business but she gets worried. Dad for advice about guys losing interest in girls? When they doubt their own feelings and when women won’t believe them. But Ao rather believes in his joke when a cute girl who accepts after giving it one shot! Miyabi takes Kijima out to the park and wants to take him to this dark place but they got separated. Similarly, Ao is supposed to be out dating shopping with dad and got lost. So in this dark haunted house they bump into each other but it’s too dark to see each other’s face. Then a flash of light. With Hanasaki calling out for Ao, Kijima gets the wrong idea that she is seeing another man. Same case for Ao when she hears Miyabi calling for him. Then they just part ways. Can’t break up when you’re not dating in the first place! Miyabi tries to badmouth Ao although he doesn’t really care. Miyabi gets desperate, telling him off that Ao is just cocky because she knows he is waiting for her answer. She just likes how he makes her feel. She then hugs him and says her emotions for him are clear. Somehow Ao got concerned and tries to find Kijima. She sees Miyabi hugging and kissing Kijima. Outside a love hotel.

Episode 5
Ao is disheartened seeing Miyabi take Kijima into the love hotel. Back home, Ao is even making a countdown of how long they are staying?! So while she fantasizes the horny things they are doing, she passes out from the bath heat. She has this weird dream that Kijima saved her and when she wakes up, she is in her room and Kijima sitting around?! Forced to wake up when dad starts reading some horny lines. When Ao starts ranting away, Kijima shuts her up to listen to his explanation. Right after Miyabi ushered him into the love hotel, the clerk rejected them since no high school students allowed. Outside when he asks if she is friends with Ao, she got mad and stormed off. And about that kiss, he blocked it with his hand. Ouch. Kijima will not do it with anyone he loves so Ao then accuses him of saying that to all the girls and he is targeting her now because is easy. Kijima refutes that and admits HE IS A VIRGIN!!!! With him avoiding her at school, but Ao is being extra nice to him to teach English. WTF she must be nice to virgins?! What kind of philosophy is that?! After that, Ao ponders about Kijima being such a popular guy but still a virgin. She wonders if she is his first love and if he wants her to be his first. Why? Because he’s a virgin. Kijima gets a bit mad as he corners her. But with Ao in tears and claiming it will be her first time for everything, she eventually runs away. Miyabi is having a nice coffee. Yeah, it soothes away her pain especially from the past of cry-baby Ao who keeps clinging on to her. Well, history repeating itself now because Ao comes crying to her and complaining how normal people don’t respect virginity. WTF? Cuppa ruined.

Episode 6
Hanasaki has been meditating for days for inspiration. This worries his editor, Souichirou Yabe since the deadline is coming up. Even Ao is worried for him? As she also hopes for Yabe to take care of his health, Yabe has her accompany him to a meat festival. Yes, food meat and sexy meat all in one place! Yum! Not sure about the logic of the desire for flesh is connected to sexual appetite but damn this looks like some den of depravity to her! Ao gets lost and bumps into Miyabi working here. All seems fine until she too sees Kijima working here. It really irks her that they look like they are close enough. When Kijima meets Yabe and learns who he is, it’s his turn to get jealous. So it becomes a game to see who knows Ao more? Miyabi takes Kijima away to return to work while Ao continues to worry since Yabe mentions the close proximity of the duo is the first step to having sex. Oh Ao, you sure got a vivid imagination there. Ao ponders about Kijima. He is supposed to like her, huh? She tries to brush everything off but we know her body is saying a different thing. When Kijima finds Ao again, he learns that Yabe went to Tokyo University and is smart enough to tutor Ao. Did that hit a nerve? With Yabe calling for Ao to return home, Kijima doesn’t want Ao to go home yet. Instead he carries and kidnaps her! WTF?! At the park, Ao wants an explanation. Here’s your explanation. He is going to make her fall for him.

Episode 7
Wow. Is Ao really fantasizing what Kijima said? Thanks to that, she got failing grades for her prediction tests. Karma? Ao is at the beach since there is a study group. Apparently Kijima is also here. WTF Ao fawning over his abs and nipples but have the audacity to accuse him of being an exhibitionist before her?! Ao turns down whatever plans Kijima wants to spend with her due to her study group starting in 3 hours. However Miyabi will not allow it since if she leaves, Kijima will also leave. Also, she needs to do something about Kijima’s annoying friend, Masaki Uehara. Can that guy ever shut up? Ao claims she didn’t bring any swimsuit but Miyabi takes her to the store and gets a real sexy one. With that, Kijima and Ao head out to the sea. Miyabi is only allowing this because she has done some prank. She snipped a little on Ao’s top. It could fall off anytime now… Ao and Kijima talk over a few things. She thinks of giving him a chance and after a few flustering moments, she thinks he is going to f*ck her in the sea. Nobody can see, right? She prepares for this but of course you know, Kijima then paddles their way back to shore. Her study group is going to start, right? Oh Ao, why you looks so disappointed? Very disappointed indeed. She also feels embarrassed as this virgin did not have any sexual intentions and that it makes her the one who is hard up for sex. As they argue, the time has come now for her to drop off. Damn that view. Ao descended into shock that she missed her study group.

Episode 8
Wow. Ao is really frustrated that with all those flags, nothing actually happened, huh? Why, she even fantasizes if their genders were swapped, she would dominate him and would have done it 10 times!!! Oh my! Is this your true self, Ao?! When he texts her he has an upcoming football match he wants her to see, Ao starts to overthink that he might not have enough energy to get it up. Uh huh. So she painstakingly goes to gather all the libido enhancing ingredients to make the greatest libido enhancing bento. Since dad discovers this, he adds his secret formula to enhance its effects. As Yabe offers to tutor her, Ao realizes the date clashes with Kijima’s game. She realizes she must choose what is important to her. Uhm, so Kijima is important? Whatever happened to university or bust? So it’s bust, huh? Anyway, Kijima’s team lost the game and I suppose Kijima was pretty pathetic. He is really depressed but thanks to Ao and her bento, he gets his liveliness back. With Ao fantasizing about him, be careful what you wish for because suddenly Kijima is now on top of her. He continues to caress her thighs, leaving Ao in shock but also partially feeling good. Could Kijima score this time? Nope. Missed. He restrains himself. He realizes something is wrong with him today and she should leave before something happens to her. She asks doesn’t he want to do it with her? A person whom he loves? Of course. But he values her over his desires. She might sound disappointed and sad and wants him to stop inviting her from now on. But she realizes that at this rate she can’t study and won’t be able to fit anything else in her life.

Episode 9
WTF is this creepy comfort doll for Ao?! One of dad’s healing products, huh? Not having it! On to serious stuff, she thinks Kijima hates her now for rejecting him. In school, he avoids her like a plague and when Uehara talks to her, Kijima tells him not to bother her. At home, Ao tries to focus on her studies but she can’t. Kijima on her mind. Because of that, Yabe punishes her by making her wear a maid outfit. I approve! As Yabe leaves, Kijima arrives at the doorstep. He wants to see Ao and asks her about her feelings one more time. He knows he is in her way of studying so if she says no this time, he will give her up forever. Yabe agrees since she might progress if she feels better. As Ao continues to blame Kijima for hindering her studies, of course he heard that. Kijima promises not to bother her anymore because he loves her. He leaves as Ao ponders if it is the end. Realizing he gets angry for her sake, she stops him and wants him to stay. Okay. He hugs her and carries her to bed. Horny mode on? He starts feeling her stomach but she upgrades that by letting him touch her boobs. Are we finally doing it?! Moment ruin when they realize Hanasaki is filming them. Though Kijima apologizes for trying this, Hanasaki gives him motivation. So he wants him to f*ck his daughter? Ao has come to accept the fact that this is going to be a horny relationship. She waits for Kijima to prop up that question. Kijima promises not to disappoint her and her dad. That is why they are going to study together and get into the same university! WTF???!!! Oh Ao looking so disappointed. She was expecting to be asked out, huh? Looks like the drought is going to continue as Kijima vows to hold it off until she gets into university. At least Ao is now motivated to pass ever damn subject. You can do it!

Episode 10
Ao isn’t interested in the upcoming sports festival. But after hearing Kijima will be on the cheerleading team and cheering for her, you bet she is going to participate. Hanasaki wants to come but Ao forbids him. Flashback shows when he was around, he distributed his erotic works or sold his weird libido drinks. Needless to say, it embarrassed the hell out of her. Since he is still adamant to come, Ao calls Yabe to lie about dad seeing another editor, hence increasing his workload. This puts a strain in their relationship and they didn’t speak ever since. During the sports festival, Ao feels guilty for saying too much. She feels better when Kijima gives her some words of encouragement. To her surprise, dad is here. Looks like he finished up early because he too wants to see and support her. During the race, Hanasaki joins Kijima and his team to cheer for Ao. She is embarrassed but it makes her run faster. On the last lap, Ao is losing stamina and is in danger of being overtaken. That is when Hanasaki screams to her, hold your G-cup and run faster!!! WTF???!!! Deafening silence. Everyone stood still. This allows Ao to rush past the finish line and go beat up dad. And that’s how she won the race. In the aftermath, she bans dad from ever coming to her school Ever.

Episode 11
Kijima wants to study together for the upcoming test but Ao refuses citing that it will lead to sex. I wonder who is the want who is hard up for it. But I guess since he asked a few more times like she wanted, I guess she relents. Alright! Sex on the cards! So she orders silky panties from the internet. Damn she’s fast in taking the delivery. Even Hanasaki is suspicious but Ao is faster. As they study together, Ao is anticipating he will jump on her. An hour later… Nothing happens! Yeah, this guy is actually studying! She tries to add ambiguous words into equations as hints. Unfortunately this guy is dense. Even switching to the more obvious literature, I guess Kijima’s vocabulary isn’t that wide. Time to give it slightly straight to him. She hints they are both alone in this room. There is something he wants from her, right? Oh yeah. The quiz. Whoever scores the highest gets to order the loser to do anything he/she wants. Not what Ao is looking for but maybe he’ll ask her to do lewd stuffs. What does Ao want from him? Being a sadists! What about Kijima? Make bento for him. WTF?! You trying to kill her vibe?! Disappointed girl thinks the power of virginity has made him choose this sh*t so she’s going to teach him. Uh huh. Literally, teach him and tutor him in his studies. Suddenly Ao’s stomach starts feeling pain. She became sick and missed the test. As revealed, Ao isn’t used to wear low waist panties like this silky one so her stomach got cold. You blaming silky now, girl?!

Episode 12
Miyabi is hounding Ao if she has kissed Kijima. To her relief, she hasn’t. Miyabi then boasts about kissing despite never having done it herself so when Ao asks her about it, she tries to cover it up by pretending to kiss her. Oh my. Is this turning yuri?! Thank goodness they stop. Otherwise their first kiss is each other! Ao clears her thoughts about this so she is able to concentrate on studying. But all that comes crashing down when one evening in classroom, Kijima tells her how beautiful she is. She tries to stay strong and not be deceived but then realizes whatever she does, nothing will ever happen. Why the sad look? Hence when she brings about asking Miyabi’s question that she never kissed him, Kijima asks if she really wants one. He can give it to her. What looks like him being a master baiter, it is surprisingly Ao who is the one who kisses him! Embarrassed and apologetic, Kijima in fact wants more. Here’s another one for the road. Now she can’t concentrate on anything! Despite seeing Kijima means kissing, however when she heard a few girls talk about how guys who are good kissers are also good in ‘that’, this makes Ao suspicious of Kijima. Hence she sulks and accuses him of being a great kisser but a virgin. So it’s not okay if she is the only girl he wants to kiss? Later as Ao rues about it, she might get another chance. Kijima admits that was his first kiss and he also felt good kissing her (meaning, Ao is also a great kisser?). He pecks her forehead and hopes he can kiss her again. Before she could give her permission, here comes to big one! Uhm, should they be kissing somewhere more private instead on a pedestrian bridge? So all is well, end’s well, right? Well, Ao just failed all her mock exams… Damn!!! I guess being a good kisser doesn’t make it up for the grades.

Squalor Me Bad – I Wanna Sex You Up!
And so both Ao and Kijima continue to remain a virgin. It feels like the final episode toned things down because before that it was all about dirty minded thoughts and sex. I know we expect them not to actually do it but then they decided to take one step back and make a fuss about kissing? Are they happy with just that?! Are we happy with just that?! Oh well. I guess before moving on to much greater acts of love, I suppose kissing which is the most basic of the basics should be ‘conquered’ first. Maybe that is why you see them freaking out so much especially Ao who starts having indecent thoughts. So theoretically if she masters kissing, then perhaps the next stage will be slightly better to handle. Please note, there is an opposite correlation between studying and sex! Choose your destiny!

It feels weird that it was established at the start that Ao wanted to live a decent life and even gone as far as to state she hates men. With the force of porn logic descending into this anime, this is somewhat quickly overturned and Ao suddenly becomes some sort of sex maniac trying to get laid but not make it look like she’s desperate for it (which she is). Like, WTF?! My guess is that if Ao was established to be a horny b*tch in the first place, it would not have been so much fun. Because I have a feeling that people love to see b*tches like Ao who think they are so high on the moral high ground to come stumbling down, eating their own words and become perverts themselves. After all, we have to remember the name of this anime. Hence it is the plot and running joke that Ao can’t study because of her indecent thoughts that obstruct her focus.

Some might find this distasteful because it paints Ao in a bad limelight. Like as though she is a sex object. But then again, who is the one thinking about sex? Imagine if their genders were switched. That would be even more distasteful and offensive. The irony that guys can be horny and think about sex but not girls. Even if it did play out this way, it would most likely end up in hentai. So don’t worry, people. While there may be seemingly dangerous scenes that would most likely look like as though it is going to cross the line, I assure you it is all in Ao’s head. All in your head. You pervert! Yeah, even some of the titles are a little suggestive like “Kijima Lacks Stamina”, “Kijima Can’t Wait Any Longer”, “Ao Can’t Protect Her Lower Half”, “Ao Needs More Than Fantasies” and “Dad Can’t Offer Support” to name a few. But don’t worry, it won’t be as dangerous as “Ao Can’t Ride The D!”. Haha!

Anyway, this whole story is about Ao trying to find her own romance in her life. Though she gives excuses she wants to go to a good university and live a decent life. You know that is all BS and crap, right? Fortunately, Kijima is the only guy who resonates with her and since they spend a reasonable amount of time together, naturally Ao’s horny instincts would have taken over. You might find it ironic that as the daughter of a famous erotic novelist, she would have at least some sort of knowledge or even control over her horny feelings. But I guess your true colours can only be seen in real situations. So it goes to show that Ao is still very much a virgin like her crush counterpart. She might think so and so, which is sexy in her mind. But come the real deal, she freaks out. Or sometimes getting disappointed because Kijima didn’t act out the way she wanted. Well, too bad. Guys can’t read your minds even though girls really want them to. No wonder this is one of the main causes of relationship breakdowns.

Kijima being a decent guy adds in painting Ao in a bad light that she is a horny b*tch. Remember, what is the name of this anime again? Because of societal norms, Kijima trying to be a gentleman and put Ao’s feelings first than his own desires, makes him look like some sort of loser. Don’t you think? Well, that’s the catch-22 situation. Because if Kijima gives into the desires of the flesh, it takes the fun out of the series. Again, this isn’t exactly hentai to begin with so the so called funny parts and jokes come from all those sexy near misses and misunderstandings. All in all, what Ao wants is just to be truly loved. Because she has not experienced real romance in her life and furthermore having her dumb dad as her only ‘love expert’ as reference, this is why she thinks that sex = love. Though, it isn’t wrong to say that sex is one of the main components for love. So if Kijima truly becomes the gentleman and true love of Ao’s life, perhaps she can do away with this dirty minded thinking. But then again, the series will lose its charm and funniness. So carry on being dense virgins, both of you!

I feel Miyabi’s role to provide some love rivalry feels underutilized. We definitely know that it is eventually going to be Ao x Kijima. But Miyabi’s actions to snag Kijima don’t feel like she is really putting real effort in it. Like as though she is just doing it to annoy Ao and make her feel like a loser. I could be wrong on this since they don’t want to put too much focus on this distraction and instead concentrate on Ao x Kijima. I mean with only a dozen episodes and each episode is half the running time than your standard anime episode, you’ve got to make the most out of it. So when the series reaches the end of its season, viewers want to vouch for Ao x Kijima pairing.

Yabe also feels a bit unnecessary. Becoming Ao’s tutor only serves as a role to make Kijima jealous and show us that he has a soft spot for Ao. There is nothing better for a man to make a move faster when there is another seemingly another male rival or competition. Otherwise this guy isn’t near a threat to Ao x Kijima unlike Miyabi. I was hoping Hanasaki would be the best character ever because you know, eccentric dad. But he comes off mostly as weird rather than funny. Just when you think he is supposed to be funny, then he comes off as annoying instead. Even if he is mostly a dick, but at important times, he provides the best dad advice for Ao. She is after all his only daughter. Daughter that has a name with a porn reference! Ouch! Truly a love-hate relationship…

Art and animation are pretty decent (yeah, the irony). A few ecchi scenes here and there, no wonder Ao’s character is designed to have such big boobs. Fortunately, not big enough that I would consider hentai material boobs. The oddest looking character goes to of course Hanasaki. This Happosai clone seems to be a midget and that size even when Ao was born! Damn, baby Ao as big as him?! Now that he has grown old and white hair, he looks more like a crazy character that ran away from some crazy cartoon. Seriously. Come to thinks of it, he looks like a crazier version of that Colonel Sanders fairy in Hitoribocchi No Marumaru Seikatsu!!! This series is animated by Silver Link who did a few animes ‘similar’ to this such as Watashi Ga Motenai No Wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera Ga Warui, Kyou No Asuka Show, Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne, Imouto Sae Ireba and Strike The Blood.

I want to point out that for the voice acting part, Kenjirou Tsuda really takes the cake as Hanasaki. His character’s main voice sounds like as though he is talking because his balls are tightly squeezed or something! Initially it sounds hilarious enough that I was trying to imitate that voice myself! He is unrecognizable in this voice but come to his serious mode, that low sexy voice of his is definitely him. But kudos in making Hanasaki really sounds sleazy and weird. The other casts are Azumi Waki as Ao (Maika in Blend S), Junta Terashima as Kijima (Nakano in Animegataris), Juri Kimura as Miyabi (Tsugumi in Nil Admirari No Tenbin) and Takashi Kondo as Yabe (Train in Black Cat). The opening theme and ending theme, Wonderful Wonder by Edoga Sullivan and Koi Wa Miracle by Spira Spica respectively sound like generic anime pop. Nothing special for me.

Overall, a pretty decent (oh, the irony) ecchi rom-com anime. If you don’t want too sleazy a fanservice anime like Nande Sensei Ga Koko Ni (because this one has too much spamming of boobs and crotch in your face), this one has the right mix of sexiness… I think. Because not everybody thinks a romantic dinner and a walk in the park as the most romantic idea. No sex here. But sex still sells. Although technically for laughs. The next time you feel too horny and can’t concentrate on studying, perhaps it is nature’s way of saying go get screwed first. Who knows? You might study and absorb better after sex because all those brain chemicals released. And if it did not work, oh well, I guess life has screwed over you then. Now you know why sex scandals never turn out well…

Girlfriends come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, literally. Imagine having those little plastic models that is 1/6 in size of an actual human being as your girlfriend! Thanks again, Japan! For introducing to the world the weirdest sh*t ever and enriching our lives with them. Don’t be surprise to find people nowadays wanting to marry their virtual idols and even those little plastic models. Because life now is too hard and so convenient for all this. Enter Chou Kadou Girl 1/6: Amazing Stranger. Because nothing beats having that little doll as a girlfriend for a total otaku nerd. A dream come true!

Episode 1
Nona from Female Form Planetary Space Probe 9 travels the universe in search for intelligent life. She arrives at a planet of a lone giant as he carves images of her. But the next thing she knows, she is in the room of Haruto Bouida. We can hear this dude lecturing his friend on the phone that 2D girls are the best while 3D girls suck! No wonder his friend hangs up. Haruto notices his Nona doll in a different position. He checks her out and notices the seamless joints and what’s this? He can take off her pants?! Oh yeah… As he is about to try that, Nona’s self-defence activates as she fires at the enemy! He runs for his life and it gets worse when he somehow takes off her top. Incoming missiles! So as they explain themselves, Haruto wonders if the AI and technology have advanced so much for this doll to talk and act so real. But he realizes from what she said, it must mean her memories are only from the anime and that giant dude is from the last episode. Hence he can’t let her see the anime or near his merchandises (he is a big fan of her series). After a few close calls in preventing her to see those stuffs, he plays along and claims he is a scholar among giants (though he is just a programmer). Nona is amazed and agrees to do as he says since she is interested to explore this planet. In exchange, she will tell him about her travels. Next morning, Haruto wakes up thinking last night was a dream. But then, it’s not. He sees Nona trying to act like a doll but fails. She desperately tries to be one so Haruto says she doesn’t need to pretend to be a doll when he is around. That should make things easier.

Episode 2
When Haruto is about to pour hot tea into his cup, suddenly a strange creature jumps out. He is Ozma, Nona’s intelligence gathering ally. Apparently Haruto doesn’t really like him and doesn’t even remembering buying him despite coming in the same box as Nona. Ozma tries to threaten him that he knows he is lying to Nona about everything but since Haruto knows his habits of hiding in a jar, I guess the tables are turned. Or in this case, jar? Unfortunately, Nona has heard everything and she wants to know the truth. Haruto isn’t breaking down in fear but in fact happy that he gets to feel her true feelings. Then he lets her see all the merchandises about her. Her backstory, her specs, her adventures, everything written down so clearly. In short, she is a fictional character. Of course she cannot accept this since it means her life was all made up. Haruto says he loves her. As a fan. With so many people watched her anime, it proves that she is not forgotten and not alone. So as he lets Nona go through more of his merchandise, he realizes there is one section he shouldn’t let her rummage: Porn! Oh sh*t! WTF tentacle rape with Ozma???!!! Is that what he wants to do with her?! She bans the guys from coming close to her for now. A couple of weeks later, Nona is lazing around and only eating like a housewife. With Haruto talking to her about this, suddenly she asks if he loves her. Well, of course. You know, as a fan. Then she shows a paper she found: A marriage certificate that he wrote her name. He explains although there are other anime girls he loves, but none is greater than for Nona. So with both happily accepting each other, you mean this is their wedding ceremony? Because now Nona has got an excuse to laze around and eat like a housewife! Sneaky! Also, she lays down the ground rules he cannot see other 2D or 3D women! Wow. This is really like married life. Suddenly a girl walks in. Cracks in the marriage already?

Episode 3
Mikoto is Haruto’s little sister. She too is a fan of the series and she is ecstatic this Nona can talk and move. She interviews her on various questions but is baffled when it seems Nona is Haruto’s wife just for the sake of being his wife. As Ozma explains, since romance isn’t a genre in the series, Nona can’t possibly understand those feelings. Mikoto thinks they lack bonds of a married couple (didn’t they get ‘married’ a few minutes ago only?) and if they have it, they can overcome anything. Haruto returns and he bought more dolls. What if they start moving like Nona? Not to worry. He’ll have a harem! On Christmas night, Nona is disgruntled Haruto is going out. On a date?! What’s this anime convention he is going to since he hasn’t been watching any anime since Nona came into his life? So is he deprived! She points out that his otaku life is wrong! But he stubbornly ignores her and leaves. Actually, Haruto goes to meet his fellow otaku friend, Seijirou Kanmuri. This guy is not happy he is slacking in his otaku stuffs. However Seijirou starts criticising Nona since he never liked that anime. He has got some point and having a right to opinion is also valid. Haruto argues back he has been rewatching Nona every night to get to know her even more and he feels for her who is trying so hard. Too bad they are kicked out of the restaurant for being loudmouth nuisance. On the way back, Nona pops out from his bag. Looks like she heard everything. She admits she was envious about his friend who was able to say things from his heart and that he knew more about Haruto than her. She also doesn’t want him to date other girls. Meanwhile it seems Seijirou has his own talking doll. It was part of his plan to get him worked up over Nona. They also have sent another doll to infiltrate…

Episode 4
Haruto is playing one of his old video games as Nona notes the beautiful heroine on the box cover, Bellnoa. Since this game can play for 4 players, he leaves to buy more controllers. However Nona is attacked by Bellnoa the doll. She thinks by defeating her, she can return to her world. Nona then explains how everything is fiction and this makes Bellnoa sad. However she still wants to fight Nona as it is her instinct to fight strong people. As she struggles, Nona transforms into Shadow Nona. She is much stronger and faster. Although she almost lost to Bellnoa, Haruto returns as Bellnoa threatens Shadow Nona’s safety in exchange to return to her world. So what does Haruto do? He goes to change the game stats of Bellnoa?! Anyway it worked. With Bellnoa paralyzed, Haruto tries to reduce her powers even further. Funny, shouldn’t the skimpier the dress, the more power it should add? Anyway, Haruto is really curious to see some legendary swimsuit. Perhaps it’s some naked version. But with Bellnoa in tears and everyone calling him the worst, I guess it’s time to stop. Bellnoa gets more violated when she baths with Nona. Your obligatory bathing scene! When Bellnoa realizes they can go into her world via his monitor, she wants Haruto to fight with her. Nona and Ozma are shocked to see Haruto inside the video game. So how does it feel being a pixelated 2D?

Episode 5
It might look like top-down pixelated on the outside but it looks like 2D RPG from the inside? Bellnoa’s new aide is not accepted by her ally, Nazuna. She challenges him and Haruto runs away?! So how does he ‘subdue’ her? By knowing about her past! Since he is going to die, he requests to see her face. And also those small boobs. I think he is going to die now! Of course Bellnoa puts a stop to that. With Nona watching all this drama and worried about this affair, genie girl Kusabi offers she can send her in. But Nona believes in her husband and will wait till he gets back like a true wife. Can she say that when Haruto is going to have a threesome at the inn?! Fortunately (or not), nothing happened in the inn. What a waste. Haruto and Bellnoa continue their quest however Bellnoa has doubts of defeating the final boss because when everything is over, what will be of them? She wants to stay like this forever. Instead they go to fifth some hidden boss and Bellnoa thought she was strong but apparently lost her clothes. WTF?! The monster then berates her for not going on to defeat the final boss and instead linger around, making the world continue to suffer in chaos. With Haruto apologizing on her behalf, he accepts his fate to be eaten but here comes Shadow Nona to the rescue. She easily defeats the hidden boss in one blow. With that, they are thrown out of the game. Shadow Nona and Bellnoa might have gone at each other’s throat but they are stopped by Kusabi. It took a while for Haruto to recognize her because the real Kusabi source looks like crap! Since she has finished her job, she will return to her master and warns she might take Haruto away from them.

Episode 6
Bellnoa wants to return to her world but Haruto wants her to stay and chill. And they do so by playing video games? This makes Nona jealous as Mikoto realizes that Bellnoa is in love with Haruto. Despite Nona being pessimistic about her chances with Haruto, she still confronts him to choose between them. She even tells him bluntly that Bellnoa is in love with him. But what about Nona as his wife then? Hence she challenges Bellnoa to a fight to see who can truly win Haruto’s love. So the fight begins by sleeping next to him? Yeah, they’re arguing about their higher resale value… Haruto is feeling weird since he is experiencing the stereo effect of both girls arguing into his ears. Then they both decide to kiss him. Because they’re so small, their puny kiss doesn’t have any effect. Haruto is squirming at this moment and the girls think his weakness is to be whispered in his ear. Hence more of I love yous whispered and it just paralyzes Haruto with embarrassment. In the end, they call it a tie but the battle is not over. Haruto thinks they would just let it go? He doesn’t know how women will fight tooth and nail till the end for their loved one! But Bellnoa is shocked when Haruto and Nona seem to know what each other want even without saying it to each other. Just a nod as reminder and they know what to do. It’s not magic. They’ve been living together for quite a while. This gives Bellnoa the motivation to stay here longer and one day make Haruto look at her.

Episode 7
Haruto is shocked that Seijirou is in his room. How did he get here? He is the owner of Kusabi and she has portal abilities. It seems he wants Haruto to join him on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the moving figurines. To his dismay, Haruto rejects. Seijirou then presents Subaru Amanohara, a figuring based on a fighting game. Since she is strong, Bellnoa wants to fight her but ultimately loses. Seijirou thought this would convince Haruto to join him but unfortunately he thought Seijirou was here to give him Subaru. Yeah, this dude wants her and this doesn’t sit well with Nona. Suddenly Subaru goes missing. So why are the rest playing board games? Knowing Subaru’s character as an otaku, if they have fun, they might lure her out. Subaru is hiding in some ventilation and trying to suppress her temptation. Eventually Nona finds her and although in a dilemma to reveal if she is a figurine, Subaru has already accepted herself as one. Thanks to that, it makes things easier for Haruto. But Subaru is very embarrassed as Haruto knows everything about her. This means her deep and darkest secrets too. But Haruto shows her a letter that contains his deep and darkest secrets. They’re even. They both vow to keep each other’s secret a secret. Ozma then talks about all of them seem to be made by a small niche company, Takasago-ya. It is no surprise when revealed that Seijirou is the president of Takasago-ya.

Episode 8
As the girls are playing a video game, suddenly the screen is being hijacked by Seijirou. He has kidnapped Haruto and if they want him back they must fight and win best out of 3 matches. Otherwise they will also become his research samples. First up is Bellnoa against a secret boss character of a fighting game, Karate Mao. Because Bellnoa took too long to power up, time’s up, she lost. Next is Nona against Dragulious. Big bad guy wants to marry Nona because she’s cute?! Oh no. Is she going to get raped?! Luckily Haruto screams to her to activate some mode and Nona transforms into a champion version and defeats this pervert in a blink of an eye. The final fight is between Subaru and Rindo. The latter cancels out all of her moves as she reveals her goal is to be an idol after defeating her but it seems that because of all the game sequels, Subaru always returns and hence thwarting her dream. She is going to dispose of her once and for all when Karate Mao protects Subaru and reveals himself. He is Kaimon and also Subaru’s father. He wants Subaru to open her heart to the Amanohara style and when she refuses, he reveals her deepest secrets of BL volumes?! WTF?! The other guys aren’t moved since this is pretty normal by today’s standards. But Haruto punches him for trying to embarrass his daughter. Unforgivable! Kaimon isn’t moved and is going to read aloud those books when Rindo agrees to cooperate with Subaru to take down her dumb father. KO! Yay! She won! But back home, Nona and Bellnoa are spotting angry faces because Subaru somewhat confessed her feelings to Haruto. Oh dear. This guy is going to get his own KO when he gets back!

Episode 9
Oh my. Haruto is already an old fat and still with Nona? Yeah, their love do lasts. But wait! Suddenly Haruto dies!!! OMG!!! Apparently this is a nightmare that Nona had. Because of that, she has Haruto take her out on a date to make some memories. They did a lot of fun stuffs to appease her fears. However for the next couple of times, she still has that same nightmare. No choice, their dating routine continues. Ozma who has switched off her ability to dream (why is this feature even implemented?), believes the reason this is only happening is because Nona is lying. Probably she wants Haruto to give her some attention. However Haruto forgives her since she is only lying to him and not to the world. Nona’s super hearing means she heard all that and now she feels as guilty as ever. She wants to take responsibility for this and allows Haruto to do whatever he wants till he is satisfied. Gee, why does she have to sound so ambiguous? In that case, Haruto will go on a date with Bellnoa and Subaru. Is this guy literally trying to test her patience? But Haruto wants Nona to join them. She definitely won’t turn this down.

Episode 10
Hotspring fanservice episode! Haruto shows his ‘maturity’ by not looking at his little ones although he prefers to eavesdrop on them. Is this some high level perversion here? Too bad no sexy talk or boobs comparison. Because when Bellnoa talks how she is enjoying this world to the fullest, Nona’s memories only last until the final episode of the anime. There is this one guy in a straw hat whom she wants to meet as he was the one watching over her all the time. Though, she can’t quite remember his face or name. However this puts Haruto in an awkward position as he submerges himself pretending not to hear. With Nona also worried about this, suddenly she finds herself tied up on a tree branch. She recognizes the perpetrator as Rue Hitoma because this tank girl is Haruto’s recent obsession as he spent a lot of money to get this limited edition of her! Rue’s mission is to eliminate all the other girls in Haruto’s harem because of the sum invested into her, she will repay his love. Hence with no rivals, he will only love her! Man, that’s deep. Seijirou visits his worker, Kamiya Tatsutagawa and realizes she is the one who keeps continuing to make these dolls that come to life because she uses the legendary shards of Galatea. Say what?! Nona becomes Shadow Nona to challenge Rue. She cuts down Rue in her jealousy because unlike her, she has no happy ending and her true system is DP System that destroys planets. Bellnoa heard all this and subdues her with her dragon. Rue apologizes to Haruto for losing but he doesn’t mind. Besides, it’s not that he bought her or anything and believes Seijirou is the one who slipped her into his box. Meanwhile Shadow Nona complains to Haruto that she too wants to be loved. Haruto chastises her that her loves all of them and that includes her. However he still calls her Nona so I guess that’s not going to go well. She reverts back to Nona and since she heard everything, she is now determined to learn her true self. Only then she can feel she is truly loved by him. Haruto agrees. Let’s watch the final episode of her anime together.

Episode 11
As Nona is searching for life on a planet, she stumbles into another girl who looks similar like her. She too is called Nona. Both claim they are the original Nona so they theorize they must have come from very similar planets with similar cultures. What are the odds? I guess it’s possible in the infinite universes theory. However, they believe their destiny is to fight each other until only one is left. So they face off playing various games?! From reversi to poker, all ended in draws. I guess you can’t beat yourself, eh? When Nona decides to go home because someone is waiting for her, the other Nona knows about the straw hat guy, prompting her to break down. Those memories weren’t just vague. They were planted and fake. So the only way is to destroy each other that will not leave any trace and hope their future sisters will choose a different path? So all this is actually the final episode of Nona’s anime series. While Haruto is touched, Nona’s look is so WTF-is-this-crappy-sh*t. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. Later when Haruto and Nona are out, suddenly Seijirou and Tatsutagawa putting up an emergency press conference in his room. They reveal to the others about the Galatea shard that allows them to move and how they are all carved by Tatsutagawa. I think everyone is shocked by the sloppy reasoning more than anything else. They believed love moved them and hence the reason they used Haruto in this experience since he loves those characters. But he bought them from the store, right? Yeah, they anticipated his arrival and made him picked their model. But this announcement is just one big setup to elaborately announce their marriage?! Yeah, looks like they have to do it again when Haruto and Nona comes back. Unfortunately Kusabi worries Nona might not be coming back. Here’s the note she left for home. We see Nona waking up from her stasis coma as her ship approaches another planet. She narrates of the weird dream she had of loving and being loved.

Episode 12
Kusabi explains Nona came to her to seek that power to enter the final anime episode. To show her determination, after entering, she destroyed the disc. This means nobody else can follow her as Kusabi’s power only allows exist from the same entry point. So where is Haruto? He went after her too! But how? He entered the penultimate anime episode! Because both those episodes are linked together. So when Nona wakes up, she can instantly tell this quack doctor is Haruto! After reprimanding him for doing this, he shows her that straw hat man that she supposedly created from her vague memories. Ugly as f*ck! Anyway, Nona wants to continue doing this for the other Nona counterpart known as Nona Equal. Something about Nona not really happy that she is the one having all the happiness despite being the same. That is when Haruto orders the computer AI system known as Ozma to turn around the ship and head for him. His theory is that if Nona doesn’t go on that planet, Nona Equal will also do the same action. Hence they don’t have to meet and end up with that tragic end. Unfortunately her nanobots start going out of control. Haruto hugs her and risks himself getting melted. With some feelings exchanging between them, the nanobots stop going berserk! Wow. So convenient. And then more great memories and when the feeling is getting good, Nona readies herself to kiss him. Only to be stopped by others. Yup, they have also arrived via penultimate episode. Uhm, so why did they only arrive now and not the same time as Haruto did? Argh! So confusing! I guess all is back to number with the plastic girls fighting over him. Back home, Ozma remembers there was another figurine Haruto bought along Bellnoa. Oh, she’s starting to awaken now. She is Nona Equal! And she too joins in the chase for Haruto’s love! How sweet.

Toy Story: Plastic Memories Of Plastic Little
Well… That was a cheesy final episode trying to ascertain Haruto’s feelings for Nona. Just like that cheesy final episode of Nona’s anime too! I bet Haruto says that to all his favourite figurines so Nona isn’t that special and only seems so because it’s the last episode and well, maybe she’s his ‘wife’. But it sure prompt up a lot of weird questions like how Nona is able to enter the anime and do whatever she wants. Gee, this must mean there are thousands of other Nonas in other households who own her DVD. And how is this episode thingy connected despite on different discs? Can their actions now actually change the entire plot of the Nona anime on the disc?! Because Seijirou and co are watching all that live on TV! Damn, this is so confusing. But don’t worry. I’ll say it’s because of Kusabi’s magic. So convenient.

The story itself isn’t really much. Just an otaku spending time with his ever growing plastic harem. Perhaps newbies might find this heart-warming and light hearted because well, an otaku trying to get along and develop some sort of ‘normal’ human relationship with his toy, uhm, I mean little girl, wait, sorry, uhm, plastic model? Ah damn. Hard to classify what Nona actually is without sounding weird. Yes, this series is still rather okay but you know me, now a self-proclaimed anime veteran, this doesn’t bring anything extraordinary to the table. I mean, this isn’t the first time there is a series about little plastic models come to life. Remember Busou Shinki and Frame Arms Girls? This one just adds the harem factor to it. Plus, I’m not really into those plastic models. So yeah, not really seeing anything favourable for this series.

In the case of Japan being Japan, I’m sure you’ve heard of the story whereby a man married his hologram anime character. Not saying that this anime takes its inspiration from there (it is after all based on the manga of the same name), but rather the thought of people now having really weird relationships these days instead of the traditional family. Now you know why Japan’s birth rates are rapidly declining, huh? Anyway, with Haruto frolicking with his plastic models, though he treats them kindly like as though they are his girlfriends (heck, he might be treating them even better compared to if he has a real life sized 3D girlfriend!), one might start thinking how far they will take this relationship. Will it just be that a status quo harem or is he going to marry them. Because eventually if they really get married, the weirdest thought of them making out will be mind blowing. Will Nona be considered a sex toy then? And if she does get ‘used’, isn’t Haruto just masturbating using a sex toy? Weird, right?! I mean, Haruto those have naughty versions of the plastic models and in a different medium. So this thought isn’t so far off…

As for the characters, they are considered shallow in my terms. Nothing really deep about them. You can instantly tell Haruto is a typical otaku and like how all otakus must be shown in a good limelight and because he is main character, he is a good guy. Despite some of his weird fetishes and hobbies (who doesn’t have them?), he treats his plastic girls good. Like I said, they have so much the same rights as a full grown adult woman. Nona is the weird one because she is acting like his wife. It makes you wonder if she is programmed that way. But anyway, with Nona having mild jealousy when Haruto is paying more attention to the other plastic girls serves as plot amusement because nothing beats a jealous girlfriend/wife than initiate some weird face off. Also cue to initiate the other side of Nona AKA Shadow Nona to give a variety that Nona isn’t just housewife material. I guess sometimes we need a little of plastic battles because it is a waste to have such characters crafted from various genres and not use their specialties. Bellnoa’s warrior might, Subaru’s fighting capabilities, Kusabi’s magic properties and Rue shooting from her boobs! Yeah, I guess that’s why she’s a tank girl.

The rest of the other plastic girls in Haruto’s harem feel underutilised. It only feels they are there as numbers because that is what is needed in a harem. That’s why Rue’s character felt so rushed like as though they needed to add more numbers to the harem. After all, Nona is the face of the series and you don’t want to usurp her limelight by giving the other girls more of it. Otherwise, pretty much redundant in terms of character development. They are given at least one episode in focus so as to justify why they are choosing to stay with Haruto. After all, if you want to hang around a guy like him, might as well love him too. Might not have the best job, status or money to begin with but I guess for plastic models like them if they are to ultimately be cared and loved, the best people to truly take care and love them are otakus, RIGHT???!!!! It’s really a strange way to have these girls started out as enemies, after fighting each other they become friends and ultimately Haruto’s harem. Weird shonen-harem genre mash-up… And then they add the final Nona Equal to the mix. What is better than one Nona? Two Nonas!!! I have this feeling Ozma is supposed to be the wisecrack know-it-all but more than often I find him sort of flat.

It feels like a lazy reason and writing as to why these plastic model girls come to life with their own thinking. WTF Galatea shard in Tatsutagawa hands just feels so flimsy a reason that it was probably thought up on the fly to satisfy curious people wondering why the girls suddenly become animated. I guess a reason is better than no reason at all. Hence Seijirou acting like the antagonist to get Haruto join in his experiment feels more like a distraction than any actual plot. No wonder Haruto tries hard to ignore this guy. But you know what they say about persistence. Still got him nowhere, though. Sure, he tried to shock us all with his engagement. Congratulations. But we are more concerned about Haruto and Nona, right? Last but not least, Mikoto. Her character also feels redundant and my guess is to fill in the little sister trope. After all, she doesn’t appear that often and only when the plot commands it. Even so, her role doesn’t amount to anything much.

Art and animation aren’t anything to shout about. They aren’t looking sophisticated and I might go as far as to say they look plain simple. Because the characters do sort of have that one kind look. They mix 2D animation with some 3D CGI and perhaps it is to justify that if these little plastic girls move in odd fashion, maybe that is why little plastic girls move so. After all, their joints aren’t exactly like humans. This anime is done by Studio A-CAT who also did Frame Arms Girls (with Zexcs).

For the voice acting, I thought Suzuna Kinoshita as Nona sounded a bit raw. I thought perhaps her character sound like that but considering her characters Ayaka in Dorei-ku The Animation and Misaki in Fumikiri Jikan sound somewhat similar, maybe she does sound like that. The other casts are Wataru Hatano as Haruto (Gajeel in Fairy Tail), Sayaka Senbongi as Bellnoa (AnchoR in Clockwork Planet), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ozma (Sasaki in Gintama), Mao Ichimichi as Subaru (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Risae Matsuda as Mikoto (Kaoru in Toji No Miko), Sora Tokui as Kusabi (Niko in Love Live), Kengo Kawanishi as Seijirou (Rei in 3-gatsu No Lion) and Yuu Sasahara as Rue (Akari in Tonari No Kyuuketsuki-san).

The opening theme is Soreyuk! Koigokoro by AOP. For some weird reason, even though I find this song pretty normal, I can’t seem to get it out of my head. I won’t go so far to say it is catchy but, uhm, is it catchy? I mean, that’s the only explanation. Why don’t I admit I just like this song? That’s why it just feels strange. Maybe it’s that synthesizer sound effect in the singing voice. Some sort of hypnotizing effect there? The ending theme is One by Haruka Toujou. Typical rock outfit. Sounds rather okay to me. Not infectious as the opener, though.

Overall, nothing that amazing in my books. Pretty average but I guess it beats having that ubiquitous isekai genre permeating the industry lately. Hmm… Come to think of it, doesn’t this feel like a reverse isekai in a way? Because Nona comes from another world and arrives in our world. Also, having a pretty average anime series these days feels like it speaks volumes due to the amount of sh*tty and crappy animes we get by the load every season. So yeah. Otaku guy having a little plastic model girl as his girlfriend-cum-wife? Pretty normal. Having a bunch of other plastic girls to live out his fantasy harem? Pretty normal. Because it’s Japan, people! Amazing Japan! Japan is amazing!

Ah… I thought I feel so refreshed after having skipped one season of pseudo porn. I thought I was going to be so over this deceiving low quality porn trap after they showed that gay BL porn sh*t last season but apparently it never went away. So you bet when they return back to hetero sex porn, I’ll be there ‘curious’ to check out what Araiya-san! Ore To Aitsu Ga Onnayu De would be. Oh yeah. Now we’re taking sex to another location: The public bathhouse. I guess it’s the only place where girls are allowed to get naked and walk around with their bare tits showing. You know the rest then. Porn logic always rules at the end of the day.

Episode 1
Aoi Yuzuki is a talented volleyball player. Souta Tsukishima… Not so much. But he does like to gawk at her in action. His daydreaming causes a ball to slam in his face and Yuzuki teases this nice block. During the break, Tsukishima’s grandpa’s public bath house is featured in the news. He claims the water has slimming effects. First time Tsukishima hear something like that. However the girls especially Yuzuki are eager to try. Tsukishima calls out to this nonsense because if they want to slim down, stop eating! No prizes to guess that he got beaten up by Yuzuki. Back home, looks like grandpa broke his back so he wants Tsukishima to take his place. Although it is just as a washer (araiya). Tsukishima goes into the women’s section thinking only old ladies will show up. WTF full of cute young chicks and from his volleyball club! WTF they don’t recognize him?! Yeah, the towel on his head makes all the difference. He spots Yuzuki and thinks of getting his payback and goes to wash her back. Wait a minute. Is this actually allowed?! Is this actually happening in real life?! Men allowed to wash a woman’s back in the women’s section?! Is this not just for porn logic?! I’m confused! Anyway, Tsukishima takes advantage of this by rubbing more than just her back. He continues to molest every part of her body, including fingering her pussy. WTF Yuzuki doesn’t scream rape and tries to hold it all in?! Was Tsukishima so good that she climax?! Her friend, Mei Sasakura teases her if the slimming is going well. If so, hurry up and slim down so she can confess to Tsukishima. Tsukishima is left in shock and wondering if Yuzuki likes him. He didn’t see this coming as Sasakura asks it’s her turn for a back scrub.

Episode 2
Tsukishima wonders why the volleyball captain and ace who is popular with all the guys wants his service. So as he gives his normal scrubbing, Sasakura then tells him to just lose the tower. She knows it’s him. That voice, that build and of course this place belongs to his family, right? This means she also know what he just did to Yuzuki and from what she heard, he must have been very good. So if he doesn’t want her to expose this, give her a better service than Yuzuki?! Gee, that’s literally saying, please f*ck me! So Tsukishima wastes no time as he starts groping and fingering her. Yeah, he is going into overdrive mode and why does Sasakura sound like she’s having sex???!!! Can’t it be that Tsukishima is that f*cking good?????!!!!! And then somebody is coming. Better hurry and climax. Sasakura throws herself on the floor and just in the nick of time when Yuzuki came in to look for her. She sees Tsukishima and realizes he was the one who washed her. Dismayed, she runs away. Meanwhile Sasakura is lying on the floor taking a breather. Best sex not sex ever, right? Yeah… This guy is so amazing…

Episode 3
Sasakura tells Yuzuki that she also got the special slimming massage from Tsukishima. You know, just to let you know. Yeah. He was good at it. Bye. This leaves Yuzuki worried. Does Sasakura have a thing for Tsukishima too? Anyhow, she blames Tsukishima for this. So during volleyball practice she lands her serve so hard on Tsukishima that he almost died. But she gets concerned when Sasakura rushes to his aid. After Tsukishima gets treated at the infirmary, he goes to the toilet. WTF Yuzuki is bathing there?! Apparently somebody switched the gender signs outside. WTF?! Instead of being mad at him here, she asks if he really did it to Sasakura. Tsukishima admits he did and prepares for the worse. Worse indeed. Because she wants him to do it to her again! And hence the usual treatment of groping and fingering. But this time more on the latter. Yeah Yuzuki, do you not know this is not part of the massage! In the end, she climaxes and Tsukishima is left to ponder because she didn’t resist, does she actually like him? No time to think because other girls are coming in.

