Tsugu Tsugumomo

August 22, 2020

Even though it was announced over a year ago, I didn’t expect Tsugumomo to have a sequel, Tsugu Tsugumomo. At least not after 3 years later. It was one of those shows I was sure it would not get a sequel because you know, blatant fanservice. Heh. I suppose there are lots of perverts out there enough to warrant a sequel. Don’t worry, I made that up (though my guts tell me it is so). And I would have been even in more shock had that OVA did not come up earlier in the year and it was like to serve as a prelude for the second season. Well, you know me. I’ve forgotten a lot about this series and just basically the gist of it. Uhm, let’s see. A normal high school kid gets sexually tortured by the fanservice and crotch crushing moves of his obi. F*ck. Is that all I remember???!!!

Episode 1
We start off with Kazuya having a bad nightmare. He sees Kiriha killing his mom. Reality is as bad. Kiriha, Kukuri and Kokuyou sleeping all over him. Definitely the source of his nightmare. With Kiriha the new transfer student in class, she has to explain her relationship with Kazuya. She didn’t mince her words and admits all the truth that she sleeps with him and even it’s her job to wash his back. Hence the class becomes a kangaroo court just to find him guilty and exact some bondage punishment on this poor kid. Hasn’t he suffered enough already? On to serious business, after Kiriha explains the real truth to them, Kazuya’s intention is to form a troubleshooting office to get more info on the rise of amasogi cases in school. People can come here and consult about their woes too. Although Kazuya is one of the cursed children who attracts amasogi, shunning such children may not be a good idea as the malison may accumulate somewhere else and then materialize when the person’s heart is weak. After all, it is not right simply to pass the blame on a cursed child solely because of that. So we got Kazuya’s usual suspects and pals joining the club. Their first discussion about anything unusual happening in school recently has Chisato noting that underwear have gone missing after swimming classes. And then one day as a swimming class begins, Chisato saw some creature rummaging through the girls’ locker room. Kiriha believes it is an amasogi so whose pantsu are they going to use as bait to lure it out? I guess Kiriha doesn’t mind going commando like she always does at home. So the culprit turns out to be a frog printed panty?! Kazuya recognizes this as Chisato’s panty! He remembers?! Kazuya and Kiriha fight the amasogi who has now turned into a giant demon frog after amassing malison. Eventually they defeat it after a tough fight but to settle this once and for all, Kiriha has Kazuya take off his boxers for the amasogi. So it was just lonely? I guess other pantsu it stole didn’t quite do the job. Then WTF both underwear start floating into the sky like some weird exorcism. Right into space! WTF?! I don’t even… Aliens are going to be baffled… In the end, Kazuya and Kiriha ponder about this amasogi because if Chisato didn’t give rise to it, it must have occurred naturally. But even that takes a long time. Something more must be behind this. And it looks like it is indeed. A group of students led by Azami. Kiriha clone?

Episode 2
Kazuya talks to Kukuri of yet another weird dream he has. Kukuri worries that the seal on his memories might become undone thanks to constant divine possession with Kiriha. Meanwhile Kiriha visits Sunao and sees her getting beaten up in a training with her mom, Suzuri. Later Kiriha and Sunao talk. Sunao has repented her old ways and realized she was in the wrong but Kiriha isn’t impressed. She wants to know how Kanaka died so Kiriha reveals that Kanaka was possessed by an amasogi. Hence she was killed by her hands. Later Kazuya is invited to Sunao’s place. Susumu (Sunao’s father) would have killed him had not Suzuri ‘killed’ him first. So is this some arranged marriage meeting?! Sunao all dolled up and after apologizing for picking a fight with him, she wants him to date him. As in, romantically. You see, because she lost to Kazuya, mom views her unfit to inherit the family’s dojo. In worst case, she might get disowned! So if Kazuya is family, that loss will not be counted! So this is all just pretending, huh? How long can this lie last I wonder. So yeah, they have to really pretend because Suzuri is really watching them. So to prove their love, they can bath together, right?! Oh sh*t… Flashback 20 years ago, it seems no men could land a hit on Suzuri. It is rumoured that those who can is fit to marry he. Susumu was that man because he was cleaning the toilet, Suzuri came in to bath, before she could hand her punishment, Susumu slipped on a soap and accidentally hit her. The first and only man other than her father to touch her. The rest is history. So back to Kazuya and Sunao’s pseudo bath intimacy, how can they wash each other’s back when mother is watching???!!! SHE’S REALLY LOOKING! Daddy is in the tub waiting for Kazuya to come in and he’ll purge his ass but it is Sunao who dip in first. Not sure how fast Suzuri ‘killed’ this guy. After that ordeal is done, both of them have to sleep with each other. They have to really act it out even though mom is outside waiting. Not sure if their acting is so good or they’re really into it. Looks like when things are getting good, stupid Susumu barges in to purge Kazuya’s ass but got his daughter’s instead. He ‘died’ another time at the hands of Suzuri. Suzuri then checks Sunao’s virginity and notes it is still intact. I guess the act is over. Since they’ve been lying, she sends them to the torture chamber. Not sure if she was just trolling them because she lets them off because Sunao explained their duel so mom got a good impression of the kind of person he is. Since Sunao hasn’t technically been disowned yet, they still have to put up this act. And Sunao’s heart is confused and regretting because that pseudo sex act was just too real for her. She really wanted to do it, huh?

Episode 3
The troubleshooting office gets lots of complaint letters. Many of them about Shirou’s harassing! Yeah, this guy desperate to get a girlfriend. I don’t think targeting girls with big busts is the point here. So he doesn’t learn and wants to leave a love letter to this pretty athletic girl, Mana Manaka. Because he put it in the wrong shoe locker, it is her best friend, Mitsuri Mizushima who reads it and meets him. She takes a liking for him and agrees to be his girlfriend. Oh dear. How to get out of this mess? So with Mitsuri and Shirou and item, the whole school is shocked. Shirou finally got a girlfriend? Mana confronts Mitsuri and wants them to break up. Everyone knows Shirou is a playboy, right? But Mitsuri is mad. She thinks Mana is just jealous and just when things started looking up for her, she says such hurtful things just to put her down. Later Mitsuri tells Shirou how popular Mana is. Shirou then tells her the truth. He might like himself for who he is, but she is only so because she is comparing herself to others. Then he admits the letter was actually meant for Mana. Mitsuri of course gets upset. During the commotion, Shirou’s charm resonates. Something inside Mitsuri’s bag hints of an amasogi. She denies and runs away. He tells this to his friends so they have to act fast or it will end up like Nanako’s case whereby the amasogi almost killed her.

Kiriha and Kazuya wait outside Mana’s house and true enough Mitsuri shows up. Kazuya accuses Mitsuri of wanting to kill Mana for fear of losing her superiority over her. Too bad he was way off the mark. She is here to return the sports shoes Mana gave her. She noticed ever since, her running time has slowed. She bought another similar pair so as not to arouse her suspicions. So why Mana did this? Apparently long ago, Mitsuri was the popular one. So she tried to become her friend and since Mitsuri also looked up to her, Mana thought she had to be better than her. But with Mitsuri gradually catching up, she wouldn’t stay as her goal for long. Now that the truth is out, she fears she’ll never fall in love with her. Wait. There’s yuri going on?! Amasogi possesses Mana to turn her aggressive. Kazuya and Kiriha fight her but she is too fast and strong. She only stops when Mitsuri kisses her! Definitely yuri time. Before they could restart being best friends again, somebody turns up the power of the shoes and turns Mana into a monster. Another round of fight that is only settled when they destroy the shoes. In the aftermath, Mana is now wheelchair ridden. Kazuya blames himself for not being able fix this without destroying the amasogi. But Mana accepts this for the trouble she has created. As for Mitsuri, she has turned into a hot busty babe?! Shirou wants to date her again but his advances got instantly rejected. Nobody needs this loser now. So regretting it now… But Kiriha remains suspicious that Mana suddenly lost control like that. Something more could be behind this.

Episode 4
Gender swap! To see how everyone get to this, we go back a few days in time. It sees when the teacher, Isuzu Iraha took their attendance, many were absent. The first victim was Takashi Takayama. He fell asleep and never woke up. It is believed his pillow is an amasogi and has dragged others to do the same. However further checks show his pillow was just ordinary. Kazuya then confronted Iraha about her attendance list. Because she marked those as absent as sick. How did she know if she had never called their home? This means she knew something else. This was when Iraha fainted. Can’t take the pressure? Then they confirm her pillow is an amasogi. They cannot destroy it now or others stuck in her dream will be stuck forever. They have to go inside her dream to convince her to give up or destroy her amasogi pillow. With the help of Bakura, they enter Iraha’s dream world. And that was how their genders got swapped. They confront her but she reverts into her evil form. She uses Kazuya and Kiriha’s shadow to turn them into clones that turn against them. As for the amasogi pillow in their hands, it is just a decoy. Kazuya and Kiriha have trouble fighting with their clones since they are more powerful having their latent power drawn out. Also, they can’t lose or else their shadow clones will take over their real life persona. Meanwhile the rest stumble into the real Iraha as she explains how this happened. Apparently her students never took her seriously. So in her dreams, she always could do what she wanted and her students obeyed her. The next thing she knew, her evil side took over and she went into hiding. Osamu has an idea. Using the power of words, Iraha manage to power up to fight her evil twin and find that the real amasogi pillow is inside her body. But once she knows the game, she too can play that. Kazuya and Kiriha manage to draw out their latent power to defeat their clones and then go rescue Iraha. Once they pin the evil twin down, Iraha then does a one punch woman to destroy it and end this once and for all. They return to reality by sleeping. Next day in school with everybody back, Iraha now shows her true colours as she doesn’t hesitate to use force to get her students to listen to her. Better listen to sensei if you know what’s good for you.

