Miyuki-chan In Wonderland

November 23, 2012

There must have been countless of parodies of Alice In Wonderland or at least adaptations from that Lewis Carroll book. When I heard about Miyuki-chan In Wonderland, my thoughts were right when it’s supposed to be a nonsensical parody of that said book. Instead of Alice, we have this Miyuki girl. However as I read further, this series which is by CLAMP is not only nonsensical but a yuri and lesbian rendition of Alice In Wonderland. Ooohhh… WTF. Must see… The 2 OVA episodes of 15 minutes each are only based on the first 2 chapters of the manga and sees this Japanese high school girl named Miyuki being pulled into nonsensical worlds whereby scantily clad ladies want to have their way with her. Ooohhh… WTF. Must see…

Episode 1
Miyuki wakes up from an awful dream to realize she is running late for school. While making haste, a ditzy Bunny Girl on skateboard is equally rushing to somewhere because she too is late. Then they both fall down a rabbit hole. Or man hole. Wait. It’s too big to be a manhole. Miyuki wakes up in another world and sees a lady stuck to the door. She asks for Miyuki’s name and wants her to turn her knobs to enter the door. Where’s the knob? There. Where? Right over there. She has 2 of them. Oh. Making Miyuki squeeze her tits and putting her face into them, Miyuki goes through the other side and ends up in a forest whereby she meets a pair of Chinese twins, Cho Lee and To Lee. After asking her name, they simply want to fight her. Since Miyuki doesn’t possess any martial arts, she makes a run. But the twins split the ground and have her fall into the abyss. Now finding herself in a desert, she sees a pot filling up a tea cup and a message wanting her to drink. She regrets doing so because now she has shrunk to the size of an ant. Walking along, a Mad Hatter lady and her group invite her up to her leaf for drink. Though Miyuki refuses, she is brought in anyway. Miyuki wants to know where this place is so the only reply she got is “This is here”. Huh? Mad Hatter makes her drink another cup and this time she grows back to her normal size. Realizing it is night time, Miyuki is appalled she has missed school. There goes her perfect attendance record. Then popping up behind her is Cheshire Cat. Wouldn’t every guy love their Cheshire Cat to be this sexy? Meow! After being asked her name, Miyuki explains the outrageous adventure she had but Cheshire Cat is interested in Miyuki’s cuteness. She is about to pound on her when the next thing Miyuki knows, she is in a garden outside a castle. She sees a group of card ladies painting the white roses red. Seems the Queen prefers the red ones and if she finds out about this, they’ll be punished. I think those ladies are masochists because they really want to be punished by the Queen. Speaking of which, here she comes. Looks more like S&M Queen! Yeah, everybody is proclaiming it’s their fault and wants to be punished by her. Noticing Miyuki and asking her name, she will have her kneel before her! She starts cracking her whip as Miyuki makes a run deep into the dark labyrinth. With Queen hot on her heels, Miyuki sees Bunny Girl riding up next to her. But Miyuki is caught by Queen’s whip and something nasty is about to happen to her when she wakes up from this dream. What an awful dream. Then she realizes she is late for school and makes haste. While running along, a ditzy Bunny Girl on skateboard is equally rushing to somewhere. Hey wait a minute! Deja vu?! Have she seen this scene somewhere before?

Episode 2
Miyuki is brushing her hair in the mirror when she realizes that her reflection is doing a different action. Yikes! Her reflection than comes out of the mirror to pull Miyuki in. Finding herself in a weird place again, she sees a sign but soon realizes that it is the reverse for “Welcome to Mirrorland”. Suddenly a gargoyle lady flies by and takes Miyuki away. She gets freaked out that the sky is at the bottom and earth is on top. She’s not upside down, no? Noting she is yet again in a strange land, she struggles to break free and falls off. Yeah, she’s falling to the sky. Falling on to a flower field, Miyuki realizes she fell on a petite flower fairy. After getting off her, the fairy joins with her other friend to have fun. Touching each other’s body? They invite Miyuki to join in too but I think she would prefer very much to decline. Walking along the floating islands, she sees a very cute little butterfly lady. Because they could not understand each other, Miyuki heaves a sigh. Her sigh is so powerful that it blows the butterfly girl away! Oops! Then a strong gust of wind blows Miyuki off the island as she crashes down onto a chessboard. She sees a lady sitting in a cracked eggshell identifying herself as Humpty Dumpty. I guess Miyuki must have been used to it so before she could ask, she tells her own name. Humpty Dumpty wants her to play chess and has the pieces (beautiful ladies?) stepping onto the board. Her opponent will be her mirror self. Hey, that’s like playing against yourself, eh? Miyuki has to play because the loser will strip naked. As the game progresses, the funny thing is that when a piece captures another piece, the capturing piece will smack the other piece before the losing piece turns completely naked! What kind of chess is this?! Then it dawned to Miyuki that since she is playing herself, no matter who wins or lose, it will be her who will strip! The real Miyuki wins so the mirror one does not hesitate in stripping herself. Miyuki is embarrassed and tries to stop her from stripping but by this time, she is already totally naked. Also, when Miyuki tries to grab her, she falls right through and crashes through the glass, falling yet into another abyss. The next thing she knows, she is in her room. Phew. Bad dream? Whatever. Thank goodness she’s back home. Miyuki finishes brushing her hair and is about to leave. Unknown to her, her mirror’s reflection puts up a victory sign as teaser.

Miyuki-chan In What-The-Hell-Land
So what the hell? WTF is going on?! I guess this is what you should expect when things are just nonsensical. Questions like why Miyuki keeps getting pulled into weird worlds or why every girl in the strange world wants to seduce her (heck, why are they all women only?!) aren’t really answered because I don’t think you’re here to seek answers about all that. Just enjoy the mindless fun. As I found out further, there are other lands that Miyuki drops into such as mahjong and video game land and meeting even weirder ladies. Well, it will be amusing to see the hell she goes through before coming back to reality where she once started. Bad dream? Too vivid her imagination? Was it all real? Who knows. Good to know she’s back in one piece. Or so she thinks. Since this is a manga by CLAMP, I read that this Miyuki does make some cross-over cameo appearance especially in Tsubasa Chronicle. But it has been a long time since I have watched that show so I can’t really remember. There’s nothing much I can say about this show since this is a 1995 production, the animation quality is of that era so no big complaints. I think it would be great that if there were more short OVAs produced to see the nonsensical worlds Miyuki went through but since there is nothing, I guess I’ll just be content with this pair. So the next time if you see a bunny girl running next up to you, make sure you look straight ahead and lookout for that big hole not to fall in. Hey, aren’t bunny girls the kind you find at Playboy mansions or naughty adult clubs only?

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