Episode 4
Yuzuki takes Tsukishima to hide in the shower. The girls stream in and don’t suspect a thing although Yuzuki did make her presence known to them. With Tsukishima hiding, the problem is that his face is now close to her naked ass! He then hears the girls tease Yuzuki about liking Tsukishima since she constantly attacked him during the game. Yuzuki keeps denying although the rest know very well this open secret. Because of that, this turned Tsukishima on and now he can’t contain his horniness and starts f*cking her!!! WTF???!!! You mean he is willing to risk getting caught???!!! It’s not like Yuzuki doesn’t want to get f*cked by him, right? I wonder how she is going to get away with making all those weird noises. Strangely, all her friends aren’t even concerned how strange she sounds? Even if they never thought if she was having sex, did it not cross their minds that she might be in pain or discomfort or something?! Isn’t it weird that she hasn’t come out of the shower before them?! They just left like that! My, some friends. I guess it was the best sex (and several French kissing too) for them but clearly in the aftermath, Tsukishima knows he is screwed (despite screwing over Yuzuki). However Yuzuki starts acting like a tsundere. All that has happened was just a fluke and it’s not that she likes him or anything. Kawaii…

Episode 5
Tsukishima learns Yuzuki is sick. Sasakura suggests he goes see her on behalf of the club and right away he does so. That sly smile when Sasakura also tells Hidemoto Takasugi to do the same. Yuzuki’s sister is delighted that Tsukishima is here and quickly brings him to Yuzuki’s room. I guess it’s to catch her in the act of masturbating!!! Tsukishima’s slow reflexes means he got volleyball in his face. Sister leaves them alone as she attends to Takasugi at the door. For some odd reasons, Tsukishima hides under her blanket. With Takasugi sounding like a fake smooth gentleman that he cares for he, Tsukishima gets worried if Yuzuki likes him. Takasugi then takes his leave but because sister made tea for him, I guess he’ll stay longer. I guess Yuzuki isn’t the only one sick because Tsukishima is sicker! He is going to rape her?! Is it because he is jealous thinking she likes Takasugi!? WTF logic is that?! And so he starts f*cking her and since sister heard the ever louder humping noises, she turns up the volume of the TV channel. Max! Did Takasugi hear anything? Damn this guy is enthralled with sister’s beauty. But sorry folks. No second sex act here. So are Yuzuki and Tsukishima done and have satisfyingly cum? Good. Because sister barges in without knocking to announce Takasugi has gone home. I guess Yuzuki is feeling alright now that she can go back to school tomorrow.

Episode 6
Oddly, Yuzuki is avoiding Tsukishima. Is this over? The class has a field trip to the hotsprings and Tsukishima’s perverted friends drag him to go peep on the girls. They are put a stop by Takasugi and despite their lame attempts to get him to join them, Takasugi sounds like he has an ulterior motive of his own. Because he won’t let them see Yuzuki’s naked body and asks if it is alright with Tsukishima to begin with. Speak of the devil, here she comes. The guys ‘sacrifice’ Tsukishima so they could escape. With the girls coming in, Yuzuki has an idea to hide him. Yeah, dress him like the araiya and nobody could recognize him! Uh huh. They also believe this araiya works here! This means giving his special massage to the other girls. Something Yuzuki isn’t too fond. When she goes to the sauna, Sasakura invites Tsukishima to follow her there. She wants him to give Yuzuki his special massage. To motivate him, she start getting yuri on Yuzuki! WTF?! Any normal guy can’t resist this temptation so he starts going down on her pussy. Yeah, it becomes a weird threesome with Tsukishima and Sasakura pleasing overly sensitive Yuzuki. Sasakura admits she also loves Tsukishima and if Yuzuki doesn’t do anything about it, she might steal him. After the threesome, they hear the girls scream. There is a peeping tom around.

Episode 7
Sasakura admits that she also likes Tsukishima. So what she did there with him to Yuzuki was punishment for her. It’s for not being honest with herself. Yeah, you mean trying to force and hasten her feelings about this dude by outraging her modesty?! Okay. Fine with me! Haha! Sasakura will help the clear the area so the duo will have a chance to get out. I guess the wait got too long because Tsukishima now has weird ideas of his own. Uh huh. He is going to f*ck her! Extra special massage! Dick massaging your pussy is the best massage ever!!! Oh Yuzuki, you’re feeling so good, why you wanna have him wait for what?! Just cum already!!! So once they’re done achieving orgasm, I guess their heads and hearts are clearer and open to talk. Sort of. Yuzuki ekes out what Sasakura said was true and that she does like him. Change of mind as she feels embarrassed and ‘downgrades’ it as not hating him. Whatever. Sasakura comes to check on them since they are taking too long and sees them knocked out from the ‘heat’. The body can withstand all sorts of weird sex positions but a mere confession does not? That’s porn logic for you…

Episode 8
Yuzuki is letting Tsukishima rest on her lap back in their room. Sasakura leaves them alone and goes to reprimand those naughty peepers. You mean they really regretted it? Maybe they didn’t get to see any tits. Yuzuki thinks Tsukishima is still out so she narrates why she fell for him. He never gave up on his volleyball training and faced adversity alone. He even trained hard outside school hours by himself. At the same time, Yuzuki was at the crossroads in her volleyball passion. Thanks to Tsukishima’s effort, it helped her regain back her passion. So it’s that simple? She puts her face close to his but since Tsukishima heard all that, he takes her by surprise by kissing her. And hearing her true feelings makes him horny. Uh huh. F*ck time! Better still, they do it on the veranda in a lewd position. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they both had fun. After all that, Tsukishima is about to confess he likes her but interrupted by the cliché moment of the handphone ringing. Bummer. But this makes them laugh because it’s just so strange that despite all the hentai they did to each other, they are still shy in saying those magic words. That’s “I love you” for those who are thinking more of “I wanna f*ck you”. But not impossible too for this genre.

You Gotta Hand It To Him, He’s Got A Touch Of Class!
Instead of being washed clean and free from the filthy sins of the flesh, I was flooded with more corruption and depravity instead! You know there isn’t anything much when there are only 8 episodes. Even far less than that Joshi Ochi one (which had 9 episodes). Maybe f*cking in the toilet or bathhouse isn’t as exciting as other places… Just saying… So I guess the lesson of it all is that if you are not sure about your feelings of the person you love, just f*ck each other enough and then you will soon realize you love each other! Hey, got to remember porn logic weaving its magic here!

I know porn logic rules here but I am very baffled by the fact that there are male araiya in a female area! My guts tell me this is BS and that it doesn’t exist and it is only here that it does for the sake of porn. Because I did my ‘extensive research’ online and could not even find any article whatsoever that there are legally male araiya for females. Maybe I don’t know how to look properly online but that’s not the case. So for a bathhouse that actually provides araiya is one thing (because for the old and disabled who can’t reach their backs) but for the opposite gender? In this instance, young high school girls who aren’t freaking out to see a young male their age in their section? So Tsukishima isn’t so bad looking himself so what if the araiya looks like a perverted fat otaku slob? Yeah, that changes everything. Therefore it can only be truly porn logic with Tsukishima being allowed to wash the girls’ back like that without any sort of legal repercussion. Otherwise, don’t you think there would be a lot more (loser) guys trying to land this job? Uh huh. It’s like your legal molesting occupation whatever.

Unlike in previous of such pseudo porn series I have watched, although it is true that the more times you f*ck the girl, eventually she would come to love you, this is somewhat not the case here. Because you can’t go with that flow of logic when you already have the girl liking you from the start! That is why Yuzuki allows Tsukishima to have his way with her. Touching her body and other sensitive and personal areas without so much as to scream rape. Because she already secretly likes him. Ah, there’s the catch. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the other female characters in those other porn animes are any different since they didn’t call the cops or report for rape, allowing those main character men to continue doing whatever they want. Just as long as you can make her feel good, everything else doesn’t matter. Everything is acceptable. Viva porn logic!

The Tsukishima guy isn’t anything extraordinary either. Just some normal high school kid after all. The weirdest part is how he shows his love for Yuzuki by sexing her up. Hear a heart-warming and touching story from her? F*ck her! Oh yeah! Don’t think. Just do it! I just love it when girls don’t question this strange invasion and just let the guy do as he pleases. Hey, this guy might not be good in volleyball but at least he is good in making her feel good! If sex is an Olympic sport, this guy would win the gold medal and easily leave all his competitors in the dust! Also, Yuzuki must be an easy girl to please since she orgasms so easy. Can’t lie to us. Look at that ahegao face every time she gets f*cked. So yeah, girls always love a guy who makes them feel good.

But looks like this series has reduced the age of the characters having sex to high school students. In those other series, they were usually young working adults or at least one of them is. Now we have both high school students engaging in unholy activities. Yuzuki is your typical high school girl in love and the only difference is that she took a step further and got herself violated. Good thing she liked him. Now she has another reason to love him further. Wasn’t it a good thing that she was ‘mean’ to him so as to get his attention? And then he ‘got back hat her’ with just desserts? Look where this brought them now? Ah, I just love a good love story. *Sniff, sniff*. I want to note that the synopsis described Tsukishima as a clumsy guy. I guess so. So clumsy that his dick eventually slipped into her vagina!!! HAHAHA!!!

Also like in some of the previous porn titles, the other side supporting characters are a distraction and not totally required. I mean, if every episode is about Tsukishima and Yuzuki getting f*cked, how boing is that? Oh wait. That happens in every episode. What I meant to say is that with the inclusion of third wheels, it only serves to ‘intensify’ their feelings for each other. You get worried the other guy or girl likes you and what better way than to show that you love her/him even more is by f*cking her even more intensely. Hence Sasakura is like the backup pussy if Tsukishima and Yuzuki fail and how kind of Sasakura to really let Yuzuki keep Tsukishima. Doesn’t she want her for himself too? Damn, best friends are such best friends. Maybe Sasakura does love Tsukishima a lot more than she puts in words but with her pushing Yuzuki, it might be some sort of penance for her since her best friend has got the boy she likes, all it’s not lost. Acceptable. I think. So if Yuzuki loses her way, all she needs is to give some yuri fanservice to bring her back to the right path. Damn I really love porn logic at its finest. Then there’s the Takasugi guy who is just so irrelevant and his role is probably to make Tsukishima a bit jealous and realize his feelings for Yuzuki. I mean, she is the only one who lets him f*ck her so hell no some other guy is going to take that place away. Takasugi might look dependable but sometimes I feel his character comes off a bit as a retard. Doesn’t this guy like Yuzuki’s sister? That’s another story to tell.

On a trivial note, the ending theme Renai Sensation by Yuzuki and Sasakura feels weird. I don’t know if this pop song is infused with some kind of weird punk rock music or something because it sounds more like a piece of cacophony. It’s just chaotic. The tune especially the synthesizers felt like somebody just simply mashed the keyboard and they got lucky they come up with this ‘tune’ which is as equally chaotic and frenzied like the entire song. And there is one weird line in the lyrics that goes, “I would like to be impregnated by your smell”. WTF?! I know that verse is talking about bathing and shampoo with your love but this just really WTF.

Overall, nothing really new or exciting. The irony that washing and bathing are symbolized as something clean but this show makes it all so dirtier. Perhaps the mind is the hardest to clean. Haha! I guess I have watched quite a few of these every season in the past for almost 2 years to form some sort of immunity. Not sure whether it is a good or bad thing. Because I fear that it would take a kinkier porn to turn me on! Yikes. I hope that’s not true. But that will be something that only I will find out in the future… Anyhow, I can’t say that this would be the last pseudo anime porn I will watch and that I haven’t really washed my hands off such genres. I mean, it’s not that I love to watch anime porn and only doing so out of curiosity and listed as a ‘legitimate’ anime in the seasonal chart as the synopsis sounded ‘legitimate’ (hey, it didn’t say ‘sex’ anywhere, right?). Honest. I hope I didn’t rub that the wrong way.

I didn’t think this would get an OVA but Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii did. The TV series didn’t really make much impact on me since it’s about a group of working adults who continue to divulge in their otaku hobbies. Nothing really spectacular happened and that sort of otaku love was just pretty okay, if not didn’t really go anywhere. Love itself for normal people is already hard and confusing. What more when it comes to otaku nerds. For this OVA, if you’re hoping of any other sort of advancement in the relationship between our main characters, don’t hold your breath. It is more of a flashback on Kabakura and Hanako’s high school love story.

It Appeared Suddenly=Love
Narumi and Hirotaka see Hanako at the café. She tells them she managed to invite Kabakura to some 2.5D show. He was reluctant at first but she managed to line it up with his interest. Since that show is about volleyball, this prompts them to note that they were once captains of their high school volleyball club. Since they are eager to know, Hanako doesn’t mind telling them about their little story. It wasn’t as rosy as you think and it started very shaky and antagonising. Hanako went to confront Kabakura about sharing the gym for practice. However Kabakura asserted his authority that the guys are better and that the girls should concentrate on doing laps. This was when Hanako showed a photo she secretly took of him at an anime store. She used this as blackmail and Kabakura in fear his teammates would find out he is an otaku, gave in. Suddenly the boys are now sharing their place with the girls. One day, Kabakura saw Hanako practising and since she wasn’t very good in it, he showed her how it’s done. Now, Kabakura looked so cool that Hanako was interested to learn more. He didn’t mind teaching her as long as she deleted that photo. Hanako really looked conflicted so he also promised to continue sharing the court with them. As they only started officially dating after graduation, Narumi and Hirotaka make a bet on who confessed first. Hirotaka bets on Hanako while Narumi bets on Kabakura.

Hanako continues with her story. Kabakura continued to coach her and one day she learnt his secret of being successful in his game was that he listened to his favourite anime songs. Hanako would love to follow in his footsteps but the otaku world was just so alien to her. So he simply explained how a song pumped him up and gave him ‘super powers’ to perform. Sadly, Kabakura’s team lost an important match and went out. Everyone looked so disappointed. Hanako went to console him but she was the one with the ‘ugly’ crying face. During graduation ceremony, Hanako talked to Kabakura before he leaves. Because of the note she left him, he is furious thinking she has never deleted that photo. Though, she points out she never mentioned anything about a photo in the note. While they taunt each other that they don’t have to see each other’s face, Hanako eventually said his otaku side might not be his coolest but it isn’t his lamest either. That’s why he should be confident and do his best wherever he goes. And before you know it, they give each other a big strong hug. Narumi and Hirotaka are amazed with this love story and before Hanako manages to show them a photo from her handphone, here comes Kabakura to put a stop to this ‘nonsense’. Kabakura and Hanako end up in their usual argument, accusing the other as the one who turned around first to hug. After they leave, Hirotaka is puzzled that the photo Hanako showed them, wasn’t that the one on Kabakura she was supposed to delete? Narumi understands very well why she couldn’t delete it…

Love Is Served
As you can see, this single OVA doesn’t isn’t really much and it just expands on the high school love story of Kabakura and Hanako. It is probably the point in time where Hanako stated taking some sort of interest in the otaku world. It wasn’t just because she finds them fascinating nor was it to help improve her volleyball skills but rather because she found Kabakura somewhat cool with it. So trying out the stuffs that your loved one loves is only natural. So yeah, it introduced Hanako to a whole new world and possible opened up a whole lot of other awakenings. Like cosplaying and fujoshi. Yeah… You could say that love changed them but also entirely have them stayed the same. Because their frosty relationship from start up till now is how they interact with each other. Arguing is one of the ‘key points’ of why their relationship is alive and kicking. And that my friend is why the also call it love. Confusing, right? They might be volleyball aces and didn’t win the volleyball tournament, but they aced each other’s hearts. Okay, that was pretty lame. Hey, I’m an otaku, not a lover!

Date A Live III

July 6, 2019

Wait. What?! Right now?! It has been a long time since so I never thought Date A Live III would actually materialize. It has been 5 years since the second season graced the TV screens and 4 years since that Mayuri Judgment movie came out. You bet that I would have certainly forgotten a lot from the first 2 seasons and even more so I didn’t see the movie so I might have missed out something. Maybe. I guess when they bring back a seemingly popular series after being in absentia for very long, I suppose there must be something great or epic happening, right? I hope so.

Episode 1
We start off so as to remind us the harem Shido has accumulated. Yup, they made him some horrible looking stew. Eat up, Shido. Fortunately, they didn’t turn this into a cliché because despite its looks, it actually tastes good! Even Origami is here on a short notice to contribute. But this will have to continue later as it is mission time. A Spirit is detected at an abandoned park where a spacequake occurred 30 years ago. Shido goes down to the ground to find this Spirit, the witch-like Natsumi who seems to be quite interested in him (which girl wouldn’t?). So a series of choice pops up and oddly the Ratatoskr didn’t choose the ‘fondle your boobs’ option and chose the ‘I am lost’ route. Natsumi asks if she is pretty and of course he says yes. Natsumi is very happy but the AST is here. Natsumi uses her magic to turn them into… Harmless cute animal pyjamas? However she used too much magic and this causes some disturbance. In that short period, Natsumi reverts to her true form and she becomes angry that Shido saw her. She thinks he is playing dumb and vows to turn his life upside down. When Shido attends school, all the girls accuse him of being a pervert! Even his teacher Tamae and that gay friend, Tonomachi! Of course his twisted harem like Touka and Origami would’ve preferred him to give heads up before lashing out his carnal desires. It doesn’t take long for Shido to realize there is a doppelganger going around doing bad deeds to sully his name. Confronting his clone at the rooftop, of course she is Natsumi in perfect disguise. She wants Shido to leave this town forever and she’ll take his place. Because everyone will get confused if there are 2 of them around. Touka and Origami enter. Oh no. The game of who is the real Shido begins. However the duo can sniff out the fake. Touka can smell the difference while Origami has memorized Shido’s habitual patterns (like blinking) right to the dot! Sore loser Natsumi will not accept this defeat. But she’ll be back. A few days later, no movements were detected from her. But Kotori gives him a letter from Natsumi. She wants to play a game. There are photos of 12 people (his harem, including Tonomachi!). Natsumi is impersonating one of them and failure to guess which one will result in one randomly disappearing until there are none.

Episode 2
Westcott is in a meeting in London. The board accuses him about turning Japan into a warzone. They pass a resolution to dismiss him but all those in support have their hands chopped off!!! Shido, Kotori and Reine discuss about Natsumi’s challenge. Shido maintains that Natsumi isn’t the kind who will disappear someone forever. He remains positive if he guesses right, all will return. So the only way to tell who she is impersonating is to date them all. The first is Touka and the moment Shido accuses her as Natsumi, she becomes mad. Who the f*ck is this Natsumi girl???!!! Oh dear. Just stepped on a live wire. He manages to bluff her it is some lovely greeting. But something is still wrong with Touka. There is an all you can eat buffet and she’s not excited? She’s even holding back on her portions. When he learns a TV programme said guys don’t like girls who eat too much, Shido corrects her that he prefers girls who can happily eat lots of food. With that, Touka returns to being a glutton. I guess she’s not Natsumi. Next date is Yoshino and she’s quite happy to eat pancakes with him. Definitely Yoshino alright. I guess we skip his date with Tonomachi since Shido himself doesn’t even want to consider that as one. Night fall and his final date for today is Yuzuru. She asks the question if he prefers her or Kaguya more. Since he cannot decide, Yuzuru replies she would have been happy had he picked either. But his chicken answer disappointed her. She also hopes if Kaguya asks the same question, she wants him to choose her. She might also ask the same things she did. Kaguya might not look like it but she likes Shido as much as she does. It feels like some sort of death flag when Yuzuru hopes he will take care of Kaguya and then runs away. Next morning, Shido answers the door only to find a frantic Kaguya. Yuzuru has been missing since last night. As all the 12 candidates have a video watching over them 24/7 (creepy), they see footage on Yuzuru. At midnight, Natsumi’s broom absorbs her. Shido maintains his trust in Natsumi but will end this game soon.

Episode 3
Shido is now dating Kotori. He knows she is the real deal when he snatches away her ribbons and she turns into a tantrum throwing kid. We see snippets of Shido dating other girls (Tamae even going so far as to seek him to register their marriage!) and the highlight of those dates is with Kaguya. After lying on his lap, she starts crying since she is worried for Yuzuru. She begs for him to save her. I don’t know why previously Natsumi never gave him a chance to guess and just absorbed a few people. Now she is giving him that chance? Shido thinks hard and thinks it is Yoshino. Wrong answer. For the next few days, a few more people have gone missing. Until after Touka goes missing did it really start to hit Shido hard. The only ones left who haven’t been taken by Natsumi are Kotori, Origami, Kaguya and Miku. Shouldn’t they have done this in the first place after Yuzuru went missing? Gather everyone, tell them the truth and find a solution. Instead of waiting for this desperate hour. As they discuss, Origami finds this game weird. With the pool growing smaller, it makes their chances of answering correct increase. Why would Natsumi put herself in such a disadvantage? Time is up and Natsumi is generous to give Shido 3 tries. He picks Yuzuru since she was the first to go. Wrong answer. Origami ‘dies’. Can Kotori answer on his behalf? Because she chooses Tonomachi! Dead wrong. Kaguya gets it. Miku is so scared and leaves her hairpin with him if worst case scenario happens. She hopes he will remember her with this piece. But this hint suddenly has Shido realizing the true answer. He knows that despite Natsumi says she is impersonating someone in the 12 pictures, it doesn’t necessarily one of the 12 people. It must be someone that she is confident he will not ever pick. And that person is Yoshinon. Because this rabbit is just Yoshino’s hand puppet, he now remembers it was acting on its own (it should not be able to see what Yoshino can’t). Natsumi is devastated with his correct answer and all the missing people are spit back out. Since this disrupted her power. Now everyone sees her true form. She’s a loli? Being the sore loser she is, she will not let all of them get away. She turns all the girls into young children.

Episode 4
I guess Shido has got it tough now that he has to babysit little girls! Heck, they even follow him to school and claim they are his daughters! Of course Shido gives an excuse that they are his relative’s but I don’t think they want to believe him. But Natsumi is up to her mischief again. Randomly changing the outfit of the girls and even turning their house into some funfair. This though, enables Reine to pinpoint Natsumi’s whereabouts. Westcott gives Ellen the green light to go Spirit hunting. Her first target is Natsumi. So when Ellen and her AST girls corner her, Natsumi just turns them into lolis. However this doesn’t startle Ellen a bit as she slashes her. Natsumi becomes afraid in seeing her own blood and pleads for her life. Ellen is about to deal the finishing blow but Shido and his mini harem are here to save her. With Miku’s help, they mind control the other AST girls to hold Ellen down to buy time for their escape. Meanwhile Origami receives a call that she will be punished. Thanks for the heads up because this gives her time to escape from the agents. With Natsumi in custody, Shido goes to talk to her. She is conflicted that he came to her aid despite all the bad things she has done to him. It seems she has low self-confidence over her true loli form. She thinks nobody listens to her in this form and Shido the same because he called her pretty in that busty mode. Had she appeared before him in this loli form first, she believes he would have ignored her too. She thinks he is lying when he says even her loli form has some charming points. She won’t be fooled by this. But soon, Shido and his harem give Natsumi a special makeover. They will transform her the best they can. If they succeed, they win. Natsumi becomes the cutest loli under their care. However she is now very conflicted because it is her loss if she is cute! Too much to handle for today. Meanwhile Ellen contacts Origami and wants her to work for her under DEM Industries. She refuses, citing she will not join any organization that harms Shido. But when she offers info that would allow her to avenge her parents’ death, she has no choice but to accept.

Episode 5
Natsumi has stabilized but still thinks everybody is lying. Kotori talks to the girls and tries to get them to think the same like her. That is, badmouthing Natsumi as an ugly brat. However none of them think so and believe it is Kotori who is something wrong. Even Shido is thinking they shouldn’t confine Natsumi and should let her eat with them. This makes Kotori mad and runs away. Of course that was Natsumi in disguise as the real Kotori calls since well, Natsumi has somehow escaped her room. Shido looks around and returns home only to see Ellen waiting. She wants him to hand over Natsumi or else he will ruin his home and family. Nice timing for a call to evacuate. It seems those vengeful board is trying to drop a satellite on this town to get their revenge on Westcott. Everyone is evacuated but Shido continues to look for Natsumi. Fraxinus tries to blow it out of the sky but there is some barrier. Hence, Kotori transforms into Efreet to blast it out of the sky. It works. Oh, there is a second satellite dropping! She is out of power and wants Shido to evacuate but you know, stubborn guy is willing to put his life at risk just for a witch girl. He even uses Sandalphon but no effect and he too is out of strength. Kotori has to beg the other Spirit girls to save her brother. Meanwhile Ellen returns to Westcott and is stumped he still hasn’t evacuated. He is confident the plan will fail. But just in case, he wants to use and put her to the test. The Spirits combine their powers to push the satellite away since exploding it too close to town will be dangerous. However, bogeys are here to stall the Spirits. With their hands tight, who else is going to save them? Natsumi! She easily turns the satellite into some harmless cartoon. Natsumi tries to act tough but Shido is only glad that she is unhurt. I guess this is it for Natsumi. She admits all her wrongdoings and starts crying. Shido hopes she could be his friend and she cries harder! WTF?! The Spirits too can’t leave Natsumi alone and want to be Shido’s friend. Why the heck did they ‘downgrade’ themselves? Do they want to be his lover? Natsumi learns the sealing process. Though embarrassed, she gets it over quickly by kissing him. Can’t rest yet as a bomb is now literally being dropped! Who saves them this time? Origami!

Episode 6
Perhaps Shido should have seen this coming. Sexy Natsumi trying to seduce him in bed. Foreplay folly only stopped thanks to Kotori. Then it descends into some petty argument of sexiness and boobs. On to a serious note, Shido is in shock when he hears Tamae announcing that Origami has suddenly transferred out to a school in England. Shido then connects the dots that she might have joined DEM Industries since she was wearing their power suit. So desperate that during lunch he goes to her place. Empty. Despair? Like as though it was a trap for him as he gets kidnapped. Kotori receives word of Shido’s sudden disappearance and wants him found before the end of the school day. Shido finds himself tied in a room. The perpetrator no other than Origami. Although she admits she joined DEM Industries, these actions are of her own and not Westcott’s orders. She has finally found the resolve to kill the Spirits. Not just the Spirits that killed her parents, but all of them. Hence, she abducted him to keep him out. To her, all Spirits are the same and to prevent future tragedies like her, all Spirits will die. Shido argues that Touka and co have changed and all they want is to lead normal lives. That is the reason Origami couldn’t accept. To accept living together with the likes of Touka. Origami begins her plan by sounding a fake spacequake alert to evacuate the people. Now she can kill the Spirits with no interference. Touka and co are shocked at Origami’s resolve. They don’t want to fight her but are forced to since they can see she is dead serious in killing them. Meanwhile Ratatoskr is about to head and retrieve the Spirits but is intercepted by Goetia, DEM Industries’ ship. Ellen contacts them and gives them a chance to run. She also relays a message for Woodman. They call him a traitor and will make him pay. With nobody on Fraxinus turning away, they prepare to fight back but Goetia easily blasts them. Meanwhile Touka is down for the count.

Episode 7
Did Origami return just to laugh at Shido? Actually it’s Natsumi. Yoshino and Natsumi were wandering around town and spotted Shido and Origami, hence the tailing game. We see Origami owning the Spirits. With Touka hell bent on protecting those important to her, her Spirit power returns and is able to defeat Origami. Origami laments all that she has thrown away have been wasted when a voice asks her if she wants power. Of course. With that, Origami is now a Spirit. Stronger than before, she renews her vow to kill all Spirits before killing herself. Touka can’t fight and protect at the same time so she has the rest get away. The power Spirit fight gets on the way but further damage is prevented when Shido calls out to them. I guess Origami isn’t in the mood anymore and flies away. Shido learns what happened from Touka as they all recuperate in the infirmary. Shido has to seal Touka’s power and you know that means kissing. I guess it is better here in this room than out in the public. If only the other damn Spirits weren’t so eager in being peeping toms. Meanwhile our favourite Spirit, Kurumi is seen frolicking around town. Origami then approaches her.

Episode 8
It seems she wants Kurumi to use one of her powers, Yod Beth to send her back 5 years in time to stop the death of her parents. What is she going to do if Kurumi refuses? Bug her until she agrees! I guess Kurumi is smart enough not to deal with that crap and decides to agree to it. After all, she needs somebody as a guinea pig for her Yod Beth. Origami returns in time just before the spacequake. She confronts the supposed Phantom although we cannot see or hear her properly thanks to ‘interference’. Origami is so hell bent in destroying her without reason to reason, that she realizes too late that she was the one who killed her parents! Well, now that comes full circle. ‘Funny’ to know that Origami hating and vowing to kill the Spirit was actually her future self. Phantom flees after satisfied that she has achieved her goal. Back in current time, the moon goes black and suddenly Origami starts raining down attacks randomly. So she’s no longer a Spirit but an Inverse? Oh sh*t! It took down Fraxinus (for the second time) but this time did it kill Kotori on board?! It’s Shido cue to go save Origami and end this madness and you know it’s his job since the other Spirits fend off the other attacks to make a path to her. They also have to deal with Ellen who wants to harvest her. But Shido loses his chance to kiss and seal her because Origami’s face up close looks like a hagged old woman! Yikes! I can see why any guy would freak out and fall right down to hell!!! Because of that, Kurumi traps him as now it is the right time to set forth her goal. No amount of begging is going to make her let you go, Shido. She fires Yod Beth into him. Shido finds himself back 5 years in time. Sorry Tamae, this boy whom you don’t know is not trying to hit on you. Since Shido is clueless, Kurumi lets him in on what’s happening. The only way to reverse the disaster unfolding in the present is to deal with Origami’s past. He must reverse it. So why is she doing this? Looks like the future is destroyed and Kurumi is holding on to that hope that history can be changed. Wait. This is Kurumi? Our Kurumi?!

Episode 9
Shido almost blunders when he tries to take a shortcut and a neighbour thinks he is a suspicious person. Somehow he manages to use Natsumi’s power to transform himself into a kid to allay the suspicions. With Origami’s battle with Phantom now at hand, Shido is too late as he witnesses and now understands why Origami turned out so. So he hugs loli Origami and tries to convince her that he will shoulder all her burdens. Although she accepts, however this anger is only hers to carry. He will have fun and be sad on her behalf until she kills that Spirit. Oddly, Kurumi feels regret that had she not used Yod Beth in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. So she didn’t see this coming? However Kurumi believes there is still a way to correct this. Because her old self was nearby the incident, Shido goes to see that Kurumi. She is of course on her guard at this stranger. Shido convinces her to touch him so as to contact Kurumi of the present. She is to fire Yod Beth into Shido to send him back again in time. Just right before that incident again. Shido thinks of a plan. They cannot prevent Origami from seeing her parents’ death because that would be just shifting her grudge to someone else. Hence Shido goes to ‘stalk’ Kotori. As much as he wants to stop her from contacting Phantom, he can’t. So after Phantom turned her into a Spirit and causing the adjacent place to burn, Shido’s plan is to talk to Phantom. However it seems she recognizes him and runs away. But soon she decides to confront him. Even though this is not her true form but it’s better than talking to censors. Who this girl? But Phantom claims she knows him and cannot obey his wishes. She hopes to meet again when the time is right. Phantom goes off to fight with Origami and with history at risk of repeating itself, Shido this time pushes Origami’s parents away and gets vaporized on their behalf. But the next thing he knows, he wakes up in bed in his house. Looks peaceful. But he can’t contact Kurumi anymore. Did he save the day?

Episode 10
Everyone is normal. Kotori tells him today’s date and it is the day after Origami went Inverse. But in school, it seems nobody knows about Origami. This has Shido to believe Origami of this world doesn’t hold a grudge against Spirits and is living happily with her parents. But why he looking so sad? Because of that, some of his Spirit harem thinks he has girlfriend issues. WTF Natsumi’s idea to dress up in a naked apron to cheer him up? Shido then learns of a terrifying Spirit known as Devil. Rather, she is an Inverse. Not surprisingly, she looks like Origami. Back to depression again. But next day, shocking news for him as Origami is a new transfer student in his class! She is shocked to see him. Shido finds out more that Origami did join AST but retired a while ago. So if her parents were saved, why did she join AST? Hence he talks to her directly. Her initial shock was because he looked like the person who saved her 5 years ago. Remember, Shido got vaporized. Shido lies that person is his older brother. It makes her sad but also grateful because her family got to live together. Although unfortunately her parents died in an accident 4 years ago. She joined AST so as not to have more tragic cases like his ‘brother’. However she doesn’t understand when he asks her becoming a Spirit. Later after Shido wakes up from resting, surprise to see Kurumi here? She plans to shoot Yod Beth at Origami to see what happened. Why now? Because she couldn’t get close to the original. When Origami stumbles into Kurumi, she transforms into Devil and attacks. Kurumi lost?! Origami reverts to her normal state and has no recollection of what just happened.

Episode 11
With Origami not sure why she spaces out from time to time, Kurumi admits at this rate it is hard to discover why Origami turned Inverse. Shido tells Kotori and Reine what happened. Reine theorizes her memories split into 2. As soon as she senses a Spirit, she awakens as an Inverse type. The plan is to seal her as a Spirit but looks like Shido already agreed to go on a date with her. With Fraxinus doing that date sim option thingy, Shido wants to try a different route. Like taking her to a love hotel?! Just joking. But it spiked her happiness level. He then takes her to a shop selling weird things and unknowingly she buys those products. Even when shopping for clothes, she unknowingly wears a doggy ears swimsuit? During lunch, she tries to lick his spoon and when accidentally spilling water over his shirt, the moment he shows his abs she starts snapping away! She claims her body is moving on its own? At the end of the day, Origami feels confused. She is still sad about Shido’s ‘brother’ but he claims he would have done the same thing. With Origami’s happiness level at max, time to seal the deal but WTF the wooden barrier breaks and she falls off. Shido saves her but got his hands scratched and bleeding. Because of that she becomes a Spirit? Locking herself inside an armour cocoon, Shido tries to break through but it’s too tough. Yeah, Fraxinus is shot down again. Shido can’t run away and let the town be destroyed so he is going to keep trying even if it seems futile. Not if his other Spirit harem can help path a way to reach her. Meanwhile Origami is inside her consciousness and sees her other Devil self. When she touches her, they receive memories from both their worlds. Devil relates the truth that she can never take back the sin of killing her parents. Before Origami falls into despair, Shido’s voice can be heard. Must have said all the right words. You’re not alone. Always here for you. I’ll always save you no matter how much she is in despair. No matter how many times he has to rewrite history. Works like a charm. Origami reaches out to him. She accepts the fact the sin of killing her parents will never go away and Shido agrees that is her burden to bear. She admits she doesn’t love him but only relied on him. Honoured, it is exactly why he was able to save her. Finally he seals her with a kiss. With Origami back in class, you know it’s the Origami we know because she tries to wipe Shido’s tears with her crotch! Yeah, she claims the swimsuit retains moisture better. Though she did claim she never loved him, that is why she can begin her true love for him now. Oh boy. Let the harem fight begin too.

Episode 12
Woah. Shido suddenly super strong and fast? And then he collapses. The source is because his Spirit harem is hanging around him, their Spirit power is causing his body to overheat. A simple kiss is enough to seal it. No time to be shy because Shido just escaped. Worse, he is now a lady killer flirting with any women he sees! WTF is this short cheesy musical segment?! I guess Ellen got the rudest shock with Shido being such a cool cat, it reduces Ellen to some embarrassed b*tch. Get him back next time, huh? When the other girls come and want to seal his power, he throws them a condition. They must make him fall for them and a reason enough to kiss them. Roles reversed now. So we have the Spirit harem taking turns to swoon him. The twins go first. Eating an ice cream yuri style helps with the cream dropping all over their body. Score! Natsumi tries to seduce him in her busty body but she ran out of power and now the swimsuit is hanging loose over her loli body. Score! Yoshino massages him and shows him her swimsuit underneath? That is also score?! It’s classy and elegant time and with Kotori being such a lady, that is enough to score. Even Miku just saying a few words is enough to score. And she didn’t even do anything. Origami tries to spike his drink but the bartender mixes it up. Damn. Now she’s drunk, she’s so cute falling all over him. Score! Save the best for last because now it’s Touka. She feels uneasy about this but before she could do her usual stuff (eating of course) with him, looks like Shido has prematurely overheated. WTF did he just do a Kamehameha and turn Super Saiyan???!!! The girls chase this raging beast. Kotori is inclined to use some weapon to shoot him down but Origami and Touka stop her. There are better ways to solve this. Yeah, let’s not resort to violence, shall we? With the help of Kurumi restraining him, eventually the girls manage to land some cheap kiss on him (WTF?!) and the last ‘boss’ is Touka. Braving his attacks, she realizes this feeling called love inside her for him and that Shido has been suffering like this to reach out to them. Finally, a decent kiss. Touka won the lottery because she gets to be with Shido recuperating in hospital. She is the only one who didn’t manage to make him swoon in the contest so I guess this is fair. It must be her lucky day because a second great kiss is coming! It’s safe to say Touka won, no?

The Spirit Is Willing But The Boy/Trash Is Weak
Oh dear. The final episode was the lamest, the cheesiest, the most WTF and the worst ever. But it is also the most fun! Because, who really gives a damn at this point? Imagine, this is what this series would have been had it actually followed this route of the most cliché harem trope with Shido being turned into a typical main character harem douchebag. I don’t think it will get past the first season if it ruined the series went along with that kind cheesiness. Even though it somewhat reminds us that it should be Shido x Touka but the ending felt somewhat completed. Uh huh. The sudden abrupt ending with them kissing felt like there was something missing. Why the heck did Kurumi not kiss Shido???!!! Our favourite Spirit and she is the only one left out of the kissing spree?! I suppose she will always remain the rebel until the end.

I read that many hated and criticized this season because of how they trashed and butchered the final arc of this season. If you find that there are things that you don’t really understand (like yours truly), perhaps you can blame this. After all, if you want to watch the third season, it is best you have watched the previous seasons because knowledge of what has happened so far and the settings of this world is very important if you want to enjoy understand this season. To be fair, the series want to advance its plot and can’t be spending an extra episode to refresh our memories or introduce newbies to the series. Yeah, best you go back and watch everything again. Ain’t nobody got time for that! But sad to say, the third season doesn’t fair as well as the disappointing second season and could be the death knell of this series for good.

This season is split into 2 arcs. The first arc being the typical add-another-Spirit-into-Shido’s harem and the second bringing one of the main characters officially into Shido’s harem. Yeah. That’s how I see it. Lucky bastard. Initially I thought the Natsumi arc was going to be the arc that would set the rest of the season. I don’t know how I started coming up with the theory of one episode for Shido to date the possible candidate. Hence an elimination of a character/candidate per episode. I thought this was going to be super boring if they are going to follow through this formula. It isn’t impossible because, what is the name of this series again? Thankfully Natsumi’s cheeky guessing game was cut short and I suppose I also got a bit disappointed because it didn’t really amount to anything much. I thought it would drag on a few more episodes since Yuzuru got the bulk of that focus so I thought some of the other characters might have their chance too. None. Yeah, they literally speed run through this game. It certainly would have been interesting to see Shido on a date with Tamae?

Hence Natsumi becomes a mere side supporting character once she officially becomes part of Shido’s Spirit harem. What is better than having a loli? Why, having 2 lolis! Because Yoshino is the meek kind, we need to have the kind that is bratty. I see no other Spirit having this character so okay, let’s make bratty Natsumi part of the gang. The other Spirits also suffer thanks to Origami’s arc taking the entire second half. Touka, Yoshino, Yuzuru, Kaguya and Miku fall way off into the side-lines as the only non-Spirit girl deals with her issues and becomes a Spirit. I guess it is such a waste for these Spirit characters and they are just around for some comical issues and to remind us that Shido has a harem. Sometimes to ex machina certain situations because Shido as a normal high school kid can’t do everything himself. The last episode didn’t do any justice as it was just rushed. Trying to give his ballooning Spirit harem some flirting time with Shido but it comes off as a big fail and waste of time. So miniscule and ridiculous their screen time, might as well not have this crap in the first place. Oh well, having some sort of crap is better than having no crap at all!

Despite Kurumi only making limited appearances, I suppose she is the reason why we find this series a little bit tolerable. Okay, maybe not for all of us. But yeah, the enigmatic Kurumi is perhaps why many keep having hope for this series and that she should just own every other Spirit and become Shido’s only one. Oh well. Not in this world and timeline. Maybe in some other’s if history and the world was rewrote in another way under different circumstances. Could be possible considering Kurumi’s Spirit powers that there might be a world where she gets Shido all by herself and none of those lame Spirit b*tches in the way.

Remember Mana? No. Not to worry. I don’t even remember her until I was going through my previous blog! Oh dear. Who the f*ck is she?! She is supposed to be Origami’s AST comrade and I don’t see her appearing anywhere in this season. I don’t remember what happened to her the last time but I guess she was so insignificant with no role to play, they might have completely cut her out from this season. Other characters like Westcott and Woodman feel like red herring. It’s like they’ve got a plan for something but so far, nothing to show for. At least nothing important or significant that I can see. Last and not least, got to say that girl who is part of the 3 stooges who only says one single line is still f*cking amusing. Majihiku wa!

Origami’s arc is timely and a focus on her character is much needed. However it doesn’t feel as interesting. Because I predicted and saw it from 100 miles away that she was the Spirit that killed her parents. Cue to drag out the drama after she falls into despair from some emotional brownie points. Who knows, she could actually be Phantom herself from another timeline or future. Might not be confident with this conspiracy theory but it is still a possibility. Though, not a very high one. With Shido rewriting history, we get to see a very different side of Origami. She wasn’t the weird pervert that we always know but a meek and very shy girl. She is so different that she might as well be a very different character. Either way, even if the mind forgets, the body doesn’t. Hence it could be the only explanation why that meek Origami’s body started doing weird perverted things on its own. It’s like between the devil and the deep blue sea. Would we rather have this nice girl Origami or the bold weirdo Origami? Well… I’d rather have Kurumi!!! Damn you people, give us another Kurumi OVA, will ‘ya?!

Art and animation I believe remains constant with its previous seasons but is it me or do I feel that there is a drop in quality? For one, I thought that all the characters look a bit younger than they are. For example like Shido, at certain angles he looks a bit like a kid and at other times just a bit weird. Even some of the scenes showing the Spirits, it’s like they lack details and I thought they just gave up and hope we didn’t notice. Well, I did. Perhaps the different production studios for different seasons were the reason? AIC Plus+ did the first season followed by Production IMS in the second. This time it is animated by J.C. Staff. Seriously, do they not have any animes to animate? Sure, they have their hands full with the To Aru series, then they had High Score Girl and Hangyakusei Million Arthur, One Punch Man S2 and the upcoming DanMachi S2 to deal with. Oh yeah. Big company, many stuffs, more projects, more money. Makes sense.

Sweet Arms have been singing this series’ opener for the last 2 seasons. They’re back again for the third. I Swear isn’t a cover of All-4-One’s 1994 hit single. But I rather hear All-4-One’s piece than this bland generic anime pop. The same can be said for the ending theme, Last Promise by Erii Yamazaki. Sounds pretty generic and nothing special. This season’s seiyuu joining the line-up are Ayumi Mano as Natsumi (Esaka in Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai) and the recognizable Kana Hanazawa as Phantom. Speaking of which, it is odd and further fuels my suspicions that this Phantom character is not the real Phantom because in the ending credits, Phantom’s seiyuu is marked as “???” whereas Kana Hanazawa’s character is also marked as “???”. Something looks shady here…

Overall, the third season didn’t really do any justice to make amends of the poor showing of the second season and further drove a nail into its coffin. It’s like they want to bury this series for good. Not even Kurumi’s Yod Beth for a different world to rewrite this crap can save this season. Because ultimately even if another parallel world that this third season was good exists, it still doesn’t hide the fact that some bad sh*t has happened and we have to shoulder the burden and accept that the third season was awful. Yeah. Thanks Origami. We learnt something from your past. Accept and move on. Sometimes it feels like Shido is the Date A Live series and Origami coming up with those damn weird pranks represents the production team trying to screw him up. Or Shido being a douchebag and trying to screw with the ladies. Not impressed. Screwed us up alright. Many say that you’d be better off reading the light novels but considering myself who doesn’t like to read, looks like it is dead end for me. Ironically, the most relevant line to sum up this season and our sentiments come from a certain irrelevant minor character. Yup. Majihiku wa.

They say that if you snooze, you lose. To some, love is a game. A game whoever yields first loses because that is a sign of weakness-cum-submission and allows the other party to dominate you. Therefore it is a battle of wits to make the other party confess first in Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai. Yup. Love is more than just a game at this rate. Love is war. But not necessarily that war is love. Our main characters here who secretly have a crush on each other are engaged in some twisted battle of wits to make the other seemingly look like they have confessed. When you have both donkeys who are stubborn and don’t budge because of pride, no points to guess who will turn out to be the ultimate losers. Just a matter of how long they are willing to drag out this stubbornness…

Episode 1A
In Shuchiin Academy, Kaguya Shinomiya as the student council vice president is the daughter of a conglomerate and is talented in many fields. Then we have Miyuki Shirogane as the student council president who is the top scorer. Both are awed together by everyone else so much so they think they are dating. However with that said, both of them have this twisted pride of not being the first one to confess because the one who does so is considered the loser. Hence a battle of wits in trying to make the other confess first. Hence nothing happened for months… But Chika Fujiwara, the secretary who has no idea about this battle, seems to break that pattern as she gives them a couple of tickets to a romance movie. It seemed Shirogane might be giving in when he almost sounded like he was going to invite Kaguya. Luckily he manages to turn it around by giving her the option. Kaguya could easily turn him down but all would have been for naught since she was the one who planted the tickets in Chika’s hands. As both try to mentally strategize, Chika shows another pair of tickets to a children’s movie if romance is not their type. With this chaos thrown into the mix, their brains start overloading thinking for a solution. They crave for something sweet and there is only a manjuu in the room. As they race to grab it, Chika eats it and leaves. Battle result: Both lost.