Episode 5
Sunao is outside Kazuya’s home. She’s looking pretty sad. Turns out Kotetsu is in some coma and if he doesn’t wake up soon, he’ll forever remain as a normal sword. It is said that the echo stone at the Divine Navel Cave can help restore this but she didn’t go there immediately as Honoka advised it is spiritually unstable to go alone. Hence that’s why she is seeking Kazuya and Kiriha’s help. So they stay at a nice luxury lodging and the usual antics of Kiriha fooling around with Kazuya. Trying to make Sunao jealous? I don’t think she’s in the mood. Kazuya thinks they should be more considerate but Kiriha knows better because as a tsukumogami, Sunao doesn’t understand Kotetsu’s feelings. She knows the answer but it can’t be explained in words. So this fooling around is a hint? Hope she doesn’t get the wrong idea. That night, Sunao dreams of Kotetsu blaming himself for the death of Suou and that he is nothing more but a tool. Next day as they enter the cave, after Sunao puts the sword on the echo stone, she sees Kotetsu inside a bubble. Emotionally, she tries to apologize for always being mean. But then amasogi pop up. They are the ones they defeated and they reflect Kotetsu’s feelings and self-doubt. Sunao has to keep calling out to him while Kiriha and Kazuya fight them off. They manage to get all of them except the last one, the one that killed Suou. It devours Kotetsu. Sunao is in despair as Kotetsu sees her in this state. He feels the need to protect her and before you know it, Kotetsu returns. His worries were that he thought she didn’t need him anymore and was scared. The 2 emotionally reconcile and to show how much they’ve bonded, they do a divine possession and kill off the amasogi like child’s play. In the end, the side effect of doing so means Sunao has a stiff body. Sadist Kiriha wants the guys to wash her body? This is so like rape porn… Returning home, everybody is happy with this outcome. But it’s not over yet. At least for Kukuri. Because Taguri is here to take her away as part of the deal. What deal?! You didn’t think Sunao’s trip to the cave was free, huh? Somebody sponsored them. Oh sh*t… And so this loli tragedy we will never get to see… May God help her soul…

Episode 6
Iraha remembers somebody gave her the pillow. A student? Yes, those group of students under Azami. They are actually tsukumogami and they are following Azami’s orders to obtain a shard. Flashback hundreds of years ago we see the formation of tsukumogami Arumi (crystal ball), Akito (scissors) and Hifumi (die). They were happy to be tools for their master until monsters start popping up and Hifumi losing her strength. She reveals as a die, bad luck accumulates to become curses. Their owner used villagers and pushed back luck on them until they become monsters. Akito thought of telling the villagers to stop this but they never listened. They killed their owner as well as Hifumi. Enraged, Akito killed them all. They travelled to many villagers and served different masters but they only felt disappointed. Just when they don’t want to serve any more humans, they start losing power. That is when they wandered into the lost village, Mayoiga. This is basically a tsukumogami paradise as they are free to live here as they wish without a master. They make friends with Mimane (mirror), Yasuki (bow) and Chikage (spear). But after a while, the power of this place started weakening. Tanmen (bowl and leader of Mayoiga) revealed to the newbies a mummified Miurahi who is the core of Mayoiga. A thousand years ago when a volcano erupted and caused famine over the land, people mercilessly used the tools to get back on their feet. Seeing how the tsukumogami are weary, Miurahi pleaded to the god of this region for help for a tsukumogami sanctuary but it fell on deaf ears. Hence Miurahi gathered a few powerful tsukumogami to kill the god! Just one? Because one contains a shard that has immense power. Miurahi embedded himself with it and then sever his own consciousness to maintain Mayoiga. As the shard has grown weaker, it means they have to go kill another god. As the gods still hold a grudge, they cannot do anything that will make their movements known. Using Arumi’s foresight, every month they peek into the future to see what action needs to be taken. Until one day she sees a black dark power. They capture it and it turned out to be Azami. She claims to know which regional god is at their weakest and knows how to weaken them. Heading to that region, they agree to help Azami out as long as they stick to her conditions of making supernatural anomalies that would drain the regional god’s strength and stay away from malison exorcists. This is why they can’t confront Kiriha and Kazuya. They still need Azami’s help.

Episode 7
Akito and Mimane accidentally stumble into Kazuya and Kiriha at the arcade. Akito doesn’t want any trouble and to leave but dumb Mimane keeps making friends with them, telling the truth and wanting to have fun. Oh, Azami is around the corner and looking mad. Just then, they all get absorbed into the arcade. Definitely this otaku, Hiroki Hirohashi is the amasogi master and they have to destroy his arcade machine. In this elimination match, we see all of them go up against each other until Kazuya and Hiroki are left. In the end, Kazuya wins and everyone is purged from the game. Better still, Hiroki is now more responsible and will go to work instead of playing games! Akito doesn’t want this to get complicated and signals to Mimane to get out but she misinterprets Akito’s signs and kisses Kazuya! This makes Azami so mad that the ceiling collapses on her?! Luckily Kazuya saves her and she becomes docile. When Kiriha returns, Azami disappears. It gets complicated when Mimane even admits she is a mirror tsukumogami to Kiriha. Woah. It’s like they’re best friends now. You’d think Akito would be careful now but looks like another repeat. This time with Arumi, along with Kiriha and Kazuya they’re trapped in some quiz board game hosted by Wakana Wakisaka. They must work as pairs and answer questions to relationships to proceed. If they fail to answer honestly, a piece of clothing will be removed and they’ll be sent back to the start. Akito thinks this will be easy for them since their relationship goes back centuries but too bad the questions asked are too sensitive! In the final square, the question is about the guy’s true love. Kiriha is certain that the answer is herself but it’s wrong! Kiriha mad she’s not the one! As for Akito, he is confused but Arumi knows the answer. A certain girl who was a die… In the end, they get purged as Wakana agreed to destroy the amasogi herself since she was a jilted lover and wanted to break up couples with this. Kazuya and Kiriha want Akito to join their troubleshooting office. He declines at first but seeing Kiriha mentions something about Mimane telling them their secrets, he is forced to join. Now it gets complicated. Back home, Kiriha is irked that she is not Kazuya’s number one. While the other girls are happy, they really want to know who his number 1 is and forcefully go ask him. With Bakura’s help, they see his dream girl in his dream. And that number 1 girl of his… The female version of himself! WTF?! Nothing much to see here. Let’s head back. So… If Kazuya makes out with this female version, is it the same as masturbation and playing with himself?! HOLY SH*T!!!

Episode 8
More of Kazuya’s memories returning but he still can’t figure out Kanaka is his mom. But she tells him to get ready. I guess Azami is quite smitten with Kazuya. Smelling his handkerchief?! Because of that, she allows Akito and Mimane to join the troubleshooting club so long as they don’t hurt the exorcists. With the duo officially joining the club, Kiriha wants to see what they can do because perfect timing, there is an amasogi case. Yeah, some dude shut himself inside a sea urchin. With Mimane’s mirror able to imitate anything, she becomes Kiriha’s obi for Akito to use. Can’t break the shell. Until Shirou suggests luring out with boobs! Hence Mimane imitates Kiriha and Arumi but I guess they don’t want to be embarrassed. Not until Kiriha makes Mimane strip did the culprit comes out from his shell! OMG. Flat chest lolicon lover?! Case close. Akito’s worries increases because Mimane becomes good friends with Kukuri. So much so Kukuri stays at Kazuya’s place?! Oh God. Checking out his dick, huh?! And then telling Kukuri how much cuter it is than Akito’s! WTF?! Now it’s Kukuri’s turn to get some Mimane love. Yup, loli molestation in progress. But soon, Taguri brings back a wounded Kokuyou. She explains she encountered 4 tsukumogami who are trying to seek refuge here from their tyrannical masters. However Kokuyou found holes in their story and won’t accept them so they attack her. They only back down because Taguri was here and warned them about some threat. Kukuri tells them about Mayoiga’s case and knows they are here to kill her for her shard. As the enemy is regrouping outside, they make plans to fight them. It seems Mimane isn’t some dumb happy go lucky girl we all think she is. She reports back to Yasuki and co about the developments of the situation. Yasuki thinks they could team up and kill Kukuri but Mimane knows even with 8 of them, they will not be able to defeat Kukuri. Yeah, that loli molestation moment was to ascertain how strong Kukuri is and she still is. Kazuya and co get ready to fight as the assailants are here.

