Driver’s High

October 19, 2007

  Atsuku natta gin no METARIKKU HAATO,
  Doukasen ni hi wo tsukete ageru,
  Fushigi na hodo HAI na kibun sa,
  Sunabokori wo maki agete yukou
Here is another opening anime theme that I instantly like when I first heard it a couple of years ago. This is the first opening theme song from the anime Great Teacher Onizuka AKA GTO, which is Driver’s High sung by the group called L’arc~en~ciel. Though the group name does sound like French but they’re Japanese actually.
  Himei wo majirase bosou suru kedo,
  Me no mae ni wa MISAIRU no ame
This rock song definitely fits the anime genre of the show and the lyrics isn’t about your typical boy-girl love relationship (heck, the song title should have given you a hint). Yup, it’s about speed and racers, seeing that the anime’s main character Onizuka is an ex-biker gang (I think. I could be wrong. But I’m pretty certain he’s a delinquent).
  Machi wo oikoshite kono yo no hate made,
  Buttobashite shinjuu shiyou saa te wo nobashite
Unfortunately for me, this song doesn’t have any karaoke or instrumental versions of it. Likewise, I kinda notice anime songs which are sung by L’arc~en~ciel don’t usually have karaoke or instrumental versions. So I have the honours of doing a ‘duet’ with the group, though it’s been a long time since I sang this song. Brings back memories.
  Chiheisen ni todoku you ni,
  Genkai made furikitte kure,
  Woh! Clash! Into the rolling morning,
  Flash! I’m in the coolest driver’s high,
  Saikou no FINARE wo, Yeah!
Although this song doesn’t have that high pitched long sustaining lines, somehow I find it rather difficult to sing at times. I think it’s because of the lower tone that the group is singing, especially the verses. Therefore, I really sound horrible in comparison. Isn’t it the same old story?
  Kakenukete yo jikangire made,
  Umaretsuki no SUPIIDO Kyou na no sa,
  Woh! Clahs! Into the rolling morning,
  Flash! I’m in the coolest driver’s high,
  Raise de mata aou, Yeah!
Maybe I’m just better off listening to the real pros singing. But it won’t hurt (how unlikely) if I keep trying, won’t it?
Great Teacher Onizuka
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