Episode 1B
Kaguya planted a love letter in her shoebox just to rile Shirogane as she thinks of going to meet this guy. She is waiting for him to stop her and when that happens, it’s her victory. Of course Shirogane doesn’t want this but uses his position that he doesn’t endorse illicit activities between a man and woman. He even threatens to tell the teacher. Kaguya fights back that she is willing to even get expelled for the sake of true love. With Shirogane using assumptions if she would go for a better guy and she mentions there could be a possibility, this is enough ‘evidence’ for Shirogane to fire back this isn’t true love then. Still, Kaguya pretends she is going to this guy and the only thing that could stop her is his teary eyed begging. Too bad it is Chika who is clinging and crying all over her not to leave! In the end, it is Kaguya’s lost.

Episode 1C
Kaguya sees Shirogane simple bento and she would sure love to taste it. However Chika beats her to it and he even shares some with her. This has Kaguya looking at her with scorn but Shirogane thinks she is mocking his miserable lunch. He tries to show off more by making Chika eat more and of course she scorns even more. If this is what Chika wants, it’s war! No more friends. Next day, Kaguya brings in a super high class bento. The duo are amazed but continue to mind their own bento. Kaguya tries to tempt Shirogane to try some but he replies he has nothing of equivalent value to give her. Kaguya feels defeated and even more so when he hears Shirogane made Chika’s bento. That’s it. No more friends for real. Shirogane quickly finishes his and leaves. That is when Chika pops an octopus wiener in Kaguya’s mouth. A taste of heaven. It’s like she’s got her humanity back and considers Chika her friend again. In that sense, Kaguya ‘won’ on technical grounds that Shirogane escaped.

Episode 2A
Shirogane bought a new Smartphone and wants to of course get Kaguya’s address without asking her. Kaguya knows his game and will not do so since it would be shameful for a girl to ask a boy his. However Shirogane shows Chika his childhood profile picture in which he will soon change. Kaguya is interested to see so she fakes her tears and cries of being left out. Panicky Shirogane shows her but realizes his mistake and pulls back. But for that split second Kaguya has seen and memorized it. She no longer has a reason to ask his address. That is when Chika points out Kaguya’s old model doesn’t support the latest app. And so they both lost today’s battle…

Episode 2B
With Chika suggesting to go somewhere for the holidays, Shirogane fantasizes the mountains as the ideal place to get Kaguya to confess to him. However Kaguya prefers the sea. Although she fantasizes of a sunset confession and using her swimsuit to bewitch him, she knows Shirogane can’t swim. She has also prepared a list of answers to counter the dangers he suggests. And when she points out the mountains has bugs which he hates, it looks like a sure victory for her. Until Chika says her body has grown and needs to get a new swimsuit. Kaguya realizes she will lose to her and switches to the mountains. And now Shirogane wants the sea?! He hates bugs more than he can’t swim. Can’t decide? Let Chika decide. What’s it gonna be? How about Mt Osore. It sounds like a place where the dead soul roams. Today’s battle ruined… Is that the same as a loss?

Episode 2C
A guy comes to Shirogane for love advice. Too bad he didn’t know he is a virgin and Shirogane fearing his reputation may come to light if he gives the wrong advice, he likes like he knows it all. Of course Kaguya is eavesdropping outside and would love to hear his opinions. So this guy wants to confess to a girl he likes, Nagisa Kashiwagi but is unsure if she likes him. But Shirogane downplays all the friendzone signs to confidently tell him she likes him. This idiot thinks Shirogane is a genius! It’s all in the confidence. Shirogane even demonstrates this wall slamming technique for size (something he inadvertently practises on the door that Kaguya is hiding behind to make her heart flutter). The guy is grateful to him but gets the wrong idea he and Kaguya are dating. Shirogane refutes that and lists down all her bad points but suddenly praises everything good about her (because now he spotted her hiding). The irony of Shirogane telling him to confess because nothing will happen unless he takes action. Don’t those words resonate with him? Oddly the guy did all that and now they’re a couple. Meanwhile Kaguya is in good mood and this puzzles Shirogane. This means today’s battle is actually a loss for him.

Episode 3A
Based on a magazine, it seems 34% of correspondence already did their first time in their teens. Although this flusters Chika and Shirogane but Kaguya brushes it off and claims she has also done it! Even to her new born cousin?! When she claims they are not raised in a loving environment, it seems this might be the confession plan she needs. She thinks Shirogane will be pressured that he still doesn’t have a girlfriend and will confess to her. Shirogane on the other hand has no experience and is a virgin but ironically popular. Hence he cannot lie and say he has. This has him ask what does her first time mean. Due to her strict upbringing that term only means kissing to her. Hence Chika explains in ‘explicit’ detail what it really means. Wow. In shock. It’s her loss for being this ignorant.

Episode 3B
Shirogane claims he knows her well so Kaguya suggests playing a game. Usually one would ask 20 questions that could only be answered yes or no. If you can determine what it is by 20 questions, you win. Because Shirogane says he knows all about her, she cuts the questions down by half. So as he asks her stuffs and puzzled by the answers given, when he asks if it is something she likes, she starts to act flustering. This has him think he is the answer. A few more questions seem to likely point to that. Is this her way of indirect confession? When he thinks of all the nice expressions she had, he also remembers she has nasty ones. His answer is Chika’s dog. Correct.

Episode 3C
Kaguya is often chauffeured to school but for some reason today, a cat is hiding and doesn’t want to come out of the car engine?! Because of that, she takes the liberty to walk to school. An experience she longs to have. Along the way, she sees a crying girl who seems to be afraid of crossing the road without her friend. She helps her do so but there are much more crossings to come. I guess after a while and she’s still crying about not wanting to be alone, Kaguya suggests even if the official group crossing is over, she can make appointments with her friends to meet and walk to school together. I guess she never thought of that. Oh look. Her friend is here and they can go to school together. Kaguya is perhaps lost but here comes Shirogane peddling his bicycle, almost late for school. He wants her to hop on because hell they aren’t going to break the school rules as student council. School rules > Traffic rules? Kaguya’s chauffeuring days return but each time she remembers that day, she smiles to herself.

Episode 4A
With Kaguya putting on cat ears as part of the party planned to welcome French students, Shirogane’s heart is racing like hell. Of course he is holding it really hard and Kaguya thinks there is no reaction. When Chika puts cat ears on Shirogane, it is Kaguya’s turn to have her heart racing. As usual, she tries to hide it hard. Kaguya suggests taking a photo and Shirogane fears she might use this is for future extortion. How about both having their pictures taken then? Not a bad deal since Shirogane will get to legally have that photo. All they need to do is smile but since they can’t keep a straight face looking at each other, they look as though they’re going to fight. In the end, Chika confiscates the cat ears as everyone start thinking the scariness of cat ears.

Episode 4B
In order to but decorations and essentials for the party, somebody has to give up their free time on the weekend to do the shopping. Chika suggests a forbidden word game in which the winner is excused from it. Each player holds up a word he/she doesn’t know and if he/she says that word, you lose. Shirogane thinks of putting the word that Chika often says. Check it out? His goal is to have Chika win so he can go out with Kaguya. But Chika starts rapping! Yo! Yo! Kaguya is not speaking and despite it’s a way to win, they’re not going anywhere. Chika then tells her sob story how she is excluded from conversations. Kaguya comforts her and says she loves her straightforwardness. This causes Kaguya to lose since ‘love’ is her forbidden word! Chika was just straight up lying! This makes it easier for Shirogane. All he has to do is let Chika win but the problem is with Chika putting up that bluff, he now has trust issues. Besides, his pride will not allow him to hurt others at the expense of his own. This means his ‘date’ with Kaguya is unacceptable. Shirogane is going to get serious in this game but then he’s out! Seems his forbidden world is ‘serious’! Kaguya has the last laugh since she understands his character perfectly.

Episode 4C
Although they have exchanged numbers, Kaguya is still awaiting Shirogane’s first text. Her maid, Ai Hayasaka knows she has feelings for him and tries to confirm it. When Kaguya says she just likes the qualities she is lacks in him and it is not love, Hayasaka wonders if it is okay for Shirogane and Chika to date. I’m sure that deadly aura means no. She doesn’t want her best friend to be taken away either. Hayasaka suggests calling since he is expecting her to text. Hayasaka then calls on her behalf. Ready or not, you’re on the line. But it is Shirogane’s father who picks up! After passing to his son, Kaguya learns he is in the bath. Hayasaka trying to fuel the fire telling her she is talking to someone naked right now! He manages to make arrangements for tomorrow but Kaguya can’t take it any longer and hangs up. Eventually he finishes his sentence via text. Finally she got her first text. But next day, it is raining heavily. Kaguya even thinks of going because Shirogane might be waiting. Hayasaka doesn’t think so. Yes he is. And it took her 30 minutes to send a cancellation text.

Episode 4D
At the party, Shirogane can only speak a smatter of French. Kaguya sounds impressive. Chika can speak fluently too since her mom was a diplomat!!! Oh no. Does this mean Shirogane is the only one who can’t speak French?! Feeling isolated. This party seems to be set up by the principal to test Shirogane if he has what it takes to be student council president. Hence he sends the French’s vice student council, Betsy Beltoise to give it all to him. She has a razor sharp tongue as she insults everything about him that would make even God cry! Fortunately or unfortunately, due to his limited understanding, Shirogane is like cool with whatever he says. The principal is shocked that he can withstand her attack! With Betsy increasing her attack, Kaguya doesn’t like what she said and counters it all equally with her French tongue. Enough to send Betsy running away and fearing Japanese girls! After the party, Kaguya feels ashamed for doing all that but Shirogane reminds her he doesn’t know what they’re talking about except that Betsy badmouthed her and she stood up for him. Kaguya then says something inaudible and this only has Shirogane pleading for her to say it again.

Episode 5A
Kashiwagi comes to ask Kaguya for love advice. She agrees. What does she want to ask? How to break up with her boyfriend! Yes, it’s that girl whom that boy asked Shirogane for advice. She claims he suddenly confessed to her and she was shocked and at a lost at that time. Now she feels their distance has been growing. Kaguya tries to describe liking someone based on the unseen traits but she’s just describing about her preferences of Shirogane. Kashiwagi could easily picked that up if not for eavesdropping Chika who wants in on this love game. First she has them imagine their love being with someone else. They don’t like it (even more so for Kaguya). That means jealousy and this proves you are in love with that person. With Kaguya not wanting to lose out and suggesting some Romeo and Juliet trope, Chika’s intervention means it gets blown out of proportion. WTF fight against the inequality of society?! Yeah, Kashiwagi believes it. In the aftermath, we see them both as a couple but doing charity work asking for donations. They were already interested in doing charity in the first place. Kaguya also sees Shirogane helping them out since they are eager to help but have no experience. This makes him want to support them. Kaguya is impressed with him and this means today’s battle it’s her loss.

Episode 5B
Shirogane sucks in sports. He is having a hard time practising for next week’s volleyball match when Chika spots him. Did she see him how much he sucks? Well, her awesome perception of him still didn’t change. But after seeing how good Chika is, looks like he is forced to learn from the master. As you can see, he continues to suck. Missing the serves and somehow even slapping himself! Chika examines that it is because he closes his eyes and hence the brutal training begins. Yup, to the point of even sleeping with the ball! But still, he sucks. When he refuses to give up because he wants to look cool, Chika takes it as there is someone he likes. She keeps bugging for a name but that is when he shows his manly side and succeeds! Hooray! Now Chika can teach him how to toss and receive. Damn… On match day, Shirogane is flawless! So cool! And Chika is having bandages everywhere, talking as though she is his mom who raised him! Victory for Shirogane and Chika!

Episode 5C
It is a rainy day and it looks like the perfect excuse for that umbrella sharing incident. This would normally work if one forgot his/her umbrella. But in the case of Shirogane and Kaguya, they both forgot! Actually both of them have it but cannot admit because doing so will be a loss. Hence it becomes a game of exposing the other’s lie. Shirogane moves first that she may be lying but doesn’t have enough info to have anything conclusive. Then Kaguya hits back. She did not see him cycle today and in fact ride the train. So if he claims he didn’t check the weather forecast, of all days why take the train? Is he lying? Please check your bag again. Yeah, this is actually Shirogane’s fault for not planning far ahead unlike Kaguya who did lots of preparation and research! It’s scary! Kaguya is moments from nailing his coffin and perhaps scoring the biggest victory when Chika comes by to lend her hers! Just ruined everything. But it saved Shirogane’s neck. So upset that Kaguya sublets the umbrella to him. He borrows just half of it. And in the end, both shared the umbrella. A tie for today’s match.

Episode 6A
Yuu Ishigami is the student council treasurer. He is good at data processing and indispensable to the council. However he wants to resign! He thinks Kaguya is going to kill him! Ishigami can tell a person’s intention just by looking in the eyes (albeit just 5% accuracy). A month ago, he found some coffee coupons underneath a table. It was set up by Kaguya to have Shirogane to go out with her. When she is about to take the coupons, it is missing. She realizes it is in the hands of Ishigami and she threatened him not to tell anyone about it or else. Then last week he asked if she loves Shirogane. Her words don’t match her wobbly actions. In that case, Ishigami plans to tell Shirogane about this and that is when Kaguya almost strangled him! He thinks she is an assassin! And then Kaguya comes in covered in blood and a knife with hand! OMG! Is she really going to kill?! Turns out she was just helping the drama club. Ishigami warns Shirogane she is just playing cute to let his guard down. They almost lost it when Chika comes in ‘dead’! Yeah, just fooling around. Shirogane tells Ishigami to have more faith in his friends. Can he when Kaguya reminds Ishigami not to give Shirogane a hard time? This means she has been eavesdropping about his resignation! Now Ishigami cannot get away from the woman he fears…

Episode 6B
Chika has them take a psychological test in love. The answer given corresponds to your love life. Of course this is a setup by Kaguya as she has read all the questions. All she needs is to get Shirogane to answer in a certain way and hence making it look like an indirect confession. Hence the question of walking in a dark place and the first person that comes to mind who taps your back is actually your lover. Since Kaguya knows the answer, she answers Chika. Ishigami fears Kaguya and names her. Shirogane is suspicious of Chika’s eager behaviour and believes this is a trap question so he answers his sister. Chika thinks he is a siscon. Ishigami now thinks he has Stockholm Syndrome for Kaguya? Don’t kill yourself… However Chika decides to look for a question on the internet. This throws uncertainty for Kaguya. In a field of flowers, how many would you pick? Just a bouquet. Shirogane will have a truck load. While Shirogane and Chika argue about this, Kaguya peeks on the answer. The amount of flowers indicate how much you love that person. Embarrassed with Shirogane’s truck load, she shuts the computer.

Episode 6C
Hayasaka ‘lectures’ Kaguya about beauty and trendy because you don’t want opportunities stolen by women who only has good looks going for them, no? She thinks nails are the in thing although she is totally off. Hence Kaguya does up her nails and hopes Shirogane will notice although she does have her reservations. She tries to make it so freaking obvious but he didn’t notice. So frustrating. Actually he did and just pretended not to. He thinks if he compliments her, it would be sexual harassment. Ishigami then notes Chika using a different shampoo. He meant to compliment but the way he said he has Chika commenting he is a creepy person. He lost his mood and goes home. Hopefully not to die. This has Shirogane give more thoughts about this. At the end of the day as Kaguya leaves, disappointed all this is for nought, Shirogane then comes up to her. He is about to comment her nails but drops the idea halfway and pedals off. This only leaves Kaguya flustered and even more frustrated she couldn’t hear him finish his sentence.

Episode 7A
Looks like that guy is back to ask Shirogane more love advice. Yeah, he wants to hold hands with Kashiwagi now. This sounds like a relatively easy question so Shirogane makes some expensive suggestions. Can’t afford it? Work! He also has sweaty palms that he needs to solve. Surgery too expensive? Work for it! Could it be a ploy for Shirogane to hire someone as extra help at where he works? Kaguya is eavesdropping and won’t allow that because she has summer vacation plans for him. Good thing or not, here comes Chika thinking she could play cupid. But after hearing out the problem, she gets disappointed at how low level the issue is. Couldn’t he just hold her hand normally? All Shirogane could do was to wish his best. You don’t need a job for that! Just will power! And with that, the guy manages to hold Kashiwagi’s hand. So easy. And Shirogane loses today’s match since he failed to recruit a part timer…

Episode 7B
Other than social standings, the school has also a caste system in terms of club activities. So those who aren’t in one are ranked as inferior. Like Ishigami. So he is complaining so much about it and is even going as far as to suggest some happiness tax. Yup, slash budget for every couple for every club! Shirogane suggests he could join even though he is in the student council because the ladies are doing it. Chika in the table top game club and Kaguya in archery. That is when Ishigami starts to badmouth their boob size in relation to their clubs. Cliché moment for the ladies to be standing behind him. He hit the brakes too late… Punishment from Chika! He’s fortunate Chika ‘forgives’ him but not Kaguya… Ishigami is now scared as he goes home to do his will… Then the girls try to argue for Shirogane to join their club. For that moment Shirogane felt like a winner because it’s like his harem fighting over him.

Episode 7C
Chika is glad Kaguya is able to smile. Long ago she always casted this cold and distant exterior. Her dream is to make her laugh like mad someday. So when Chika talks about her dog’s dick, this sends Kaguya into a laughing fury. Remember, Kaguya just started on her real path on sex education so she is like a child, laughing each time she hears the wiener word. Hence Chika notices this and keeps spamming that word just to make Kaguya delirious. Not that Chika realizes it has anything to do with the wiener word, but rather Kaguya is laughing madly. Then Shirogane comes in. Can Kaguya hold her laughter? Of course the ladies can’t say such vulgar word before a boy but Chika is going to make Shirogane say it! So what is the other word for a dog that looks like a sausage? Before he can answer, Kaguya answers with a substitute word. Each time foiling Chika’s plan so much so she gets mad and admits all she wants is for him to say that word. This shocks Shirogane as he thinks they are nymphos. He runs away and Kaguya is left to rue this misunderstanding. Chika continues spamming wiener. More uncontrollable laughing. Little do they know, Ishigami has been eavesdropping outside and gets the wrong idea of them talking about wieners. Futanari?!

Episode 8A
Shirogane’s sister, Kei visits the student council room. Since her brother is away at a budget meeting, Kaguya greets her. Kaguya then devises a plan to get close to her so she could win Shirogane’s heart. Kei is about to give some documents for Shirogane that needed checking but Ishigami efficiently points out all the errors. Kaguya then changes her tactic that she should be her friend and equal and after that long delusion, Chika comes in. What’s this? Chika and Kei doing some weird pose together?! You mean they’re such close friends? Chika’s younger sister, Moeha is in the same class with her and Kei often comes for sleepovers. Kaguya’s hope is to be her sister but with Kei calling Chika her big sister, now Kaguya’s is boiling with jealousy. When Chika suggests they go hang out together, happy Kaguya would gladly love to. Back home, Shirogane heard that Kei stopped by his student council room and asks her opinion of his members. Though she finds Chika and Ishigami to be okay, she felt nervous around Kaguya that she can’t carry a conversation around her.

Episode 8B
The test is coming up. Hence we see Shirogane and Kaguya putting up brave but fake fronts about their perceptions on last minute studying. All lies! Yeah, Shirogane has taken leave from his job so he could burn the midnight oil so as not to lose his top status. He’s been helming it for 3 consecutive terms. Kaguya may sound casual in taking the tests but deep down she is dead serious to beat Shirogane. Unlike those 2, Ishigami doesn’t care. Yeah, all he wants is to play video games and he is already no stranger to failing. Chika falls into their psychological trap to not study. During exam day, you bet our prideful student council duo are as nervous as hell and somehow doing a good job keeping it all in. When the results come out, Shirogane maintains his top spot while Kaguya takes second place like always. Humble in victory, gracious in defeat. That’s what the duo may seem but deep down, Shirogane wants to howl and do shadowboxing while Kaguya is so frustrated she wants to cry and stomp all over.

Episode 8C
A week before the test, Ishigami is already warned if he fails again, he will have to repeat a year. Kaguya doesn’t really care about him but knows this will drag the student council down. Hence she is going to make him study! Poor guy thinks she wants to torment his soul. He tried to run away but each time she catches him and hence giving up to study with her. At the library, several girls note how creepy it is for them to be together. Ishigami just gives up. He doesn’t care if he repeats a year. He was a problem child back in middle school and doesn’t want her name to get dragged just because of such rumours. Kaguya then confronts those girls about judging others. She has judged Ishigami to be worthy of a relationship with her so do you have any problems with her judgment? The girls quietly go away and although Ishigami thinks this will still give them the wrong idea, Kaguya’s priority is not to make him fail. She will not abandon him and nothing will sway her. She swears to her family name. Without him, Shirogane will be troubled. When the results are out, despite Ishigami didn’t fail, Kaguya is upset he barely passed. After all the studying this is what he gets?! I guess Ishigami thought he had a better view of her now, returns to his original stance that she is a scary woman after all. Shirogane hopes he won’t take it to heart as Kaguya doesn’t lie to herself. You can be assured that she keeps her word, come what may.

Episode 9A
A storm is going on and Chika is afraid of lightning for fear it will steal her belly button?! But Shirogane is concerned because the train service is out. Kaguya fantasizes him riding her car for a driving date. However it will seem like she is inviting him and that will not do. With Chika hinting about sharing her taxi, Kaguya shoos her away. Kaguya then gets psychological with him about skipping his job due to the storm. As he thinks about it in the toilet, Kaguya realizes the trains have resumed. No choice, she quickly swaps out a dead battery for his phone. All that is left is for her to wait outside for him to beg. Unfortunately crazy Shirogane rides his bicycle zooms past her and splashes water all over her. Next day, Kaguya has fever.

Episode 9B
Now somebody needs to hand over prints to her. Chika would love to go since Kaguya acts like a baby whenever she is sick. Shirogane starts fantasizing the things he could do to her but Chika wants to be fair and has them play a memory card game. Because of the rules she set, Shirogane sniffs out her cards are marked. The game continues anyway and when Shirogane learns from Ishigami that it could be his fault for splashing water on Kaguya that made her sick, Shirogane ups his game and sees through Chika’s other trick (placing cards in clock time positions to remember their value) to win the game. Ishigami spams Chika with shame as she goes home to ‘die’. For once it isn’t Ishigami. Please don’t kill yourself. But now Shirogane faces a new problem: What to get for Kaguya!

Episode 9C
Shirogane is astonished by Kaguya’s mansion. He is greeted by Hayasaka and because she doesn’t want him chickening out last minute, she forces him into Kaguya’s room. Looks like she really regressed into a mind of a baby. From her psychology explanation, it looks like Kaguya won’t remember this when she returns to normal. Then she leaves them alone together and hints nobody will come here for a few hours and the walls are soundproof. Please don’t do anything inappropriate… Shirogane sits by her side, feeling guilty and needing to find out her true feelings. He knows she wanted to give him a ride and if this cold is his fault. However she doesn’t know. She feels sad for always giving him trouble and never know what to do. She doesn’t know other ways and it’s the only way she could do it. Then she invites him to sleep with her and pulls him in! Shirogane’s mind is in panic but soon falls asleep because of sleep deprivation. Later that night when Kaguya wakes up, she is horrified Shirogane is sleeping next to her. She kicks him out and accuses him for taking advantage. Shirogane runs home in tears while Kaguya fears how far she has gone with him. Lucky for you, Hayasaka examines the bed. Nothing happened…

Episode 10A
Shirogane and Kaguya are in a cake standoff. Ishigami thinks it is his fault because he ate 1 and now with only 1 left, the duo are trying to be polite and let the other eat it. Yeah, they’ve been at this for hours. Time to go get some Chika help. Now the duo are drawing up the pettiest and most trivial of memories of why the other should eat it. It all comes down to feeding each other. There is still some distrust about feeding each other at the same time but when they’re about to do it, here comes Chika as she eats the cake. Punishment for not being friends! Maybe she just wants to eat the cake… Shirogane and Kaguya double losers…

Episode 10B
Ironically, it is Kaguya’s turn to seek Kashiwagi’s advice on love. The same for Shirogane but he talks to Ishigami who is the self-proclaimed love master thanks to all the manga and games he played. So we hear them talk hypothetically about that night they ‘slept’ together. Kashiwagi and Ishigami go on the offensive to blame the other party. Shirogane and Kaguya try to control and not make it seem like it is entirely the other’s fault and that they also share some partial blame. Eventually if they did nothing wrong, there is no reason they should be feel guilty about. At the end of the day when Kaguya and Shirogane pass by each other, the latter admits he did lay a finger on her although it was only on her lips. That is when Kaguya puts her finger on his lips. Now they’re even. She hopes that with this settled, they will go back to being normal tomorrow. Shirogane and Kaguya double winners.

Episode 10C
Summer vacation will be soon and it seems Shirogane and Kaguya are hinting to Chika for plans. Yeah, remember that mountains or the sea decision? It’s time to put that to an end. Of course they can’t make it look like they’re initiating the trip or it will look like an invitation, hence a total defeat. Too bad Chika announces she is going to Hawaii for a week! Shirogane tries to steer Chika and put her ‘under his control’ to do at least something together for the holidays (because without Chika in the trip, the plan will not get off to a good start) but Kaguya knows better this is impossible and hence she has regressed into a retard mode just to avoid arguing with her. Even when Shirogane argues they can have one after their trip abroad, Chika counters that she needs to study. Balance between work and play! Can’t argue with that. Ishigami then comes up with the unlikeliest comment that he wants to spend time with them since this is the only year that they can possibly do so. Hence Shirogane suggests the summer festival. Suddenly Chika wants to come! Oh yeah. Fireworks and food. That’ll be great. Screw studying! As they try to make that date free, suddenly Chika realizes that week she’ll be in Spain. She even has the cheek to blame them to go there without her. Ishigami fires back that it is she who is having fun but have the nerves to tell them not to go? Hypocrite. Chika continues to blame them and runs away. For once, Shirogane and Kaguya side with Ishigami. Looks like he doesn’t have to go home and kill himself from guilt this time. Summer festival here we come!

Episode 11A
Half of summer vacation has passed and Shirogane and Kaguya have not done anything of importance! Kaguya is shocked that Hayasaka knows what Shirogane is doing as he posted it on Twitter. Yeah, Kaguya isn’t IT savvy and needs to look up what it means. Meanwhile Hayasaka is just getting ready for her own bath relaxation when suddenly Kaguya barges in to grumble about the broken internet! Oh dear. It’s that human verification code… Hayasaka points out a few starters and then returns to her relaxation. She too is grumbling this unappreciative job when suddenly Kaguya barges in again. Twitter has banned her! No, girl. It’s a protected account. I’m sure it all sounds alien to her as Hayasaka explains about trolls. So if she sends a request, he might invite her to look at his tweets. Of course you know, that would mean making her look like she’s begging to know him. She can’t do that and will let Shirogane follow her instead. You know that’s not going to happen… Hayasaka returns to her bath again and as she is about to go into deep relaxation, here comes Kaguya again…

Episode 11B
Saburo Odajima is a middle aged man who prides himself for knowing the best ramen to eat. So when he enters and orders his optimum ramen in this small shop, he thought Chika is a spoilt rich kid who knows nothing. To his shock, she also orders some optimum combo but fails on its firmness. Saburo decides to show her how it’s done to appreciate ramen. WTF, getting technical here? However she blows him away as she eats and enjoys it at her own pace. Then he gets over analytical how this is all calculated by her for the most optimum taste ever. But he thinks she will fail as a ramen connoisseur since women hate garlic. Guess what? She eats them all and even drinks the soup! This has Saburo remember his youthful days that he too once enjoyed it like this. He supports her to go all the way. When she leaves, he gives her the thumbs up but Chika doesn’t know what the heck it means.

Episode 11C
Shirogane and Kaguya continue to languish doing nothing. Yeah, how can you expect something when all your plans revolve around the premise of the other inviting you? So we see both of them flustering staring at their handphones, hoping some new mail will pop up. Keep waiting… Although coincidentally both of them have this idea to head to school in hopes of bumping into the other, it is unfortunate that they missed each other. Hence the sad day continues. To a point where they dread that summer vacation wasn’t so long. Although the results say nobody won because they didn’t meet up, I believe they’re both losers at this rate…

Episode 11D
Kaguya narrates she never experienced a normal family and do what normal families do like watching fireworks. Thanks to others treating her special due to her wealth and status. She feels blessed to have such resources and some wonderful friends in life but still can’t do as she pleases. Kaguya is summoned by her dad to the main house. However as she waits, her dad passes by and just notes she is there before walking off. Sad. She further narrates how father never said goodnight or I love you to her but it’s okay since it has always been this way. And nothing at this point will make her feel one way or the other.

Episode 12A
Kaguya is looking forward so much to see the fireworks with her friends. However she is shot down by her servant who thinks father will not approve of it. Kaguya well knows her father doesn’t care but sucks it up and accepts her fate. She texts to her friends she is unable to come. All she can do is cry in bed. Hayasaka tweets on Kaguya’s behalf that she wants to see the fireworks. Shirogane sees this and understands. He rushes to her place. Hayasaka talks to Kaguya about giving up this time. She has come to realize that nothing in the past works. It isn’t any different now. But Hayasaka has made preparations. Kaguya manages to sneak out and get a taxi driver to send her to the fireworks. Hayasaka is now impersonating as Kaguya. Shirogane sees this and understands fully what it means. Back to the fireworks? A traffic jam has Kaguya deciding to walk there herself. Damn, she and Shirogane just missed each other. Kaguya makes haste as she prays to God that she doesn’t need romance or love. Just her friends. Too bad there is no God. When she arrives, it is over. She cries alone in the alley and wishes to see the fireworks. Better rethink if God exists because he came in the form of Shirogane. He knows how to find her since he knows how she thinks. He is going to show her the fireworks. He and the rest have made arrangements to go to the next city to watch the fireworks as it was delayed due to the rain. Yeah, the taxi driver is really going to put the metal to the pedal. Can they make it in 20 minutes? Well, if you pray hard! Just in time they reach the next city, the fireworks begin. What a lovely sight. Only… Kaguya failed to see them. Because she was so enthralled with Shirogane’s coolness that she was looking at him the entire time. Her heart was beating so loud that it drowned out the fireworks’ sound.

Episode 12B
With the school term resuming, we see Shirogane reeling from embarrassment. All those cool things he said to Kaguya then was actually out of his excitement of seeing her the first time during the holidays. Yeah, so embarrassed that he could die! When Kaguya enters the room, he fears she is ignoring him. However she is doing that because she too is embarrassed to see him in the face. They have this thinking if they cross paths, it would make a natural reason for them to talk. Nothing happens. Kaguya realizes that he might be embarrassed and tries to take advantage of this. However Chika interrupts thinking that their path crossing is some sort of formation and a game. They try again but this time Ishigami accidentally walks into it and gets chided. Yeah, he’ll be heading home to lick his wounds. With Chika teasing him, Kaguya tells her off for being an annoyance. I guess she too will be heading home in tears. With the duo alone, looks like a great opportunity. This time, Shirogane realizes that Kaguya could be embarrassed. Another path crossing has them bump into each other. Can they do it? Kaguya starts off by wanting to tell him something. However he thinks she is going to taunt him and baulks. He runs away while Kaguya gives chase. I guess Kaguya wins this time.

Pride Comes Before A Fall In Love
I know we really want to see Shirogane and Kaguya end up together. But alas if that ever happened, that will be the end of the story. End of the war. End of the romance. Now you know why some people love war and want to keep it going, eh? Hence this love war will continue to go on as long as our main duo have their pride bigger than the Milky Way. Perhaps if we look from another perspective, this is their own way of loving each other because it keeps each other on their toes.

Even with the repetitive cycle and the predictable nature and outcome of each attempt, it doesn’t feel boring or tedious at all. Perhaps it is because we see the duo try so hard and going to great unrealistic lengths before they ultimately fail. The different methods and over analytical thinking as well as over the top exaggeration effects that they conjure up in their mind are most interesting and varied. Goes to show how far and creative (AKA twisted) a human mind can go. So I guess it is fun because we expect to see some sort of punch line AKA failure in the end. My, such sadists we are. Sure, we want to see them end up together but not before we see them fail a million times. Like they say, success is 1% inspiration and 99% perseverance.

Even though at the end of most skits the narrator will announce who actually won that battle, personally I feel that overall they are still both losers! You know, you might have won the battle but not the war. Yet. So perhaps the mini victories that each of them seized in each mini battle would one day accumulated to become the ultimate victory that they seek. Hopefully by then, it would be a win-win situation. At this rate it seems to be heading for a lose-lose situation but like I said, the war is not yet over by a long shot. They care for each other but just too scared to show it.

While it is funny to see the main duo engaged in their own ‘pathetic’ war on love, sometimes we can’t help think if it is society and the environment to blame that made them act and think so. For example as highlighted in Kaguya’s case, thanks to her very strict upbringing, she lacks knowledge and what is basically common sense to common people. For example, sex education and even the internet. You think all youngsters these days are well versed in IT like as though they downloaded all the skills while they were in their mother’s womb. Therefore all this affects the way she thinks and how she acts. More revelation about her upbringing is revealed towards the end of the series and many of us would sympathize with her status. So instead of identifying her as some sort of high class prideful b*tch, her back story does help make us understand why she does everything in certain ways.

Therefore I believe that despite Kaguya has almost everything that other people would die for (wealth, status, etc), she does not have that one thing that she really needs: Freedom. My guess is that love is the only way would set her free but thanks to the twisted notion of wanting Shirogane to fall for her, it’s not going to be that easy. In fact, downright close to impossible. Hey, at least the chances are not completely zero! I mean, it is not like she wants to please her father or anything. More than so, she doesn’t even really care all that much about him. Perhaps my theory is that if she wants to rebel against him, she would throw away that dumb pride of hers of waiting for Shirogane to be the first one to ask her and instead she goes to ask him. That would be a real shocker. Things would have been so much easier that way but I guess we won’t have much of a story to tell then.

Shirogane as the other half of the problem also has his own pride but I think his is more of biological rather than those artificial wealth and status. Because males have this dumb prideful thinking of the need to be manly and anything less would be seen as a coward and hence very unmanly. It is pretty normal for guys his age to have a crush (and vice versa for girls). But in regards to Kaguya’s status in the student council as well as her family background, it can’t be more than just a simple confession. That’s why he has to put on that stubborn male pride and have Kaguya make the first move. Other than that, Shirogane is just a normal and could be a very useful member of society in the future thanks to his workaholic ways. Japan loves their people being workaholic, right?

Therefore the ‘reward’ for us in seeing their ‘pathetic’ failure is that they make those flustering faces and emotions that they otherwise never show to each other. The Japanese have a saying that all of us have 3 different types of faces. One that we show to the public, one that we show to our family, and one we only show ourselves. So seeing this sort of expression on them is like their third and supposedly truest form. Like each time Kaguya from a very prideful and arrogant position suddenly drops to an agitated emotional girl who is frustrated things didn’t go her way. It makes you go, “Aww… So cute…”. Or in her words, “Okawaii koto…”. We all smirk at this reaction and at the back of our heads we blame them that they deserve this.

The other amusing character who is a joker and wild card is Chika. Unaware of the love war between Shirogane and Kaguya, she is like the unpredictable variable that threatens to unravel and reset all their efforts so far without even realizing so. The war could have been won long ago by either one of them but thanks to Chika’s unholy intervention, everything returns back to square one. Like as though she is God’s agent sent down to prolong the war. But Chika isn’t actually a dumb girl. She is actually smart and resourceful herself. The only thing is because she is always at her own pace and that is why she might have this ditzy girl outlook. I believe that Chika has something that Shirogane and Kaguya would envy to die having. And that is the freedom to freely express herself. You can bet that life around her will be short of anything dull but also it can get as annoying as hell. Maybe the world needs more Chikas.

Hayasaka as Kaguya’s maid has this very tired look and sound. I can understand why since she has to put up with all of Kaguya’s whims and fancies. And not just your typical whims and fancies. The kind of look and sound that screams, “I wish I wasn’t here doing all this crap”. You can see for yourself the things Kaguya does and the way she thinks that often warrants a facepalm. It is good that Hayasaka is very loyal and caring about her oujou-sama but more than often she has to put up with her shenanigans and that could really get to her. For her to be working under her this long (not like she had a choice anyway), this shows Hayasaka can tolerate any sort of antics to say the least.

The other characters are amusing in their own ways but not as significant as those aforementioned. Like Ishigami who is mainly a pessimist thanks to his misinterpretation that Kaguya is out for his blood. Hence he always feels sick and the need to go prepare a will. I am guessing he never got round to it since that is what he always says when it reaches this stage. I mean, does he need to amend his will all the time? Assuming he did one. And see? He has lived for this long so all is not that bad. I think. Then there is Kei whom I thought would be a bit more prominent after her introduction but I guess I was wrong. Good thing the siblings don’t have that lovey-dovey obsessed complex relationship that is so nauseating. Last and not least, Kashiwagi and her boyfriend. Despite being simpletons, you could pretty much say that their love is successful. The irony that they sought the (crazy) advice of their seniors and then hit it pretty much soon after. Uh huh. Lesson learnt here is to go with your guts! Worry about everything else later! These 2 should in fact be a role model and lesson for our stubborn mules.

Art and animation, well I got to say that overall it looks a bit dark and gloomy. Is this to highlight the depressing war that our main characters go through? Because even the colours just have this gloomy and depressing feel. Furthermore, Shirogane and Kaguya have this ‘evil’ look on their face. Maybe that is why others respect and admire them. Even Ishigami is always the eternal doom and gloom dude like as though his end is near. Not even Chika’s bright and lively personality can blow away all that. This anime is done by A-1 Pictures who brought to us Sword Art Online, Nanatsu No Taizai, Ao No Exorcist and Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso.

Voice acting feels okay, I only recognized Takehito Koyasu making his cameo as Shirogane’s father. The other casts are Makoto Furukawa as Shirogane (Shorter in Banana Fish), Aoi Koga as Kaguya (Hanabi in Mahou Shoujo Naria Girls), Konomi Kohara as Chika (Kasumi in Asobi Asobase), Ryouta Suzuki as Ishigami (Yuuga in Dorei-ku The Animation), Yumiri Hanamori as Hayasaka (Seth in Radiant), Sayumi Suzushiro as Kei (Oono in High Score Girl), Momo Asakura as Kashiwagi (Rona in Endro) and Yutaka Aoyama as the narrator (Yamada in To Be Hero).

One of the most amazing things of this series is the opening theme, Love Dramatic featuring Rikka Ihara by Masayuki Suzuki. His voice sounds like the Japanese version of the sexy Rod Steward as he belts out this piece that could have also served as an epic theme for a James Bond spy thriller movie. It has very catchy lines that you want to sing along and it fits the theme of the series quite well. While the main ending theme is Sentimental Crisis by Halca, typical anime pop that is nothing to shout about, the more epic one is the special ending song, Chikatto Chika Chikaa by of course the one and only Chika. What makes this song so epic is the very cute and epic way Chika dances throughout. Yeah, I can see there are many videos posted imitating her dance. I’d try it out too have I not have this dumb self-consciousness that I look pretty silly and lame… But I don’t think it will be the next Gangnam Style craze since there is quite a few complicated choreography involved.

In the end, love is all about give and take. The sooner our main characters realize that his is how love is supposed to work, this battle is going to take a while to resolve. If not, never. While there are so many types of love, I think Shirogane and Kaguya may have the wrong impression on what love is. Dominating over the submissive one, is that called love? But a lot of married household follow this type of ‘love’… And it goes to show that despite all the knowledge, wealth and status one might have, love isn’t anywhere in sight. You Don’t Know Love. Can’t Buy Me Love. It isn’t that Shirogane and Kaguya are at war with each other. They are rather at war with their own inner demons. Hence this series can be said to be fun and enjoyable not because we are seeing 2 people fail hard at trying to just fall in love, but the things they do for love. To quote Meat Loaf, “I would do anything for love… But I won’t do that!”. Yup. Pretty much summarizes up what this series is about. Okawaii koto…

Go-toubun No Hanayome

June 16, 2019

What is worse than tutoring a single brat? Nope. Terrible twins aren’t even that bad. Not even the triple threat of triplets can match it. Fearsome foursome? Not even close. Needing to tutor quaint quintuplets would give anybody a real challenge not to quit within 24 hours. And so, Go-toubun No Hanayome has our young high school student who does very well academically to the point of perfection, his job is to tutor quintuplets who are all failing grade. I guess this is not the case of having both beauty and brains. With each having their own quirky characteristic and personalities, how is our teacher going to round them up and make sure they listen? I don’t know. But I heard that it’s pretty cliché that after a while the student might develop feelings for the teacher when they spend a considerable amount of time together. I guess how to handle quintuplets and love were never taught in textbooks…

Episode 1
Futaro Uesugi is mocked by others because of choosing the cheapest school meal set. He gets into a silly argument with a transfer student girl, Itsuki Nakano over a seat. When that’s settled, she finds him rude studying while eating but when she looks at his test scores, he scored perfect! She mentions about wanting a tutor because her grades aren’t so good but instead he mocks her for ordering too much food that will make her grow fat! Later Futaro gets a call from his little sister, Raiha that father found a part time job and a real rich family just moved into the area looking for a tutor. They are willing to pay 5 times the market price and alleviate their family debt. Too bad he learns the person he will be tutoring is Itsuki and she is also in his class. Damn he is seeing the money signs and feels the need to apologize to her and get on her good side. Next time when he tries to sit with her during lunch, too bad the table is already full with her friends. Futaro has weird experiences with her friends like Ichika thinking he is targeting Itsuki and is willing to help her. Yotsuba showing off her perfect zero test scores and following him around. Then you have Miku thinking he is a stalker and outside their rich luxury apartment, Nino stops him from entering but Futaro gives her the slip and runs all 30 floors up to where Itsuki lives. So he is faster than the elevator? At this point he reveals he is her tutor, shocking her. He is puzzled why her friends live together with her. They aren’t her friends. They are quintuplets! Yeah, he is going to tutor them all. Too bad, gathering them is already a handful. Either being spite, ignored or Ichika just plain lazy in her messy room. Before an accusation drama from Miku accusing him of stealing her jersey, thank goodness Nino is wearing it. Finally when they all gather, nobody is in study mood and Nino drugged his water, making him pass out. When he comes to, he is in a taxi outside his home and Itsuki for company. Normally it ends there but with Raiha being so overly cute in inviting Itsuki for dinner, can’t say no. Itsuki hears something about their debt and being so earnest about her brother’s potential, I guess she has to play along that tutoring went well and even hopes to come back again for dinner. With Itsuki giving him ‘permission’ to do as his wish and tutor them, Futaro thinks he doesn’t need to deal with all of them and those who are just failing. Does he not know that all of them failed?!

Episode 2
Futaro gathers the quintuplets again and has them take a test. As long as they pass, they will never have to see him again. Guess what? They scored 100! Combined, that is. Yup, all of them failed. What now? Run away! Next day at school, they’re still being haughty that they don’t need a tutor so he reminds them have they even reviewed their failed test. Nope. Futaro tries to approach Miku since she scored the highest among them. But Yotsuba and Ichika get in the way. From Miku’s reaction they think she is in love with a boy. Futaro discovers a letter from Miku to meet at the rooftop in his desk. Thinking this is a prank, he waits to disprove it but she turns up. Is it true she likes him? Actually it is just to answer his question this morning. It seems she is a fan of the Sengoku period. Obviously nobody knows this since other girls would rather like hot current guys than bearded old men. Futaro tries to use this to get her to study but she remains suspicious he knows more on this area than her. She quizzes him on some Sengoku questions. By fluke he got them right. Just when he thinks she has given in and she gives him a can drink as gratitude, he doesn’t understand why she said it doesn’t have snot in it. This has Miku become suspicious again and will not be tutored by him. Futaro won’t lose so he borrows all the Sengoku library to read up. When he requests for a re-challenge, she refuses. Then it descends into the slowest chase around school as they even play some Sengoku shiritori until they tire out. WTF. He explains the drink snot that has some Sengoku connotation to it but admits he had Yotsuba look up that one for him. Miku doesn’t want him to tell her sisters about her Sengoku fetish as she thinks she is the biggest loser among them. What she can do, others can do. That is when it hit Futaro. Because if that is true, the reverse is also true. Miku can do what others. From that test, he noticed that none of them got the same question right. He vows to have them all graduate with flying colours and he believes all of them have the potential to score 100 on their own. Miku agrees to be tutored by him although her excuse is so that he could take responsibility for what he said.

Episode 3
It’s another tough day for Futaro to gather the quintuplets for tutoring and Nino is here to disrupt again. She tells Yotsuba to go help out a basketball team that has a member injured, reminds Ichika she has a part time job and Itsuki to go somewhere quiet to study. With that, Futaro is only left with Miku. It then descends into a catty argument of outer or inner beauty between Nino and Miku. With Futaro’s stomach growling, they decide to settle this via cooking. If Nino wins, no tutoring today. While Nino’s meal looks good, Miku’s look pretty much ‘destroyed’. Good thing or not, Futaro isn’t a gourmet and finds both delicious. Nino is not happy but we can see the big relief in Miku’s face. With so much time taken up by this, I guess lesson’s over. As Futaro leaves, he realizes he forgot his flash cards. He returns and is surprised to see Miku out of the bath and drying herself. To his horror, she is actually Nino! However she has near-sightedness and cannot see without her contacts. She thinks Futaro is Miku and starts complaining about that guy who has no place among the sisters. Even if her eyesight is that bad, could she not tell the outline of her sister?! Futaro then saves her from the books that were going to topple over her. It is then she realizes it is him. But it gets worse from here with Ichika snapping a picture of this scandal. Hence we have a kangaroo trial court. Only Miku is defending him but when accused she is doing so because of her feelings for him, Miku backs down. Finally the rest realize it was just a mistake and Futaro did save Nino from the falling books (and such a nerd won’t have the balls to rape!). But Nino is not pleased and it hit a nerve when Ichika notes how all of them used to get along so well. She runs away. As Futaro leaves, he finds her bumming outside the building. I guess she locked herself out. He didn’t want to help her, thinking she would just continue her scorn but decides to sit down and talk with her. From the way she says things, Futaro believes she doesn’t hate her sisters but loves them. That’s why she hates outsiders like him getting in between them. Nino’s twisted reasoning has her decide she’ll never accept Futaro even if it means her sisters hating her.

Episode 4
Itsuki is at Futaro’s place to pay him. Is he going to be alright seeing that much money? He can’t take it citing he hasn’t done anything. Since she insists, he asks what Raiha wants to do. Yeah, they hit the arcades. On their way back, they stumble into the other sisters who are just on their way to watch the fireworks. But Futaro reminds them they have homework. Not if Raiha puts up those puppy dog eyes. Okay. Let’s go! But he makes the quintuplets finish their homework first! Hurry. It’s going to start soon. Nino has rented a rooftop of a shop to watch the fireworks but the sisters start going their own way to buy other things first. Futaro learns from Miku that fireworks are very important to them as they used to watch it with their late mother. When Nino is swamped by the crowd, it is Futaro who rescues her. When they arrive at the rooftop, the fireworks just start and Nino realizes they are the only ones here. That’s because she is the only one who knows where this place is. Her sisters are all over the place. Futaro decides to gather them before the fireworks ends. Yeah, the longest fireworks show ever. 1 hour!!! He finds Ichika first but a strange man wonders what his relation with Ichika is. He says acquaintance but everyone gives him that weird stare. He is supposed to go after them but Miku has her feet sore. I bet she wanted him to carry but he bandaged it instead. Wonder why she’s pouting… Some survey assistants ask their relationship and think they’re a couple (how did they end up holding hands?). So as Futaro ponder between acquaintances and schoolmates, I guess Miku didn’t like that answer too. Again she’s pouting. Futaro manages to find Itsuki next and straight up asks their relationship. Without skipping a beat, she says the most as strangers. But she points back he doesn’t need to ask because he already knows. All that’s left is to find Ichika (Yotsuba and Raiha are hanging out at some clock tower) but Ichika finds him and brings him away to an alley. She tells him she cannot join then in watching the fireworks.