Episode 9
Team battle start! We have Akito and Mimane taking on ferocious axe guy. Taguri facing off with fat shield guy and skinny fan guy. On the other side with have Kazuya and Kiriha combo against arrogant flute girl. As predicted, our heroes are losing at first till it’s time to turn the tables. When flute girl mocks how she enjoyed hurting Kokuyou (is she playing with herself while reminiscing that?!), this makes Kazuya mad so he forcefully does divine possession with Kiriha by calling her real name (Ayasakura) to show some power moves. Flute girl got so scared she wet herself and fainted!!! The others also win their matches but those guys aren’t as lucky as flute girls since they got killed off. No mercy. It is then that Mimane points out why these guys are purposely fighting them like this. Yup. Distraction. Speaking of which, there are other Mayoiga tsukumogami now before Kukuri. Better get to her face or else loli is dead meat. But when they arrive, to our shock as well, we see Kukuri destroying one of them! OMFG! She’s still this strong after being weakened! Kukuri fans rejoice because we see her kickass!!! OMFG! SO BADASS! I think I have to change my perception of Kukuri. This loli power rocks!!! Eventually she destroys all of them. Good job. Well, not quite, Kiriha beats her up because she didn’t leave at least one for interrogation. But what about the flute girl? Well, she got so terrified and used up all her powers, she reverted to her flute form. So that’s like in a coma, no? Hence they leave her in Kazuya’s care for now to restore enough of her spiritual powers. Later as Akito rues more Mayoiga comrades are dead, he thinks he still needs to report back when Arumi comes running in with bad news. Looks like there is a revolt back at Mayoiga. For ecchi fans who feel scammed there isn’t much fanservice here, be glad to know at the end we have Kukuri-Kazuya fanservice. I think this is her episode so perhaps she deserves it. As Kazuya is temporarily paralyzed from the divine possession, Kukuri is going to help bath him as her thanks for caring for Kokuyou. Also, Kukuri is drunk. Yeah. That makes sense why she’s so horny suddenly. Loli lovers gonna love this. Like Taguri filming this on permanent record…

Episode 10
Taguri has contacted Takamagahara where the Japanese gods reside and rule. However if they’re expecting help, think again. Sending other gods may disrupt the spiritual balance of the area so instead they sent a message to Tsuzuraden where malison exorcists train. Yup, they’re going to send them instead as help. And what do you know? It’s Sunao and Kotetsu at the doorstep. Meanwhile as Azami and co return to Mayoiga, they are attacked by some clay golems. They manage to smoke out the culprit and destroy him. Then talking to Tanmen, it is revealed that there was a revolt in Mayoiga. Some tsukumogami insisted in attacking the regional god now and wouldn’t listen otherwise. That’s why Akito and co fought those rebels. But with their leader gone (the axe guy), the rest ran amok here but were quickly defeated. While the rebellion should die down, Tanmen also speaks of their forbidden act by feeding on humans. That’s why some of them slowly had monstrous powers and in no time they would become monsters themselves. Back to Kazuya’s household, it is without question that Sunao is the malison exorcist sent. Yup, she’s staying at his place and is the new transfer student. Wow. His harem complete now? Too bad she’s in a different class. Sunao also joins the troubleshooting office and you bet Shirou is going to get jealous especially of all the hot women congregating at Kazuya’s place. Yeah, maybe it’s time Chisato think of moving in. She’s the last one, you know… Sunao also takes this opportunity to train Kazuya. Not sure if it is also to get back for that pseudo date fiasco. And also, they take a bath together because we need more fanservice before sh*t gets real. Apparently this is part of mom setting her up to do such things. Remember, she’ll lose the inheritance. So yeah, blindfolding Kazuya and having him bath together proves more disastrous. Anyway, Sunao also provides advice on how should Kazuya treat Kiriha. Because she thinks he is treating her like a tool, and tools can be replaced. So Kazuya mans up and tells Kiriha he is the only one for her! She didn’t expect that so you bet Kiriha is in shock. But thanks to that, they are in unison and are doing well in Sunao’s next training. Back at Mayoiga, Tanmen calls for another meeting. It seems based on Arumi’s vision, she saw 2 shards. Hence Tanmen has awakened Miurahi himself. As the shard has weakened, no need to worry about it going berserk. The vision means Mayoiga is going to attack the regional goddess and Miurahi will have a boss fight with Kukuri.

Episode 11
Miurahi creates a huge ark to house the tsukumogami as they head for the final battle. However there almost seem to be a fallout with Azami as she is against hurting the exorcists. They somewhat reach a deal but Azami will not join them in the battle as the barrier around town is sealing her out. Miurahi leads his tsukumogami ark but first they have to fight Honoka and get pass her. Mimane and Yasuki stay behind to accompany her the rest go ahead. Miurahi and some of his tsukumogami come face to face with Kukuri and her side. We jump straight into the boss fight. When it looks like Kukuri is losing, it is only because she had used her powers on the barrier. Disabling it means she returns to her true powerful and mature form. Miurahi is shocked that she is this powerful and lost. Miurahi will not give up his attempt to kill her but suddenly he is killed off my Azami! Uhm, Azami are twins? Because of Miurahi’s death, the ark cannot be maintained and some tsukumogami do not have the power to retain their shape. Tanmen is forced to accept Honoka’s offer to rescue his pals. Azami’s goal is to steal Miurahi’s shard and to revive Kanaka. This is the gist of what is happening. The Azami twins are created by Kazuya. The real Kanaka is dead and this is the one Azami possessed. This Kanaka is part of them. At this point, Kazuya’s memories return. Azami’s goal is to kill Kazuya and because of that, Kazuya is the only one who can destroy Azami. Otherwise, not only Kazuya will have some atonement death penalty but the entire town will also suffer from this effect! Damn, did they just complicate the whole thing so that Kazuya is forced to fight and kill his mom?

Episode 12
The betrayed tsukumogami try to attack Kanaka but were swiftly dealt with. My, didn’t even see that coming. You know real sh*t is going to hit the fan when Kiriha is scared and wants Kazuya to run away. However Kukuri won’t allow this and must end it now as Kazuya’s life is the goal. Kanaka wants Kukuri to undo the seal on Kazuya so that they can fight at full power. But since Kukuri refuses, Kanaka takes it as she must beat the crap out of everyone first. So it’s like everybody-versus-Thanos scene but they are no match for Kanaka armed with Azami. Then it’s the final boss fight between Kukuri and Kanaka but this time the latter gets the better of her and kills her! KUKURI, NOOOOO!!! Traumatized Kazuya has no choice but to go head on but even doing divine possession with Kiriha, he goes down at first blow and this disappoints Kanaka. And more real sh*t hitting the fan with Kiriha using her body to protect Kazuya from Kanaka’s fatal blow. KIRIHA, NOOOOO!!! Kazuya so traumatized has nobody left. How now? This is when Kasumi and her tsukumogami, Saori join in the battle. However she claims she can only hold this for 3 years and wants Kazuya to become stronger by then. He passes out and when he wakes up, finds himself in his own room. Must be a dream, huh? His father is waiting in the hall as he introduces him to Ouhi Oriobana who is the head of Tsuzuraden and Bakura. She relates what happened. Kasumi and Saori faced off with Kanaka and Azami and put a barrier that stopped time for 3 years. Just delaying the inevitable. Ouhi and her Tsuzuraden came to check it and carried off unconscious Kazuya back to his home. That was 3 days ago. While Sunao and Kotetsu aren’t hurt, the other gods are badly injured although not life threatening. Kukuri? She’s dead. Oh sh*t! Kiriha? These broken obi pieces… Is she dead or not?! Kazuya is tasked to train under Tsuzuraden until he is strong enough till that day comes and his dad already gave his blessings. Oh well. 2 years 362 days is a long time so he starts moping in his bed and thinks deep. But he knows this can’t go on forever since 2 years 362 days isn’t a long time so he decides to go train at Tsuzuraden.

Lost Paradise
HOLY SH*T!!! OMFG!!! Wait… WHAT?! OH MAH GAAAAAAAWWWD!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t expect the final episode to turn out into this big sh*t cliff-hanger but oh damn, it escalated pretty quickly. And here I thought this was going to end in a predictable way with Kanaka and Azami getting defeated or at least sealed for some time and the rest go back to their normal mundane but perverted lives of molesting and outraging their victims’ modesty. They sure pulled a fast one over us. This is so unexpected. Here I was going to fall asleep and suddenly this. I must say I’m fully awakened now. And can’t wait for the next season! Damn, are they going to really wait 3 years to only announce or make the third season?! Too bad we’re going to have to wait with Kasumi and Kanaka in real time just to have that little chance of a third season happening.

The first few episodes of this season sometimes feel like standalone fillers. You know, what the heck they have that gender swap episode (if it is not for fanservice purpose, I don’t know what is), the homestay episode with Sunao (DEFINITELY SCREAMING FANSERVICE HERER!!!) and that episode where they got sucked into a video game and a quiz game. It just seems all out of place although each of those episodes slowly build the surrounding mysteries regarding the new characters in this season. Sh*t starts to hit the fan and the plot getting some decent movement with the revelation of Mayoiga and their goal to kill a god for the shard. Well, I’m sure we didn’t see it coming too about Kanaka’s revival. Or at least something that is possessing her. So I suppose it brings an end to the mystery of this new Azami character and their goal as well as some closure to Kazuya’s sealed memories. So why sealed his memories in the first place if Kazuya had to eventually settle this? Unless you tell me that unlocking his memories also mean unlocking his true and full potential of ungodly powers. Yeah, it looked like things escalated quickly.

I guess the character development this season isn’t that great either. Mostly Kazuya-Kiriha relationship but with the newer characters lurking with ulterior motives, that feels like it took away this pair’s spotlight. After all, it is still mostly the same with Kiriha dominating Kazuya by sexually harassing his daily life just so we can get our 2 cents worth of fanservice. He bonds and gets stronger with Kiriha with some training but that’s so much about it. It felt the signs were there when their relationship improves further than just fanservice perversion but Kiriha semi-dead or something, yeah I didn’t see that one coming. I don’t think she is dead because she is main character but to end this season having her character in limbo, well, not really ‘nice’.

Sunao appeared late in last season and as someone who wanted to kill Kazuya but now they try to make her part of the harem with that forced and funny homestay episode. This means poor Chisato is going to go down the pecking order. Last season she wasn’t that prominent and this season she is worse and even way forgettable. That frog panties was the only prominent one for her. Like as though they need to make an episode featuring her before she’s thrown into oblivion. Same case for Shirou. Even a loser like him needs to have a bit of a focus. But I guess that’s better compared to Osamu, Nanako and Tadataka who felt like they didn’t even exist at all. Remember who Kasumi is? No? Don’t blame you. She so irrelevant here. Until she pops up in the final moments just to give a possible lifeline and sequel to the series. She came, she went and now she’s gone in a flash. Trapped in the barrier with mom for 3 years. Kazuya, you better get stronger in your game by then! Onee-chan will be sad if she has no little brother to take out her horny desires once this sh*t is over. Heh.

My other confusion is how Kukuri manages to conceal her true powers. Because referring back to my lost blog, I said that it was her running joke that Kukuri was seemingly weak due to the poor donations and funds received from worshippers of her region. And then all of a sudden when sh*t gets real, Kukuri transforms into a powerful being! Was she just trolling us? To deceive your enemies, deceive your friends first. No wonder Miurahi was so shocked to see that she is still so powerful than ever and not even weakened. Unless she has a ton of secret worshippers… Of course the biggest shock is that they killed off this loli character! OMG. I never took this loli goddess any seriously but I didn’t really think she would die. Unless she didn’t really die and Ouhi was just putting it in the crudest of terms. And if Kukuri really did die, damn it would really suck. Where would Taguri get her loli kicks now?! Ahem. No bad jokes here. This is serious! Can’t believe Kukuri is gone…

The new characters are just rather okay especially with Mimane being shown to us as a dumb girl who is always at her pace. She loves to give Akito heart attack by doing the opposite and ruin his plans but so far things still somewhat fall in place. It’s like the duo would have been some great manzai comedy duo had they not been tsukumogami. As for Azami, they kept her character and goal a mystery till the penultimate episode and even so it made me wonder why she had to go through all this roundabout way just to kill off Miurahi and steal his shard. This is sure one long roundabout way if the intention was to let his guard down. I’m sure she could have just killed him any time when he revived and then revive Kanaka. Does she want to do it before Kazuya and surprise him? And was Azami smitten with Kazuya? Oh man, I’m so confused. Miurahi, poor guy. He just revived from his long slumber only to be duped and killed. I guess in a way this is karma finally giving him the much needed justice after killing a god. A thousand years later.

With the introduction of Mayoiga as a sanctuary for abandoned tsukumogami, I suppose it is a way to let us see all kinds of weird characters. What I’m saying is that I was just really waiting to see one that is of a sex toy! OMFG!!! I mean, this anime is already ecchi and loaded with fanservice, so why the f*ck did I not see a dildo tsukumogami???!!! OMFG!!! Are you kidding me?! Well, this only proves that sex toys are the only tools that don’t really get mistreated by their human masters. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Seriously. I mean, have you ever even seen an amasogi created out of a sex toy?! You are so f*cked if there is ever one.

Fanservice, fanservice. I guess that’s why we watch this sequel, right? Isn’t that why we watch this series in the first place? They are as expected as you would as in the first season. The irony of Kiriha not hesitating to strip at home but is not an exhibitionist in public so that we can have both sides of the fanservice goodness. Because like back at home, she can shamelessly sexually abuse Kazuya just to give us sick horny perverted otakus our fix. Yeah, come to think of it, Kazuya’s house is slowly turning into some sex den… And then outside the house, Kiriha being all embarrassed when she’s naked is also a big win for us because we love seeing a cute tsukumogami getting all red. Perhaps Sunao gets the bulk of the fanservice with Kazuya this season seeing her pushy mom is trying to play matchmaking and take it to the next level for the kids. I know it’s bad to use inheritance as a threat to get your daughter to have sex but in a way it is also good because if Sunao can’t be sunao aka honest (pun intended) with her feelings, might as well give up on Kazuya. And in the meantime, we enjoy the hot steamy scenes between them. Itadakimasu. Loli lovers are also not left out although Kukuri fanservice is far by few.

Speaking of the action bits, there are still some just like last season but overall I personally feel they are just like last season. Meh. Just sufficient. Kazuya synching better with Kiriha to pull off better moves doesn’t make it look any all different. Just feels like he gets to materialize Kiriha into a different weapon form to hit harder. Different tsukumogami pulling off their moves based on the objects they originally are, give some variety to the fight but not necessarily something exciting. Of course the most exciting and surprising fight scene is seeing loli Kukuri kicking ass of those Mayoiga rebels! Man, if there are only more scenes of this, this season could have been so much more awesome. I hate to say it but I prefer seeing Kukuri pulling off godly powerful fighting moves than other characters pulling off cheap thrill fanservice antics. So this is a good lesson of never judging a book by its cover! Kukuri, do not ever underestimate this loli! Of course, the final fight scene is as powerful as ever because it feels like the turning point of the series. Wow. Sh*t really hit the fan with that one.

Art and animation remain the same as it was since its first season’s inception back in 2017. No surprise changes. Largely the same quality, which is plain and simple. So if you’re hoping for some extravagant improvement, don’t hope for it. Like as though they made this sequel back in 2017 and only released it 3 years down the road. After all, the same studio production, Zero-G continued their efforts from the first season to this sequel. Yeah. Consistency, people!

All the same casts from the first season reprise their roles in the sequel. New additions include Yuuko Oono as Azami (titular character in Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc To Renkin No Kishi), Shogo Sakata as Akito (Carbo in Dr Stone), Mami Uchida as Mimane (Kirigaya in Akuma No Riddle), Riho Sugiyama as Arumi (Tarua in Conception), Yukitoshi Kikuchi as Yasuki (Haruki in Haikyu), Kaede Yuasa as Bakura (Kanchal in Ishuzoku Reviewers), Emiri Katou as Saori (Akatsuki in Log Horizon), Wataru Tsuyuzaki as Miurahi, Emiri Tachibana as Iraha and Naomi Wakabayashi as Hifumi (Kud in Little Busters). Good to hear Norio Wakamoto as Sunao’s dad. It’s been a long time I’ve heard from this dude and his comical voice is still recognizable after all these years. Also, Saori Hayami making her cameo as Ouhi. This season’s opening theme doesn’t sound as frantic and chaotic as last season. Though Kaze Fukeba Tsukiyo No Hate Ni by AOP infuses some traditional tune (which is heavy on the synthesizer effects) into the song, it overall feels like an idol pop piece. The ending theme is Haru Kanade by Haruka Toujou. Nothing special if you ask me. If I had to be real picky about this song, it would be that I felt the singer’s voice just couldn’t ‘come out’ and being drowned out by the music.

Overall, the sequel is the much needed follow up to the first season with the climax of the Mayoiga battle arc to be a little interesting. Otherwise, this show is pretty much known for its fanservice and nothing else. Sort of. Except when then that sh*t hits the fan finale with Kanaka owning everybody, Kukuri dead, Kiriha might be dead, Kazuya going to training, wow that’s too much we can take for a final episode of the season. It really threw us off balance. Basically if you like the first season, you’ll do too for the second. For others, meh, maybe we’ll stick around and see what the third season will have to offer. I know. More fanservice, right? And I think 3 years will be enough of a time for us all to get emotionally stronger and see the return of buffed Kazuya taking on his sexy mom in some weird porn MILF beat down redemption story. Yeah, waiting for 3 years just to get back to jerking off to this series’ usual fanservice once more feels like a pretty long time…

I guess we’re going to have another season. Perhaps it is the trend in today’s era. Because Tsugumomo is going to get another season and hence the crowdfunded started back in 2019 and achieved its goal. But before we bring you the next season, here is a thanks to all the contributors with Tsugumomo Chotto H Na OVA. You’ve been wanting to see the tits of all the girls in the series without resorting to some underground porn, right? That’s right. Your wish has been granted. This OVA is the perfect appetizer for you perverts out there before we get started with the sequel.