Episode 5
Futaro can’t answer when Ichika asks why he is going out his way when they’re just their tutor. Since that guy who is her co-worker is close by, Ichika and Futaro had to pretend they are making out in the dark alley but that co-worker continues to look around the same area?! Looks like Futaro hits a nerve again when he explains why they aren’t friends. Because Ichika thought they were. More trouble when the co-worker mistakes Miku as Ichika and drags her away. Yeah, he doesn’t even care about her injured feet… So when Futaro saves Miku and the co-worker asks him who he is again, chance for Futaro to correct his wrongs. Certainly they are not friends. They are partners. And he wants them back. I don’t know, that sounded odd but to the girls, that sounded better than acquaintances. The co-worker reveals Ichika is late for an audition (despite he was so sure he would never mixed up Ichika’s face!) so Ichika decides to go with him. Is she really ditching the fireworks? Miku tells him to go with Ichika. Can he leave her alone? Yotsuba and Raiha are conveniently here. The co-worker conveniently went to get the car so enough time for Ichika and Futaro to talk it out. He asks if this is what she wants. It’s her dream to become an actress and this audition could land her in a very big role. They even practice her lines here. Before Ichika goes off, Futaro wants her to cut it out with her fake smile. She always uses it to hide her feelings and he could sniff it out as her smile always looks different from her sisters. He explains his true feelings he doesn’t want to get paid with nothing to show for and earn what he work. What about her? She acts like she’s cool with everything but she’s really not. When they were pretend hugging in the alley, he could feel her shaking. He allows her to go but with a condition she apologizes to her sisters. Ichika makes it to the audition and for once she lets out her real smile. I think that could win the audition. When it’s over, she returns and finds Futaro still waiting for her although the fireworks is long over. He brings her to the park where he had the other sisters gather to have their own mini fireworks festival. Mainly sparklers. Nino thanking Futaro for once and Ichika apologizes to the sisters as they in turn also apologize for their own shortcomings. They renew their old promise to share happiness even with one of them finds it. Does this apply to love? Finally Ichika personally thanks Futaro but he is sleeping with his eyes open! The best she could thank him now as partners is to let him sleep on her lap.

Episode 6
Ichika told her sisters about her job and they were thrilled. Ichika felt a burden lifted off her shoulders. But the midterms are coming and this is where the real test is. Futaro tries to get Itsuki to study together. Too bad sounded insulting about her stupidity so that’s no go. What about Nino? He sounded so ambiguous about their relationship that he got a slap in return. I guess only Ichika, Miku and Yotsuba will do. But they’re more in having fun mood than studying. When Futaro goes home, Itsuki suddenly catches up to him. It seems father wants to speak to him. Suddenly the good son, huh? Of course he ‘threatens’ him if any one of her daughters fail, he will resign. Say goodbye to your money. This in turn leads to Futaro and Itsuki arguing. Itsuki thinks he is doing it for the money and hence she is not his tool to make money. It ends with both vowing not to teach or learn from the other. Oh Futaro, you’re going to regret that. Futaro is tutoring the trio at their home and Nino wants to shoo him out. Ichika’s quick thinking means Futaro is going to sleepover and tutor them. As he baths, he thought Itsuki wanted to talk to him so he apologizes and reveals the firing business. Too bad it’s Nino actually and she has now got a gist of what’s happening. Futaro has got a reason to be worried. She’s definitely not going to study and get in his way to make any one of her sisters fail. Futaro returns to tutoring the rest but Ichika is more interested in setting Miku up with him. And out of the blue, Miku asks what kind of girl he likes! Is that part of the study? Futaro will reveal if they finish a page. Wow. See what motivation can do. But the qualities of the girl he likes can only be fulfilled by Raiha! Siscon? Miku must be so disappointing since she’s quite to opposite. With Itsuki still being stubborn, Ichika talks to Futaro about her sister having a hard time being upfront and is definitely hurting inside. She hopes he can do what he does best. Futaro pats her head and notes she really does live up as the eldest of the sisters. Ichika has Futaro sleep in Miku’s room while Miku will share with her. That night Miku went to toilet and back to bed. However she returned to Futaro’s bed! Guess what happens when Futaro sees her sleeping next to him next morning?

Episode 7
Ichika and Nino think of pranking Futaro by making Itsuki look like Miku. Futaro tries to get away before Miku wakes up but look, it’s Miku at the front door! Of course it’s Itsuki. In order to hide the scandal, Futaro pushes her away just when she’s ready to reconcile. This makes her even furious. Futaro takes Ichika and Yotsuba to the library to study. Ichika hints to Futaro about forgetting somebody. He gets the hint and goes back to their suite. On the way out, he passes Miku who is worried if something weird happened last night. He lies about it but at least her heart can rest in peace. Futaro returns to see Itsuki asleep while studying. Because she is still in Miku’s getup, he chastises her to continue studying instead of slacking. With both somewhat apologizing to each other, he continues to tutor her. Futaro sleeps over as they pull another all-nighter since tomorrow is the start of the exam. Too bad they wake up late! Run! I’m sure they could have reached in time had they not been distracted like helping the old lady to cross the road. Of course they arrive late and they can’t simply walk in since a teacher is guarding the entrance. Thankfully Yotsuba was the only one who reached on time so Futaro has an idea. He has all the sisters wear Yotsuba’s trademark ribbon. Pretending to be Yotsuba, one by one they manage to give excuse that a teacher sent them out for errand. Yeah, teacher must be confused. Even Futaro tries to pull this off! Didn’t work! He gets his ass hauled to the office. The exams come and go and the results are out. What’s it like? Let’s just say that each of them pass their best topic but fail the rest. But hey, at least their accumulative score is no more 100 and is way past that. Futaro seems to be telling each one of them how to improve their weakness. The other sisters are confused. Their dad calls and wants to hear the results. Futaro is going to tell the truth after saying he hopes to find a better tutor for them when Nino snatches the phone and hears what it’s all about. Technically she isn’t lying when she says all of them avoided failing all subjects. I guess father is going to keep Futaro for now. Looks like the sisters will have to study harder to avoid being busted for this lie. Futaro would normally want to review their work but allows them some respite and treat them to parfait. The sisters laugh since he is so out of place. I wonder if they have the mood since they see Futaro’s score. Like usual. No biggies. Perfect in every subject.

Episode 8
Futaro’s dad thinks he should cut some slack in studying. Because not too long ago he was a delinquent until a certain girl he met changed his life. Dad fools around with that old photo he keeps in his student handbook since Raiha wants to look at it. With Futaro floored by Miku’s bad cooking, Nino and Itsuki are about to leave but he needs to keep them here to study. Hence he has Yotsuba tell white lies to make them stay. Of course she is a bad liar. Eventually Futaro realizes that telling the hard and blunt truth suits Yotsuba better as she gets pretty honest the 5 of them should study together. With Futaro’s fake illness being discovered, Nino and Itsuki leave. Futaro notes it is just like the beginning. Just the 2 of them. Yotsuba points out everyone has slowly changed. Even Nino didn’t try to kick him out. Yotsuba hints to him there is a reason why she has always been by his side. It’s not to get good grades but rather she likes him. Before Futaro gets to react to this shock, Yotsuba was just trolling you! White lie! She learnt something today. Haha! But really…? Too bad Futaro now has trust issues. Ichika suggests Futaro exchange email addresses with the sisters. All he needs is Itsuki and Nino’s so he had to throw in a bargain that he will give Raiha’s email for Itsuki to join and play on Nino’s psychology that she will be the only one left out. Since Nino will not use her Bluetooth, she lets him write in his handbook. But with the basketball club calling Yotsuba, Futaro tails her to check if she is using this excuse to escape studying. To his relief, she turns down their invitation to join them. Back home, Futaro realizes his handbook is still with Nino. So he enters her room while she is still sleeping to get it back?! Even if Miku allowed it, was he that desperate? She will give it back to him if he helps pierce her ear. Is this his chance to get back at her? As he makes his countdown and slowly try to take back his handbook, Nino changes her mind. This causes Futaro to drop his handbook and unfortunately open to the page of his old photo. So this young delinquent punk is him?! Because he looks so different, Nino can’t tell and really likes this kid! Yeah, badass are her types. Futaro lies that it is his relative. Futaro is glad she didn’t see the other half of the photo. Supposedly that girl who changed his life. Yeah, no surprise but it’s one of the quintuplets. They look so alike (copy and paste?) that it makes a great guessing game.

Episode 9
The school will have a camping trip. And there’s that legend of couples dancing together at the campfire will forever be together. Ichika has Miku substitute her for the meeting. However there is no meet. It was just Maeda’s scheme to get Ichika to dance with him at the campfire because he likes her. Confused Miku tries to weasel her way out but he needs an answer. Good thing Futaro is here so he makes an excuse her sisters are calling. Bu Maeda still isn’t convinced so Miku pretends he is dating Futaro. I guess holding hands is enough to make him give up. Miku asks why people confess to the ones they love. Because they want them all to themselves. The sisters bring Futaro out to shop for clothes for the trip. But Futaro realizes several miscalls from his dad. He rushes home since Raiha is sick. He nurses her until the next day and he is willing to give this trip a miss. After all, he already missed the bus. Too bad the sisters heard about it and came to pick him up in their limo. This sure beats the bus ride. Due to the blizzard, they have to stop by an inn. The sisters especially Nino are wary about spending the night in the same room with a guy. It’s just a room built for 4… And the outdoor bath is also mixed… Why do they assume Futaro is going in at the same time with them? As the sisters bath, they discuss who should sleep next to Futaro. Ironically if they all claim he is just a friend and won’t do weird stuffs, so why is nobody willing to sleep next to him? So their answer is all of them to sleep next to him?! Besides he can’t tell, right? But wait. Wouldn’t that means he knows all 5 of them will be sleeping next to them? I think they aren’t bothered with it now seeing he is fast asleep. Next morning, Ichika wakes up and is shocked she slept close to him. The other sisters are all over the place… Ichika then puts her face close to his… At that point Itsuki opens the door and sees this before quickly shutting it. Too bad she can’t tell which sister did that. Itsuki is shocked to see her school teachers here. Amazingly they too stopped for the blizzard and never stumble into each other. Now they all get to continue the bus trip together.

Episode 10
Futaro helps Yotsuba with the kimodameshi. Ichika and Miku aren’t scared… Since Itsuki is weak in this, what is scarier than a clown mask? A clown asking you to go study!!! Thanks to that, Itsuki runs off on her own and Nino tries to chase her but gets lost. Futaro sees this and tries to get them. When he stumbles into Nino, because he still has that blonde wig on, Nino thinks he is Futaro’s relative and starts getting girly around him. Futaro realizes this mistake and is forced to play along as Kintaro since he knows Nino will blackmail him if the truth surfaces. He tries to act wild and smart but Nino just loves it all. Just when he thought he is busted, it is just Nino putting a bandage on his bruised forehead. Hearing strange ghostly voices has Futaro running off. She is disappointed with this lack of manliness but when she almost falls off a cliff, he saves her. Since she is still reeling from that fear, he gives her some band as charm (from Raiha). She hopes he would be here tomorrow for the campfire dance. You know what all those legend says about those dances, right? The ghostly voice turns out to be lost Itsuki. She is glad to have found Nino. When Nino wants to introduce Kintaro, he is gone. Not a ghost. Because she’s still holding his charm. Meanwhile Miku asks Ichika about Futaro. How does she feel about him. They try to give each other their dance spot to him. Back at the inn, Futaro thinks he has incurred the wrath of all the quintuplets. Perhaps he asked the wrong question at the wrong time. Fearing they would hate him, he tries to be nice but it’s just so unnaturally creepy. While helping out Ichika to move the logs for campfire, he seeks he advice. Just be nice and natural. Futaro has thoughts about choosing to dance with either Ichika or Nino. So he asks if Ichika would like to call their dance off. Not the answer she is looking for. Oh dear. She’s crying. They have to hide when other students come by to lock the place up. Cliché moment of being stuck together for the night.

Episode 11
Futaro has Ichika stand on his back so they could activate some alarm. Too bad they’re still too short. And she’s too heavy… Oh, Futaro! At the same time, Itsuki and Miku realize Futaro and Ichika are nowhere to be found. Suspicious… Futaro tries to make a fire and won’t be distracted by Ichika’s talk. Until she says she is planning to quit school. With her acting roles piling up and that she isn’t quite fond of high school either, she thinks Miku would be better off without her. Though Futaro is sad because that means 20% loss in income (?!), he believes she should pursue her dream because it will be good if it works out. With the fire successful, Ichika thought they could have their own mini campfire dance. Until she realizes that he knows about the legend because Yotsuba knows about it and so does Miku. Ichika panics upon knowing what Miku meant now by leaving Futaro to her. In her clumsiness, a log threatens to fall on her. Luckily he saves her. Weird tango pose… The log also caused the alarm and the sprinkler to go off. All wet and miserable. Even more so when Itsuki and Miku open the door. Whatcha doing?! The duo get a real scolding from the teacher and it is going to be hard to explain things to Itsuki and Miku since they don’t believe what happened. No rest on the final day of the trip. Yotsuba wants to teach Futaro how to ski. With Miku around, he thinks it is a good chance to explain to her. However Futaro as an amateur in skiing can’t stop and crashes. His bandage falls off and Nino thinks he is Kintaro. He runs away to avoid getting caught but she gives chase. More bad luck as he stumbles into Yotsuba adamant trying to teach him. Luckily for a well-placed igloo for him to hide. Yeah, why is Miku hiding here too? They talk about Yotsuba’s athletic abilities as Futaro points out that the quintuplets started out having the same abilities. Along the way, Yotsuba became athletic and he doesn’t want to disregard that effort. Being equal is okay but he prefers it to be fair. So there’s a difference? This gives Miku some inspiration as she makes up her mind. She calls Ichika. We need to talk.

Episode 12
So Miku is suggesting that to be fair, they take each his hand? Yeah, good thing Futaro has only 2 hands, right? However all of them soon gather as Itsuki is missing. As they contemplate where she has gone and what to do, Futaro suddenly realizes something. He will search for her but takes Ichika with him. On the snow elevator, he knows this Ichika is actually Itsuki in disguise. OMFG! The sisters couldn’t tell her apart but Futaro did???!!! The trick was the way she addressed him. Thank goodness the sisters all addressed him differently, eh? So once this mystery is resolved, Futaro collapses on her. He is brought to rest in the infirmary and the sisters feel guilty for making this trip a miserable one for him. The teacher makes the room off limits for everyone for him to rest. During the campfire, Miku and Ichika talk again. About Futaro, about their feelings. Miku realizes that seeing all of them get along well with Futaro, she thought it wouldn’t be fair for her to be special. So she’s done being fair and wants him all to herself. Yup, your official confession from Miku that she loves Futaro. It would be more meaningful had she said it to him instead of Ichika. Yotsuba and Itsuki find Futaro’s memo that lists down all the fun things they were going to do together. So the entire trip isn’t ruined. Itsuki manages to sneak into the room while the teacher is asleep and hide until the teacher gone out! When she turn on the lights, it seems her other sisters also had the same idea! All of them decide to accompany Futaro so that he won’t be alone when the final ‘ritual’ of the campfire takes place. Fast forward to the future, it is Futaro’s wedding day! But Raiha is dismayed because he forgot to bring the wedding ring! Like father, like son. And daddy doesn’t even want Raiha to get married so as not to leave him alone! WTF?! Raiha brings the ring to Futaro’s room in the chapel. This dude is sleeping? Must be tired from all the planning, huh? As Futaro waits for the bride, he fuzzily remembers on the last night of the camp. The quintuplets were holding a finger each. However he had to chase them out come morning because they were so noisy. And when they get back, the sisters are more receptive to studying but might regret a little since Futaro is going to get tough on them. The finals are coming up.

Five Of A Kind: Cute-Win-Tuplets!
And they still leave us hanging! From the opening episode we were treated to see Futaro getting married to one of them. Although we get to see the bride’s face, there is no telling which one for sure because all of them basically look the same. I thought they would at least say who and put an end to the speculation but I guess this means this leaves room for a possible sequel (just to play out the romance part of the quintuplets fighting for his love) until we really get a confirmation on who his bride is. But at least Futaro marrying one of the quintuplets has at least proved that he has earned enough money to stage this lavish wedding! Good for him. I believe he didn’t borrow all this on the quintuplets’ father’s wealth and is all his own efforts. His family still somewhat poor, though…

Basically the entire premise is predictable. The main characters do not get along very well at the start but slowly with lots of persistence, perseverance and stubbornness, you can see that they eventually open up to him. Thanks to the first episode spoilers of telling us that he ends up marrying one of them, it is no surprise to guess that he would at least get along very well with one of them. Characters do not get along well at the start and are only brought together based on circumstances are the perfect ingredients for a budding romance story. You know that all of them will at least have some sort of feelings of varying degrees for Futaro but only the question of when and how.

Due to their initial awkwardness of their relationship, hence we can drag out the romance of the quintuplets trying not to be so obvious that they have fallen for him. You know, they didn’t really like him or his lessons at the start but then they find out he isn’t really such a bad guy and has got lots of merits to boot, now how do I tell this guy that I love him without making it so obvious and ruining my reputation and embarrassing myself? Yup. That’s the big strategy employed here to tell this story. Not a bad thing since it is funny in its own ways. Though, some I feel there are missing pieces to the story like Futaro meeting one of them being young. That felt like a red herring but could also be a great plot device of fate reuniting them together. But then again, troll you again because they aren’t just quintuplets but sextuplets! Long lost twin!!! Haha! Whoops… Gone too far. Besides, is it also considered a harem if all the girls in love with you are also sisters?

My own personal fun was to eventually guess which girl Futaro will end up marrying. Considering all the vague hints to troll and possibly lead you astray, my most likely bet was Itsuki since she had this feeling of being the likeliest. It could be Miku or Nino from that vague hair colour or hairstyle but then again, it could be Yotsuba as she could dye her hair later. Miku looks promising due to her having being the first to recognize her feelings for him or at least officially say those 3 magic words even if it’s not to his face. With Ichika being pushed to the fore in the final episodes, maybe she could snatch him too. So yeah. Everybody is possible. I would go for the harem route but that doesn’t sound likely. Please don’t tell me it’s Raiha! I know he loves his precious little sister but I don’t think it is to a point that he wants to marry her!

Oh Futaro, forget having to choose one of them. Choose all of them! It all comes in one big package, right? So you marry one of them is as good as marrying the other so might as well take on all of them at once. Saves the problem of sleeping with the wrong quintuplet… In view of this, I hope Futaro married to correct one… It would be the biggest prank of the century if suddenly they pull off a Candid Camera moment. That’s really messed up.

I’m sure you can tell that the characters will eventually change over time and their goals slightly modified. Like Futaro he was initially doing it for the money (and he still is) but instead of being a lifeless teacher-student relationship, he goes to great lengths to be on their good side. Because eventually he still needs the money. Yeah. At the end of the day it all boils down to money. But still, you can see that he cares for the sisters in his own way rather than being just a smart ass arrogant dick. But still, it’s the money at the end of the day. Okay, okay. So all in all, it is both money and his human side that makes Futaro care for the quintuplets. I mean, he has a little sister so he should at least know how to treat a girl. Or 5 girls in this case. He might not have normal friends but not many can say they had rich hot quintuplets as friends.

The quintuplets trying to be very considerate for each other, that sounds very sisterly. After all, who knows themselves better but themselves. Hence it gets a little more complicated when it comes to the matters of the heart. Ichika trying to play the big sister to pass Futaro to Miku since Miku is the first one among the sisters (and hence the longest) to have shown some sort of passable romantic interest in Futaro. Miku is like, yeah I’m too shy to go about this so perhaps big sister Ichika should better deserve Futaro. Nino obviously dislikes Futaro but since she is in search of the elusive Kintaro, I suppose it counts since it is the other side of him. Nino being the b*tch because it will be too easy if everybody ends up obviously liking Futaro. Somebody needs to play the b*tch character. Itsuki is like she doesn’t care but deep down she wants to. Stop citing Raiha as an excuse for whatever. Yotsuba has always been such a happy go lucky athletic girl that she might be passed off as a retard. Therefore all the sisters are like playing the greatest pretender game. So the first one to move first wins? Too bad Futaro can’t clone himself so when it comes to the game of love, sister or not, every girl for herself to snag his heart. I think that’s the fairest they can get. Because everyone one being too considerate and giving way will end up everyone getting nothing. Better that somebody ends up with somebody in the end rather than nobody, right? Can we all say they learnt about love through experience rather than studying and in books? I bet they pass this one with flying colours.

Because now that they have a guy whom they are interested in, at least they can put in the effort and stop being ‘stupid’. At least academically. Maybe the way to Futaro’s heart is through his brain? Oh yeah. Where have I heard of smart guy likes dumb girl? Right. Itazura Na Kiss… So either the girls level up and be smart to love him or he dumbs down to love them… I hope it is the former. I guess that’s the downside of being filthy rich. You think money can solve everything. Maybe. Still can’t solve this love polygon… With the quintuplets being so different like night and day so that we could easily profile and tell them apart, it feels like they initially split from one single core into 5 different people. All of them excel in different areas and it feels more like a joke than coincidence to even get this sort of probability. It makes me wonder if they combine together like those sentai shows, will they transform into one big Nakano person. Herald, Reiko! Number zero, if you didn’t get the joke…

Art and animation are your current conventional anime style. The quintuplets are differentiated visually by their hairstyle, hair colour and hair accessories (if any) so you won’t get confused to who is who. If they still want to disguise each other and confuse us, I’m sure they could. That’s why never downplay and laugh at the importance of the wild variations of anime hairstyle and colour! The visual differences among the sisters also serve as a reminder of how far the quintuplets have grown individually. Because you see how they all look like indistinguishable clones when they were young and when they started growing up, each started to have their own personality. That is why it rings true when Futaro says he prefers fairness of equality. We don’t need 5 sisters who have the same personality and looks, right? Might as well give us 100 sisters then! I don’t know, Futaro looks a bit dorky to me. If he wore glasses, he would’ve been even dorkier. And Raiha has got this killer cowlick that makes you feel like you wanna grab ‘em. Really. This series is done by Tezuka Productions who did Sakamichi No Apollon and Dagashi Kashi S2.

For the voice acting department, no complaints since they play their part to fit their characters well. I recognized a few popular seiyuus lending their talents. They include Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Futaro, Kana Hanazawa as Ichika, Ayana Taketatsu as Nino and Ayane Sakura as Yotsuba. The other casts are Miku Itou as Miku (Nono in Busou Shoujo Machiavellism), Inori Minase as Itsuki (Hestia in DanMachi) and Natsumi Takamori as Raiha (Yuzu in Sunohara-sou No Kanrinin-san). The opening theme, Gotoubun No Kimochi by the quintuplets is your typical generic anime pop. I prefer the ending theme, Sign by Aya Uchida since it has this very catchy hip hop tune to it. The rap-like whispering makes it sound both cute and catchy.

Overall, this is a cute and funny romantic series. Still enjoyable if you can put aside the romantic comedy clichés like mischievous and stubborn girls hate smart boy but only to fall for him. Something that no matter how smart you are how much money you have in the world, love is something you can only get via experience. Because knowledge fills your brain and money fills your wallet but love fills your heart! Woah! Cheesy! But I think I should put that saying in the opening credits animation where there are different flash cards of idioms that Futaro use to study. On a trivial note, did they pick quintuplets because five closely rhymes with wife…? And so is strife…

Wait a minute! Hold on a second! You mean they really had Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai OVA?! You mean they actually heard my ‘complaint’?! After watching this sh*tty series and then some other inferior substandard anime series after that, I vowed never to complain again so long as they give us such sleazy crappy anime. Because it is what most simpletons like yours truly would understand and ‘appreciate’ better. And hence I have to live up to my word and watch these double crappy OVAs since it was ‘my wish’ to begin with. Sighs. I didn’t think they would come up this fast but I suppose that is why the original TV only had 10 episodes so they can bump the last one as some sort of extra episodes. Time to rake up those BD sales.

The usual gang is summoned by Ahegao so as to test her newly developed 3D visor, Nerd Gear. I take it is a rip-off from NerveGear and supposed to do VR erotic stuffs with it. With everyone diving into this knockoff of this Life board game, Ahegao explains the theme and rules. Basically it is reversed NTR. The girls need to steal Yuu and make him their lover. Apparently only Suzuka doesn’t understand what it means and needs some ‘explanation’ from Ahegao. Is it just to see her embarrassed reaction? So what is Yuu’s goal? Nothing. His job is just to hang out and have fun. Oh, if he tries to do something that prevents an event from happening, the system will forcibly take over and continue for him. So basically he has no choice. It starts with Ahegao being chosen as his wife. She is suggesting where to put his dick and when Yuu tries to resist, the system takes over and turns him into some erotic lover. Yeah, he is going to take Ahegao from behind when Mai barges her way in. Ahegao leaves as she has had it with his affair. But all this was just a ruse by Mai so she can f*ck him. Could have done it had not Sakura crashed in. Now a school setting, Sakura and the Kanzaka sisters are unsure of this sine, cosine and tangent problem. Yeah, sensei is going to teach them the meaning of this theta signs that look like boobs when suddenly Suzuka intervenes! I guess we went off tangent. Suzuka washes Yuu’s back with her boobs. They were going to have a better way of making each other feel even better but the system overloaded and overheated. This brings everyone back to reality. Good news or bad news, they can’t seem to remember the game they played. Yeah, I guess it saved them a scene of rebuking and blaming Yuu for being a pervert, eh? But what a waste for Yuu. So it’s back to the drawing board for Ahegao to fix the bug and she’ll invite them over again next time when it is improved. I see. With their forgotten memories, at least they can’t say no, right? But back home, Yuu gets into another fanservice hijinks as he accidentally enters the bathroom while naked Suzuka is about to take a bath. Strange. Life mirrors the video game…

You mean Ahegao really fixed that VR?! But this time she only sees Yuu because she finds him suitable to play this VR game that needs him to rescue his sister. He can’t leave until he rescues her. In this Saw spoof, Yuu and Suzuka are trapped in a dark dilapidated bathroom. Mai’s corpse in the middle. Ahegao is the villain who wants to play a game. After killing Mai who tried to break them apart, Yuu must dress up Suzuka by his own hands within a time limit. Suzuka is willing to strip but he just can’t. Even more so the dress is a sexy oni bikini. Yuu falters as he can’t pull down her panties and time is up. On to the next game. A Die Hard rip-off, Yuu McClane is going to have to save his sister taken hostage by Mai Gruber. Yippee-ki-yay. In the iconic scene where the villain is shot off the ledge (Mai dying again of course), the twist is that Yuu is told there is a bomb on Suzuka. He must erotically satisfy her in order for the bomb to diffuse. Suzuka is willing to let him molest he but why isn’t the meter reaching its max? Suzuka strips to her undies for the steamy groping to continue and when it reaches its max, Yuu must press her tits in order to completely diffuse it. Success! Little sister rescued. Yuu returns to reality realizing he has his hands on Ahegao’s boobs. And as expected, Suzuka walks in to see this, accusing him of loving big boobs. He dismisses it and explains he was actually touching her boobs. Of course this makes her fluster as Yuu realizes he has dug himself deeper into the grave. And Ahegao thanks him for his input. Glad to see him enjoy himself so let’s play again next time. I guess she didn’t want to ruin the game of him being blamed by Suzuka.

Virtual Oppai-san Wa Miteiru
You know what? This is so crappy that it is good! No, I’m not saying that the OVAs were better than the TV series and in fact as crappy as ever. Because I find myself laughing at all the nonsense especially the Die Hard spoof. That was really so freaking hilarious even if it was not intended to be as one. The animation is still pretty god awful so even if these OVAs were for fanservice purposes, they aren’t that stimulating despite you get to see all the (virtual) tits of all the girls in glorious first person view. I am betting that these are what the OVAs are trying to sell on. After all, there are no annoying ‘secret’ censors that were permeating throughout the TV series so it is free and easy with those (virtual) boobs. I think they really want to give lots of boobs fanservice that so much so the boobs physics are just nonsense. Especially Ahegao being the main offender as you will obviously notice how just slight movements from her will cause her boobs to jiggle. And they make that weird boob whizzing noise. Yeah. So weird. But the funniest fanservice still goes to that Die Hard spoof. Yuu trying to be and sound so badass while making out with Suzuka that it was just WTF LOL material. So in the end, whether it is reality or the virtual world, Yuu’s life is basically screwed and there is no escape or reset button to save him from his twisted harem. Not surprisingly, he Die Harder. Yippee-ki-yay!

Domestic Na Kanojo

May 26, 2019

This season’s NTR or incest anime… Domestic Na Kanojo. Sort of. More than often, siblings provide the essential and great ingredient for an incest themed series. Because it is the social norm that siblings do not sleep with each other. But then, plot twist! Not blood related at all! Ah, I see. This ‘confusion’ then sets in to cloud our moral compass of whether or not f*cking your brother or sister is constituted as the forbidden love or typical romance between 2 adults. So are you f*cking your brother/sister or a man/woman? It doesn’t matter and everything will be alright as long as nobody finds out… Right?

Episode 1
Natsuo Fujii just lost his virginity to Rui Tachibana. Oh well. No one can now accuse him of being a virgin. It all started when his friends organized a mixer. Rui was one of those very moody girls despite she claims this is how she is. After learning Natsuo was once a dork and had a makeover during his middle school years, she hints of sneaking out from this place. She leads him back to her home (nobody in of course) and suggests having sex. Just to feel what it’s like. Any sane guy would face the greatest dilemma in their life. Which head is Natsuo going to use to think?! And one thing led to the other. Once it’s over, Rui hopes never to speak of this again. Judging by their reactions, I guess sex wasn’t great, huh? Natsuo consults his dorky friend, Fumiya Kurimoto about this and knows this is going to be only harder since Natsuo has a crush on his young teacher, Hina. You can say Hina is also ‘interested’ in Natsuo since she loves the novels he writes. One day he sees Hina crying but she brushes it off as some TV drama and won’t talk to him about her adult problem. Back home, his father tells him he wants to remarry. So when they meet Tsukiko, Natsuo is shocked to see Hina and Rui as her daughters! You bet it is going to get very awkward for Natsuo. The girl he has a crush on and the girl he f*cked all living under the same roof. Tsukiko fell in love with his dad because of his sincerity. Her former husband ran away with a mistress and left her bitter. Thanks to him, she is able to find love again. As a new family, they move into another house. Because Natsuo still feels awkward each time he sees Rui, she had to tell him off that moment didn’t happen. This is the first time they’ve met. Period. Hina must be forgetting she is living with men so a few sexy encounters like coming out of the bath almost naked and so many times she playfully teases Natsuo, you wonder if he is going to hold it all in. Then that tempting moment as she sleeps so sexily and so inviting on the couch… Must have clouded Natsuo’s judgment because he thinks of stealing a kiss to end it all. How the f*ck is this going to end it all when it’s just the start? Because Rui caught him red handed. Oh sh*t…

Episode 2
Pretend not to see… Rui kicks Hina off the sofa and drags her back to bed. Man, Hina’s a pretty heavy sleeper. In school, Natsuo gets another shock since Rui is a new transfer student. I guess she doesn’t want to commute long trips to school every day. Natsuo is worried people will find out about their relationship as siblings living together but she assures him she isn’t going to blab about her private life. Natsuo almost got a scare when he thought Hina knew he tried to kiss him. Apparently she got this habit of kissing others when she’s drunk. Thankfully all her victims were her female friends. Natsuo notices Rui alone during recess. Wasn’t she quite ‘popular’ when she first came in? Apparently despite not intentional, she sounded like she wasn’t interested to join in conversations. Hence Natsuo tries to help her practice in a very weird skit that has everyone laughing at them but it sort of broke the ice and now others would like to be Rui’s friend. Back home, Natsuo stumbles into Rui in the bath. Don’t worry, they seen each other once already. Is she trying to tempt him to do it again? This time in the bath? Well, it’s just to talk about his kiss with Hina. He learns that Hina has a boyfriend and she might be having some sort of issues with that. Later Natsuo asks Hina about her boyfriend but she doesn’t want to talk about that and would rather talk about things that are bugging him. She teases him here and there, almost slipped but he catches her. Great timing because looks like her boyfriend, Shuu Hagiwara is calling. She goes outside to settle it while Natsuo waits. 20 minutes passed and when Natsuo decides to check it out, looks like an upset Hina just came back in. He tries to comfort her but looks like the doorbell keeps ringing. Rui is puzzled with this weird scene as she opens the door. It’s dad and mom drunk. They’re back from officially registering their marriage. Awkwardness put on hold.

Episode 3
Natsuo sees Fumiya for advice and he too relates how he has a crush on a girl who comes in to the café he works and it is heart breaking to see her in some sort of affair with another man. WTF Fumiya’s fantasy of becoming her hero and stealing her away from him?! Anyway, Natsuo’s nightmare comes true when Fumiya points out to that girl. Doesn’t she look like Hina?! So that night Natsuo goes to talk to Hina about her affair. It seems Shuu is a married man and has told her to give him time to divorce his wife. With Hina admitting it is true, she tries to push him out and warn him not to meddle in the adult world but he kisses her. After she slaps him, the kiss continues before she throws him onto her bed. Is she going to rape him? Just a test to see his reaction. He still has that fear in his eyes so it proves he is still a kid. Next morning, Natsuo’s dad is panicking. Natsuo left a note saying he has run away from home! He fears he was against their remarriage. And so Natsuo bums around in Fumiya’s house. Coincidentally Natsuo notices Rui nearby the vicinity looking for him. Their eyes met. Looks like Rui too wants to stay at Fumiya’s place? It’s her way of ‘boycotting’. Apparently Rui knows about Hina’s affair as she often overheard her conversation on the phone. Before all this, Hina was also cheerful and devoted to her family. Rui tried to talk to her to break up with this guy but was told off since she has never fallen in love before, there is nothing more to say. With Rui wanting her sister back and Natsuo wanting his sensei to break up with the jerk, Fumiya prepares planning a strategy. That night the duo return home and their parents are so relieved. To Natsuo’s shock, he sees them contemplating divorce so he clears the air this isn’t why he ran away. Father hopes he could properly talk to him if he is facing any problem. Relieved Hina also starts crying upon their return. Next morning, Natsuo ignores Hina. And tonight is when they initiate their plan.

Episode 4
Natsuo and Rui believe today is the day Hina meets up with Shuu. So they tail her only to see her drink alone for 4 hours before attending a live event. A few days, all misses. And when Hina is seen waiting to meet up, it is her own student. Don’t even think she’s having an affair with her?! The duo got desperate enough to steal Hina’s handphone, call Shuu to break up! But with Rui being nervous trying to imitate her voice, mission failed. So as they lament all this at the café, here comes Hina and Shuu! Natsuo becomes hostile and confronts Shuu to break up with Hina. He even gets rough! My, my. Please, no violence in this establishment. So trying a bit of diplomacy and talk things out, Shuu introduces himself and has known Hina for a while (longer than Natsuo). Despite all that, Natsuo is still mad since Shuu has a wife and is cheating on her. Shuu maintains he really does love Hina and his anger is due to him being married. Will he give his blessing if he is divorced? Natsuo probably can’t take any more of this cheesy affection Shuu is showing Hina but before he could do anything, it is Rui who splashes water on Shuu before running away. Natsuo goes after her and even jokes about beating that guy up. I suppose Rui is too sad to even do that. The only comfort would be in Natsuo’s arms. Shuu wonders if Hina likes Natsuo because it looks like she doesn’t think of him as a kid brother. Although Hina doesn’t want to put her loved ones at risk, Shuu asks her about her true feelings and not those around her. It would be soon Hina’s mom’s birthday. But Natsuo can’t go shopping for a present with Hina. Looks like it is the anniversary of his mom’s death. 10 years must be a long time. He remembers always being a cry-baby and he tried to be strong not to cry at mom’s funeral. He wonders how different life would be had she been alive today. Natsuo is surprised the sisters are here to pay their respects. Hina says she has already broken up with Shuu. She is sceptical if he would divorce his wife because he has been talking about it for 6 months. With that, she realizes her family is more important. The sisters formally introduces themselves before Natsuo’s mom’s grave.

Episode 5
Classmate Momo Kashiwabara is interested to be Rui’s friend. She gives a weird rabbit charm she made as token of friendship. When Rui is with her other friends, upon finding out Momo tried to be her friend, they throw away the charm while citing all the flirty stuffs Momo did with other guys. Rui doesn’t care and she will decide herself if she is worthy to be her friend. Later when Rui talks to Momo about her ‘experience’, she doesn’t bat an eyelid in telling some of them. Some are the extreme and possessive kind to say the least. Later the duo stumble into Natsuo at the bookshop. I guess the vibe is good so Momo thinks if Rui doesn’t mind, she wants to make Natsuo her boyfriend! It’s not like Natsuo specifically stated they’re family, right? It’s not like Rui outright said no, right? So Momo hands him a confession piece of paper and hopes to hear his reply. Too bad for this guy, his ‘sister’ comes first. Because Rui is sick, Natsuo nurses her. Pretty much standard. Including wiping her back. But I wonder why Rui wants him to insert the suppository for her! Maybe her mom and sister aren’t back yet. So use our creative imaginations to see how Natsuo did that. Phew. So once Rui is okay, I guess it’s back to ‘dating’ Momo. It’s written all over Natsuo’s face that something is bugging him so Momo also bugs him. After a cheeky kiss, one thing led to another. Yup, he follows her back to her house. Parents not in as usual. If you’re wondering why Natsuo agrees to have sex with her (not just because he is a healthy teen), he thinks this is the best way to forget Hina. Yeah, having sex with a girl who is not of the family should solve things. Then damn he receives a message. His family will be working late. Isn’t that good news? Cue for Momo to wonder how nice it is to have a family because she always eats alone. Then sex is about to continue when he sees a bruise on her wrist. Like, damn. That ruined the mood. So he cooks for her and not because his cooking is so damn good but rather she has someone to eat with in a long time that brought her to tears. Sad to say, this might be better than sex…

Episode 6
When Natsuo is resting on the school rooftop, he also notices his teacher, Reiji Kiriya doing the same. They talk about literature works since Kiriya also writes his own works under the penname, You Hasukawa. When they part, the close up that Kiriya has next to Natsuo’s face may indicate this guy is gay! Rui wants Natsuo to show her around as she is interested to join a club. She also sounds jealous that he cooked for Momo and not her. WTF… Natsuo’s friends join in too but they’re here to see girls in action and once they had their fill, they just leave. WTF. They stumble into the literature club. Since nobody is around and Natsuo spots a book from Hasukawa he wants to read, he ‘borrows’ it. Later when he returns it, from his angle he sees Kiriya making out with the club’s president, Miu Ashihara. Of course damn sneakers gave him away and he even dared asked what they were doing?! Ashihara says he was just taking dust out from his eyes. Disappointed? Since Kiriya realizes he ‘stole’ a book, he forces him to join the club. Much to Ashihara’s delight since she is the only member. Natsuo is forced to do some flyer hand outs and later thought he got a love letter. Just a message from Kiriya to start club activities. Damn. Knowing Natsuo writes his own novels, he can tell his theme is unrequited love (it’s all written over his face!). As an experiment, he wants them to kiss. While Natsuo is shock, Ashihara is more than ready. Natsuo obliges but when he sees her tears, he backs out. Kiriya won’t force them to kiss but now understands Natsuo’s character. At home, Rui expresses interest to join the literature club. Sure it isn’t to see the other woman? Because of that, Momo too wants to join! Ashihara recognizes Momo as one of the top 10 students in school (you mean she’s not dumb or sex crazy???!!!) but sometimes her ranking drops because as admitted, she had a boyfriend then. She couldn’t focus unlike periods she had none so she just studied. OMG. You can see Rui’s uncomfortable face watching the friendly interactions between Natsuo and Ashihara. So much so the café is now the go to place for her to get advice on that burning thingy in her heart? Oh dear, the gay master is starting to talk about his yakuza days???!!! Uh huh. He fell in love at first sight of the young leader of the opposite group. But he gives good advice that she must follow it and figure it out herself otherwise she won’t find a meaning and give this feeling a name. To thank Natsuo for that Shuu incident, let’s say Hina wants to date him this Sunday.

Episode 7
During their outing, Natsuo asks why Hina flirted with a married man despite her own father did the same thing. She relates back in high school how she was friendly with boys and other girls started talking behind her back about it. Naturally that hurt her feelings and Shuu who was a teacher at her school was the only one who could make her forget it. Of course he transferred out and years later it was a coincidence she stumbled into him in college. She was shocked to see a ring on his finger but couldn’t fought her happiness when he wanted to meet up again. Natsuo also reflects upon his own ‘cheating’. He hands over his finished novel. He based his heroine around her. Chance to say he has always loved her. Romantically. She suggests they date. But she takes him into the sea?! They’re going to do double suicide?! Because this must never be known by anyone else. Otherwise, is he prepared to throw away his family, life and social status for this? I guess not. So let’s go back to being siblings. Natsuo’s last request is to give her a big hug. So that’s like goodbye? So back home and later that night, Rui must have sensed some sort of vibe from them. She enters Natsuo’s room and suggests doing it again. Of course he refuses since they are now siblings. She wants to know what made Hina more special than her since he tried to steal a kiss from her. I suppose Natsuo remembers Hina’s double suicide words. Then he’s like, “Ah, f*ck it. Let’s do it”. Yup, they started kissing. But that’s as far as they go since Rui just wants to feel what it’s like to secretly kiss. She may even start to like it. That’s all for tonight. With the exams coming, I suppose Kiriya has ‘warned’ them about doing their duty as students so Natsuo and Rui plead Hina to help teach them. The sisters are more interested to know if Natsuo is interested in Ashihara but he manages to change the topic. That night as Natsuo continues to study. He takes a break and what did he see? OMG! Is Hina masturbating in her room?! WHY THE F*CK DID SHE LEAVE HER DOOR SLIGHTLY OPEN! LIKE AS THOUGH SHE WANTED HIM TO PEEK! But the heartbreaker is when he hears her mention Shuu’s name. Made him drop his book. Quickly, hide! Hina checks. The coast is clear. Must be her imagination. That was close.

Episode 8
Rui asks if Natsuo stole her panties! WTF?! At school, Natsuo bumps into this American transfer student, Alex J. Matsukawa. Now they’re like friends? I guess American weeabos do want a Japanese friend. At the café, the master talks about a panty thief going around. Soon enough, Natsuo and Alex catch the panty thief red-handed. Rui meets up with them at the police station to ascertain if her stolen stuffs are hers. Alex is interested in dating Rui and hopes Natsuo can introduce them. So back home when Natsuo tells this to Rui, obviously she got mad. Oops. He goes to her room to apologize and you bet the only way for apology is to kiss. Twisted. But whatever. Worse scenario ever when Hina sees this. Doesn’t she knock?! Natsuo tries to explain himself but what Hina says that she is so confused that his words will not reach her is probably the best answer for now. With Natsuo regretting it, Rui talks to Hina. She admits she was the one who initiated it and confesses she likes Natsuo. Hina is worried this might ruin the family but the reason that we’ve all probably knew from the start: They’re not blood related. Ah, that loophole. Natsuo is in no mood so he just tells Alex that Rui rejected him. That night Natsuo tries to talk to Hina again. His feelings for her haven’t changed since the beach. Then why that? Can’t answer. Hina says she plans to move out of the house soon. When she announces it before the family, naturally Rui and Natsuo think it’s their fault although she has been planning this for a while so this is very much coincidental. Father suggests they should all go to the festival together. With the crowd separating them, good chance for Natsuo to talk to Hina. He wants to apologize if this is his fault and hopes she would reconsider living by herself. He promises to stop whatever he is doing with Rui but this rubs Hina the wrong way. She tries to end the topic and go away (even biting his hand!) but Natsuo remains stubborn. Not until the gay master stumbles into them and ‘force’ them to reconcile as adults. Hina relates how Rui has been always free spirited and this made her jealous. So when she saw them kissing, her jealousy took over rather than her worry of the family falling apart. She thought she needed to leave. As an adult she can’t do things Rui can. Natsuo is relieved she let her true feelings out before hugging her. He doesn’t need an answer now. The duo hold each other’s hand on their way home.

Episode 9
You mean Natsuo is still in shock that Hina isn’t changing her mind to move out? If she did, their parents would be suspicious, right? But she hints he can come over any time. See his face brighten up? As Rui is out, she sees Kiriya but to her horror, Shuu is with him. Kiriya was his senior in college. She still despises him but he really wants to apologize and treats her. Shuu assures he has never contacted Hina since but has since divorced his wife. Rui asks why not and Shuu feels it was not right on his part to chase another woman right after his divorce. Rui also tells them about Hina’s moving out and blames it on herself. Shuu assures her she isn’t the kind who would leave out of spite. Please believe in her. The night before Hina moves out, Rui goes talk to her and begs her not to go. Has she regressed to a baby? Hina says she doesn’t have to change or do anything. She is free to do what she wants. Natsuo is one happy man when he sees a letter from Hina. Inside is a key to her new place. Wow. Is this also the key to her heart? Haha! After Hina has moved out, her room is so empty. Rui can’t help but hug Natsuo. He assures to support her so she won’t be lonely. Too bad Natsuo lies that he won’t be back for dinner as he will be Fumiya’s. Actually it is to visit Hina. He rings the doorbell but no answer. Is she out? Time to use the key. Oh look. She’s sleeping. It’s like she could sense him nearby and wakes up. Natsuo tells her he is prepared to die for this. She’s so happy of his feelings and they start kissing. Natsuo wants to take the next step but Hina puts the brakes. Not so fast, lover boy. Let’s take things slowly. With the school term resuming, Rui doesn’t spite Alex as much as he thinks she does. So happy he decides to join their literature club even though he doesn’t write novels. I guess liking Three Little Pigs counts. At school, Natsuo confronts Hina about the other day because he thinks she might not be ready. You know, to die. It’s not like he is calling out on her but he is feeling insecure and probably a burden. Hina assures her feelings are the same as his. It’s like they’ve found this new thrill because they hide from the passing vice principal and start kissing.

Episode 10
While Natsuo and Hina make out, looks like their dinner is burning… With Kiriya on an absent streak, the literature club members go visit him at his place. Turns out he was just having sleepless nights trying to finish a novel and that woman earlier on was his editor. You mean Natsuo sounds this surprised and happy to learn he is secretly writing novels outside the school’s knowledge? Kiriya then suggests entering some amateur writing competition and you can see Natsuo’s face lighting up that he could soon be living his dream. At school, Natsuo teases Ashihara that she was relieved that the editor wasn’t Kiriya’s wife. In her embarrassment, she accidentally pushes him down the stairs. He just got off with a broken leg. Seriously. It’s a bit embarrassing that Ashihara is prostrating herself and willing to do anything to compensate this and the other cheeky guys are egging Natsuo to do some dirty stuff. With Natsuo grounded, this makes Rui happy since she gets to take care of him. Yeah, she’s been lonely since he has been spending too much time at Fumiya’s place. Gulp. Then there’s this steamy scene of Rui wanting to help bath Natsuo. See, when you don’t turn on the lights, instead of grabbing the body soap, she grabbed his dick!!! I don’t think it’s the size… While Rui is at the café, she talks to Fumiya and is puzzled to learn Natsuo didn’t come to his place lately. So she goes back and confronts him about this lie. Natsuo lies again that he actually went to Momo’s place and didn’t tell her in fear that she will be upset. Oh look. She’s pouting now. She hopes if he gets invited next time, invite her too. She doesn’t want to eat dinner alone. Later Natsuo calls Fumiya to fill him in if he needs his cover up next time. Natsuo is at it again as he is at Hina’s place making out. No broken bones is going to stop his boner. It’s really getting hot when the doorbell rings. Must be the delivery guy. Nope. Rui. Everybody in shock. Rui doesn’t need to say anything. Just that disappointed look and then tears. And then run away. Hina knows Natsuo has been lying. Later when Fumiya calls because Rui ran to his place but left, Natsuo finds her sitting at the park alone. They talk things out. Rui admits reading his novel about an unrequited love of a student and a teacher. She started connecting the big picture together and realized. She asks if he loves Hina. He admits he does.

Episode 11
Natsuo reveals he had feelings for Hina for a long time and she is reciprocating his love. Guess what? Rui kisses him?! Is this some sort of parting gift?! Yup. Because from now on she will try to hate him and move on. Call it self-defence. Don’t worry. She’ll still treat him as family. Rui even avoids talking to Hina. Is it that bad? Kiriya announces there is a winner among them for the competition although it is just an honourable mention. That winner is Rui! Wow. Look at Natsuo’s shock. Ashihara could tell he is depressed and talks to him about using this experience to grow stronger. Then he goes bug Kiriya to be his mentor. He is that desperate in wanting to do a living as a novelist. So Kiriya throws the question to him: Does he really want to write novels or just to status of being a novelist. That hit him real hard but he won’t give up and promises to write at least a short story every week and not slack on his studies. During the school’s field trip to Okinawa, Rui finally talks with Hina. Hina is willing to break up with Natsuo and doesn’t want her to hate him. Rui doesn’t want their relationship to be over and just hopes she just acts more like an adult. On the last night of the trip where everyone is out watching the fireworks, Natsuo is invited into Hina’s room. She wants to break up but he wants to get serious with her. The rejection force is strong in Natsuo as he objects to all her reasoning. Heck, he even gives her a cheap engagement ring (bought from the souvenir stand) as his initial serious commitment. A more expensive one will come by later when the money starts rolling in… With him being a smooth talker, no doubt Hina accepts him. The clincher is when he calls her by her first name. Oh yeah. Great prelude to sex! Now you see why calling the first name is so important?! Probably what happened was left to our imaginations. After that, Hina gets embarrassed when he mentions seeing her masturbating to Shuu’s name. I don’t think admitting doing that yourself in your own room will do Natsuo any good. But whatever. Game for another round? Once everyone is back in school, Hina is called by the head teacher. There is a photo of them kissing! But wait! How the f*ck can they know it is her?! It is Natsuo’s back and from that angle outside the window, definitely Hina’s full face was blocked by his head! Oh right. Like how I knew it was them when I first saw the picture, eh?

Episode 12
You know, Hina could just dismiss it as the faces were not obvious! But she prostrates herself and will accept any form of punishment and to spare Natsuo. So during the closing ceremony before the holidays, Hina makes this shocking announcement that she will transfer to another school. This leaves everyone shock especially Natsuo and Rui who heard nothing. Kiriya then talks to Hina and he somewhat knew about it ever since she started dating Shuu. Hina thinks if she had consulted him in the first place, this mess wouldn’t happened. Natsuo tries to contact Hina but she never replied. And when he goes to her apartment, it’s empty! Woah. So fast. But a letter left behind for him states the school found out about their relationship so she had to go in order to protect it from going public. She doesn’t want him to look for her. I love you. I hope Natsuo screaming would do him some good. Or not. Because now he turns into a zombie and lazes around. Fumiya goes talk to him and had to get rough to tell him off that if this is his answer, all that Hina has done would be for naught. Natsuo might have ‘improved’ a bit after that as he starts writing. But that is all he does and at this rate it might take a toll on his health. Even his parents are worried. They’re now thinking if their marriage was the cause to blame. Now it’s the gay master’s turn to talk to Natsuo. Inviting him to a public bath house, Natsuo is shocked to see his big yakuza tattoo on his back. He relates his story when he left the yakuza, his father as the boss was angry but sad. He was then free and could do whatever he wanted but soon found out his father died of cancer. He couldn’t attend his funeral after thinking what he must’ve felt. The lesson is when you’re alive, you can do a lot of things. You can’t turn back time to undo things. All you can do is shoulder it as part of yourself and go on living.

With Natsuo now getting some life back, he apologizes to his family for the worries and continues to put effort in his writing. Kiriya can tell he has changed from his writings. One day, Natsuo is called by Kiriya to his place. He is introduced to this lively guy, Souichirou Tsutaya. They then take him to some award ceremony in which Natsuo won first prize in the amateur division! Wow. They really kept this a secret just to see his reaction, huh? Natsuo makes his speech and vows to become a great novelist. With that, Tsutaya is now his editor in charge. When he goes home, Natsuo is shocked to see Hina and hugs her. Turns out to be Rui in disguise (wig courtesy from Momo). Awkward. So he breaks the ice by talking about the award he won. But then she changes the topic to ask if he had sex with Hina. Yeah, they were going to but interrupted somehow. Then she starts kissing him. She believes now it is different than their first time. She will not hold back for Hina anymore. I think we’ve seen Natsuo’s shock face a lot in this final episode. But too bad, no sex this time too… So is Rui going back on her words to hate him? Oh well. Love > Hate. We see Hina teaching in another school. Cutting her hair short is it her way to ‘disguise’ herself or her new self reborn? And she has a copy of Natsuo’s winning literature.

When Life Screws With You, Just F*ck It!
Life is stranger than fiction for Natsuo. Like as though he is living one of the weirdest love drama romance and playing it out in real life. It just feels sad and unsatisfying that Hina had to leave to protect everything but had she stayed on, chances are Natsuo would ruin it by being reckless because he had to throw away all that he has just to be with her. In other words, he would have thrown away words that would make him money in exchange for a pussy! Haha! That’s the crudest way to put it! But yeah, the ending feels somewhat rushed with Hina suddenly doing a disappearing act and it is more about Natsuo picking up himself. And with Hina ‘gone’, will Rui fill the void? Or will absence make the heart grow fonder? Tune in next time for the next volume of this weird romance!

Well, it doesn’t feel like this season’s Kuzu No Honkai as the sex in the first episode feels more like click bait to get you interested into watching the rest of the episodes. Yup, blame myself for putting some expectations that there would be some sort of sex scenes in at least a few episodes. Just a few suggestive scenes here and there but nothing that would really end up in procreation until the penultimate episode. Even the final episode click baited us to think it would end with another sex scene because what goes around, comes around. Other than that in between, it is going to be a long drama as the main characters get confused and sort out their feelings and some other outside factors that threaten to complicate this love triangle but never amounted to anything serious.

Because Natsuo has loved Hina for a long time but ironically the first person he ever had sex with is Rui who is her sister, I suppose this gives rise to a lot of contemplation for him about the direction of his life that would have otherwise been slightly more straightforward if Natsuo did not had sex with Rui in the first place. Now that it has come to this, I guess Natsuo is certainly a lucky bastard because he shagged Rui first and then eventually Hina. In between he almost did it with Momo and had the potential with Ashihara because she felt so guilty that she would do anything for him. Anything. So basically the whole plot of the story (and perhaps the goal of the story) is to wonder if Natsuo ends up sleeping with anybody.

If the story becomes too boring and making you wonder if you should carry on and see the next episode, then don’t worry. Because more sexy fanservice click bait at the end of every episode whereby it deliciously shows parts of a sexy woman in her lingerie or bikini. Her boobs. Her thighs. Her ass. Her crotch. Yeow! So sexy… Must… Fap… Immediately… Somehow it feels like to make up for the lack of sex in the series so have these risqué pictures for your fapping pleasure. You’re welcome. Except the final preview in the penultimate episode. WTF is this picturesque pier?! Where’s my sex porn star shot?! I see it means things are getting serious and sh*t going to hit the fan, huh? Oh well… Hmm… Doesn’t the pier look long enough to be a dick?! Get my mind out of the gutter, please!!!

Anyway, the characters just feel pretty average. There is nothing special that makes them and hence the storyline stand out. Just because both families are now legally married and their status upgraded from strangers to siblings, this give rise to the so called moral dilemma that the series hinges on. Sure we are family but we aren’t also blood related. It also puts Natsuo in an awkward situation since the person he loves is now technically his sister and just next door. Literally (until she moved out). I guess that is way better than finding the girl you like now becomes your stepmom after remarrying you father!!! Yikes! And yeah, Natsuo being pretty generic, tries to score with his sensei, tries to score being a novelist, oh well, life isn’t exactly a bed of roses. Keep trying. You’ll eventually get there. Hopefully.

Wanting to slut shame Hina is not right. Women at her age are stuck between a child (teen, actually) and a young adult. She tries to be a useful member of society or at least a responsible adult but I think she has no luck in love. Or rather she is the kind of woman who needs to be in love to be fulfilled (isn’t why she was dumb enough to leave her door unlock during her personal masturbation time? Like as though she hoped Natsuo would catch her in the act?). That is why she fell for Shuu in the first place despite knowing very well that he is already married. Because there were stronger objections from Natsuo and Rui, she caved in and now Natsuo is the one taking the lead to fulfil her empty love life. In both cases, it isn’t morally right from a society’s standpoint. Because it felt that despite both Hina and Shuu were wrong to be in such a relationship, Hina felt wrong-er than Shuu as the biasness of society now paints Hina as a weak slut while Shuu as a strong and ‘responsible and mature’ guy. Sad. So be careful, Natsuo. Unless a stronger man comes in to muscle his way into Hina’s love life, Natsuo better be strong and prepared when karma decides to pay him back double. Because now that scandalous photo…

Rui might not talk much but she sees things. Mostly. She also doesn’t express herself much and probably that is what contributed to her feelings being a ticking time bomb mess. Even when she got hurt realizing Hina and Natsuo had an illicit affair behind the family’s back, she just cried enough. Get what I mean? She knows she needs to move on somehow but unfortunately I don’t think it is going to be easy trying to hate someone you love unless you see their truly despicable side. So for Rui saying she wants to hate him to move on and a self-defence mechanism, I have a feeling it will backfire since she doesn’t express much, what more with this unpredictable crazy thing called love. But with Hina gone and Natsuo affected, she might go into overdrive to steal his heart. Maybe if sex was thrown in as part of the deal, she might have a chance… Just saying…

I feel that many of the other characters feel wasted and not really impact the overall story and main characters much. For instance, Momo. Suddenly she pops up as another rival who would complicate things further. We fell for that nearly sex scene that now looks more like another form of click bait in retrospect. We thought she would try something like this again in the future but ever since Natsuo ‘tamed’ her with his cooking and she became Rui’s best friend, she quickly became irrelevant. Like as though she is as good as not existing in the first place. Then there is Ashihara who is supposed to have a crush on Kiriya and her role to accidentally have Natsuo in a cast feels really unnecessary because it could be just Natsuo falling down by himself while fantasizing about Hina on his way downstairs. Really. Then they troll and click bait us with Kiriya making them to pretend kiss that never happened. Maybe her character is just red herring for those who expected Ashihara to get in the way of the siblings’ relationship. The gay master may not be the manliest in the eyes of society but he was being the manliest of everyone in bringing back Natsuo to life thanks to his life’s bitter experience. Great lesson to learn from this guy: Never judge a book by its cover.

More than halfway through the season, suddenly they had to introduce this new transfer student and more cliché, a half Japanese and half western guy. You know, almost every anime needs this one foreigner character who totally loves the Japanese culture. It’s not like Natsuo doesn’t have his own circle of friends but having Alex suddenly as part of his groupie and making him a possible love interest for Rui just doesn’t fit quite right. Like as though he is the backup for Rui’s love if she ever fails to win Natsuo’s heart. Last and not least, Kiriya at first hints that he is interested in Natsuo but just like the sex scenes and fanservice of this series, he might just be trolling us all. I guess not every hot male teacher is gay. Kiriya eventually comes off as a more mature and responsible teacher and that once more puts Hina to shame as a teacher and adult. Poor Hina…

Art and animation are okay. It feels clean and simple. Standard anime style. On a trivial note, when I first saw Natsuo, Rui and Hina, the first thing that came to my mind was, what the f*ck are the casts of Evangelion doing here???!!! Sure, blame Rui for looking very close Rei (name and personality even so similar) and because of that, Natsuo and Hina started looking a bit like Shinji and Asuka respectively. Like, WTF?! Even more so when Natsuo’s dad looks like a wuss version of Gendou. LIKE, WTF???!!! I wonder if Ritsuko has gotten old enough and masquerading as Hina and Rui’s mom. Holy sh*t!!!! This series is animated by Diomedea who did Shinryaku! Ika Musume, Aho Girl, Beatless, Fuuka, Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu and Action Heroine Cheer Fruits.

In the voice acting department, I only recognized Youko Hikasa as Hina as well as Kenji Tsuda being the gayest of the gayest as the café master. The other casts are Taku Yashiro as Natsuo (Hayato in Shounen Maid), Maaya Uchida as Rui (Irina in High School DxD series), Haruka Yoshimura as Momo (Koharu in Sora No Method), Konomi Kohara as Ashihara (Chika in Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai), Hikaru Idorikawa as Kiriya (Lancer in the Fate series), Tasuka Hatanaka as Alex (Flegel in Shingeki No Kyojin), Daisuke Hirakawa as Shuu (Makoto in School Days) and Takuya Eguchi as Fumiya (Julius in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu). The opening and ending themes have this very dramatic feel in them. Like Kawaki Wo Ameku by Minami as the opener is also infused with some hard rock elements. Somehow I prefer the ending theme, Wagamama by Alisa Takigawa. No doubt still dramatic, but it has a catchy beat to it that I can’t get out of my head. She also sings the special ending theme for episode 8, Always that is more of a slow ballad that fits the reconciliation of Natsuo and Hina.

Overall, this series shows one tiny aspect of the complicated human nature and the expectations of societal norm in regards to relationship. This series may not be unique as love stories about torn between 2 lovers are a dime a dozen (White Album, Koi To Uso) but with sex involved (School Days, Kuzu No Honkai). This is just a standard and cliché melodrama masked as a pseudo harem genre, if you know what I mean. If there is only one thing that I really learn from here, when you want to masturbate, make sure all the curtains are drawn and double triple check the doors are securely locked. Because you don’t know who could be watching at that very moment. Because you might be f*cking yourself but then life decides to join in and f*ck up the rest of your future. I think that basically sums up what happened to all the main characters here…

It was too early to judge things in 3D Kanojo Real Girl back then even though a lot of things felt quite annoying and incomplete. But like how we always need to give love a chance, I suppose we also need to give this otaku another chance since the second season came and go just like that. I have a hunch that this sequel will put an end to many of the things left hanging in the first season instead of leaving it suspended again for potential future seasons like many anime series often do. After all, what many of us want in life is closure. Even otaku guys who have turned over a new leaf after getting a taste of that real sweet 3D love, deserve as such.

Episode 13
Tsutsui and Itou’s dreaded event: The cultural festival. They want to run and hide somewhere. Only if fate didn’t feel like screwing up their lives because the class makes Tsutsui as part of the committee’s rep. Not even Itou can save him. But after hearing that Ayado is on the committee, Itou enthusiastically switches with the guy who wants out. Such convenience. Observing how Ayado is doing her best, it makes Itou want to move forward too. So he confesses to her. Wow. It’s only the first episode of the second season. You sure? This embarrasses the hell out of Ayado and I don’t understand what she said only until later when Itou ‘reported’ to Tsutsui that he was rejected. Tsutsui tries to be nice to him seeing Itou is putting up a brave front but Itou in fact is grateful to him for all the events that transpired. Then Ishino had to ruin this heartbreak party. Can’t blame her. She is the master of getting rejected. Anyway, please listen to her suggestion of doing a maid café for the festival!!!! I APPROVE!!! Later when Itou bumps into Ayado, the latter is still very embarrassed but hopes they could remain as friends. Because they want to be better people, I guess the first step is to be each other’s friends. Yeah, that’s a start. With that, Itou has a makeover. He cuts his hair and ditches his animal ears. Woah! Totally new person! When Itou seeks Ayado’s advice on the maid café, the intense training begins! He must be regretting the intense vocal training. Goshujinsama!!! Tsutsui sees Iroha running away. Damn, she’s fast. Later she relates how her class rep wants her to join the beauty contest since the winner gets money for a party. Tsutsui will definitely support her but she just doesn’t want the attention. Too bad the class rep later tells her he already entered her. If she wants to beat him up, that’s fine. The reason being, there is a girl he loves who put in so much effort. He wants to show that appreciation by throwing her a party (so I guess he himself didn’t have enough money to do it). He will take this chance to confess to her. With that, Iroha agrees to ‘donate her talents’. Tsutsui learns of this but is worried since Takanashi drops him a nasty rumour that she might dump him if she wins. He tries to stay positive and be a better man but screws up by accidentally dropping paint all over their signboard. Bummer. If that’s not bad enough, Tsutsui is now part of the judging committee of the beauty contest! Oh my, fate is sure getting the kicks out of this.

Episode 14
At least everybody isn’t heartless to leave it to Tsutsui and Itou to finish up last minute preparations. Is Itou the only one cross-dressing as a maid? Because everybody finds him beautiful! Thankfully he is holding it in thanks to the training. Then an accidental sexual harassment that has everyone blushing? WTF?! Tsutsui the manager even coolly tells this jerk customer to leave. WTF, man? Why is everyone acting so out of character?! I guess Tsutsui is also holding it in for the sake of the festival but thank goodness for Iroha for his much needed ‘recharge’. With the beauty contest in full swing, Ishino is dead last with only a vote (from herself). I guess she’s pretty sad about it and probably it scored some sympathy points with Takanashi. Here. A vote from him. With the top 4 advancing to the finals, it is clear that Iroha is the top but she faces stiff competition from her b*tch rival, Reiko Akiyama who has something to say about using looks to get ahead. I’m sure Iroha wanted to tell her the same but better be the nice girl for now. On stage, it is clear that Reiko uses her charms for the usual cliché of baiting everybody. Then it’s Iroha’s turn. OMG is this really her when she talks so cute and lovely???!!! Everybody just got shot in the heart! And then she realizes this is too much to keep up and drops the act. Here comes the best part as she lectures everyone she doesn’t want to be judged by her looks. Lots of people don’t know her so they can think want they want of her. Because there are some who can see past all that and see her for herself. She doesn’t need to win so please don’t vote for her. With the students’ votes mainly handing Iroha a slim lead over Reiko, it all boils down to the judges’ decision. This puts Tsutsui in a bind as he wants to vote for Iroha but also respect her wish not to win. In the end, Reiko wins and this hands Iroha a big relief. Tsutsui wants to tell her all the reasons why she is more than her looks but she’ll save that for another day. Fate rewards our protagonists as the maid café is the top sales earner. During the bonfire dance, the class rep thanks Iroha for the help. Iroha suggests he confess despite not winning. Meanwhile Ayado gets nervous when Itou accidentally touches her hand. She’s like slapping herself for feeling this while blaming herself she has no right to it because she rejected him, blah, blah, blah. You know Itou’s watching, right? His answer: Just hold her hand! If it helps her see him as a person she could love.

Episode 15
Ishino acting strange. Could it be she’s in love? Itou and Ayado even awkward when seeing each other. Then Tsutsui’s mom shows him a smoking hot picture of herself when she was younger! OMFG!!! IS THIS REALLY HER?! Anime can really either turn you beautiful or ugly!!! The world is going mad! Tsutsui and Iroha are at the café when they overheard the next table of a working couple having an affair and wanting to break up. The catch? The man is Tsutsui’s father!!! HOLY SH*T!!!! Tsutsui tries to believe in him that this is all an understanding but that night looks like dad and mom are already having talks of this affair. She already has proof of this and you can see her breaking down from it. It’s not like Tsutsui could do anything good so he hangs out with Iroha to update what happened. She promises to help if he needs her. When he returns, the drama just ramp up a notch. Mom is asking for divorce. Damn, this escalated quickly. And dad is just like apologizing and okay with this?! He knows better not to fight stubborn mom. With this divorce it means one of the sons will follow her back to mom’s place. That’s like in Hokkaido! With this on his hands, Tsutsui must be having a hard time listening to Itou who is sad that Ayado is giving him the cold shoulder. No time for this when family problems are at hand. Each time Tsutsui returns, looks like the drama gets worse. Yeah, dad is sleeping in the living room now. They talk and dad knows he is in the wrong and had no right to argue back given the fact mom stayed faithful to him for 20 years. He still loves her and the family, though. Tsutsui knows he needs to fix this and I suppose now the news hits Kaoru. The brothers argue who should be the one following mom. Kaoru sounds like has the advantage with his logic but it eventually boils down to the girl they love that they don’t want to move. Next day, mom left a letter and Tsutsui fears she ran away. He runs out looking for her. Does he even know where to look? Oh, there she is sitting dejectedly at the park. Tsutsui talks to her especially he is against breaking up of the family. But with this drama so deep in, there’s no turning back. It now turns into who she should bring to Hokkaido. Yeah, Tsutsui trying to vouch for Kaoru. However… Seeing he was always the otaku, she never realized he cared this much for the family. So now she has made up her mind. She’s bringing him back to Hokkaido! Damn! Backfired so hard that it looks like Tsutsui would be the one moving away first than Iroha.

Episode 16
I don’t think Iroha likes it that Tsutsui is moving away too. But there’s nothing she can do about this and she hates it. Damn, does it look like they’re breaking up?! Later Iroha stumbles into Tsutsui’s dad and they talk about easily broken bonds. The woman whom dad is having an affair is seen outside the house. Tsutsui knows mom will blow her top and takes her to the café to talk. Iroha goes into scary mode reprimanding her the damage she has done and will do. Yeah, like will crying change anything?! We take a break from this drama to detour to Ayado’s side. She is in a dilemma because now Itou is ignoring her. She talks to Ishino for advice and she slaps her to her senses! Whatever it was, it was enough motivation to get her going rather than give up. So back to Tsutsui’s family drama, they learn the woman only had dinner with him and he was kind enough to pay for them and listen to whatever troubles she had. They never slept or let alone hold hands. She tried to ask him out but was rejected from the very start. Tsutsui now confronts his dad. How could he omit such an important info? Dad believes even if it was dinner and if it made mom unhappy, it is still considered betrayal. But this woman made him realize how much he still loves mom. So flashback we see mom and dad awkwardly met. Her favourite high heels broke and he fixed it since he was working in the glue department. He was a nerd. She was sporting. She asked him out. He somewhat obliged. One night, he overheard her talking to her boss who claims she only got this far because of his special treatment. He’s the biggest jerk ever for whatever reason. After that, dad awkwardly came to talk to her and that’s when they realize they love each other and be with each other ever since. Despite this story, Tsutsui is not amused dad is still giving up. If he loves her, don’t let her go! It’s the same for him. Even if he has to follow mom to Hokkaido, he won’t give up on Iroha! Dad agrees to talk to mom again. So apparently she knows the whole story. So when he brings up the nostalgic past, oh yeah, you bet that’s the magic that will rekindle their love. I have love you always. My love has never changed. I want to stay in your life forever. Voila. Funny how adult works. Phew. With this drama over, we now move back to Ayado. Yeah, she’s this close to breaking down thinking Itou is ignoring and hating her. But when he comes back to talk to her, it’s like she gives him the biggest hug. Isn’t it a no brainer when she asks why he is the only thing she thinks about? You’re in love, baby!

Episode 17
Ayado narrates she was an otaku in her younger days. Her first love was a manga character and it was tough that nobody else shared the same passion. One day she was so absorbed reading that she didn’t notice a classmate called her and she was given a reality check after being scolded for it. In a way, she locked herself in a shell until Tsutsui and co came along. Back to reality, Itou hugs her and promises never to let her go. Emotionally charged Ayado rants about her insecurities and fears, like how she was afraid of him leaving her. Her tears are probably so infectious that it’s Itou’s turn to cry. Weirdly, Ayado breaks their official dating status to Tsutsui and Iroha. Even weirder, she apologizes to them for dating his best friend? WTF. Of course they don’t mind this piece of good news. Tsutsui better not be crying or it’ll be weirder… Wow, such good news that their circle of friends celebrate this! It’s like they’re married?! Now Ishino is bugging Takanashi for their turn. Jerk doesn’t give a damn. With Tsutsui’s peaceful life returning, I guess it’s time to remind us they kissed before. Another great kiss in his room and probably more had not mom come in (why don’t parents knock?!) to invite her for dinner. Is this a disappointment or relief? Over dinner, the parents really thank Iroha for being with their son as well as apologize for the divorce fuss. Kaoru still has trust issues. He still hasn’t gotten over his big brother trying to sell him out to Hokkaido and asks Iroha straight what she sees in this otaku. Iroha doesn’t see any other guys cooler than Tsutsui and is further glad the brothers don’t have to be separated. In view of this, I guess Kaoru starts calling her his onee-san since they’ll one day get married, right? You mean they’re not thinking that far ahead? Now we turn back to Ayado. She’s still having issues if this couple thingy is real. Yeah, she’s like still in disbelief and spacing out. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride for this girl. Eventually Itou also can tell she is pushing herself and hopes she could think this over before they get too far. Damn this props up those fears again. Probably out of desperation, she realizes he confessed to her many times but never once vice versa. So she quickly says I love you and that tearful apology that always caused him trouble. Do you feel better now, Itou? Since he doesn’t want her to hold back her feelings like he does, there is something that is bugging her on her mind all day long… Suddenly she kisses him! He returns the favour by kissing her back. Feels good, right? When he said not to hold back, he didn’t she would ask permission to hit him with full force of her desires. Yeah, maybe that one it’s wise to take it slow.

Episode 18
Ayado and Itou look like a happy couple in love with an idiotic smile! I guess this is cue for Ishino to continue bugging Takanashi and she’s desperate enough to ask what it would take to get him to like her. Yeah, he’s just making a fool out of you. When some of Ayado’s classmates see them as a couple, Ayado gets flustered and introduces her boyfriend. However they laugh and never thought this otaku would be interested in real life. Ishino steps in to give them a piece of her mind. It could have gotten physical had not Takanashi stepped in. Maybe that’s why he refuses to date Ishino. She likes meddling in the affairs of others. What’s a girl without a boyfriend and lots of time on her hands has got to do? To thank her for this, Takanashi has a mini date with her at the ramen shop and even trolls her to go on a real date. Meanwhile mom is treating Iroha like part of the family. Making her an apron and asking her favourite food. Tsutsui must be really freaked out. So the troll date becomes a real date as Takanashi reluctantly ‘dates’ Ishino at the aquarium. Suddenly Takanashi sees Anzu with Kaoru. He gets upset. Firstly, Anzu lied about being with another friend today. Kaoru introduces himself as Anzu’s boyfriend and this doesn’t sit well with Takanashi. Yeah, he has issues he is Tsutsui’s brother. He wants to take Anzu home and call off their dates. It hits a nerve this time when he tells Ishino not to meddle. Anzu takes Kaoru and run during the confusion. With the mood ruined, the teens walk home. Takanashi hugging Ishino thinking he can solve this? I don’t think it’s going to be that easy. More woes when mom calls because Anzu left a message that she is running away with Kaoru! No time to tell Ishino to stay out. Please help. They search everywhere and couldn’t find them. Could it be they never left the aquarium? Yeah, they’re still there. Were the heck’s security?! Anzu tells Kaoru her family structure. They have no dad so sometimes big brother is overprotective. Kaoru feels it’s not right to make them worry and promises to talk to them to gain their trust. Anzu’s confession somewhat ruined with Takanashi coming in and slapping Kaoru! Kaoru blames himself for keeping Anzu out this late although Anzu admits she was the one who had this elope idea. Takanashi apologizes and will hear Kaoru out one day. But it’s time to go home. Takanashi walks Ishino home and suggests they date again next time. But it will be him asking her out. If he insists.

Episode 19
Time we remember about Iroha’s jerk brother, Chika. He claims being with Tsutsui has turned her into a slob (her fashion sense, that is) but she ignores him. Tsutsui is shocked to see Itou seeking advice from Takanashi. Thinking something has happened, he asked Takanashi about it and it is hinted that Itou might be crossing over to adulthood. You jealous, virgin? Meanwhile Ishino is now complaining to God to make her happy. Then pops this dude who is Takanashi’s friend, Sakurada who has taken a liking at her after seeing her at the cultural festival. He wants to be friends. Heck, he even asks Takanashi for ‘permission’ to date her! Not that Takanashi cares but you can feel he doesn’t like this idea. Now Tsutsui is spying on Itou? And when Itou confronts him he gives excuses? So when they finally talk, Itou reveals he plans to go to Ayado’s house and sought Takanashi’s advice seeing he is worried one thing might lead to another. Though Itou thought he should have asked Tsutsui first, Tsutsui now believes why Takanashi said it is something he couldn’t solve. After all, Takanashi’s advice to Itou was pretty vague. Just go with your instincts! With Iroha insisting on going on an overnight trip during the long weekend, Takanashi’s mind is now screwing with him. Yeah, are they going to cross over to adulthood? Meanwhile Kaoru officially introduces himself and apologizes to Takanashi why explaining how much he loves Anzu. Not that big brother is impressed but Kaoru is the one being the mature adult and Takanashi close to flaring up. Since he can’t punch a kid, Takanashi calls Tsutsui and punches him instead! WTF?! More woes for Takanashi because he looks worried seeing Ishino accepting Sakurada’s invitation to a sweets shop. Ishino still doesn’t trust him but he continues to listen and be a smooth talker. It has been a long time since a guy treats her this nice. Should she go for it? But somehow Ishino still feels bored and seeks Tsutsui for ‘entertainment’. Learning he doesn’t want to go on an overnight trip with Iroha (because, sex), she lambasts him not to disgrace her. Just get laid! Just do it! Hence when the duo meet, Tsutsui is so worried that Iroha decides not to go. If he’s not okay with it, there’s no point in going. She leaves and Tsutsui feels bad and realizes she has put in a lot of effort in planning the trip. Time to man up. He catches up and hugs her. Let’s do it, baby. It’s like she’s waiting for this answer. So happy she hugs him. In the middle of the street? Yeah, don’t let anything get in between your love. Unfortunately… Iroha soon has remedial classes… Another time, I guess.

Episode 20
Takanashi receives word that his mom is hospitalized. A big relief that she only had a minor concussion after slipping at work. He worries about her but she assures the insurance money is enough to cover her kids through school. Damn. Gotta be ready at all times… So later Ishino finds out about this and wants to help. I mean, what choice does Takanashi has after she slaps him and then rants about that unfulfilled date promise. So he has her help him cook a favourite dish for Anzu. She really likes it and hopes she could come here more often. However this good vibe is killed with Takanashi being his usual sarcastic and cold even in metaphoric sense about his relationship with Ishino. It makes Anzu cry at first and with some Ishino’s motherly hug and assurance, everything returns to normal. With Ishino having plans with Sakurada for the weekend, Takanashi tells her not to go. This time his sarcasm really hits her nerve so she leaves for real. Takanashi goes after her and cleans up this mess by hugging her. It will take more than that for a girl in tears. Hence he tells her his true feelings. He believes she will be an important part of his life and letting her go now means he knows he will regret it. Will you be my girlfriend? Yes. YES! Damn it felt like he’s proposing to her or something. To prove his love for her, he kisses her. Not playing around for real. As Tsutsui heads home, that jerk Chika is waiting outside. He warns him not to go on the trip with Iroha. Tsutsui is prepared to be punched by him and assures he will not do anything strange to her. All he wants is to grant her wish. Besides, this trip is not happening due to her remedial class. Frustrated Chika just punches him in the gut. Meanwhile Itou is over at Ayado’s place. Her parents have to leave last minute so they’re home alone. So they play video games for hours?! No wonder Ayado is getting frustrated. Itou doesn’t want to betray the trust of her parents and needs to take care of her but this makes her sad. Because it means he won’t touch her and there’s so many things she wants to tell and teach him. So she’s being horny? I guess Itou is like screw it, kiss her, now let’s see where this takes us on the bed… Yeah… Do we still remember last season that hot doctor? Looks like something ominous when he tells Iroha she only has a month left… WTF?! Is there real sh*t going on?! That grave illness thingy?! Remember that?! WTF???!!!

Episode 21
Tsutsui and Itou learning Ishino and Takanashi are now a couple. Are they that in disbelief? Later Itou tells Tsutsui that he has done it with Ayado! OMG! You mean they really crossed the line to adulthood?! Looks like. And after sex Itou was crying? Weird. Thank goodness it’s because he is happy. So the whole lesson learnt from this is that it opened up a whole new world. Darn right it did. Also, Itou doesn’t hate himself as much as before. The friends gather to celebrate Ishino and Takanashi being a couple. I suppose it’s part of their tradition. Then they also talk about their future paths in life. I suppose Takanashi didn’t really think Ishino would consider being his wife as her future plan. And Tsutsui is the most ‘boring’. Go to college and be a civil servant. Tsutsui thinks hard on Itou and Takanashi’s words about not wanting to waste every second they have and leave no regrets. That is why he goes on his knees to seek mom’s help to borrow money. Not the kind of small change to buy a textbook. Talk about 5 digits! He promises to pay her back, etc. She agrees to put on his tab as long as he doesn’t lose sight on what’s important. So is he going to splurge all that cash on Iroha? Seems like he is taking her to the arcade to have loads of fun. Maybe a nerd needs to take a big break once in a while. However Itou heard that Tsutsui has not been showing up to special classes and his grades are slipping. Even the teacher called him out to talk about this. So when Tsutsui asks about the choice now to study or not have any regrets, instantly the teacher chooses the former. I don’t think it’s what Tsutsui wants to hear. Itou tries to help him but is told to mind his own business. Tsutsui continues to hang out with Iroha. At the beach, Iroha remembers Itou talking to her about his slipping grades. Iroha was shocked because Tsutsui told her he was studying every day. Iroha then sees Tsutsui’s elaborate plans, the things he wants to do with Iroha. It just breaks her heart. Then she hugs him and confesses that her transfer to another school was a lie. Sounds like good news but why do I have a bad feeling that there is more to this. I don’t think she’s crying tears of happiness either…

Episode 22
It’s too late to take a train back so luckily they manage to get a room at a nearby inn. Later as Tsutsui checks off the list, he sees at the bottom that Iroha has added one on her own: To sleep with him! Yikes! For real?! And then they just get to that because I think it’s top priority ;-). First you start by saying how pretty she is, how much you love her (100 times more than the first time you met), then you start kissing before the final stretch… Did they do it? Up to our imaginations but I’m positively sure about it because next morning they’re in bed naked and Tsutsui feeling like he has been reborn! Oh yeah! The power of sex! No more virgin boy mockery ever again. They buy a matching Buddha key strap before they part. But Tsutsui finds it hard to part with her. Back home, time for Chika jerk time. He tells her to stop dating Tsutsui. At this point? What he meant is that it will be hard on him once she is gone. Damn, this is going to be very deep… Tsutsui tells Itou that he only as a month left with Igarashi. Also, they had sex. Oh yeah. Now we’re really moving up together in life, aren’t we? But Tsutsui soon realizes that Iroha hasn’t come to school for 3 days. No replies from his mails either. Is she avoiding him?! Panic, he rushes to her home. Jerk Chika there to greet him. Go away. She doesn’t want to see you. Tsutsui is stubborn (as he wants to hear it from her mouth) and camps outside her house. Even bringing his own coffee pot?! Is this legal?! Is this stalking?! But it seems this is Iroha’s wish not to see him and it’s best that Chika shoos him away. But I guess persistence really pays off because annoyed Chika just lets him in. Tsutsui enters her room, sees all her belongings packed in boxes. Has she been sitting dejectedly like that for the last 3 days? He thinks she doesn’t want to say goodbye and technically that’s what she intended. As they go walk, she reveals the truth. She has some brain disease and is going away for surgery. However the chances are 50% and even if she makes it, there is no guarantee she will remember him or their friends. Wow. Tsutsui is so shocked at this ‘God’s test’ that even the art style is getting sketchy. Uh huh. I guess his world is starting to fall apart. He starts crying, feeling bad he couldn’t do anything. Could he? Iroha is glad to have met him. So thank you. And goodbye.

Episode 23
Tsutsui is like a living zombie. He gets bullied but doesn’t give a damn. Even when Takanashi tries to tell him off, he just doesn’t care. So Iroha has left for overseas. The friends are concerned mostly about Tsutsui but it can’t be help if he refuses the open up. Not even Kaoru supports him because since he got ‘dumped’ and now he is like giving on up on everything. A pathetic guy like that gets no sympathy. This kid’s got a point. And when mom finds out what really happened to Iroha from Kaoru, she goes to beat up Tsutsui to his senses! The one hurting most now is Iroha. She would be disappointed to see him moping like this and she would be thinking if she was dating a useless guy. Tsutsui moves on but overall the pain is still there. He is still that gloomy face. Fast forward to the university entrance results. He thought Iroha was there but just coincidence she had her same hairstyle. Bummer. The friends thought he failed to get in but to their surprise he passed! Yeah, the gloomy face was really deceiving. With them reminding him that they will always remember Iroha, cue for flashback to that last teary meeting. Tsutsui claims his future will be meaningless without her. But she is confident he will find new things to fill in his life and wants him to promise her this one thing: Please forget about her. Fast forward many years later where Tsutsui is now a working adult. He is a hard worker in a famous company and on track for a fast promotion. Heck, there are some girls even interested in him but he declines their invitation to go drink so that he could rush home and watch an anime that Itou had a hand in! Oh well… But Tsutsui still goes out drinking with his old friends. Ishino announces she is already 3 months pregnant. Congratulations? It’s been a while as we see Tsutsui having visions of Ezomichi giving a pep talk in moving on. Tsutsui doesn’t mind carrying the pain in his heart and claims he is much happier in life than he would have been had he not met her. It has been 7 years and now Iroha and Chika return to Japan. Chika brings her around the old place they used to live. Can’t remember them. Chika then takes this chance to confess he loves her (including the reminder that they aren’t biologically related) and will always be by her side even if her memories never return. This prompts Iroha to note that she traded her memories for her life. She has made lots of friends in Los Angeles and she is happy with those memories. With nothing here for her, she wants to return to LA.

Episode 24
Tsutsui’s mom must be lonely. Hinting and bugging her son that she wants a grandchild! Funny that Iroha has her packed stuffs in Japan. Did she plan to stay here when she came back? Going through some of them, she feels something strange in her heart when seeing that strap. She asks Chika about her previous life as she feels there is a giant hole inside her. Well, Chika has told everything about her and is somewhat tired. I suppose the time is right to let go. Chika says that there is one other guy who knows more about her than him. When Tsutsui leaves work, he is shocked to see Chika. Even shocker to see Iroha! Instantly he runs to hug her! I guess she prepared for this instead of screaming a pervert suddenly hugging her. She thanks him despite not remembering him. When she asks his name, he won’t give and just wishes her well. But then she stops him since she notices the same strap. Then explain why it hurts whenever she looks at this? Tsutsui claims he couldn’t do anything when she needed him most. Hence she doesn’t deserve to remember him. But in his entire life, she is the only girl he has ever loved. Probably Tsutsui crying has some sort of magical effect as some of Iroha’s memories return! No kidding! We now see Takanashi and Ishino having their own wedding. Better hold this before the baby pops out. Tsutsui and Itou manage to make it in time. They sent Ayado an invitation but she couldn’t make it. What? She’s married? Oh… With Ishino thanking Tsutsui for bringing them together, damn Tsutsui is the one who is crying before the bride! Outside, oddly Tsutsui is the one who catches the bouquet! Then everyone spots Iroha. OMG. Is this real? Not a ghost?! Everyone goes to hug her. Another round of free flowing tears. Iroha can’t remember fully but bits and pieces of them. Better than nothing. Welcome back. Tsutsui and Iroha on the way home, she drops the biggest news: She now fully remembers everything! The happiest 6 months of her life as his girlfriend! Tsutsui says he had always been thinking of her and hoped she would be alive. Even if she had lost her memories, he hoped she would fall in love with him again. Please don’t go back to LA. She assures, even if she remained amnesiac, she would still fall for him. Oh God. Big hug. Big tears. And so the inevitable day comes. Yup, Tsutsui and Iroha getting married. Mom must be so happy now. Ayado could finally make it this time. Why? She’s divorced. WTF???!!! At least Itou has got a shot with her again. But the star for tonight, the glorious Tsutsui and beautiful Iroha!

Love Will Keep Us Alive
Damn they turned the final episode into one big tearjerker. Maybe I’m getting old. Though, I still managed to hold back my tears and not join Tsutsui in his crying streak. It was a good and happy ending to say the least. Just the mind boggling fact how the power of love could make Iroha remember everything again. This means had Tsutsui accompanied her for the operation, in no time she would have remembered him because their love is so strong. And then no need to wait 7 years of time skip and anxiety. Damn it, right?!

Honestly, this season doesn’t seem as annoying as the first. Probably there is less screen time for Ayado in incessant apologizing mode. But I still find her irritating, though. When she goes into that sort of insecure frenzy, that is. The overall story doesn’t feel as boring as it did in the first season mainly because it was trying to tie up (predictably) the couples together. No spoiler alert because the opening credits animation already spoils us of who ends up with who. Even if it did not, common sense would have dictated it for those who at least pay the littlest of attention. So with the plot having to resolve the love matters between the characters, it eliminates the needless meandering that I somewhat remembered in the first season. But then again, if they didn’t all that to build up and develop the plot and characters, I would have accused the series of rushing things. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

Chika also doesn’t feel as annoying as before since he redeemed himself by letting go of Iroha. I understand that guy wanted to play the villain and protect both of them being ultimately hurt because of love, but I guess he was somewhat wrong because we see their love power so strong that even fate couldn’t pull them apart. I suppose this guy is also one happy guy to be attending Iroha’s wedding.

Ironically, the story in this season that I found was most interesting was Tsutsui’s parents’ affair. Have I gotten so old that old married people’s affair now sound more interesting than your typical teenage cheating-cum-affair type? Maybe it’s because the former isn’t as common as the latter. It is also interesting because this affair might also have a great impact on Tsutsui and Iroha’s relationship indirectly. As it is, their ‘mundane’ dating relationship is given a shocking wakeup call and thankfully only serves to further strengthen their relationship. So ‘strong’ that Tsutsui only needed 3D Iroha and doesn’t resort to his 2D imaginary magical girl, Ezomichi as before.

While I predicted that Tsutsui would end up with Iroha in the end (thank the ending credits spoilers and also common sense), however there is this chance that it could have gone the other way too. Seeing the dramatic revelation of Iroha ‘being killed off’ AKA dramatic term for losing her memories hence the old Iroha is no more. It could have been a bittersweet ending (or even a tragic one depending on how you view it) with Tsutsui and Iroha never ending up together and going their separate ways despite their fling only lasted for 6 months in high school. That’s life. You just have got to move on. But thankfully that alternate route didn’t happen.

As for the other pairings, they were as expected and necessary for the plot to move forward. The series focusing only on Tsutsui-Iroha would have been just a very short affair without the other characters. Like Takanashi would finally accept Ishino into his life despite still being mostly a jerk because the bugging won’t stop and I think it’s like choosing the lesser of 2 evils. Whoops… And because of his family circumstances, it is best that he has someone else who cares deeply instead of shouldering all the responsibilities on himself since he is the only man in the house. So good for them, right? Had Takanashi continued with his jerk pride, Ishino could have ended up with Sakurada. Since this didn’t happen, I guess we don’t care what happened to that guy, huh? It’s a good thing, though. Because when he said he was interested in Ishino, he didn’t sound serious about it.

It’s nice that Itou and Ayado finally paired up because in a way cuts off that insecurity annoyance that I always perceived Ayado is. Sure, as amateurs in love, there are still lots of insecurities at first but as you can see, they got used to it. Slowly, one step at a time. Itou is so changed that he discarded his cat ears to be a generic looking guy. Initially I wondered why Ayado wasn’t part of the friends during the adult time period as she was obviously missing during the friends’ meet up. Where was she, I wonder? And then they hinted she got married. You mean to someone else other than Itou? It feels strange because we have seen how she loved Itou so much during their schooling years that we are so cocksure that they will end up getting married. But man, 7 years is long enough to change things. Itou was probably too busy and obsessed in his anime job that always flirt dangerously with deadlines and perhaps Ayado then felt lonely and wanted someone who could fill her life. Now that she is single again, perhaps they could go back to the old times. I guess the next wedding is theirs. If the anime studio could give Itou a damn break, that is. I hope Ayado’s divorce was not due to the fact her ex-husband found out she wasn’t a virgin… Yeah… And not forgetting too, Kaoru and Anzu. Yup, their relationship is still going strong into their college years. Wow. This is going to be a busy season of weddings.

While the art and animation remain consistent with last season’s, generally simple and the colour hues are light, however I tend to notice that in some scenes, it gets lighter around the screen corners. Like as though all this were some sort of dream sequence. Is this whole series just one big flashback from Tsutsui in his working adult years? On a side note, Iroha with short hair looks as hot as when she had long hair. Not many female anime characters with sudden change in hairstyle sit well with me. It just proves that Iroha is naturally (2D) cute! Because Ayado now with long hair just looks passable. Maybe it’s the effect of the divorce, huh? Oops. Food for thought: Since Tsutsui looks like a splitting mirror image of his dad (still nerdy, though), it makes me wonder if Iroha as his wife she would end up looking like his mom! Yikes! Hope she doesn’t let herself loose too much.