Part 1: The Slave Master
You know how strong Kazuya’s morning wood is, right? He has to put up with Kiriha sleeping naked. Because she’s like the queen, he is forced to wear clothes for her and hence touching those delicious parts. He feels bad about it but sometimes he likes it too. In school, she falls asleep and doesn’t pay attention. On the way home, she forces him to spend his limited allowance on her whims and fancies. Like on this dessert. But to show she is not all that bad, she shares it with him. Heh. It’s his allowance after all. Back home, Kiriha’s choice of dressing continues to distract him from his studies. The real test begins when she has him bathe with her. And because the sponge is missing, he has to rub her body parts with his hand. Yeah, this might not be so bad. Not only her tits, but her pussy too! THIS ISN’T SO BAD AFTER ALL!!!!!! Kazuya thought he won since she gave out a little embarrassing eek. But after she is done cleaning her, she grabs his balls to destroy his dignity and bring him back down to earth. Who’s the real master here???!!! In bed, she sleeps all over him. Even though he has endured a lot of suffering from her, he doesn’t want this relationship to change. If he could, he wants this to continue every day. You mean he likes her busting his balls?! Oh God, I hope he didn’t turn into some masochist…

Part 2: Sentou Ga!
The gang visit the public bathhouse. As you can see, Kiriha and Kukuri try to outdo each other at every single chance they get. To a point where they did kanchou on each other’s butthole!!!! I suppose Chisato has more problems than worrying about Kokuyou’s humongous tits so she has to discipline the loli duo and smack their butts till they’re red. Behave!

Part 3: The Dominator
We see Sunao dominating over Kotetsu since young. Including that one time he complained boys and girls shouldn’t be bathing together so she shut him up by grabbing his balls! Kotetsu’s suffering since then. Then this moment where Sunao came home tired and just dropped asleep. Kotetsu had to take off her clothes and change for her. Yeah, undressing fanservice. Why not just let her be? Scared he’ll get some punishment next morning? Then seeing the tears in her eyes, I guess it’s goodnight. Huh?

Part 4: Boob Job
Kokuyou wants to give Kazuya a boob job to thank him for all that he’s done!!! Since when did this turn into a porn shoot?! Claiming her tits are ugly, Kazuya dismisses all that and mentions all her good points. Including her boobs. Having said that, she insists in giving him a boob job. Got caught with his pants down when Kiriha and Kukuri return. Kukuri can’t stop shrieking. Worse, Kokuyou wants her to join in! Can she, with those non-existent tits? Kiriha can’t stop laughing…

Part 5: Incontinence Inconvenience
For some reason, Kazuya can’t move. But he needs to go to the toilet. Hence Kiriha and Kukuri try to help him pee! This is so embarrassing. I don’t know how they did it but it went okay. More embarrassment for Kazuya when they put diapers on him. So he prefers to let girls help him pee all the time?

Part 6: Erection Test
Kazuya reads a manga story to Kiriha. Turns out to be an erotic one. Kiriha is curious to know which his favourite is and since he won’t tell, she crucifies him and will test him. Does she need to call the other girls too? Oh well, I guess everybody wants to know. So as she reads several erotic settings, the gauge is of course Kazuya’s little brother getting it up each time the erotic scene is read. Safe to say, he reacts to all of them. But then there is one yaoi scenario. The other girls are interested in this one? But it seems this doesn’t belong to Kazuya. Whose? Kasumi of course.

Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai!
Poor Kazuya. He’s a sexual assault victim!!! He has got his modesty outraged almost every day especially by this tsukumogami and if luck has further abandoned him for the day, he gets his balls grabbed. Because he is a guy, nobody is calling the cops. Plus, we all otakus love seeing this guy in pain, right? Double the fun when we also get to see sexy fanservice of the girls. So who’s complaining? It’s amazing he still has maintained his sanity (and chastity) after all the sexual abuses. In that sense, he is the strongest character, no?! I suppose after achieving almost 7 million yen in crowdfunding, adapting just 6 shorts from the extra chapters of the manga volumes seemed like a rip-off. Hey, who am I to complain? I didn’t contribute a single yen! And hey, I actually didn’t know this came out (nor the second season) just only a few weeks ago! The other thing I like is the ending song which is a full on devilish hard rock piece. Yeah, so epic and badass it feels like a waste for this ecchi OVA. So thanks for the fanservice and the not so friendly memories of a girl grabbing a guy by his balls as punishment. Yikes. Now I’ll be waiting to watch the next season with my legs clutched tightly together.


September 2, 2017

Japanese have this believe that something in your possession for a long time will start forming a soul and mind of its own. That is why you always throw away your old stuffs lest you want to be haunted many years down the road when you decided to get nostalgic and find some ‘treasures’ in your attic or storeroom. Okay, just kidding about the last bit. So I guess it’s time for another anime using one of the old Japanese superstitious. Tsugumomo tells of an ordinary young boy who has been keeping a keepsake of his late mom for a very long time. And then it starts to manifest a beautiful but cheeky and haughty spirit that it makes you wonder who the real master is. Supernatural incidents start occurring around them as they go solve them before it gets out of hand. Have we heard this kind of story somewhere before?

Episode 1
Kazuya Kagami has a white snowy obi belonging to his late mom. Its sakura scent comforts him at all times. As he is about to leave his school’s rooftop, an amasogi wig attacks him and pushes him off. He is saved by a tsukumogami named Kiriha. She is not pleased he doesn’t remember about her. The wig possesses a girl and continues to attack. Kiriha forces Kazuya to become her servant if he wants to be saved again. Kiriha uses her obi attacks but tries to persuade the possessed person to use her strong will to reject the amasogi and not give in to her desires. It falls on deaf ears and Kiriha is about to kill her when Kazuya tells her to stop. Luckily Kiriha only stabs through the wig. She explains that this classmate of his has a crush on him. That made the amasogi possessed her. Oh wait, get this. She isn’t a girl but a boy in drag! Kazuya thought Kiriha disappeared for good but when he returns home and sleeps, he finds her sleeping next to him. His scream alerts his sister, Kasumi who rushes all the way to his room, ready to kill whatever threatens her brother. Luckily Kazuya tosses Kiriha aside and calms the situation down that he just fell out of bed. Now he is going to get it from Kiriha. She is going to explain everything but Kazuya has deduced everything. He knows Kiriha is from the obi due to the scent. Since it is missing after that commotion and a girl in kimono popped up in it, it could only mean that Kiriha is its tsukumogami. Kazuya becomes her errand boy and at the same time has to keep her hidden from Kasumi who is totally infatuated with her little brother. Creepy. He thought Kiriha went away when he heard nothing. When he goes to take a bath, he didn’t realize she is there. He expected to be beaten up but she has him wash her back. Then she returns the favour by doing the same. And then she did something naughty to his dick… Don’t ask. Kazuya would have let her sleep on the guest futon but she has him sleep together on his bed. So crammed… Despite all the sudden chaos, Kazuya feels it is all perfectly natural. It must be that comforting familiar scent. Till she starts rolling all over you.

Episode 2
Kazuya is late for school and then gets lectured by the class rep and also childhood friend, Chisato Chikaishi. He blames Kiriha because she smashed the alarm clock and when she wanted to tag along, he tricked her to turn into an obi but put her in a box and tied it up and left her behind at home. Because Kazuya hasn’t finished his report, Chisato forces and accompanies him to finish it at the library. She asks if she could come to his place and tutor him like old times but he declines fearing that Kiriha would cause trouble. Speaking of which, when he goes to put back the books, Kiriha is here! Payback time. Chisato finds it odd that the door and windows are locked. Trying to smash it won’t do any good either. Are they trapped? Kazuya introduces Kiriha to Chisato as his cousin who is knowledgeable in the occult and may help them get out. She explains about tsukumogami that is split into 2 categories like tsugumomo (spirits born out of tools after many years) and amasogi (spirits born quickly out of desires/feelings). Unlike tsugumomo which has developed full conscious, amasogi are newly born emotions and can be dangerous. She gives them some sensors to detect amasogi spirits. Seems it is reacting to everything. In that case, Kiriha uses her obi drill to smash through everything! The reality then turns into an endless library and a golem made out of books attacking them. But since it protects Chisato, Kiriha realizes she is the host and has Kazuya remember what he said to her in the library. She pinpoints that home tutor thingy and wants him to grant her wish. When Kazuya allows Chisato to come to his home, everything reverts back to normal. You think he would realize Chisato’s true feelings but what a let-down. He thinks she likes tutoring people. Bummer. On that day when she arrives, she blows her top seeing Kazuya sleeping with Kiriha! He overslept because she smashed his new clock. Chisato apologizes for what happened that day but Kiriha explains the cause is from malison, the distortions in reality. It exists everywhere and could shape the world if it is powerful enough. Normally it is harmless in normal density but what happened showed there are high levels of density unusually gathering in this area. She blames the local god overseeing this area, Kukuri.