Seeing that this season has hinted that the couples have crossed the line to adulthood, I wonder if the director’s cut on the BDs will show those scenes. Add a few minutes of steamy hot sex but strategically hide/cover/don’t show parts that would have easily classified this series as hentai. I bet real sex with a real girl beats jerking off to your favourite 2D anime waifu, eh?!

This season’s opening theme, Futari Nara by Bish is a rock outfit. Since last season’s opener had that very sleepy feel to it, this time it goes the opposite with this season being such a fast hard rock pace. Again, it doesn’t feel like it suits the pace of this series. As for the ending theme, Hagan by Fujifabric, it sounds weird not only just because I personally find the song mostly flat, but the incessant drum beat in the background like as though this song is some pseudo dubstep or something. In that sense, it sounds a bit ‘numbing and deafening’ (including the singer’s flat voice).

Overall, not really a unique romance drama to begin with. But at least we get a ‘happy’ ending that the female lead didn’t die in the end! I’m thinking of Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso. Basically both series had a cute girl falling for a useless guy and then helping him regain his footing in life. Just the difference of that musical one ended with the heroine’s death from a longstanding illness! The trope of love will save the day and love eventually changes people (for better or worse) have been tried and tested in so many shows. Therefore this series doesn’t really stand out from that crowded field. If there is one thing we can learn so far about real love, one of the merits for 3D love is that when you’re feeling horny and want to f*ck, you still need a 3D pussy for that! XD.

Ueno-san Wa Bukiyou

May 17, 2019

There are so many ways to express one’s love. Unlimited possibilities to think of the different ways to confess your love. If you’re brave enough, that is, to live with the embarrassing consequences that come after. Our titular heroine in Ueno-san Wa Bukiyou loves a club member so much that she has gone to great lengths in creating the world’s craziest and most innovative gadgets and inventions in hopes he will notice her love. Heh. What are the chances that is the recipe of backfires and disasters since her crush is such a typical cliché dense boy. All this trouble of creating weird stuffs than just telling him upfront in plain simple words? Okay. You do you. Love is weird…

Episode 1A
Science club president, Ueno has created Rocker! It is some sort of liquid purification believed to turn a desert into an oasis. Because she has purified her own pee and wants Tanaka to drink it! It’s a matter of survival! Of course he refuses. So Ueno lets fellow club member, Yamashita to drink it. No taste… No Odour… But Ueno still wants Tanaka to drink it. It’s pointless if he doesn’t. Since she is begging and crying, he believes something is wrong. Is she being mean to him?! Even after Yamashita puts it in ‘nice words’ why Ueno is doing all this, I guess it didn’t get through him. Still a big no. Now they’re resorting to insulting him and he’s like cool with it. He leaves and this continues to make the girls frustrated over his density. Ueno has a crush on him and has made several subtle advances but he was to oblivious to even take a hint. Yamashita suggests slipping it into his water bottle but Ueno brutally wants to mix it in his school lunch and tell everyone about it.

Episode 1B
Ueno has completed another invention, Kumatander. It supposedly turns the localized area completely invisible. Some dark matter thingy so you’ll only see the universe! So today’s experiment has Ueno put it under her skirt and Tanaka to record in which angle it is visible (if any). So far so good as Ueno wants him to completely put his head underneath her skirt. Reluctant at first but he eventually does it. Can’t see anything. Just the universe! Ueno then hints she is so confident with this that she isn’t even wearing any panties! Tanaka doesn’t get it. And so she has to beat around the bush why it’s so ‘attractive’ to peek under a skirt. Furious he isn’t making the desired attraction, suddenly he just decides to lift her skirt to see it for himself. That is when Ueno gets embarrassed and now screams for help. Then he offs Kumatander since he can’t see anything. Oh sh*t…

Episode 2A
Meet the latest invention, Dash! It is a deodorizer that could deodorize anything. Hence Ueno wants Tanaka to hand over his underwear! No way! He suggests taking other samples so the other girls chip in. Their pantsu?! Eventually they give their socks and Tanaka his shoes. Now they need to smell it to see if it stinks. Ueno relishes Tanaka smelling her stockings because he is going to put up with that embarrassed face. Unfortunately he finds it smelly. Yes, it really reeks. Yamashita smells it and doesn’t think so. Thus an argument ensues of whether Ueno’s stockings stink or not. Poor Ueno got so embarrassed that she could only run away.

Episode 2B
Ueno has created some multi-layered protective gear that could absorb any attacks. This gear is thin enough that it looks as though you’re not wearing it. Her plan is to get Tanaka to touch her in the chest and make him conscious about touching a girl’s boobs, turning him into one who can only think nothing of tits. But Tanaka smacks her butt! Although she scolds him that isn’t the place, she hints to him to try harder. Okay. He slaps her butt harder!!! She tries to get away but he grabs her by her butt! Can’t get away this time. He thinks she wants to change the gear. Poor Ueno got her butt constantly spanked. I guess that’s enough for today. Tanaka wants to hand over the gear as promised. How to hand over something she doesn’t have? Aha. Just give him her panties. Looks like regular panties. After saying how she has no fashion sense, he gives the panties back to her. No use for it. Ueno’s pride has been shattered to pieces. Somebody kill her now!

Episode 3A
After Ueno hands over the invention she asked for, Kitanaga starts stripping! Ueno tries to stop her since Tanaka is in the room. Apparently there are rumours of a peeping tom in the changing room so with this Kilt Hide, the sensitive areas are somewhat blocked by a ‘mysterious light’. With Kitanaga still insisting to strip, looks like Ueno is trying hard to be the ‘natural censor’. Yamashita then hits Tanaka’s eyes with a book to stall for time. But Kitanaga (now completely naked) doesn’t think it would do any good if they don’t test it out on a boy. Before Tanaka, she asks his opinion. Can’t see anything. Just the universe! So she asks him a more specific question that sounds like as though she is teasing him but Tanaka touches her tits! Woah! Now Kitanaga is scared! Actually Tanaka wants to know how the censor works or what it is connected to since it is floating. With Yamashita distracting his curiosity, chance for Kitanaga to escape. Kitanaga feels relieved the club is having fun as she was worried Ueno was stressed up these days (I think she still is). Kitanaga leaves but forgot to put back her clothes!

Episode 3B
Garakutan is another invention Ueno created that when you turn the bottle cap clockwise, it produces fresh water from the universe! She wants Tanaka to drink it but he has his reservations. Yeah, remember that pee incident? To prove it, she drinks it. Now it’s his turn. To her dismay, he picks up another bottle to drink. He explains about the indirect kiss that Ueno might be conscious of. Despite Ueno denying that and doesn’t care, her red face and stammering indicate otherwise. In that case, Tanaka offers his bottle for her to drink. Gulp. Nervous, isn’t she? Yeah, she dropped it. See? She is conscious. As Tanaka goes get a rag, Ueno picks it up and tries to drink from it. Darn he came back too fast so she corrects herself by taking her own bottle.

Episode 4A
Tanaka enters class and doesn’t even know why Ueno is repeating herself. This is actually a robot clone created by her and is supposedly the perfect female robot that will charm him. The real Ueno is hiding and observing as the robot wants to lie on his lap and be petted. After lots of pestering, Tanaka does so. Looks like the real Ueno is seething in jealousy. Tanaka says if she has any problems, she can talk to him or Yamashita. That is when the robot gets up and confronts him. Before the robot could ask if he likes Ueno, the real one pops up and tries to destroy the robot. Yeah, it’s tough. Keep punching it to stop completing its sentence.

Episode 4B
Because Tanaka wants a pet but the problems of noise, health and money make it undesirable, Ueno has created Summonstat that could materialize things to look like an autonomous living creature. She uses her stockings as an example. Folks, meet this, uhm, black creature thingy, Tamon. It seems attached to Yamashita, though. Tanaka wants to touch it and this has Ueno smirking because it would be like touching her stockings and thus he will be powerless before her legs! However Tamon runs away and gets attached to Ueno. Because Tamon doesn’t listen, Ueno has had it and will revert it back to her stockings. Is she going to ‘kill’ it? Uhm… She makes it clear that she won’t take care of it. While the rest are happy with their new pet, Tamon continues to be attached to Ueno. Hey, it’s her stockings after all.

Episode 5A
The school has several urban legends. Hence the science club trio are here to bust those myths with Ueno’s invention, P-Spectre. With the school being so big, Ueno has her robot clone to pair up with Yamashita to cover ground. Of course this is Ueno’s plan to be with Tanaka and all the urban legends are planted by her. She starts off by screaming into Tanaka’s ears and then teasing him for being afraid. But what’s this? It is Yamashita who has wet her pants?! Oh dear. Yamashita is weak against such stuffs and never said so as not to hurt Ueno’s feelings. With the robot cleaning up everything and giving her a fresh pair, Tanaka then returns with his jersey and other Ueno’s inventions. Too late. His kindness didn’t accomplish much.

Episode 5B
Nishihara from the track and field club uses her amazing athletic abilities to get into the science clubroom that is located on the third floor. She is looking for Ueno to help with her profuse sweating problems because it makes her look like she has urinated. Don’t worry. Ueno has already made PE Reserver that absorbs any amount of sweat and also recycles the sweat to become drinkable water! Why do girls want to strip in front of Tanaka? The invention works well as Nishihara teases Tanaka that he wants to drink her liquids. I think he has had enough of that sort of bad jokes recently. With Nishihara pestering him to do so, Ueno can’t stand the sight of him sucking on another woman and drinks Nishihara’s liquids. At this point Nishihara could feel some sort of sensation welling up from this scenario. It is her motherly instincts so she continues to let Ueno suck on like a baby.

Episode 6A
So this butt plug invention is actually some sort of umbrella? It doesn’t form a barrier but uses gravity to push away the rain. With Ueno really getting full of outdoing herself this time, she slips and somehow falls on her butt. Just right on the butt plug… HOLY SH*T!!!! She becomes embarrassed as she tries to escape but dumb Tanaka tries to see what the problem her behind is. Yeah, with the device activated, her skirt is full blown open like an umbrella! And he still wants to see what the problem is? Yamashita ‘diagnoses’ and good news the device just got tangled in her panties as she delicately tries to get it out. Could it all be just her delusion as we see Ueno just sharing this umbrella with Tanaka?

Episode 6B
E-Q Booster is a belt that doesn’t increase you strength but analyses your opponent’s strength and gives the corresponding amount to you. Hence Ueno wants to settle a sumo match with Tanaka. Yeah, the battle of the sexes. Even if Tanaka is weak, imagine taking away the gap between men and women. It will be down to the one with the strongest will. So as it starts off, Ueno is already struggling since Tanaka doesn’t hold any punches as he grabs her pants and has a leg in between her crotch! Time out! Giving an excuse E-Q Booster isn’t on, the match restarts. This time she easily matches his strength. Ueno’s dirty plan is to rub her soft arms all over him, Tanaka gets serious he won’t lose. He grabs her by the pants! Yeah, he looks like he is going to rip it (for men’s pride!) as Ueno has surrendered! But he won’t! Thank Yamashita for stopping this and saving her modesty.

Episode 7A
Oh God. Ueno has created…. Edible panties! She has gradually reduced Tanaka’s food portion to a point he will feel hungry and eat anything. But even so, can you eat panties? Not if she makes it edible! Some theory of how it is made of glutinous rice flour and you just need to boil it. Even so, is it right to eat food resembling pantsu? She folds it to camouflage like a macaron! Still looks like panties to me… And so the plan to have Tanaka grow an appetite for panties begin. Yeah, they have to wait a while since Tanaka was arguing with the canteen lady for his shrunk meal portion. I wonder who’s responsible for that. When Ueno gives the Panty Roti, Tanaka eats it without hesitation! He wants another helping! Yamashita knows Ueno can give her own real panties to him and all it takes is determination. She is rooting for her and as Ueno looks like she is about to give him, she backs out. That reaction clearly shows she didn’t even anticipate him to eat it. Yamashita so disappointed…

Episode 7B
Ueno has created Gacha Porter. Touching the switch, it will scan your brainwaves of your desire and pop it out in this gachapon. Tanaka is eager to try and of course this is just another trick. There is no brainwave scanning and all has been pre-programmed to pop out her pantsu and thus he will go through life thinking he has a desire for removing clothes. However the gachapon didn’t come out her pantsu. It’s Yamashita’s! Slap! Tanaka insists the machine is broken since that wasn’t his desire. A few tweaking and what we got this time? Kitanaga’s dripping wet swimsuit! Tanaka you pervert! Ueno stays silent as Tanaka takes the blame. Then she fixes it and what does Tanaka get this time? Yamashita’s pantsu again! Oh boy. Yamashita looks mad…

Episode 8A
Ueno pretends to be sleepy so Tanaka can ask what’s wrong. But he never did! Even if he tells her to go back and she says no, he’s like, “Okay. Whatever”. So frustrating! Eventually she has to explain this Coitsu Nate Luna D pill. When you take one when you’re sleepy, it gives you a subconscious personality to interact with others so you don’t really look like sleeping. So basically sleepwalking and sleep talking? Since Yamashita is under one, Ueno tells Tanaka to interact just for size. Of course her answers are all out of line. Hence Ueno wants him to take one to test. He reluctantly does so and falls asleep instantly. And you would’ve guessed it’s Ueno’s plan to sit close next to him and ask questions about his favourite stuffs. But when it comes to the important question of whether he likes her or not, she is taking too long and before she knows it, Tanaka has awakened. Ueno is so embarrassed so she pretends to be asleep and sleepwalk home. Yeah, she’s crashing into everything. Meanwhile Yamashita wakes up and sees this and wants to sue him for sexual harassment?

Episode 8B
A couple of girls enter the science club. They are Yamashita’s classmates and what shocks Ueno is that Mizuna and Yomogi are Tanaka’s younger sisters. Never knew, huh? And what shocks Yamashita is that they are twins! Yeah, you just never know. Ueno gives them a lollipop. Somehow they taste it differently. Because so, they end up arguing until big brother arrives. They bug him to which is the true flavour. He will not take any more of their monkeying and smacks them on the head. Then he lectures them for acting like children and then makes them apologize to Ueno. Ueno must be pretty shocked to see this, huh? Tanaka hopes Ueno could explain the workings of the lollipop but she feels reluctant and gives excuses. This makes Tanaka smack his sisters again for causing all this. Awkward. So the narrator is left to explain the lollipop induces our hallucinatory senses to make it taste the way we like it. Not that it matters at this point…

Episode 9A
It looks like Ueno is trying to be a flasher and lift her skirt… Actually it’s to show her yoga pants. Long story short, it turns whatever energy stored into energy back. To prove it, she can charge a handphone. Yeah, stick the charger into it… Now she wants him to rub it! Damned if he do, damned if he doesn’t. Because in that case he would rather wear it and rub it himself but she accuses him of trying to cross the line and be a pervert by wearing her shorts. Hence he rubs her thighs. Ueno enjoys this as she fantasizes her plan to make him dependent on this charger. Hence he will always look for her and touch her. Because the charging is slow, she accuses him of being weak. Don’t blame him because he is going to rub really aggressive. Yup, it’s really charging fast. Ueno cannot take any more of this and beats him up for sexual harassing her. And she was the one who instigated this stroking… It’s not like Tanaka has turned into a pervert wanting her. He just wants his handphone back.

Episode 9B
As usual, Ueno chides Tanaka for acting ‘gentlemanly’ since he is going out of the room so she could change. Yeah, why should she change in front of him? Anyway, once done, Ueno is in a swimsuit. Not your ordinary swimsuit so to speak. From all that mumbo jumbo, this swimsuit allows you to float the more it absorbs water. Truly amazing. But as she explains its pitfall that it must only be used in closed areas, suddenly Mizuna opens the door to ask her brother about some stuff. Because of that, some space quantum pressure force sh*t starts pulling Ueno out. Oh dear. It’s sucking her out as she holds on for dear life. Oops, a strap snaps from the force! Tanaka grabs onto her and tells Mizuna to quickly close the door. Only if they don’t look like they’re in some weird groping sexy position! Is this some new Kama Sutra pose? Perhaps Mizuna got the wrong idea and shuts the door. And as expected, Ueno beats up Tanaka for groping her.

Episode 10A
Tanaka enters the classroom only to see it turned into a subway train! And Ueno wants him to grope her?! Seems this Kanchikan device she is wearing has some spirit connections and it warns the wearer of an incoming pervert. Just when he agrees to play that part, a siren pops out of the device. Is this how it is supposed to work? I am unsure of what follows next because Ueno is feeling anxious and embarrassed. Hence Yamashita calls for a time out to discuss about the device not reacting to light contacts and only a forceful contact would activate it. I am not sure if Ueno’s emotions are causing it to activate since Yamashita suggests turning it off. However Ueno is not ready to cross that line and the more restraint she acts, the siren activates. When the experiment resumes, Ueno manages to psycho herself as a dead fish. Tanaka is ready to grope her but the siren goes off. Ueno starts crying in frustration as Tanaka pets her and tells her to rest. Don’t really understand…

Episode 10B
Introducing Repara-te. When you rub the glove over uneven surface, some science sh*t explains it will rearrange the particles and make it smooth again. Ueno plans to use this on removing leg hair and what she meant is hers and not yours, Tanaka! And as she prepares herself to be rubbed by him, Tanaka kills her with this question: Do girls grow leg hair? That is when Ueno ‘died’. That is when Yamashita jumps in to explain the normalcy of girls growing leg hair. Ueno is almost brought back to life but ‘died’ again when Yamashita explains herself as the exception since she doesn’t grow much leg hair. With Tanaka confused, he is tasked to ask his sisters. Too bad they give conflicting statements. While Mizuna denies, Yomogi admits. Hence the only other girl he can ask is Kitanaga. She puts a rest to all the mysteries. Yes, girls do grow leg hair and she has seen many of them in the swimming club. She also points out Yamashita as an exception. With that, Tanaka now believes girls do grow leg hair and Ueno has just returned from the dead. Justice is served?

Episode 11A
Ueno is up to no good again. She wants to sit on Tanaka’s face? Introducing this invisible bloomer! Some mumbo jumbo explanation that you are able to sit on air. Of course her real goal is to slam her butt in his face and turn him into a pervert. However he moves and she lands hard on her ass. Ouch. Let’s try again because the bloomer might have malfunctioned. Again landed hard on her buttocks since he got distracted by Tamon. Her butt looks very painful. Again. Will third time be the charm? This time he deliberately misses and poor Ueno lands hard on her rear once more. So when she gets desperate to do it again, this time he catches her in his arms. He scolds her for trying to hurt herself as her device is working. Please take care of your butt. This close proximity leaves Ueno paralyzed with embarrassment and looks like she’ll be acting like a good girl for a while.

Episode 11B
Tanaka enters the clubroom and sees Minamine giving him the glare. As Yomogi explains, the tennis club president hates men. She is here to about Ueno’s invention, a skirt that shifts its angle to protect what is underneath when it detects unwanted glares. However this only attracts more stares and she goes about ranting about this unconsented glares. Minamine was so desperate that she took several measures into her own hands by showing the crowd her panties and telling they are not and also leaving signs on the ground that says “No pantsu!”. Yeah… So her logic is because the skirt attracts attention, she strips them! So that logic is the reason she isn’t afraid of doing so in front of Tanaka? Then he explains there might be other reasons why others continue to glare are her and not just her clothes. Could she be a cute girl? Minamine leaves mad. While the other girls go crazy about Tanaka’s density. Yeah, it’s that bad, what he said.

Episode 12A
Unogawa of the gymnastics club sees Ueno to fix Gan-Q. They are eyeball drones that will detect any peeping eyes. As she fixes them, Unogawa tries to convince Ueno to join her club and even goes so far as to claim her stomach is flabby. Of course Ueno isn’t moved. But after Unogawa slaps her butt, Tanaka starts to ask if their relationship is like that. So vague. Please explain. I don’t know what he is ranting about that eventually left everyone as confused as hell, but basically he is asking if Unogawa is a man! Is it the way she talks? Unogawa of course snaps back that she is a girl. She even goes so far as to take off her jersey to show the body of a woman in a leotard. After Unogawa leaves, Ueno gives Tanaka a kind pep talk that it is not cool to mistake a woman as a man. Also, don’t be too conscious about it since Unogawa won’t take it to heart. Uhm. Okay. But this irks Yamashita because Ueno didn’t follow up to ask why Tanaka is relieved and takes it all out on Tamon.

Episode 12B
So this Ballet-tan allows you to experience the taste of the other person? All you need to transmit this date is both parties wear the wristband and hold hands. With Tanaka grabbing Ueno’s hand like as no big deal, you bet she is going to be embarrassed. Yamashita holds her hand to help her but she is still embarrassed. Tanaka begins the experiment by tasting a sweet but before Ueno could reply, Tanaka says she can’t taste anything. Of course this is a ploy to make Ueno ask Tanaka to hold her hand properly. You know, interlocking their fingers? So as Ueno sheepishly ekes that request out, Tanaka understands. Like couples hold hands, right? Now Ueno’s embarrassment has shot through the roof as she decides it is enough for today and heads home. Meanwhile Yamashita tries to do kung fu punches on Tanaka…

Ai Wa Bukimi Yo
And so as expected, nothing really changes. Ueno is still the embarrassed girl who continues to dream of having Tanaka as her boyfriend. Tanaka continues to be a dense dude. Yamashita continues to be frustrated with all the wasted efforts. Damn they have progressed so much in science but they have not made an inch forward in the love department. Heck, I think they even regressed! Truly, science is easier to figure out than love.

Watching this series sometimes makes me think back of watching that old Looney Tunes cartoon. You know, that Road Runner and Coyote show? Yeah. Because you see, Ueno has the talent of creating all sorts of weird gadgets (akin to the Coyote buying all sorts of weird gadgets) trying to get her junior (akin to trying to get the Road Runner) in some sort of desperate attempt but it all backfires and she will be left embarrassed and/or frustrated (akin to the Coyote failing violently and miserably) while Tanaka continues to be dense (akin to the Road Runner getting away). Rinse and repeat this process.

While this is the basic formula of the series, with the different types of weird inventions, I suppose that is what keeps this series ‘fresh’. And yes, sex sells. Because Ueno who is trying to turn Tanaka into a pervert when she is the biggest culprit in the first place. Not sure about her logic of exposing Tanaka to her panties or ass once that will turn him into a hardcore panties/ass fetish pervert. I think you can count the numerous times that Ueno tries to make Tanaka see or touch her panties under the guise of her various inventions. While this formula didn’t get tired for me (I know, you’re calling me a pervert, aren’t you?), there are some skits that do not end with a punch line. I mean, it just ends. Maybe I’m too dumb to get the punch line but it feels like a let-down. Because like the Coyote, we expect to see him fail miserably in every attempt. So when Ueno’s invention fails and didn’t get the desired reaction from Tanaka, she’s just like embarrassed. End of skit. Uhm, okay? So what? Perhaps that is the end goal of every skit. Ueno being ashamed. How ironic for a girl who is so shameless in the first place. Also, do you not notice that many of her inventions are kinda pervy or solutions to stem perversion like peeping toms in the first place?

This is the problem that lies within Ueno’s character. At the start, we see her being overly confident that her invention will do this and that, mostly there is always an ulterior motive for her to create that invention. Under the pretence of an experiment in which Tanaka willingly or reluctantly participates, Ueno somehow manages to get close or in a situation that embarrasses her. Then she flips out. So it’s like, she already at least got her goal of being close to Tanaka, so why is she chickening out at this moment? This is what I find irritating about her character. Because with this method, we can continue the same shenanigans in every episode. Because when she fails, she gets to try again. Albeit the results are mostly the same. Hence it makes me wonder if Ueno is really interested in Tanaka in the first place or if she is just interested in the concept of being in love with him. Ueno isn’t your ordinary girl so being nice and girly doesn’t fit her image.

Hence the mostly tsundere attitude and how often she snaps at him for not thinking ‘normally’. Because it’s like as though she too doesn’t want to succeed. Imagine if they are now a couple. What now? How to take it from here? Yeah. Scary. Hey, even the Coyote caught the Road Runner once. So I suppose the bottom line is that status quo is the best because look how much fun everyone is having in the science club! Oh yeah… My only guess that might have Ueno speed up her confession is when there is a love rival for Tanaka. Oh yeah. Now there is none so it’s like she can take all the time in the world she wants.

One of the interesting aspects to ponder is the inventions of Ueno. The general idea seems to be really good but when you start to think about it, it sounds like they just really pull it out of thin air, enough to make it sound plausible with that simple sci-fi mumbo jumbo. Imagine Ueno as a genius has used her talents to try to get Tanaka to love her as a pervert when many of these gadgets of hers could have literally solved a lot of problems in the world. Seriously. Like Garakutan which could have easily solved the access to clean water that is unavailable in many parts of the world. And so it is with great sadness that once an invention ‘fails’, it will never be heard of again. Such a shame. Such a waste. I wonder where Ueno dumps all those failed contraptions because the only failed one that ever saw the next light of day is Tamon. Uh huh, the series’ so called pet mascot.

Tanaka has been casted as the ‘dumb guy’ thanks to his monotonous character and for this whole antic to work. I wonder he sounds like that is it because Ueno has been ‘harassing’ him for a long time and hence this kind of mundane voice because he expects her up to no good again and once more he has to put up with her crap. Even when he is lively, there is this monotonous sound to his voice. Like as though it screams I wish I wasn’t here. It is odd that as a science club member, the other members don’t really do much. Tanaka the most just participates in whatever experiment Ueno wants to while Yamashita is like a sleeping member. Is this the best place to read her weirdly titled books? It looks like she is Ueno’s partner in crime to snag Tanaka’s heart but she is more passive than active. An emotionless character who is even more monotonous than Tanaka. If not participating in Ueno’s schemes, she is more of an observer than anything else.

It is safe to say that the other characters are just as weird as our main characters. Because only weird people come to the science club for answers when they have issues. Like Nishihara switching on her motherly instincts. Kitanaga probably loves teasing with her stripping based on the fact that she knows Tanaka is not that brave enough to see her in the nude but then freaks out when the opposite happens. Mizuna and Yomogi are like day and night despite being twins. WTF they even introduced a new character in the final episode, Unogawa. I suppose that puts to ease that final missing character whom we see in the opening credits but has not popped out so far. Ah well. Better late than never. But just like the other characters that come and go before her, they don’t really matter or play a big significant role that would change anything between Ueno and Tanaka.

Art and animation look a bit cartoonish. Especially Ueno who looks a bit like some mad genius scientist thanks to those crazy eyes. Sometimes she looks like a robot and a distant relative to Jenny Wakeman AKA XJ-9 from the cartoon series, My Life As A Teenage Robot. Even more so that her robot clone looks this similar. Even weirder are her twintails that seem to have a life of its own and perhaps an indicator of Ueno’s emotions. At points I thought they were arms instead of hair. In the final scene, we see it turn into some hardened iron or something as it leaves scratch trails all over the walls as Ueno walks home. Is her hair natural or do I have to speculate it is another invention of hers. Can’t imagine Ueno is bald! No way! This series is done by Lesprit. The first time they did something other than the Cinderella Girls Gekijou series that they have been doing ever since.

Hats off to Yuu Serizawa as Ueno. She might not be nowhere near as Aoi Yuuki as the titular Aho Girl, but with her flexible and amazing versatility voicing the various moods of Ueno, she is just amazing. Like as though she become one with her character and played her flawlessly as a mad scientist. I wouldn’t expect her to be the one who voiced Iroha in 3D Kanojo Real Girl, Shera from Isekai Maou To Shoukan Shoujo No Dorei Majutsu and Tenma from Mushibugyou. There are a few crazy characters she voiced too like Youko from Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa, Yumemi in Kakegurui and Nijimi in Mahou Shoujo Site but this one easily tops all that. Initially I initially imagined that Rie Kugimiya was also fit to play Ueno but I guess that tsundere specialist has (semi)retired. Gotta find new talents to voice tsundere girls, no?

The other casts are Aimi Tanaka as Tanaka (titular character in Himouto! Umaru-chan), Akari Kageyama as Yamashita (Beatrice in Princess Principal), Nichika Oomori as Mizuna (Yurine in Jashin-chan Dropkick), Miku Itou as Yomogi (Miku in Gotoubun No Hanayome) and even Tamon has its own seiyuu, Shiori Izawa (Tanpopo in Witch Craft Works). Unfortunately I didn’t recognize it was Haruka Tomatsu behind Kitanaga. Can’t remember if she sounded this squeaky. But thankfully I did for Ayana Taketatsu as Minamine, Rina Satou as Nishihara and Yuka Iguchi as Unogawa. Must be a coincidence of hearing Ayana Taketatsu in all the animes I watched this season (Date A Live III, Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka, Kakegurui XX and Gotoubun No Hanayome).

The opening theme is sung by Miku Itou, Hirameki Heartbeat. The song is actually decent and cute. Until it ends. It feels abrupt and one kind. Like as though they couldn’t come up with a decent way to finish the chorus and just simply put it as it goes. Yeah, it somewhat spoiled the entire fun of the song. For a short series like this, amazingly it changes its ending theme every 2 episodes. They are all sung by Ueno in her character’s fashion. They do sound okay like the samba-like My Pace Science (first ending – although this is a trio done with Tanaka and Yamashita), The rock-like Love Me Science (second ending), the slow rock of Houkago Traveller (third ending), the space-like Cosmo Luminal (fourth ending), the lively anime pop of Bukiyou Sensation (fifth ending theme) and the very sleepy song suitable for bedtime that is Kokoro No Furiko (sixth ending theme).

Overall, one of the funniest short series of the season that in a way is a much toned down version of Seitokai Yakuindomo. Because everyone is okay about lecherous and dirty minded girls doing lewd stuffs and saying pervy things to make the guy horny and turn him on. Some might find it a turn off and offensive because Ueno spamming her pantsu and ass to us just for some cheap dirty laughs and debauch humour. Also, the same bloody formula in every damn episode with somewhat the same outcome. Too bad, people. I never did grow up so I enjoyed seeing all the cheap fanservice shots. I’d trade places with Tanaka if he wants. Ueno could figure out the weirdest science possible and make it look so easy with a snap of a finger. But she still can’t figure out a way to one’s heart. This proves love is more complicated than science! You think science is weird? Love is even weirder!

How long ago was it since I’ve watched a high school teen romance drama with some magic? Oh heck, I couldn’t remember. Hence so I thought Irozuku Sekai No Ashita Kara may be that timely reminder that I should have a look at this. After all, this series somewhat reminded me of Glasslip and it is no surprise since both these series were done by the same studio. Maybe that’s why I started getting this nostalgia about the genre. And perhaps some bad memories. Heh. Like I still remember the disaster that was in Glasslip. So by substituting visions of the future with colours, I hope this series could avoid the mistakes of that one.

Episode 1
Hitomi Tsukishiro doesn’t look forward to fireworks. The truth is, she cannot see colour. Yeah, her life is one dull and sad monochrome. Suddenly grandma Kohaku decides to whisk her back in time when she was in high school. Yeah, collecting 60 years of full moons’ light just for tonight. Too bad Hitomi has no say and now she is in some weird bus and lemon driver. Thanks to her Popocky sticks to make the payment or else she would never have alighted. Back in the past, she finds herself in a room. Yuito Aoi is coming back so she hides underneath his bed until he gets out. Damn future is so futuristic, she doesn’t even know how to open the window pane lock! Once she luckily does, Kurumi Kawai and Asagi Kazano spot and record a woman sneaking out of Yuito’s place! Share this to spread the scandal! Later when they meet up with Shou Yamabuki to show him this, they spot Hitomi again. Lost? They help her find an address she is looking for. Hitomi notes they are from her same school but the uniform has changed. Of course they don’t know what she’s talking about. Along the way, all of them explain they are from the same photography and painting club that Yuito is in. They try to satiate their curiosity of her sneaking out of Yuito’s room but Hitomi looks very troubled so they drop the subject. At the magic shop at the hilltop run by her family, Hitomi is looking for Kohaku but she is currently overseas studying. She explains her circumstances and they are kind enough to let her stay here until she returns. So feel free to make this little attic like home. Hitomi realizes she has dropped her azurite earring. Too dark to search for something grandma gave her. But they are confident if she is a mage, it will return to her. Next morning, they guide her to close her eyes and concentrate. Oh, she dropped it in Yuito’s room. Meanwhile Yuito’s mom is teasing her son of having a secret girlfriend. Rumours sure spread fast in this small town. She is somewhat thrilled because she is worried her gay son is only ever interested in painting. But he isn’t thrilled. That person might be a robber. Something catches Hitomi’s eyes when she sees Yuito painting in the park. She could see his painting in colours! It even comes to life! She is so enthralled dancing among the colours that she realized too late she was making a fool out of herself before Yuito.

Episode 2
Hitomi explains herself before Yuito is going to report her for trespassing his room. You won’t do that to a cute scared girl, would you?! He hands back her azurite. Case closed. Back home, Hitomi’s family tells her the news Kohaku is cutting her stay overseas and coming home. They also ask her about her magic but it seems Hitomi hates it and rarely practises it. Well, she must master a powerful spell if she wants to return home. Since she is stuck here for now, might as well enrol in this school. The vice principal hopes she isn’t as flashy in her magic as Kohaku as he makes her sign some collateral agreement! Kohaku’s magic often caused mischief and her mom often had to come to apologize. It’s a reason why she is overseas to study. Hitomi is lonely in class since many don’t have a favourable view of a mage. Discrimination? Blame Kohaku for all that. But our usual gang from the photography and painting quickly become her friends. Chigusa Fukazawa keeps insisting Yuito admit Hitomi is his girlfriend. But Yuito only has a request of her and that is to show magic to dispel the rumours. Here she goes. Everyone watching with baited breath… A small spluttering stardust. Bummer. It only reinforces her hate for magic. Her friends try to take her mind of that by showing their club. But she looks ‘interested’ in Yuito and he is the only one not around. Try the rooftop. She apologizes for that disappointing show because she wanted him to believe her. He apologizes for forcing her to do something against her will. He lets her see his drawing and he hopes she could show her magic again. He finds it impressive. More impressive than his drawing. Yeah, do you not know to her his drawing is magic! Hitomi feels better because she never thought somebody would say that to her. And so we see her practice. She’s conjuring up a lot more stardust than before.

Episode 3
Hitomi is shown how to do simple magic as a start. A Popocky stick is a good wand. You can eat it too! It is that year the school is recruiting newbies for their club. Of course Hitomi is interested in Yuito’s art. I suppose thanks to the labels on the paint, she can ‘tell’ what colours she is using and paint a decent picture. The other friends hope she would be interested to join their club as they drag her to join in on their recruitment spree. They are to hold a workshop for potential newbies to take pictures but with the vice calling Shou to take pictures of the drama club due to the rescheduling, looks like somebody needs to replace him as the model. Nobody wants Chigusa despite he is hinting! Yeah. Hitomi! Please! Onegai! Her job is to walk on water via using a blue stardust. Oops. Bottle has no label. Did she pick right because soon she becomes like Jesus Christ. But nobody expected snow as part of this show and as soon that happens, Hitomi sinks like a hammer. Hitomi dries herself as Yuito accompanies her (since club activities are still ongoing). Seeking an explanation of her ‘lost face’ during the walk, she reveals she cannot see colour and doesn’t want him to tell this to others for fear of the unknown. It’s easier to keep this as a secret. You think? Hitomi runs away as Yuito feels bad as he can’t imagine a world without colours. With Hitomi avoiding the rest, they thought she’s through with them. But she is gathering her thoughts on how to talk to them and eventually musters the courage to do so. Yeah, this pool cleaning event helped a lot. Because she decides to join their club. Success! Now they can’t say their recruitment drive ended in zero recruits.

Episode 4
Kohaku returns! Hitomi knows it’s her due to her trademark hug. It’s her alright. Boy, it’s going to be weird calling a girl your age as grandma. With Kohaku’s return, some are wary but others want to see her magic again. Kohaku being Kohaku transports the class to some medieval building but then a locomotive train passes by. Yeah, everything is covered in black soot now. Kohaku must have broken the record of the fastest written apology. Unlike Hitomi, Kohaku is quite friendly and easily mingles with the club members. Hitomi is still pessimistic about her own magic but Kohaku believes she has potential. Because that locomotive was actually her doing. Just that her magic somehow lost its way. Kohaku is curious to know about her future but takes back what she said. Don’t want spoilers, eh? The club members get permission to enter school at night to take some photographs of the night sky and the city lights. The usual nice moments going on between Yuito and Hitomi until the rest fear the school’s urban legend ghost is spotted. They even got it on camera? Don’t be surprised because it’s just Kohaku’s magic prank. Hitomi thinks it’s mean but all Kohaku wants is to see everyone’s smile. See? Nobody got offended. Hitomi still thinks she hates magic but Kohaku is confident she will like it. She is her grandchild anyway. The rest overheard this and are confused. Kohaku allows Hitomi to explain it because she is sure they will not change. And so Hitomi reveals she is from the future. Shocked at first but they continue to remain friends. No big deal, right? The pair end tonight’s event with a little magic performance. And a photo to commemorate it all. As they are editing the photos, Kohaku decides to join this club. Although she’ll be the only sole magic club member. So is this officially the magic, photography and painting club? If I’m the only anime otaku in school and want to join this club, can it now be called the anime, magic, photography and painting club?

Episode 5
With the club approved, Kohaku now does love fortune telling! Man, a long line of girls. Even Asagi has one read and is told the truth that she has to step up her game or a rival will snatch him away. Hitomi is manning the magic shop alone. Oh dear. How can she get by when a customer asks for some coloured stardust for a certain effect? Don’t worry. Hitomi remembers their number labelling. Phew. With Yuito coming in asking for some stardust to help with his drawing, Hitomi is unsure but will find out more. Who better to ask than Kohaku. She agrees to help out. We also see Shou teaching Hitomi about photography. Of course spicing it up with some magic. The club members converge at the magic shop for their own little party. Kohaku gives Hitomi a little push to be with Yuito alone when their drinks ran out. More of Hitomi’s praising of his drawings that gave her a lot of hope. That’s why they are important to her. Back at the party, with Shou praising Hitomi’s handy work, it is no surprise that Asagi gets upset. Too bad the guys don’t even understand what’s wrong. Kohaku talks to her about predictions merely being guides. It is ultimately herself who takes charge of her destiny. Don’t let one failure bog you down as Kohaku gives Hitomi’s perseverance in not giving up to make stardust. Yeah, lots of materials wasted but she finally got it. Too bad Kohaku’s mom found out about it and now Kohaku gets a serious lashing for using up hard to gather materials. She thinks Kohaku told Hitomi to use them so she could be done with teaching since she would succeed quickly. Kohaku and Hitomi are made to gather those stuffs. Asagi isn’t giving up on Shou. Talk a bit about their childhood times together and they’re back to normal. Yuito follows Hitomi’s instructions in using the stardust. Golden fish swimming!

Episode 6
Yuito explains to Hitomi about that golden fish experience. Funny thing is, that golden fish was the painting that won him first prize during an elementary school competition. Hitomi seeks Shou’s help to show him that painting in the yearbook and oddly she could see that painting in colour. Later as Hitomi spots Yuito drawing, once more the golden fish pops out but this time it engulfs her into another world. A crappy drawing world? Hey, at least she could see colour. The more she walks, the messier the colours be and there are dead fish everywhere. She sees a shadowy figure trying to catch a fish but the fish ends up dead. When Hitomi wakes up, she is lying on the bench and Yuito by her side. She explains that weird dream and believes she went into his drawing. She also thinks that weird shadow who failed to catch the fish might be the cause of his artist’s block. When she suggests asking Kohaku for help, Yuito snaps at her that he doesn’t need any help. Thanks to that, Hitomi gets depressed and her facial expression is so obvious. The others would like to help but they have to respect her decision that she doesn’t want to open up to them yet. Kohaku thinks the tension between them is good. At least he isn’t ignoring her and this might bring them closer. Yuito sees a senior, Sanami Asagawa for some advice (she is currently holding an art exhibition). He asks why she draws. No reason in particular. She thought she would arrive at something if she kept drawing but in the end, it’s the simple fact she just loves to draw. When he leaves, coincidentally Hitomi just pass by. It’s like seeing the worst thing in her life because she turn tail and runs away! Not sure why Kohaku did some magic gust of wind. I don’t think it’s to stop her but get Yuito’s attention. He goes after her and when he catches up, he says he has already started his drawing and wants her to see it. We see Hitomi entering the drawing again. When she returns, it looks like she can now see colours for real.

Episode 7
Ah well. It was good while it lasted. Because Hitomi somehow can’t see colours again. But the bulk of this episode seems to be hinting something with Chigusa x Kurumi. With Kurumi failing her mock exams, she hopes there’s a magic to make her smarter. Nope. Only clear her mind. With Chigusa teasing the magic might even clear everything she learnt, this makes Kurumi annoyed. The club has a meeting and Shou intends to hand over his presidency to Asagi when he graduates. Asagi is nervous but makes Hitomi her vice. The club have their annual camp. Chigusa learns Kurumi has an older sister who runs a famous patisserie. He thinks of asking her to be his model but Kurumi doesn’t think so as she is always busy. Is this a roundabout way so Chigusa could ask Kurumi to be the model instead? Of course she rejects. Chigusa then asks the other girls, they too reject so it is back to him bugging Kurumi. This annoys her as she tells him off, making the atmosphere around them a bit awkward. Later Hitomi talks to Kurumi. The latter admires her sister a lot but views herself as empty. In a way she feels envious and unlike her sister who has ambition, she doesn’t. This photography thingy is just a hobby. We take a little detour as Yuito shows Hitomi his latest drawing. As usual, she can see its colours and Yuito thanks her for her magic. That night, the friends are supposed to take pictures of some passing ship with beautiful lights. Not sure if they got the schedule wrong as it arrives too early. Chigusa’s idea is to drop all their stuffs and run. In the meantime, Chigusa advising Kurumi to not make a decision now in life? Take your time? Since when you care about her future? Too bad they still missed the boat. With Kurumi blaming him for messing him, Chigusa snaps a ‘lovely’ pic of her being mad. They start their petty argument and funny enough, Hitomi is the one who started laughing. So she laughs when she is tired? Aren’t we having fun? So as not to waste this trip, they can still take the beautiful night scenery. This has Hitomi sum up her courage to tell them the truth.

Episode 8
Kohaku theorizes that Hitomi may have unconsciously casted magic on herself and made herself unable to see colours. As she is occasionally able to see colours, it could mean that magic might be fading. Hence she suggests conducting several experiments to determine the trigger. Why do I think she just wants to know if there is anything intimate happened between her and Yuito? Yeah, because the experiments seem to be making her getting close to Yuito. Doesn’t it make your heart beat faster? Doesn’t the excitement make you see colour? Yeah, what’s the colour of love? At the library, she shows several drawings from other books similar to Yuito’s but it’s still black and white. Kohaku gets a little naughty by trying to cram them together under the table! No excitement for Hitomi. Just pending anger. The club has their usual outing snapping photos of the town. But Shou has some heavy thoughts because he overheard how Kohaku was trying out magic to send Hitomi back to the future. Why so concerned? Oh right, Hitomi just joined the club. Don’t want to have that unwanted record of losing a member because she was sent back to the future. When a camera is spoiled, unless the repairman can miraculously save it or else all their hard earned photos are gone. But a miracle did happen. Because Kohaku uses her magic to fix it! Back to normal! OMG! Kohaku can put all repair services out of business! However she is disheartened that a rose she used magic to bloom withered within a day. I’m not sure how this relates to sending Hitomi back but her grandma reasons if her future self didn’t leave a note on how to do it, it must mean Kohaku figured it out herself. So have faith in your future self! With Hitomi now a full fledge member of the club, she feels so happy that she wants to say here. I guess this puts Kohaku in a bind.

Episode 9
Shou talks to Yuito that he is going to spend time with Hitomi alone tomorrow. He’ll be having exams and graduating soon. He doesn’t want to leave any regrets. So this ‘date’ is actually Shou teaching Hitomi the finer points of photography. And of course it’s that time when you talk about how much things have changed and how much special time they spent in the club, cue for Shou to confess he likes her. The shock is too much for Hitomi to take as she runs away. Is the day ruined? Don’t run in the dark. See, now you tripped and it hurts. Your feet? Or your heart? Sorry, my bad. With that, Hitomi is so obviously depressed that you can basically tell what happened. Even more so when she blatantly runs away from Shou upon seeing him. Kohaku knows what happened and tries to talk to her. It’s nice of Hitomi to spell out about the confusing feelings of the heart. You respect the person but don’t want to date him nor hurt him. How? Maybe talk this privately because other girls are getting interested in listening to her love story. And some boys are having their heart broken… Even Asagi gets the hint when Shou is being oh so philosophical that no 2 pictures are the same. Like WTF?! One outing with Hitomi and he’s spouting such lines? So Asagi talks to Hitomi and hints there is someone she likes for a long time. Even if Hitomi feels she doesn’t deserve love or to be loved, she can’t just ignore it. This was enough of a push for Hitomi to confront Shou again and to reject him. She has put a lot of thought into what he said and although her feelings confused her a lot at first, now she is clear. There is someone else she is interested in. Shou thanks her and is relieved he can now move on. But not before he screams out in the open like a mad man. Boy, you think the brass band practising was bad? This tops it! But it felt good to get that load off his shoulders, right? As Hitomi finds Asagi to explain to her, suddenly Asagi reveals she loves Shou. You mean Hitomi looked this shocked? Oh yeah. She didn’t know. One problem to another. Because now Asagi runs away before Hitomi gets a chance to explain.

Episode 10
It’s really awkward between Hitomi and Asagi. The latter avoiding her at all cost. But you know it’s not going to last long so eventually they sit down and talk it out. See, it worked. Back to being friends again. Magic word is just to blame Shou for everything. Yeah… Kohaku suggests an activity of bringing people inside pictures so what better way than to test it on themselves first. First, Yuito needs to draw a huge picture. Taking in requests on what needs to be in the drawing… Kohaku and Hitomi then practice their magic by trying out paper airplanes into a small painting. Tough at first but Hitomi soon gets the hang of it. Then it’s magic time as the club members is whooshed inside the painting. Wow. Everything so magical. With each of them exploring their own ways, Yuito stumbles onto a big door. Upon opening, he sees a young Hitomi drawing with a monochrome crayon. What a sad drawing of people being separated. Yuito draws a few things as suggestion to bridge them together but she refuses. It’s like she really wants to tell him to mind his business. Before he could draw with her, it’s back to reality. While everyone is happy, Yuito spots Hitomi crying. I don’t think those are tears of joy from the experience. After Yuito tells her he met her young self, she reveals that her mom had no magic. But since Hitomi had some, she always believed it was the reason why mom ran away and never took her with her. That is why she hates magic. Hitomi is sad and frustrated all she wanted was to make mom happy. But she took the burden all upon herself and then disappeared. She thought of going after her but was too afraid to do so. Hitomi cries to let out all the pent up frustration as Yuito believes it is not her nor magic to be blamed. With Hitomi feeling a lot better, she now realizes she was sent back here for a reason. Well duh, we figured that out right from the start, no?