Episode 3
Flashback shows Kiriha and Kukuri in a ritual involving young Kazuya. To seal his excess spiritual energy, his memories were also affected. The problem is Kiriha would lose her powers and revert to a normal obi. She doesn’t mind that. In class, Kazuya is beaten up by his friend, Shirou Shiramine. Yesterday he met this busty miko priestess, Kokuyou who seems to be looking for Kazuya. Not to miss this chance to grope her boobs, he decided to treat her at a diner but she ordered everything from the menu! And finished everything! Shirou had to pay for it all. So young, so in debt. When everyone realizes their lunch is missing, could it be another work of amasogi? Then Kokuyou barges in looking for Kazuya. There’s your culprit. Right in the act. She wants him to follow her to see Kukuri but Kiriha disagrees. Kiriha gets upset when she is labelled as washcloth girl. The only way to settle this is via arm wrestling. It’s not that arm wrestling you think. It involves using a hand as a sword, trying to strike your opponent and bring her down to the ground. Kiriha wins. Kokuyou brings them to Hakusan Shrine to meet Kukuri. Kiriha is not impressed by their reunion since Kukuri is hiding herself behind a Noh mask. Then they start arguing over their arm wrestling record of wins and losses. On to serious matter, Kiriha wonders if the seal had broken since it is expected to last until Kazuya matures. Kukuri says it has not yet as Kazuya’s memories are still sealed. Kiriha suggests to reapply the seal to soothe the malison but Kukuri can’t do that yet. She wants Kazuya to be a malison cleanser. Ever wondered why recently strange occurrences happen around only to him? It’s because he is a beacon for malison. He will be the root of danger to everyone wherever he goes. Kiriha is not amused by this and doesn’t want him to listen. He tries to take him to leave but the barrier blocks them. Kukuri gives him a chance to accept this task or else. Since Kiriha is stubborn to allow it, Kukuri will then eliminate the seed of calamity. No matter how much Kiriha runs and protects Kazuya, Kukuri’s power in controlling the water droplets dominates. Then she drops a giant water bomb on them.

Episode 4
Kiriha still manages to protect Kazuya but is at her limit. However Kiriha has shrunk in size. Stubborn Kiriha will not give in and Kazuya wonders why. Because it’s the reason for being here. Kukuri drops another water bomb and this time they pass out. Kazuya realizes he is in a strange world and meets a funny woman (she tries to be funny by fails), Kanaka. She wants him to save Kiriha by destroying the old promise she is bound to. And to do that, he must get stronger. Protect her instead of being protected by her. He returns to reality to realize his lips locking with Kiriha. He tells her to return to her original as he will use her to attack Kukuri. He invokes her real name, Ayasakura and turns her back into an obi. He learns quickly to use her as a weapon and although he breaks through Kukuri’s defence, he fails to nail the final strike. Kukuri threatens to kill Kiriha so Kazuya is forced to accept this malison cleansing duty. When Kukukri’s mask breaks, she loses her power and reverts to her cute loli form. Time for Kiriha to give her payback. Spreading her legs for ultimate humiliation? Later Kukuri explains all this was a ploy to force Kazuya to use Kiriha. As Kukuri’s power is drying up, Kazuya as a tsugumomo user is what she needs. Knowing Kiriha is stubborn to protect him, thus a little nudge was needed. Yeah, they almost died. Then more Kiriha abuse. Kazuya takes Kiriha home. More bathtub bonding? Kiriha knows that ultimate drill attack Kazuya did belonged to Kanaka who is no doubt Kazuya’s mom. She had Kiriha promise if something happened to her, please help take care of Kazuya. Noticing Kiriha has no normal clothes to wear, Kazuya tries to ask Kasumi for her old clothes. But she goes off ranting about his awakening and possible chance to steal his heart. Too bad she burnt the cooking. Probably it’s not the best to ask her. So he gets some from his friend, Osamu Osanai. Why does he have them? Let’s say they’re his inspiration for his manga. My, such dangerous risqué clothes he has there. Osamu gets the wrong idea about this too and ‘understands’.

Episode 5
To help improve Kazuya’s skill, Kiriha trains him. Let’s say he’s got a long way to go. There is even a body hugging moment just to tell him that in her human form she can be easily killed like normal humans. However she is not sure in her obi form as it has never been tested out. Meanwhile, Kukuri’s shrine is so poor that the repairs are bare minimum. No money, no service. Too bad it got destroyed in the storm. Kukuri checks on Kazuya in training. She wonders why he is struggling so much so Kiriha mentions all the awesome thing she saw in that fight was just fluke. Kukuri is starting to worry if she had made the wrong choice. Oh, you’re screwed. Kiriha continues to laugh hard at her upon learning her shrine is now temporarily at a playground. Kazuya goes to see the student council president, Tadataka Tadata (his name is so tongue twisting). He is that guy who had a crush on Kazuya! Anyway, he called Kazuya and Kiriha over because of an amasogi event. The tabletop RPG society forcefully occupied the room of a social studies club. When he sent his assistant to reprimand them, he came back screaming there was a monster. Soon they realize the door to that clubroom is gone and the hallway is blocked by walls. Nakajima from the tabletop RPG society pops up and wants Tadataka to sign the papers to assign his society this clubroom. As he won’t, Nakajima draws and materializes a Minotaur from his sketchbook. There is only so far they can run so Kazuya has to use his brains. Realizing the sketchbook is the amasogi, this means anything drawn there can be erased. He uses the fire extinguisher to erase part of the drawing but it still isn’t enough. With the Minotaur cornering them, Kazuya then uses what he learnt from Kiriha, using her as a rope to seize another fire extinguisher and put an end to this farce. It may look like Nakajima repents after that by tearing up his sketchbook but he has one last paper left and materializes another Minotaur. However Osamu knew this would happen and swapped the sketchbook with another similar looking one. This means Osamu has his real amasogi sketchbook and draws up a fire dragon to end this for good. Osamu further tests the sketchbook by drawing a mature and busty Kiriha. Kazuya likes this version but the abuse is 10 times more sadistic.

Episode 6
Hiroshi Ookado confesses to Chisato but she declines since she already has someone she likes. No prizes to guess who that is. But dense Kazuya later was dumb enough to ask her about it. Of course she won’t tell. Kazuya notices in her bag an old doll. When he arrives in school next morning, everything seems to work like a dating simulation! Seeing Ookado talking to Chisato again, he thinks he has threatened her to be like this. However Chisato is cold towards Kazuya and slaps him when he tries to shake up Ookado. When Ookado whispers nobody can beat him in this Pure Heart game, Kiriha realizes that galge is the amasogi. Of course they have to stop it but Ookado sends his harem to beat up Kazuya. Kiriha will find the amasogi and turn the game off while Kazuya tries to win back Chisato. He seeks Osamu’s help and he starts giving the flowchart of the game’s system. So basically Kazuya has to carefully increase her affection level and not to be too rash. He can’t depend on the standard answers and have to use the free answering mode. All is going well until a surprise event (he had to mention Kiriha’s name) turns all his efforts to naught. Osamu says there is another way to maximize her affection level at this point. However it is risky as it involves a bug. At the crucial event where Ookado is going to confess to Chisato under the legendary sakura tree, Kazuya intervenes and shows Chisato her old dolls. He wants them to play house like they use to. The old memories bring her back as she goes with Kazuya. Ookado is depressed since even in the game he can’t even win. A real loser? Kazuya and Chisato rest in the infirmary while Kiriha and Osamu continue to look for the amasogi. When Kazuya wakes up, he is tied down and naked Chisato all over him and wants to f*ck! Ookado is found and spills the beans that the Pure Heart game he plays is a PC version. Osamu realizes what this version is: A porn version! So they rush to shut down the PC and destroy the CD. When Kiriha arrives, she saw them separated and cowering in shock from what just happened. I guess we’ll never know how far they went.

Episode 7
Kiriha abuses Kukuri for her fake predictions and thus the recent amasogi events. Sorry, Kokuyou can’t help. She’s got to do part time jobs to earn some money. Kiriha only stops when Kazuya threatens not to give her pudding. Kukuri even borrows their house to take a bath and the lolis get into silly arguments about their little bodies. Next morning, Kazuya is shocked that his family knows all about Kiriha. He has been trying to keep her a secret so hard. Kasumi already knows the day after she saw him in bed with her. While dad, Kazuaki goes a long way back. When he was dating mom, Kiriha often come in between them and abused him. Yeah, those were the days. Later that night when they visit Kukuri’s shrine, they see it has been torn down because a parent complained her kid got hurt. With no place left to stay, I guess Kazuya has no choice but to bring them to his home. At first his family is against it. Of course Kasumi can’t accept Kokuyou’s monster tits. But when Kiriha recites Kazuaki’s cheesy romance diary entry, he immediately accepts. With no money, Kiriha forces reluctant Kukuri to visit another nearby local shrine to loan some money. Taguri Kanayama welcomes them into her Kanara Shrine. They will play a card game of pairs. Sounds easy, right? You get the loan amount that you pair. But wait. There’s a catch. Not all cards are loan amounts. Many are sick twisted fetishes like boobs smooching, ear nibbling and armpit sniffing!!! WTF???!!! Kukuri reveals a dark secret that they play this game to satisfy Taguri’s fetish. Yes, she loves little girls! No wonder Taguri is thanking Kukuri for bringing a fresh ‘sacrifice’! You can’t run away from this now, Kiriha! And so Taguri dominates this game as the lolis are put through utter hell of modesty violation and humiliation. They get a desperate idea with Kukuri having eager Taguri accompany her to the toilet while Kukuri switches the cards. When they return, Taguri can sense the cards have moved. She knows because she can see the fingerprints on the cards. But she fell for this trick and loses her turn as the cards remained in the same place. Kukuri knows this trick and placed fake fingerprints while rubbing off certain cards. Though a great tactic, Taguri points out to an obvious rule: If you touch the cards not on your turn, all cards belong to your opponent. Checkmate. And so they won 175,000 Yen but the price they paid was far too great. Thank you for your patron. Please come again.

Episode 8
In this first half of the episode, we have everyone like retards because they don’t talk and mostly grunt. So we have Kiriha lazing around till Kasumi forces her to do some work or else she won’t get pudding. Then they go shopping and Kiriha again throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get her pudding. Yeah, she’s even singing a pudding song. In the end, everybody has a nice meal and delicious pudding. In class, everyone is shocked that Shirou is popular with the girls. No, you’re not dreaming. Kazuya is forced by Kiriha to make him reveal the amasogi so when Kazuya accuses him of using some tool, dumb Shirou accidentally reveals he is using some cologne. This has all the guys turn into zombies to grab the cologne! Wait. So this is like High School of the Dead?! They gang run away from the zombie horde till they are at a safe spot to let Shirou spill what happened. He confessed to a girl but she rejected him as she knew he had similarly confessed to other girls before. Shirou cursed his luck because he bought this cologne thinking it would work. Then he heard a voice from the cologne telling him not to give up and use it one more time. The rest is history. Kazuya trusts Shirou will end this by his own hands or face some malison backlash. As Shirou smashes the bottle, it bounces and it spills on Kazuya. Now all the woman, young and old, fat and ugly are after his ass! For some reason, he takes the bottle with him and goes home to take a bath to wash it off. Because now Kasumi comes in to join him followed by Kokuyou and Kukuri and then Kiriha and Chisato. Now Kazuya has his own harem as they give him to best skinship bath ever. Then as they decide to take turns ‘deflowering’ him, that is when he smashes the bottle to end it. Should have done this earlier. The next day, Shirou reeks of foul body odour and it lasted for a week. Man, everyone in class must have ‘died’.

Episode 9
Tadataka calls for Kazuya, Chisato and Osamu. When they enter his room, his wig slips off! Kiriha explain about amasogi going peacefully if it fulfils its desire or destroyed by its host but becomes malison atonement when destroyed by another. The atonement depends on the nature of the amasogi. Tadataka explains the case at hand. It seems girls of a former year one class has been harassed by a girl named Eiko Nago who wants something. So? Eiko has been dead for 2 years via suicide! They go around to search for clues that include Nanako Nanakai from the newspaper club who is also on this case as well as a fan club. They catch Nanako trying to interview Kosakabe, an ex-member of the fan club. Suddenly Kosakabe is freaked out by the appearance of Eiko who is demanding a letter! Kazuya tries to intercept but Eiko runs away. Kiriha feels something strange about this amasogi. Like as though it has another goal. Kosakabe explains how a group of girls formed a fan club over a cute boy they like. But that guy took an interest in Nanako and jealousy built up. Kosakabe couldn’t take it and left and she thinks subsequently her suicide was due to being bullied by the group’s leader, Muratsuki. Digging further into this, they discover Eiko has a sister who is registered in this school. I’ll save you the suspense. That girl is Nanako. After her parents divorced, she changed surname.

Kazuya and Kiriha intercept the ghost of Eiko before it does something terrible to Muratsuki. Kazuya then calls out Nanako who is the brains behind this. She reveals when she touched her sister’s hair, it turned into her and wanted to use this chance to find out why she killed herself. Muratsuki explains that Nanako tried to distance herself from the boy so as not to hurt their feelings but they continued tormenting her. The day she jumped off the building, Muratsuki saw a suicide note left behind. She didn’t tell anyone for fear it contained their names. She never read it and brings it to them. Nanako reads Eiko’s note which is addressed to her. Aside from the boy she likes, it seems she has a malison growing on her chest. It was trying to make Eiko kill her sister. Nanako couldn’t take it anymore and killed herself. Nanako goes into grief upon learning the truth. She blames herself for the one who should have been dead. Kiriha realizes the amasogi’s goal to make Nanako read the letter so it could kill her with such feelings. Kazuya then fights his, uhm, hair titan? It gets dangerous since Kazuya is trying to be a hero and reckless despite Kiriha’s advice to run away. He can’t. He is taking responsibility over Nanako’s case. Eventually he defeats it as Kiriha tells Nanako that her sister’s love was strong that she was willing to risk her life to protect her. So don’t wish for death and let Eiko’s sacrifice be in vain. Kiriha then praises for Kazuya’s improvement but beats him up for defying him.

Episode 10
Nanako looks okay. However she has lost her voice! Kazuya is sad that she too is a victim of malison atonement although Kiriha is not sympathetic since it was her fault in the first place. As Kazuya leaves school, he is being attacked by a girl named Sunao Sumeragi. Not even Kiriha could keep her at bay. When Kiriha goes in for the kill, Kotetsu intervenes. Sunao chides him for doing so and has him revert back to her tsukumogami sword. Sunao explains she is a malison cleanser and was testing Kazuya’s skill. She is disappointed he cannot even defend himself and thus not fit to replace Kanaka. They go see Kukuri as more is revealed. Sunao returned from training only to learn Kanaka has died and her weak son wielding her obi instead. That is why she wanted to test his strength to see if he is up to the task. Believing he is not so, she challenges him to a duel over this position. Flashback reveals Sunao was devastated when her brother, Suou was killed. Kotetsu blamed himself for being weak and this made Sunao angrier. She claims Kotetsu as her own and will make him a toll in her revenge. However the demon that killed her brother got killed by Kanaka. She became mad and tried to attack Kanaka. Now that the object of her vendetta is gone, thus her vengeance will be against Kanaka. She will beat her so her brother can rest in peace. Kanaka agrees and will wait for her. But no matter how many times she challenged her, Sunao failed to beat her. So she went away for training and by the time she returned, she was gone. Sunao even shows her all the techniques she is going to use and gives them a week to come up with a plan. Kazuya falls into depression holing up inside his room. He feels responsible for being a malison magnet and doesn’t mind staying in here forever for everyone’s happiness. So the guy who wanted to take responsibility for his malison attraction decided to not care anymore? If Kiriha’s beat down doesn’t change him, next she strips him and hugs him naked! WTF?! This is supposed to make him feel at ease? Anyway, Kiriha’s lecture includes him running away, he will always have her as his aid and if he is gone she will be lonely. I guess that’s enough for him to snap out. At the same time Kiriha returns to her adult form. I guess it’s for this next cliché scene because Kukuri and Kasumi enter and misinterpret the whole thing. Yeah, Kiriha was inside him alright. Inside his blanket with him.

Episode 11
Kiriha and Kazuya are discussing the range and effectiveness of the attacks. While Sunao’s sword has a shorter range, however she can shoot projections that exceeds its range. Also, if you’re talking weapon to weapon head on, a sword can always slice through cloth. Sunao is training with her master, Honoka and is doing well. However when Kotetsu cautions Sunao to not underestimate Kazuya, Sunao seems to know what to do to counter attacks from him. She wants Kotetsu to follow her orders. A tool need not have an opinion. Kiriha and Kazuya further discuss about their ability to shoot projections. Based on Kazuya’s skill level, he can shoot 2 fake ones and including herself he will have 3. In the event Kiriha is hurt, it will take some time to regenerate as long as she has spiritual power. She wants him not to hesitate to use her. He vows to protect her, causing her to be embarrassed and starts abusing him. Kazuya dreams of Kanaka. At first she laughs at how brutal Kiriha’s torment was. She reminds him Kiriha has always been protecting people so it feels odd that he tells her that he will protect her. Kanaka goes a step further by projecting all the naughty stuffs Kazuya had with the girls. This is his dream so he is supposed to be able to get rid of it. So he prefers macho men to these girls?! Kazuya mentions he prefers how things as they are now and doesn’t want to change much. When Kazuya tries to connect to dots of Kanaka as the previous malison cleanser is his mom, he just couldn’t. Kanaka points out no matter how hard he tries, a seal prevents him from doing so. The match day is here. Kukuri is the judge. There are 3 ways a match can be decided: 1) The water doll breaks (damage taken by either side will be transferred here since you can’t have them dying for real); 2) Going out of the shrine grounds; 3) Forfeiting. As it begins, Kazuya uses feint moves to counter attack Sunao’s attack. Although it works, the damage is not enough. Everything is according to what they have strategized. Sunao might look like she is falling for this trick all the time is because she wants to take it all and show how strong she is. Is that being a masochist? When Kiriha takes some damage, Kazuya is forced to do damage control by running and evading. Cornered, the only choice left is for Kazuya to use the real obi to defend from charging Sunao. So he comes up with this new technique to stop her charge: Hand Weave Watershed.