Episode 11
While preparing for the cultural festival, the gang thought Hitomi suddenly disappeared. They look a bit here and there and soon realize that she was in the clubroom all the while. However Kohaku knows something is up. She sees a magic bookstore friend, Ichiyanagi about a book she needs urgently. She needs to learn time magic fast because Hitomi who isn’t from this timeline, the forces of nature might be trying to correct history. Yeah, nature is sure taking its time. Anyway, when that happens, there is a risk of Hitomi being stuck between time and space forever. That’s why Kohaku needs to send her back fast. For once we see Kohaku being so worried that you wonder if it’s really her. She tells this to Hitomi and just great, now we get another worrywart. One rainy day as Yuito and Hitomi are talking and walking home together, suddenly Hitomi just vanished! He rushes to tell his friends about it and that’s when Kohaku tells them the scary truth. Oh dear. Where to look for her? She could be on the other side of the world. The thought she could return to where she disappeared, true enough, she’s there albeit unconscious. Back home, Hitomi didn’t even realize she went missing. Kohaku tells her friends that she is alright and talking to grandma about it, looks like it is time to send her back as the magic is waning. However Hitomi herself isn’t ready. While the friends don’t like this one bit, they decide to help out because they care for her. Kohaku needs to gather stardust on the night of the new moon then send her back. That will be in 2 days right after the festival. With the preparations going on, Asagi cannot believe they’re acting like everything is fine. They can’t have fun at the festival like this. Eventually she come to realize that it’s better than Hitomi getting stuck so the friends gather at the beach to collect stardust that has fortunately been washed ashore after the typhoon and bathed by the few nights of full moon. Hitomi uses her magic to send paper airplane to Yuito’s house. It’s a good thing they know where they leave because they can communicate via Morse code from their room lights. When another paper airplane flies astray, Hitomi goes after it. Somehow Yuito had a feeling it wouldn’t make it too and chased after it. And this brought them together in which Hitomi instantly dives into Yuito’s arms to give the most heart breaking hug.

Episode 12
Hitomi really doesn’t want to go home and blames herself for being a mage. However Yuito is glad she is one. So instead of sulking for the remainder of her time, she decides to make it the best festival ever. You could say that their magic theatre is a hit with everyone having the greatest experience and a few girls becoming a fan of Yuito’s art? That’s nice. Even Asagawa visits and is glad he is making some positive impact. That night, Ichiyanagi sees Kohaku and looks like he made it in time to finish this device. The second day of the festival continues with our friends even more motivated to give their best. The friends try to be considerate and give Yuito and Hitomi some time together. So the haunted house is the best place? Maybe. Yuito wants to go around the festival more with her but Hitomi is reluctant. She’s had her fun. Time to head back. That night as the festival comes to a close, Kohaku surprises everyone by putting on a massive fireworks display. With everybody being happy and thanking each other, Hitomi feels this warm fuzzy feeling in her heart. Kohaku points out it is called happiness and what do you know? Suddenly Hitomi can see colours! Albeit it is just the fireworks and everything else still monochrome. Of course once the show is over, it’s back to that colourless world. But Hitomi can’t help but thank everyone. The friends get ready to for the time magic ritual. In Hitomi’s heart, there is a reason why she wants to stay. If there was any regrets, it would be this one… Hitomi, we all know…

Episode 13
Yuito narrates he loved drawing alone until Hitomi mentioned his drawing was special. At first he thought she was gloomy and lonely girl. He realizes that she showed him a lot of colours. Now we begin the final goodbye for Hitomi. Everyone has their last say. Each time, they fuel the device. Theoretically this would be easy if she had 100 friends. The guys are okay. The girls just get awfully teary. I wouldn’t consider Kohaku’s goodbye to be really one. They’ll be seeing each other again 60 years from now, right? Finally it’s Yuito. Be happy. I won’t forget you. Uhm, that’s it? That’s hardly satisfying. Hitomi has a few last words too. The usual thank you this, thank you that. Suddenly she is interrupted when the device starts acting up. WTF is this storm interference? Yuito dives in to grab her. In this weird world, Yuito realizes he is no different than Hitomi since he was forcing his emotions into a corner of his heart. How can he tell her not to close her heart when he does just that? Then he spots Hitomi straight ahead. You can’t miss her with the golden fish leading the way. This time they really say what they want to say. About the change they bring to each other’s life. And now we get to hear what we want them to say. After a hug and the magic words of I love you, it’s like the monochrome curse is lifted from Hitomi and she can now see colours permanently. With them returning back in time, Kohaku concludes the ritual and Hitomi returns home. But Kohaku notes that it wasn’t her time magic that sent her back. Her magic isn’t that powerful yet and it was Hitomi’s subconscious spell that wore off, marking the end of her journey to the past. Then this BS: Kohaku gets a mail from her future self that she arrived safely! WTF???!!! You can send a message back in time?! I wonder if Kohaku can reply to the future… Hitomi is back in the future. Right next to grandma like as though she never left. Grandma asks about her experience. Happy, sad, fun. She experienced all those emotions. This gives her motivation to go find mom. Kohaku then shows her a time capsule kept by the club members. Several photo albums. There is also a book that Hitomi often read many times with mom as it was the only one she could see its colours. Guess what? That picture book was written by Yuito! Hitomi now leads a normal life. She has friends, expresses herself a lot and joined the very same club in her school. Now that she can see colour, she is so glad her future is going to be filled with them.

Miss Monochrome & The World Of Love Blues
I am sure that Hitomi’s future is bright and all colourful now. Returning to the future would be the right ending because remaining in the past would be like losing your granddaughter to the past like forever and Kohaku would have grown up together with her. Weird. Although Hitomi is living a happy life, one big question just bugs me: Where are her club friends in the future? If they became such good friends and vowed never to forget, why haven’t they been in Hitomi’s life in the future? Sure, they may be grandpas and grandmas but don’t you think they would have at least tried looking for her? Or Kohaku at least updating her about their whereabouts upon Hitomi’s return? Don’t tell me all of them are dead! Because there was that snippet in the ending montage that showed Hitomi praying at the graves. Well, Kohaku is still around so it can’t be hers. Her mom? A tombstone for a person who is missing or officially declared dead? Besides, wouldn’t it be weird for Hitomi if these people were to show up and claim they met her in the past, they would be scaring the sh*t out of Hitomi before her time trip. Because if Hitomi did get acquainted with them, she should have known them when she travelled back in time. The more I think about this, the weirder it gets… Yeah, grandma waited 60 years to send Hitomi back for rehabilitation while knowing the exact events that have transpired. Kohaku has got to be one patient grandma…

Unfortunately, this is just a normal high school teen romance drama if you take away the magic. Yeah, ironically. I was putting my hopes that the magic would give the series some sort of life and hence, magic to be interesting but sad to say I fail to see all that coming together. Even without this magic setting, it could have been an even more boring and draggy high school teen romance drama. Just a bunch of high school kids of the same club trying to sort out their feelings. It could still work out that way but like I have said, it lacks any magic to make it anything interesting.

It is also sad to say that the magic here doesn’t play a very prominent role and serves more like a plot convenience or timely reminder that magic does exist in this world. Perhaps they don’t want to draw the focus away from the characters and their interaction but the way I see this magic thingy as a setting in this world, it looks like it is no big deal. Uh huh. It’s not like magic is everywhere and permeating the daily lives of everybody in every way. Hence when our main characters do their little magic, people around get curious, a bit of wow, when it’s over, it’s over. They go back to do their own ordinary stuffs. It could be the case of the worst role of magic in the history of anime. I mean, if magic was such a big deal, wouldn’t the government and the world be trying to exploit it? Here, people go about their daily lives and it’s like they don’t really mind whether there is magic or not, mages or not. Whatever. Maybe nobody bothers in this small town. But like I’ve said, if they are going to make a big deal out of this magic setting, it would have shifted the focus away on what they wanted to essentially tell in this story. That would have been even worse. So I guess we’ll have to deal with and be satisfied with the boring and draggy story then.

And the characters, do they like even matter here? It sounds intriguing at first that Hitomi cannot see colours and our hopes rest on the series trying to find out a cause and if she can be cured. I understand that as a teen going through that phase and being different from everyone else (hence she can’t enjoy the same experience like any other normal kid just because she cannot see colours), but this gloominess and pessimism in her, I somewhat find this annoying. Sure, there are times when she lights up or gets a little happy. But that feels fleeting and it was all because of in the moment thingy. It’s hard for her to shake that belief of blaming herself for having this ‘curse’ and hence mother left her. So it’s like she’s going to go through the rest of her life like this? Yeah, thank goodness she met Yuito and his club members, right?

I do have to point out the efficiency of magic here once more. As I have said in my previous paragraphs that magic might not be the most important and vital aspect of everyone’s daily lives, it just makes me wonder if the future of magic is also stagnant. You see, we see and hear how much Hitomi has improved on her magic, blah, blah, blah. Heck, she can even send people into Yuito’s drawings and have them experience the most wonderful fantasy dreamland ever! Or even fix a camera to save all its contents! But there is no magic that would cure her own colour blind problem? Sure, magic isn’t an easy thing to master but is there no mage in the future who could help her out with this problem? It’s one of this weird loopholes that the writers seem to leave out. The same reason why Harry Potter living in a world with so much magic, nobody can cure his eyesight since he still wears glasses. Weird. No wonder grandma sent her back in time, TO THE PAST, in hopes she would find her answer. Yeah, the answer to magic advancement lies in the past. Doesn’t that mean that magic in the future have regressed in this sense? Boy, now I’m confused.

The drama is prolonged thanks to the other side distractions of the budding romance of the other characters. Like, do they even matter to the whole story? I see. Because if they don’t showcase these characters, they would look like some cardboard cut-out and NPC, lacking life and traits that would supposedly bring a character to life. Not that I see the draggy romance would. So as expected we have Asagi x Shou and Chigusa x Kurumi, not forgetting the ultimate couple of the series should be on Yuito x Hitomi. Kohaku doesn’t get anybody because we’re sure she’s going to meet her soulmate that would lead to the birth of Hitomi in the future. Don’t want to complicate her story, do we? Yeah, it would have been really interesting and shocking if Kohaku wedded Yuito! Holy sh*t! Yeah, don’t tell me Hitomi don’t know who her grandpa is. Does she?! Hint: It could be Ichiyanagi… That one short scene of grandpa and grandma Kohaku together could be it. Shou having crush on Hitomi but ultimately getting rejected for some much needed and obligatory but unnecessary love triangle drama. And were we hoping something coming out from Yuito and Asagawa too? Perhaps just to reinforce those feelings inside Hitomi. With Yuito and Hitomi ultimately not together in time, this leaves possible room that maybe Yuito ended up with Asagawa… Just saying… So that I love you moment was just fleeting, huh?

We have to give a reason why Hitomi started falling for Yuito and it is oddly his drawings that brings colour into her life. Something about his drawings that allows her to see colours when everything else fails. I suppose they want to keep our interest to find out why this is so but this is never really explored nor explained at all. It feels like a let-down after sitting through the season, we thought we could at least find some decent answers but looks like we’re going to have to believe that magic would be the reason. I guess if we can’t explain it with science, magic is your next best guess. Thus begins the long drama of Hitomi initially interested in Yuito’s art but as they draw closer together, they somewhat change each other and because plot predictability demands it, they started to fall for each other. After all, when you have 2 people who led somewhat colourless life, hence this fateful meeting is a convenient plot device to bring colour to that mundane life of theirs. I think I can understand why Hitomi is always so gloomy and smiling less. How can you be happy when your world looks awfully gloomy? And Yuito never had anyone praised his art and that’s why he became interested in Hitomi who became interested in his drawing? I’m sure people did praise him when he won that first place with his golden fish… Unless they were just empty compliments until Hitomi’s praises that had more sincerity.

I’m repeating myself by saying the other characters feel bland. Ironically, not very colourful. Because it would have been a total bore just to focus on Hitomi and Yuito. So let’s see, Shou the responsible club president, Asagi a little bit insecure and weak, Chigusa the comic relief character and clown and Kurumi, uhm, we need a glasses girl to complete the trope. Then there is the very lively Kohaku who somewhat keeps the group together even though she is the latest member to join this hodgepodge club. Not many series have this strange family relation whereby someone older is actually physically younger than you. Like that Usagi Drop or even Futurama comes to mind. It’s weird at first to hear Hitomi call Kohaku as her grandma but you’ll get used to it because Kohaku doesn’t turn it into a running joke like correcting her she shouldn’t be called a grandma at this age. In fact, Kohaku embraces the fact she is her grandma and with that, anything that feels weird about this association quickly dies down. Even eventually future grandma Kohaku is fine with her granddaughter calling her by her first name. Yeah, it’s so ‘nostalgic’… And Hitomi must be the only club member who joined the same club in 2 different eras spanning 60 years apart. Or she could be the longest serving member since she didn’t officially quit the job. Just went MIA… Don’t the club members leave a photo of her for future members?

As this series is one by P.A. Works, one would expect their trademark of really gorgeous art and animation. Well, personally I have mixed feelings about this. On the ‘bad’ side, I do find the character designs looking a bit weird. Because at certain angles, they don’t have noses! While many Japanese anime don’t really like to animate the nose and usually leave them out or at least to a minimum, not to say the characters here are completely devoid of their nose but at those certain angles, I thought they look like distant relatives to Voldemort! Yes, really! It just looks weird. Therefore this is one of the few series of this genre under their belt that I don’t find they have cute girls. You say Asagi is cute? Meh. Passable. Yeah, blame my very high standards that I expect a kawaii bishoujo as seen in True Tears, Hanasaku Iroha, Tari Tari, Sakura Quest, HaruChika and even Glasslip.

But I still give them points for the very nice and beautiful background and sceneries. So when the story is a bit slow and the characters aren’t cute enough to look at, looking at the sceneries and the nice lightning and hues would be a better eye candy. After all, since this series was going to tackle the theme of colours, at least they get this area satisfactory right. I also want to point out one of the strangest 3D visuals ever. The fireworks in the future! So futuristic that you have fireworks rotating in 3D fashion! Like as though some programmer uploaded his hologram of the fireworks in the night sky. It didn’t really amaze me because after watching traditional fireworks for so long (in anime of course), this one does look weird seeing fireworks being displayed so. And of course, the future of such fantastic visuals are holograms! Holograms everywhere!

Voice acting feels pretty normal. It’s mainly drama after all so nothing really spectacular. Didn’t recognize anyone except for Sayaka Ohara as Kohaku’s mom. The rest of the casts are Kaori Ishihara as Hitomi (Konoe in Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouto Ga Iru), Shoya Chiba as Yuito (Sing in Banana Fish), Kaede Hondo as Kohaku (Sakura in Zombie Land Saga), Seiji Maeda as Shou (debut role), Kana Ichinose as Asagi (Ichigo in Darling In The Franxx), Nao Touyama as Kurumi (Lacia in Beatless) and Ayumu Murase as Chigusa (Luck in Black Clover). The opening and ending themes aren’t catchy nor to my liking either and honestly, they sound bland. They are 17 Sai by Haruka To Miyuki and Mimei No Kimi To Hakumei No Mahou by Nagi Yanagi respectively.

Overall, quite a boring and draggy series that wouldn’t work on ‘veteran’ anime viewers like yours truly. Uninteresting story and characters as well as the uninspiring magic that I felt was supposed to play an important role here, fizzle out into something generic and less than spectacular. The irony that it made the series so much less colourful. Now I understand why Hitomi is being a gloomy b*tch for being colour blind for so long. Colours really do brighten up our day and sadly this series wasn’t it. Or maybe we’ve taken colours for granted that we fail to see the beauty and simplicity that is the magic of this love story. Nah. I don’t think so. I wonder what the colour of disappointments is…

This is it!!! The moment of truth is at hand. After putting hours after hours of effort, defeating waves after waves of henchmen, upgrading and levelling up as much as we can, unlocking all secrets and bonuses along the way, we’re finally here. Finally at the last ultimate final secret boss. One final match that stands in the way of ultimate victory. Victory is almost at hand. One final battle to justify all the hard work of finally reaching here. The final fight is at hand. Don’t lose heart now. Don’t chicken out now. Go forth! The way is forward! Show all that you have learnt! Show all that you have mastered! Only then you can grasp and taste the fruits of your triumph. Godspeed! Oh wait. What’s that? We’re supposed to be talking about the final extra episodes of High Score Girl – Extra Stage? Uhm… Erm… Doesn’t it feel like that? Yeah… Real life fight for love is much more complicated and harder than the fighting games in the arcade.

Episode 13
Haruo talks to Miyao hypothetically about a girl confessing to him. To his surprise, Miyao knows it is Hidaka. Even more surprising, he knows she has a crush on him since middle school. The best way is to tell her who he likes and turn her down. He has someone he likes, right? Unfortunately Haruo doesn’t know who! Oh boy. This is going to get messy. Meanwhile we are introduced to Makoto, Oono’s elder sister who is very crude and child-like. They are like day and night. Oono’s butler realizes that it is perhaps the brunt of Oono’s strict upbringing could have been a backlash due to Makoto’s lackadaisical ways. At the same time, Gouda visits Haruo’s home. Though she is not particularly here to thank him for that incident of Oono running away from home, she is also here to tell him to sever ties with her. She believes he is a bad influence on her and he is more than a nuisance. While Guile wants Haruo to tell her off that their relationship is more than that, Haruo just couldn’t open his mouth and fight back. Instead, it is his mom who will not accept her son being called that. She fires back that everyone has their own ways in raising their child and she has no regrets letting Haruo grow at his own pace. In that case, Gouda ‘thanks’ her for the advice and that she will do things in her own ways. After she leaves, Haruo has renewed respect for mom and is glad to be her son. He regrets not being able to talk back but mom is fine with that. After all, it still won’t be right if a kid talks back to an adult. Lovely mom and son moment ‘ruined’ when mom asks to see his report card. Oh my. Here comes mom’s unrelenting combos!

Back home, Makoto tells Oono what she saw. Gouda has reprimanded her butler as she knows he has been secretly letting Oono play his Game Gear in his car. He will be relieved of his driver duties and will be confined to house duties. One more mistake and she has the power to fire him. Oono felt bad and rushes to see him. But he decides to bring her somewhere as his last job. Of course, that is to Haruo’s house and Haruo could see the sadness in Oono’s eyes. Mom suggests Haruo take Oono to the local festival as the adults badmouth talk about Gouda. Since it’s too early for the festivals, they hit the arcade. They play lots of games and you can see both of them lighting up. If only they could live and play at arcades like this forever. Once done, they head down to the festivals as Haruo remembers what her butler told him. Today will be his last day on the job as Gouda has hired a new driver who will stick to the family rules. Her schooling will be even stricter and all chance to meet him will be cut off. That is why he is giving his last chance to them to be together and he hopes he could be her emotional support. Oono wins a FFVI game prize at the shooting gallery. She gives it to Haruo. He gladly accepts and invites her to come over and play any time. Then he realizes the problem: Will there be another time? Taking a closer look at Oono’s face, he realizes how cute she is. She kicks him in the gut! Is that a sign of approval? When they return, it’s time to part. So what’s her parting gift? Just planting her face on his shoulder. Well. Uhm. Okay. Bye. Take care.

Episode 14
Haruo continues to hone his skills at the arcade. Guile notes his progress an honour as a man. He relates why many video game characters brave the dangers and take risks is all because for their loved ones. That is why he must push forward and cannot afford to lose. Hidaka receives a challenge letter from Haruo. She has also gotten stronger thanks to the help of this goth gamer girl, Nikotama. She was impressed with her Darkstalkers’ gaming style and sensed she had the potential and invited her to her privately run arcade where night battles take place. For free, gamers can practice all they want. Hence you can see all those groupies (weirdoes with equally weird nicknames) with really insane consecutive winning streaks. D-day is here and the condition is that they will play 3 different fighting games. One battle each. Best 2 out of 3. The first is Samurai Showdown II. Hidaka easily defeats Haruo (WTF?! Weird group dance from the groupies to celebrate her win?!) but Nikotama can sense that something isn’t right. Next is King Of Fighters’95. Hidaka starts off aggressively in this 3 on 3 battle. When Haruo is down to his last fighter, that is when he turns the tables and easily defeats all of her characters. It is then Nikotama realizes what Haruo has that Hidaka lacks. Even though she has the desire to win, she does not enjoy playing the game like Haruo does. The final game is Darkstalkers. Haruo takes the first round and Hidaka coming back for the second. Man, it is really down the wire. So while at it, we hear Guile telling Haruo how he cannot lose because he has watched him work so hard in terms of life and gaming. In the end, Haruo wins! Then he starts bragging to Hidaka how cool everything was. However… She beats the crap out of him in her mini tantrum! I don’t think she’s being a sore loser. She takes out all her frustrations on him, accusing him that his way forward was meant for Oono. I guess when she’s done beating him, her groupies take over and continue the beat down combo. Hidaka is still angry at herself for losing despite working so hard. Nikotama says it is proof that she loves gaming. Hidaka goes home in tears :’(. But she refuses to give up on him or fighting games and will use this chance to grow stronger. That’s the spirit. On another day as Haruo hits the arcade alone, he thought he saw Oono at the mahjong game. Too bad it is Makoto and she knows all about him thanks to her sister.

Episode 15
Makoto gives Haruo a dating sim to play, Tokimeki Memorial. He’ll understand what women want. I’m not betting on it… So when Hidaka learns about this, she thinks he is doing this for Oono. Grr… She wants her Playstation back. Makoto is at Haruo’s place to see him play Tokimeki Memorial. Oddly, Haruo is being watched by Hidaka, Makoto and his mom! Oh damn! Women want to see how men struggle! As expected, he fails since he chose all the unpopular options. Yeah Haruo, you’re thinking only about yourself! Haruo is so bad at the game that he has got the bomb indicator for all the girls. Hidaka will lend her Playstation to him a little longer but reminds him that she too has a bomb ticking… Gulp. Even Makoto warns him her bomb will tick if he makes her sister cry. And mom’s bomb will definitely blow if he fails in his grades! Yikes! Later Makoto explains that because she rebelled against the family rules, Oono bore the brunt of it. That is why she wants to help out in any way she can. He thinks of bringing her to this AOU Show (some huge arcade convention) but it is going to sneak Oono out from Gouda’s view even for a day. Hence he gets this idea to create an RPG game for Oono based on RPG Maker: Super Dante. It will be based around Oono’s household and Gouda as the final last boss! After 30 days, he finally finishes it. Oono’s butler invites her to his room when Gouda is not around to let her play. Her face lights up as she is impressed with Haruo’s hard work. It is creative for Haruo to personify her mundane chores as demons she must battle to overcome. It is perfect except for one flaw: Makoto is one of the evil bosses! That sister is so pissed off… Every now and then, Oono sneaks into her butler’s room to play it but one day, Gouda sees this and realizes the truth. She thought Oono has been concentrating on her lessons and hence her methods were effective but realized the false assumptions she was under. The next time Oono comes in to play, the entire console is gone. Gouda catches her and says how she threw away all that. Oono is visibly angry and sad but all she could do is run away to her room.

Later Makoto tries to talk to Gouda about the awkward relationship she has with Oono. It is already tough that she has put up a barrier between them. Oono has been under her control since and yet she endures everything she tells her. Furthermore, she has to study under her. How can anyone stand that? Will this even make her grow up to be a decent person? Even the butler agrees. He doesn’t want Gouda to turn into an evil person just for Oono. Gouda goes to see Haruo at his job. She is here to apologize and compensate the console since she found out it belonged to him. Yeah, at least he got a better upgraded version now. When he asks about Oono, she replies she is hated now. She asks him back on his thoughts on Oono. A wall he can’t overcome and someone whom he wants to play games with. Although she’s weird, that is what’s interesting about her. Haruo even advises Gouda to lose those evil looking glasses. Oono would prefer her better without them. On the day Haruo invites his mom to AOU Show (mom so happy, I guess her son has no one else to go with), it’s a good thing the voice of Guile stops him. Because a second too soon, he would have missed Oono coming by to return the umbrella that Gouda borrowed the other day. I guess Gouda was decent enough to let her have a day off from studying. Mom takes this as a sign that God wants them to be together and is willing to trade her place with Oono. She tells him to be a man and use all that he has learnt from Tokimeki Memorial! On the crowded train, cliché moment for them to be huddled together and hold hands. Is this the start of a new relationship forward? At the convention, the duo are happy with all the new games on display. They enjoy the rest of the day together. Haruo thought it would be hard to start any conversation with her if she had no interest in video games. There is literally nothing else to talk about! Ironically, Oono being silent herself, can’t stand the silence either. So she wants him to keep talking? On the way back, Haruo notices her many prizes she got from the crane game. He asks which prize she likes best. She shows him that small ring. Ah… So nostalgic. Haruo hopes they can go to such shows together again next time. Just before they part, Haruo gets rammed by her butler’s car. It was getting late so he went out to search for her. Yeah, this feels nostalgic too…

No Game, No Life!
Eh… What… Why does the ending feel unsatisfying? I guess I have to blame myself for expecting that Haruo makes a decision with either Oono or Hidaka. While the ending might feel somewhat inconclusive, but it clears some of the more pervasive issues at hand. Firstly, to solve the case of Hidaka’s revenge match and although this puts an end to the route of him having to date her, not at least by a long shot because with Hidaka being a woman in love, looks like she’s shifting the goal post and still won’t give up. Even if Hidaka still has a chance in the future and will be backing down temporarily for now, this incident put at ease the gamer relationship between Haruo and Hidaka. It would have been interesting to see the other route in which Haruo lost and be Hidaka’s man because I’m sure this would also impact Oono greatly.

The other issue somewhat solve is of course Oono’s household issues. Gouda was fast becoming the main antagonist and final boss for our young ones to clear but thankfully to show that she is not totally a demon, she too shows her softer side as a human being and cuts Oono some slack. Even though Oono is not completely freed from her family’s strict upbringing cycle, the ending indicates that she has slightly more freedom than before. Even if we didn’t get to see Haruo and Oono officially become an item (or fans for Oono x Hidaka), but as Guile said, their relationship goes way beyond your typical male-female lovers. Their love for video games brought them together and I believe that is what the ending of this entire series wanted to demonstrate. Therefore from this perspective, it is a good and happy ending for our main characters because they bridged the gap and finally come together as gamers but not so good ending for purist romance genre fans.

While it is nice to see that Haruo and Oono’s friendship is slowly building towards what we would hope to see, the one thing that I still find it annoying and unsatisfying is that Oono still doesn’t speak!!! I was expecting and thought that perhaps in the final episode she would shock us all by saying one line in her decent voice even if it was a short sentence with only a few words that would put Twitter to shame. But nope. She continues to remain a ‘retard’. Hence, only solidifying my conspiracy theory that she is so traumatized by the family’s strict upbringing that she started losing her voice. Gee, I wonder who she would grow up into a decent adult if she can’t speak properly, huh? Maybe whoever she is betrothed to doesn’t need her to speak! Oh well. Don’t want to open a can of worms by foreseeing that future. Because the only future that we all want to see her is ending up with Haruo (or Hidaka for you Hidaka fans).

So with Haruo talking on her behalf while she only do soft grunts and groans, I guess I could say that Haruo is now definitely better in knowing what her heart is (albeit he has still got a long way more to learn – time to practice more Tokimeki Memorial) and what she wants to say after spending a lot of time with her. I think that’s the beauty of this relationship of theirs although thinking about it, it is a bit odd seeing the communication is only one way in this verbal sense. But whatever. It works for them. But in video game sense, Haruo can also be considered a success because he didn’t end up like video game protagonists saving their love, at least he saved her from the ‘imprisonment of her heart’. Oono might have the achievement of having high scores on almost every game but Haruo scores as the winner for these girls’ heart! As a gamer boy who is good at nothing else, having a couple of girls to like you or rely on you is as good as winning the game of life.

I believe that Oono is a very blessed and lucky girl. Despite her strict and less than fortunate circumstances, she has a few other individuals who would stand up for her. Other than Haruo, her butler and Makoto (even Haruo’s mom can be considered) are also her strong supporters. I’m not saying that Oono not rebelling against the family and Gouda means that she is weak. I think things will get a lot worse if she did that. It is sad that she had to endure and do all the things she dislikes but I suppose that is her way of fighting. Sometimes being obedient isn’t a sign of weakness. For her to obey everything that Gouda throws at her without question, that is a sign of strength because seriously, who can actually keep up with all that strictness without going crazy?

Gouda may look like the antagonist and is acting like one all for Oono’s sake but remember, she is hired to do her job. She was even willing to play the bad guy all for Oono’s future. Imagine if she slacks, she’ll get more than just being fired from her employers. Maybe she just needs to refine her educating methods and thankfully as said, to show us that she isn’t totally a cold hearted person, she eventually cuts Oono some slack and even takes up Haruo’s advice to lose those evil glasses! See, looking a little lovely there, no?

Makoto as the new character thrown in for this extra episodes, her totally opposite behaviour makes you wonder if they are really related. I keep wondering how she can still stay in the family and still be as loose as ever. Perhaps the parents have given up on her and couldn’t care less on what she does. I mean, it’s not like she does anything bad so she is free to do whatever she wants while continuing to live under their household. If Makoto was truly independent, she would have lived on her own but I guess she might still need some of her parents’ money. It’s not like we know what she really does, right? Oh yeah. She’s staying back to help Oono. I suppose every little help and support counts. Nikotama’s character feels a bit redundant. Could have been done without but I guess we need to see how Hidaka has grown and improved a lot thanks to the guidance of a mentor.

I thought with Makoto having decent lines here, I thought Sayumi Suzushiro who is the voice of Oono would be getting proper lines here playing as her elder sister. Nope. It is Chinatsu Akasaki who does Makoto (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby, Alice in Shokugeki No Souma). So I guess Oono’s seiyuu still has the easiest job of voice acting, huh? Hence Oono’s heart breaking scream during her parting with Haruo at the airport for her departure to LA in the TV series is still by far the ‘loudest’ we could hear from her. As for Nikotama, I recognized that voice from Witch Craft Works’ Tanpopo and Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru’s Yui. Just couldn’t remember her name. Oops, sorry. Oh, it’s Shiori Izawa. Hope to remember her from now on.

As the retro games here are the main features for old viewers like yours truly, the extra episodes also didn’t disappoint. Especially the fighting games that are my favourite genres in video games. But with the episodes focusing on the battles of Haruo with Hidaka and Oono, these games are given slightly less prominence. Also, no mid-intermission and next episode distractions of featuring new and old games alike. WTF is that weird 3D render of, uhm, I don’t even know what the heck that item is in the next episode preview. I would like to credit these extra episodes for reminding me of a very old retro game that I think I have played in a relative’s house and would have forgotten totally about it had not it appeared here: China Gate. Not to say that I spent a lot of time playing this weird beat ‘em up, but I’m sure this was one of the many obscure games that I played or watched during my very seemingly hazy childhood years.

Overall, even though the ending was a bit unsatisfying, it is still a nice conclusion to the series. At least for this season’s arc. Our characters have grown a lot and more importantly, they still love video games. I still hope there is another season for this series but I doubt it will be as this interesting and nostalgic. Because I’m speculating about love woes when our main characters hit puberty. Hidaka might come back for another round for Haruo’s love assuming he isn’t officially dating Oono by then. With the arcades dying and the rise of consoles, that’s probably when my nostalgia of video games might also start to wane because by the mid-90s, I became more of a PC person. So they better show a few nostalgic PC games if you want me to love your sequel! Oh yeah. Those were the days where video games were simpler and complete. Uh huh. Damn those season passes, premium passes, pre-orders, DLCs, microtransactions, loot boxes, multiple complicated collectors and limited editions, game breaking bugs, incomplete games… I hope there won’t come a time they charge $15 just to put your name up on the leaderboards after achieving some really cool high score or stats. For the first 10 days. Because an extra $1 for every subsequent day thereafter to stay on the board. Argh! High Score Grrrrr!!!!

It sounded so much like a porn title or at least one that is fit for an eroge. Seishun Buta Yarou Wa Bunny Girl Senpai Wo Yume Wo Minai is also a mouthful to pronounce but despite its suspicious title, it has nothing to do with porn or sexual fantasies. Sort of. Despite the very alluring promotional poster of a girl in a Playboy bunny suit (probably that’s what got me to watch this). Instead it deals with Puberty Syndrome. Isn’t that the phase where teenagers go through by being rebellious against their parents, get a tattoo, listen to punk metal music and getting all emo? Sorry. Anime wouldn’t be anime if it based on all that. Maybe. But here, we have dealings with being invisible, Groundhog day, doppelganger, body swapping and personality disorder stemming from amnesia. Yikes. Am I watching the Twilight Zone?

Episode 1
Sakuta Azusagawa is at the library when he sees Mai Sakurajima dressed up as a bunny girl. Is she a ghost because others don’t seem to notice her. Then she notices him watching and tells him to forget what he saw. Can he? Sakuta has his own fair share of ‘problems’ back home because his sister, Kaede is quite clingy to him due to a trauma. But she still can make a witty quip. Sakuta: Damn you’re heavy. Kaede: Because half of it is filled with my love for you! OMG! Buranko! On his way to school, Sakuta asks his friend, Yuuma Kunimi about Mai. She was a famous child celebrity but is currently on hiatus. Ironically, she’s so famous and Sakuta haven’t heard of her? Does he not watch TV? But Sakuta finds it odd that he notices she has no friends at school if that’s the case. Apparently this school has a very strong unwritten law of ostracising people. Once you’re an outcast, you are forever considered one. That is why, Yuuma’s jealous girlfriend, Saki Kamisato telling Sakuta to stay away from him. Not that she is worried if they developed some gay relationship whatsoever. You see, Sakuta has a past reputation of fighting others and landing them in hospital. Saki has to leave in fear that she may be associated with him and become an outcast. At the train station, Sakuta somewhat ‘saves’ Mai from an unauthorized photo that a so called fan wants to take. As they talk, Mai seems to know about his reputation too although he scoffs it off as wild rumours. He never denies them because he thinks it is all part of the flow so it’s pointless to fight it. Now it’s her turn to explain her bunny girl act. She started acting as young as 6 and soon became famous. With everybody looking at her at a celebrity, at some point she wished there was a world where nobody knew her. When she started noticing people ignoring her, she thought it was just a prank. But soon more and more people are starting to ignore her. Hence she is going around places to see if the same thing is happening. I mean, the bunny girl suit is sure to turn heads, right?

Sakuta starts explaining this Puberty Syndrome thingy that has become some sort of an urban legend. To help make her believe what he said, he brings her back to his place and undresses! Rape scene?! Just kidding. It is to show him the hideous scars across his body. He isn’t sure how he got them. Long ago, Kaede got bruises all over her body but it was caused by cyberbullying. Not even physical bullying. It started when she posted on some site and got on the bad side of a popular girl. Everybody started targeting her. Then one day when she came home, Sakuta saw with his own eyes the bruises just popped up on her. That’s why he believes this Puberty Syndrome is real. The truth behind his own rumours is that he was the one hospitalized because one day he woke up bleeding. Sakuta thinks Mai should go back to showbiz and if she is all over TV, people won’t ignore her. But this hit a nerve and she stopped interacting with him since. Sakuta then sees a journalist, Fumika Nanjou who has some info not known to the public on why Mai is on hiatus. Sakuta then sees his senior, Rio Futaba to ask the possibility of suddenly becoming invisible. If it’s not Puberty Syndrome, it could be the case of Schrodinger’s Cat. After a while, Sakuta realizes why Mai didn’t come to school. Could it be nobody could see her now? He rushes home to find her sitting outside his doorstep. Looks like she can’t even buy food now.

Episode 2
Sakuta and Mai shop at the mart. If she is invisible, would others see floating things when she picks up stuffs? Apparently anything she touches becomes invisible too. Sakuta has done some research on Mai and believes there was a rift between her manager who was also her mom. She explains that despite it was written in the contract, Mai didn’t want to do a swimsuit shoot. This made her realize her mom never cared anything for her except making money off her. Even so, Sakuta believes that is all the more reason she should go back to work to clear things up. When she learns he made a deal with Nanjou, Mai warns him about taking the media lightly. He and his family will be hounded. Mai calls Nanjou and wants her to stop publishing pictures of his scar (that was part of the deal). So Mai instead is willing to give her a big scoop that she will return to showbiz soon. As she will be going back to work and have no more time to have fun, their logic is that they will go on a date? On that date morning, Sakuta is on his way when he sees a little girl crying. She lost her mom. He is about to help but Tomoe Koga kicks him thinking this lolicon is going to kidnap her! Realizing her mistake, she wants him to kick her ass back? Too bad the policeman catches them thinking they’re doing something kinky in public. They are released after having their statements taken but Sakuta is already late for his date. Luckily for him, Mai is still waiting but not thrilled.

The date is on but Mai wonders why he is going this far for her. When Kaede had Puberty Syndrome, nobody believed her. Now that Mai is supposedly experiencing one, he wants to be there for her. Mai can tell it is because of a girl. He admits there is a girl he likes. He met Shouko Makinohara and fell in love with her. It is the reason he transferred to this school as he saw her uniform. However there were no such records of her. He still likes her because she got her back on his feet when he was down. Mai shocks Sakuta as she calls her mom here to sign a contract, signalling she would go back to showbiz. However mom cannot see her! She thinks it is Sakuta who called him and is less than amuse of this prank. Heck, mom doesn’t even remember she has a daughter! This is too much for Mai to take so she doesn’t want him to pursue this further. Later when he calls Nanjou, she can’t even remember who Mai is! Sakuta thinks if they go to somewhere faraway, some might still remember her. So technically the date still continues. As they take a train to another town, Sakuta asks random strangers if they remember Mai. Nope. Never heard of her. In the small room they rent, Sakuta calls Yuuma and surprisingly he still remembers Mai. So he calls Futaba in hopes she can help solve this Puberty Syndrome. The room is so small that it isn’t surprising they share the same bed. So they exchange naughty teases if they want to kiss or have sex. It’s not happening. I know. He vows never to forget her and she thanks him for not giving up on her.

Episode 3
Even animals like this cute doggie ignores Mai. So sad. By the time they return to school, Futaba tells him the bad news that everyone including Yuuma has forgotten about Mai. Futaba believes only they haven’t forgotten because they didn’t really sleep (Sakuta couldn’t sleep a wink. He was after all lying next to a girl). Futaba continues her explanation how she is not being observed and hence the entire school is her Schrodinger’s box. There’s more but I don’t really understand. With Sakuta fearing of forgetting Mai if he sleeps, hence he is forcing himself to stay awake. Those energy drinks better do their job. Because Futaba has slept, she has become part of the statistic. Worse, he is in the midst of having midterm exams. I guess everyone is thinking he is burning the midnight oil. Man, he is looking like a zombie. Mai even thinks so and helps him tutor. Eventually he is too tired and falls asleep. When morning comes, he sees a notebook that he has written for himself. A strange bunny girl? It is safe to say that Sakuta has forgotten all about Mai and thinks this diary who wrote is all a bunch of crap. Mai’s name is mysteriously blanked out. Even Futaba gives some not to him. They’re not even sure what this observation thingy is. As Sakuta takes his final midterm exam, suddenly he starts to remember Mai. Some of the buzzwords used during tutoring start bringing those memories back. Ashamed, he runs out from the exam hall and into the field. Then he screams at the top of his voice that he loves Mai! Repeatedly! Boy, this is so embarrassing. Yeah, the entire school must be thinking how desperate this loser is. And then here is Mai. Telling him off how much of a nuisance he is. They talk (cheesy dialogue included to ‘assure’ their love) before Mai screaming at the top of her voice to dispel the fake rumours on Sakuta. Now that Mai is back to the centre of attention, it’s safe to say that now people remember her. In the end, Futaba doesn’t think that scientific methods aren’t really effective when the Puberty Syndrome is caused by teenage instability and warped worldview. As he has proven, a mere confession was enough to turn it on its head.

Episode 4
Sakuta asking Mai to go out with him. Hardly exciting since he has been saying it every day. So she’s like rejecting him every day? She says her upcoming play has a kiss scene. He doesn’t want her to do it. Is he her father now? It seems this isn’t her first kiss as she hints it was with him. Really? Can’t remember. Hints? Not telling. She trolls him if he wants to redo it. Of course. Close your eyes. He just kissed her tamagoyaki. With Sakuta also trolling he is getting less interested because she is showing no interest, she agrees to go out with him. Next day, Sakuta feels weird. Is the day repeating? Everything looks and sounds the same. So with the same conversation with Mai, he manages to do his best trolling. Since she isn’t interested, he’ll find another love. Instantly she agrees to go out with him. Later Sakuta spots Tomoe hesitating to go out with a guy named Yousuke Maezawa. Next day… Same thing! Groundhog day? He sees Futaba for a solution but apparently according to the internet, many others are also feeling they are repeating the day. She explains about Laplace demon. As everything is bound equally under universal laws, by observing every atom and using some formula, you can predict its precise location of anything. However that would require an immense time for observation and it would be useless if you cannot do it within a second. Hence Laplace demon is one who has that knowledge. So for Sakuta to break out from this loop, he must find that Laplace demon who is acting differently than the rest. So could it be Tomoe because she is now hiding underneath the table. However she too is experiencing the loop. But they have to hide since Maezawa is coming in to look for her. It seems her friend, Rena Kashiba likes him but Maezawa likes Tomoe instead. She doesn’t want to be an outcast because of this love triangle. A little struggle from the cramp space occurs as Tomoe falls on top of Sakuta. Maezawa returns and sees this. Not good. And then Mai comes in and sees this. Really bad. Don’t talk to her again. It’s over.

You think Sakuta would not worry as tomorrow will reset itself. Behold! It is 2 days later! So he goes to talk to Futaba and she ends up ranting about being jealous watching Yuuma and his girlfriend since she has a crush on him. What?! But the issue he needs to settle right now is to clear things up with Mai. It was just last month he publicly confessed his love to her. At the café where Sakuta and Yuuma work part time, it seems Tomoe will also be joining them. As Sakuta takes orders from Rena and co, they seriously asking if he is going out with her. They’re worried because this happened so soon right after Mai broke up with him. They warn him if he is fooling around. Later Tomoe wants a favour but Sakuta knows what’s going to happen. He knows she wants him to pretend to be his girlfriend at least until the first term ends. Ironically his reputation didn’t deteriorate after that public confession and is now ‘popular’ among the juniors for his guts! Since Tomoe is afraid of losing her only group of friends, they have to make this pretend date real. So go on a real date? Well, it’s not like Sakuta is bound to anything and is in fact looking forward to have fun. Late that night, Mai rings on his doorstep. Why didn’t he come to explain himself? Damn, you just never know what a woman thinks!

Episode 5
Mai hears his explanations but won’t get mad because he’ll get turned on if she does so. So she really thinks he is a perverted masochist? She still feels something odd for him to do all this. He says Tomoe’s case reminds him very much like Kaede. Since Mai will be away for a while for a commercial shoot, this is not her dress she is giving him to sniff in her absence. Rather it is for Kaede to wear. Kaede lights up and looks like they’re friends now. Sakuta asks Yuuma about Maezawa and it seems he has a girlfriend in another high school and likes to badmouth his exes. Sakuta meet up with Tomoe for their date at the aquarium. She tells him of her past as a plain Jane so he tells her it doesn’t matter what she used to be because all that matters is what she is now. Tomoe wonders why he is doing this for someone he rarely knows. I don’t think kicking each other’s butt is the answer she’s looking for. Even if he is an outcast, why still do so? He likes to be the pillar of support even if the entire world is against him. For Tomoe, she wants to be liked by everyone, at least not hated. Later Sakuta visits Futaba to ask her conclusion about this Laplace thingy. It is believed the looping was caused by her ‘rolling the dice’ until she is satisfied with the outcome. Of course she isn’t aware of this because if she was, she would have been the demon herself. Once again, Saki confronts Sakuta of talking to Yuuma. She’s also complaining about Yuuma hanging out with Futaba. Why don’t you ask them yourself? Time to cut the conversation when Sakuta sarcastically claims she is butt hurt because of constipation! Yuuma then tells Sakuta the bad news that there are rumours that he and Tomoe are f*cking like rabbits. While at the train station, they can hear people snigger this. With Maezawa mocking them, Sakuta sneers back and the jerk punches him. Sakuta fights back but plays dirty that makes him look like a fool. Not so funny now, eh? If you don’t like to be embarrassed, stop doing stupid things. And he makes the boldest declaration that would clear those funny rumours: HE IS A VIRGIN!!! He takes Tomoe and run. For a while there, she really felt like his girlfriend. She also somewhat admits she is a virgin and never had a boyfriend before. Because all her friends said they had one, she too wanted to be in and went with the flow. With Rena giving up on Maezawa, this case is closed. Tomoe wants to repay him. Simple. Just be his friend. It’s not like she could find anybody else, right?

Episode 6
Sakuta wants Mai to tutor him in a bunny suit. She does so! His grade better improve now. Sakuta then goes to date Tomoe before the start of the summer vacation. Yeah, they’re making plans on how to end their relationship. No biggies. Let’s just say he still loves Mai and they had to break up. Day is over, go home and sleep. Next morning when Sakuta wakes up, guess what? He thought it was a joke but it’s not because yesterday is repeating itself again! Groundhog day once more?! It seems Tomoe is unaware of the day repeating itself. Seeing Futaba for an answer, if Sakuta isn’t Laplace then it could only mean 1 thing: Tomoe is lying. So after a couple of more loops and dates with Tomoe, Sakuta decides to do something different. This time their date is at a shrine and after writing their wishes to make their love come true, Sakuta assures he is the only one lying. Then Sakuta wants Tomoe to drop the act. From what I understand, Tomoe might be repeating the day in hopes that he could change his feelings for her. He assures that will never happen if it is a billion times. Tomoe tries to come to terms with her feelings and end this once and for all, hoping they can still remain friends. Then she blames him for being so nice to him and hence these feelings. After all that I hate you, eventually she screams the loudest I love you. Now she can cry her heart out. Now, this doesn’t really make time flow back to normal. Heck, Sakuta realizes time has reset back to when he experienced the first Groundhog day! So everything was just a simulation of the future? Sakuta trolls Mai to be his girlfriend. He trolls and distracts him to give him a peck on his cheek! Don’t push it for one on the lips. Sakuta then sees Mai rejecting Maezawa because she hints she likes Sakuta. He assures he is still her friend but she says it is she giving him the privilege to be her friend. For the rest of the days, everything played out exactly like it happened before. And there’s some scientific explanation from Futaba about quantum entanglement on how Sakuta was the only one in the world to get dragged into this sh*t. Not really understanding this sci-fi crap theory! When Sakuta and Mai are walking home on a rainy day, they see a little girl trying to shelter an abandoned kitten with her umbrella. Sakuta offers to take it in when the girl gives her name: Shouko Makinohara.