Episode 12
With this new move, Kazuya is able to fight back and as the fighting get intense, eventually it becomes a standoff. Neither side has any more power for range attacks and the duel seems to be headed for the one who dares make the first move. It looked like the match is to be Kazuya’s advantage since all he needs to do is be defensive and naturally Kiriha’s power will soon restore. However Kazuya wants to go the extra mile and fight Sunao head on and win her at their best. So Kazuya and Kiriha combine in some divine possession to turn into some God-like character?! Then they exchange blows super fast that your naked eyes can’t see. Since when did this become Naruto?! In the aftermath, Kazuya wins after Kotetsu’s hilt breaks. A pat in the butt by Kiriha as reward? Honoka tells Sunao that Kotetsu’s blade is still in one piece but Kazuya could actually have broken it but held back. Be grateful he did. Shortly, Kazuya faints. Back home, Kiriha and Kukuri discuss the effects of using divine possession that took a toll on his body. Apparently they tried it out during training but it was for a short while and less strenuous. Despite Kazuya is conscious, his body cannot move until it heals. We shove the serious talk for the moment to bring you this episode’s fanservice as Kiriha coaxes Kukuri to help bath Kazuya. Yup. She made him clean his dick!!! A metaphor of a crane… Battle mode on! That isn’t enough because deep in the night, Kiriha takes further advantage of this by wanting to give him his reward. More like forcing herself on him since she gave him no choice. Yeah, she strips and rapes him?! Imagine to Kukuri’s horror next morning to find them naked in bed. Even Kasumi is pissed and is trying to use this moment to make Kazuya sleep with her. What the?! Good thing or not, Kazuya doesn’t remember what happened. Meanwhile Sunao gets scolded by her mom that as the heir to her clan, not only she lost the duel but damaged Kotetsu. In order for her to inherit the house again, the only choice is to marry Kazuya. Say what?! Kokuyou reminds Kukuri to help out in the reparation of their shine because her part time jobs aren’t helping to cover the costs. Frolicking too much with Kazuya? Time to visit Taguri again… No! Just no!!! Kazuya’s class gets a new transfer student: Kiriha! I guess she’s here to make his life even more a misery. At least his mom’s nostalgic obi is the one ruining it.

Well, Obi Damned!
Well like always, there is always more room for development in the future seeing that the real sh*t hasn’t hit the fan yet. In the case of Kazuya, he hasn’t really begun his malison cleanser job whatsoever yet and there isn’t any big threatening evil boss that we know off that only the main character could fight, finish off and save the day. Therefore for this season, it just feels like child’s play for Kazuya although from his point of view he went through hell from Kiriha’s abuse, sexual harassment-cum-abuse, becoming a spiritual detective for a few amasogi cases and finally the sudden accusation and challenge from a fiery women.

So the plot feels generic and somewhat predictable. It feels like the need to churn out a supernatural + comedy anime this season and thus Tsugumomo became that target. You’ve got some normal high school kid with a dead parent having his seemingly normal life changed after he gets to know a supernatural girl. And then they go about trying to do some good by cleansing some malison and of course the season ender facing off with an avenge obsessed rival. Hardly anything exciting for me these days since I am so ‘advanced’ in watching anime :-/.

The only episode that I found really funny and laughing all the way was when the girls were playing that sick card game against Taguri. Personally that is the funniest and best episode in this series has to offer. Call me sick or degenerate but with nothing else special or going for this anime, this kind of bizarre moments make the series stand out even if it is for infamous reasons. I hope this part won’t give lolicons and pedos some weird ideas. Is it me or does Kiriha and Kukuri at this point remind me of Ilya and Miyu?! I know they are very much different but I can’t seem to shake this off every time I see these lolis paired together.

The characters are also boring just like Kazuya himself. Either the main character is some overpowered hero with a destiny to save the world or he is some weak sh*t ass guy being bossed around. It’s the latter for Kazuya because seeing him being dominated over Kiriha is this series way of trying to make it feel funny and retain our attention. For more added effect, Kiriha loves abusing his crotch whenever he goes out of line. It’s like this series’ running joke. Yeah, how many main characters ever get their crotch grabbed and mistreated like that? And if Kiriha isn’t taking out on Kazuya, she would be doing far worse stuffs on Kukuri. Ah, it’s a sin to be weak. (Her running joke seems to be stemming from the poor life she is forced to live due to lack of donations and funds). So how can a weak wuss like Kazuya get through all this sh*t? Because he is main character. Period.

Then you have Chisato who is Kazuya’s childhood friend and you can see it from miles away that she has a crush on him but that crush is unrequited. A potential for romance or harem but not likely. Because Kazuya is so focused on his obi girl. I bet Chisato is smart enough not to confess and let status quo because if she does, there is a high chance she will be rejected because naturally mommy’s boy would prefer violent supernatural girl who is also part of his mom’s keepsake. Yeah, that is 2 for the price of 1. Her role feels wasted after she had a couple of episodes focused on her before halfway point. Trying to add more variety of characters are Kazuya’s friends like the pervy Shirou and still-waters-run-deep Osamu. They too don’t really add much despite having a few moments of screen time. Eventually it is got to be Kazuya and Kiriha who has to get it done.

The fight scenes also feel meh. Not really exciting to see one swing around cloth hardened at steel at enemies. Besides, sometimes I feel Kazuya is like a simpler anime version of DC’s Green Lantern because albeit his limited powers, depending on the creativity of his mind he can shape whatever weapon or shield Kiriha needs to be at times of need. I guess this is one of the pros of having a weapon that isn’t fixed in shape. With him carrying Kiriha in his backpack and her obi protruding out like tentacles, I thought he also looks a bit like Dr Octopus. And when the obi wraps around Kazuya arms, it somewhat reminds me of X-men’s Colossus.

Oh yeah, there is some fanservice scenes too. Like as though a mini distraction for those who are starting to feel the plot is average, the characters are mediocre and the action is unsatisfactory. Maybe a little pantsu shots to distract you? Uh huh. Maybe that is why Kokuyou exists in the first place. We always need that busty female so that guys would stop thinking so hard because blood from their head would quickly rush down to make their other head below harder. Haha! Oops… I also feel the same thing for Kasumi because you don’t often see a horny sister character whose dream is to get done in by her brother. Okay I made that up but watching how her character plays out, it is safe to say so. Just like Chisato, you’ll never see that kind of love materializing. And thus to ‘ease’ the thought that Kazuya will never materialize his harem, thus the fantasy of the fantasy of him being surrounded naked by the series’ females. This guy can actually make it happen because all the girls will it if given the chance. Chisato’s unrequited love, Kasumi’s sisterly love, Kiriha the sadistic familiar, Kukuri’s supposedly guardian love (taking responsibility as an excuse to be with him) and Kokuyou won’t really mind it all, all Kazuya needs to do is to say it but he can’t since he is a wuss. And thus we miss a great potential for a lucky pervert. Damn you Kazuya! Oh, with Sunao mentioned as his potential bride, things are sure heating up. Oh boy. Kazuya has so much on his plate that if the malison doesn’t kill him, his harem will. Not to mention Kiriha’s nature as a violent and horny obi has taken a few years off his life…

There might be a few terminologies in the series but don’t worry, they’re not as bad that it will give me a headache like those heavy sci-fi series. But still, if you are unsure of the terms that are going to be so often used here, at the start of each episode, the narrator will define an important term very much related to the series or that episode in particular. So if you have forgotten what an amasogi, malison cleaner, local god and kamioni, be sure to check out this section again at the start before the opening credits animation. Oh, and they got cheeky with some of the terms too when they include galge and pudding…

The artwork and animation looks average and nothing special. In fact the characters look plain and simple. I guess art style like this don’t quite cut it these days seeing the amount of animes that we are being churned out every year and every season. This kind of art makes it feel that this series is targeted for younger children. But you can’t really blame the studio, Zero-G since they are relatively quite a new anime production house (I know it’s not really a valid reason but I’ll cut them some slack) and so far they only have Battery (a baseball anime), Piace: Watashi No Italian (a food anime) and Dive (a diving anime) to their name. But then again, seeing that some CGI is employed in certain scenes (especially malevolent amasogi ones) you might think technology have come a long way in helping and improving animation. Guess not. There are still amateurs and cheap software out there to help churn out your average anime.

Voice acting feels pretty standard. Nothing to shout about. I only recognize Ayana Taketatsu from the crowd. For some reason, I thought Kana Hanazawa was behind Kanaka’s voice but something felt off. Turns out it was Kotono Mitsushi (Boa Hancock in One Piece) instead. The other casts are Yuko Sanpei as Kazuya (Sasha in Seikon No Qwaser), Nami Oozora as Kiriha (Satania in Gabriel Dropout), Noriko Shibasaki as Chisato (Ayaka in Kami-sama Minarai: Himitsu No Cocotama), Yurika Kubo as Kukuri (Koume in Urara Meirochou), Eriko Matsui as Kokuyou (Amou in Busou Shoujo Machiavellism), You Taichi as Sunao (Anzu in Prison School), Rumi Ookubo as Kotetsu (Chinatsu in YuruYuri), Sachi Kokuryu as Shirou (Arthur in Nanatsu No Taizai) and Shiho Sasaki as Osamu (Wakaba in Pupipo).

The opening theme, Metamoriser by Band Ja Naimon feels weird. Because it sounds like the song is all over the place. Its fast paced franticness makes it feel the whole song is messed up, not sure if the singing is trying to match the beat of the song or vice versa. Anyhow it just feels odd listening to this supposedly anime pop rock. At least the ending theme, I4U by Michi sounds better by comparison although it isn’t really to my liking either.

Overall, just your usual average anime of the season. It’s like a catch-22 situation because you watch this show if you’re bored but then again if you’re really bored, don’t watch this show as you will become even more bored. It is the same thing you watch this show because you have some free time on your hands but then again if you really do have a lot of time to spend watching animes, you are better off watching something else. Now I know why people especially in Japan throw away or recycle their porn magazines because keeping them too long might manifest a horny tsukumogami who is out for your libido every night.

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