Episode 7
Kaede must be conflicted that Sakuta might want an even younger sister than her! Yeah, Shouko is much more polite too. She does come by to visit the kitten. Sakuta sees Futaba (new hairstyle?) about Shouko’s case and she believes it must be that myth of everyone has a doppelganger. While Sakuta is hanging out with Mai, suddenly they see Futaba walking into an internet café. Does she frequent a place like this? They try to find her and since they can’t, Sakuta calls her. She picks up and this is where ‘trouble’ starts. Because Futaba just walked before them and she is not on the phone! Sakuta manages to grab her as she explains how true the doppelganger thingy is. Yup, that Futaba he met earlier was her doppelganger. And it seems the clone is taking over her life and now Futaba can’t go home and hence hanging out here. Sakuta is so kind to let her stay at his place. Will Mai approve? Nope. That’s why she is staying too. Huzzah! Kaede worried his harem is growing… But she will accept his flaws and love him! So if Mai and Futaba will sleep in his room, sorry Kaede, onii-chan isn’t going to sleep with you but in the living room all by himself. So now we get to Futaba’s sci-fi explanation of this quantum teleportation thingy. Don’t get it. Naturally. It seems she thinks she is observing herself and what happens when both are conscious in observing the other? Doppelganger situation. In case of that 2 people cannot exist at the same time theory, after all, Futaba didn’t actually see herself. That night, it isn’t Kaede sneaking in but Mai. Some moments that hint she wants him to kiss her but he blunders and the mood is off. Damn. So fragile? He tries to play psychology that he might fear women if he gets rejected. Don’t worry. She will let him practice as many times until he gets it right. But I guess it’s not tonight. Next day Shouko visits and Futaba sees for herself this little girl. Sakuta goes to school to see the doppelganger Futaba watching Yuuma playing a basketball game. Sakuta learns Futaba fell in love with him when he offered his bun when it was like a warzone for her to get one at the stall. Is that how cheap her love is? Stop with the corny cornet jokes, Sakuta. This Futaba wonders if he thinks she is a fake. He thought so but realizes both of them are the real deal. Later it’s that b*tch Saki confronting Sakuta again. But this time she shows him uploaded pictures of Futaba taking sexy selfies of herself. Is she into some shady business?

Episode 8
Talking to Futaba about this, she says she created an account last summer just to get some attention but realized there was nothing to post about. She started hating herself when her body matured too fast and got the attention of guys. Meanwhile Mai’s agency wants to ban her from dating but she puts that decision on hold so she could consult Sakuta. He agrees with it since she just got back into showbiz so it is better to be the good girl for now. I don’t think that’s the answer she’s looking for but whatever. Now Sakuta talks to the other Futaba and she also says something similar about hating herself. The problem could have been solved if they just go back to being one but they have diverged too far and this isn’t exactly Sakuta’s problem per se. You should solve your own problem. When Futaba receives a very creepy stalker message, she gets scared. She wants Sakuta to stay at her place for a while. She talks about her fear of being alone and was worried when Sakuta got a girlfriend, she would be alone again. The same case when Yuuma got a girlfriend. Sakuta gets this idea of calling Yuuma to meet up with him now by feigning Futaba is in trouble. He really rushes to meet up and this brings Futaba to tears as she is relieved to hear she isn’t alone. Then they play sparklers till morning and Futaba tells Sakuta to save her other self as she is in a much worse position than her. He returns home to sleep but the next morning, he learns from Kaede that Futaba went out shopping but never came back. Since she didn’t take her handphone, I guess Sakuta has to cycle all the way in the typhoon to Futaba’s house to ask about her whereabouts. Yeah, try the school. There she is. It seems she is jealous in seeing that group photo of them playing sparklers. She thinks the world isn’t big enough for the both of them and will disappear since her counterpart is doing a much better job of living. Sakuta doesn’t give a damn and tells her to just come for the fireworks. Just then, Sakuta collapses. He wakes up in hospital and no serious condition. Sakuta then talks to Futaba outside that it is okay to hate herself. It isn’t that his own life is tolerable either. Futaba is interested to go see the fireworks now but Sakuta points out it is not him he should be telling. She sums up her courage to make the call and the moment she says her intentions, she disappears. It seems she called her other self on line and now they are one again. The trio meet up at the fireworks. Futaba whispers something in Yuuma’s ear and the cliché convenient of fireworks make it inaudible to us. But she doesn’t want him to give an answer as she knows what it’ll be.

Episode 9
It’s the start of the new school term but Sakuta has not seen Mai anywhere. When he finally finds her on the streets, she doesn’t recognize him and finds him creepy. That is actually Nodoka Toyohama (from the idol group, Sweet Bullet) and she swapped bodies with Mai. Sakuta can tell this is Mai the way she steps on his feet! You see, Nodoka is Mai’s younger half-sister. Same father but different mothers. Last night she popped up at Mai’s place and didn’t want to go home. Next morning, they realized their bodies were swapped. Until they get back to normal, they must live each other’s life. This means attending each other’s school. I guess they have nothing to worry about since they have no friends so everything will be okay if they don’t talk to others. Sakuta talks to Nodoka about her beef with Mai. Although she looks up to her, she still hates her in some ways. I guess the best way to get it off her chest is to talk to Mai directly. She admits of living in her shadow since young. She is jealous that Mai can do things effortlessly when it takes years for her to achieve the same. Because of that, mom always yells at her she should be able to do the same. So she hates her more? The feeling is mutual for Mai but without the thoughtlessness of their dad, they would never have met. Of course Mai can’t allow Nodoka to stay at Sakuta’s place. This means poor Kaede thinking her brother is really a gigolo bringing another new girl home. As Sakuta watches Nodoka in an acting shoot, suddenly she starts hyperventilating and collapsed. Talking this out with Mai, it could be she realized the insane expectations and burden Mai had to carry and panicked. Sakuta asks Yuuma if he knows what it’s like to have a perfect older sister. So he calls Saki who reluctantly explain about hers. She was the school’s previous student council president (not that Sakuta could remember) and got into a top university. Saki doesn’t like or hate her but finds it annoying that mom always compared her to her sister. Mai gives Sakuta a spare key to Nodoka’s place. He goes there to talk to Nodoka and inform Mai doesn’t care wasn’t worried at all. He thinks she should naturally smile like she did instead of trying to put on a fake smile that imitates Mai. When Nodoka is in the bath, Sakuta is tempted to peek into the tatami closet that Mai earlier warned him not to.

Episode 10
With all the new women Sakuta brings home, Kaede thinks she must do her part of moving forward. So I guess it’s a big step for her to get out of her pyjamas and don her school uniform. Nodoka’s reshoot went well. After 12 takes. With Mai leaving Sakuta a message that father wants to have dinner with him, this prompts Nodoka to ask about his family. After Kaede was diagnosed with Puberty Syndrome, mom couldn’t take it and was hospitalized. Dad went with her and basically dumped Kaede to him. They’re living separately now and because they’re his parents, it’s not like he hates or loves them. When Sakuta meets his dad and ask for parenting advice, dad thinks he knocked up a girl! NOT YET! Dad relates they were at a lost when Sakuta was born as every day was filled with worries and uncertainties. Sakuta and Nodoka are invited to Sweet Bullet’s concert. Nodoka watches in awe as Mai performs flawlessly and even covers a member who slips up. Sweet Bullet announces Nodoka will be the lead vocals of their next single. Nodoka’s heart breaks seeing her mom congratulating Mai and so happy about it. It was a smile she had never seen before. She thinks mom always wanted Mai instead of her. So sad that Nodoka tries to drown herself in the sea! Sakuta had to convince her that Mai doesn’t hate her and can show proof. Inside the tatami closet is a box filled with letters sent by Nodoka to Mai. This is proof she still loves you. Still not convinced? Here’s Mai to explain the rest. Mai was also so busy that she didn’t even have time for herself. When Nodoka was introduced as her sister the first time, she saw the joy of her looking up to her. That motivation kept her going. It all boils down mom’s love is probably due to the hard work she put in. Still complaining? Mai slaps… Sakuta! Can’t damage her face for tomorrow’s photo shoot. When her mom congratulated her after the concert, she could felt she was shaking and was worried the whole time. Nodoka always wanted mom to praise her and make her happy since Mai was only always what she talked about. So be yourself and do what you want instead of what she tells you. Cue for full crying to be allowed now. With Nodoka accepting she doesn’t have to be like Mai, suddenly the duo revert. It’s not body or mind swapping. It felt like the weirdest CGI of shape shifting! WTF! So I guess Futaba’s explanation for the body shape shifting was the sisters envying each other’s position. Sakuta thought his lovey-dovey days with Mai are back. Too bad Nodoka is moving in! Yeah, argument with mom as usual. But more problems at hand. A photo of Mai and Sakuta is circulating. Scandal on the cards…

Episode 11
A press conference is held for Mai to explain. Japanese adults sure love the drama and romance of the young ones, eh? Thanks to Mai being open and cool in handling them, soon this case dies down. Sakuta receives a letter from Shouko to meet at the beach. I’m sure he wants to go but how can he get Mai to trust him he is not cheating on her? How does he show his loyalty? By screaming out I love you in public! Please don’t. Any other ways? How about a deep kiss? Please don’t. Okay, she’ll let him. As they leave, Kotomi Kano who was Kaede’s old friend and classmate needs to talk to Sakuta. Nice guy needs to see this so he has Mai wait for Shouko on his behalf since she recognizes her. Kotomi talks about hoe bullying was a hot issue in their old school. After Kaede transferred out, the bullies received death threats. They too stopped coming to school and this bullying issue died down. Kotomi feels guilty because as Kaede’s friend, she did nothing. She tried to forget about this whole incident and would have until that scandal dating picture of Mai and Sakuta popped up. Sakuta rejoins Mai but since it’s getting late and Shouko not showing up, Sakuta leaves a message in the sand (that he already got a girlfriend!). Hope the waves don’t wash it away. Back home, Kaede has made a list of things to do. It’s admirable considering her case even if most of them are things to do with onii-chan. When Shouko calls, she explains she was sick and also the reason she didn’t visit recently. When asked about the letter, she wasn’t aware of sending any. Kaede braves herself to try and answer the phone from Mai. It literally took all her strength to do so. Congrats! Apparently she wants to be independent because at this rate Sakuta cannot marry! Because girls who marry him must take Kaede as part of the package! Can’t argue with that. But I’m sure Mai would gladly welcome her. Sakuta dreams of Shouko telling him life is a series of trials trying to make you a kinder person. She hopes to become that with each passing day. Kaede makes an even more elaborate plan to walk outside with Sakura. Frequent breaks are the key. Once ready, she clings on tightly to him. Let’s do this. But halfway she wants to give up and before she knows it, she’s already outside. Tears of happiness. One small step for Kaede, one big step for Kaede’s future. Slowly, Kaede is able to ‘exist’ outside in longer intervals. One day frolicking at the beach, that is where Kotomi sees her. Kaede gets scared and doesn’t know who she is. That is when Sakuta reveals a secret to Mai about Kaede: She has no memories of her old self.

Episode 12
2 years ago, Kaede woke up with no memories of everything before. The doctor diagnosed that due to the mental stress, she lost her memories to escape her painful situation. Sakuta knew he was dealing with a different person because everything she did was obviously different to how the old Kaede did things. When he noticed strange bruises randomly on her, at the same time mom was starting to show signs of breaking down. Also, he got that scar on his chest. He was hospitalized but doctor couldn’t find a definitive answer and thought it was self-harm. Depressed, he snuck out of hospital and met Shouko. Her positive words moved him and gave him hope to live. So when their parents moved out, dad hopes Kaede will recover and to take her time because they will always be waiting for her. The problem is, if the old Kaede reappears, what will happen to the current one? When Sakuta hands Kaede a book from Kotomi, there is a note inside saying she wants to be friends with her again. It seemed like some part of her memories may have returned before she collapsed. Kaede is hospitalized but no biggie. Sakuta calls Mai to update her on this and he also believes that the old Kaede may be reawakening and if that’s the case, the new one might disappear. Since Kaede overheard that, she tries to expedite her wish list, especially going to school. It’s hard for her to even walk in public as she is flip flopping between wanting to give up and carrying on. Even if she is so afraid, she still wants to make it to school. Sakuta promises to make that happen but first a little break. He takes her to the zoo. This lightens up her mood. He also gives her a yearly pass for her to come here as many she times she wants. Then they sneak into school at night so she could have a ‘preview’ of what to expect. This gives Kaede motivation that she really wants to go to school tomorrow. Next morning, Sakuta is in shock because he can tell that the way Kaede acts and talks, the old version is back.

Episode 13
Sakuta calls his dad to inform him about Kaede. Currently she is in hospital to be monitored. Though no physical damage but doesn’t remember the other Kaede, the doctor deduces that the gap in memories may destabilize her so it’s best to monitor her for now. Unfortunately it is Sakuta who cannot bear this. He becomes destabilized as he screams and cries his way home. Thank goodness Shouko shows up. The grown up one. She takes him home and takes care of him. Sakuta is so depressed that he isn’t really happy to see this girl again. Hence Shouko reads Kaede’s diary from the day of her ‘inception’. From her observations of her new family to her brother bringing home new girls and the recent list of goals. She knows Sakuta has been regretting the whole time and if she doesn’t do something, he might end up thinking he couldn’t do a thing. She doesn’t want him to have regrets when she disappears. She wants him to be happy and leave lots of memories before she goes. Sakuta still isn’t convinced because Kaede tried so hard and it’s like betraying her hopes. Shouko believes Sakuta is feeling sad proves how important Kaede is to him and how much a big place she holds him in her heart. Sakuta, you can continue crying louder now. Next morning, Sakuta is still like a zombie. Shouko left a note that she has gone. Then a voice recorder from Mai has him calling her to tell what really happened to Kaede. With life slowly seeping back to him, Sakuta realizes that Shouko, both the teen and loli never appeared again. Asking Futaba’s advice on this, she can only deduce that Shouko is his imaginary friend.

Mai takes a short break from filming to visit Sakuta. Though he is happy, she sees that note from Shouko. Oh dear. Mood just sour. No matter how long he explains himself and that nothing actually happened between them, it’s safe to say Mai is still not impressed. She’s going back to work. He’s fine, right? That’s all she needs to know. Man, he sure shot himself in the foot. Looks like Sakuta is going back to depression by being clumsy at work. And a talk with Nodoka, she knows Mai isn’t that petty to be bothered with that. She trusts him. So why? Because didn’t he know it was Mai’s birthday?! If Sakuta rushes now and takes the shinkasen, maybe he can catch up with her… And rush he did. But Mai is waiting to pick him up. With all that spamming from Nodoka, of course. So they go to some place to talk things out. He apologizes. She explains she knew he needed someone to be there for him and that it hurts that it wasn’t her. Sorry for not being there when you needed me the most. Mai trolls him with a kiss but it is just to pinch his cheeks. He likes that, doesn’t he? Kaede is discharged from hospital. She must be embarrassed after reading her diary. But she still wishes to go to school and is not afraid because she is not alone.

Do You Like Horny Bunny Girl Senpai?
Well… That was a pretty normal and anti-climactic ending. Is this considered a good ending? Kaede returns to her normal original self. Hence the final episode is somewhat a 24 minute goodbye from Kaede and Sakuta coming to terms with it. Yeah well, it’s strange he only got to know the real Kaede for like 2 years and he found it hard to part ways. Was this Kaede more fun? Maybe. But super cute! Not too sure about the original Kaede but she sounds a bit mundane. Sure, for us viewers we just got to know her but it remains to be seen if the other one will return. Hence future Kaede will have split personalities and switching forth in between. Heh. I won’t count that out. But I’m gonna seek Futaba for an explanation if I ever get confused on that one.

Overall, the plot and story of this series is really nothing special. It is more of the strange predicaments that the characters are facing that is somewhat the more intriguing part. In a sense, I guess that could be considered the general story but generally it just goes something like this. Sakuta’s normal high school life is interrupted when he notices some sort of irregularity especially with one of the girls he knows or related. They try to figure out what is happening and doing something about it (which isn’t much) and the problem is solved. There. That’s just basically it. Not with a lot of fanfare so some may go, “Huh? That’s it?”.

Hence the strange phenomenon are not actually sci-fi moments if I should say. What do I mean? Although the strange phenomenon the girls experienced in this series may look like some sort of mild sci-fi situations, they are more like inner demons that the girls need to conquer and overcome in order for the problem is solved. That is why I said in my previous paragraph that they don’t really need to do anything much or anything that is too drastic. With Sakuta’s help, a lot of drama, talking and self-realization is all it takes for the problem to literally go away and things reverting back to normal. At least, that is how I see it.

Indeed, the issues at hand that the girls faced may still sound and look sci-fi worthy. However you know me, I am really dumb when it comes to sci-fi moments and stuffs. Although I still continue to watch such series in hopes of ‘getting smarter’. Ultimate fail, of course. They aren’t really that bad but with Futaba using some sci-fi mumbo jumbo, even if it is in the simplest form that dumb viewers like me are supposed to comprehend, I just can’t. My brain just automatically shut off to prevent a meltdown. Really. I believe that such theories aren’t really far-fetched and there are lots of such notions and ideas floating around the internet (too lazy to Google, of course) so I’m taking Futaba’s word that in some sense, the theories are somewhat interesting. Just not interesting to a level that I can understand them. Also, watching these girls experiencing sci-fi phenomenon isn’t anything new. Since it reminded me of Kokoro Connect, another series that deals with strange sci-fi-like situations among a group of high school friends. Also not forgetting the Monogatari series but with way less supernatural elements.

Thus the characters play a vital role in retaining the intrigue of the overall story. As I have said, many have their own issues to deal with and overall if you look at them, they’re just normal and ordinary people with nothing really interesting to their background per se. Even with Mai and Nodoka having some sort of proxy rivalry because of their mothers, this background setting isn’t exactly all that exciting if you think about it. It is just enough as a setting for the sci-fi phenomenon to take place and drive the pace of the arc to last for a few episodes. Because the series likes to plant small cameo hints in current episodes for the next arc (like mini Shouko’s appearance), so I thought Mai would be getting another arc of her own considering the media sounding like they’re going to have a field day with the scandal of her having a boyfriend. Too bad that turned out to be a red herring as it was surprisingly ended as fast as it started. Otherwise we wouldn’t have time for the final Kaede’s arc, I think.

I do find that some of the character interactions to be interesting and hence funny and amusing. Especially Sakuta who is the main character has his own brand of witty sarcasm. He isn’t exactly the most sarcastic guy in anime but saying those lines in his deadpan voice can still be funny. Doubling this ‘comedy act’ is his ‘partner in crime’ Mai especially when they started dating. Can they be one of the best couples in anime? Because they hardly use their emotions and with them being sarcastic to each other, it’s probably the glue that sticks them together (maybe the sex jokes did the trick). Then there’s Kaede who is just as cute as she is tragic. Before her arc, she feels more like a side comic relief character especially with her one liners. I can never forget her comeback of how she commented on her own weight gain as Sakuta thought. Yeah, that was pretty classic. Maybe I’m heavy too because half of it is filled for my love for some 2D waifu… And who could forget how she is always shocked with Sakuta bringing home a new girl in every new arc… Sakuta sometimes being frank or playful with his personality, I guess that is why many girls think he is such a perverted pig. Hence every episode’s next episode preview’s trademark line of calling him one. That’s my Sakuta. A total pig alright. Don’t take it from the girls. Even Sakuta himself said it to himself finally.

Sometimes I feel this series might be a sleeper harem series. Instead of having all the harem girls at once, each is given their own focus when they become the ‘star’ of their own arc. In a way, Sakuta’s harem is spread out throughout the series. But calling it a harem may be a little stretch because it isn’t like all of the girls have romantic interest in Sakuta. Not that I can see. After all, Sakuta helped them out so maybe there is. Or not. Even being Mai’s boyfriend feels pretty bland since Mai is often away ever since she got back into show business. Futaba is more interested in Yuuma, Kaede overly relies on her onii-chan more than anything and Nodoka looks up to her half-sister. There may be some feelings from Tomoe but for now they’re just remaining their status as friends (or at least butt kicking buddies). All in all, these girls are mainly featured prominently only in their arc and in others when they are not, they feel more like background characters. For example, Futaba is just some lonely mad scientist explaining what she interprets the problem Sakuta tells her. Kaede is a stunted little sister with a few traumas (can’t even let phones ring) who relies heavily on Sakuta. Tomoe is just Sakuta’s co-worker at the café and Nodoka the idol. That’s all there is to them.

Probably the TV series was too short to feature all the girls because the only one missing her own arc is Shouko. So far her presence in the series can be considered as baffling and a red herring because we are not really sure if this little girl is the Shouko that Sakuta knows or an entirely different person who coincidentally shares the same name. Or maybe she too is having her own Puberty Syndrome but is put on the back burner as Sakuta solves the others who are more pressing at hand. Or like Futaba puts it, just an imaginary friend. But we see others interact with her. What if all those are just in Sakuta’s mind and point of view? Everything is perception. So she may be some guardian angel of his since she swooped down to him in the final episode just to get him back on his feet when others couldn’t. I guess when Sakuta is there for other girls, who is going to be there for him? Therefore as far as the TV series is concerned, Shouko is still a big mystery. Maybe that is why perhaps the sequel that is coming out in mid-2019 in the form of a movie may focus on this. I thought Saki should have her own arc too seeing she is the only girl who sort of hates Sakuta. It would be interesting to see some sort of sci-fi phenomenon befalling on her because the irony of needing to rely on Sakuta to eventually get out of her predicament. Then she can fall for him. Ah, the tsundere role that every harem needs.

Art and animation feel pretty okay but sometimes I can’t help feel that it is also sometimes a bit bland. I know, characters here do not have strange body part shapes (One Piece comes to mind) nor do they have a variety of colourful hair or hairstyles to really tell them apart. For example, I sometimes get confused when I see Sakuta and Yuuma because these generic guys look so generic that I could be mistaken the other for the other. As for some of the girls, I thought I have seen them somewhere before. Like Saki whom I thought was inspired from To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Misaki. Seriously. Maybe that’s why her character is also like that. Then there is Nodoka whom I thought was Eri from Love Live but with less smiles. Coincidentally, looking at Mai brings back memories of Mai from Izumo: Takeki Tsurugi No Senki. Futaba could be To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Shinobu in disguise. Just add glasses. I’m starting to think this series may be taking its design inspiration from To Aru Kagaku No Railgun because doesn’t Shouko look like Ruiko? Take away the flowers, Uiharu would actually be Tomoe? Heck, even their school uniform resembles very closely… This series is made by Cloverworks who did Persona 5, Slow Start and the second season of Gyakuten Saiban.

Voice acting, I didn’t recognize anyone except Nao Touyama as Tomoe. I haven’t heard Satomi Satou in a long time so it was a surprise that I just found out she was behind the voice of Nanjou. She didn’t have many lines either too. Maybe I did identify her but did I forget? Huh? Oh dear. Do I have Puberty Syndrome too? Nope. Just a forgetful person :(. The rest of the casts are Kaitou Ishikawa as Sakuta (Iida in Boku No Hero Academia), Asami Seto as Mai (Asagi in Strike The Blood), Asumi Tanezaki as Futaba (Mizore in Hibike! Euphonium), Maaya Uchida as Nodoka (Eruza in Killing Bites), Yurika Kubo as Kaede (Hanayo in Love Live), Inori Minase as Shouko (Hestia in DanMachi), Yuuma Uchida as Yuuma (Yaichi in Ryuuou No Oshigoto) and Himika Akaneya as Saki (Yatsumura in Mahou Shoujo Site).

The opening theme is Kimi No Sei by The Peggies. While this rock outfit isn’t that all bad, I wonder if it is suitable for a dramatic series like this. Considering the pacing of the show, the lively pace of the rock music sometimes feels out of place since the song is a bit frantic itself. Maybe it is supposed to reflect the storm that Sakuta is facing. But the ending theme sounds more intriguing. Fukashigi No Karte has this enigmatic feel infused with some jazzy tone. A song that you would best fit as lounge music. There are a few versions of this song depending on the heroine of the arc (there is a version with all the heroines singing as a group too). Not only the way they sing reflects their character (Futaba sounds very soft and mellowed compared to Kaede’s cute style), the unique thing about the ending animation isn’t just the featured girl walking on the beach but all of them at different time of the day. Did you notice that? Like Tomoe at the break of dawn, Futaba in the dark pitch of the night and Nodoka in the golden evening sunset. Neat.

Overall, I guess this series isn’t your standard harem and romance one. It has lots of heavy dialogue and isn’t a sci-fi masterpiece too but some of the issues we see here is a good topic for discussion because let’s face it, such problems only arise because of how society treats itself (the heavy expectations of society on Mai has her wanting some private time, suppressing feelings made Tomoe unable to express them properly just so she can stay within her circle of friends, unrealistic expectations of a mother pushed Nodoka to be someone else instead of herself, cyber bullying has turned Kaede into a recluse and a totally different person). I have to admit it is mostly boring if not for the strange humour I find in their sarcasm (apparently many commenters online too didn’t find it funny). I know the Monogatari series sounds way better if you want to watch a series with harem girls having some sort of supernatural issue but that is only because it had a long run and so many stories. Otherwise, Sakuta’s normal and quiet high school life didn’t turn out the way he wants and hence, Yahari Ore No Seishun Buta Yarou Wa Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru. My Teen Romantic Sci-fi SNAFU. Rascal Doesn’t Dream Of Ecchi Romance Comedy. And still, sasuga Sakuta, buta yarou desu ne.

Sono Toki Kanojo Wa

April 27, 2019

Having problems with love? However you have no time to watch a freaking double cour anime of the drama romance genre because your time is so precious looking at all the social media clogging up your Smartphone? Boy, do I have a very short drama romance genre that is quick and easy to watch. Because long seasonal romance animes might get confusing with all the plot and drama that you’ll be left confused more than ever. Hence here we have Sono Toki Kanojo Wa. It tells the lives of 4 different girls at different stages in their lives in just 3 minutes per episode. There. Saved you a lot of time from watching those other soapy romance dramas.

Episode 1
Aiko isn’t concentrating in class. Instead, she is looking at the boy she likes and only snaps out of it when the teacher calls her name. Oops. Embarrassing. After class, Aiko is being stood up by her friend. So as she remains in class, she sits on her crush’s desk just to see his view. Then he comes in and wonders what she is doing. Another embarrassing moment? Then he picks up a sakura petal on her shoulder. He asks if she wants to walk home together.

Episode 2
Moe is out with her boyfriend and it seems she is dreading if he would say his usual foolish things. Then they spot a couple opposite and it seems that girl was his ex. She asks and he actually coolly confirms it! Like, WTF?! “Hey, that your ex?”. “Yup. My ex, alright”. Because of that, Moe gets moody and ends the date. I know she asked but can’t this guy take a hint?! I guess he is new in this dating business. When a girl says she isn’t mad, SHE IS MAD! But this guy is also a smooth operator. He doesn’t think she is a bother at all and hugs her. In public?! Even whispering the magical I love you words. How sweet. See? Now she’s all smiles.

Episode 3
Yukari thinks she can nail her guy because of her good looks. After all, this is already their third date. So when she returns to drink with him, he has the words that she is dying to hear him say… NOT! Sorry, babe. The company called. Need to return. But he texts her that he will make up to her the next time. He also noticed the swollen feet and will give her a present next time. Wait. Is she thinking he’ll get her lingerie because she’s hoping he would check her pantsu colour?! I hope she’s not drunk. Frustrated, yes. Yeah, she orders another martini…

Episode 4
Miwako and her boyfriend are shopping for groceries. She sees a kid bugging her mom to buy some stuffs but she only makes him choose one. The kid is still happy she got to buy it for her. But now Miwako’s boyfriend seems to be doing to same thing. Okay. Pick one then. Yay! Déjà vu? After paying for their stuffs, Miwako offers to carry half of the bag together as they walk home. She also bought ice cream but forbids him to eat in advance for he will be full then.

Episode 5
Yuuta shares his earphone to let Aiko listen to his music. Aiko notes how they’ve always been meeting here after school. The truth is she wants this moment to last forever. But soon they have to part ways. But there is always tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

Episode 6
Moe is mad again. Her boyfriend had to go out with his friends at the last minute. He has been texting to her nonstop and even apologizing but she is not replying and giving him the silent treatment. Yeah, this guy really sounds genuinely apologetic and wants to make up to her but she doesn’t give a damn and let the messages keep streaming in. Until he finally finds her as he explains how his friends insisted and did not allow him to leave. I don’t think she’s interested in hearing all that because she’s going to be his queen for today and her slave will get whatever she wants. Yeah, this guy loves her so much that he’ll do anything.

Episode 7
Rainy days make you want to sleep in. Yeah, it probably ruined Yukari’s day for a date. It’s been a long time since their last date and looks like that streak is going to continue. Bugging her lazier boyfriend won’t make it change so at least she gets a hug. Still bugging about that date? How about a kiss then? Is the rain making him lazy to do that? She realizes he did the laundry and had clothes hung out to dry. Oh well. Doesn’t matter. Can wash and dry again. Yeah, this couple still in dreamland.

Episode 8
Miwako is nervous as she sits alone at the park. In this snow? Okay, it’s not that heavy but it’s piling up. She wishes she could cry before her boyfriend. Don’t fear. It’s like he heard her problem and comes to sit by her. After giving her a can drink, he tells her to rely on him even though he is unreliable. I guess better than nothing. So the first ‘reliable’ thing is to swap their drinks. It made her feel better as they walk home.

Episode 9
Aiko and her boyfriend are watching the fireworks. When the final fireworks light up, she will ask him a very important question. But she’s nervous as hell. As she makes her countdown, she is distracted by his question of what she’ll be doing during summer vacation. Nothing. Then she asks him back the same. Nothing too. Except maybe spend more time with her. I guess she need not ask him now. Because the answer was definitely a resounding yes.

Episode 10
Moe is supposed to be on a lunch date with her boyfriend. However she ends up waiting for him as he shops for the perfect suit for his interview. Now do you know how it feels when a man has to wait for a woman to finish her shopping? When she sees him in his suit, she is so super smashing. Not sure if she is trolling him or too shy to say it as she says she likes his necktie. She hopes once he gets the job, they can go for grilled meat. At the best restaurant. With extra specials. Man, this guy better have that earning power. And let’s hope she’s in love not with his (future) money…

Episode 11
Yukari wants to look more mature before her boyfriend. Although their date is tomorrow, he calls her and surprises her that he is near. Can we meet up? Because she is dressed very casually, she lies that she has a dinner date with a friend. Yukari thinks she is not dressed properly to meet him but her friend doesn’t think that she should be an excuse. She should just be honest and show him the truth. Yukari thinks for a while and then goes to meet him dressed the way she is now. Just promise you won’t laugh.

Episode 12
Miwako returns home but her boyfriend is not in. She notices he was reading a wedding magazine and placed too many markers. Then we hear the girls narrate the many negative aspects of naturally what a girl is. Lonely, selfish, possessive, stubborn, jealous, not honest, greedy, want to be spoilt… You mean they’re not made of sugar, spice and everything nice? Oh well… Despite all that, they still want to be with the guy the love. Thank goodness for guys being dumb enough to still want to be with you! Oops. I think we can lump it all in this crazy thing called love. Thank God for love!

Ready For Love, Whenever You Are
So have you learnt anything? Were you entertained? Absolutely… NOT!!! It’s quite sad to say that this short series didn’t bring anything much to the table. Not to say that I am a veteran in watching this kind of genre but if I should describe this series in a word, it would be boring. Yes, I did say in my opening paragraph that having a short series means doing away with all the convoluted twists and unnecessary drama that just prolongs the series but this one is just too short to even leave an impact. Before you know if there is anything going to happen, it has already ended. Heck, not like anything really happened at all. I don’t know if it is a good thing if you fall asleep while watching this. Heh. Could be a personal record if you do so. Thankfully I didn’t. I was more like so bored that I wished it ended sooner :p. I guess that is the only very positive thing for a short series like this.

The characters too aren’t interesting and despite them being at different stages in life (actually, just different professions, high school student, college and working adults), it just shows their perspectives, thoughts and worries about the crush and love they have in life. I know that it is a big deal for them since it could make or break their future but in terms of showbiz material, this doesn’t quite cut it. I mean, there are other ‘better’ dramas out there for this topic. Like, a boyfriend being caught cheating with another girl. Yup, no such sort of drama here. Therefore the worries and insecurities of these girls feel mild and insignificant when you compare and start thinking about other bigger problems pertaining to love.

Hardly any dramatic character development to say the least. I mean, you can see the relationship of each of the girls with their boyfriends and eventually it falls into the cliché good happy ending like a fairytale. Like Aiko finally getting the boy of her crush to go out with her. Because of the very limited and short duration of the episodes, it feels like something is missing in between. We start off with her being worried if he likes her and the next time her story is back, she’s already dating him like as though they’ve been at it for some time. And finishing it off with fireworks watching. Wow. So touching. Did I miss something here? Moe and Yukari sound like they complain a lot but I guess it must be common for women to have mood swings. Hey, who am I to say? And Miwako looks like she’s got it perfect but on the other hand, it’s not. Is she okay? There’s something bugging her but the series doesn’t delve deep enough for us to find out and care. In the end, these girls are very lucky winners in love because they’ve got great and caring boyfriends who are willing to stay by their side and listen to them. Yeah, every girl’s dream for a guy like that. I suppose that’s good.

Other than the very wafer thin story and characters, I believe my biggest gripe for this series is the art and animation style. Master Lights is a very new anime studio and this is their debut work. So can we forgive them for being amateurs in this department? Unfortunately with today’s standards being so high even for the minimum level, it’s not. The animation style is sketchy and lacks a lot of animation. Like as though they drew a few pictures and then try to animate it like a slideshow fashion. Sometimes the whole thing comes off as one big lazy water sketch art. But hey, it’s art. Subjective. But the worst part is how all the girls look the same to me! Aiko, Moe, Yukari and Miwako look like quadruplets! Is this realism?! And why do the girls look a bit chubby?! OMFG?! What am I saying?! Must be their puffy cheeks and lips… Now we know and appreciate the importance of Japanese girls having wild hairstyles of different colours. Anyway, the art style isn’t good. Too simple that it’s not worthy. Period. Maji De Koi Suru 5-byou Mae by Mei Fukuda sounds like a slow little lullaby but sometimes I feel this is one of those songs you can sing to your children to put them to bed.

Overall, perhaps newbies in the genre and anime might find this wonderful but veterans like me prefer something much more even if it is not that meaty. This one just feels like so bare bones that your dog doesn’t even want to chew and bury it. Even classic fairytales your mom read to you are much more interesting despite all the cliché tropes. Maybe if this was fleshed out as a proper length series, there would have been a better chance this could have fared better. I doubt that this would get any sort of expansion or extension, though. Even if this series didn’t really work out for me, at least love did for this girls. It might have been a few wasteful minutes for us but love made it an eternity for them. And at that time, she loved. Sono toki, kanojo wa ai suru…

Although Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Specials came out over a year ago, somehow I kept procrastinating about watching these 2 minute shorts. I mean, it’s not like I was really crazy about the series nor did I find it that interesting (except maybe about a certain tax accountant) that I needed to go watch the specials that were came out with the BD purchases. So before I really forget that these specials really existed for good, finally I have summed up my lazy bone courage to finally watch them. After all, it wouldn’t kill me to binge watch the entire series in one sitting that wouldn’t even last me 20 minutes.

Special 1
Itsuki needs Alice? Who? His new imaginary sister. He wants to sleep on her lap and clean his ears. In that case, Nayuta is more than willing to do all that. However Itsuki wants Chihiro to do them instead. The rest are shocked that he prefers a little brother to do it. Why? Because Chihiro is simply better and he doesn’t have high hopes for the rest. They take this as an insult and vouch that they too can do an equal if not better job. Hence Itsuki holds a competition to see who the best is. In the end, the winner is Chihiro followed by Haruto (Nayuta is dead last). With the guys occupying the top spots, the girls fear he is gay… Oh sh*t…

Special 2
Nayuta seeks Itsuki’s help to practice interviewing her since she has one coming up soon. She has written a few questions so feel free to ask them while recording them on a video cam. As Itsuki does so, it soon dawns to him that the questions are very risqué and questions that seem to fit if you are going to film a porn shoot! Even Nayuta is acting sexily and flirty based on the naughty questions asked! The final question has her taking off her clothes so Itsuki is done with this trick but Nayuta insists that once the interview is over, it’s time for the real thing! Please make me feel good onii-chan! The resisting force is strong in Itsuki as he chops her head to put a stop to this. What a killjoy…

Special 3
Nayuta wants to cook for Itsuki as promised but she sucks. Hence she desperately seeks Miyako’s help. After all that begging and puppy dog eyes, I guess she relents. Not sure if Miyako doesn’t know how to cook too but we see snippets of them going through trial and error. Yeah, just put anything you think fit into the pot… When Itsuki tastes it, it is absolutely delicious. Hooray! Success! However he points out the room filled with their previous failures. Hey, practice makes perfect, right?

Special 4
F*CK YOU ITSUKI!!!! I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR SH*TTY PREFERENCE THAT YOU LOVE NUDE GIRLS BETTER BUT HARUTO IS RIGHT WHEN HE SAYS MAIDS ARE THE BEST!!!!! THAT’S RIGHT!!!! MAIDS ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!! Ashley notes his receipts from his visits to the maid cafes and Haruto insists it is for research to get references. Ashley thinks it is similar to a cabaret club but Haruto passionately explains how different they are. The maid uniforms are far from matters of sexual desires unlike the cabaret club where they emphasize on the women’s figure. While the latter offers conversation and alcohol, maid cafes offer food and the conversation at one’s own pace can turn it into a form of entertainment. Hence cabaret clubs satisfy carnal needs while maid cafes satisfy higher needs. That’s right. You go tell them, Haruto!!! Ashley then points out the irony of having maids in eroge… Haruto, please explain to these simpletons…

Special 5
Nayuta thinks Itsuki was engrossedly looking up female lingerie on the internet. While Nayuta is disgusted, Kaiko approves. The duo then start to argue if a G-string is an underwear. Nayuta then lists down what constitutes to be an underwear but as the more risqué it gets, Kaiko seems to still be approving them as underwear. From those beady types to the traditional fundoshi and even a leaf?! So basically as long as it covers your crotch area gently, it is considered so. With the duo continue to be in intense ‘debate’, Miyako then ponders if hand bra counts. Unfortunately this sparks a deep thought between the duo. Miyako regrets asking this. This is going to take a while…

Special 6
Chihiro is cleaning up Ashley’s office and as usual, does a fine job. When she notes how Chihiro was in serious mode the first time her office was cleaned, this shocks Itsuki because there would be no room as messed up as his. So they ask Chihiro whose room was messier first. Chihiro thinks and realizes that Ashley’s room was way worst. However Chihiro can sense that a tax accountant’s grin means you better choose wisely or else. Hence Chihiro says it is Itsuki’s, delighting him in the process. I guess it is win-win for everybody.

Special 7
Itsuki is in trouble. He can’t finish his novel in time. And Toki is already knocking on his door. He wants Chihiro to buy time for him. Stall him for 30 minutes. Tanomu! Hence Chihiro asks Toki about his editor job. Yeah, Toki went on a long winded explanation about it. Thank goodness for fast forward. Once done, Chihiro checks on Itsuki. Are you done? Need another 40 minutes! Are you kidding?! Chihiro tries to give him some wine but Toki doesn’t drink on the job. Then Chihiro asks him about customs. It’s a heavy topic but since he insists, Toki goes on blabbing. Thank goodness for fast forward. Finally Itsuki is done and hands it in. Back at the office, Toki realizes it isn’t really complete…

Special 8
Itsuki stumbles into Setsuna in the streets. So why is he shaking his butt? Some sort of divination that will tell you the footsteps of somebody that passed earlier on? So this leads them into the supermarket in which Setsuna divines how somebody will make nikujaga for the brother. Itsuki thinks a little sister will do that and is interested to follow Setsuna and learn more. Outside a wiper store, Setsuna divines this as an indication the brother’s room will be cleaned. Then something about forgetting to buy honey at the supermarket for some hidden flavour. Itsuki is more and more amazed of this perfect little sister and wants to see and be with this cutie. When the trail stops, turns out that person is Toki! Itsuki can’t follow any more and runs away. Back home, Chihiro tells him that he made nikujaga for him. And he also bought the honey… Yeah, it could be they actually followed Chihiro’s footsteps and it was just coincidence Toki was there.

Peace Is All You Need…
Short and funny. That’s all there is for some small laughs. So I guess the specials pretty much give a somewhat special focus on each of the main and side characters albeit I say special focus but that’s a very loose term I used here. Since all the titles are named as “(insert character’s name here) is all you need”. We don’t have one for Itsuki because he is the main character, I guess. The girls’ underwear discussion was ‘enlightening’, Haruto’s ‘education’ on maids are damning factual rights, Nayuta’s flirty sexy interview was just ‘inviting’ while Ashley’s spot was the most boring of it all seeing I had some little high hopes for personally the most interesting character of the series. All in all, as long as the characters remain the same, such fun moments can continue to last longer. So looks like the day Itsuki finds out Chihiro is actually his little sister might have to wait a little longer. Peace is definitely the best.

Koi To Uso OVA

April 20, 2019

Remember the anime that has the government selecting your future spouse based on complex calculations? Apparently matchmaking at the highest level of government intervention. You know the government can’t be wrong when they decide the best outcome of your happy married life, right? I know, a bunch of BS. But anyway, such setting gave Koi To Uso a premise for some sort of love triangle. However don’t get your hopes up in seeing this going anywhere in the OVAs.

The friends head to Ririna’s grandma’s home in the mountains. She owns a farm so they get to pick some nice fruits and vegetables. Ririna’s aunt talks about doing the kimodameshi by putting a red string on a mushroom as tribute because there’s a ghost lurking around and if you don’t do it, you die! Apparently a girl who turned down marriage and drowned herself. After that, there were rumours of ghostly voices of the girl being heard that she wants to fall in love. With Ririna introducing Nejima to grandma for the first time, she talks about her own arranged marriage. She was at first against marrying grandpa because she didn’t know him. Unfortunately he passed on 5 years ago. She views today’s system for marriage is much better than old times. That night, the friends go in pairs to do the kimodameshi. The girls head first as they casually talk about love. The guys go next and they talk about if the ghost ever exists. Then Nejima feels somebody is watching them. Something is moving in the bushes. Oh no. It attacks! Nejima screams the girliest scream ever! The girls return first and note they didn’t see any ghosts. Grandma reveals the ‘ghost’ is actually her. During the arranged marriage, she was really uncomfortable and abandoned it to go drown herself. At that point she started to feel afraid but soon loses consciousness. The next thing she knew, grandpa saved her and wants to give their marriage a chance. If it doesn’t work out, they can both die together then. And the rest is history. On grandpa’s deathbed, he confessed he loved her since he first laid eyes on her. Unfortunately he died after that and grandma couldn’t reply him. So she hopes to reply him in the afterlife when her time comes. The girls find it romantic when Nejima returns being ‘assaulted’ by a dog. Apparently this is grandpa’s dog who has been waiting for his return for 5 years. It isn’t friendly with strangers but grandma believes Nejima is a good person. On the way back, Misaki hopes to hear such lovely words of confession even if her feelings aren’t delivered.

Nejima’s mom wants to hold a Halloween party for kids next Wednesday and wants him to invite Nisaka. In return she’ll buy him this golden haniwa! Of course Nisaka refuses but will consider it if he makes him laugh. After a few lame haniwa impressions, Nisaka agrees to go out of pity… Nejima also invites Misaki and she asks for permission to bring her youngest brother, Itsuki. On that day, Nejima dresses up as a lame Freddy Krueger. At least Nisaka looks smoking hot as a vampire while Ririna is almost a sexy cat girl. Suddenly Kizuna (Nejima’s young sister) asks about love because she wants to fall in love. Must be the recent romance drama she watched. But of all times, why now? Why them? Because she saw Nejima smiled when he saw Ririna’s costume. Kizuna also wants to make others smile like that! Now, how to explain love to a little kid. Nisaka tries to and using ‘big words’ like pervert but gets pummelled with more curiosity questions. She even asks him back if he has experienced love and if he is a pervert! I don’t think Kizuna can wait till she is 44 for him to explain! How many times much she sleep and wake up to be 44?! You can’t beat this kid! With Kizuna being so impatient to fall in love, the rest are saved by the doorbell technically. Because Misaki is here and Ririna quickly ushers her to change into this almost sexy witch. Kizuna is still sulking as Misaki asks her reason why she wants to fall in love so badly. Because now it’s the time. She doesn’t want to wait for the official notification. Misaki tries to explain that sometimes love can be sad. But Kizuna thinks you live happily ever after when you fall in love. Can’t argue with that. Soon, Itsuki arrives and instantly Kizuna gets embarrassed and tries to hide. Is this love? Apparently she feels her heart beating fast and it is making her embarrassed. She doesn’t like it. Uhm, so it’s not love? With Misaki encouraging Itsuki to talk to her, Kizuna soon gets acquainted. Ah, first love. This has Nejima ponder the same. Which is it for him? Misaki? Ririna? Or both?

Love In Progress
What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more… I always want to say that whenever that question is asked… Anyway, the couple of OVAs were a nice little side story to the series. Although it didn’t significantly impact our main characters, it is interesting to see love playing its beautiful role in different ages. Yup, we have old grandparents love that would have literally been till death do us part but apparently that won’t stop grandma from continuing her love once she joins grandpa. Basically eternal love. A love that will go on forever. Then we have Kizuna who is already starting to wonder about love and wanting to experience it at her age. Yeah, love knows no bounds and it worked its magic once more right before our very eyes. What are the chances Kizuna and Itsuki are going to get matched? Unless the government screws up and then we have another version of Koi To Uso that basically repeats itself for Nejima and Misaki. Sibling version.

Those expecting to know something a bit more on that mysterious Igarashi girl would be disappointed because it’s like she doesn’t exist here. Heh. Heck, do we even remember her? You know, that girl who claims to want to protect Misaki for whatever reasons (lesbianism is the only thing I can think of). Her story could also probably shed some light on the notification system since it was her grandma who devised it. But I suppose we don’t want to complicate things and we rather have our lovely side romance for the OVAs. Leave all that technical drama for the next season. Wait. Is there really going to be another season or not?!

Overall, like my usual answer in watching OVAs after a while the TV series has ended, nothing really special as I am guilty for almost forgetting the basic points of series. Thank goodness for my previous blog to refresh things. The only solution that our main characters are going to have a happy ending in love is for the government to approve polygamy! Nejima doesn’t have to fret over which girl to choose and can have them both (like how the ending of the TV series hinted). Misaki and Ririna can now marry him without having one losing out and secretly being depressed and feeling regret for the rest of her life. And yeah, if polygamy is approved, might as well allow same sex marriage with Nisaka joining the fray! It’s love, right?! What do you know about love?! It comes in all forms! Unfortunately, such happy unions are only imaginations and fantasies. To love is to lie. To lie is to love. That’s why status quo is such a good deal right now. How long will it last before you have to choose? Let’s hope not too long, like 44 years…